Proceedings of the International Seminar of Science and Applied Technology (ISSAT 2020)

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Energy Management Control Based on Standalone Photovoltaic Battery and Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System Using PI Controller

Soedibyo, Avian Lukman Setya Budi, Sjamsjul Anam, Mochamad Ashari, Adi Soeprijanto
Standalone photovoltaic system is a system that does not connect with main grid. So, it is necessary to have a backup supply, considering day and night cycle, where there are no solar radiation at night. Backup supply is often be the grid in the on-grid system, but in an off-grid system, backup supply...
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Battle of COVID-19: Where We Can Take The Help Of Machine Learning To Win?

Wathiq Mansoor, Yashbir Singh
COVID-19 is caused by Coronavirus which has been previously linked with 2012 SARS disease. This is an RNA virus. Highly contagious is nature; spreads by air droplet and contact. It needs both air and contact precautions. Interventions to prevent its spread have been tried which includes social distancing,...
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Computation Simulation of Empty Fruit Bunch Biomass Combustion in a Water-Tube Boiler

Peter Chin Jie Vui, Arshad Adam Salema, Farid Nasir Ani
This study aims to reduce NOx emission by optimizing the secondary air system of the boiler using computational modeling and simulation. The shredded EFB is introduced in the inclined bed with primary air supply from the bottom of the bed. FLUENT Ver. 15.0 computational software is used to simulate the...
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Simulation of CO2 Absorption and Desorption in Packed Columns

Bambang Soeswanto, Ninik Lintang Edi Wahyuni, Dhyna Analyes Trirahayu
This paper presents a research work on the simulation of a simultaneous gas absorption-desorption in the packed columns using computer software to obtain the maximum amount of absorbed carbon dioxide (CO2) into the water, the optimum L/G ratio for absorption, the optimum airflow rate for desorption,...
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Characterization and Production of Biodegradable Plastics from Cassava Rubber Starch and Old Newsprint Using Glycerol Plasticizer

Sandy Novisa, Bagus Bayu Nugroho, Herawati Budiastuti, Rintis Manfaati
Plastic waste is the biggest problem faced by almost all countries. The long process of degradation and the large production of conventional plastics are the main causes of the accumulation of plastic waste, especially in Indonesia. The use of rubber cassava and old newsprint along with fillers in the...
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Characterization and Production of Environmentally Friendly Biodiesel from Patin Fish

Rana Aulia Yupitasary, Irvan Maulana, Devita Utami Mardiani, Herawati Budiastuti, Sri Widarti
Energy consumption in Indonesia increases annually but fossil fuel reserves are limited. Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly fuel that has physical and chemical properties similar to that of diesel. Biodiesel can be made from animal oil, one of which is oil derived from the waste of patin fish....
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Fertigation Management System Model Using Supervised Machine Learning and Time-Duration Method on Agricultural Industrial Land

Rida Hudaya, Dodi Budiman Margana, R. Wahyu Tri Hartono, Alli Nur Magribi
This paper contains an explanation of the fertigation management system model to deal with the water crisis and the efficient use of plant nutrients in the case of agricultural industrial land in Lembang, Indonesia. The method developed uses a time-duration method equipped with supervised machine learning....
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A Mobile Application development of Automatic Shrimp Feeder System

Vivien Arief Wardhany, Herman Yuliandoko, Subono, M. Udin Harun Al Rasyid, I Gede Puja Astawa
Since Feeding management and water Quality Monitoring become important things to control in aiming maximizing the cultivation of shrimp. The development of the Mobile Aplication is used to support the automatic Shrimp Feeder help the farmer to control and monitor the shrimp Ponds from a distance. This...
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Experimental Study Of Split Air Conditioning Modification That Changes The Function To Mini Water Chiller

Ade Suryatman Margana, Lazuardi Margana
The use of split air conditioning (Split A/C) on residential applications, hotels and office buildings is currently the best solution to get more comfort when staying in a tropical country. The problem is Air Conditioner in a home or office building consumes 50% to 65% of the total electrical energy...
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The Dimension of Experience Quality in Agritourism Industry: A Factor Analysis Assessment

David Dean, Dwi Suhartanto, Brendan T Chen, Arie Indra Gunawan, Lusianus Kusdibyo
This study aims to examine the experience of agritourism attractions and assess what dimensions are relevant to represent these variables. Literature studies show that limited attention to tourism experiences in the context of agritourism is not discussed in detail about the factors that can cause it....
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Investigation of Mechanical Properties of ST 145 Steel and Aluminum Alloys for Shaft Making Materials

Sri Wuryanti, Maridjo, Slameto, Y Ika, Indriyani, M Alvera
Steel material has resistance to rust and strong magnetic properties, as well as resistance to loads. Aluminum is of high strength and corrosion resistance. Most of the technical equipment is under rotary dynamic load pressure. The component that receives the most dynamic load is the shaft. The shaft...
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Activated Carbon from Brazilian Babassu Nutshell using Physical Route and Microwave Radiation

