Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference on Digital Economy (ISCDE 2020)

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Modeling Space – Creating a Community

L.N. Nugumanova, G.A. Shaykhutdinova, T.V. Yakovenko
The authors describe the educational space of Tatarstan Institute of education development and opportunities of its modeling in the context of digitalization of education for the purpose of continuous teachers’ pedagogical education as a part of professional development. The article focuses on the design...
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Organization of Interaction Between Speech Therapists and Parents of Preschool Children With Multiple Complex Developmental Disorders Using Digital Education Technologies

O.G. Prikhodko, A.V. Pyankova, I.A. Filatova
The article describes the term “multiple complex developmental disorders”. In most cases, this concept refers to a violation in which there are two or more severe defects in psychophysical development. The structure of the disorder and the degree of manifestation of developmental abnormalities may vary...
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Mobile Apps, Websites and Programs as a HR Specialist’s Toolkit in the Digital Economy

E.V. Dongauzer, E.O. Gasparovich
The article reveals topical issues of using information technologies in the tools of a specialist in the field of personnel management in the digital economy. The trends of the labor market in the digital economy that affect the formation of tools for an HR specialist during the implementation of digital...
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STEM vs STEAM: Developing a New Teacher

A.S. Dorofeeva, A.O. Budarina, O.V. Parakhina
Interaction and interpenetration of scientific fields promote the concept of transdisciplinarity to play a key role in education. One of the most efficient practices of its implementation is believed to be STEM/STEAM-education which unites Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics into the...
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Master Programmes in Digital Landscape

I.A. Stikhina
Researches in the field of Masters education focus on digitization which is involved in the conception of sustainability for higher educational institutions. Future development scenarios are needed to design up-to-date curricula taking into account different factors. Current research enables to have...
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Digital Transformation of Higher Education: EFL Teaching and Learning Experiences

E.N. Makarova, I.S. Pirozhkova
The article focuses on the processes of digital transformation in higher education in the context of teaching EFL to Russian first-year students of non-linguistic specialties. Literature review on the challenges of introducing digital technologies into foreign language learning activities is given. Benefits...
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Unified Information Space as a Component of Sustainable Education at the Present Stage of Society Development

E.I. Shangina
The concept of sustainable development in the modern world is an integrating platform for various fields of knowledge, research and practice. The goal of sustainable development is to ensure a decent quality and standard of living for present and future generations. Education plays an important role...
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The Model of Teachers’ Digital Culture in the Economic Environment of the Region

D.M. Prostova, N.G. Sosnina, O.L. Sokolova
Nowadays education faces new challenges, which are aimed at improving competencies in information and communication technologies and developing the digital skills of all participants in the educational process. The tasks make the teachers to possess a high kevel of competencies associated with the competent...
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Digitalization of Education in Russia: From Modern Technologies to an Innovative Model of the Educational Environment

N.S. Gromova
The innovative model of the educational environment in the study appears to be the result of a number of transformations, the result of which depends on the consistent implementation of five elements into existing relationships: formal-legal, technical, substantial, personal-psychological, social-mental....
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Using the Smart Education Experience of Insurance Specialization Students to Train Insurance Agents

A.S. Ermolaeva, M.A. Selivanova, A.A. Tsyganov
The problem of the research is that future insurers are aware of the need to implement SMART technologies in training insurance agents. However, in practice, insurance companies face the main difficulties in the lack of information and digital competence of insurance agents due to the rapid development...
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Algorithm for Managing the Quality of Educational Information System

I.M. Azhmuhamedov, B.A. Yorkulov
The paper considers the problem of assessing the quality of educational information systems in the context of the digital transformation of society. An algorithm for determining the quality of information systems based on expert information is proposed. This approach differs in that it allows one to...
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Application of Interactive Services During English Classes in a Non-Linguistic Institution of Higher Education

V.V. Iudashkina, G.G. Nurpeisova, O.A. Selivanova
Modern society is informative and crowded of all kinds of technologies and innovations, not only in everyday life, but also in the educational system, and requires the analysis and generalization of multimedia content that can be one of the auxiliary means of training in engineering University in the...
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Formalization of Typical Problems of Decision Making on the Basis of Expert Knowledge in the Priority Personnel Training System for Monotowns

