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Fresh Agri-Food Supply Chain Retailers and Suppliers Price Game

Qian Tong, Xiaoxi Tong, Yuanyuan Li
In the supply chain of fresh agricultural foods and food safety, participants for each activity are making their efforts to obtain the maximize benefits, and every interests owners are playing the maximizing benefit Game. As the main parts in the supply chain, suppliers provide their Optimal order quantity...
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Teaching of Lexical Chunks in English Listening Class for College Students

Xirong Ai
Listening is one of the most important language skills and recently it has received more and more attention. However, of all the basic language skills, college students still find that listening skill is the most difficult to acquire. And this obstacle greatly affects students’ interest and success of...
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The Application of Real Option Method for Investment Decision of Real Estate Project

Zhen Wang
With accelerated marketization process of the real estate, its effect in stimulating and stabilizing the market economy becomes more and more large. Because market development of the real estate is less well-developed, investment manias of real estate prick up the risk of investment. Therefore, the use...
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Integrated Prospecting Prediction of Multi-scale Structure Information at Gaosong Field in Gejiu, Yunnan Province

Chunzhong Ni, Hua Fan
Gejiu tin ore zone is one of the largest tin polymetallic ore zone and takes the most important roles in the southeast Yunnan province. Gaosong field is located in north east of Gejiu mining district Fault structure of Gaosong field in the Gejiu tin deposits plays an important role in controlling ore...
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Discussion on Cultivation of Students' Innovative Ability During a Graduation Thesis of an Undergraduate

Gan Zhao
On how to cultivate students' innovating ability during a graduation thesis of an undergraduate, it is thought here that consulting and tidying up references to select a proper thesis, protocoling experiments and designing experimental methods scientifically, doing experiments accurately,and summarizing...
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The Management of Secondary Water Supply in China

Shihu Shu
The paper analyzes the management status and the problems existing in the urban secondary water supply systems in China. New management mode of the secondary water supply system is put forward. The contents, difficulties and measures of the new idea of secondary water supply management are given, which...
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Research and Practice of the Open Experimental Teaching Mode In the University

Qiang Song, Lingxia Liu
Combining with the innovation practices of experimental teaching within recent years, this paper puts forword the connotations and characteristics of the open experimental teaching mode, that is, the diversification and openess of experimental teaching goals, subject, teaching mode, teaching content...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Computer Network Course in Application-Oriented Institutes

Xiaojun Liu
This paper analyzes seriously the problems in the teaching of computer networks and the nature of the course, explores the integration of the modular approach and task-driven teaching thinking to do the instructional design of computer networks, in order to improve the teaching effectiveness of computer...
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Research on the Small Files Problem of Hadoop

Xiaojun Liu, Chong Peng, Zhichao Yu
Although Hadoop is widely used, its full potential is not yet put to use because of some issues, the small les problem being one of them. Firstly, the paper analyses the causes of the small les problem of Hadoop. Then, the current program to solve the small les problem are introduced, including Hadoop...
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Study on Quality Evaluation of Master of Engineering Education System Construction

Cunyuan Mu, Ke Ding
Abstract: Constituent elements of master of engineering education quality evaluation system, is analyzed from aspects such as assurance of master of engineering dominant position, training conditions, supervisor team, management, four first-class indexes including education basis, management link, process...
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Intelligent Comprehensive Web Service Portal for MicroRNA Information System

Yingyu Chen, Xun Lu
In view of the rapid development of biotechnology, as well as miRNA in the biological sciences have attracted more and more attention, inquiries on miRNA information will have good prospects. The system came into being in this environment, adapt to market demands. On the other hand, Web Service is a...
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Exploration and Practice of Comprehensive Reform of Material Forming and Control Engineering Specialty

Bolin He, Xianfeng Xu, Shuzhen Li, Haipeng Deng
Combined with the actual situation of material forming and control engineering in East China Jiaotong university, and starting from the aims, thinking and construction of comprehensive reform of specialty, this paper analyze the practice construction process of material forming and control engineering...
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Research on Geography of Crime and Social Change-in Transitional China Since the Economic Reform