Maria de Fatima Salgado, Nadson de Jesus da Silva Trindade, Jailson dos Santos Silva, Vicente Galber Viana, Adekunle Moshood Abioye, Farid Nasir Ani
The Activated charcoal - AC is a carbonaceous material with high carbon content in its structure, it can be obtained from biomaterials such as: coconut shell, wood, bamboo, etc. Its pores are highly developed, have high adsorption capacity and have a microcrystalline form capable of selectively purifying...
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Benefits and Challenges of E-learning: Review in Politeknik Negeri Semarang

Kenneth Pinandhito, Dina Yeni Martia, Siti Arbainah, Budi Prasetya, Toga Aldila Cinderatama
In this paper, we evaluate the advantages and challenges of E-learning in Politeknik Negeri Semarang. The advantages of E-learning are: the students think that E-learning is very convenient because they can reduce print work, get the material efficiently, get a real-time score after examination, have...
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Synthesis and Material Characterizations of S-doped Carbon Nanodots from Blackstrap Molasses

Mentik Hulupi, Fauzi Abdilah, Shopi Turdini, Syahidah Ash-shoffi, Haryadi
Carbon Nanodots (CNDs) are semiconductor materials with a size below 10 nm. Carbon nanodots can be applied to several areas, such as biosensors, bioimaging, optoelectronics, and photocatalysis. Current research has shown that additional dopants to CNDs such as nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S), indicate a...
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Aspen Plus Simulation Model for Biogas CO2 Reduction with Low Pressure Water Scrubbing

Tina Mulya Gantina, Teguh Sasono, Indriyani Sumitra
Biogas is an alternative energy that can be obtained from the anaerobic degradation process of organic matter. The high carbon dioxide (CO2) content in biogas needs to be reduced, even if it can be removed so that the quality and heat value of biogas increases. The water scrubbing method is a method...
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Design of End of Waste Disposal With Sanitary Landfill Method

R. Esther Ambat
Final Disposal Site (FDS) is a place where waste reaches the final stage in its management. In realizing the need for waste disposal facilities and infrastructure, precise calculations are needed so that the land provided for the FDS can accommodate all the waste. The landfill design method with Sanitary...
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High Performance Supercapacitor Based on Activated Carbon Electrodes Prepared Using Microwave Temperature as Process Parameter

Adekunle Moshood Abioye, Farid Nasir Ani
The activated carbon (AC) electrodes were prepared by a two-step microwave-induced CO2 activation of OPS using bed temperature as control parameter. The electrochemical properties of the AC electrodes were investigated at room temperature by cyclic voltammetry (CV), galvanostatic charge-discharge (GCD)...
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Hardware Simulation of Camera-based Rear-End Collision Avoidance System using Fuzzy Logic

Noor Cholis Basjaruddin, Fazrin Adinugraha, Pebriyanto Pujiputra, Didin Saefudin, Edi Rakhma
RCAS (Rear-end Collision Avoidance Systems) is one of the safety features in autonomous cars that can determine what kind of movement that a car installed with the RCAS system should perform to avoid any crashes with another car/object in front of it. This camera-based RCAS uses a Pixy CMUCAM5 camera...
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Output Voltage Control of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator Using Microcontroller-Based Electronic Load Controller

I Made Wiwit Kastawan, Erwin Yusuf, Rusmana, P Mulki Rezka Budi
In this paper, an electronic load controller (ELC) that has a function to maintain a constant output voltage of an axial flux permanent magnet (AFPM) is proposed. It consists of three main components namely voltage sensor, microcontroller and switching driver are proposed. When the main load of the AFPM...
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Can SMEs Capture the Social Media Phenomenon?: CRM Strategies to Improve Relationship Performance

Rivan Sutrisno, Tjetjep Djatnika, Arie Indra Gunawan
This paper examines the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the role of social media in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Understanding these phenomena is very critical since SMEs have used social media to interact with their customers, however little researches has been conducted...
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Simulator for Overcurrent Phase and Ground Fault Protection with Microprocessor Based Relays

Supriyanto Suhono, Hari Purnama, Heri Budi Utomo, Muhammad Prayoga
Understanding concepts related to the process for determining the design of protection settings requires practical experience, which can be achieved by repeated trials. The objective of this research has described the design and implementation of a hardware simulator for understanding concepts phase...
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Microwave Power and pH Regulating Solution Effect on Characteristics of Pectin from Sukun Peel (Artocarpus altilis) using Microwave Assisted Extraction (MAE)

Nancy Siti Djenar, Joko Suryadi
Pectin, a biopolymer which is a natural additive, is widely used in various countries. In the food industries, it is used as a basis for functional food, including fat replacer. In Indonesia, however, pectin is still imported. Previous studies reported that pectin can be obtained through the extraction...
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Temperature Controlled Microwave-Induced CO2 Activated Carbon: Optimization Using Box-Behnken Design

Adekunle Moshood Abioye, Lukman Niyi Abdulkadir, Ibrahin Saidu Sintali, Mohammed Ahmed Bawa, Farid Nasir Ani
Over the years, microwave power has been used as a control parameter for the preparation of activated carbon (AC) via microwave heating due to the volatile nature of temperature inside the microwave. This paper investigates the use of bed temperature as a control parameter for the preparation of activated...
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The Role of Project Culture in Achieving The Performance of Indonesian Toll Road Projects