A.A. Zakharova, L.Yu. Zakharov
The study object is the system of priority training of personnel of a monotown, which is one of the most important components that ensure the dynamic socio-economic development of special economic territories. The study subject is the decision-making problems arising from the main subjects of the system...
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Application of Digital Technologies in the Educational Process

A.I. Beksultanova, O.Yu. Vatyukova, M.A. Yalmaeva
Digital technologies provide changes in the educational process of Russian schools. Due to innovative solutions, the possibilities of school education are expanding - “smart” content and artificial intelligence, cloud services. Digital technologies ensure the selection of a learning path for each student,...
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Analysis of the Study of Problems and Contradictions in the Implementation of Higher Education Programs in Remote Form in the Situation of the Spread of Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) in Russia

E.V. Belikova, E.Yu. Chernyavskaya, L.V. Shamrai-Kurbatova
In connection with the threat of the spread of a new disease - coronavirus COVID-19, in March 2020, all universities in Russia were forced to switch to distance learning. This transition is recorded in the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia: “It is recommended, starting from March...
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Psychological Aspects of Bullying and Cyberbullying at Schools

V.L. Nazarov, N.V. Averbukh
This article focuses on the topic of bullying and cyberbullying in Russian schools, iits spread among children and teenagers, and the danger posed by these phenomena. It shows the connection between bullying and cyberbullying with such a phenomenon as aggression, which is a natural need, but normally...
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The Students Group Detection Based on the Learning Styles and Clustering Algorithms

Yu.Yu. Dyulicheva, Ye.A. Kosova
The approach to automatically student groups detection based on Honey and Mumford’s questionnaire and index of learning styles questionnaire with the help of clustering methods are proposed in the paper. The methodology of our research consists of the following stages: 1) the evaluation optimal number...
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Models and Approaches to Flexible Adaptation of Educational Processes in the Era of Digital Economy

T.V. Azarnova, N.M. Shishkina, E.A. Shulgina
In the era of growing digital economy education plays a crucial role in training qualified specialists having and demonstrating digital competencies needed on the labor market for a dynamically developing business. In order to develop mechanisms for optimizing the management of educational processes...
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Mathematical Modeling and Forecasting of Student’s Academic Performance on Massive Online Courses

A.V. Tolmachev, E.V. Sinitsyn, G.V. Astratova
Mathematical model for calculating the scores’ distributions in massive open online courses is proposed. The model is based on the theory of Markov processes. It allows to calculate the probability to find a student in one of the groups according to the results of passing the tests: unsuccessful students,...
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Use of Information and Communication Technologies and Remote Forms of Speech Therapy Work in the Practice of a Logopedist

I.A. Filatova, E.V. Karakulova, O.V. Yugova
The use of information and communication technologies and remote forms of speech therapy in the practical activities of a logopedist (speech therapist) makes it possible to provide an individual approach to children with severe speech disorders, to organize the continuity of the correctional and developmental...
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Organization of Project Activities During Childhood as a Means of Implementing the Subject-Subject Educational Paradigm in the Context of Digitalization of Education

E.A. Utyumova, L.V. Voronina, V.V. Artemieva
Currently, the rapid digitalization of public life has a significant impact on the development of modern educational space, which seeks to optimize the educational process using electronic resources. The regulatory documents state that educational organizations of all types and levels should create a...
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Assessment of Students’ Supra-Professional Competencies in an Online Format

M.A. Nikolaeva, A.V. Pesha, N.V. Shramko
Technologization of the educational process leads to the need to search for methods and technologies for evaluating students’ competencies in an online format. Content analysis of publications on the assessment of students’ competencies showed the relevance of studying the possibilities of using online...
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Blended Learning in Russian Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis of Three Cases

S.N. Kucherenko, I.L. Skripnik, I.O. Shcherbakova
Blended learning has become a popular technology which combines traditional methods and tools with e-learning strategies. This paper compares and contrasts three cases of blended learning implementation at Russian higher education institutions. The cases were selected to represent three different curriculum...
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Application of Distance Learning Technologies in Teaching Practice of Bachelor Students

A.V. Antonova, G.A. Kruglikova
The article is devoted to one of the most important components of training of a future teacher - teaching practice. The article reveals the purpose, objectives and content of teaching (pedagogical) practice of students of the profile “History and social studies” in the 4th year of bachelor’s degree studies....
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Conditions for Digitalization of Education and Related Health Problems of Students

