Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Engineering

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Intelligent Space for Building Fire Detection and Evacuation Decision Support

Z.C. Zou, H. Leng, K.L. Wu, W.Q. Su
Building fires cause incredible life and property losses. In order to enhance buildings safety a framework of building up intelligent space based fire detection and evacuation system is clarified in this paper. On the base of building fire defence analysis, this paper illustrates the application of intelligent...
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An Improved Dead Reckoning Algorithm for Indoor Positioning Based on Inertial Sensors

Z. Zhou, T. Chen, L. Xu
Locationbasedservice(LBS) became more and more popular.ThecoretechnologyofLBS is positioning. For indoor positioning, the GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver can’t provide accurate results and even fails in positioning. This paper raises a method by using inertial sensors to realize a continuous...
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Research Methods on Recognizing Potential Opinion Leaders of Hot Event Based on Social Network

D.C. Qu, H.X. Lian, H. Xie, S.L. Guo, J. Li
Recognizing the "opinion leaders" in advance is a new requirement in the context of social network. "From back to front" approaches do not conform to the transmission and evolution of development process of hot events. To address this problem, this paper proposes the concept of "potential opinion leaders",...
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Target Tracking by Adaptive Waveform Design of Generalized Frequency Modulation

W.H. Xue, F. Xie, L. Mao
A tracking algorithm by adaptive waveform design of generalized frequency modulation (GFM) is researched in this paper. According to the tracker’s dynamical requirements, the transmitted waveform for the next time step is adaptively designed based on GFM pulses as a sample waveform, in order to minimize...
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Research on Dynamic Coverage Based on V-DE Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Y.X. Zhang, X.Y. Li, Z.Q. Huang
With the development and application of sensor network technology, how to achieve a dynamic multi-objective sensor network coverage optimization has become an important issue currently facing the sensor network. By analysis of the original algorithm for the dynamic overlay node mobility departure, V-DE...
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Swing Up and Balancing Implementation for the Pendubot Using Advanced Sliding Mode Control

C.V. Kien, N.N. Son, H.P. Huy Anh
In this paper, an advanced sliding mode control (ASMC) with integral sliding function is proposed for the pendubot system which is a planar two degree of freedom (2-DOF) robotic arm in the vertical plane with an actuator at the shoulder, but no actuator at the elbow. Using MATLAB/SIMULINK environment,...
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Predictive Control System of Gas Recovery Based on Neural Network and Fuzzy Control

H.Y. Bian, Y.L. Chang
Aiming at the problem that the converter gas steam recovery and average recovery rate is less than forty percent in some steel factory, this research optimized recycle-using system of steel plant’s converter gas by applying neural-network adaptive predictive control and fuzzy control. The simulation...
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Generating Orientated Point Clouds From RGB-D Sensor

W.B. Shan, Y. Yao, J.J. Liu, M. Guo
In order to reconstruct a surface by using the data from RGB-D sensor, this paper presents a viewpoint based method for estimating the orientation of point clouds. Firstly, a PCA method is used to compute the normal vector of each point. In this process, the orientation of the normal is determined by...
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Engineering Environment Mediated Natural Coordination for Multiagent Systems in SAPERE

F. Zambonelli
SAPERE is a general multiagent framework to support the development of self-organizing pervasive computing services. One of the key aspects of the SAPERE approach is to have all interactions between agents take place in an indirect way, via a shared spatial environment. In such environment, a set of...
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Model and Simulation Study on Pressurizer Pressure System

Z.B. Xu, J. Wu, Z.T. Quan, X.S. Zhang, X.Q. Ma
A double-district equilibrium model of a nuclear power plant pressurizer dynamic characteristic was established through the approach of theoretical modelling simplifying. Moreover, the proposed model was examined in spray water disturbances and heating disturbances experiments by on-site simulator operating...
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Design of Time-to-Digital Converter for Precision Control

S.F. Lin, C.W. Lin
The time-to-digital converter is a widely used device for measuring pulse width,timing characteristic of signal in precise control. In this paper, we present a cyclic time-to-digital converter based on the pulse-shrinking technique. Through utilizing the temperature-compensated Schmitt trigger and design...
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An Unsupervised Model on Outsourcing Software Projects Risks Based on T-S Fuzzy Neural Network

Z.Z. Ouyang, J.Z. Chen, Z.H. Zhang, Y. Hu
Supervised learning algorithm is widely used in current research of software project risks, while it cannot evaluate the risk without decision class. Considering this, we present an unsupervised model, which can solve the forecasting problem of outsourcing software projects risks in unsupervised situation,...
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Sensor Networks and Optimal Regular Covering of the Plane With Equal Sectors

