Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Precision Machining, Non-Traditional Machining and Intelligent Manufacturing (PNTIM 2019)

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Design and Research of High Speed Unbalance Undetection Device for Tiny Impeller

Zhang Xiaofen,, Bai Yu
A dynamic balance detection device with high transmission efficiency and expand-ability and a replaceable chuck step shaft as the rotating shaft is designed. It can be applied to the high-speed unbalance detection of micro impellers, which can eliminate transmission errors and prevent rotor turbulence....
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Research on Minimum Length Calculation of Skid-Mounted Small-Diameter Pipe Weight Bar

Xue Jijun
The drainage gas recovery operation with small-diameter continuous pipes is applicable to the one in natural gas well with low pressure, low production and low water content. Its advantages exhibit as the following: 1) high efficiency on continuous running of pipe string under pressure; 2) production...
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Design of Intelligent Monitoring System for Power Distribution Equipment Based on Cloud Edge Collaborative Computing

Xu Erbao, LI Yan, Yang Mingshun, Chen Xi
With the development of sensor technology, when facing the explosive growth of large power data, the existing data acquisition and monitoring system (SCADA) is increasingly inadequate in data processing ability and lack of intelligence. In this paper, a novel intelligent monitoring system for power distribution...
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Experimental Research on On-line Monitoring and Compensation Algorithm of 3D Printing Based on Machine Vision

Zeng Lianghua, Zou Xinfeng
With the coming of the era of intelligence, machine vision and machine learning has become a research hotspot in recent years[1]. As an advanced manufacturing technology at present, 3D printing has been maturely applied in aerospace, bio-medicine and other fields[2]. However, a defect such as extruder...
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Continuous Feed Roller Grinder Design and Its Finite Element Analysis Based on Solid Works

Wan Hongqiang, Liu Zhihao, Han Quanli, Sun Zhengyang
After the workpiece is processed, the barrel mill is widely used as a burr removal device. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of burr removal and enhance the polishing effect on the surface of the workpiece, the conventional roller grinder is improved in design, and the continuous batch grinding...
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Research on Personalized Recommendation of Magnetic Material Retrieval Based on Knowledge Mapping

Li Lei, Bai Yu
Since the concept of knowledge map was introduced, the internet has gradually changed from hyperlink between web pages to describing the association between entities.Knowledge map is mainly used in personalized recommendation and other fields. It can provide users with knowledge nodes and links between...
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A Fuzzy Clustering Mathematical Model for Sub-assemblies Based on Game Theory

Kou Xiaoxi, Cao Yan, Qiao Hu, Wu Yujia
Taking sub-assembly recognition problem as the research object and combining with the mathematical model of sub-assembly recognition algorithm, this paper analyzes the similarity and corresponding mapping between the objective function problem of sub-assembly recognition and the game problem. The object...
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Research on Optimization Method of Facilities Arrangement Based on Backtracking Search Algorithm

Wei Fengtao, Zhang Yangyang, Shi Yunpeng, LI Junyu
Aiming at the shortcomings such as large amount of manual calculation and subjective factors of designer in the system layout design commonly used in facility layout design. A method of facility layout optimization based on backtracking search algorithm is proposed. The paper takes a library in university...
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Experimental Study on the Inner Wall Ring Groove of 1J116 Soft Magnetic Alloy Based on Electrochemical Machining

Bian Jianxiao, Ma Baoji, Ai Haihong, Qi Lijun
In this study, electrochemical processing was introduced into the inner wall ring groove of 1J116 soft magnetic alloy to obtain higher processing precision. A single factor experimental study was carried out for the processing and forming laws and mechanisms. The effects of pulse voltage, duty cycle,...
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DLADRC Controller Parameter Tuning Based on IPSO Algorithm for Quadrotor

Yao Boyu, Lu Ping, Yang Seng, Ji Jinjian
ADRC controller has the advantages of simple structure, high precision and strong robustness, which can estimate and compensate the uncertainties and disturbances online. However, in practical application, it is found that the controller contains too many parameters, and the range and tuning direction...
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Maximum Power Extraction and Pitch Angle Control for Offshore Wind Turbine with Open-Loop Hydraulic Transmission

Fan YaJun, Mu AnLe
This paper aims to extract optimal power from a hydraulic floating wind turbine using torque control and pitch control. When wind speed is below rated value, a nonlinear fuzzy controller is designed to capture maximum wind energy through regulating the displacement of hydraulic pump fixed in nacelle....
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Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness of SiC/Al Matrix Composites Machined by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining: Experimental Method