Yosi Agustiawan, Vaughan Coffey, Rivan Sutrisno
The influences of culture at different levels such as national culture, organizational culture and professional culture have become one of the most research topics in construction management. Understanding cultural issues at the project level and their impact on the performance of the construction project...
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Smart System-Based Water Quality Measuring Device For Clean Water Availability

Hendra Jatnika, M. Farid Rifai, Yudhi S. Purwanto, Sely Karmila
Ciaruteun Ilir Village, Cibungbulang sub-district is located on the West of Bogor Regency, approximately 6 km from the sub-district capital. The village is experiencing difficulties in obtaining clean water that is suitable for consumption even though the village area has a river but is full of dirt...
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Design of The Prestressed Concrete Bridge Structure on The Leuwigajah Bridge

Mohamad Aldi Ramdani, Nabila Puteri Widiya, Ambar Susanto, Yackob Astor
The increasing volume of vehicles that passing on Mahar Martanegara Street has caused traffic jams at the Leuwigajah Bridge, Cimahi. Because it is not balanced with adequate road conditions and bridge characteristics (bottleneck). The solution from the West Java Provincial Government to overcome this...
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Single Phase Active Filter Performance Study For Electrical Loads In Residential Home

Hasan Surya, Sarjono Wahyujadmiko
Along with the development of electronics technology, electrical loads are also developing. Originally, electrical loads are linear. However, as a result of the development of electronics technology, a non-linear electrical loads appear. Non-linear loads installed in a single phase power system such...
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The Implementation of Embedded Fuzzy Logic Controller on Liquid Level Control System

Adnan Rafi Al Tahtawi, Sofian Yahya, Budi Setiadi, Chairina Marsya
Liquid level control is a system that is often found in the process industry, such as the chemical and petroleum industries. The control method that is usually used to control liquid level is conventional control such as Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller. However, conventional control...
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Experimental Study of R32 as a Retrofit for R410A Refrigerant in a Residential Air Conditioner

Tandi Sutandi, Ade Suryatman Margana, Kasni Sumeru, Mohamad Firdaus Sukri
This study evaluates the performance of a residential air conditioner (A/C) using R32 as a retrofit for R410A. One of the biggest challenges in the retrofitting is to determine the ideal mass of refrigerant, which eventually lead to optimum performance of the system. The theoretical mass of refrigerant...
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Organic Rankine Cycle Analysis on Geothermal Based Electric Power Plant in Tulehu Village, Maluku

Zakka Izzatur Rahman Noor, Bambang Anggoro
The rapid development of technology has an impact on the increasing human need for energy, especially electricity. At present, population growth and climate change are encouraging new interest and investment in renewable energy sources to provide access to reliable and sustainable energy. One of the...
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Reliability and Life Data Analysis on the Components of Pump

Dewi Pitaloka, Fachri Koeshardono
The aim of this study is to highlight the importance of analyzing the reliability and data analysis in the industry. This analysis makes it possible to determine the pattern of damage that has occurred in order to determine the right treatment strategy. This study was conducted in a state-owned company...
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Potential Dancer Resistance to Covid-19 Exposure

Preliminary Study in Malang Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia

Nurida Finahari, Gatut Rubiono
Biomechanics studies in dance can be used as a means to control health, fitness and training. The dance is always performed in the accompaniment of music. Then the combined benefits of the elements of motion and music sound are thought to produce a strengthening effect on the dancer’s physiological condition,...
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Comparison of Condition Rating and Bridge Remaining Life Based on Bridge Management System and Bridge Condition Ratio

Afdhal Lazuardiansyah Ramdhani, Sumargo
Bridges are a vital part of a road network that supports regional development. Bridges must be inspected regularly to convince the safety and comfort of bridge users during their service life. This paper will discuss the comparison study of condition rate and remaining life of the bridge that has been...
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The Period of Physical Pendulum Motion with Large Angular Displacement

Sardjito, Nani Yuningsih
A physical pendulum experiment now becomes essential in Physics Education. A physical pendulum consists of a rigid object, with a particular shape and size, swung by a pivot point on the object. One of the often-overlooked requirements in measuring practice by this experiment is the small angular displacement....
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Effect of Lapindo Hot Mud Extraction Addition to Asphalt Pen-60 Characteristics

Angga Marditama Sultan Sufanir, Retno Utami, Ghina Noviya Irawan
Asphalt modification with nanotechnology materials can be in the form of nanoclay, carbon nanotubes and nanosilica. Recent research found that nanosilica has been proven to improve rutting performance and fatigue resistance in asphalt mixtures. Nanosilica that will be used in this research is nanosilica...
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Determination of Three-Phase Induction Motor Equivalent Circuit Parameters Experimentally

Ali Mashar, Achmad Mudawari
Three-phase induction motors are the most widely used motors and they absorb the largest electrical power among electrical loads. To know the conditions and performances of the motor, it requires the values of its equivalent circuit parameters. At this time, there have been found many methods to determine...
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Influence of Computational Thinking Framework on User Interface Design

Transmissia Semiawan
Computational Thinking (CT) is a problem-solving approach that consists of four fundamental thinking processes: decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithm. As an improvement to the author’s previous study, this paper emphasizes the effects of CT on user interface (UI) design as part...
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Technology Sun Tracking System for Solar Power Plants Base on Recurrent Neural Networks