T.V. Bashkireva, A.V. Bashkireva, A.V. Morozov, A.I. Evdokimova, M.A. Apsite
The article deals with the problems of the influence of mastering digitalization on the health of student youth in terms of spectral analysis using the method of heart rate variability. The study used the heart rate variability method. Measurements filmed in the classroom for 180 minutes. The results...
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Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on the Readiness of Preschool Educators for Distance Learning

G.V. Pavlenko, A.I. Pavlenko
In Russia, in March-April 2020, as part of the COVID-19 lockdown, almost all preschool educational institutions were closed, but the e-learning format was much less in demand than in other countries. From the one hand this situation can be explained as Russian preschool institutions interpret the distance...
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Adaptive Reactions of Students From the Position of Self-Actualization and Autonomic Status to the Intense Impact of Digitalization

A.V. Bashkireva, T.V. Bashkireva, A.V. Morozov, N.A. Savotina, U.A. Kazakova
The article presents the results of studying the adaptability of students to the conditions of digitalization by analyzing the interrelationship between indicators of self-actualization and autonomic status. The study used a software-static complex “Varicard”, which provides a record of heart rate variability...
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On the Need for State Regulation of Cryptocurrencies: Statistical Justification and Assessment

A.V. Tikhonova
The subject of the research is the statistical characteristics of the cryptocurrency market and the legal framework for its regulation. The purpose of the study is to identify the priority areas of state regulation of the digital cryptocurrency market based on the analysis of statistical data in the...
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Digitalization of the Financial Sector: Background and Specifics

Yu. Evdokimova
Digital changes taking place in the economies of different countries are greatly transforming the financial sector. Consumers perceive the ongoing digital changes in the financial industry differently, which is due to different values of generations, the difference in the opportunities for using digital...
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Internal Audit Strategies for Dealing With Digital Risk in the Digital Economy

Xie Xiaofei
With the advent of digital economy era, conforming to the development of digital economy has become a global consensus, and the global digital economy presents a situation of rapid development. From mobile Internet to artificial intelligence, blockchain to big data, digital technology has infinite potential....
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Problems of Ensuring Economic Security in the Context of Deepening Globalization and Digitalization

B.I. Isroilov, B.B.U. Ibragimov, B.J.U. Ibrohimov
The article discusses the problems of the development of economies of the world in the XXI century (in the current century), taking into account the impact of the achievement of science and technology, as well as unforeseen circumstances. The factors affecting the economic security of states are analyzed,...
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Assessment of the Level of Digital Maturity of the Financial Institute, Depending on the Modification of the Available Banking Products and Services

L.R. Magomaeva, S.S. Galazova, T.R. Magomaev
The work reveals the relationship between the development of a cross-channel and digital competencies, as an opportunity to involve new knowledge in the development of information technology. The study substantiates the concept of an economic and mathematical model for assessing a cross-channel information...
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On Ultimate Integrated Information Space Based on Digital Platform for Subsoil Use Management System

I.V. Zhukova, A.E. Zubarev
The purpose of this article is to justify the need to integrate databases and information flows in the field of subsurface use. In the course of the study, the need to integrate cadastres, information databases, and technologies used and created in the field of subsurface use is considered and justified....
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Analysis of International Eco-Economic Systems Using Data Mining Methods

A.E. Kharitonova, A.E. Ulyankin
The environmental pollution problems in the world have become urgent and are noted for sustainable development. The article analyzes 173 world countries in terms of ecological and economic systems and their development level, reflecting the relationship of the natural environment, economic and social...
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The Impact Factors of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Current Social Development

A.V. Shkalenko
This article deals with the impact factors of the fourth industrial revolution on social development The authors carried out an institutional analysis and identified the changes in the institutional environment of the consumer market. They described the institutional transformations of the consumer market...
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Application of Statistical Methods in Assessing the Role of Agriculture in the Formation of Regional Income

Yu.N. Romantseva, M.V. Kagirova, D.F. Galyautdinova
In the new conditions of digitalization of the economy, the issue of the operational analysis of economic processes in various spheres of the economy acquires particular relevance. A feature of proposed methodology is taking into account a large number of various factors that affect income in the agricultural...
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Digitalization as the Basis for the Automation of the Treatment Process