Qi Lijun, Ma Baoji
In the present study, the experiments have been made to investigate the effect of wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) parameters such as pulse duration, pulse off time, discharge current , working voltage on the material removal rate and the surface roughness (Ra) during WEDM of particulate silicon...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of Flow Field in Turbine Blades ECM Process

Zhao Han, Fan Qingming
Turbine blades play an important role as important parts in aero engines. One of the main methods of machining is electrochemical machining (ECM). In this paper, based on the flow field theory of electrochemical machining, the flow field analysis of machining gap was taken as the main research content...
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Overview on Abrasive Belt Grinding for Complex Surface

Deng Ruixiang, Qiao Hu, An Jiaxiang, He Jiang
Abrasive belt grinding technology is an important part of the precision forming process of complex profile parts. Based on the planning of grinding path, contact model and material removal model, the research and application progress of abrasive belt grinding technology at home and abroad are summarized,...
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Research on Equalization Technology of Power Pack with Improved Buck-Boost Topology

Wang Qi, Wang Chen, Zhang Meng, Gao Tian
Aiming at the problems of traditional active equalization circuit, such as long equalization time, slow equalization speed and low control precision, this paper proposes an improved Buck-Boost topology equalization circuit based on the traditional Buck-Boost topology. Layering the battery cells in series...
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Model Design Reuse Method Based on Fuzzy Theory

Shi Zhiquan, Bai Yu, Qiao Hu
At present, research on the reuse of design information resources mainly focuses on the representation and modeling of its information. Neglecting the design information itself can be used as a starting point for design reuse. Based on the existing instance model of the enterprise, this paper firstly...
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Study on Numerical Simulation of Electrochemical Machining Ring Narrow Groove

Mu Ruiyuan, Cao Yan, Jia Feng, Lei Yan
For annular narrow slot structure of electrochemical machining process test cycle is long, type face the problem of difficult to predict, establish mask electrochemical machining process of the electric field, flow field and temperature field coupling mathematical model, using COMSOL Multiphysics to...
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Research on Knowledge Management of Aviation Manufacturing Industry Based on Association Rules

Ai Xin, Du Jiang, Bai Yu, Liu Hang
[Purpose/Meaning] Aim at the two Safeguard measures to strengthen the China's industrial infrastructure capabilities proposed by "Made in China 2025" plan and the real Product development requirements of China's aviation industry, the method to provide high quality and efficient knowledge management...
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Analysis of Rheological Properties of Selective Laser Melting 17-4PH Powder

Yin Simin, Cao Yan, Wang Yuanfei, Zheng Ning
In the selective laser melting process, high mechanical stability, excellent thermal performance and rheological property are required for printable materials, and due to the change of environmental conditions such as external force and temperature rise during the forming process and the using process...
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Study on Cathode Design Method for Electrochemical Machining of Turbine Blade

Li Lin, Cao Yan, Jia Feng, Zhi Xiaowei
Electrolytic machining technology is one of the main machining methods of turbine blade, which is the core component of aerospace engine. The standardization and uniformity of the angle between the cathode feed direction and the clamping angle of the workpiece and the normal direction of the workpiece...
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Research on Fire Fighting Scheme of Indoor Fire Fighting Robot Based on Multi-sensor

Tian Junwei, Ding Ruimin, Li Jintao, Zhang Yanling
How to find the fire source point is the key technical point of the indoor fire-fighting robot in the operation process. The proposed low-cost comprehensive detection fire source solution using multi-sensor and surveillance camera photo recognition can successfully solve the problem that the fire-fighting...
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The Frame Structure of Underwater Robot for Shallow Water

Zhang Yunhui, Sun Lina, Qiao Lu, Feng Qiang
In order to monitor and detect the turbid water in the shallow water channel, this paper designs a frame underwater robot. In this paper, according to the depth of diving and the thrust of the size of the frame, shell, underwater light detection, propeller and battery compartment structure distribution...
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Realization of Multi-point Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Based on ROS

Wang Qin, Feng Yupeng, Li Jintao, Wang Li
At present, in ROS core framework system, the realization of autonomous cruising and obstacle avoidance is the only way for robots to become more perfect. For this reason, this paper proposes and establishes a physical model of a two-wheel differential-driven mobile robot with nonholonomic motion constraints....
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A Design of Camera Adjustment Mechanism Based on Automatic Visual NC tool Detector

