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Assessment of Efficiency of the Innovative Hub by Means of Algorithms of the Indistinct Output

D. B. Solovev
In article, reasons for feasibility of formation of an innovative hub are given in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia, through collaboration of innovative, research and development and scientific and educational infrastructure of the region. The factors influencing overall performance of an innovative...
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The Employment of Graduates by the Profession: Factors of Effectiveness

A. Borisova
Regular monitoring is needed for a thorough study of factors determining the imbalances in the conditions of the youth labor market. Means used for measuring do not fully satisfy the criteria of resource intensity; moreover, they make use of excessively overloaded set of indicators. As a rule, the choice...
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Theoretical Research of the Concepts “Innovative Project” and “Competitiveness of an Innovative Project”

V. I. Bunkovskiy, I. Y. Ilichev
According to the authors, the main disadvantage of current theoretical approaches to the concept “innovative project” is that they ignore the fact that an innovative project is a complex system representing a combination of resources, deadlines and contractors for implementation of a complex of interrelated...
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Enhancing the Effectiveness of Control-Checking Activity of Tax Authorities

A.V. Klimova, A. V. Svistunov
Nowadays the problem of an effective state taxation policy that could provide Russian economic security is particularly relevant. The main source of budget replenishment is tax revenues. The article represents the analysis of monitoring activity of the interdistrict tax office and identifies current...
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The Approach to Measuring and Assessing the Intensity of Iinnovation Activity at the Macro Level

B.L. Lavrovskiy
The approach to measuring and assessing the intensity of innovation activity is based on the ratio of investment efforts and indicators of labor productivity dynamics caused by them. Two methods based on this approach are proposed. In one of them the innovation activity intensity is measured via decomposition...
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Time Effect in Logistics

Yu. O. Glushkova, L. O. Serdyukova, O. Yu. Gordashnukova, A.V. Pahomova
The article presents the results of a theoretical study relating the efficiency of indicators of road traffic vehicles as the basis for solving a new problem connected with development of a model needed to correct the effort measurements of the participants in the international supply chains. The necessity...
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The Russian Far East: Post-Crisis Dynamics of Social-Economic Development

P.A. Minakir, O.M. Prokapalo
The authors review trends of economic development of the Russian Far East during 2010-2017, study the response of the national and regional economies to the crisis of 2014, and analyze the conditions and problems that exist in the main sectors of the region’s economy. We demonstrate that there were no...
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To The Problems of Development of Possessory Risk Management Systems and the Mechanisms of Creation of Organization Values in Conditions of Digital Economy

M. V. Khachaturyan, I. A. Koryagina, E. V. Klicheva, M. E. Ermolaeva
The global economy is steadily entering a "digital" stage of its development. However, most aspects of this stage are still slowly researched. As a result, a computational power of a modern computer doubles every year since the 1970s while the maintenance cost declines at about the same rate. On the...
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Social Investment: Measuring the Effect on the Popula-tion Welfare of the Russian Far East

S.N. Naiden, A.V. Belousova, M.A. Gritsko
The article studies expenses of budgets on education, healthcare, social policies, housing and public utilities, as social investments that contribute to the population welfare. Using model constructs built on the base of dynamic and panel data, the authors received the estimates of effect of social...
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ICT in Regional Development: Analysis of Some Regions of the East and West of Russia

A. A. Morozov
Social networks become the full-fledged tool in communications between different subjects of the interpersonal and social relations. It is caused by presence at networks of specific target audience and a possibility of fast information exchange. Today the history of origin and development, perspective...
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State and Peculiarities of Differentiation of Small and Individual Entrepreneurship in the Regions of Russia

S. N. Leonov
The analysis of the state of small business (SB) is a "catalyst" of the state of economic relations in countries with a market economy. The revival of the SB in Russia has been more than a quarter of a century, but the potential advantages of the SB are still barely perceptible. Therefore, the monitoring...
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The Development of the Innovation Process in Road Construction in the Minkowski Space

V. S. Borovik, V. V. Borovik
The Innovative process in road construction is considered in Minkowski space and time. In this type of the space the factors of production used in time are the object of an interrelated and interdependent process. It is established that each increment of the amount of work corresponds to the increment...
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Public Technological and Price Audit, Design and Survey Work as Part of the Price of Construction Products

