Proceedings of the International Conference Communicative Strategies of Information Society (CSIS 2018)

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Effective Administrative Decisions in the Investment Industrial Sphere of the Region (Case of Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia)

Fanil Fayzullin, Evgeniy Dzyuba, Azat Yangirov, Roman Gubarev, Viner Akhmetshin
The objective of the research is to develop the hybrid economic and mathematical model allowing the state executive authorities to make effective administrative decisions in the investment industrial sphere of the region. The model is based on the application of two known methods: Cobb-Douglas production...
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Social Practices of Mobilizing Population Initiatives: Prospects for Hybrid Methodology

Evgeny Golovatsky, Elena Kranzeeva, Anna Orlova, Anna Burmakina
In modern conditions of transformation of the social and political interaction forms between the population and the authorities, as well as due to the growing influence of new network practices of social communication in society, the innovative projects growth, it is necessary to turn researcher view...
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Problems of Non-Profit Organizations' Activities in Housing and Utilities Infrastructure Sphere in Tver Region

M.V. Blokhina, L.G. Grigoryev
This article is devoted to the analysis of non-profit organizations activity in the housing and utilities infrastructure sphere in Tver region. The research method is a traditional analysis of documents, in-depth interviewing of expert-leaders and activists of non-profit organizations in the field of...
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Political Communication and the Case of Electoral Reform in the European Union

Nikolai Grishin, Rafik Usmanov, Alexandr Grigoriev
This paper addresses an under-analyzed issue in the field of contemporary study of electoral management in the EU. Electoral governance in the EU is faced with specific problems that are not at the level of member states. In the author's opinion, one of the reasons for the failure of electoral reform...
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Political Myth in Communicative Practices of Political Philosophy of the first third of the XX century in Germany

Tatiana Karulina
The difficulty of identifying a political myth and clarifying its content is rooted in the essence of this product itself, which exists only in the consciousness of the individual and the mass, and is singled out through reflection. The myth revival, its involvement in social communications, the inclusion...
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User Experience in Government Web Resources as an Imaging Tool

Anastasia Kislitsina, Aleksandra Beloborodova
The article is devoted to the consideration of the digital technologies role as a governmental image-forming instrument. Today a lot of modern states is facing the strategic task to implant in the minds of all citizens an image of an open political leader, party, executive authority, concerned about...
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Modern Problems and Ways of Their Solution in System of Regional Support of Small and Medium Business

Indira Kokhanovskaya, Alevtina Fatykhova, Lilya Abdullina, Fanya Suleimanova, Nuria Ahmerova
At the present stage, one of the emphases in the development of the economy of the Russian Federation is put on the development of small and medium-sized businesses. The development of small and medium-sized businesses acquires particular significance in the context of the imposition of sanctions against...
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Digital Culture of University Students: Analysis of Future Economists and Managers

Aleksandr Kozlov, Alina Кankovskaya, Anna Teslya
The article presents the results of the study carried out at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with the purpose of exploring the digital culture of students enrolled in Economics and Management courses. The following problems have been solved to achieve this goal. We have proposed...
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Methods of Collecting and Analyzing of Civil Initiatives to Improve the Life -Support System

Larissa Logunova, Ekaterina Mazhenina, Natalia Nyatina
Civil initiatives require special methods of analysis. These capabilities have a hybrid research complexes. These research complexes are an integrative methodological apparatus for collecting and analyzing civil initiatives to improve the life -support system. The use of hybrid research complexes is...
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Government Communication in Digital Environment

Liudmila Minaeva
This article describes the growing adoption of the Internet platforms by Government bodies and civil servants in an attempt to foster better communication with citizens and collaboration with business. The article dwells on the strategy and tactics of communication used by Russian Government Public Relations...
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Involvement of Inhabitants of the Russian Municipalities in the Initiative Budgeting Practices as a Factor of Civil Activity Intensification

E.Yu. Maykova, E.V. Simonova
This article analyzes the impact of initiative budgeting practices on the solution of local problems of Russian municipalities, as well as on the consciousness and behaviorral models of the population. The research method is traditional analysis of documents, formalized interviewing of residents of municipalities...
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Citizens and E-services: On-line Interaction with the Authorities in Russia

Anna Treakhtenberg, Elena Dyakova
The article is based on the results of research conducted in 2015-2017. The main conclusion is that in Russia e-services is becoming more and more successfully integrated into the traditional arch of actions used by citizens in their interaction with authorities. This is a result of the government pursuing...
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Effective Public Administration of the Russian Economy