Su Yu, Zhang Leimeng, Tang Bo, Qu Wang
Aiming at the camera adjustment mechanism of the automatic NC tool detector based on automatic vision affects the measurement accuracy of the tool parameters, the camera adjustment mechanism is designed. The geometric nature of the camera adjustment mechanism is studied, and the camera rotation and its...
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Design of Spinning Resistance Control System Based on MCU

Zhao Peng, Yang Gaoxiang, Wang Jia, Zhang Yan
Aiming at the problem of resistance control of spinning bicycle in the process of riding, in order to improve the resistance control of spinning bicycle to be more intelligent, a research on controlling the resistance of spinning bicycle by controlling the Angle change of steering engine based on single...
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Theoretical Study on Drilling Wood to Make Fire and Design of Auxiliary Device

Li Wenhui, Cao Wei, Hassan Javed, Han Zhao
Human beings have known the phenomenon of friction for a long time, among which "drilling wood to make fire" is one of the earliest methods to make use of friction. From the point of view of human history, human understanding, use and mastery of fire is the first practice for human beings to understand...
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Design and Application of Intelligent Forensics Schema For Mass Unstructured Data

Luo Wenhua, Su Kexin
The proportion of unstructured data is much bigger than that of structured data. However, the research carried out in the field of the methods of unstructured data processing and analysis is not as intensive as that of structured data processing and analysis. This paper mainly involves the importance...
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Simulation Analysis of Flow Field Based on Horizontal Electrolytic Machine Tool

Tian Tian, Cao Yan, Jia Feng, Zhang Leiyan
In order to solve the problem that the stability of flow field affects the machining accuracy of aero-engine blade in EDM, according to the structure of EDM horizontal machine tool, the corresponding fixture is designed in this paper. Based on the flow field of machining gap, the finite element simulation...
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Underwater Robotic Arm Test Platform

Tian Junwei, Huang Shuzhao, Wang Qin, Zhao Xuehang
For the problem that the mechanical arm is unstable under water and the position accuracy is low. This paper designed an underwater manipulator test platform. Good attitude control and high grip accuracy can be achieved. Through the analysis of the mechanical body, the overall structural layout of the...
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Compare PID and PDF Control in 2 Degree of Freedom Robotic Manipulator

Mi Qiang, Bai Yu, Jia Feng, Edwards Gerard
This paper compares the differences between Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) and Pseudo Derivative Feedback (PDF) control algorithms in a two degree of freedom (DOF) planar robot manipulator. The PID and PDF control algorithms are compared in MATLAB which is a simple and practical tool for testing...
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Design and Dynamic Simulation of Friction - Vibration Test Rig for Planetary Gearbox

Han Zhao, Cao Wei, Wang Dong, Ruan Shaolong
In order to prevent the catastrophic accidents caused by the failure of the reducer, based on virtual technology such as CAD/CAE and Solidworks, the friction and vibration testing device of planetary gear reducer was designed, and the weak links of the transmission device were found out, its life and...
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Research on Five-Axis Numerical Control Programming and Machining Technology of Micro Integral Impeller

Wang Zhijie, Cao Yan, Yao Hui
Micro integral impeller is the key component of micro aero-engine, and its machining quality will directly affect the performance of micro-engine. Aiming at the narrow flow path of the tiny integral blade, the large distortion of the blade and the large ratio of free-form surface and divided into main...
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Study on Starting Characteristic of Synchronized Dual Frequency Gear Quenching Power Supply

Su Yichao, Shang Yaceng, Lai Hao, Liu Changke
Synchronized dual-frequency induction hardening machine tool is widely used in gear surface heat treatment because of its characters such as saving energy, no pollution in environment, high processing efficiency, small deformation of workpiece and so on. In view of the poor load adaptability of the dual...
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Research on the Development Trend of Broadcasting Network Technology Based on K-Means Algorithm

Li Yufei, Yan Li
With the coming of the "5 g era", intelligence, digital transformation is a major problem faced by radio, film and television networks. This paper uses the k-means algorithm to analyze its market demand data. According to the clustering analysis, the key attributes of broadcasting network products in...
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A Phase Shifting Shadow MoirÉ Method Using Two Frame Images of Varying Light

Zhou Xian, Wang Feng, Du Hubing
In order to measure the surface of object’s 3D contour, we proposed a phase shifting shadow moiré technique based on varying light position。The method can remove the mechanical motion in the process of measurement, and sample the fringe pattern of phase shifting quickly. However, when we sample the sequence...
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Research on Load Sharing Characteristics of Planetary Transmission System