Abdul Haris, Sri Wahjuni, Heru Sukoco, Hendra Rahmawan, Shelvie Nidya Neyman, Hengki Sikumbang, Muhammad Jafar Elly
Solar energy is one alternative of renewable sources of energy that can be used as a substitute for fossil fuel, which will be eventually depleted. Since Indonesia is located at the equator with abundant supply of sunlight all through the year, the use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy...
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Smart kWh Meter Model with Energy Control and Monitoring on Low Voltage Electricity

Riki Ruli A. Siregar, Yuli Kurnia Ningsih, Pritasari Palupiningsih, Budi Prayitno
This research makes a smart kWh (kilowatt-hour) electricity meter system to complement the conventional kWh model household electricity meter. The purpose of this study is to monitor and control the use of electrical energy at low voltage and industrial groups to obtain efficient patterns in the use...
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Flexural Behavior of Glulam-Concrete Composite Beams Reinforced Using CFRP Sheets

Rachmat Hakiki, Mujiman
Glulam-concrete composite beams can be a solution for bridge construction with the principle of flexible beams, where the stress must be designed with the upper fibers to withstand the pressure and the lower fibers to withstand the tension. In this case the compressed area is held by the concrete slab,...
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Correlation Model of Horizontal Geometric and Road Grade on CO2 and PM2.5 Vehicle Emission In Bandung City

Nadifa Gina Safana, Yackob Astor, Fitria Yulistiani
Based on the GHG and MVP Report in 2018, the transportation sector has become the second largest contributor of GHG emissions in Indonesia. Efforts to reduce emissions have been made, but still focus on improving the transportation mode which are still less optimal. Some researchers have proposed ideas...
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Improved Concrete Durability Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag on Seawater Environment

Achmad Rusmanto
A study to improve the utilization of waste material as concrete construction material and the durability of concrete was carried out using a Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) material which is the residual material produced by a blast furnace process. This experimental study using 6 normal...
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Modeling and Forecasting of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Indonesia Using ARIMA and Exponential Smoothing

Hedi, M.V. Joyce Merawati BR
The number of confirmed COVID -19 cases in Indonesia is increasing rapidly. Therefore forecasting of the number of confirmed cases in the future needs to be predicted, so that the government can prepare to handle this pandemic case. The purpose of this study is to provide information on the estimated...
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Asphalt Concrete Mix Performance-Wearing Course (AC-WC) using Concrete Waste as Course Aggregate with the Addition of Wetfix-Be

Nailil Khairini
The impact of high rainfall and uncontrolled traffic loads, it is necessary to conduct research on the use of concrete waste materials as a substitute for coarse aggregates in order to reduce the limitations of natural aggregates and wetfix-be additives with the aim of increasing performance, strength,...
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Determination of Effective Routes for Tourism Mass Transportation in Bandung City using Network Analyst and GIS

Yackob Astor, Asrie Purwandhari, Krisna Reva Aprian
The implication of Bandung as a tourism destination is the increase in traffic flow during weekends and vacation times due to the increasing number of private vehicles of domestic and foreign tourists entering Bandung. Therefore, an action is needed in the form of providing mass transportation modes...
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The Effect of Seawater on Reinforced Concrete Beam with CFRP Lamination

Giovano Ader
Advancement of technologies in the world of construction time is very fast, the use of concrete was applied not only on land but also in the area of extremes environmental such as regional seawater. One of the ways repair structures that were popular when this is by using a material CFRP (Carbon Fiber...
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Performance Comparison of Native Android Application on MVP and MVVM

Bambang Wisnuadhi, Ghifari Munawar, Ujang Wahyu
The performance of the android application is one factor that needs to be considered because an android device has limited power, memory and resources. This is a challenge for developers to improve performance so that applications can run optimally. There are several architectures that are commonly used,...
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Geometric Design of Access Road Towards the Bailey Mountain Bentang Bridge

Avitra Nur Hasan, Muhammad Rizki Firdaus, Asep Sundara, Yackob Astor
Based on current conditions, Access to the Bailey Mountain Bentang Bridge has problems related to the road network, including steep slopes and sharp bends. Therefore, the geometric design of the access road to the Bailey Mountain Bentang Bridge Bridge is considered necessary as a solution to the problems...
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Modeling Local Scour Characteristics on The Batujajar Bridge Pillar Using HEC-RAS Software

Nita Widia Khairinnisa Rustawa, Bambang Setio Budianto, Djuwadi
The bridge collapse is often the result of scouring. The potential for flooding can increase riverbed degradation and local scouring, which adds to the bridge threat sub-structures. Batujajar Bridge, located in Batujajar District, West Bandung Regency, has two pillars within the Citarum river. The 150...
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Baggage Tracing and Passenger Management System in Airport Based on NFC Using Homomorphic Cryptography

Noor Cholis Basjaruddin, Saufik Ramadhan, Moch Bilal Zaenal Asyikin, Yuni Indrianty, Kuspriyanto
Data security is one of the factors which evaluating airport service quality, starting with passenger verification and baggage management. QR Code technology security that is widely applied at this time is still considered lacking because of its characteristic that must be seen by the reader so that...
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Contribution of Rainfall To The Risk Of Landslides At Cisumdawu Toll Road Phase 3 STA 0+975 Case Study

