Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Law and Education Research (ELER 2021)

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Methodical Approach to Assessing Food Safety of Ukraine

Iryna Mihus, Mykola Denisenko
The article discusses the views of scientists on the assessment of Food safety of Ukraine and the threats that affect it. The main indicators on the basis of which the state of food safety of the state is assessed have been systematized. The proposed factors that determine the degree of food safety are...
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Development and Justification of Strategy for Ensuring Financial Security of Commercial Bank

Zhyvko Zinaida, Rodchenko Svitlana
Theoretical and methodological bases of forming the strategy for ensuring bank’s financial security according to the value-oriented approach have been developed and substantiated. The essence of bank’s financial security strategy according to the value-oriented approach has been determined. Scientific...
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Human Capital and the Middle Class in the XXI Century: Characteristics and Role in Achieving Economic Steadiness, Social Security and Political Stability

Dmytro Melnychuk, Liudmyla Mohelnytska
The article is devoted to the crucial problems of the middle class formation and to the clarification of its role in the XXI century. In the course of the research the authors analyzed the functions of the middle class and the regularities of its formation. The article considers the importance of progressive...
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Assessment of the Mechanism for Ensuring the Effectiveness of Marketing Activities

Marta Kopytko, Tetiana Arestenko
In modern economic conditions, managers, scientists and practitioners face the question of the development and application of quality principles, approaches, methods of competition and the latest technologies in managing the marketing activities of enterprises in the advertising industry. The organizational...
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Economic Security Management of the Organization: System-Structural Approach

Volodymyr Panchenko, Alexander Chernenko
The article considers the features of the system-structural approach to the management of economic security of the organization. The analysis of scientific works on risk management is given. The essence of the category “economic risk management” is described, the classification of economic risks is given,...
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Structural Entropy of Economic Systems

Arkady Sukhorukov, Olga Sukhorukova
The results of the study contain methodological approaches to assessing structural factors affecting the development of the economy. The interrelation of structural deformations and entropy processes affecting the stability of the economic system and the economic security of the state is revealed. The...
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Implementation of Anti-Crisis Management in the Context of Ensuring Sustainable Development of the Enterprise

Vasil Franchuk, Oleksandr Sylkin
At the present stage of development of our state, there is an increase in problems in the functioning of enterprises. Deteriorating political and economic instability only exacerbates already existing problems. Enterprises suffer from a lack of funding from investors, legislative and economic restrictions...
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Competence Approach to the Development of Modern Public Administration: Theory and Practice of Implementation

Marta Karpa, Oleksandr Akimov
The article proposes to apply the competence approach to the development of modern public administration. The public administration object are the the interests of social institutions in the common territory, which have different interests and goals. The problem of defining and allocating public functions...
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The Current State of the Investment Environment in Ukraine and its Impact on the Investment Security of the State

Liudmyla Akimova, Alla Lysachok
The study highlights the importance of creating a favorable investment environment, taking into account the investment security of the state. It has been proved that the existing financial and economic potential of Ukraine is not able to fully meet the needs of the economy. The presence of investments...
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State Regulation of the Space Industry – the Key to Effective National Security

Svitlana Koshova, Zoryana Hbur
State regulation of the Aerospace industry through strategies, development programs, financing, incentives and support is a priority factor in achieving its growth. The Aerospace industry also provides an increase in the level of national security through the growth of scientific, production potential...
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Institutional Mechanism of Functioning of the Labor Market in the Conditions of the Market Economy of Ukraine

Yevheniia Druhova, Yana Koval
The development of the national economy is largely determined by the functioning of the labor market and the peculiarities of the use of labor resources. The labor market characterizes the relationships that develop in the process of hiring and evaluating the labor force and reflects the Coordination...
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Visual Media as a Factor in the Mental Health of Today’s Youth

Hanna Abanina, Syed Baqri
The peculiarities of the influence of visual media on the mental health of the individual are considered, in particular the relationship between the active use of retouched body images in the media and the increasing prevalence of eating disorders is noted. The effects of photo manipulations on the formation...
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Burnout Syndrome: A Study among Lecturers