Yijing Li
It is believed from Western studies that, social changes during the transition have significant impacts on crime change. However, whether the western well developed theories can fit into our Chinese society How to identify the real criminogenic and crime-mediating conditions in China Moreover, from a...
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Study and Practice on Course Reformation for Engineering Materials and Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacture

Yingxia Yu, Bolin He, Shuzhen Li, Zhisen Zhang
This article analyzes the current situation and existing problems of Engineering Materials and Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacture teaching and in order to improve the teaching effect of this course, we proposed some relative improvement measures on the aspects of teaching content, teaching means...
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Research of Problems and Countermeasures on College File Management

Qianghua Li
College file management plays a more and more important role in colleges. Therefore, people pays more and more attention to file management. In the paper, problems in college file management is also proposed aiming at status of college file management at present, such as weak awareness of file management,...
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The Teachers' Teaching Skills Affect on the Classroom - Teaching Quality in the Fashion Design Teaching

Guo Hu
The Fashion design teaching requires teachers not only to have a glib tongue,but also to do .Teachers teaching skills are important factors that affect the quality of classroom teaching. Correct understanding ofthe problems of teachers in teaching, and to take the necessary measures to make up for our...
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Empirical Analysis of FDI and Economic Growth in Gansu China: Based on Time-series Data from 1986 to 2010

Jing Shi
In this paper, we analyze causal relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth of Gansu province in China using time-series data from 1986-2010. The analysis is conducted by the means of time-series estimations through ADF unit root test, co-integration tests, error-correction...
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Back-fitting Estimation of Semiparametric Partially Linear Varying-coefficient Models with PCA

Mingxing Zhang, ZiXin Liu, Jiannan Qiao
This paper investigates the estimation problem of semi-parametric partially linear varying-coefficient models by the technique of back-fitting. In order to avoid the disturbance of multi-collinearity and improve estimation efficiency, we apply principal component analysis to semi-parametric partially...
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A Real Student Network Analysis and Mining in Class Teaching

Xianhua Zeng, Shengwei Qu, Zhilong Wu, Xu Cheng, Jingjing Nie
The educational data has a wealth of information. In this paper, we construct Student-Student Interrelation Networks (SSIN) to analyze and find meaningful information from student relation data during class teaching. We collect a group of data about students in a new teaching class, then we use adjacency...
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Analysis on Supply Chain Finance Accounts Receivable Financing Mode Game

Zhigao Liao, Xiaojing Zhao, Ze Feng
Supply Chain Finance (SCF) evaluate the enterprise financing credit risk from the perspective of supply chain, and then solve the financing problem of small and medium enterprises. In this paper, through the establishment of game model, games of perfect information and two parties for accounts receivable...
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Research of Enterprise Financial Budget Management under Digital Environment

Guangsen Li
Construction of digital and network-based environment makes enterprise gradually develop to information management. Financial budget management is an important part in modern enterprise management, which has positive influence on enterprise capital control and resource allocation. In the paper, enterprise...
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Different Response of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase in two Assimilating Organs of Hedysarum Scoparium on Increasing Soil Water Stress

Jiajia Wang, Congxia Hu, Chunmei Gong
A typical desert shrub species, Hedysarum scoparium (C3 plant) with green rachis, was analyzed on phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) for considering increasing soil water stress as a probable driving factor to affect assimilation of plant in arid areas. The samples were planted in cultivation plots...
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Test Response Modeling Demonstrations for College Programming Language

Zhiqiang Pu, Wei Chen
This article applies Item Response Models into College Computer Programming Language Test. According to the different characteristics of Programming Language Test, the author first get the Validity, the Discrimination Parameter and the Difficulty Factor of the test by using classical testing methods....
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The Empirical Analysis of the Evaluation System and Promotion Ways for City Soft Power—An Example of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

Weidong Wang, Kaidi Zhang
The city soft power evaluation system includes 8 elements which are the cultural appeal, education development, government ability, urban cohesion, social harmony force, image transmission force, regional influence and comfortable environment force. This paper analyzes the way to promote the city soft...
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Preparation and Visible-light Photocatalytic Activity of Pt/TiO2-xNy