Syifa Alfina Sholehah, Iin Karnisah, Agus Suyono, Bambang Setio Budianto
Java Island is an area with hydrological disasters, especially landslides, which are classified as frequent. The landslide occurred because Java, especially West Java, has an extensive watery area of the entire region and has a high rainfall intensity. Geographical conditions that are dominated by basins...
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Stabilization to Plasticity Index by Deep Soil Mixing Using Vermiculite and Asphalt Emulsion

A.G Amarta, Hendry, A.K Somantri
The most likely happen problem on embankment construction is settlement and land deformation even sliding because of loads. Those failures can be caused by embankment fail or subsoil fail and the triggers are overloading loads, low bearing capacity also high compressibility of the soil. To avoid high...
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Evaluation of the Impact of Side Scouring of the Cipeles River on the Reliability of the Cipeles Bridge on the Cisumdawu Toll Road STA 9 + 050 - STA 9 + 350 West Java

R Jordy, A Sundara, A Susanto, B.S Budianto
The Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan Toll Road (Cisumdawu) is located in West Java, that connecting Bandung, Sumedang, and Majalengka. There are many bridges in the Cisumdawu Toll Road construction project, including the Cipeles Bridge, which is crossed by the river below. The river under the Cipeles Bridge...
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Analysing Schemaless Design in Marketplace Application Using HBase

Ade Hodijah, Urip Teguh Setijohatmo
A marketplace in this research is an online application for buying and selling products like e-commerce, where Seller is able to have more than one store. A seller in a marketplace application may create a store with a variant description based on the products for sale. HBase is One of NoSQL schemaless...
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Study of Hydraulic Models in the Compilation of Alternative Management of Purbaleunyi Toll Road Inundation (+ STA 131)

Ahmad Salim Muttaqin, Djuwadi, Bambang S. Budianto
Toll roads are currently one of the supporting factors for economic growth. So that if the function is slightly disturbed, obstacles will arise, which will hamper vehicle’s journey using the toll road. Many factors hinder this toll road. One of the traffic obstacles is a flood disaster. Floods are also...
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Development of a Pelletizing Process to Improve the Properties of Biomass Pellets

Faysal Ahmmad, Md. Sohel, Mazharul Islam, Farid Nasir Ani, Tahzinul Islam
Energy from biomass sources has earned significant interest in recent times. In the present research, an attempt has been made to develop a pelletizing process to improve the properties of biomass pellets, as many of the important properties of the pellets are dependent upon the raw and additives materials....
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Pose and Expression Normalization for Face Recognition Using Delaunay Triangulation

Muhammad Yusuf Fadhlan, Dianthika Puteri Andini
Detecting face image with various poses and expressions is a challenging problem especially if the face database consists of only neutral faces. To solve that problem, the pose and expression of face image should be neutralized first. This study proposes a method to recognize the face image by making...
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Analysis of Changes in the Effect Flow Rate on the Open Channel

Ratna Musa, Rusdi, Amalia Rusaldy
Planning of water structures such as dams, irrigation canals, and other water structures require a description of a hydraulic flow phenomenon that these buildings. Each flow conditions before, moderate, and after passing through each building has its characteristics or tendencies. This study aims to...
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Building Application Using Iterative Incremental Method

Rifqi Rosidin, Rachmadita Andreswari, Ekky Novriza Alam
The development of technology is overgrowing. This will affect human life, especially in the online entrusted service business. An entrusted service is an activity carried out by someone who is travelling to a place and then opens an entrusted service for purchasing goods or sending goods. Currently,...
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Production of Powdered Bio-coagulant from Moringa oleifera Seeds Using Vacuum Drying Method

Endang Kusumawati, Keryanti, Emmanuela M. Widyanti, Fatona Waluya, Risnawati
Laundry wastewater is classified as domestic wastewater that has a turbidity of 25 – 150 NTU and can cause an environmental problem. Moringa seeds are plants that can be used as natural coagulants for the treatment of wastewater containing suspended colloids. The main purposes of this study are to extract...
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An Automated Assembly of 3D Point Clouds using Coupling Matching and Path Planning Algorithm by Reinforcement Learning

Dianthika Puteri Andini, Muhammad Yusuf Fadhlan
3D point cloud techniques have been playing critical roles in industrial automation. Applications focused on automated assembly are thus becoming important in manufacturing industry to solve some particular problems. To implement automated assembly, Reinforcement Learning is employed in for planning...
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Comparative Analysis of Experimental Testing and Simulation of the Inductance Effect in the RLC Circuit toward the Power Factor Value

Ratu Fenny Muldiani, Kunlestiowati Hadiningrum, Defrianto Pratama
The power factor value in RLC circuits is determined by the amount of pure resistance (R), self-inductance of the coil (L) and the capacitance of the capacitor (C). In this study, the measurement of the power factor value in series and parallel RLC circuits is conducted through experimental and simulation...
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Simulation of Rice Bran Oil Transesterification Process for Biodiesel Production