V.S. Borovik, V.V. Borovik
The public health crisis and the pandemic threat have shown the urgent need to improve the management and implementation of medical care. Digitalization is seen as an effective tool for managing the disease treatment process. The problem is solved on the basis of the influence of factors x on the target...
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Modeling the Social Consequences of Industrial Robotization

A.V. Tikhonova
The article examines the issues of predicting the negative consequences of automation of business processes for the population. The author presents the controversial context of the results of robotization, on the one hand, manifested in the aggregate economic and technological growth, on the other hand,...
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Basics of Developing Complex Models of Digital Technologies for Regulation of Relationships in the Rural Labour Market

Kholmuminov Shayzak Rakhmatovich
The article researches the foundations for the development of a complex of models of digital technologies for regulating relations in the rural labour market in labour-surplus regions in the conditions of the functioning of a socially oriented market economy. It proposes interrelated stages of complex...
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Cognitive Mechanism for Creating a Robot Assistant in Compliance Activities

V.A. Yakimova
The widespread dissemination of digital technologies in various areas of economic activity creates prospects for the formation of a single digital space. In such conditions, it becomes possible to use progressive modern technologies in financial control, aimed at finding errors and facts of non-compliance...
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Electronic Customs as a Currency Control Authority

M.A. Yakovleva
The article discloses the functionality of the recently created electronic customs from the position of currency control. The author identifies the specific features of electronic customs and their capabilities for the most efficient performance of currency control functions, in particular, control of...
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Ensuring Information Security as a Key Factor in the Development of the Digital Economy in the Russian Federation

F.A. Khochueva, T.L. Shugunov
The article deals with the problems of ensuring information security in the conditions of the functioning of the digital economy in the Russian Federation. The study is aimed to analyze the development of the digitalization of the economy in the Russian Federation, a comprehensive assessment of the risks...
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Application of Digital Technologies for Solving Optimization Tasks

A.A. Eleusov, A.D. Saparbayev, A.T. Makulova
The article discusses the issues of digital technology of optimization calculations in real time. Working on a real-time scale allows the user to start calculations at any point in time convenient for him, to continue their required amount of time until they get a completely satisfactory result or to...
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Development of the Web Service «Analysis of Demographic Indicators of the Region»

E.S. Budaev, S.S. Mikhaylova, V.V. Stepanov
This paper is devoted to the development of the “Analysis of demographic indicators of the region” web service project. Within the framework of this project, a study of the subject area, a review of existing solutions was performed, the structure of a web service was determined, a comparative review...
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Digitalisation of Company’s Communication With Customer Markets in the Russian Arctic Zone

L. Babkina, O. Skotarenko, M. Kozin
The article presents a case study of a big company operating in the Russian Arctic Zone in order to explain the need for digitalisation of communication between resource suppliers and customer markets. Currently, the main way of communication between the company in question and its customer markets is...
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Impact of Meteorological Conditions on the Ecological-Economic Systems of Russia

A.E. Kharitonova
Global environmental problems affect all spheres of life, incl. the economic development. As a result, it becomes necessary to study the influence of the environment on economic development, as well as reverse interaction in the form of ecological and economic systems. The climatic factor is of great...
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Prospects for Technology Transfer Digitalization in Russian economy

L. Ustinova, O. Pyataeva, E. Borisova
Innovative economic development based on technological improvement of production and promotion of new developments with high added value is the most important task of the country’s development. Efficiency of the innovation process, production of high-tech products are related to the transfer of new technologies...
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Digital Economy Competencies as a Vital Necessity of a Modern Successful Specialist

Yu.V. Golchevskiy, E.N. Novokshonova, A.V. Yermolenko
A comparative analysis of foreign and Russian approaches to the interpretation of the definition of “digital economy” is provided in this study. The article shows the need for mastering knowledge and skills that correspond to the digital economy competencies with a focus on the IT sphere by future and...
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Impact of Information and Communication Technologies Development on the Labor Market in the Russian Federation

M.D. Magomedov, O.V. Karabanova, V.V. Stroev
The article shows the great importance of the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Russian Federation (RF). Current level of ICT use in RF in whole and dividing by types of economic activities are being observed in the article. The impact of ICT on labor market of the...
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Digital Workflow as a Driver for the Development of Innovative Systems in a Tiered Economy