Rui Liu, Weinduo Yang, Huiyi Tsai
Pt/TiO2-xNy film has been synthesized successfully through the sol-gel method and spin coating method. The roughness and absorption wavelength were analyzed by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer(UV-vis). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS) showed that the elements...
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Study on Bactericidal Effect Fresh Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Juice

Guo Hu, Shangqin Hu
in order to make clear the pepper bactericidal effect of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, this study used different concentration of Zanthoxylum bungeanum sauce for sterilization test on the tested strains in different treatment time. Ten fold dilution of the tested fungi and Zanthoxylum bungeanum Juice by gradual...
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The Principle of a Fulltext Searching Instrument and its Application Research

Wenju Gao, Yueou Ren, Qiuyan Li
With the extension of the internet and higher requirement of the retrieval in terms of speed and accuracy, the requirement of the hardware of the search engine is also increasingly rising. On the other hand, network video is now very popular. Network video is excellent in both picture and word, can be...
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Application of Clustering Analysis Algorithm in Digital Library

Yan Ge
Clustering analysis embarks from the data itself to dig out the internal feature relations of the data and present the category information the data contains. Of the clustering methods, hierarchical clustering method, K-Means method, etc. are frequently used. Taking the example of classifying 22 categories...
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Health Status, Financial Consciousness and Rural Households’ Credit Constraints

Changsheng Li, Wenqi Zhang
Since credit is assumed as a critical vehicle for poverty alleviation, it is necessary to examine what are the key factors affected rural households’ credit constraints. This paper investigates the determinants affecting the rural households’ credit constraints in Jiangxi province of the southern China....
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Entrepreneurial Projects Selection Problem Based on Stochastic Multi-attribute Acceptability Analysis

Shiling Song, Qiong Xia
Selecting an entrepreneurial project is the first procedure to establish your business and also one of the most significant procedure. However, it is not an easy task for the entrepreneurs to choose the most optimal entrepreneurial project from many attractive entrepreneurial projects. For one reason,...
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Target Segmentation Algorithm Based on the Discrete Energy Functional

Zhiping Wan
Existing segmentation algorithm has the segmentation problem that is vulnerable to background noise and low accuracy. In order to address this problem, the discrete Technology is used in this research. And the target segmentation algorithm is based on discrete energy functional. It is effectively reduce...
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An Adaptive Target Extraction Algorithm Based on Energy Functional

Weichuan Ni, Weijian Mo
Objective: Solve the problem that was the low extract accuracy of existing target extraction algorithm. Methods: Proposes an adaptive object extraction algorithm based on energy functional. Article algorithm was defined the average item and the contour curve for the energy functional, which combining...
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Corporate Social Responsibility in New Media Times -A Case Analysis of Master Kong

Wanwan Wang
The CSR is designed to meet the ethical,legal, and public expectations that society has of business,which has a direct impact on branding image and corporation reputation.Especially in the new media times, social network has be seen as the essential part of everybody’s life,almost every actions the corporate...
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A Survey and Quantitative Analysis of Chinese Students’ English Learning Motivation

Shuyan Xu, Xianhua Yang
Based on the questionnaire of college students’ English learning motivation developed by Gao Yihong, the paper aims to discuss the intensity of students’ English learning motivation as well as the most common motivation content, and compare different types of students’ English learning motivation. The...
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An Empirical Study and Implications on Chinese Students’ Learning Related Academic Emotions

Xianhua Yang, Shuyan Xu
By using college students’ learning-related academic emotions questionnaire, learning related academic emotions for Chinese students are explored on its current situation and its related factors. The results show that students’ learning emotions consisted of eight ones, and presented mainly in positive...
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A Personalized e-Learning System Based on GWT

Yejun Zhang, Bo Song
With the development of Internet technology, information resource is being spread widely, thus the issue of information overload formed. It becomes more difficult for users to retrieve their needed information from so enormous information space. To solve the issue of information overload, recommender...
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An Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Adaptive Threshold