Dhyna Analyes Trirahayu
World energy demand continues to increase rapidly. Meanwhile the non-renewable sources of energy keep decreasing. To overcome this situation, many studies to produce energy from renewable source has been developed and tested. From many available options, biodiesel is one of renewable energy that has...
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The Foundations of Palangpang Bridge in the Area Potential to Liquefaction throughout the Cimandiri Fault

A K Somantri, Iskandar, A Febriansya, B A Daffa, R I Hermawan
Liquefaction is a phenomenon that occurred when soil loses its shear strength due to an earthquake. In general, liquefaction happens during a large magnitude earthquake on soil with loose to very loose sand consistency and high ground water level. Palangpang Bridge is in Ciwaru area, Sukabumi Regency,...
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Travel Mapping Aid for Blind Persons Using Swarm Intelligence

Budi Setiadi, Endang Darwati, Adnan Rafi Al Tahtawi, Tata Supriyadi, Ridwan Solihin, Fryma Zhafran Raihan, Varian Andika Wijayakusuma, Muhammad Hafiz Aziz
The basic problems of blind persons in doing independent activities from one place to another are the mapping of trips to go and home navigation. The use of the conventional, electronic stick or previous research is still lacking. The results of research on localization of positions and mapping for inside...
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Mechanical Properties of Culm Bamboo Endemic Banyuwangi Based on Tensile Strength Test

Mirza Ghulam Rifqi, M. Shofi’ul Amin, Riza Rahimi Bachtiar
The decreasing number of quality wood in accordance with the wood class as stipulated by the Indonesian Timber Construction Regulation (PKKI) requires the industry to innovate in providing construction materials from nature that are equivalent to wood. One of the natural materials with large numbers...
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Conversion of Coal Fly Ash to Zeolite by Alkaline Fusion-Hydrothermal Method: A Review

Tifa Paramitha
Coal fly ash is one of the industrial by-products that is produced from coal combustion. A large amount of coal fly ash is currently dumped at a landfill, while the current utilization of coal fly ash has been limited to the raw material of soil amendment production and cement concrete. Coal fly ash...
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Control of Upstream Bekasi River Floods by Building a Dry Dam Series in Cikeas River and Cileungsi River, West Java

Edy Sriyono, Ilham Purnomo, Tania Edna Bhakty, Azhari
The Upstream Bekasi River flood covering an area of 326 ha in 15 inundation points covers five sub-districts of Bekasi City. The Upstream Bekasi River has 2 (two) tributaries, namely Cikeas River and Cileungsi River. The Upstream Bekasi River flood was caused by a relatively small cross-sectional capacity...
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Soft Sensor for Online Cement Fineness Predicting in Ball Mills

Karina Andreatta, Filipe Apóstolo, Reginaldo Nunes
The cement fineness is a determining factor in product quality. Estimating this variable in real-time can be extremely useful to maintain the desired characteristics of the product during the cement grinding process, which will also allow a significant increase in the system energy efficiency. This paper...
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Automatic Watering Systems in Vertical Farming Using the Adaline Algorithm

Riki Ruli A. Siregar, Pritasari Palupiningsih, Inas Suha Lailah, Iriansyah BM Sangadji, Sigit Sukmajati, Novi Gusti Pahiyanti
This paper proposes a vertical farming model, by producing multi-layered plants that are stacked vertically. The research approach was carried out to obtain the technology used to achieve the goal of providing land at low cost, by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT). The process of watering plants...
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Platinum Spark Plug Gap Adjustment to Fuel Consumption and CO Emission at 110cc Engine

Anggara Sukma Ardiyanta
One of energy conversion machine is four-stroke engine, that divided into two gasoline engine type and Diesel engine type. In a gasoline engine, the ignition system needs a spark plug. In this research, the researcher used a regular spark plug and platinum spark plug. The regular spark plug is a spark...
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Implementation and Analysis of Smart Lamp Using Android Application Based on Internet Of Things

Ghifary Aldo Riyadi, Rendy Munadi, Sussi
Internet of things (IoT) is technology that can make the devices communicate with each other and can be controlled from everywhere. Through this IoT technology, the smart lamp was made so the human can control the lamp in their house from everywhere and the lamp can work automatically based on the environment....
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Hemoglobin Measurement Monitoring Tool Using K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Algorithm Based On Internet Of Things (IOT)

Faris Hadianto, Rendy Munadi, Sussi, Arief Pambudi
Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that functions as an oxygen-binding agent and also circulates to all organs and tissues of the human body. Changes in hemoglobin levels, both low and high, can indicate health problems. Checking hemoglobin levels in the human body is usually done medically by...
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LPG Gas Leakage System with Instant Messaging Whatsapp Communication Media Based on Internet of Things

Kuswindarini, Rendy Munadi, Sussi
The rise of fires caused by gas leakage, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) often occurs in the community and can cause material damage, as well as fatalities, in general, gas leaks occur due to problems with the regulator. Therefore we need an LPG leak control system that can provide information on LPG that...
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Study of Soft Soil Stabilization on Slope Using Volcanic Ash and Phosphoric Acid Concerning of Plasticity Index