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, E.N. Kadyshev, A.N. Zakharova, I.A. Guschin, T.V. Kravchenko, M.N. Yaklashkin, O.A. Filippova
The article deals with the issue of effective public administration in the conditions of unstable growth of the Russian economy. The priority of the management system for the development of the Russian economy was substantiated, shifting the emphasis on efficiency as a key economic function and goal....
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Russian Model of Government PR: Peculiarities of Institutionalizing

Vera Achkasova, Liudmila Azarova, Nina Zhuravleva
The purpose of this paper is the study of the evolution and state of government public relations in Russia, the history of which, unlike their Western counterparts, is slightly more than a quarter of a century old. In this research, the authors undertake one of the first attempts to indicate the steps...
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Model of Cyclic Development of the Organization in the Information Space

Nikolay Filin, Alice Tuguz, Yuri Tuguz, Tatiana Mikhnenko, Raykhana Bulatova
The article considers a model of development of organization in the phase state space. The state of a real organization rarely correlates to just one of pure stages described in well-known development models, like the ones of L. Greyner or I. Adizes. Changes in organization are a result of a sum of ongoing...
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Communicative Technologies in Anti-Crisis Management of Corporate Structures

I.V. Mishurova, D.V. Nikolaev, N.V. Nikolaeva, T.Y. Sinyuk, O.S. Nesterova
The article deals with the role of conflicts in the development of the organization's crises. It suggests a classification of conflicts, a scheme for responding to a conflict situation depending on its type and the possibility of applying a conflict map in the company's activities is substantiated.
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Vulnerability Profile of Online Social Network Users

Mikhail Monakhov, Yuri Monakhov, Andrey Telny
This article presents an approach to the vulnerability profiling for online social network users. The profile includes information about the socio-demographic group of the user, calculated indicators of the user's emotionality by eight scales: "Inspiration", "Uncertainty", "Anger", "Discontent", "Joy",...
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Digital Communication Platform for the Agro-Industrial Complex

Dilara Musina, Sergey Kharitonov, Anatoly Turganov, Gylnara Nizamova
The author presents the concept of a digital communication platform for enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. The urgency of creating such a tool is justified by the problems that have accumulated in the industry. Modern theoretical and practical approaches to addressing the issue of digitization...
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Digitalization of Business Processes in Human Resources Management of Russian Industrial Enterprises

Jurij Odegov, Elena Malakhova, Andrei Garnov
This article is dedicated to the problem of human resources management of industrial enterprises in digital economy. The relevance of the study is due to the need of adaptation of industrial enterprises to operating in the digital economy environment. The aim of the study is to analyze the current state...
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Actual Reputation Technology of Individual Entrepreneurs: Personal Branding in Social Networks

Tatiana Popova, Daria Kolesova
The paper discusses one of the reputational technologies that have been actively used by individual entrepreneurs, namely, personal branding in social networks, which has not yet become the focus of special study. The impacting character (emotiogenity) of personal posts in blogs of individual entrepreneurs...
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ARG Technology as a Method to Promote Goods and Services

M.A. Shemchuk, O.S. Komarcheva, O.V. Seksetsova, E.Y. Lobach, O.V. Konovalova
Under declining efficiency of traditional types of advertising the issue of alternative technologies able to provoke the consumer's interest is ever more urgent. The use of ARG technologies to promote various goods and services makes it possible to maintain the interest in already existing products or...
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Use of Remote Banking Technology

Nelli Tskhadadze
The article considers an important area of banking sector development in modern conditions - development of remote banking customer service systems which increase the level of banking service. Today, a bank client can get information about his accounts in a remote way and manage his accounts, perform...
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Problems and Prospects of Creation of Digital Ecosystem in Postal Service of Uzbekistan

T.Z. Teshabayev, Z.M. Otakuziyeva, Sh.I. Bobokhujaev
Today, large-scale information and communication revolution is in progress all over the world and digital technologies are spreading incredibly fast. The current stage of information and communication technologies development in Uzbekistan is characterized by the period of formation and high dynamics...
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E-Society and Multi-Linguistic Factor: Communicational Linguistics Approach

Igor Chernov, Sergey Pogodin, Natalia Vasilyeva, Radomir Bolgov
The emerging E-Society is not only a new version of the society, which arises on the basis of new communication technologies. Obviously, it is neither the initial, nor the last social modification in history. At the current stage, any E-Society is not global, i.e. there is no uniform communication code....
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Music Computer Technologies and Interactive Systems of Education in Digital Age School