Liu Zhiyu, Dong Hao, Liu Bo
In order to study the average load sharing characteristics of planetary transmission, based on the lumped parameter theory, the dynamic model is established by considering the factors such as error, support clearance and support stiffness. The Runge-Kutta numerical method is used to solve the model,...
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Research on Assembly Line Optimization Based on Machine Learning

Zhang Peng, Fang Yadong, Liang Xiaowei, Chen Jingwen
How to conduct a wide range of problem analysis on production line work in a short time and standardize, its work has become a major difficulty for enterprises to improve work efficiency. This paper takes M company's Rail car assembly as an example to conduct the job optimization. It uses the k-means...
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Development of On-Machine Measuring System for Pitch Deviation of Large Gears

Guo Hongbin, He Dongfeng, Huang Feiyao, Yang Canhui
According to the processing principle of large-scale CNC gear hobbing machine, a high-precision on-machine measurement method for large gear pitch deviation using relative method and absolute method simultaneously is proposed. The mechanical body of high-precision on-machine measuring instrument with...
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Fatigue Life Analysis of Electrical Connector Contacts Part Based on ABAQUS/FE-SAFE

Wang Nan, Ding Feng
The reliability of the fatigue life of the contacts part of the electrical connector is an important aspect of the mechanical equipment reliability. Aiming at the reliability problem of fatigue life of 450 series multi-purpose spring electrical connector contacts part, A fatigue life calculation method...
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Thermal-electrical Coupled Simulation Analysis of Sealed Electromagnetic Relays

Tian Min, Ding Feng
The heat generated during the working process of the relay directly affects the mechanical strength of the metal material and the dielectric strength of the insulating material. Sealed electromagnetic relays tend to be miniaturized. The effect of temperature on its working life is getting stronger. Therefore,...
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Design and Simulation of Adjustable Jig for Shaft Hole Parts

Liu Yan, Yi Huahui, Zhang Ruijie
The fixture is an important part of the machining accuracy in machine production. In this paper, the shaft hole parts are taken as the research object, and the adjustable drilling jigs of the hole parts are designed. According to the requirements of the six-point positioning principle of the fixture...
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Research on Vulnerability of Multifunctional Military Cabin

Zhang Yang, Yi Huahui, Zhang Ruijie
The study of vulnerability is an important basis for the evaluation of warfare damage in China's weapons and equipment, and it is also an important part of the research on the viability of weapons and equipment in China. In this paper, according to the damage level principle of the aircraft, the damage...
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Research on Laval Nozzle and Overall Simulation Analysis Based on High Speed Precision Air Bearing Spindle Pneumatic Turbine System

Du Xi, Fang Zhou, Liu Bo, Zhang Jun-an
Laval nozzles for important component in high-speed precision air-floating spindle gas drive systems, to establish a cross-sectional ratio is calculated by analysis of their simplified model of the two stages. Use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate the Structural parameters of Laval nozzle--...
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Designing and Optimization of Gear Synchronous Dual-Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply Based on ANSYS

Li Yang, Shang Yaceng, Lai Hao, Su Yichao
Dual-frequency induction heating technology has significant advantages over traditional single-frequency heating for gear quenching. In this paper, the absorption of gear induction heating energy is analyzed theoretically. Based on the simulation of high frequency, medium frequency and dual-frequency...
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Analysis of the Influence of Eccentricity on the Performance of Eccentric Involute Flexible Spring

Xu Xin, Wang Yajuan, Liu Bo, Zhang Jun-an
Flexible plate spring plays an important role in gap seal and reliability of free piston Stirling heat pump. Eccentric flexible plate spring is widely used in Stirling machine because of its better stress distribution and larger radial stiffness ratio. In this paper, the influence factor of three-groove...
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Structure Design and Analysis of Two-Dimensional Aerostatic Motion Platform Based on Box Plate

Huang Peng, Lu Zhiwei, Liu Bo, Zhang Jun-an
In the current study of two-dimensional aerostatic motion platform, there are problems such as poor uniaxial motion straightness, poor two axis verticality accuracy and small bearing capacity. In this study, a two-dimensional aerostatic motion platform with precision box plate as its structural reference...
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Analysis of Coupler for Wireless Power Transmission

Sun Kaidong, Lai Yueshen, Lai Hao, Liu Changke
In the research on wireless power transmission, coupler with the advantages of high transmission power, high charging gap and anti-offset are the hot topics in the current research. Based on Biot-Savart Law, this paper studies the spatial magnetic field distribution characteristics of circular coils...
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Research on Porous Ceramic 3D Printing Process Based on Laminated Template Method