S Syahril, A Suyono, I R Prajudi
The Roads and slopes are construction that’s directly related to the land. Many cases that occur in the construction are about landslides due to an overload. One way that is often used to strengthen the soil on the slope is stabilization. Volcanic ash has pozzolanic properties, large silica content and...
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Reinforcement of Soft Soil on Slope Using Volcanic Ash and Phosphoric Acid Stabilization for Subgrade of Rigid Pavement

S Syahril, A Suyono, I R Prajudi
In infrastructure, soil has an important role to support the construction. The soil function as a basic foothold and accepts all loads caused by construction. İn the implementation of road construction, its often found the condition of the soil with low bearing capacity, especially if the road construction...
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Compatible Graphs on Traffic Lights Waiting Time Optimization

Anie Lusiani, Euis Sartika, Agus Binarto, Endang Habinuddin
Congestion at a crossroads caused by improper traffic light waiting times, can create overcrowding in some branches of the road. Therefore, in this article, we will determine the optimal waiting times of traffic lights at a crossroads by using compatible graphs so that the congestion can be reduced....
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Comparison of Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis and Global Regression on Modeling the Unemployment Rate in West Java

Euis Sartika, Anny Suryani
This study aims to identify the factors Unemployment Rate (UR) in West Java and develop the appropriate model. This study applied the location (spatial) element using Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR). The GWR model was compared with the global regression. The data used in this study are secondary...
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Expansion Potential and Plasticity Index Value of Expansive Soil Stabilization with Vermiculite and Bledug Kuwu Mud

D Kumalasari, R D R B Prayogo, A Febriansya
The construction and operation of road infrastructure in Indonesia are facing the damage of flexible pavement. One of the causes of the damage is the failure of the subgrade bearing capacity. The pavement structure requires a large amount of material, especially natural materials namely aggregate and...
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Investigation of Hollow Core Slab Floor Vibration due to Human Activities

Taufik Hamzah, Muhamad Irfan Nurdin, Sumargo, Mujiman, Tjetjep Hartono
Modern architecture and construction design, leading floor system to have longer spans, lighter weight, and lower damping. However, it can cause a floor system to have excessive vibration. Vibration on the floor system is the second most frequent source of complaints from building occupants. Hollow Core...
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Reverse Engineering Megadata MD3000 Database File Format

Swi Hong Tjan
Megadata MD3000 is a SCADA master used to monitor and control an Indonesian railway company’s microwave communication. The master stores all of the system configurations in a proprietary database file format. This paper introduces a SCADA file format from Megadata. The files consist of digital, analog,...
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The Effect of Durian Husk and Coconut Shell Combination in the Liquid Smoke Generation: A Review

A R Permanasari, A Husna, R Fuadah, Keryanti, R P Sihombing, F Yulistiani, W Wibisono
The husk of durian can be used as a source of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and pectin to generate liquid smoke, and there are several types of researches that have done this. Liquid smokes can be used as natural food preservation because of the presence of antibacterial substance, there are two...
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Performance of Tire Pyrolytic Oil and its Blends with Biodiesel in Diesel Engine

Farid Nasir Ani, Alex Lu Chia Yang
Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of scrap automotive tires allows recovery of energy and useful materials, such as pyrolytic oil, char and gases. Scrap tire were being heated in inert atmosphere at temperature between 400 and 600°C to produce liquid fuel. Tire pyrolytic oil obtained possessed high calorific...
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Temperature Estimation of Blawan Geothermal Reservoir Using Geothermometer Method

Akhmad Afandi, Nuraini Lusi, Subono
A study on the temperature estimation of the geothermal reservoir from indications contained in Blawan has fully been carried out by the researchers. Geothermometer equations are used for temperature calculations involving the concentrations of Na, K, Ca, and SiO2 in hot water samples that have been...
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Application of Taguchi and Grey Relational Analysis for Parametric Optimization of End Milling Process of ASSAB-XW 42

Nuraini Lusi, Dian Ridlo Pamuji, Anggra Fiveriati, Akmad Afandi, Galang Sandy Prayogo
The quality characteristics of surface roughness and MRR of the end mill process have been considered to be optimized simultaneously. The input parameters that are considered are cutting fluid. cutting speed. feeding speed. and depth of cut. Optimization is carried out using the experimental design of...
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Applications of Liquid Smoke from Biomass on Food Products: A Review

Keryanti, A R Permanasari, F Yulistiani, R P Sihombing, W Wibisono
Liquid smoke or bio-oil is a renewable energy source that is the result of combustion or pyrolysis of raw materials containing hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin that can be used for various purposes, both food and non-food applications. The content of anti-microbial and anti-oxidant compounds in liquid...
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Experimental Evaluation of Relationships Model Between Documents in MongoDB

Ade Hodijah, Urip Teguh Setijohatmo
MongoDB is a document-oriented database technology that supports unstructured data processing. In general, there are two approaches to modeling data relationships between entities in MongoDB, namely the Embedded and Normalized data models. This study analyzes the data processing time performance of both...
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The Effect of Distillation Temperature in Liquid Smoke Purification Process: A Review