I.V. Yamshchikova, E.I. Naumov
The article deals with Chapter XII of the Consolidated Estimate of Construction Costs. The analysis of costs for technical and price audit, design and survey works as a part of the price of construction products on objects-representatives on the basis of which the scheme of formation of Chapter XII of...
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Features of Financial Potential Formation at the Regional Level

L. Bayguzina
This research considers features of financial potential formation at the regional level. The given category is explained from the point of view of a systematic approach. Authors try to reveal «financial potential» through «financial resources». Economists usually use various definitions that have some...
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Development of Low-Rise Investment-Construction Projects Based on the Principles of Public-Private Partnership

K. Filiushina, N. Gusakova, O. Dobrinina, A. Yarlakabov
The subject being examined is the development of low-rise residential construction. The aim of the research is the development of investment activity methods in low-rise residential construction by means of public-private partnership projects. This article is focused on the method of low-rise construction...
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Realization of Competency Approach in the Field of Ecological Education of Future Engineers

M. Khokhlova, S. Lukashov, N. Matyash
The article considers the issues of psychological and pedagogical aspects of training the personnel resources, able to improve the interaction between a human, nature and society. On the basis of theory and practice analysis possible ways and means of the competence approach in ecological education of...
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Formation of Financial Resources of Organizations in the Oil and Gas Industry

L. Z. Bayguzina, G. A. Galimova
The aim of this paper is to examine the formation of financial resources in PJSC «Gazpromgas distribution Ufa». This study is mainly aimed at conducting the analysis which will enable us to reveal the direct impact of different indicators on the financial stability of the enterprise under consideration....
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New Far Eastern Policy: Institutions and Investments

P.A. Minakir, O.M. Prokapalo
Trends and possibilities for implementing the state economic policy of the Russian Far East's development are discussed. A historical overview is given with the identification of stages of regional development, characterizing by the different sources and scales of economic resources, in particular investments,...
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Improvement of the Quality of Higher Polytechnic Education on the Basis of a Customer-Oriented Approach

V.V. Glushchenko, I.I. Glushchenko
The object of the article is higher polytechnic education; the subject of the article is the improvement of higher polytechnic education quality based on a customer-oriented approach. The relevance of the article driven by the need to improve the quality of higher polytechnic education being one of the...
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Formation of the Groundwork for the Training of Project Managers in Engineering Bachelor

A. Isaev, L. Plotnikov, N. Fomin
The author's technology of interdisciplinary open-ended engineering is considered in the article. This technology provides a comprehensive formation of design and project-organizational competencies. It creates a basis for the development of managerial abilities of a design engineer and increases the...
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Total Economic Value Concept: Essence, Evolution and Author's Approach

A.V. Dushin, V.V. Yurak
Total economic value concept operates as a consistent approach for economic evaluation of natural resources in the context of exacerbation of the ecological crisis and overexploitation of natural resources. However, the essence and structure are still the subject of scientific research. This article...
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Assessment of the Mineral and Raw Material Potential of the Region Through the Geological and Economic Zoning Methodology on the Example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

V. S. Dadykin
In the mineral and raw material balance of the country and the Far Eastern Federal District, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) occupies a leading position in the reserves and extraction of a number of strategic types of minerals. To develop an effective policy of rational use and development of the mineral...
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The Methodology to Calculate the Investment Potential of Mineral Resource Base in the Areas of New Development

V. S. Dadykin
In the current situation, the problem of economic efficiency increase of geological exploration aimed to identify and to explore mineral deposits, as well as to develop discovered deposits, remains acute. One way to solve this complex problem is to conduct geological and economic monitoring in regions...
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The Implementation of Corporate Governance Standards in Large Russian Companies

A.A. Balabin
The best corporate governance practices, summarized in the form of international standards, serve as a means to increase the effective management of major corporations. Presently, the Principles of Corporate Governance by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD Principles) are...
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Regional Growth and Investment Behavior: the Case of the Russian Far East

A. G. Isaev
According to the dominating paradigm of regional growth, the movement of capital is based on the well-known postulates of the neoclassical theory. Less attention is given to the dynamic properties of the regional economic system itself, and the role they play in the process of regional capital formation...
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Macroeconomic Modeling Technological Change in the Energy Sector of the Russian Far East

N.G. Dzhurka, O.V. Dyomina
The authors evaluate the effects generated in the economy of the Russian Far East by the new gas processing and petrochemical industries. The calculations are based on the regional social accounting matrix for 2015 augmented with data on gas processing technologies and consumption of their products....
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Finance Management in Functional Management System