Irina Gorbunova, Hellene Hiner
The development of music computer technologies in the late 20th - early 21st century has significantly expanded the ways of obtaining information. High-tech information educational environment requires the search for new approaches and fundamentally new systems of education in the School of the Digital...
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Values, Trends, Technology and Artistic Product in Contemporary Visual Art of Kazakhstan

A.T. Kulsarieva, M.E. Sultanova, Zh.N. Shaigozova
Modern artists are increasingly using computer technology. This can be a digital painting or graphics programs to create outline options. The Internet and digital technologies are an integral part of our world. It becomes more difficult to classify the visual arts, to determine its forms and ideas as...
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Some Evaluations of Efficiency of Machine Synthesis of Terrain Images Affecting Learning Process Using Simulators for Vehicle Drivers

L.A. Nainish, O.A. Kuvshinova, E.V. Roganova, E.N. Meshcheryakova
Software appeared in recent years that allows almost anyone to start drawing, does not always meet the requirements for obtaining images of the terrain in the simulators. When synthesizing the visual 3D model of a part of the visualization scene, observed through the window of the simulator's cabin,...
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Features of Computer Images

Larisa Nainish, Lyudmila Remontova
An important aspect of human activities is receiving, recording and operating with geometric information possessed by all real objects. It is far from always that a person can receive geometric information directly from the object. In these cases substitutes (geometric models) of these objects, which...
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Framing Communicative Techniques to Construct Life World

Olga Shipunova, Irina Berezovskaya, Ivan Kolomeyzev, Nadezhda Kvashenko
The article deals with the communicative technique tools aimed at modelling the meaningful context of a person's life world. The technique to construct life world is realized within the framework of the sociocognitive approach that focuses on contextual aspirations implied in discourse and forming the...
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Influence of New IT on Development of Information Society in Kazakhstan

Saule Barlybayeva
The global information process is strongly influenced by regional and national levels. Some countries have already developed and some are developing country entering state concept in the information society and the global information space taking into account the technological, socio-economic and cultural...
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Formation of Information Society in Modern Russia: Problems and Prospects

Elena Besedina, Aleksei Michurin
The article deals with the issues of formation of the information society in Russia in the 21st century. The information society is a social system in which the production of goods and services essentially depends on the collection, storage, processing and communication of information. In the information...
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Categories of Abstract and Concrete in Analysis of Modernity

Andrey Fomin
The conception of the information society, in which information is given the status of this society essence, testifies the modern crisis of rationalism as a philosophical paradigm. The dialectics of such categories as the abstract and the concrete allows us to understand that the essence of the information...
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Formation of Theoretical and Methodological Bases of Revolutionary Views of K. Marx and F. Engels

Vera Golovina, Galina Zhuravleva, Aleksandr Kvasov, Lidiya Batudaeva, Ilona Tarasova
The article is devoted to a brief consideration of some of the early works of K. Marx and F. Engels. There is relevance of the proposed brief study of Marxism, its evolution, a brief analysis of the works of Marx's "criticism of the Hegelian philosophy of law", F. Engels with his "Outline of the critique...
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Communication Strategies of Information Society in Interdisciplarnary Paradigm

Ekaterina Kamalitdinova, Alexey Krivonosov, Anna Pryakhina, Irina Saveleva, Alina Syrkina
The article analyzes a number of modern characteristics of the information society and shows the need to take into account interdisciplinarity in the formulation of communication strategies. Accounting for the interdisciplinary factor of the strategy is based on the concept of information culture.
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Meritocracy and Informational Society

Pavel Karabushchenko, Elena Krasnozhenova, Sergey Kulik
One of the main features of the informational society is the strengthening of the meritocratic trends' role as well as the emergence and formation of the meritocracy itself. This paper analyzes the genesis of meritocracy in the context of the general transit of elites from the industrial to post-industrial...
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Communicative Vectors in the History of Philosophy

Sergey Lebedev
The article examines two communication vectors exist in philosophy, one of them is focused on the studied subject area, and the other is aimed at transmitting the results of knowledge to society. On the example of ancient Greek natural philosophy and sophistry, two differently oriented types of philosophizing...
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Evolution of Political Process in Gulf

A.S. Trukhin, R.V. Lesovik, Ya.S. Allakham, O.V. Leonova
The article analyzes the relations in the CCASPG, disclosure issues of integration processes in the region, showing the contradictions with Qatar regarding the association "Muslim Brotherhood." In addition, the authors shed light on the Russian state interests in the Arabic Gulf, as well as demonstrate...
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Resource Policy of Russia and Norway in the Spitsbergen Archipelago: Formation of Coal Production Before World War II