F Yulistiani, A Husna, R Fuadah, Keryanti, R P Sihombing, A R Permanasari, W Wibisono
Liquid smoke is generated by condensing smoke from pyrolysis process of wooden material which contains lots of lignocellulose (lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose). Liquid smoke is usually used as food preservation because of their antibacterial ability. There are two important compounds that make antibacterial...
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The Impact of Corporate Governance Mechanism on Company Value of Those Listed on the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII): The Involvement of Financial Performance Moderating Role

Satrio Aji Pamungkas, Muhammad Muflih
This study aims to identify the impact of Corporate Governance mechanism (proxied by independent commissioner, managerial ownership, and institutional ownership) on Company Value (proxied by Tobin’s Q), and how Financial Performance (proxied by Return on Asset, ROA) moderates the relationship. This study...
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The Effect of Economic Condition and Banking Policy on Non-Performing Financing and Profitability: Evidence from Islamic Rural Banks in Indonesia

M. Wanri Wahyudin, Ira Novianty, Dian Imanina Burhany
Islamic rural bank is a type of banks in Indonesia with a high level of non-performing financing. It is an important issue because will ultimately affect profit as the main goal. This study aims to examine the factors that affect non-performing financing (NPF) at Islamic rural banks in Indonesia, those...
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The Effect of Religiosity and Financial Considerations on Behavioral Intention toward Islamic Banking Industry: The Mediating Role of Attitude

Nur Hakimah Amini, Muhammad Muflih, Marwansyah
The Islamic banking industry is faced with the problem of a lack of public interest in being involved in Islamic financial transactions. This could cause Islamic banking to be eliminated from the global market in the future. This study aims to examine the factors that influence customer behavioral intention...
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Design of the Simple Receipt Application to Minimize Errors and Increase Work Efficiency of the Assistant Expenditure Treasurer

Pau Lim, Ira Novianty
The use of expenditure receipts at the Inspectorate considered having a low level of efficiency due to impracticality and recording errors that are often found in recipient data, resulting in wrong recipients of activity funds. This error was caused by the Microsoft Excel system being used was still...
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Determinant: Efficiency and Financial Performance Of Islamic Commercial Banking in Indonesia

Erwin Yudiansyah, Ruhadi
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of internal factors on efficiency with BOPO and their impact on the financial performance of Islamic commercial banks. The variables tested in this study are Total Assets, Capital Adequacy Ratio, Financing to Deposit Ratio, Non-Performing Financing,...
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Guest Perceived Value and Satisfaction in Peer to Peer Accommodation: Assessing The Moderating Effect of Co-Creation Using PLS-MGA

Izyanti Awang Razli, Salamiah A. Jamal, Mohd Salehuddin Mohd Zahari, Dwi Suhartanto
The non- traditional lodging sector, known as peer to peer (P2P) accommodation, has shown a strong growth and has transformed the hospitality field into a more competitive industry. As an emerging phenomenon, this type of lodging has attracted various attentions and catalysed a vibrant discussion among...
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Talkit: Localized, Anonymous Depression Caretaker

Saad Khan, Umer Zia, Naima Ali, Taimoor Ali, Soban Ali, Suleman Shahid
In recent years, the increase in mental disorders among university students has raised concerns about the effects that these disorders have on an individual’s life and the community as a whole. Depression, being the most prevalent mental illness, is being tackled via various methodologies. However, in...
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Predicting Sustainability in The Banking Industry: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach

F Pujianti, I Novianty, D Suhartanto
Recent developments in the competitive banking industry show that having loyal customers is an important strategy for bank sustainability because it can give a favorable influence on the performance of banks in the long term. Although past studies have indicated the significance of having loyal customers...
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Sharia-Compliant Portfolio of Islamic Stocks Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Alhady Niar Minandar, Mochamad Edman Syarief, Sumiyati Sumardi
This study aims to establish a stock portfolio following Sharia principles under the premise that investors with Sharia-compliant attentiveness will not only focus on financial risk and return. Implementation of criteria following Sharia principles also needs to be considered, given that there is a prohibition...
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The Effect of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance: Evidence from Islamic Banks in Indonesia

Hamas Askar Islami, Iwan Setiawan, M Umar Mai
This study aims to examine the effect of corporate governance on financial performance of Islamic banking in Indonesia. Corporate governance mechanism determined by board of director, independent commissioner, and sharia supervisory board, meanwhile the financial performance is calculated by using Return...
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Conceptualizing the Design of Marketing Laboratory Within Industry 4.0: A Case Study of Bandung Vocational College

Adila Sosianika, Fatya Alty Amalia, Wahyu Rafdinal
The competitiveness of vocational colleges can be examined through student satisfaction towards their service quality. While a laboratory is necessary to promote active learning in vocational college, in some cases its quality does not always obtain the student’s satisfaction at an acceptable level....
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Exploring How University Students Utilize the Help of Digital Payment: a Qualitative Study

Dina Yeni Martia, Afriyanti Hasanah, Ira Siti Sarah, Rola Nurul Fajria, Kenneth Pinandhito
The adoption of digital payments aims to minimize cash use transactions, provide convenience, acceleration, and efficiency in payment transactions. Polines-Pay is a technology-based electronic payment instrument implemented in Politeknik Negeri Semarang (Polines) as an innovative digital payment product....