L. A. Kaverzina, M. I. Cherutova
The research's pertinence results mostly from the fact that under today's circumstances of organizations' operation we more and more often face challenges in coordinating executives' actions due to rapid change in internal and external environment. It demands a methodological toolbox to implement executive...
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Problems and Prospects of the Quality Management of Higher Education

S. E. Turkulets, E. V. Listopadova, N. S. Barei
The article presents the analysis of the current state and prospects of the quality management system in the management structure of higher education institutions. The authors of this research found out that while the quality management system can be a kind of a managerial resource, its implementation...
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Tendencies of State Management of the Russian Higher Education in the XXI Century

S. E. Turkulets, A. V. Turkuletc, E. V. Listopadova
The article presents a survey of the major management models of higher education institutions in Russia. Integration of the Russian Federation into the European Common Education Space is of controversial nature since un-considered adoption of international practices has never been a success. Con-sideration...
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Strategy of the Partnership of University and Business Communities as a Factor of Sustainable Social and Economic Development of the Region

I. V. Shavyrina, I. A. Demenenko, I. V. Totskaya
In article questions of transformation of the higher education at a stage of modernization of the Russian educational system are staticized, the role business - communities in formation of new model of the higher education on the basis of partnership of higher education institutions and business community...
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Preparation for the Implementation of the Innovative Project

E. Roganova, S. Gushchin, V. Batova, T. Glebova, E. Asmolova
This article is devoted to the experience of members of several initiative groups that have created different companies that carry out innovative projects for different sectors of the national economy. Such enterprises do not compete for the Customer. This allowed them to unite in an informal holding,...
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Random Event and Probability in Mathematical Modeling of Economic Processes

A.I. Bogomolov, V.P. Nevezhin, E.P. Zvyagintseva
The article substantiates the necessity of including future random variables in the model of economic processes, considers various concepts of types and descriptions of their probability that are different from the frequency probability. An example of the use of Bayesian subjective probability for assessing...
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Estimation of the Effectiveness of Investment Strategies by Calculating the Integral Index

E. A. Dolbnya, N. S. Oshchepkova, Y. Y. Savina
The article is devoted to the problem of choice of method of efficiency estimation of the region’s investment strategy. The aim of this study is to improve the current method of assessing the region’s investment strategy by identifying the possibility of bringing the assessment of the regions to uniformity...
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Factors of the Population's Credit Activity: Regional Features on the Example of the Russian Far East

O. Renzin, T. Trop, E. Kuzmichev
The dynamic and structural features of the population’s credit activity of the Russian Far East and its federal subjects were compared with other federal districts in the period of 2009-2017.Based on the study of the main retail lending markets characteristics of the Far East (consumer and mortgage lending),...
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Management of Proportionality and Stability of Industrial Enterprises’ Development Processes (Aspects of Marketing and Production Management)

A. V. Rodionov, N. V. Shashlo, Lv. Guanghai
In modern conditions of high dynamics of external factors, as well as the strengthening of competition for consumer demand, industrial enterprises need specific diagnostic tools to estimate the features of their development. This paper is devoted to description of the results of the work out of such...
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Specialization of Resource Regions: a Mechanism for Applying Public-Private Partnerships

I.V. Provornaya, L.V. Eder, V.Y. Nemov
The research specifies the terminology and suggests an algorithm for identification of resource regions, as well as regions ready for smart specialization using cluster analysis. A distinctive feature of the algorithm is the complexity of the use of the justified and systematized groups of factors and...
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Practical-Modular Training in Engineering Education: Problems and Solutions

V. Piven
To improve the quality of engineering education, deepening the practical training of students, it is necessary to improve the structure of the educational process, to search for new teaching methods that meet the state-of-the-art techniques and technology. The modern state of the system of engineering...
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Development of Public Control Object-Subject Cooperation Methodology in Housing and Utility Complex on the Example of Tomsk Region

E. Trush, K. Filiushina, E. Dyakova, S. Grigashkina
Major models of cooperation between objects and subjects of public control in housing and utility complex (HUC) are analyzed and a new scheme of object-subject cooperation on the basis of public-private partnership (PPP) on regional level is proposed. On the grounds of conducted analysis recommendations...
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Preserved Value Approach for Asset Valuation