Sergey Nabok
The article is devoted to the relationship between the USSR and Norway at the time of the formation of coal mining in Svalbard before the Second World War. An analysis has been made of shifting the focus of attention of countries interested in the archipelago from the priorities of military security...
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Biological Resources of the Svalbard Water Areas: Conflict of Interests Between Russia and Norway

Sergey Nabok
The article is devoted to the distribution of bio-resources in the water area of Spitsbergen between Russia and Norway. An analysis has been made of shifting the focus of attention of countries interested in the archipelago from the priorities of military security to resource aspects. Changes in the...
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Society and Economy in Digitalization Era

Elena Osipova, Elena Shirikhina
A technological structure is a set of technologies that are characteristic of a certain level of production development. Now we are on the threshold of the 6th technological mode, which is just beginning to emerge in developed countries. Its characteristic feature is the improvement of nano-and biotechnology,...
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Current State and Prospects of Interaction Between Russia and Baltic Sea Region in LNG Market

L.A. Podolyanets, Yu.A. Veselova
The LNG market is characterized by growth and volatility, change of operating conditions. The Baltic states create a gas infrastructure of LNG which is independent of the Russian Federation. Russia has not created the complex strategy of LNG production and export. The research objective is to study the...
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Ontological Foundations of Imagination and Image-Communication

Yuriy Romanenko, Alexander Shadow
The article is devoted to the study of spontaneous imagination role in the process of image-communication. The modern cultural situation is characterized by the increasing role of figurative elements in the processes of transmission and information exchange. This is particularly evident in Internet human...
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Information and Economic Aspects of the Cryptocurrency Analysis

O.P. Sushko, А.А. Kaznin
The paper considers the IT element of the global innovative economy, i.e. a blockchain. It demonstrates some results of SWOT analysis and PEST analysis of the cryptomarket, analysis of blockchain technologies used to create the digital currency and the market of digital currencies. It gives the analysis...
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Study and Mapping of Impact of Mining on State of Land in Economic Corridors "China-Mongolia-Russia

A.D. Abalakov, N.B. Bazarova
The article presents materials on the assessment and mapping of the state of lands disturbed in the process of mining and processing of minerals in the areas of creating transport economic corridors between China, Mongolia and Russia, provided by the trilateral agreement of the leaders of these countries....
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Risk Assessment of Land Reclamation Investment Projects

Irina Yurchenko, Vladimir Vanzha, Mikhail Bandurin, Victor Volosukhin, Inna Bandurinа
The specific investment projects and the use of effective innovative methods of effectiveness calculation of the planned activities are important factors in profitable capital investment. The authors prove the need of studying the effectiveness assess of investments in land development using a common...
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Directions of Improvement of Management System of Competitiveness of Regional Economy

V.N. Chaynikov, V.L. Semenov, A.O. Patianova, M.M. Mitugina, O.A. Filippova, Z.S. Filippov
The mechanism of formation of synergetic effects in the integrated system of competitiveness management of the region's economy, which transforms into competitive advantages and competitiveness of the region's economy is designed.
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Risk Passport as an Effective Measure to Overcome Negative Consequences in the Conditions of Enterprise Functioning

Julia Golubyatnikova, Olga Charykova
The nature and content of the risk passport are considered, an algorithm for its implementation in the enterprise of the agricultural sector is provided in the article. A set of information about the risk area, risk criteria, as well as instructions on the necessary methods application to manage or minimize...
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Method of Constructing Evaluation Criteria of Economic Efficiency of Innovative Projects with Regards to Quality Adjustment

I.E. Grekov, I.O. Trubina, A.E. Trubin, A.L. Frolov, L.N. Borisoglebskaya
A methodology has been developed for constructing criteria for evaluating the economic efficiency of innovative projects, considering the price adjustment for quality with regards to new and existing industries. The proposed performance indicators in real prices were calculated on the basis of real cash...
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Synergistic Synthesis of Multi-Range Food Technology Systems

A.L. Maytakov, A.M. Popov, E.G. Vinogray, N.T. Vetrova, L.N. Beryazeva, K.B. Plotnikov
The article is devoted to peculiarities of the design of multi-product complex food technological systems designed in the agro-industrial complex (AIC). The focus is on the problem of creating industrial agro complexes, implementing technology in agricultural production, its storage and processing. Particular...
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Safe City as Part of the Concept of "Smart City"

Aleksandr Pavlov
The article discusses the features of public safety in modern conditions in the framework of the use of the concept of "smart city". Currently, the Russian Federation is tasked with the formation of sustainable socio-economic development and the growth of the investment attractiveness of the country....