Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social Sciences Education - "Multicultural Transformation in Education, Social Sciences and Wetland Environment" (ICSSE 2017)

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Teaching Problem-solving Skills Through Learner Autonomy Based Learning and Local Wisdom Insight

Abdul Salam, Sarah Miriam, Mrs Misbah
21st-century skills mastery and cultural transformation process are two things that should be concerned with education world nowadays. The next generation of this nation not only should be smart intellectually but also respectful of the cultural values of society and conserve them. Therefore, the instructional...
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Authorizing Indonesia Diversity through the Inheritance of Multiculturalism Values Based on Local Wisdom of Maluku People

Agustinus Ufie
The reality of Indonesia diversity as a nation, today, enters momentum which is very worrying. Various social phenomena in society such as violence, conflict, terrorism, up to the chaotic of national politic (sectarian politic), etc. continually occur in the midst of our national life. These empirical...
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Urgency of Character Education Based on Multiculturalism

Ahsani Taqwiem
In the last few days we have seen many actions of certain groups in society who want to undermine the harmony of Indonesian nation. Religious and racial issues are sensitive issues that can lead to disintegration. The solution to avoid disintegration is to strengthen unity. Strong unity comes in a long...
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Integrating Local Wisdom Values in Elementary School to Strengthen Students' Caring Character

Amaliyah Ulfah
"Strengthening students' character is highly relevant to overcome moral crisis in this country. Moral crisis that occurs today is very worrying because it is not only done by adults but also by children. Examples of character aberrations lately are bullying, violence, and sexual harassment among children....
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The Influence of Geography Learning Based on Multicultural and Social Sensitivity of Students

Mr Amin
This research is motivated by the fact that the students and some Indonesian people, in general, are a multicultural society which is characterized by various religions, tribes, and races that each having their own culture with values, rules, beliefs and knowledge, own language, community structure own,...
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Characteristics of Student Critical Thinking in Solving Microbiology Problems

Aminuddin PP, Baitun Nikmah
Critical thinking is an intellectual process that actively and conceptually conceptualizes, implements, analyzes, synthesizes, and evaluates information gathered or generated from observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, to guide beliefs and actions. The purpose of this study...
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Inclusive Education in College (Strengthening Multicultural Values among Students with Disabilities and Non-Disability)

Mr Amka
This paper was aimed to assess the implementation of inclusive education in college that has not been mainstreamed. Under the regulations, inclusive education should also be implemented in college. Students with disabilities need to get education services and other rights in order to interact and learn...
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Community Activities Through the Watershed Basin Batanghari Viewed from the Historical Perspective (Case Study in Batanghari Regency)

Mr Apdelmi, Mr Hadiyanto
The study's aim was comparing community activities along the Batanghari river in the past and present, knowing the economic, social and cultural activities of Batanghari people living along the river basin. The study was conducted from March to October 2017 using a single case study. The location of...
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The Cognitive Style-Based Learning Strategy in Webbed Curriculum of Elementary School

Arif Sholahuddin, Leny Yuanita
The Cognitive Style-Based Learning Strategy (CSBLS) has developed and tried out in an elementary school classroom with Education Unit Level Curriculum 2006. Meanwhile, since 2013 Indonesia has been tried the new National Curriculum 2013 or called K-13. This paper aims to analyze the feasibility of that...
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Land Suitability Evaluation for Rice Field: Farmers' Effort to Decrease Land Limitation in Mekarsari, South Kalimantan

Deasy Arisanty, Sidharta Adyatma, Ellyn Normelani
Land in Mekarsari Sub Dictrict could be classified as the swampy land. Swampy land was used as the rice field. The objectives of research was to evaluate the land suitability for rice field, and to analyze the farmers effort to overcome land limitation in Mekarsari Sub-district. Land unit map was used...
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Application of Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD) on Material of Land Degradation and Impact for Human

Deasy Arisanty, Nevy Farista Aristin, Mrs Misna
The students' geography learning result was influenced by various external factors. One of external factors was teacher learning model. The objective of research is to analyze the using of STAD learning model to improve student learning outcomes on the material of degradation of land and its impact for...
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The Relationship of Human Activity and Water Quality in Riam Kanan Reservoir, South Kalimantan