V. A. Lazarev
Paper describes the new approach to the valuation of partially exhausted economic asset. Approach is based on the economic equivalency of the cash flows generated by appraised asset and the same asset when it was new. Described approach involves the concept of time value of money and considers the exhausted...
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Economic Model of Network Integration in General Education

O.L. Kondratyeva, M.I. Razumovskaya
The current paper shows the non-market tendency of the service of general education on its federal, regional and municipal levels. The paper determines the leading economic factor of organizational integration as the financing of educational costs per person with regional or municipal budget. Subject-object...
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Modified Production Functions in Modeling Economic Growth of Russia

The paper studies the features of Russia's economic growth in 1990-2014. Production functions (PF) are used as a tool for estimating the effectiveness of economic growth. Traditional PF owing to the constancy of the parameters do not allow studying the variable production efficiency. To overcome this...
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Innovative Development of the Gas Industry of Siberia and the Far East in Order to Increase the Social and Economic Level of the Regions

I.V. Filimonova, A.V. Komarova, I.V. Provornaya
The paper considers the problem of forecasting of hydrocarbon production in regions with a low degree of exploration. A forecast algorithm allowing for simulation of production dynamics at oilfields is proposed. The algorithm is part of a comprehensive methodological approach to the geological and economic...
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Research of Student’ Profeeional Self-Determination: Problems and Challengers of Engineering Specialities

V. Udashkina, S. Kovalevskaya, N. Laletina
This article reflects the results of the study conducted by the authors, taking into account the activity subject of Industrial University of Tyumen on the conscious professional students’ self-determination formation. The urgency of the problem is caused by the situation of unclaimed university graduates...
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Government Order and its Significance in the Work of the Regional Cultural Establishments

T. Andriyanova, E. Kirnosova, I. Starodubtseva
The article covers the topic related to working practice of budgetary and official cultural establishments pertained to an application of a government order. The structure of the article includes sections accepted in research literature, which touch upon the main points of the investigative process....
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Synergetic Efficiency of the Economic System in the Conditions of Digital Economy Development: Conceptual Approach

E. A. Orekhova, T. V. Romashkin, N. G. Ustinova
Digital economy, like any system, consists of certain structural elements, the relationship and interdependence of which lead to the functioning of the system. At the same time, the digital economy is a part of the socio – economic system, along with the real economy and the non - economic sphere – society....
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Comparative Analysis of Methods for Assessing the Financial Condition of Small Organizations

E. Konvisarova, T. Levchenko, T. Shchukina, A. Torbina, A. Nizamova
The development of small business in Russia, despite the attention of the state, does not give significant results. Often, the reasons for the bankruptcy of small and medium-sized enterprises are inability to manage their own financial resources or ignorance of the financial position of partners. Regular...
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The Meaning of Clustering to Enhance the Russian Economy Innovative Competitiveness

T. Levchenko, E. Konvisarova, M. Nesterenko, B. Alijonova
The development of small business in Russia, despite the attention of the state, does not give significant results. Often, the reasons for the bankruptcy of small and medium-sized enterprises are inability to manage their own financial resources or ignorance of the financial position of partners. Regular...
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The Investment Activity in Russian Regions and Prospects for Economic Growth

V. Malakhov, T. Dubynina
The article examines the prospects for economic growth in Russia from the point of view of investment activity in its regions. A brief description of the methodology for the formation of coordinated forecast scenarios for the economic development of Russian regions (for federal districts and subjects...
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Strategic Development of Enterprises in the Freight Services Market

N.P. Karpova, I.A. Toimentseva, V.A. Haitbaev
The paper deals with the freight services market in Russia. The authors distinguished the main risks for freight forwarders and the factors that hinder the growth of the freight and logistics services market. They justified the cost functions against the distance of rail movement, trucking activities...
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Concepts of Ethnos and Nation in Scientific and Theoretical Studies

N. Omelaenko
The article touches upon the issue of the concepts of ethnos and nation in theoretical studies. An analysis of available sources has shown that there is no uniform understanding of such categories as ethnos and nation in the academic community, some researchers differentiate them, and others identify...
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Designing the Logistics Center Structure using the Systematic Layout Planning

E. Kutsenko, L. Berezhnaya, O. Galtseva, I. Plotnikova
The Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) method is widely used for the design of production systems within industrial enterprises. At the same time, the use of this method is rather limited in the sphere of service provision. Due to the fact that the logistics center (LC) is a set of interconnected units,...
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Methodical Bases of Rating Assessment of Tax Policy Efficiency