Tatiana Kovalkova, Tatiana Malkova
Purpose: Burnout syndrome has been described as a lack of ability to cope with emotional stress at work and as a psychological syndrome. We investigated whether the lecturers experience burnout. The relationship between gender and the syndrome of emotional burnout was also explored. Method: Burnout was...
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The Impact of the Pandemic on the Level of Students Anxiety

Iryna Synhaivska, Ganna Gulko
The past 2020 was unusual for the whole world and changed the lives of most people on the planet. Such concepts as pandemic, health, anxiety, disturbance, limitations, distance and lockdown have become the most popular and relevant. Health safety being everyone’s basic need was at stake. We began to...
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Construction of Jiangxi Province’s “Dual Cycle” Logistics Economic Evaluation System Based on Entropy Weight Grey Correlation Method

Zhijun Dang
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused greater uncertainty in the global environment, accelerate the development of modern logistics industry, improve the modern circulation system, build a new pattern of “dual cycle” development, improve the market competitiveness of leading industries, and serve and guarantee...
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Activities of Illegal Weapons Criminal Component of Hybrid Threats

Oleksandr Korystin, Nataliia Svyrydiuk
The paper focuses on the study of hybrid threats in the civil security sector in Ukraine. It is substantiated, based on the factor analysis, the hypothesis of existence of hybrid threats related to the spread of certain types of crime in Ukraine, in particular the activities of illegal armed groups....
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Criminal Delinquency as an Object of Scientific Researches: Problems and Prospects

Tetiana Kaganovska, Dmytro Slinko
The article considers the category of delinquency as a unified concept of a criminal offense, delict, misconduct. The definition of this category is proposed according to the theoretical approaches in the social and legal sciences, as well as the practice of applied legal norms. The practical problems...
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Ensuring Person’s Language Rights in the Educational Sphere in Ukraine

Tetiana Slin’ko, Yevhenii Tkachenko
The article considers the category of language rights of a person in the educational field and the problems of their provision in Ukraine. This concept is considered in accordance with the theoretical approaches in the social and legal sciences, as well as the practice of applied legal norms. This study...
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Humanitarian Interventions in the Light of the Principles of Peaceful Coexistence of States

Sergii Kuznichenko, Volodymyr Piadyshev
Among the means of influencing some states to others, force operations are increasingly used under the slogan of protecting the population of the latter from numerous human rights violations. Their authors and actors call these operations “humanitarian interventions”. However, there are still no clear...
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Differentiation and Meaning of Affects and Other Emotional States of a Person

Sergii Kuznichenko, Inna Syngaivska
This article reveals the differences and significance of pathological, physiological, simple, cumulative and abnormal affect; identifies the features of such states as emotional stress, frustration, emotional arousal and emotional tension. It’s formed conclusions about emotional states and their implications...
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Agent-Based Modeling as a Method of Crime Research

Mykola Karchevskyi, Helen Karchevskaya
Currently, the study of society is taking new forms due to the rapid development of technology. Innovative working methods with a colossal database make it possible to improve the social sciences’ scientific results. The use of agent-baesd modeling is a promising methodology in the fight against crime....
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Application of Information and Communication Technologies in Training of Criminal Analysts for the Units of the National Police of Ukraine

Anatolii Movchan, Maksym Movchan
Paper analyzes the system of training of criminal analysts for analytical units of the National Police of Ukraine. The priority directions of an improvement of training are determined, namely: conduction of trainings for criminal analysts, application of information technologies in training of specialists...
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Impact of COVID-19 on the Realization of Freedom of Movement in the European Union and Its Member States

Yuriy Voloshyn, Nataliia Mushak
This article is devoted to the impact of COVID-19 on the migration crisis and its consequences on freedom of movement within the European Union. The authors analyze the main and important documents adopted by both the European Union and its Member States on restriction of freedom of movement in view...
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Methods for Assessing Threats to Criminological Security

Daria Prokofieva-Yanchylenko
Modern society is a “society of risk”, and crime - its institutional practice. The permanent existence of criminal threats to all spheres and objects of national security of Ukraine, the causes and conditions that give rise to crime and related challenges, presupposes the existence of an integrative...
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Provocation and Control Over the Commission of a Crime: Significance and Correlation