Aswin Nur Saputra, Muhammad Efendi
Riam Kanan reservoir is one of the many water sources utilized by the surrounding community. Utilization of Riam Kanan reservoir by the community is used for daily needs. It increases the water fertility level in Riam Kanan Reservoir. Increased fertility occurs almost evenly throughout the waters of...
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Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom: The Development of Chemistry Learning Devices Using Collaborative Strategy based on Multiple Intelligences

Atiek Winarti, Agus Nor Ichsan, Maya Istyadji
"Based on Gardner's multiple intelligence theory, each student has the unique and distinctive intelligences that make him/her are different one from another. Students will learn more easily if learning activities are in accordance with their respective intelligence. This study aims to develop the chemistry...
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The Application of Brain-Based Learning in Social Studies Textbook to Inculcate Multicultural Values

Ayi Budi Santosa, Wildan Insan Fauzi
Social Studies learning has a role in maintaining the national integration and developing the citizens' characters. The problem is that education hasn't yet succeeded in developing the education of values of whether in the family, school or community. Social Studies book is a learning tool commonly used...
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The Relevance of Multicultural Approach Through Social Studies Education

Bambang Subiyakto, Heri Susanto, Mrs Mutiani
The factual condition describes how the social condition of Indonesian society is increasingly critical. This is triggered by a variety of unresolved social problems. Social problems become the scourge of homework together. A multicultural approach integrated with Social Studies (IPS) Education learning...
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The Students' Perception about Multicultural Education at the Indonesian School in Singapore

Dadang Sundawa, Shilmy Purnama
Indonesia is one of the big countries and consists of thousand islands. These diversities make Indonesia become one of the biggest multiculturalism countries in the world. Multiculturalism is the state of society which consists of the diversity values of religion, tribes, race, ethnic, language, and...
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Multicultural Society Explanation of Islam (Donation of Islam on Modern Man to Manage a Good Multicultural Society in the Globalization Era)

Mr Darmawijaya, Irwan Abbas, Syahrir Ibnu
Multicultural society is a reality of a society that cannot be rebutted in the era of globalization. It is composed of various models of communities. Every community model has its own character and history. Indonesia is a multicultural country spreading from Sabang to Merauke, from Mianggas to Rote Island....
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Effect of Learning Facilities on Class XI Students' Results SMA Negeri 2 Jambi City

Denny Denmar, Zuhri Saputra Hutabarat
Learning outcomes are the main benchmark to know the success of one's learning. A high learning result can be said that he has succeeded in learning. This study aims to determine the learning facilities of class XI of SMAN 2 of Jambi City, to find out the results of student learning on the economic subjects...
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Integrating Disaster Mitigation Education in the Elementary School Curriculum

Dholina Inang Prambudi
The disaster mitigation education aims to impart knowledge and skills in reducing the risk disasters, in other words, it is a preventive measure to reduce the impacts of disasters by building the awareness through education and increasing the capability of facing the disasters with a specific application...
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Development of Democracy in Multiculturalism Through Open Spaces in Indonesia

Dimas Asto Aji An'Amta, Syahlan Mattiro
This study discusses how multicultural is wrapped in the dimensions of democracy in Indonesia. The society's understanding of the multicultural and democratic system used by Indonesia is the Indonesian government's task in shaping its citizens to become more mature. Through open space such as film festivals...
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Contribution of Environment Behaviors and Interpersonal Behaviors Towards Job Readiness Industrial Work Practices

Dina Kamaliya, Dwi Atmono, Sri Setiti
Social Studies play an important role in social skills learning. Social Studies play an important role in the formation of social skills. Social skills are the ability of individuals to interact both verbally and non verbally in order to adapt and be accepted by the environment obtained through the learning...
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Multiculturalism Represented in Adit and Sopo Jarwo Animated Series

Emma Rosana Febriyanti
Multiculturalism is an umbrella term that makes people from various cultures in a community share equal respect and acceptable for each other. Multiculturalism should be introduced earlier for children since they are living in globalization era where one cultural identity may disappear easily and this...
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Utilizing Nautical Tradition Value Through Ethnoastronomy in Learning Social Science

Erlina Wiyanarti, Mina Holilah
This article explains about study in utilizing nautical tradition value of Indonesian coastal people in learning social science. The study focused on wealth of nautical tradition values through ethnoastronomy in daily life of coastal people as local wisdom. Those values are implemented afterwards in...
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Prophetic Education of Guru Sekumpul for Social Studies Education