V. Roshchupkina
The article analyzes the existing hierarchy of tax administration within the state tax policy. The provision is formulated that the systemically organized structure functions smoothly if all its components are in interrelationship. This circumstance was also applied to the tax system, which works and...
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Study on Strategic Priorities in Goods and Services Markets of a City With the Population Exceeding One Million on the Basis of SWOT-Analysis

V. Neganova, N. Tonkikh
The object of the research is the latest trends in goods and services markets in Ekaterinburg (a city with the population exceeding one million, a central administrative municipal entity in one of Russia's industrial regions). The article describes the assessment of the consumer market in the last decade,...
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Manufacturing Divergence of National Economies

M. A. Miller
The development of the world economy with a predominantly service-oriented focus transforms the understanding of the importance of the manufacturing sector within the framework of updating the high-tech trends. Declining in the scale of the global economic system, industrial production is of great importance...
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Hygienic Aspects of Students’ Health at Secondary Polytechnic Schools in the Context of Education Informatization in Tyumen

E. V. Zhilyakov, V.S. Petukhov, Z.N. Monakhov, M.S. Monks, L.N. Skipin
Aside from general subjects, students of primary and secondary vocational schools also study subjects pertaining to school’s particular profile under advanced programs using active teaching methods and computerization. At the same time, they are exposed to multiple adverse factors such as a forced unhealthy...
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Mechanism of Reverse Priorities in Distributing Financial Resources

V. Burkov, L. Rossikhina, V. Ponomarev
The article analyses distributing limited resources in probabilistic in-definiteness of the amount of a resource being distributed. An active system consists of a Centre and consumers (agents). The Centre has a resource that is distributed between consumers in accordance with their requests. When the...
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Enhancing Conformity Assessment Process by Outsourcing

V. Burkov, L. Rossikhina, L. Rogovaya
This paper analyzes scheduling of expert teams work with possible partial outsourcing of conformity assessment. Each task is completed by a team of experts (generally, diversely qualified ones). The number of experts in each team is limited. All the tasks should be completed within a specific time frame....
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Efficiency Estimation of Implementation of Megaprojects for Tourism Clusters Creation

A. K. Orlov
Creating tourism clusters is one of the most important instruments for development of domestic and international tourism in the Russian Federation. The main directions of tourism in the Russian Federation are stated in the paper. Important problematic field is indicated – travel infrastructure development....
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Analysis of the Knowledge Level of University Entrants and Ways to Improve It

E. V. Spiridonova, N. V. Melikhova
The article deals with the influence of the knowledge level of bachelors and masters on the labor productivity and competitiveness of products manufactured by enterprises. It studies the readiness of first-year students to master the program of higher education. It studies the peculiarities of preparation...
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E-learning Environment as a Means for a Modern Engineer Training

K.F. Gabdrakhmanova, G. R. Izmailova, E.R. Vasilyeva
The educational process is the main parameter in the help of the students' knowledge acquisition at the university. Therefore, the adoption, implementation and harnessing the promise that are available in the everyday world require the training of an engineer capable of applying modern technological...
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The Development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in the Region as a Factor of Human Capital Growth (by the Example of the Kemerovo Region)

E. A. Dolbnya, L.S. Sagdeeva, O. A. Zhikhrova
The article is devoted to the features of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (SME) in the region as a factor of human capital growth. The purpose of the study is to show the direction of SME de-velopment in the Kemerovo region as a factor of human capital devel-opment. The article says that realization...
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Foreign Trade Geographical Zones In Asia And The Pacific

S.N. Sokolov
The article deals with the foreign trade geographical zones (FTGZ) – the regions under the strong economic influence of another state. In modern economic science, very little attention is paid to the group of criteria characterizing foreign economic activity, but, nevertheless, in combination with other...
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Building a Financial Model for Developing a Flagship Technical Higher Education Institution

S. P. Sazonov, E. E. Kharlamova
This paper covers both the problem of funding flagship technical universities and that of choosing a better financing model in the current context. Financial support of a higher professional education institution is highly important for the state. Therefore, studying the methods for capital raising to...
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The Role of New Industrial Cities in Regional Economic Development