Weijian Mo
The threshold need artificial hypothesis in the existing edge detection algorithm. In response to this phenomenon, we propose an edge detection algorithm is based on adaptive threshold. Article algorithm was studying the characteristics of wavelet transform. And it was combined with the traditional edge...
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Comprehensive Analysis on Economic Influence and Relation of China with Other Main Countries

Miaozhi Fang, Xun Lu
Contact tightness in today's diverse blend of modern society and its important significance, large national foreign policy and external activities, small business marketing and interpersonal, which virtually every corner of modern society. This article aims to study the world's main close ties to the...
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A Research on Compliant Digital Cinema Playback System

Fang Lu
Digital Cinema outperforms traditional films and attracts the movie industry. This paper has developed a Digital Cinema Playback system compliant with the DCI Specification. It can extract and play the 2K resolution component from the 2K/4K DCP (Digital Cinema Package) files at 24 fps, and support an...
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A Study on Art Design Using Vague Set Theory

Fang Lu
Art design is an innovation action in modern society; so many people pay more attention on this action. While, with the rapid growth in the number of art works, how to assess the quality of work is an important issue to decision makers. Meanwhile, lots of the theory of vague set can be used in this case...
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A Study on Key Delivery Message System of Digital Cinema Design

Fang Lu
Digital Cinema Initiatives released a set of technical specifications and requirements for Digital Cinema. The KDM (Key Delivery Message) has been designed to deliver security parameters and usage rights between D-Cinema content processing centers. We propose a KDM system that covers the end-to-end process...
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A Study on Paintings Art Style Using Multi-Cues

Fang Lu
Visual characteristics of paintings display high-level semantic concept: art style to the viewers. Classification of art style depends mainly on human knowledge and experience, which remains a big challenge for computer vision. In this paper, based on careful studies on art literature, we propose a simple...
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Research on Transforming 3D Cinema to 3DTV Method

Fang Lu
3D cinema and 3DTV are at two different levels in the screen size spectrum. When the same stereoscopic-3D content is viewed on a cinema screen and 3DTV screen, it will produce a different 3D impression. As a result, it is difficult to fulfill the requirements of 3DTV with content captured for 3D cinema....
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Directionality Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Direction Wavelet Transform

Shitong Ye
Existing edge detection algorithms have the problem of that poor directionality and low definition. In response to this phenomenon, this paper put forward a directionality edge detection algorithm using layered processing. This algorithm by analyzing wavelet decomposition directional characteristics...
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The Construction of Digital Campus with Virtual Reality Technology--Taking Xinhua College of Sun Yat-sen University As an Example

Zhu Chen, Han Qin, Hongling Huang, Shaojiang Liu, Weichuan Ni, Weijian Mo
The project is based on Sun Yat-sen University, Xinhua College, using 3Ds Max as the main modeling software, and by the method of combination of the modeling of the campus static scene model, rendering and baking a mapping scenario model with a high degree of simulation. And then we use the Max-for-VRP plugin...
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Design of UAV Airborne Reconnaissance and Rescue Based on ATMEGA2560

Wenyao Liu, Chengzhan Peng, Feng Wang, Weijian Mo, Zhiping Wan
To solve the problem of accident rescue field, the paper designed an aerial rescue investigation drones based on ATMEGA2560.Using GPS global positioning system, PID control algorithm and ATEMGA2560 chip as the core controller. Hardware system includes: core control module based on ATMEGA2560, video surveillance...
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Study on Innovative Experiment Model for Excellent Civil Engineer Education

Zhimin Chen
Objective: The aim of this study was to explore a teaching model of innovative experiment for excellent civil engineer education. Methods: The study methods include questionnaire survey and analysis based on the existing experimental and innovational platforms. Results: A series of collaborative management...
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Mobile Energy Monitoring System Based on ZigBee Communication

Qiaoyin Deng, Zhi ping Wan
Objective: In order to achieve real-time to process and collect soil moisture, temperature and light data. Methods: To propose an Mobile energy monitoring system based on ZigBee communication. The system consists of a number of functional modules, each functional module the collected data sink base station,...
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The O2O Mode in Electronic Commerce