Ersis Warmansyah Abbas
In the effort for practicing Social studies education as a powerful teaching, the concept and practice of innovative education are needed. As the powerful teaching aiming at character building in the frame of good citizenship, social studies education may implement the model of prophetic education of...
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Javanese Cultural Practices Maintained in the Area of Transmigration Destination (Study on the Practice of Festivity in a Person's Life Circle in Takisung District, Tanah Laut Regency)

Eva Alviawati, Raden Rijanta, Sri Rum Giyarsih, Rika Harini
The transmigration program as part of the internal migration in Indonesia not only moves the population from the origin to the destination, but transmigration also displaces the inherent culture of the transferee through the transmigration program. This study aims to investigate the practices of Javanese...
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Development of Integrated Social Science Education at SMPN 8 Martapura in Banjar District

Fitri Jamilah
Integrated Social Science learning is essentially a learning approach that allows students either individually or in groups actively to search, explore, and find holistic and authentic concepts and principles. Thisresearch aims toexplore the learning process of Integrated Social Science, the barriers...
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Effect of Technology on Human Life Style the World of Education, and the Development of Human Psychology

Harbeng Masni
Technological advances that are globalized have been affected in all aspects of life in economic, political, cultural, artistic and even education. Technological advances are something we cannot avoid in this life because technological advances will go according to the progress of science. One of the...
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Law as a Tool of Social Engineering

Harpani Matnuh
Social change is shifting or changing that occurs as a variation of the accepted way of life because of changes in geographical conditions, material culture, demographic composition, ideology, and defuse or new discoveries in society [1]. The changes that occur in society will bring changes to the other...
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Contextual Teaching and Learning as a Medium to Improve National Character Values in Science

Mr Hendra, Muhammad Kusasi
Implantation of national character values in the process of teaching and learning is a important. Implantation the value of characters in the learning process is expected to improve the student's personality to be even better person.The problem is now how to apply the value of the national character...
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Perception on Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism Education

Heri Susanto
Multiculturalism education is an old concept that always reappears when diversity issues encounter challenges related to the condition of Indonesian nation experiencing disintegrating symptoms. Multiculturalism education needs attention, especially with the development of society as a result of the development...
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Nutritional Status of Learners Elementary School Murung Raya 5 South Banjarmasin in Terms of Educational Background, Employment, and Income of the Elderly

Herita Warni, Mrs Mariamah
The purpose of this research is to know the nutritional status of learners Elementary School Murung Raya 5 South Banjarmasin in terms of educational background, employment and income of the elderly. The method used in this research is a descriptive method with engineering data retrieval using measurements...
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Dayak Meratus Charm Festival as a Learning Resource of Social Sciences Education

Herry Porda Nugroho Putro
Social science education has the goal of preparing students to be good citizens. The subject of social science learning is social and cultural life. Indonesia is a multicultural country; every region has culture and tradition. Modernization and development of science have influenced the existence of...
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Effect of Exercise Tube Kick on Skill Master Style Students FIK UNJA

Mr Ilham, Zuhri Saputra Hutabarat
This research can be done to know the effect of kicking tube training to lifestyle of FIK students of Jambi University Sport Science Training Program class of 2015/2016 class A. Its benefits are: 1) for swimming trainers is, in order to be used as a basis in the athletes training to improve swimming...
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Shadow Teacher Social Interaction Problem in SDN of Gadang 2 Banjarmasin

Imam Yuwono, Mr Utomo, Agus Pratomo Andi Widodo
Inclusive education is an education service system that provides opportunities for all children to study together in a public school with attention to diversity and individual needs. Educational services for Special Needs Children are done by shadow teachers. But in the handling of inclusive schools...
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Marriage Assimilation of Banjar and Arab Ethnics in Kampung Arab, Antasan Kecil Barat Street, Pasar Lama District, Banjarmasin Tengah Subdisctrict

Irni Cahyani
Assimilation marriage between different ethnics can be seen in the family of a mixed marriage between Banjar and Arab ethnics in Kampung Arab, Antasan Kecil Barat Street, Pasar Lama District, Banjarmasin Tengah Subdistrict, in this case, is the informant family. This studyaims to know the process of...
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Teaching English in Multiethnic Classroom: A Case Study on Phonemic Variation of Secondary School Students in Central Kalimantan