E. B. Dvoryadkina, C. I. Kaibicheva, I. I. Shurova
Under the present conditions of economic development and in the age of new industrialization, urban communities of a new industrial type come in place of industrial cities of the past. New industrial cities are notable for the predominance of advanced production facilities, the education system intended...
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The Sources of Innovation Financing: a Conceptual Model for Adopting Managerial Decisions

E. V. Spiridonova, C. V. Trofimova
In the article there is an attempt to construct a conceptual model for selecting fundraising (grant, non-repayable) sources of project financing, incl. high-tech and innovative ones. Three main sources are identified (individuals and legal entities, the state), as well as two forms of interaction with...
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Automated Underwriting Control in a Regional Insurance Company

S. Mkrtychev, O. Enik
The paper deals with an approach to the organization of automated underwriting control in a Russian regional insurance company, which ensures the reduction of the human factor impact on the accuracy of the underwriting decision. The loop and the algorithm of automated underwriting control based on combined...
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Portfolio Approach to Investment Management in the Region in the Context of Goal-Oriented Investment Policy

A.E. Panyagina
For the regions of Russia, related to the author's typology to a problem type, defined as the optimum goal-oriented investment policy aimed at the for-mation of the target investment attractiveness of the region, taking into ac-count its particular specific properties and involves organizing investor...
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Development Trends and Problems of Public-Private Partnership in the Field of District Heating

A.V. Svistunov, A.D. Kurkina
The article deals with the problems of improving the efficiency of the provision of public services of heat supply on the basis of concession agreements in the framework of public-private partnership. The current status and development trends of concessions in the field of district heating supply system...
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Management of International Reserves of Russia: Modern Practice, Directions of Improvement

I. V. Kudryashova, V. V. Batmanova, O. N. Izyumova
The necessity of the formation of the international reserves in any country is determined by its need in the security reserve in case of the crisis situations in the currency and financial sphere. In this respect the monetary authorities may face the goal of the evaluation of the optimal volume and the...
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Role of Financial Statements of the Production Enterprise at Assessment of Risks and Threats of Foreign Economic Activity

O. V. Martynenko, O. N. Makarova, Yu. N. Makarova
The unstable financial environment in which there are enterprises in increasing frequency pushes economic entities to conducting careful business, counting each step to trifles, for this purpose the management of the enterprise is forced to carry out at least periodically assessment of risks, to find...
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Monitoring of the State and Dynamics of the Development of the Digitalization of the Industrial Economy

Y. Vertakova, Y. Polozhentseva, M. Klevtsova
The economy enters the era of post-industrial digitalization, so there is a need to develop information infrastructure and use modern information systems in the economy of industry. The development of the digital economy involves changing the paradigms of the traditional regulation of the industrial...
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Usage of Indicators of the Small Business Taxation in USA and Modern Russia

S. V. Kaledin, V. I. Barhatov, Y. S. Kapkaev, E. V. Shestakova
Development of small business in the USA can be connected with a number of the reasons among which it is possible to call as the features of historical character connected with emergence and development of the United States and the reasons of tax character. So, in each state privileges on taxes which...
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Analysis of the Important Principles of the Innovation Strategies Implement of the Region for Improving its Investment Attractiveness

Y. A. Doroshenko, I. O. Malykhina, I. V. Somina
The article analyzes the most important principles for the implementation of innovative strategies of the region in order to increase its investment attractiveness. The main methods and mechanisms for implementing innovative strategies and their impact on the formation of an innovative system of the...
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Influence of the Infrastructure Support for the Innovative Development of the Region on the Efficiency of the Imlementation of Innovative Strategies

Y. A. Doroshenko, I. O. Malykhina, I. V. Somina
The article analyzes the degree of the impact of infrastructure provision of innovative development of the region on the effectiveness of implementing innovative strategies. The essence and content of the innovation infrastructure of the region is studied. The most important principles of functioning...
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Dynamic Invariance of the Electric Power System

A. A. Gibadullin, S. I. Bortalevich, Y. V. Yerygin
Questions on the problems of stability and invariance of various systems acquire relevance in the period of changes and dynamic movement of the system itself or the object under study. The article is devoted to the problems of studying the invariance of the electric power system and the formation of...
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Enhancing Personal Competitiveness of Graduates in Conditions of Development of Polytechnic Education: Self-Competitive Model