I.A. Tronina, G.I. Tatenko, A.V. Semenikhina
The modern environment forces an innovative system of any level to switch to the language of digital interaction and to put into operation demanded Internet services. In-house planning processes are built on digital analytics, covering a solid set of indicators. Actual technologies of big data, Internet...
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Information Security as a Digital Technologies Development Factor of Innovative Socially Oriented Economy

O. Bondar-Pidhurska, A. Glebova
The strategic role of information security as a basis for the development of digital technologies in an innovative socially oriented economy and one of the main types of vital interests of the individual, society and the state is substantiated. Informatization of society is seen as one of the decisive...
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Multilayer Multi-Component Models of Anthropotechnics of Management

V.O. Chulkov
Philosophical concepts of the structure of the world and human life include the study and intellectual monitoring of the components of the functional system of MTE (man, technology and environment). The necessity and intensity of the mutual influences of man, technology and environment were understood...
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The System of Indicators for Assessing a Mobile Construction Company

P.P. Oleinik
Mobility is the most important property of the building system, and almost all construction companies and their formations have the appropriate mobility. In conditions of market relations, construction companies, due to high competition, are continuously increasing the scope of work outside their permanent...
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Investments in Information and Communication Technologies as a Factor of Ensuring Economic Security of a Business Entity: Accounting Aspects

A.Yu. Popov
The article is devoted to the peculiarities of recognition and assessment of accounting objects for investments in information and communication technologies (ICT) from the standpoint of ensuring the economic security of business entities. The role of ICT in ensuring competitiveness and strengthening...
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Digital Technology in the Logistics System of a Retail Enterprise

L.G. Protasova, K.S. Tedeev, T.B. Minina
The development of logistics is unthinkable without the introduction of digital technologies. In times of crisis, it becomes obvious that the most stable are those companies that are able to change rapidly, adapting to the situation. This flexibility can only be achieved by using modern dynamic management...
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Strategic Guidelines for the Development of Information and Digital Technologies of the Subjects of the Macroregion: Investment Aspect

G.M. Kvon, A.Yu. Titovets
The article provides an overview of existing strategic documents of the federal and regional levels on the development of information and digital technologies in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The main strategic guidelines and volumes of investments for the implementation of projects...
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Methodological Basis for Forming the Investment Attractiveness of a Resource-Deficient Region: Russian and International Aspects

S.G. Pyankova, E.A. Sorokina
The article defines the following concepts: “resource-deficient”, “resources”, “resource-deficient region”, “economic resources”, “economic resources of a region”, “deficit”, “investment attractiveness of a region”. The methodological basis for forming the investment attractiveness of a region in the...
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Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain Network

Z.B. Khmelnitskaya, P.L. Sizov
The article analyzes the implementation of digital technologies in supply chain management systems. The principles and tasks for digitization of supply chains are described. The digital technologies and their implementation, used for the improvement of efficiency in supply chain management, are described....
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Assessment and Development Problems of Smart City Transport and Logistics System

G.V. Savin
Today in the world there is a pronounced trend towards the development of smart cities, the movement of economic resources in which is hampered by the growth of urbanization, population, and motorization. At the same time, within the framework of sustainable development, a trend of development of intelligent...
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Impact of Digital Marketing on the Buying Behavior of Consumer

A.D. Nazarov
Companies devote huge amounts of money to create digital relationships with potential customers. The article explores the task of promoting digital marketing and holistic marketing systems around the world and in the Russian Federation today. The article identifies the main trends of development, digital...
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The BRICS at 20 on a Development Path to the Era of Digitization

M.V. Zharikov
The purpose of writing this article is try to work out the principles that can be used to establish a shared mechanism of economic policy for the BRICS. The pandemic of 2020 has proven that with no cooperation and negotiation mechanisms the world is very shaky and powerless to deal with whole-scale crises....
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Features of the Competitiveness Assessment of Small Tourist Organizations on the Russian Market

A.Z. Ismailova
The activity of any organization is provided by the production of final products or services that meet clearly defined requirements and needs of the company, meet the applicable standards and technical conditions, provides the current legal acts, and are also offered to consumers at an acceptable competitive...
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An Adapted Method for Project Management by Digitalization of Innovative Activities in Domestic Enterprises

