Proceedings of the 10th Annual Meeting of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention (RAC 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Sen Qiao, Hongbin Cao, Aiwen Liu, Xueliang Chen, Tiefei Li
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the Proceedings of the 10th Annual Meeting of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention during September 24-25, 2022 in Beijing. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Organizing Committee...
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Analysis of Earthquake Damage and Strong Ground Motion Characteristic of Maerkang M6.0 Swarm Type Earthquake in Sichuan

Sen Qiao, Zongchao Li, Tiefei Li, Changlong Li, Xueliang Chen, Keng Chen, Zhiwei Ji
On June 10, 2022, earthquakes of M5.8, M6.0 and M5.2 occurred successively in Markang City, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which is a swarm earthquake. This paper mainly analyzes the seismogenic structure, focal mechanism, aftershock distribution, seismic intensity, damage characteristics and strong...
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The Role of Insurance Industry in Urban Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Shuhong He, Qi Lei
Fighting against with disasters is an eternal issue that human beings are facing. With the advancement of urbanization in China, more and more cities will be exposed to disaster risks. From the point of view of ensuring people's livelihood, maintaining long-term social stability and national prosperity...
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Risk Assessment of Extreme Precipitation-Geological Hazard Chains in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau

Guangzhi Rong, Jiquan Zhang
In this study, based on the four elements of natural disaster risk formation theory, indicators were selected from four aspects of extreme precipitation-geological hazard chain, exposure and vulnerability of disaster-bearing bodies, and disaster prevention and mitigation capacity, and a risk assessment...
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Analysis of Risk Factors of Agricultural Crowdfunding from the Perspective of Operation

——based on fuzzy ISM and MICMAC models

Ye Xue, Ying Cui, Ying Li, Shuang Yang
In order to effectively avoid the risks and prevent them in advance from the root, the paper first identifies the risk influencing factors of agricultural crowdfunding from the project operation stage. Fuzzy ISM was used to analyze the risk factors, and MICMAC was used to analyze their driving force...
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Preliminary Discussion on Site Effect of Strong Earthquake Stations in Lushan M6.1 Earthquake

Xueliang Chen, Kelin Chen, Mingjie Chi, Tiefei Li
The Lushan M6.1 earthquake is used to study the site effect. Based on the traditional HVSR method, taking the site where the station is located as the research object, SH wave and SV wave are inversely extracted from strong earthquake records, and their H/V spectral ratios are carried out respectively....
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Study on the Influence of Maximum Magnitude Uncertainty to the Seismic Hazard in North China

Changlong Li
This paper summarizes the methods for considering the uncertainty of the upper magnitude limit in several domestic and foreign studies on seismic hazard and mapping, analyzes the influence of the uncertainty of the upper limit of magnitude in the potential source area on the earthquake hazard, and provides...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis of Public Participation in Emergency Management in COVID-19 Prevention and Control

Qiang Zeng, Caili Wang
At present, the COVID-19 epidemic is still raging around the world. With the Chinese government always adheres to the concept of people and life first, the "dynamic zero" epidemic prevention and control policy has achieved remarkable results in epidemic prevention.Epidemic prevention and control...
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Research on Credit Evaluation of Metaverse Listed Companies Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Language PROMETHEE Method

Yi-fan Fu, Mu Zhang
To objectively evaluate the credit level of Metaverse listed companies, this paper introduces technological innovation capability into the index system, and constructs the credit evaluation index of Metaverse listed companies from five aspects: profitability, solvency, growth capability, operational...
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Aggregation Characteristics and Social Influencing Factors of COVID-19 in Shijiazhuang

Xufan Wei, Zhihai Shang, Baolin Jiang, Yingying Huang
COVID-19 occurred in Shijiazhuang in early 2021, and it spread rapidly in rural areas in a short time, showing different characteristics from the urban epidemic. Information of 869 confirmed cases are collected to study epidemic aggregation characteristics in Shijiazhuang by the methods of spatial autocorrelation...
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Study on the Correlation Between Fractal Dimension of Sedimentary Soil Layer and Shear Wave Velocity in Yuxi Basin