Iwan Fauzi
Teaching English in multicultural or in multiethnic situation presents a unique challenge as the question is often raised by English teachers as to which variety of English phonemes or pronunciation should be accurately accepted. Indonesia has approximately 757 languages to be spoken by the same number...
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Telecenters in the Development of the Smart Village (SV): Cybergogy for Multicultural Transformation

Jalaluddin Abdul Malek, Zurinah Tahir
Cybergogy which is made available via telecenters in rural Malaysia has the potential to produce a knowledgeable community that is the foundation of a Smart Village (SV). By 2007, Malaysia had more than two thousand telecentres that served as vehicles for the development of SVs. The telecenters' three...
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The Internalization of Multiculturalism Values Through literature learning

Johan Arifin, Heri Susanto
Multiculturalism is the identity of a nation which must be understood and internalized in learning practice. Literature learning is an alternative to the internalization of multicultural values. Indonesia is a country that is closely related to nuances of multiculturalism. This situation brings the consequence...
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Traditional Rice Farming Ritual Practices of the Banjar Tribe Farmers in South Kalimantan

Karunia Puji Hastuti, Mrs Sumarmi
The majority of Banjar tribe communities work as farmers and convert to Islam. Banjar tribal society called the rice farming system in terms bahuma. Ritual activities in bahuma intended to ask to God in order to harvest abundant and avoided from crop failures. This study aims to describe ritual performed...
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Multicultural Integration in Social Studies Through Cultural Value of Pancasila Approach: An Effort to Build the Character of Indonesian

Kirana Prama Dewi
Indonesia is one of the multicultural countries in the world and is a great nation with its cultural diversity. This diversity is the potential and uniqueness of Indonesian nation. However, the potential and uniqueness are recognized or can cause various problems. Corruption, collusion, nepotism, separatism,...
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Moslem Theologian and Environment : The Confirmation of Power, Knowledge, and Ecologic Awareness of Moslem Theologian in Martapura

Laila Azkia
This study discusses about knowledge of Moslem Theologian in Martapura about environment. This study aims to investigate the forming process of ecologic awareness. The significance of this study is as learning material in the field of knowledge sociology, religion sociology, and environmental sociology,...
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Multicultural Transformation in Wetland Environmental Studies Wetland Management in Agriculture as a Multicultural Transformation

Lia Amalia, Muhammad Kusasi
Wetlands are inundated areas, either permanently or seasonally. Those areas can be managed properly if there is a proper utilization; i.e. deploying wetlands in agriculture, such as farming. This utilization is very cultivating for the people of Indonesia, especially in South Kalimantan, because most...
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Relation Between Multicultural Education, Sociology, and Indigenous Knowledge

Lumban Arofah
This article aims to link connection between how multicultural education able to learn by introducing Indigenous Knowledge through Sociology Studies because it is proven that sociology is a subject that enabling the student to have the knowledge, attitude, and affective as a social human life. In several...
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Elementary School Teachers' Understanding of Nature of Science: A Study on Rural, Bordered, Coastal, and Urban Areas of North Kalimantan

Muhsinah Annisa, Mrs Listiani
It cannot be denied that people face various issues and they have to make decisions for those issues. People should have appropriate knowledge to make decision. Mostly, the most important knowledge that people have to know is science, especially to know that science is a process. In order to know science...
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Relation Between Religion and Social Integration Toward Multicultural Community of Dayak Halong

Moh. Zaenal Arifin Anis, Deasy Arisanty
Study of interreligious relationships can build social integration is still interesting to be discussed. This paper dissects social relations between religions through a qualitative approach. The results of this study inform that interreligious relationships built on the pride of primordial identity...
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Encyclopedia of Local Historical Figures as a Learning Source of Independent Local Content for Students of Junior High School in South Kalimantan

Mr. Mansyur
Generally source of local content books for teachers and students in junior high school in South Kalimantan still has many limitations. Based on the researcher's observations, the limitation lies in the abundance of presented materials, the language difficult to understand, and only few illustrations/images...
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Responding Racial Discrimination in Indonesia Through Multicultural Education