O.N. Kiseleva, O.V. Sysoeva, A.V. Vasina
Because of intensive and fast changes in environment, the current development of enterprises has to account for active implementation of innovations. In order to achieve the given goals, the processes of innovation activities should be accompanied by a widespread use of modern digital technologies, which...
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Analysis of Digitalization Processes as a Factor of Production and Income Generation in Agriculture of Russia

D.F. Galautdinova, Yu.N. Romantseva, S.I. Kazachenko
In the work, the authors considered the features of the state and development of agriculture in Russia in the conditions of the digital transformation of the economy, estimated the impact of digitalization on production and income formation of agricultural producers as a whole in the industry, and in...
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Competencies for the Digital Economy: Possibilities of the Education System of the Republic of Bashkortostan

O.V. Krioni, N.V. Efimenko
The speed of scientific and technical progress, changes in information technology and the expansion of opportunities for receiving and applying information make it necessary to create a social model of human behavior in the information society that allows you to adapt and live comfortably in such a society....
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Digital Capital as a Basis for the Development of the Economy in Modern Time and Principles of the Digitalization

M.D. Magomedov, O.V. Karabanova, V.A. Dikikh
The article presents an analysis of economic processes at the present stage. The formation of economic structures has always been conditioned by some significant event, scientific discovery, catalyst of progress. Technological stages, formed since 1970, have already been formed by combining the material...
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Application of Digital Technologies in the Sphere of Organic Production in the Agribusiness: Experience of the Chechen Republic

Z.M. Ilaeva, D.Sh. Alikhadzhieva, Z.R. Askhabova
The agricultural production is a traditional area for the Chechen Republic and has a lot of experience. The article discusses the application of digital technologies in the sphere of organic production in agriculture. An analysis of the state and management of the organic production, as well as projects...
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Development of Industry on the Basis of its Digitalization

N.V. Vasilenkova
The purpose of the article is to detect the features of Russian industrial digitalization practices, that determine the specifics of domestic tactics for the implementation of digital technologies into the economy. The digitalization of the economy has a stimulating effect on all spheres of society....
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Digitalization as a Direction of the Industrial Policy of the Russian Federation

N.V. Vasilenkova
The article considers the stages of digitalization of industrial technologies, gives their characteristics and features, as well as the degree of their influence on the development of enterprises in industrial sectors. The end result of the use of modern technology is a product, designed to solve problems...
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Factors of Development of Insurance of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Conditions of Digitalization

E.V. Kostyaeva, M.K. Chernyakov
Small and medium-sized businesses are less protected from external shocks than large corporations and cannot always independently ensure an adequate level of their economic safety. In the conditions of digitalization, insurance, along with government financial support, can become an effective tool for...
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Digital Evolution of Consumer Behavior and its Impact on Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Business Sustained Development Strategy

A.A. Ovodenko, G.Yu. Peshkova, O.V. Zlobina
Evolution of consumer behaviour has been stimulated by the boost in digital technologies (DTs) causing transformation in the process of searching for, choosing and purchasing of goods and services by modern consumers – technology savvy users of gadgets. The evolution of consumer behaviour also induces...
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Analysis of the Level of Development of the Digital Economy in Russia

N.Y Bondarenko, I.M Kalyakina, E.A Kobets
In modern conditions, scientific and technological progress contributed to the evolution of economic relations, which shifted to the information sphere, or their implementation was transformed due to the development of information and communication technologies. The transition from the traditional to...
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Digital Economy Challenges and Opportunities: HR Specialists for Information Security of the Financial Sector

Y.S. Artamonova, A.M. Beloborodko, M.F. Fridman
This article is devoted to a topical and important issue. Information security is one of the most pressing problems of the modern digital economy. To a large extent, this concerns the financial sector, which carries out electronic transactions and is actively looking for more efficient analogues of metal...
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Boiling Innovation: Creating an Environment for Technological Leadership in Russia

A.V. Yashina, D.D. Kosareva
The article analyzes the phenomenon of the trading zone in Russian practice, as well as the impact of interconnection of digital (platform) instruments of aggregation, integration and decentralized network of public spaces on the development of innovation and technology entrepreneurship in Russia. The...
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Typology of Institutional Transformation Strategies of Industrial Complexes in the Digital Economy