T. Korsakova
In this study the formation of competitiveness of the future employee for modern economy by means of education is discussed. The concept of competitiveness as a fundamental indicator of the qualitative characteristics of a modern employee in the labor market is considered. Different approaches to the...
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The Issues of Sociocultural Adaptation of Chinese Students in FESTU Academic Mobility Programs

E. L. Riabkova, N. A. Che
In the world globalization era, different opportunities for cross-cultural interactions among institutions of higher learning are expanding that enable them to provide a great variety of Academic Mobility Programs for the international students. This article deals with the issues of sociocultural adaptation...
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A Systematic Subject Field of Space Research

L. Shabatura, V. I. Taburkin, M. V. Doronina
Authors of the given scientific article attempt systematically comprehend the subject area of space research. For these purposes, the role of the principle of unity of object and subject matter in the formation of the cosmology object and its structure is first revealed. Using a mental experiment, a...
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The Analysis of Effectiveness Assessment of the Municipal Programme “Accessible Environment” 2014-2020 Implementation

M. S. Rakhmanova, N. A. Yarygina
The article describes the results of the conducted sociological research on the effectiveness assessment of the implementation of the municipal programme “Accessible environment” in 2014-2020 in Vladivostok. There are state programmes being implemented in the Russian Federation that are aimed at the...
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“Job-Sharing” As A Form Of Work Organization

I.N. Mahmudova, N.V. Solovova
The article analyzes the features of the new form of labor organization in the age of the digital economy. Strengths and weaknesses of the new approach are shown, and the requirements of how to develop new competences of employees are provided. Article performs the structure of functions of HR management...
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Analytical Notes on Growth of Economic Indicators of the Enterprise

A. S. Dulesov, O. S. Eremeeva, D. J. Karandeev, T. G. Krasnova
A brief analysis of the distribution regularities of economic indicators is presented. The role of the exponential distribution law of random variable and its direct connection with the measurement of information about the state of the economic system is determined. The process of additive and multiplicative...
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Tools for Evaluating the Quality of Public Services in the Sphere of Small and Medium-Sized Business Support and Promotion

A.V. Averin, V.V. Grigorieva
The paper considers issues related to the evaluation of the quality of public services in the sphere of small and medium-sized business support and promotion. The authors identify the problems, objectives and main tools of evaluating the quality of the services provided by public organizations to small...
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Ensuring the Quality of Defense Industry Products of Russia in the Conditions of Import Substituition

S. B. Baurina, E. O. Savchenko, E. V. Nazarova, A. A. Golubev
The paper is devoted to the problems of ensuring the quality of the products of Russian defense industry. The reasons for the low level of quality of military products are analyzed. Specific recommendations for solving existing problems in terms of import substitution are proposed. A system of quality...
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Using PEST- and SWOT Analysis for the Strategic Development of an Enterprise for the Production of Confectionery Products

N.A. Frolova
Formation of strategic policy of the organization, according to a principle of a quality management has direct an effect and indirect influence on success of activity of the enterprise. In article force of influence is analyses and the analysis of factors of the macro environment of the enterprise by...
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Methodical and Practical Approaches to Goodwill Valuation

O. Kurakova, A. Orlov
With the development and stabilization of market relations in Russia and emergence of the financial market as a full-fledged segment of the econ-omy, companies aimed at long-term and prosperous existence try to move to a new level of development, at which the company's goodwill becomes its most expensive...
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Valuation of Water Resources of Russia

O. E. Medvedeva, Z.M. Khasheva, A. I. Artemenkov
This Paper is focused on the methodology for water resource valuations in conformity with the System of National Accounts (SNA 2008) principles. We offer a residual estimating technique based on resource rent capitalization and apply it to generate experimental estimates for the Russian surface and ground...
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The Economic Model of Synchronizing the Processes of Integrated and Sustainable Development of Urban Areas

P. N. Kostrikin
The “synchronization” concept as a subject of research is commonly defined in academic circles as the reduction of certain processes to their simultaneous execution (or at a regular interval). In the author’s opinion underpinned by this article, to remove the existing misalignment in the process of integrated...
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Transformation of the Economy to the Low-Carbon Path of Development: Criteria and Indicators

T. V. Maiorova, O. S. Ponomareva, O. L. Nazarova
Extensive way of natural resources consumption as well as waste and pollution formation have obvious resources and environmental constraints. At present and in the nearest future similar model of the economy will not be able to provide sustainable development of society; serving the needs of the present...
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Professional Training of Engineers on the Basis of an Integrative Approach