Melisa Prawitasari
Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has a pluralistic society that comes from various tribes, races, religions, beliefs, and has its own culture in each region. In Indonesia's diversity should be a positive value for its citizens. However, it cannot be denied that this diversity can trigger conflict,...
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Development of Entrepreneurial Spirit Through Multicultural Approach

Monry Fraick Nicky Gillian Ratumbuysang
Growing the entrepreneurial spirit is currently very difficult due to the lack of good support from the government on a large scale as well as families on a small scale. Actually entrepreneurship is very easy. It only requires strong determination and the ability to read opportunities. The ability to...
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Making Social Entrepreneur in Multicultural Community

Monry Fraick Nicky Gillian Ratumbuysang, Sri Setiti
Various tribes live in Indonesia. The specialty of Indonesia is bhineka tunggal ika. This has the meaning of "different but still one", different tribes, languages and religions, different cultures and beliefs, different levels of welfare and income. Some come from the upper economic class, middle economic...
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The Use of Natural Additive Substances on Sasirangan Dying as a Medium of the Local Wisdom Characters

Muhammad Kusasi
Sasirangan is a traditional cloth of Banjar tribe of South Kalimantan. Sasirangan fabric is a type of fabric that is given a picture with the shades of the border-like stripes that extend from the bottom to the top (vertical). Staining of Sasirangan can be used from natural additive chemicals. There...
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The Reinforcement of History Material with Multicultural Base Insocial Studies Lessons (IPS)

Murdiyah Winarti, Yani Kusmarni
In social studies education, history is included as one of social sciences responsible in making good citizens. The role of history as one of the foundation for social science education especially for the growing values is to grow the sense of belonging and sense of solidarity, which are required to...
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Education and Multiculturalism: The Road Ahead Harmony in Globalization

Mrs Mutiani
Every pluralistic society in the modern era always prepares citizens for the benefit of the continuation (regeneration) of each community in any hemisphere. This problem would require education that goes beyond rules and regulations in the family in order to enhance the dignity and personality of the...
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The Dayak: Close To the Eyes, Far from The Heart

Mr Nasrullah
This article aims to discuss multicultural transformation problems of Dayak Tribe. As we know, Borneo or Kalimantan is one of the big islands in the world and owned by three nations named Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Of these three countries, Dayak and Malay are dominant ethnic-groups living...
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Education to Liberate Woman of Bajarese Tribe from "Kawin Anom" Culture in South Kalimantan

Norma Yuni Kartika, Muhajir Darwin, Mr Sukamdi
Education is an important point to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since education is a human right. Education has positive effect to all human aspects. One of the positive effects is through education which has positive relationship with the age of first marriage especially for woman. The...
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Multicultural Transformation in Educational Studies (Multicultural Transformation of "Kasada" Tradition on Tengger Community in Educational Studies)

Nur Hadi
"Kasada" tradition becomes an important and fundamental part of educational and ecological relationship between man with natural and social environment. Various attributes and phenomena's presented in that tradition indicate some changes, but there are some fixed social phenomena, such as the presence...
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Rivers and City Image of Banjarmasin - South Kalimantan

Parida Angriani, Mr Sumarmi, I. Nyoman Ruja, Syamsul Bachri
Rivers for most residents in Banjarmasin have some functions as water resources, transportation infrastructures, economic activities, places for interaction and socialization. From the existing 150 rivers, there are merely 102 rivers that are still worked. Many rivers have lost their functions as a result...
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Improving Learning Outcomes of Mathematics Lesson Through Roman Numeral Puzzle at Fourth Grade Elementary School Students in Malang

R. Kartini
Mathematics is basic subject that must be taught from elementary to senior high school. Mathematics at elementary school level is a foundation for further school, so it brings a very important role and students have to get deep and strong knowledge about it in order that they will like mathematics subject...
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Parenting Style and Its Implication to Children's Education

Rabiatul Adawiah
The Constitution states that everyone has the right to attain the highest level of education without exception. However, there are still many children who have dropped out of school, including the Dayak community in Balangan district. This problem certainly needs to receive attention from all parties....
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Multicultural Learning Tolerance in Raising Awareness of Students Attitude

Mr Rasimin
Multicultural learning will give equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, social class, ethnicity, race, religion, and cultural background students. Its stages are carried through the self-exploration study, exploration results presentation, peer group analysis, expert opinion, and reflection....
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Curriculum Analysis of Possible Social Capital in IPS Learning in MTs/ SMP Cirebon City