A.G. Boev, V.B. Kolesnikova, A.A. Kolodyazhnaya
The article is devoted to the study of theoretical aspects of the strategy of transformation of industrial structures. The main scientific views on the essence of change strategies and enterprise development are analyzed. The content of the strategy of institutional transformations of industrial complexes...
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Modeling the Influence of Intellectualization Factors on Labor Productivity in Russian Regions

M.M. Markhaichuk, I.V. Panshin
The article analyses the intellectualization processes and their impact on labor productivity both at the national level and in relation to the situation in Russian regions. The study proves that labor intellectualization can be considered not only as an objectively occurring in society process of changing...
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The Impact of the Development of the Engineering Industry on Economic Security

I.Yu. Vaslavskaya, I.A. Koshkina
The article deals with an actual issues of the influence of the state of industry and mechanical engineering, in particular, on the economic security of the region (as an example, the Republic of Tatarstan) and the economic security of the Russian Federation. In the article, the authors analyzed the...
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Modern Problems of Development of the Digital Economy

B.B. Tokaeva, A.B Tokaeva
The development of the Russian economy requires widespread dissemination of information technologies. This is an issue of national security and technological independence of Russia. Information and communication technologies, software products, computer, and telecommunication equipment became part of...
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Economic Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Introduction of Industry 4.0 Technologies in the Activities of Industrial Enterprises

N.V. Skvortsova, T.P. Rakhlis, I.A. Savelyeva
At the current stage of social development and the formation of new social relations, mankind has entered the next phase of its development, which is commonly referred to as the era of digitalization or the fourth industrial revolution. The economy digitalization in general and the transition to intelligent...
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Prospects for the Use of Digital Technologies in the System of Digital Labeling and Traceability of Chocolate

A. Petrosyan
This article considers the prospects for the use of digital technologies in the Russian economy using the example of the existing system of digital labeling and traceability of products. A comparative analysis of the mandatory attributes (characteristic features of a article), presented in the catalog...
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Chuvash Republic Electrical Engineering Industry Development Problems

A.S. Evseev, S.V. Petrova, A.V. Markov, O.N. Sorokin
The purpose of the research is to identify the problems of the development of the electrical engineering industry in the region. This research uses an integrated approach, as well as a statistical-economic method and a method of logical-semantic modeling of problems, which make it possible to give a...
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Russian Population in the Modern Financial Market: From Digital “Divides” to Digital Profiles

Yu.S. Evlakhova, V.S. Kokhanova
Digital financial technologies are changing the role of the population in the functioning of the financial market, changing the quality of the availability of financial services, expanding the range of possible financial instruments, replacing physical interaction with a digital profile. This paper focuses...
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History of Azerbaijani Advertising and its Role in Business Communication

J.V. Hasanova, A.F. Qedimaliyeva
The main goal of the study is to study in detail the main factors that determine the future development of the global advertising market on the Internet, to consider the factors that determine the integration of the Internet with traditional media and elements of marketing communications. The global...
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Personal Consumption in the Conditions of Digitalization: An Intergenerational Aspect

D.K. Rakhmatullina
Industry 4.0 provides the economy with the production of goods in a wide range and high quantity, erasing the sense of rarity and the possibility of non-receipt of necessary goods and services for end users with appropriate financial opportunities. The analysis of the conditions for making the optimal...
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Development of Fuzzy Model for Calculating the Poverty of the Region

A.D. Nazarov, I.I. Meleshkina
In the period of digitalization of the economy, informatization and automation of all business processes of any enterprise and the state as a whole is rapidly taking place. One of the global problems of any modern state is the problem of poverty associated with various economic aspects, including receiving...
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Digital Transformation of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry: Main Directions and Expected Results

A.G. Shigaev
The transition to a new technological order, being observed in the last decade, actualized the processes of innovative development of oil and gas companies. The key factor in ensuring effective innovative development is digital technologies, aimed at increasing business profitability and developing fields...
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Strategic Measures in Improving Cybersecurity Management in Micro and Small Enterprises

S. Talu
This paper analyzed the organizational factors, and risk management cybernetic practices, that affected the cybersecurity in European micro and small enterprises (MESEs). To achieve this goal, the study was based on an online questionnaire distributed using the Google Forms platform addressed to representatives...
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“Digitalization” is the Driver of Sustainable Development of the Economy of the Country at the Modern Stage