A. Erzin, N. Shabelnikova
We suppose that in the sensor network, the sensing areas of the sensors are equal sectors, and consider the problem of regular covering of the plane with minimal number of identical sensors per unit area. In the regular cover, the plane is split into the equal regular polygons – “tiles” (equilateral...
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Hamiltonian Method in the Application of Permanent Magnet Linear Motor Control

S. Li, C.Y. Zhi
Ac motor control system is complex nonlinear system which contains many factors such as multi-variable, strong coupling, time-varying and uncertainty parameters, it is very complicated to adopt the traditional control method to control this system. First this paper established the mathematical model...
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The Study of the Automatic Manual Truck Transmission Clutch Performance

A. Blokhin, V. Mankovsky, A. Kropp
The paper describes the research conducted in the NSTU named after R.E. Alekseev to design and create clutch linkage of the multispeed manual transmissions with automatic control and pneumatic actuator. It represents a general scheme of the transmission and clutch control, design model of the clutch...
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Combining Path-and-Posture Planning in 3D Environment

G. Zhang, S.M. Zhang, H. Liu, R.Q. Lu, Y. Huang
This work is part of a project “full life cycle automation of computer animation generation”. Among various animation planning tasks, it is crucial to plan the moving traces of avatars. Our previous animation generation software includes a path planning module. However, that module generates only a...
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Run-Time Application Developing Phases for Energy Trade-Offs in HPC System Node

A. Portero, R. Vavrik, S. Kuchar, M. Golasowski, V. Vondrak
In this paper is proposed a HPC system running with an RTOS that is aware and monitors the health of the platform. On the system, an application for disaster management is running. The application can be executed with different QoS depending on the situation. We defined two main situations normal execution...
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Conception of Nan Yin Digital System

F.F. Su, C. Wang, J. Ding, J. Gou
This paper proposes a conception of Nan Yin digital system to protect and inherit Nan Yin well and change the present situation of Nan Yin, which depends on people carriers by means of oral instruction and rote memory. The system includes four points inside: Nan Yin opern digital system, Nan Yin audio...
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Analysis and Control of the Measurement of the University Students’ Ability

D. Fu, Z.F. He
We explored the methods of extension evaluation method in the application of innovation ability measurement for university students. This paper used both statistical analysis and comprehensive evaluation analysis carried out by statistical analysis software SPSS19.0 and MATLAB7.0, aimed to study a evaluation...
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Realizing Robustness Testing Based on TTCN-3

X.M. Liu, Y.P. Liu, S.M. Liu, J. Wu
Robustness refers to the ability to ensure the software system execute correctly under normal or abnormal conditions in software testing. Robustness testing needs a large number of illegal and effective inputs, which are one of the key researches. The data variance is based on mutation testing, which...
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Fuzzy Electric Generation Modeling from Sea Wave Energy in Gulf of Thailand

S. Phaiboon, K. Jailearnmee
This paper presents electrical energy modeling from sea waves in the Gulf of Thailand using fuzzy modeling. We measured the wave height and electric power by using a video camera and multi meters at loads of 300 W. This information is used for modeling to analyze the relationship between the amplitude...
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Design and Finite Element Analysis of Electrical Plug Box Based on the Modular Mechanism

X.J. Zhang
In this paper, the design of electrical plug box is discussed according the modular concept, its structure is analysed. The plug box is devisde, which is one module of a cabinet, using Solid Words. The cabinet is composed of bus board, modular power supply unit ( MPSU ), variable frequency speed regulation...
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The First Knowledge of Electronic Heating of Sliding Joint

M. Janulikova, P. Mynarcik
Sliding joints are very often used to reduce shear stress in foundations if this shear stress arises. This paper explains and demonstrates reasons for application of sliding joint in to foundation structures and its basic function. The laboratory tests of modern sliding joint are introduced too. At the...
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Measurement of Capacitive Accelerometer with Decreased Nonlinearity of Static Characteristic

S. Timoshenkov, V. Kalugin, A. Shalimov, A. Timoshenkov, M. Golovinskiy, S. Berezueva
A series of the experimental works, which allowed achieving an evident improvement of functional parameters of MEMS accelerometers, was performed by specialists of the Microelectronics Department MIET. In particular – decrease the nonlinearity of the static characteristic. This article describes methods,...
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Experimental Study on Coupled Cooling System of PCM-Heat Pipe for Vehicle Power Battery Pack