Chen Shihao, Chen Hua, Zhang Geng, Zhang Qishuai
This paper proposes a new 3D printing lamination process to prepare porous ceramics with tight bonding between layers. The ceramic slurry is prepared by mixing alumina powder, organic binder and deionized water, nylon mesh cloth is used as organic template, scraper is used to scrape the ceramic slurry...
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Research on Complex Tooth Surface Forming Technology of Spiral Face Gear

Li Weiwei, Zhu Yuquan, Shang Hanhan, Zhao Yang
In order to meet the needs of special structural gears in the development of aviation, aerospace and automobile industries, the existing gear processing methods can not meet the processing precision. If it is necessary to pay a large cost to meet the processing precision, a new Processing method - hobbing...
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Research on Foreign Object Detection Technology in Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles

Liu Changke, Shang Yaceng, Lai Hao, Sun Kaidong
Foreign object detection is an important issue that restricts the development of wireless charging for electric vehicles. When foreign matter enters the charging area during charging, the impedance of the charging coil changes. According to this principle, the result shows that the higher the coil excitation...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Face Gear Installation Error

Shang Hanhan, Shen Yunbo, Li Weiwei, Zhao Yang
The face gear is the core component used in the helicopter transmission system. Compared with other gear transmissions, the face gear transmission has large coincidence degree, stable transmission, low noise, no axial force, small space occupied by the transmission device, and torque splitting effect....
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Analysis of the Load Sharing of the Flexible Ring Gear Planetary Gear Train

Zhao Yang, Shen Yunbo, Shang Hanhan, Li Weiwei
The lumped mass model-finite element hybrid model with flexible ring gear is proposed. The dynamic model of planetary transmission system with flexible ring gear structure is established. The calculation of internal meshing time variation between flexible ring gear and planetary gear is proposed. The...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Drying Chamber of Freeze-drying Equipment

Du Hang, Peng Runling, Yang Zhao, Yang Zhuoyu
In this paper, the finite element analysis of the drying chamber of the freeze-drying equipment with a shelf area of 75 ㎡ is carried out, and its structure is optimized. Firstly, the structural design of the drying chamber of ZLG-75 freeze-drying equipment was determined. Then use Solid works to carry...
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The Design of Climb Stairs to Barrelled Water Trolley

Yang Zhuoyu, Peng Runling, Yao Mingru, Du Hang
This design is aimed at the difficulty of carrying barreled drinking water. The climbing car takes deformation wheel as the main form and planet wheel as the auxiliary form to climb up. When the deformation wheel turns forward, the inner wheel hub retracted under the control of the motor to realize stair...
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The Synergistic Effect of BN and MWCNT Hybrid Fillers for the Thermal Conductivity of Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Composites

Hou Siyu, Huang Chenglei, Fan Qingming
In this novel, (BN+MWCNT) /UHMWPE composites were prepared by powder blending method. The thermal conductivity of the polymer can be improved by adding boron nitride and multi walled carbon nanotubes .When the loading of BN was 50wt%, the thermal conductivity rate of ultra high mole-cular weight polyethylene...
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Flow Field Simulation and Experiment Study of ECM Variable Cross-Sectional Hole

Zhai Kaige, Tang Lin, Zhang Xinyun, Pan Yonghong
In order to solve the problem that ECM (electrochemical machining) of variable cross-sectional hole is easy to short circuit and the flow pattern is large, a rotating flow field electrochemical machining method is proposed. In this paper, the gap flow field model of variable cross-sectional hole is established,...
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Research on A Wing Structure Design Under Bionic Methods

Ding You, Zhou Zhou
This article describe a three-step structure layout grow method for a wing structure design. In the first step a ground structure is applied to get the initial structure d method data. In the second step, a bionic method simplified by the slime mould is present to guide the layout grow. In the last step,...
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Visualization of Medical Images Based on Improved MC Algorithm

Wang Hui, Liu Zheng, Hou Shupeng
In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of vascular 3D model reconstruction, an improved method is proposed to solve the ambiguity problem in the surface rendering process. Based on the researches on the expression method of surface rendering process, the causes for the ambiguity were analyzed...
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Research on Smart Electric Meter Data Mining Technology Method for Line Loss Diagnosis of Low Voltage Station Area

Yang Fuli, Hou Xingzhe
Line loss can be divided into statistical line loss, technical line loss and management line loss according to structure. It not only refers to the energy loss in the form of heat energy, but also the management line loss caused by the electricity stealing behavior [1]. The calculation of power system...
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Application Research of Mine Detection Technology with Transient Electro-Magnetic Method