Ratna Puspitasari
A social capital plays a very important role in the functioning and strengthening the life of modern society. The social capital is a requirement that must be fulfilled for human development, economic development, social, politics, and stability of democracy. Various problems and deviations that occur...
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Correlation Between Friends Conformity and Self Concept with Consumptive Behavior (Study On Class VIII F SMP Negeri 24 Banjarmasin)

Ririanti Rachmayanie, Nina Permata Sari, Muhammad Andri Setiawan, Mrs Mahlindawati
This study was aimed to describe about consumptive behavior, conformity peers, self-esteem and shows the relationship between consumptive behavior and conformity peers in class VIII F SMP Negeri 24 Banjarmasin. Samples were taken 33 students drawn from classes VIII F, sampling was conducted by purposive...
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Transformation of Wetland Local Wisdom Values on Activities of Swamp Buffalo Breeding in Social Science Learning Practice

Mrs Rochgiyanti, Heri Susanto
Education is closely related to the instilment of values, such as the values of local wisdom in each community. Banjarese community as a society with cultural characteristics in the wetlands has a cultural richness characterized by wetland communities, including in various economic activities. This study...
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Potency of Agriculture Commodity in Haruyan, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency

Rosalina Kumalawati, Deasy Arisanty, Mr. Krisdiyanto, Mrs Salamiah
Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency, especially Haruyan has the potential to be developed as an agricultural area. Assessment of agricultural commodities is needed to determine the priorities of agriculture that will be developed in this region. The purpose of this study is to identify the potential of agricultural...
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The Relationship of Students Social Behavior and Motivation with the Learning Outcomes

Mrs. Rosmiati, Adi Takwa
Based on the observations conducted by the researchers at UPT of Computers in Universitas Jambi, the students learning outcomes scores of Economic Education Study Program batch 2012 from the first half until the fifth semester which is under 3.0 GPA is still a lot. Therefore, the researchers keen to...
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Kelotok (Motorboat) Utilization as the River Transportation in Banjarmasin

Sidharta Adyatma
The objective of study is to determine the utilization of Kelotok (motorboat) as the river transportation in Banjarmasin City. The research is conducted in Tanjung Pagar Village, South Banjarmasin Sub-district. This research type is descriptive research through survey. Sample of the research is 364 people....
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Model of Conflict Resolution Education Based on Cultural Value of "Pela" in Social Studies Learning

Samuel Patra Ritiauw, Bunyamin Maftuh, Elly Malihah
"Lack of students' knowledge about conflict resolution cause them to choose wrong conflict resolution (violence and students fighting) which also cause the occurrence of conflict phenomena among Maluku people, as the result of community fragmentation based on religion which is the effect of social conflict...
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The Development of Instructional Medium Based on E-learning in Taxation Subject at Economic Education Department, Jambi University

Mr Suratno, Zuhri Saputra Hutabarat, Nurmala Sari
The aims of this research are to (1) develop an instructional medium based on E-learning in taxation subject at Economic Education Department; (2) improve the effectiveness of student learning in taxation subject by using E-learning. The results of the research as a whole, from the validation results...
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Multicultural Value Reinforcement Through Scouting Activities

Mr Suyahman
This study aims to describe the multicultural value reinforcement through scouting activities. It is a qualitative research using a descriptive approach. Data analysis technique employed was the interactive analysis technique consisting of 3 stages namely data reduction, data display, and data verification....
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The Values of Balogo Traditional Game as the Source of Social Science Education (IPS) Learning

Mr Syaharuddin, Mr Nasruddin, M. Fajar Rivanny
The rapid development and advancement of technology that creates digital-based games has displaced traditional games. Games have replaced the traditional game that is identical to the values of life, such as the value of sportsmanship, competitive value, and the value of cooperation. Balogo is one of...
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Potency of Chitin as an Adsorbent in Black Water Treatment Process at Peatland Environment

Mr Syahmani, Mrs Leny, Rilia Iriani, Rahmat Eko Sanjaya
The main problem in treatment peat water is related to its specific characteristics, such as low pH (3-4), high organic content, high Fe and Mn content, and dark brown or black water. The objectives of this research are: (1) to determine the potency and effectiveness of chitin as an adsorbent in black...
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Multicultural Indonesia in Geographical and Cultural Perspectives