Larysa Arkusha, Oleksandr Torbas
Provocation (in a broad sense) must be identified as a set of measures based on the application of the method of psychological (manipulative) influence on the life of an individual (or groups) in order to achieve appropriate goal. A provocation over the commission a crime is an action (or inaction) of...
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Ruling on Enforcement of Compulsory Measures of Educational Character: Cases, Grounds of Adoption and Standard of Proof

Lyudmila Gurtieva, Andriy Stepanenko
The article deals with the a) cases of passing a ruling to enforce compulsory measure of educational character (CMEC) by the court of first instance from the standpoint of their interconnection with final decisions of the pre-trial investigation stage; b) grounds for adoption of a ruling to impose CMEC...
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Internet and Juvenile Prevention: A New Format of Prophylactic Activities with Children

Mykola Veselov, Serhiy Vitvitsky
The research study focuses on specific issues of delinquency prevention and other deviant juvenile manifestations. Taking into account the impact of virtual environment on the formation of communication links within society and the consciousness of social groups or individuals, it has turned out on the...
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Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Realities and Prospects

Oleksandr Zaiets, Sergey Yeskov
This article presents the analyze of the cryptocurrency market, the practice of state regulation of the cryptocurrency. The study of the cryptocurrency market and the experience of its regulation revealed certain similarities. Cryptogrivna, which can be put into circulation, means the formation of new...
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Ensuring the Stability of Ukraine’s Cybersecurity System in the Current Context

Liliia Veselova, Tetiana Rekunenko
The paper pays special attention to the issue ensuring the stability of Ukraine’s cybersecurity system in today’s conditions. A number of tested effective methods of foreign countries, which are used during illegal actions in cyberspace, are considered. It is determined that in modern conditions of cybersecurity...
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Selecting Innovative Approaches to Teaching English to Law Students Via Questionnaire Analysis

Liudmyla Balykina-Halanets, Ivan Balykin
English in Ukraine is one of the integral parts of the training of future lawyers, but there is a problem in accordance with the knowledge of the language by graduates. To solve the problem, in 2018-2019 the authors conducted a survey at five universities of Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Law...
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On Determining the Legal Nature of Smart Contracts

Volodymyr Marchenko, Alla Dombrovska
The rapid development of the use of information and communication technologies, in particular smart contracts, necessitates legal regulation of the latter. The principle and mechanism of operation of smart contracts are of great legal interest, and although certain programmers the idea is expressed that...
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Experience of Information and Analytical Activities in the Field of Border Protection of the European Union

Roman Liashuk, Andrii Tsaruk
This article presents the development trends in the global information environment in the near future. The concept of border security as a component of national security of Ukraine and regional border security of the European Union (hereinafter - the EU) is considered. Based on the analysis of regulatory...
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Criminological and Criminal Problems of Punishment for Domestic Violence: Theoretical, Practical and Judicial Aspects

Ganna Sobko, Igoris Krzeckovskis
The article is devoted to the analysis of criminological issues about the conditions and causes that contribute to the emergence of domestic violence, as well as the victimological component of this anti-social phenomenon. The sex and characteristics of victims of domestic violence were analyzed. Based...
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Studying Languages Remotely: Reflections on Challenges Posed by Distance Learning

Tetiana Dombrovan, Olena Mitina
The process of introducing distance learning into the education system in different countries has its own characteristics. Distance learning is a motivating factor in learning foreign languages, contributes to the achievement of personal, meta subject, subject learning outcomes and, ultimately, the achievement...
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Experimental Model of Teaching a Foreign Language at the HEE of the MIA in a Pandemic

Nailia Khairulina, Igor Kopotun
The article is devoted to the peculiarities of teaching a foreign language (English) in higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during a pandemic. The author singles out an experimental model that significantly improves the acquired foreign language competence’s effectiveness...
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SERVQUAL Model in HEI Monitoring Survey as a Part of Quality Assurance Policy

Mykola Sydorov, Svitlana Salnikova
Significant influence of the quality of educational services in the perception of students is demonstrated by research conducted by scientists at various universities around the world. Such research is the basis of quality assurance policy as part of the strategic management of the university. The quality...
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Development of Socio-Professional Activity of Personality in Conditions of Distance Education During Covid-19 Pandemic