Li Wei, Wang Cheng
Different rocks have different conduction; common coal measure rocks show different resistivity values. In general, the resistivity values of mudstone, siltstone and medium-coarse sandstone increase continuously, and the lithological changes in the vertical direction show as the increase or decrease...
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Study on the Moisture Absorption and Bending of Carbon Fiber Composite Material

Cheng Wen, Cao Yan, Fan Qingming, Shen Bing
The research object of this paper is a kind of carbon fiber composite material that is used in a special UAV in a certain marine area. The purpose of the research is to understand the material properties of this composite in extreme hot and humid environments. First of all, this material was subjected...
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Topological Optimization of Random Distributed Points

Dong Xin, Liu Hongjun, Yao Leijiang, Ding You
Modern structural design achieves a lighter and more efficient structure by mimicking the natural structure of insects, plants and microorganisms. There are many masters in nature, such as nests, spiders, dragonflies, ants, etc. In this paper, the topology optimized by mimicking spiders and bacteria,...
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Research on Line Loss of Low-Voltage Substation Based on Smart Electric Meter Clustering Algorithm

Yang Fuli, Hou Xingzhe
At present, electric power company judgment on abnormal line loss is that the line loss is abnormal when the line loss rate exceeds a certain threshold. Yet the judgement is one-sidedness and limited.Aiming at the large proportion of low-voltage distribution network loss in the total loss of power grid,...
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Research of Multi-target Shop Schedule based on Particle Swarm and Grey Relation

Du Laihong, Chen Hua, Fang Yadong
In order to improve efficiency of the workshop, a new scheduling method is put forward by coupling polychromatic theory, particle swarm algorithm and grey correlation theory. Firstly, considering manufacturing resources allocation problem, manufacturing resource description and reasoning is realized...
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A Box Transformer Substation Fault Diagnosis Based on IoT

Li Yang, Yang Mingshun, Wang Zhanjun
In order to change the traditional fault diagnosis form and realize on-line fault diagnosis, a fault diagnosis architecture of box transformer substation based on Internet of Things(IoT) technology is proposed. This architecture is a three-layer fault diagnosis framework of box transformer substation...
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Object Depth Measurement Based on Feature Point Detection

Lai Yufeng, Wang Zhongsheng
In order to simplify the method of obtaining absolute depth information, this paper proposes a method of automatic measurement of object depth information in images by monocular camera without calibration and adjustment of camera parameters, which is used to realize an automatic depth measurement system....
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Blink Fatigue Detection Algorithm Based on Improved Lenet-5

Lei Chao, Wang Changyuan, Lin Zhi, Huang Wenbo
Fatigue driving is the main factor in many traffic accidents. The eye behavior is the main direction in the field of fatigue driving research. It reflects the degree of fatigue of the human brain to some extent. In this paper, the publicized CEW human eye opening and closing data set is used to preprocess...
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Electric Larceny Detection Based on Support Vector Machine

Li Songnong, Zeng Yan, Ye Jun, Sun Hongliang
The design and application of power system line loss calculation and lean management system have important guiding significance in guiding loss reduction and energy saving and promoting line loss management. In recent years, the electric energy data acquire system, as a tool that can effectively meet...
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Research on Prediction Method of Life Cycle of Nuclear Power Equipment Based on Fuzzy Clustering

Fu Chunliang, Wu Rongjun, Gong Linhua, Lin Jiangjing
With the advancement of technology, mechanical equipment has entered a new stage of integration of machine and electricity, and nuclear power integrated equipment has been more and more widely used in production and life. Nuclear power plants provide a large source of electrical energy and become a strong...
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Research on Data Synchronization Algorithm in 3D Virtual Scene

Guo Jianlong, Hao Tengfei, Feng Weixia, Wen Manhua
With the deepening in the combination of virtual reality technology and many fields, 3D virtual scenes have been maturing, which have brought a lot of convenience to modern applications. However, there are still many shortcomings and imperfections in today's 3D virtual scene system. For example, since...
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Application Analysis of 3D Digital Technology in Power Grid Training

Hao Tengfei, Guo Jianlong, Liu Xiao, Xiong Shan
With the improvement of computer technology, 3D virtualization technology whose application can achieve a comprehensive sensory simulation to simulate realistic environment has penetrated into various industry fields, and for the development and application of various electrical equipment in power industry...
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Indoor Constant Temperature Control Method of Intelligent Building Based on Bi-linear Control Algorithm