TIefei Li, Xueliang Chen, Sen Qiao
Grain size characteristics of soil layers are closely related to their engineering properties, especially shear wave velocity, and are therefore often taken as the main criteria for soil engineering classification. In this paper, fractal theory is used as a method to study the gradation characteristics...
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Dynamic Evaluation of Drought Disaster Comprehensive Risk for Soybean in Northeast China

Kaiwei Li, Jiquan Zhang
Drought was the main natural disaster causing reduced soybean production in Northeast China. Agricultural drought risk assessment can help to improve regional disaster management capacity and thus reduce food security risks and economic losses. In this paper, we established a drought risk assessment...
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Research Review on Seismic Test of Cross-Fault Pipeline

Xiaoqing Fan, Aiwen Liu
Urban water supply and drainage pipelines, oil and gas pipelines and other buried pipelines are lifeline projects related to the national economy and people's livelihood, so their seismic performance has been concerned by scholars at home and abroad. The experience and lessons of earthquake damage...
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Spatiotemporal Pattern and Influencing Factors of Ecological Degradation Risk in Dongliao River Basin Based on DPSIRM model

Walian Du, Zhijun Tong, Su Rina, Dao Riao, Xingpeng Liu, Jiquan Zhang
Under natural factors and human disturbance, the watershed ecosystem loses its original equilibrium state and is in a reverse succession process. As a tributary of the Liaohe River Basin, one of the seven major river basins, the Dongliao River Basin has caused environmental pollution and ecological system...
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Analysis of the Impact of Topographic Effect on Ground Motion Characteristics in the Extreme Seismic Region of Yangbi MS6.4 Earthquake on May 21, 2021

Libao Zhang, Lei Fu, Zhenghua Zhou, Guoliang Lin, Su Chen, Aiwen Liu, Xiaojun Li
This paper conducted a damage investigation on the micro epicenter of the Yangbi Ms6.4 earthquake on May 21, 2021. Based on the observation data of mobile observation topographic array, the influence of topographic effect on ground motion characteristics is analyzed. It is found that if the seismic wave...
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Remote Sensing Monitoring and Analysis on Heavy Rainstorm Flood in Yongji County, Jilin Province

Xiaoyu Liao, Walian Du, Rina Su
With the continuous development of remote sensing technology, increasingly it is applied in natural disaster monitoring and management, especially, in the field of flood monitoring and warning, flood risk and loss assessment. The three phase Gaofen-1 satellite images before and after the flood in Yongji...
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Basin Effect of Wenchuan Earthquake From NGA-West2 Data

Ting Huang, Qing Wu, Xueliang Chen, Tiefei Li, Zongchao Li, Zhiwei Ji, Lijun Qiu
In this paper, we use the BSSA14 model which based on the Wenchuan earthquake data in the NGA-West2 released by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center in 2013, to study the impact of basin effect on response spectrum.Then we fit the basin coefficients under different site conditions (Vs30=365...
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Comparison of Geological Disasters Induced by the 2008 Wenchuan and 1303 Hongdong Earthquakes of M 8.0 and Seismic Intensity Characteristics

Xiao-fei HAN, Li ZHANG, Shuang-shuang SHI, Bin DONG
The Wenchuan earthquake and the Hongdong earthquake are earthquakes of magnitude 8.0 occurring in the north and south of China: the Hongdong earthquake occurred in the Linfen Basin on the Loess Plateau. The thick Quaternary basin produced surface rupture, sand liquefaction and soft under earthquake action....
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Risk Assessment of Potato Drought Disaster in the Northern Single Cropping Area of China