Valerii Radul, Rostyslav Liashenko
In the article, peculiarities of researching socio-professional activity have been studied. For understanding the peculiarities of socio-professional activity development, three levels of person’s socio-professional activity have been proposed. Experimental data and theoretical generalizations have allowed...
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Theory and Practice of Organization of Independent Cognitive Activity of Future Teachers by Means of Information and Communication Technology in Quarantine Conditions in Ukraine

Yaroslav Haleta, Oleksandr Balanutsa
The paper identifies the conditions that contribute to improving the efficiency of independent work: the availability of the necessary educational and methodological support, the presence of a system for monitoring the quality of independent work; availability of a mobile feedback system (for example,...
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Development of Social Orientation of the Future Teacher’s Personality in the Educational Environment of the Higher Educational Establishment

Oksana Filonenko, Kateryna Konchovych
The effectiveness of scientific and research activities in the development of social orientation of future teachers has been examined in the article. Orientation has been found out to be a selective human activity, associated with a positive emotional attitude of a person to a cognitive object, a phenomenon,...
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Distance Education and Education Quality at HEIs in Ukraine During Covid-19

Tamara Bondar, Olena Varava
The article addresses the issue of the quality education provided by the teaching staff members at higher education institutions (HEIs) in Ukraine during the COVID 19 lockdown. It is a comparative study based on the survey conducted by the State Service for the Quality of Education in Ukraine that explained...
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The Relevance of Professional Use of Smart-Complexes in the Training Process of Future Labor and Technology Teachers

Irina Smirnova, Kateryna Dovhopolyk
Transformational changes both in the world on the whole and in the education system in particular are constanly creating new challenges for the professional qualities of teachers. There is a profound discrepancy between the needs of the modern student and the abilities to meet these needs on the part...
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Justice in Pedagogical Interactions as a Factor of Mental Health of Participants in Educational Process of Participants in Educational Process

Lilia Klochek, Tetyana Telychko
The article under consideration is devoted to psychological and pedagogical study of the factor of mental health of participants of educational process, precisely, the establishment of pedagogical interaction between them on the basis of equity and objectivity. Mental health has been defined as a state...
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Pedagogical Conditions of Formation of Technical Culture of Market Education Engineers

Tetiana Zhytomyrska, Marina Musorina
In modern conditions, high demands are placed on applicants for higher education in the maritime industry, their employers: crewing companies, maritime agents, representatives of seaports. It must be a person with a highly developed general, professional and technical culture. In our article some pedagogical...
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Usage of Information and Communication Technologies in Maritime Educational Institutions

Nina Slyusarenko, Olena Zadorozhnya
Rampant development of information and communication technologies had considerable impact on all the spheres of human life and education in particular. Nowadays educational sector mainstream e-learning as it has numerous advantages. A number of issues including teachers’ low awareness in the area of...
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Activation of Independent Work of Future Teachers by Means of Information and Communication Technologies

Olena Habelko, Vitalii Demchenko
The effectiveness of higher education depends on many conditions and means. Continuous and comprehensive acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is facilitated by the use of modern information and communication technologies during all years of study in a higher education institution....
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Model of Development of Teacher’s Readiness to Work for Inclusive Education

Iryna Sadova, Olena Kravchenko-Dzondza
The study was conducted to create a model of development of teacher’s readiness to work for inclusive education in general secondary education. This model consists of four blocks: 1) a conceptual one (defines methodological approaches and principles); 2) a semantic one (provides a set of knowledge, skills...
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Use of ICT as a Significant Factor for Formation of Readiness for Realization of Professional Self-Determination of Future Teachers

Tetiana Forostovska, Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk
In current conditions of educational reforms in Ukraine, the role of a teacher as an active subject of the pedagogical process is increasing, together with requirements towards his personal and professional qualities. Along with high professional competence, a modern school needs a teacher with a high...
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Information and Communication Technologies as the Means of Forming Research Competence Future Teachers

Sergey Kravchenko, Vitaliia Harapko
Professional training of future teachers is based on the formation of their certain competencies. Successful studying activities, design, and implementation of certain educational projects hinge on the availability of research competence, the formation of individual components of which depends on the...
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Features of Students Professional Training for the Organization of Social Partnership