H.B. Chen, H.Z. Cao, H.X. Li, X.W. Zhao, X.F. Liu
With the problem of environmental pollution and energy shortage is becoming increasingly serious, researches on electric vehicle (EV) are getting more and more attention. As an important energy source of EV, the working status of power battery will affect the performance of the vehicle. The performance...
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Design and Implementation of Linear Transformation Device for Current Frequency Isolation

Y. Wu, Y.F. Zhang, G.N. Xu, X.D. Wang, W.H. Gou
There are many problems such as various unknown signals, poor signals' stability and high error rates in the process of transmission. In view of the complex sensor distribution as well as various types of signals. This paper put forward a kind of device which can realize linear transformation from frequency...
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Performance Analysis of Single Phase Bi-Directional Converter Using CSPWM and Sinusoidal-PWM Techniques for Enhancement in Power Factor and Voltage Regulation

R.G. Mapari, D. Wakde
This paper present a performance analysis of bi-directional converter using continuous switching pulse width modulation (CSPWM) and sinusoidal pulse width modulation (S-PWM) techniques. The analysis is carried out by means of rectification and inversion operation using two cases. In CASE-I CSPWM technique...
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Relay Research Objectives under the Multi-Camera Tracking Algorithm

J.B. Qu
For a target at multiple scenes and multiple camera monitoring status, how to achieve relay tracking problem proposes the use of improved algorithms and dynamic prediction CamShift tracking technology to achieve rapid target search, locate and track, with a strong anti-interference and adaptive capacity.
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Application of Infrared Spectroscopy in the Detection of Coal Quality of Power Plant

J.J. Liu, X. Zhao, J.B. Zhang, Q.B. An, D.F. Luan, H. Men
Spectrum technology in coal quality detection has become a research hotspot with the maturing of spectral technology and the continuous development of spectral imager. This article mainly analyzed and summarized the progress and research status of scholars at home and abroad based on the coal quality...
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Sensorless Vibration Diagnostics of Permanent Magnets Traction Electrical Motors–The Shaft Unbalance Example

M. Baranski, B. Bedkowski
This work presents a new vibration diagnostic method of permanent magnets (PM) traction motors. Those machines are frequently used in electrical vehicles. The described method is very unique and innovative. Characteristic properties of PM machines are used in this method - EMF generated due to vibrations....
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Vibrations in Electric Machine with Permanent Magnets during Unsymmetrical Operation Point

P. Pistelok
The article presents the concept of an electromagnetic circuit of generator with permanent magnets designed for single phase work. The paper presents comparative analysis of simulation results of three generator operation points. First point was calculated as single phase work with serial connection...
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Evaluation of Global Solar Radiation Models for Inclined Surfaces

M. Mesri, A. Choucha, L. Chaib
Predicting the efficiency of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems needs global solar radiation data and its estimation models. Furthermore, daily global solar radiation models are required for engineering design and planning projects. In this paper, five daily global solar radiation models for...
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Application of Spectroscopy Technology in Textiles

J.J. Liu, L.N. Zou, F.B. Lv, Q.B. An, J. Liu, H. Men
Spectral analysis has a very high sensitivity and accuracy, widely used in qualitative and quantitative analysis of textile fibers. This paper described the mechanism of spectroscopy in qualitative identification of textile fibers. Then it gave a systematic review and summary on the research of qualitative...
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Simulation Study on HPDC Process with Automobile Part by CAE

B.J. Lee, H.K. Kwon
In this research, in order to optimize casting design of an automobile part (Housing), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) was performed by using the simulation software (AnyCasting). The simulation results were analyzed and compared with the several casting designs. During the filling process, internal...
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Integrity Inspection of a Steam Turbine Rotor in a Geothermal Power Plant

M. Nurbanasari
A 55 MW steam turbine in geothermal generation power plant has been in service for 26 years. This turbine stopped working in 2013 due to the failure of a first stage blade. By considering the damage and maintenance works are important for geothermal turbine to maintain the reliable operation before it...
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Superplastic Blow Forming of Welded Sandwich Panel for Elevated Temperature Application

K.J. Min, J.H. Yoon, J.T. Yoo, H.H. Jung, Y.R. Lee, H.S. Lee
Aerospace structure requires lightweight panels to obtain weight saving and strength. It is well known that lightweight and stiff, sandwich panels are one of a vital element of aerospace structural design. In sandwich structures, the face sheets are the main load-bearing element. Since conventional polymer...
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A Design of Mine Electrical and Mechanical Equipment of EPON Ring Network

Y. Wu, G.N. Xu, W.H. Gou, Y.F. Zhang, X.D. Wang
EPON ring network was applied in networking and cabling of mine to improve mine mechanical and electrical equipment of intelligent system network operation instability as well as high fault rate. When there is a single node failure, there is potentially a paralysis of the entire network system. EPON...
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Vacuum Pump System Diagnosis with the Pumping Speed Indicator