Dao Riao, Kaiwei Li, Suri Guga, Du Walian, Jiquan Zhang
Climate change brings extreme weather and precipitation heterogeneity, which seriously threatens the agricultural ecosystem and food security, and increases the difficulty of agricultural risk management. This study, the potato in the northern single cropping area was taken as the research object, quantitatively...
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Research on the Coordinated Development of Big Data, Financial Agglomeration and Regional Economy in Guizhou Province

Shan Wei, Hongmei Zhang
After the concept of big data was put forward, and the first national-level big data comprehensive experimental zone in China was approved, Guizhou Province made great efforts to promote the development of big data and make preparations for the realization of "counting the east and calculating the...
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Analysis of Pollution Characteristics and Health Risk of Phenolic Pollutants in the Surface Soil of an Industrial Park in Ningxia, China

Yue Sun, Zengyu Han, Wenjuan Jiang, Hongbin Cao
In this article, surface soil samples from an industrial park in Ningxia were collected to determine the concentrations of six phenolic pollutants. Single factor pollution index and Nemerow integrated pollution index methods were used to evaluate the degree of soil phenolic pollution, the spatial distribution...
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Research on Credit Evaluation of Listed Companies in Science and Technology Sector Based on SVM

Su-juan Xu, Mu Zhang
In recent years, the state has strongly supported the development of scientific and technological enterprises. Scientific and technological enterprises occupy an increasingly important position in China's economic development. However, scientific and technological enterprises are in the growth period,...
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Identification of Typical Grassland Fire Areas in the Northern Border Based on Sentinal-2 Dead Fuel Index (DFI)

Lumen Chao, Yulong Bao, Jiquan Zhang, Yuhai Bao
Fire has a great impact on the production function, carbon storage, habitat, biodiversity, vegetation replacement pattern, and the nutrient cycle of terrestrial ecosystems, causing great losses to the local social and economic, life, and ecological environment. In this paper, the Dead Fuel Index (DFI)...
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Emotion Analysis of Industry Research Report Based on the Hybrid Method of BERT and BiLSTM

Qi Luo, Mu Zhang
In this era of information explosion, industry research papers contain a large number of information about the current business situation and profit and loss of enterprises, which reflects the credit risk of enterprises from the side, further affecting the objective evaluation of financial institutions...
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Research on the Supporting Role of Big Data Finance in the Construction of Guizhou Digital Village

Rui Li, Hongmei Zhang
To consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation in Guizhou Province, this paper focuses on Economic and Social Development Needs of Guizhou during the "14th Five Year Plan", and settles down in digital rural construction. Build Guizhou digital rural indicator system, obtain...
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Customer Volatility, Social Responsibility and Business Risk

Xuqian Wen, Kai Xu
Under the goal of "innovation-driven", how to improve the overall competitiveness and reduce the risk is a major problem faced by China's manufacturing industry over the recent years. This paper takes China's A-share manufacturing industry as a sample, sourcing data between 2012 and...
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Scenario Expression Model of Zhengzhou Rainstorm Subway Disaster Event Based on Knowledge Element Theory

Yongcun Ren, Ren Zhang
The sudden subway disaster caused by the torrential rain (7.20 rainstorm event) in Zhengzhou, Henan Province on July 20, 2021 is one of the few major urban casualties in recent years. In view of the characteristics of Zhengzhou rainstorm subway disaster event with many elements, complex relationships...
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Does the Degree of Digitalization Inhibit Credit Risk Contagion of New Economy Firms

Dongyang Li, Kai Xu, Kailing Dong, Chun Wen, Chun Wan
Based on 19 new economy firms in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, this paper constructs a three-year new economy firms credit risk contagion network model from 2019 to 2021. On this basis, the topological properties of the network are measured from the full network structure and node attributes,...
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Credit Risk Evaluation of Chip Manufacturing Listed Companies Based on Fermatean Fuzzy VIKOR Method