Tod Jones
This paper argues that there are unresolved tensions between the forces driving cultural diversity in Indonesia, namely Indonesia's demographic transition and urbanization, and the state's approach to multiculturalism. It argues that multiculturalism under the New Order can be defined as hierarchical...
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Contribution of the Social Sciences Concept to the Development of Social Science Education Material at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Mr Wahyu
The development of social science education at the Teacher Training and Education Faculty demands the ability which needs to be developed continuously. This effort is done to present appropriate social science education materials based on the definition and purposes of social science education at the...
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Civic Education Challenges in Dealing with ASEAN Economic Community

Mr Warman
This paper explains the character of civic education in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) scope in Indonesia as the background of Indonesian history from colonialism era to independence era that can make different rules based on each era. Several problems in implementing civic education in Indonesia are...
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Civic Skill Formation Through Mass Media Literacy (A Case Study of Hoax in Mass Media on Civic Education Students of Pattimura University)

Yacob Godlif Malatuny, Lisye Salamor
This paper was based on researcher anxiety of the spread of hoax in mass media in one last decade in Indonesia and in fact, the citizen had been accustomed from a long time to receive hoax presented by journalists to mass media. To prevent the trap of hoax, then civic skill is needed which is formed...
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The Policies of Indonesian Government on Chinese Ethnic in the Context of Multiculturalism

Yeni Kurniawati S, Iing Yulianti
The sociocultural reality of Indonesia is a community which is ethnically, culturally and religiously plural. On one hand, the diversity is a blessing, but on the other hand, it also has a potential to generate conflict, especially if the differences are not well managed. Multiculturalism is a notion...
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The Social Capital Transformation Women Trader in Lok Baintan Floating Market, Banjar Municipality, South Kalimantan Province

Yuli Apriati, Lumban Arofah, Mrs Alfisyah
This research aims to investigate the trading mechanism of Women Trader and how socialconnection is bonding among the Women and transforms into social capital in Lok Baintan Floating Market. The objection of this research is documenting a unique social relation in Floating Market and develops as mutualism...
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Effect of Leadership and Achievement Motivation to Teacher Performance of SMA in Jambi City

Yusdi Andra, Siti Syuhada
Implementation of this research is to know the influence of leadership on teacher performance and achievement motivation to the performance of teachers Jambi City. This research uses survey method with the causal approach. The in place of this research is Senior High School (SMA) in the city of Jambi...
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The Mobility of Bakumpai Ethnics Along Barito River in the Perspective of Trade and Spread of Islam (From 15th To 19th Century)

Yusliani Noor
Bakumpai ethnic was the ethnic inhabiting the area of Muara Bahan which was located on the riverside of Barito River. Bakumpai ethnic was the first ethnic who embraces the arrival of Islam in the fifteenth century. Its geographically strategic position was the reason why Muara Bahan had become a trading...
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Religious and Cultural Values in Douglass Macarthur's Poem and It's Translation (a Discourse Analysis Study)

Yusuf Al Arief, Rizky Amelia
"A father's prayer" is a poem written by General Douglas MacArthur used by Andrie Wongso motivate people. Our research was to describe the differences of religious and cultural values based on the language use. These differences were based on discourse analysis using Systemic Functional Grammar. This...
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The Inheritance of Multicultural Values in The Community of Kampung Gedang, Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan

Yusuf Hidayat
This paper is the result of research that examines the inheritance of multicultural values in the community of Kampung Gedang, Banjarmasin. This community is a unique community in Banjarmasin because in this community lives in harmony four ethnic groups that have different socio-cultural: Madurese ethnic...
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Exploring Cultural Values Through Banjarese Language Study

Mr Zulkifli
Culture as a human creation is constantly evolving, as well as experiencing change, along with the dynamics of the life of its supporting people. Every culture has some cultural values that become a part of the wisdom of its people. These values can be found through language as an important element in...
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Cultural Education and Value Formation in Banjarese Women (A Study on Women’s Al-Qur’an Recitation Community in Martapura, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan, Indonesia)

Ms Alfisyah
This article aims to investigate the contribution of Pengajian or Al-Qur’an recitation community as an institution on the transformation process for Banjarese in South Kalimantan. It is not only playing a role as the transformation of the Islamic knowledge but also social and cultural values especially...