K. Lee, G.H. Kim
The diagnosis of a vacuum pump system for the semiconductor manufacturing is directly related to the failure rate of wafer. Pumping speed is the volume flow rate per unit time by the vacuum pump and represents the performance of vacuum pump directly. Unfortunately, it is impossible to measure the pumping...
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The Evaluation of Analytical Models for Orthogonal Cutting Process

M.R. Vaziri Sereshk, P. Heydarizadeh, S.M. Mostafavi
In Macro Mechanics view, Machining involves extremely localized and nonlinear physical phenomena that occur over a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and strains. The complexity of the system has hindered progress in predictive modeling of machining processes. Many different types of models ranging...
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Research on Numerical Analysis of the Temperature Difference of Concrete Hydration of Box Girder Bridge

X. Lei, Y. Yao, Z.G. Guo
Based on the temperature data of a post-tensioned continuous concrete box-girder bridge monitoring during concrete hydration, numerical analysis of the temperature in the different positions of the concrete box girder section was systemically carried out to extract the max temperature difference. A numerical...
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Positive Position Feedback Active Vibration Control of a Smart Cantilever Beam Using ANSYS

A.A. El Badawy, M.M. El Masry
In this work, the active vibration control of a uniform cantilever beam using piezoelectric materials subjected to transverse vibrations is studied. The equation of motion of a beam bonded with the piezoelectric actuator is realized based on the Euler Bernoulli beam theory and the Hamilton’s principle....
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The Use of Nonlinear Digital Filtering in the Navigation Task of Integrated Inertial-Satellite System

I.V. Shcherban
The tightly integration methods of inertial-satellite navigation systems (IS NS) based on estimation of dynamic error models of inertial navigation systems initially have a methodical errors caused by using the procedure of linearization of dynamic error models. This methodical errors are significantly...
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Low Noise CMOS Transconductance Amplifier for GPS Applications

P. Katolkar, D. Dahigaonkar, D.G. Wakde
In recent years, due to distinct advantages of CMOS, the research emphasis is on use of CMOS technology rather than bipolar or BiCMOS at Radio Frequency applications. One such example is Transconductance Amplifiers used in various Global Positioning System (GPS) applications. This paper describes a CMOS...
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Aspects Related Self-Control Function Of Computer Aided Management Control Systems

J.L. Csapo, C. Brisan
Companies operating in geographically dispersed locations require a management control system that allows global access to information, related the performance of different units, allowing all level of management to follow up and intervene when is necessary. Expansion of business to isolated areas with...
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Implementation of a Rate-Adaptive Approach for H.264 Streaming Traffic Control on Da Vinci dual Core Platform

Y.J. Chen, D.Y. Shih, J.J. Huang
Video surveillance becomes far-reaching thanks to the Internet. The IP camera having both photography and video output functions becomes the primary component in network video surveillance; the bandwidth of the network passageway is fixed but the traffic is changing. In the event of network jam, there...
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Planning and Scheduling of an Agile Earth Observing Satellite Combining on-Ground and on-Board Decisions

Z.X. Chang, J.F. Li
The new generation of agile satellites has more freedom and choices on when and how to make an observation. That may lead to the needs of uniform and deliberate considering operating status and rules of on-board instruments in the management and control process. What’s more, needs are improving responsiveness...
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A FPGA-Based Method for License Plate Localization

Y.H. Tan, Y. Xin, X.J. Zhai
As a significant stage in an Automatic Number Plate recognition (ANPR) system, License plate localization (LPL) is often computationally expensive. A novel LPL algorithm using morphological operations is proposed in the paper. The algorithm has the property of low complexity and high detection rate....
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Algorithms for Reliability Calculation of Complex Bridge System

S.C. Lee, H.Y. Lee, E.S. Lee, H.K. Kwon
In this paper, we present an algebraic technique for computing the system reliability of a complex system. And we also studied the problem of inverting minimal path sets to obtain minimal cut sets of the complex system. We described efficiency of inversion algorithm by the use of Boolean algebra and...
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Industrial Tests Of Programmed Equipment Complex “Granics” Performed In The Facilities Of Erdenet Mining Corporation, Mongolia

V. Krouglov
Described herein is a programmed equipment complex “Granics” designed to determine the grain composition of loose material particles on the example of estimating geometrical sizes of iron ore lumps. Results of operating algorithm for processing of images of iron ore particles are illustrated. Results...
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Computational Geometry and Heuristic Approaches for Location Problems