A. V. Leifa, T. V. Khaletskaya
The article discusses the realization of an integrative approach in the professional training of future engineers to work at the Ground-based Outer Space Infrastructure Operations Center “Vostochny spaceport”. There were identified interdisciplinary links forming the basis of professional training of...
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Indicator Comprehensive Assessment of the Investment Climate in the FEFD Entities

V.T. Shishmakov, S.V. Shishmakov
The article details the methodological framework of comprehensive indicator assessment of an entity's investment climate. Two basic models of an investment climate are examined: objective and subjective ones. An investment climate factor assessment pattern is proposed, and factors are assessed. Indicators...
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The Modeling of Market Forces Influence on Innovation Performance

A. B. Simonov, I. A. Tarasova, I. Ed. Simonova
This article provides a built and analyzed model of incremental technological innovations implementation which is based on the law of supply and demand. It is illustrated that the development of available technologies leads to the reduction of manufacturing costs, what, consequently, results in the increase...
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Research of Influence of Internet Addiction on the Concentration of Attention of Young People

O. Samohvalova, O. Mordkovich, Y. Yumayev, O. Galtseva
The article discusses the problem of the pupils' and students’ dependence on the Internet use (the Internet addiction). The historical aspect of the emergence and identification of Internet addiction as a mental disorder is considered. The main types of Internet-based dependencies are described; there...
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The Importance of Inter-Territorial Tourism Cooperation in the World and the Role of This Phenomenon in the Strategic Management of Tourism in the Russian Federation

A. Kuzmenko, O. Kuznetsova, I. Kuleeva, I. Plotnikova
Currently, the tourism industry is a catalyst for the socio-economic development in many countries. According to the World Tourism Organization data, one of 1 000 peoples have travel every year. One of eleven workplaces is provided by the tourism sector; 7% of world trade by services falls on this sphere....
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The Research of Cluster Initiatives of a Higher Education Institution in a Priority Development Area

G. Burdakova, A. Byankin
The formation of industrial clusters aimed at the accelerated development of regions is a strategic priority for the Russian Federation. Today in the Russian Far Eastб priority social and economic development areas have been established; the Innovative Territorial Cluster of Aircraft Engineering and...
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Teaching Higher Mathematics to Students of Natural Sciences: Problems and Solutions

Yu. Kostrova
The article is considered the possibility of solving the problems of mathemat-ical training of students of natural sciences. One of the main problems is the study of mathematical laws, theorems and formulas is carried out on an ab-stract level, isolated from the problems of biology, chemistry, geography...
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Using Chat-bots for Managing Quest-based Modular Training of Engineering Students

N. I. Chernova, A. A. Mandzhiev
The article discusses major challenges when training Engineering and IT students a foreign language. One of the experimental ways to address the issues is a syllabus based on a specifically designed system of unenforced tasks — quests. When dealing with engineering students, who often lack motivation...
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Cross-cultural Communicative Competence of Specialists at the Innovative University Cluster in the Logic of Their Language Training Quality Improvement

N. I. Chernova
Main essential items and basic components of a specialist cross-cultural communicative competence development within the productive realization of the language interactive adaptive training technologies (LIATT) have been revealed in the paper. We treat cross–cultural economist communicative competence...
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Interactive-Communicative Approach in the Paradigm of Engineering Personnel Training

E. F. Ulyanova, N. V. Katakhova
Interactive–communicative approach to Russian language training of future foreign engineers has been described in the paper. The interactive teaching technologies used by the authors at the Russian language classes of the pre-university foreign students training course aiming at the increase of the students’...
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Simulating the Process of Troubleshooting IT Problems in a Computerized University Laboratory

N. V. Katakhova, D. V. Kursevich
Among many available advanced teaching techniques implemented nowadays by scholars worldwide simulation is of particular interest. It goes without saying that recreating a professional situation that specialists-to-be are likely to find themselves in and thus face the possible challenges it may pose...
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Peculiarities of Borrower Behavior of Population in Russia

A.V. Yarasheva, S. V. Makar, S. B. Reshetnikov
This article is dedicated to the analysis of financial behavior of Russians and forming of their credit strategy. In this article were the most important aspects, interactions and tendencies of their financial behavior highlighted. These aspects are considered to be a basis for studying current issues...