Zhang Fan
With the continuous improvement of technological innovation in construction industry, intelligent building management on the internal environment of the building is also realized. Through the simulation analysis of the building thermal environment, comprehensive reflection on the influence characteristics...
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HoloLens-Based Power Grid Intelligent Inspection System

Wu Di, Pan Jianqiao, Pan Bailang, Guo Guodong
Inspection work in substation is one of the normalization work of operation and maintenance in State Grid Corporation substation, and it is also one of the important means to timely discover the obvious and invisible defects of equipment, which palys an vital role in preventing accidents and ensuring...
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Research on Compensation of Solar Bracket Tracking Based on Error Model

Zhang Fan
In recent years, photo voltaic industry has achieved rapid development, and the investment in large-scale photo voltaic power plants has eased the supply of electricity in more information-poor regions. There are intelligent control methods in high-power solar power systems where solar position tracking...
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Research on Surrounding String Recognition Technology Based on Big Data and Semantic Analysis

Xie Rongwei, Zheng Nannan
In bidding process, even if the bidder knows it in advance, electronic bid evaluation algorithm based on price factor deviation rate and published in the bidding documents, where the deviation rate of the tender is calculated by directly weighting the average deviation rate of the price component and...
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Research on Ubiquitous Intelligent Service of Digital Archive Resources

Yang Ling, Dou Li, Li Li, Guan Zhiwei
The ubiquitous intelligent service of digital archive resources based on mobile devices has become an inevitable trend in the development of the information age. This paper proposes system structure and the optimization process for the maintenance of digital archive ubiquitous intelligent service platform...
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Evaluation of Open Utilization of Digital Archives Information System

Dou Li, Li Li
The research on open sharing and ubiquitous intelligent services of digital archive information based on mobile devices has unique academic value and important practical significance for the archival career in China. By the analysis of domestic and foreign archive applications and smart services, this...
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Design and Application of Early Warning Model for Electric Vehicle Charging Safety

Zhang Yang, Yuan Jun, Li Liang, Zhan Yanjiao
In order to improve the charging safety of electric vehicles, it is necessary to design the early warning model of charging safety, so as to overcome the overload defects in the charging process of electric vehicles. An electric vehicle charging safety warning model was proposed based on contactless...
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Design of Monitoring System for Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities Based on Cloud Platform

lv Jian, Li Bo, Chen Jingyun, Han Luyu
The cloud platform in the paper was introduced into the monitoring system of electric vehicle charging facilities, and a model of electric vehicle charging facility monitoring system based on cloud platform was proposed. Aiming at the difficulty of charging facility monitoring system in large concurrent...
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Study of the Interactive Activities with FIAS and Network Analysis Technology

Jian Guangbin, Sun Shuyan
As ICTs continue to enter the classroom, the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom is changing. The purpose of the study is to find out what the important teaching&learning activities are in such classrooms, and whether there are stable interaction patterns in these activities. In...
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Shopping Recommendation System Design Based on Deep Learning

Li Haihan, Qi Guanglei, He Nana, Dong Xinri
With the development of internet shopping, the amount of user data generated is increasing day by day. In this paper, a shopping recommendation system based on deep learning is constructed. The user data crawling module and shopping recommendation module are mainly designed. Firstly, obtain important...
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Research on Image Steganography Information Detection Based on Support Vector Machine

Liu Wenyuan, Wang Jian
With the rapid development of the internet of things and cloud computing, users can instantly transmit a large amount of data to various fields, with the development of communication technology providing convenience for people's life, information security is becoming more and more important. Therefore,...
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Construction and Application of Machine Learning Model in Network Intrusion Detection

Qi Guanglei, Chen Zhijiang, Zhao Haiying, Wu Chensheng
The modeling of network intrusion detection is an important network security protection technology. The current network intrusion detection model can not accurately describe the intrusion behavior, resulting in incomplete network intrusion detection. Therefore, a network intrusion detection model based...
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Application of Augmented Reality in Campus Navigation

Li Zhigang, Qi Guanglei, Hu Wenkai, Ma Xiangyu, Guo Qinsheng
Augmented reality(AR) has the unique quality of providing a direct link between the physical reality and virtual information about that reality. In the application of a visitor visiting the campus with a smartphone, the location and pose information of the phone are acquired and calculated in real time....
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Prediction Control of Biomass Combustion Boiler based on Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network