M. Seda
In this paper we deal with two problems, whose common basis is to find the location of a service center for potential customers, but with different criterion functions, determining what we consider in these tasks as optimal. While maximizing the coverage of an area by supermarkets, we choose a new supermarket...
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Application of Uniform Design Genetic Algorithm in Separation Condition Optimization of 14 Drugs

T. Zhang, X.G. Chen
An optimization method based on uniform design in conjunction with genetic algorithm was developed and applied in the optimization of separation condition of 14 drugs in reversed-phase ion pair chromatography and satisfactory optimal result was obtained.
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Research on Tacit Knowledge-Sharing Willingness in Trust Perspective—Empirical Analysis on Communication Enterprises

C.Q. Ding, J. Xue, J. Yuan
The trust among organization members is an important factor influencing the tacit knowledge-sharing willingness. This paper studied the antecedents influencing the trust and the functional mechanism between trust and tacit knowledge-sharing willingness, which was based on the data of 213 copies of questionnaire...
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Parameters Estimation of Three Mixed Exponential Distributions

G.Q. Zhang
Mixed exponential distributions play an important role in life time data analysis, but if we use traditional statistical methods to estimate the parameters in the model, it will be very difficult, however we apply the generalized expectation maximization (GEM) algorithm, namely expectation conditional...
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A Further Study on Finding More Minimal Negatively S-Transitive Closures

X.C. Yang, C.P. Wu
In this paper, we mainly suggested further methods to find more minimal negatively S-transitive closures of a fuzzy relation on a finite universe based on the construction proposed by Han. At the same time, an example was given to illustrate our methods by computer programming. As a result, some minimal...
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Topological Features Detection and Automatic Segmentation of Point Clouds from Tree Surface

H. Liu, H.Q. Zhang, H.B. Ju
In this paper, the tree topological features detection and automatic segmentation of point cloud data are studied, and propose a method of topological features detection and automatic segmentation of point cloud data, based on panoramic range image. First of all, the point cloud data is converted into...
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Analyzing and Discussing the Steady-State Error for Nonentity Feedback Control System by Type Number

Y.C. Kuo, S.C. Mou
This study is based on the method of analyzing the steady-state errors of the traditional unity feedback control systems. The method in this study combines the concept of type number and the new error function offered by Kuo. In this study, the definition of type number will be revised. The new definition...
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Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity Prediction Using Recursive Least Squares with Forgetting Factor

Z.W. Zhou, Y.D. Lu, Y. Huang, Z.Y. Shi, X. Li
How to predict capacity for lithium-ion battery is one of the most important problems in the field of battery health management. To make the newest data more efficiently, this paper proposes recursive least squares with forgetting factor to estimate the coefficients of the linear capacity degradation...
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The Evaluation of Storage Life when Disordered Data Appear in Accelerated Performance Degradation Tests

X.S. Li
Motivated by the fact that disordered data may appear in accelerated performance degradation tests when the sample is small, a new storage life evaluation method is proposed to mining information from the existing data. Combining the knowledge that the mean value of the performance parameter will degrade,...
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The Definition and Properties of New Connectedness in Topology Space

B. Deng, J.F. Zou, M.L. Zhang, P.L. Che
Connectedness is an important property in topology space. Based on the definition of connectedness, in this paper, we defined strongly connectedness, that is, the connected spaces were enlarged by concept of the connectedness. It can be found that strongly connected spaces have many interesting properties....
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Oscillation of Neutral Nonlinear Impulsive Parabolic Equations with Continuous Distributed Deviating Arguments

G.J. Liu, T. Liu, A.P. Liu, M. Wang
This paper investigated oscillatory properties of solutions for nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations with impulsive effects under two different boundary conditions, by using integral averaging method, variable substitution and functional differential inequalities, established a series of...
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Comparison and Verification of Methods for Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Regression in Crop Modelling

Z.H. Jiang, J. Zhang, C.H. Yang, Y. Rao, S.W. Li
In crop modelling, factor analysis and regression type have direct influence on the accuracy of model, but the application of these methods usually depends on the experience. In this paper, the performance of some common methods of statistical analysis and regression model was compared and verified,...
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A Mathematical Model of Ranking Coaches

Y. Gao, R. Wang, X. Li, Z.L. Jiang
This paper gives a mathematical model to evaluate a college coach by use of a fuzzy hierarchical evaluation approach. In this approach, an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is first used to give a proper weight for each influential factor. Then these weights are applied in computing the grade of a coach...
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Modeling and Analysis of IS-IS Protocolrouting Performance Based on The Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets

Z.L. Liu, M.Y. Guo, T. Lan, Y. Chai, J.F. Qu, F. Qi
Based on the analysis of basic operation process of the IS-IS(Intermediate System to Intermediate System)protocol, the paper provides a LSP (Link State Packet) diffusion model of the IS-IS protocol with the GSPN(generalized stochastic petri nets). And the simulation results show that the router’s load...
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A Note on Bπ' -Characters

X.J. Liu, J.K. Hai
Let be a set of primes.Isaacs established the - theory of characters,which generalizes the theory of Brauer module characters. Based on Isaacs’s work, the concept of principal indecomposable B '-characters of G is introduced, where ' denotes the complement set of .It is shown that some characteristics...
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A Note on the Normalizer Property for Integral Group Rings of Finite Groups

Z. Hua, J.K. Hai
et G be a finite group with an abelian Sylow 2-subgroup. Let N be a nilpotent normal subgroup of index in G at most 5. Then the normalizer property holds for G. The result generalizes a well-known result due to Li, Sehgal and Parmenter.
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Formal Modelling Intelligent Service Component Based on Extenics Theory

R. Fan, C.L. Liang
After twenty years, Extenics made great progress in innovation theory, formal method and real application. Through the formalized research for its logical cell basic-element, the information-knowledge-strategy formalized system, extension analysis methods, extension transformation methods and superiority...
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The Motion Estimation Research Based on the Histogram of Canny Edge Feature Points

Q. Zhao, Y.B. Hou, Y.X. Jia, S.W. Kou, S. Zhao, X.R. Mao
The criteria of traditional block matching motion estimation algorithm is based on the gray value offset between macro block, which was sensitive to the noise and the treatment under uneven illumination environment. For above problem, the paper proposed that using canny algorithm extracted the edge profile...
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The variable intermittent sampling repeater jamming against waveform agile SAR

W.H. Yang, Y.G. Chen
A new type of jamming against waveform agile SAR is proposed, which is called the variable intermittent sampling repeater jamming. The jamming can form false vivid targets through repeating waveform agile SAR different subsection signal as design in the current pulse in the waveform agile SAR current...
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The Design and Simulation of Sloping Channel Stabilization Loop

T.Y. Wulan, R.J. Li, L.H. Wang, W.Z. Yun
This paper analyzes the main problems and technical requirements of sloping channel stabilization loop design, in order to make the static error of slope stability not big and reduce the sensitivity of "time-varying interference moment of couple" in the system, the integral correction is introduced....
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Stabilization for a Class of New Chaotic Systems with Adaptive Quantizer

Y.H. Zhai, Y.H. Wang
This paper investigates the asymptotical stabilization via state feedback for a class of new chaotic systems, which nonlinear terms are monotonically increasing odd functions with the range [ 1, 1], with a quantizer connected on the input channel. The updated law and adaptive law of estimate boundary...
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Simulation of Train Load on Deformation of Big-Diameter Shield Tunnel

C.J. Chen, H.L. Zhu
In order to study the impact of train load on deformation of big-diameter shield tunnel, the Vehicle-Track-Tunnel-Soil coupling dynamic model was established, and the reaction force of fasteners was used to transmit between the Vehicle-Track coupling dynamic model and the Tunnel-Soil finite element model....
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Visual Integration Approach for Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation Applications Based On Object-Interaction Graph

Y. Liu, Y.P. Yao, W.J. Tang, F. Zhu, F. Yao
Visual Development Technology has been more and more attractive in the field of Modeling and Simulation with its intuitive features. As the scale of Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) enlarges, Researchers are becoming focused on how to integrate existing simulation entity models into PDES Application...
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Decision on Transfer Policy for A Car Rental Company in Multi-City Network

F. Tao
In this paper, we propose dynamic programming model for a car rental company in multi-city network to determine the transfer policy in daily operation. In the model, each city faces two types of demand, namely, inter-city and local city demands, where the former refers to a customer pick up a vehicle...
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Stability Analysis of an N-Unit Series Repairable System with a Repairman Doing Other Work

A. Haji, B. Yunus, H. Huxur
We investigate an N-unit series repairable system with a repairman doing other work. By analysing the spectral distribution of the system operator and taking into account the irreducibility of the semigroup generated by the system operator we show that the dynamic solution converges strongly to the steady...
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Texture Retrieval Based on Nonlocal Singular Value Decomposition and Multiscale Transforms