Yu-tong Luo, Mu Zhang
China's chip manufacturing technology has made great strides forward, and the study of credit risk of chip manufacturing listed companies can better perceive their risk status and provide more valuable decision-making information for both companies and investors. In response to the existing fuzzy...
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Research on the Spatial-Temporal Differentiation and Influencing Factors of the Coordinated Development of Rural Ecological Environment and Economy in Hunan Province

Ting Wang, Dehua Mao
The research on the coordinated relationship between rural ecological environment and economy is of great significance to promote the implementation of rural revitalization strategy and the sustainable development of rural areas. Entropy method, coupling coordination degree model and spatial regression...
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Research Progress of OFDI Risks from the Perspective of Risk Factors

Xin Cao, Li Li
With the continuous development of China's economy, the scale of China's foreign direct investment (OFDI) has gradually expanded, and the risks of OFDI have become more complex. This paper discusses the influ-ence direction of political risk on OFDI, whether China's OFDI has political...
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Estimation of Resources Required for Emergency Supplies Dispatch

——Take Shanghai Xuhui District as an example

Ying XUE, Hanping ZHAO, Haoyue Qiu
Lack of timely public access to emergency supplies after an emergency is an important problem in emergency response, and the reasons for the delay are related to the unreasonable allocation of material needs assessment and insufficient emergency resources such as manpower requirements. This paper takes...
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Impact of Financial Subsidies and Tax Benefits on Tibetan Listed Companies

Nan Sheng, Chengyi Pu
Financial subsidies and tax incentives are powerful ways to alleviate financial constraints and reduce the cost of capital of enterprises, which help enterprises increase R & D investment and promote enterprise development. Through empirical analysis, this paper tests the effect of fiscal subsidies...
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Spatio-Temporal Characteristics and Hazard Assessment of Chilling Injury on Millet in Northern China

Sicheng Wei, Yueting Yang, Kaiwei Li, Jiquan Zhang
Under the background of climate change, agricultural meteorological disasters occur frequently in northern China, which has seriously threatened the production safety of millet in this area. Therefore, it is urgent to find out the danger of major agricultural meteorological disasters in millet, and provide...
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An Empirical Study on Financial Support for Agriculture and Agricultural Loans to Achieve Common Prosperity in Tibet

Xuan Ye, ChengYi Pu
The development of China's agriculture has been inferior to that of industry and service industry because of its higher wage level, so the rural population has been moving to the cities, while the basic position of Tibetan agriculture is less solid and the gap between urban and rural areas is larger....
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Comparative Analysis of Domestic Airline Network Risks in Typical Time Periods

Yan Pei LI, Hang LI
With the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, the scale and complexity of the air transportation network are increasing, and the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of the network structure is becoming more and more prominent. It is of great significance to study the route network...
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Risk Identification and Response of "the Belt and Road Initiative" in Southeast Asia under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation

—— Based on the perspective of transportation infrastructure construction investment

Wenyang Zhou, Jing Xin, Yusheng Yang
In order to ensure the smooth development of Chinese enterprises' transportation infrastructure construction projects in Southeast Asia, the belt and road initiative, and alleviate the impact of epidemic situation on Southeast Asia projects, the data of transportation infrastructure construction...
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Research on Intersection Vehicle Collision Warning Based on Roadside LiDAR

Xuan DOU, Hanping ZHAO, Xiaowen MEI
A roadside LiDAR-based intersection vehicle collision warning method is proposed in order to reduce intersection vehicle collision accidents. Common vehicle collision scenarios at urban intersections are constructed, and corresponding 3D simulation experiments are designed. The point cloud data of the...
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Research on Credit Risk Perception System and Its Influencing Factors Based on Text Information

——Taking technological SMEs as an example

Wenyan Wang, Hongmei Zhang
Small and medium-sized enterprises are at a disadvantage in the financing process. In today's data explosion, how to make full use of text information on various platforms and improve the bank's risk assessment mechanism to help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is of great...
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Reserach on Risk Factors of Water Conservancy Project Requisition and Resettlement Based on PCA