Andrew Zinchenko, Lesia Varga
The article examines the issues of professional training of graduates for the organization of social partnership, identifies features, shortcomings and suggests ways to optimize the partnership. Partnership is considered as personality-oriented, which includes: focus on the recognition of positive qualities,...
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Technologies of Distance Learning for Teaching Primary School Subjects of During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Liudmyla Havrilova, Olena Beskorsa
The paper presents a research of implementing the special course “Technologies of Distance Learning for Teaching Primary School Subjects” in the pre-service primary school teachers’ professional training. The relevance of the study is caused by teachers’ unpreparedness to effectively organise distance...
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Primary School Teachers’ Attitude to the New Ukrainian School Reform

Inna Khyzhniak, Iryna Viktorenko
The paper reveals the results of implementing the New Ukrainian School reform by analysing teachers’ attitude to transformation processes in the national education system, as well as motives that influence their professional activities. Having analysed a great number of scientific works and monitoring...
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Financial Education in Modern Ukrainian Society: Tasks and Prospects

Hanna Tovkanets, Tetiana Kravchenko
The article considers financial education as a set of theoretical knowledge, as well as the ability of the population to use their knowledge in practice, the essence of which is to effectively manage their finances, accounting for income and expenses, the ability to navigate the features of various financial...
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Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Systems of the Ukrainian Lands of Dnieper Ukraine in the First Third of the XXth Century

Lyudmyla Zelenska, Tetiana Kalinichenko
The article presents the comparative analysis of higher education systems of the Ukrainian lands of Dnieper Ukraine in the first third of the XXth century: the period of 1901 – February 1917 (the stage of formation of higher education in Ukraine taking into account educational, economic, social and political...
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Web-Based Professional Vocabulary Learning with the High School Students

Natalia Bakhmat, Olha Chaikovska
The world demand for the English language is growing. The Ukrainian government has already recognized the importance of the foreign language to economics and society. However, the foreign language competence in humanitarian High School is rather high, while the students of technical universities display...
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Formation of Students’ Methodological Culture in Vocal Training at University

Veronika Hasniuk, Tetiana Zavadska
The article considers the findings of the experiment that verified the level of the university student methodological culture formed in the years of university vocal training. The methodological culture of university student vocalists is considered to be one of the most important characteristics in pre-service...
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Scientific and Research Work of the Future Teacher as a Necessary Condition for the Formation of Self-Educational Competence

Natalia Berezenko, Julia Demchenko
The article describes the research activities of students as a pedagogical condition for the formation of self-educational competence of a future mathematics teacher. The specifics of the formation of the self-educational competence of the future teacher of mathematics in the conditions of the educational...
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Some Problems of Quality Training of Future Teachers

Tetiana Shcherban, Volodymyr Hoblyk
The study examines individual problems of training future teachers - the formation of an integral ability to solve educational problems at the stage of training at a higher education institution. An important psychological condition for this skill is the formation of a reflexive attitude of the individual...
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Design of Visual Simulation System for Logistics Engineering Teaching Based on VR Technology

Dalong Liu, Yanxuan Li, Yanfang Pan, Genge Zhang
The application of visual simulation system based on VR technology in the teaching of logistics engineering can make students better experience the process of the operation in the virtual environment and enhance their subjective initiative and autonomous learning ability. Combined with the current situation...
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Contradiction Between Supply and Demand of Logistics Talents Training and Teaching Reform in China

Zhong Zheng, Liwei Li, Ganglan Wei
With the continuous emergence of new technologies, new models and new methods, new requirements have been put forward for the training of logistics talents. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand of logistics talents in China, combines the demand of logistics talents in the...
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Construction of Interdisciplinary Training Platform for Shipping Talents

Ying Zhang, Xiaoyi Chen, Qingying Zhang, Dexin Tao
In order to train high-quality shipping talents, solve the problem of lack of shipping talents and promote the development of shipping industry, this paper suggest the construction of interdisciplinary training platform for shipping compound talents from the perspectives of enterprises, colleges and...
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Higher Vocational Students’ Entrepreneurial Ability Training Based on Two Entrepreneurial Modes

Guowei Han
Entrepreneurial ability training for the higher vocational students should be based on explicit entrepreneurship definition, entrepreneurial tasks, and entrepreneurial ability structure. Entrepreneurship can be divided into two modes, self-employment and position-based entrepreneurship, but more opportunities...