J.W. Zhang, B. Liu
Feature extraction based on the multiscale transforms is usually accomplished in the high frequency subbands. The features which are captured from the high frequency subbands mainly contain the edge changing information of images; meanwhile the structural information of images is mainly existed in the...
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Implementation of Infeasible Kernel-Based Interior-Point Methods for Linearly Constrained Convex Optimization

L. Wu, K. Li, X.D. Wang, L.H. Shao, A.N. Zhao
In this paper, we present the implementation of infeasible kernel-based primal-dual interior-point methods for linearly constrained convex optimization. Numerical results are provided to demonstrate the efficiency of the algorithms.
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Equipment Collaboration Expressions in Automatic Test of Safety Critical Systems

J.H. Lv, B. Sun, S.L. Ma, X.J. Li
The trustworthiness of safety critical system (SCS) is very important. To assess their trustworthiness depends on data from test. In order to ensure the reliability and validity of test data, especially for such complex SCS, development of test languages is inevitable trend for automatic test of SCS....
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A Stochastic Lotka-Volterra Competitive System With Feedback Controls

X.J. Dai, X.P. Li
In this paper, we consider an autonomous Lotka-Volterra competitive system with stochastic perturbation and feedback controls. Firstly, we show the existence, the uniqueness and the positivity of the solution. Secondly, under a simple assumption, sufficient conditions for stability in the mean and extinction...
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Equivalent Realization of Cylindrical Electromagnetic Concentrator Based On Transmission Line Network

T.H. Li, M. Huang, Y. Su, J.J. Yang, X.G. Xu
Electromagnetic concentrator as an important wave-manipulation device plays important roles in receiving antenna, solar cell or similar devices. However, anisotropic and inhomogeneous material properties seriously impede the practical fabrication of the device. In this paper, an equivalent realization...
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A Method to Search the Optimal Hamiltonian Cycle with a Set of Approximations for Travelling Salesman Problem

Y. Wang
The objective of travelling salesman problem (TSP) is to find the optimal Hamiltonian cycle (OHC) and it has been proven to be NP-complete. A heuristic method is proposed for TSP. It is realized with four steps. A set of approximations are computed with the 2-opt move algorithm firstly. Secondly, a frequency...
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Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation on Flexural Behaviour of Longitudinally Cracked Wood Beams

Y.M. Jiang, X.B. Song, X.L. Gu, M.Q. Wang, S.S. Shang
In this study, ten full-scale Douglas fir wood beams, broken down into two groups, were tested under monotonic loading and a three-dimensional finite element method based model was developed to study the influence of longitudinal cracks on the flexural behavior of such beams. The test results indicated...
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Research on Horizontal Stability Model of Six-Axis Simulation/Testing Turntable

J.H. Zhou, X.F. Peng
In order to shorten the shipboard stable platform’s development cycle, reduce its development cost and facilitate experimental research, a new type of six-axis simulation/testing turntable was proposed in the paper. The turntable’s application and performance index were introduced from the system's composition...
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Interactive Virtual Fruit Tree Pruning Simulation

M.M. Lv, S.L. Lu, X.Y. Guo
This paper proposed an interactive virtual pruning method for fruit tree. In this method, Unity3D – a common game development platform – was used as the implementation tool for the interactive virtual pruning simulation of fruit tree, including integrating 3D fruit tree and scissor into a virtual orchard...
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Uniform Design and Explicit Dynamics Finite Element Analysis in Improving Permanent Deformation of an On-Road Bicycle Frame Undergoing The Drop-Frame Impact Test

C.K. Lee, Y.C. Cheng, J.H. Sun
This paper aims to apply the uniform design method and explicit dynamics finite element analysis to improve the permanent deformation of an on-road bicycle frame which undergoes the drop-frame impact test. Eight dimensional parameters of bicycle frame are selected as the control factors. The uniform...
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Modelling and Simulation on a New Double-Layer Diffluent Combustion System

K.P. Qi, W.Q. Long
In order to investigate the influence of combustion chamber geometry on the formation of air-fuel mixture in diesel engine, a new double-layer diffluent combustion system for DI diesel engine was proposed which had a collision platform with circular oriented-surface. The mixing process of the fuel spray...
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Simulation of the Acoustic Field of Broadband Parametric Sonar

S.W. Li
One of the advantages of parametric array is its broadband ability at low frequency. Recently, parametric acoustic source is gradually being used in communication sonar and detection sonar in shallow water, and broadband signal design for parametric array is pressing in order to obtain high transmitting...
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Nonexistence of Positive Solutions to an Elliptic System and Blow-Up Rate for a Parabolic System