Shen Yilin, Wang Zhijiang
The structure of biomass direct fired boiler differs greatly from that of common fuel powder boiler, so the difference of operation process is great, which will inevitably lead to the difference of operation regulation law. Therefore, it is very important to analyze its technological process and combustion...
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Design of Logistics Public Information System for SMEs

Shen Yilin
The public logistics information system for SMEs is developed by the use of advanced technology, which is based on the idea of building blocks. The whole system is divided into three subsystems, and each with its own direction. A layered architecture is used for the core services subsystem. Using the...
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Optimized Cloudlet Scheduling Based Method for Mobile Phones

Alshamaileh Mohammad, Li Chunlin
The improvement in communication technology incorporates sophisticated electronic gadgets that rely on wireless technique to support the signal transmission from the emitter to the receiver points. The cloudlet scheduling method relies on the environment and task type to accomplish the scheduling process...
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Classification and Retrieval of CAD Three Dimensional Models Based on Neural Network

Zhao Mingxia
Several neural networks corresponding to feature space in the paper were formed by Boosting method variant and RBF neural network based on particle swarm optimization (PSO), and these neural networks were integrated, so that the classification information of CAD three dimensional (3D) models was given....
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Study on Model Simulation Design Based on Open CASCADE Platform

Zhao Mingxia
CAD-based geometric design has been widely used in various industries in the society. With the continuous improvement of design complexity, higher requirements are placed on the model simulation design of high-precision and high-confidence. The paper analyzes the simulation process of 3D model and improves...
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Research on Real-Time Exchange Strategy Model Based on Grid Communication Data

Liu Qing, Tang Wei, Liu Xu
The data exchange processing technology in the grid communication data technology system can be calculated for scenarios with real-time analysis requirements. It has the characteristics of real-time calculation, low latency and high scalability, and provides a new idea for solving the problem of exchange...
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Research on Configuration Strategy of Optical Storage Charging Station

Lu Haiqiang, Lu Shuijin, Mo Yujie
Energy storage charging pile participating in the joint operation of power grid can not only reduce the cost of power grid expansion, but also obtain the benefit of participating in the auxiliary management service of power grid demand side response, so as to reduce operation cost. In this paper, energy...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Island Micro-Grid Based on Probabilistic Load Flow Model

Yu Ye, Zhang Lizhong, Guo Jingwei, Liu Siyao
In the global energy crisis and environmental pollution problems, vigorous development of clean energy is a common initiative of all countries in the world. As an important means of new energy consumption and reliability improvement of power supply, micro-grid has a very broad development prospect. In...
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Research on Electric Power Emergency Warning Mechanism Based on Meteorological Big Data

Wang Bo, Guo Fei, Li Mei, Qin Faxian
In the context of climate change, power transmission and transformation equipment are experiencing increasingly severe weather disasters. Therefore, the theory and technology related to meteorological disaster warning and risk prevention have become important technologies for power system transmission...
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Optimization Scheduling Method of Power Grid Energy-Saving Based on Fuzzy Decision

Shi Yuanyuan, Wang Bo, Wan Peng, Li Xiuguang
As a reserve energy for the stable development of the society, the efficiency of the development and utilization of power resources indirectly affects the quality of electricity consumption of users and the quality of power marketing of power companies. In the process of transmission and distribution...
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Research on Plastic Design Method of Reinforced Concrete Flexural Component

Guo Ruixia, Wen Junwei
The dynamic mechanical properties of reinforced concrete column members under different loading paths in the paper are studied. The influence of loading rate and loading path on the mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete columns is considered. The numerical simulations are performed on the two test-pieces...
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Redistribution of DC Power in Multi-terminal Flexible DC Transmission Systems

Li Hongke, Wang Ke, Lai Xiaowen
When there are faults in AC grid, one of the concerns is power distribution as well as system stable operation while AC grid in fixed DC voltage side goes wrong. The second point of concern is power distribution of other converter stations while certain converter station fails. Moreover, based on VSC-MTDC...
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Construction of Data Mining Platform in Cloud Computing Environment

Yu Wenwu, Li Nan, Wei Dan, Xu Peng
In order to solve the problem of low accuracy of data mining in traditional data mining platforms, the construction of data mining platform in the cloud computing environment is proposed. Based on the data mining platform architecture design in the cloud computing environment, and the data collection...
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Sleep Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Low Duty Cycle

Yu Shaojun
WSN is a wireless network composed of a large number of static or mobile sensors in a self-organized and multi-hop way, which sense, collect, process and transmit the information of the perceived objects in the geographical area covered by the network in a cooperative way, and finally send these information...