Jianan Liu, Qian Wu, Jinshui Jin
Because of the water conservancy project construction period is long, large quantities, wide-ranging, this article selects a shaanxi province III reservoirs, such as moving in prior to the construction of the project of resettlement,. The application of SPSS software, using principal component analysis...
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Inclusive Finance, Public Education Expenditure and Multidimensional Poverty Alleviation

Chi Long, Hongmei Zhang
This paper defines Multidimensional Poverty from the dimensions of income, health care and education. Based on the panel data of 88 districts and counties in Guizhou Province from 2014 to 2020, it empirically analyzes the impact of Inclusive Finance on Multidimensional Poverty. The research finds that...
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An Empirical Study on the Financial Development, Industrial Structure and Urban Rural Integration Development in Tibet

Yanhong Gong, Haiwei Wu
Urban rural integration development has become a new development model between urban and rural areas in China. Digital inclusive finance and industrial structure have an important impact on promoting urban and rural integration development. Based on the vertical data of Tibet Autonomous Region from 2001...
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Research on Financial Distress Diagnosis of Real Estate Listed Companies Based on PCA-Logistic Model

Yu Jiang, Kai Xu, Yan Hu, Dongyang Li, Dongxu Long
Financial distress diagnosis is of great significance to the risk prevention and control and sustainable operation of real estate industry. This paper takes China's a-share listed real estate companies as samples, selects financial indicators based on the characteristics of the real estate industry,...
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Research on Community Resilience Improvement Path Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Map

Weijing LIANG, Ye XUE, Ying LI, Hao Dong WU, Jing XU
It has become more important to build more inclusive, flexible and resilient communities to effective disaster prevention and mitigation, as global disaster risks increase. Based on the definition of the concept of community resilience, this paper intends to analyze the influencing factors of community...
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Does Macroprudential Policy Reduce Bank Risk-Taking?

A quasi-natural experiments based on “Administrative Measures for the Capital of Commercial Banks (for Trial Implementation)”

Yongkui Li, Qixuan Du, Jinli Liu
Based on the unbalanced panel data of 141 commercial banks in China from 2008 to 2020, this paper uses difference‐in‐differences models to study the impact of macroprudential policies on banks' risk-taking. The empirical results show that China's implementation of macro-prudential policies...
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Research on the Influence of the Development Level of Digital Inclusive Finance on the Social and Economic Income Gap Between Urban and Rural Groups in Guizhou Province under the Background of Introducing Money into Guizhou Province

Kairui Yang, Hongmei Zhang
In recent years, our province has implemented the strategy of ‘introducing gold into Guizhou’, constantly improving the financial industry chain, and more and more financial resources have gathered in Guizhou, jointly promoting the rapid economic development of Guizhou Province. This paper combed the...
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Chlorine Poisoning Risk Management Based on ALOHA Simulation

Minyan Li, Jianchao Wang, Qian Zhang, Deyin Huang
In this paper, based on the investigation report of a liquid chlorine leakage accident during filling operation, ALOHA software was used to simulate the indoor and outdoor chlorine gas diffusion in different accident scenarios, and the emergency evacuation area was divided according to the different...
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Evaluation of the Use of an Airline's Voluntary Reporting System Based on RFV Model

Junjie Liu, Liying Dong
Voluntary report information analysis is one of the key work in the field of civil aviation security. Voluntary report information is characterized by large quantity, miscellaneous content and unstandardized expression. In order to solve the problem that it is difficult for airlines to evaluate the voluntary...
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The Impact of Basic Public Service Expenditure on Income Level in Tibet

Haichao Wu
Using data from 1998 to 2021 in Tibet, this paper establishes an econometric model to empirically test the impact of basic public service expenditure on the average income level in Tibet, and divides the expenditure into five categories. To study the impact of expenditures on education, science and technology,...