Z.Q. Ling
We first get the conditions under which the elliptic system- ui = upi+1, us+1 = u1(i=1,2,…,s) has no positive radially symmetric solutions. Then by using this nonexistence result, we establish blow-up estimates for semilinear reaction-diffusion system uit = ui+upi+1 , us+1 =u1(i=1,2,…,s) with null Dirichlet...
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A Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy For Real-Time Aircraft Collaborative Simulation

J.X. Zhao, G.Z. Peng, H.M. Zhang
Synergic collaboration and load balancing are important techniques for complex aircrafts system simulation. The synergic models included aerodynamic, atmospheric and engine control models are studied and categorized into two groups in this paper. Moreover, optimizing the dispatch strategy is an essential...
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WASFM: A Web Application System Functional Model

C.C. Zhu, J.P. Xiu, Z.Q. Yang
Web application system is a kind of system organization form which is of large scale and complex. Accurate requirements modeling of this kind of system has very important effect on system success. A web functional modeling method is raised in this paper called WASFM. The paper presents the formal description...
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A Novel Method for Modelling a Thermopile Infrared Sensor in PSpice

H.X. Chen, L.H. Xiang, L.M. Wang
Presently, thermopile infrared sensors have been successfully commercialized in different application areas such as contactless temperature measurements and infrared detectors. In the process of designing the application circuit of thermopiles, circuit simulation is necessary to improve the efficiency...
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Flow Analysis and Modeling of Magneto-Rheological Fluids

H.K. Gao, F. Yang, D.S. Qu
The Bingham-plasticmodel has been widely used to predict the post-yield behavior of Electro-Rheological(ER) and Magneto-Rheological(MR) fluids. However, as the plastic viscosity is not constant under conditions of different flow velocity and applied field (Electric/Magnitude), the phenomenon of shear...
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An Indentation Model for Sandwich Beams with Functional Graded Metallic Foam Core

L. Mu, G.P. Zhao, D.B. Xiao
Sandwich beams with functional gradient metal foam core are sensitive to local indention because of the low strength of the foam core and the low bending stiffness of the thin face sheets. The local indentation response of the sandwich beams are determined by loading the beams with a flat indenter. The...
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Adaptability Analysis of the Software FLUX Calculating Ship Magnetic Field

J.H. Cao, B. Zhuang, H.F. Mu
To deal with the large calculation error of ship magnetic field, this paper simulated the submarine magnetic field based on the software FLUX. Submarine’s geometry modelling, meshing and magnetic field calculation have done in order. According to magnetic field data and images, comparative analysis of...
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Calculation of the Effective Permeability Tensor Used in the Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Simulation

Y.F. Liu, X. Wang, L. Cao, Y.Z. Wang
This paper presents a numerical model to calculate effective permeability tensor and to simulate the fluid flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs. This simulation includes three parts. A discrete fracture network is realized to capture the features of the target Naturally Fractured Reservoirs. The discrete...
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Design and Simulation of Closed-Loop Control System for Screw Oil Press

Z.G. Hu, Y.L. Chen
The traditional screw press has many disadvantages, such as the lower level of automation, the existing unstable control system and the longer response time. Through the research on the principle of pressed oil, mechanical structure and the automatic control procedure of the screw press, a set of automatic...
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Study of Phase Circle Map Model and its Symbolic dynamics

Z. Chen, S.W. Pan
Integrate-and-Fire Mode (IFM) is a quite simple neuron model, however, it is possible to simulate circle map. With the aid of IFM, the circle map iteration of phase can be implemented, meanwhile the symbolic sequences are acquired conveniently from Integrate-and-Fire process. In this paper, the study...
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A Study on Solving the Seepage Flow Model of Three-Area Composite Reservoir

X.X. Dong, D.D. Gui, S.C. Li, F.J. Zhang
This paper studies the seepage flow model of three-area composite reservoir under three kinds outer boundary conditions (infinite boundary, constant pressure boundary and closed outer boundary), in which influences of well-bore storage and effective radius are taken into consideration. On the basis of...
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Simulation and Modelling of Roll-on/roll-off Terminal Operation

G.L. Tang, Z.J. Guo, X.H. Yu, X.Q Song, W.Y. Wang, Y.H. Zhang
The scale of parking lot has a significant impact on the efficiency of the entire of the roll-on/roll-off terminal (RORO terminal). To determine the scale of parking lot, the theory of urban planning is used. However, the characteristics of traffic in a RORO terminal is different from the urban area....
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Chemical Plant Relocation and Route Reassignment Models

X.L. Zhu
Based on facility location and route assignment model, several multi-objective optimization models for chemical plant relocation are established. There are four main objectives: minimum risk, maximum utilization of the original transportation network, minimum cost, and minimum distance for relocation....