O.V. Kotova, N.Yu. Novikova, O.A. Vorotilova
The article is dedicated to the consideration of the theoretical and practical aspects of the modern driver of sustainable development of the Russian economy - the process of digitalization. “Digitalization” is defined as the process of implementing digital technologies in all spheres of human life and...
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Formation of an Effective System of Project Financing of Investment Activities in the Region

U.S.-E. Khakhanaev, R.R. Bashirzade, A.V. Pakhomova
The alternatives of project financing of investment activity of the region are analyzed as an object of formation of an effective system of innovation and project activity in entrepreneurship. Proceeding from this, new tasks were formulated based on promising approaches to investment planning, namely,...
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Considerations Regarding the Digitalization of Romanian Agriculture

M. Ciurea
Smart and modern agriculture has a substantial contribution to the progress of the current economy and the agricultural potential of Romania largely influences the management of these rich resources. By introducing the new technologies required by digitalisation, digital agriculture will provide a shift...
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The Use of Digital Application MPI Supply Chain for Efficient Management of the Firm’s Operating Activities

N.M. Gabdullin, A.E. Izmailov, I.A. Kirshin
The aim of the research is an elaboration and use of digital applications for efficient management of the firm’s operating activities. The use of digital applications makes it possible to improve the operational management system based on the “Value Chain” model, to quickly identify potential risks and...
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Digital Platforms as a Base for Forming a Digital Economy

E.I. Dmitrieva
The paper discusses the essence of digital platforms, their types and properties due to their functioning. The subject of this research is to study the impact of digital platforms and platform technologies on the formation and development of the digital economy. The purpose of the study is to reveal...
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Digital Competencies of the Future Programmer: SWIFT

E.A. Chernova, A.D. Nazarov
Using programming tools is considered not enough for a fully functioning and development in transformation of the economy. The article discusses the innovative Swift programming language. Some programming languages are analyzed. The concept of multiparadigmality is revealed. The relevance of the use...
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The Technology of Blockchain and Smart Contract and Their Regulation Under the Conflict of Laws of the European Union

A.A. Volos
The author researches the issues of using smart contracts in the countries of the European Union, points out the problems arising in connection with different legal regulation in different states. The purpose of the study was an establishment of the features of conflict of law regulation of relations...
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Features of the Development of Tax Legal Relations in the Context of Digitalization

T.A. Guseva, E.E. Smetanina, A.V. Izotov
The article presents the problems of the development of tax legal relations in the context of digitalization. Digitalization has a comprehensive impact on legal phenomena, including tax legal relations, the rights and obligations of participants in tax legal relations, within the national legal systems...
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Current Law on General Rights of Agricultural Land Users in Vietnam: Reality and Issues that Need Modification

Luan Nguyen Thanh
This paper focuses on analyzing and commenting on the content and practice of the current legal provisions on the general rights of land users in Vietnam, including: (i) the right to exploit and enjoy results brought from land, with the State creating maximum favorable conditions for land users realize...
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ERA-GLONASS State Information System: Practical Significance of Digital Technology for Recording the Circumstances of Road Traffic Accidents in the Judicial Resolution of Auto Insurance Disputes

O.A. Egorova
This publication discusses the practical importance of using the digital technology of the ERA-GLONASS state information system for recording the circumstances of a road traffic accident. The research is based on the application of comparative legal analysis, systemic and structural analysis, synthesis...
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Legal Framework for Providing/Obtaning Financing in Blockchain. Russian Perspective

S.E. Khoshimov, V.S. Nikulina
The article contains analysis of the financing procedures which are already performed today in blockchain and regulation of financial obligations (loan and credit agreements) as they exist as of today in the Russian law in order to find ways to legitimize the blockchain financial transactions. Development...
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Sustainable Development Legislative Initiative

E.V. Tretyakova
The concept of sustainable development allows to have a fresh look at the concept of “economic efficiency”. It’s important to realize that the “new economy of information flow” – the economy of intangible finance, information, intellectual property - leads to the “dematerialization” of economic practice...
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Improving Regulatory Management in the Sphere of Ensuring Economic Security in the Conditions of Digitalization of the Economy: Condition, Risks, and Threats

A.L. Anisimov, O.A. Kolotkina, I.D. Yagofarova
This article analyzes the process of creating a regulatory environment for the digital environment, pays attention to its main features, which make it possible to talk about the creation of a new format of the regulatory environment. The authors of the article establish the connection between law and...