Jia LI, Weijian Mo
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the degree of integration of online business and lines entities has become more and more closely. Thus it is forming a new model: O2O mode. For this reason, this paper analyzed the O2O mode. And this paper is using actual case to analyze it. At the end,...
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Reform Research of Microteaching Based on Vocational Education

Jia Tian
Microteaching since the introduction of the 1980s has become an effective way to train students in Normal specialty teaching skills. But with the deepening of the reform of teaching, micro-teaching in the implementation process, there have been many problems and contradictions. Especially for vocational...
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A Novel Surface Completion Method

Zhen Liu, Lili Bai, Yongwei Miao
Surface completion is a classical and significant research topic in the area of digital geometry processing. Due to the expensive time consumption and the unreliability of the existing popular algorithm, a surface completion method is proposed in this paper that can recover the significant geometric...
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Research on Resource Integration and Utilization Strategies of School-Enterprise in Linyi

Mei Zhang
With the rapid development of higher education and vocational education, the problems and strategies of school-enterprise cooperation and resource integration were studied to train the workers meeting the society needs. Taking Linyi of China as an example, the school-enterprise cooperation and the main...
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With the Application of Innovative Talents Training as the Goal of "Fermentation Technology" Excellent Course Group Construction

Qun Wei, Sheng Zheng, Dayu Yu, Qingxiao Zhao, Yuehua Liu, Xiuting Zhang
Objective: fermentation technology curriculum group is a backbone course of Bioengineering Specialty in our college, in the construction of excellent course groups also exist some problems, have great influence on students' practical ability cultivation of applied innovative Methods: through the curriculum...
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The Exploration of Teaching Method Reform of the Water Supply Engineering

Nan Qiao, Fengguo Cui, Weixing Liu
Objective: Cultivating students’ ability to analyze and solve practice problems by the improving the teaching effect and teaching reform of the water supply engineering; Methods: Under the deficiency in the teaching of water supply engineering and research results of the research group teachers, constructing...
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Study on Crisis Management Strategy for Universities

Yuemin Zhen, Shehui Bian
Universities are now facing new challenges with their increasing level of socialization. Among these challenges, crisis management has grown to be a hot topic for the development of universities. This paper first defines crisis in universities and then analyses the existing problems of current crisis...
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A Novel Similarity Measure Between Two Probability Distributions For Course Establishment

Aijiao Liu, Yiping Zhang, Min Chen
In this paper, in order to obtain the optimized analysis of clustering for the probability distributions, the increment of the description length is proposed to instead the relative entropy as the similarity measure between two probability distributions. Its corresponding features are also discussed...
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Development and Implementation of the College Students'Psychological Consultation System

Kun Wang, Guangcheng Cui, Lin Li
With an increase of social competitive pressure and a change of people’s working and life styles, the psychological problem has become an increasingly severe common issue in the current society. Due to specificity of psychological consultation, and because traditional consultation modes are constrained...
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Comparative Study between Traditional Grammar and Modern Linguistics

Jian Li, Qingming Li
The paper gives a brief introduction on Traditional grammar and Modern linguistics, and mainly analyses their similarities and differences. The standard the Traditional grammar established is according to the language used by the writers of previous centuries and also gave classical examples. Modern...
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On Multimedia Teaching and Multimedia Software

Miaozhi Fang, Xun Lu
Multimedia teaching in recent years, the rise of a new teaching method. In the multimedia teaching process needs the support of multimedia teaching software, the paper develops multimedia software standards, comparative analysis of the common multimedia development tool, and according to my experience...
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Iris Pseudoacorus Biology Habit, Cultivation Technology and its Application in Environmental Protection

Luojun Gong, Honghui Wong, Xing Kong, Guilin Li, Enzhao Liu, Cong Xu, Ying Xu
This article elaborate introduce iris pseudoacorus biology habit, cultivation technology, and its application in environmental protection. Beyond that it provides theoretical basis and technical support in the application of environmental protection in the plant as well as its facilities operation. Meanwhile,...
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Design of a Pedestrian Detection System Based on OpenCV

Ning Xu, Yong Ren
Analysis on the background characteristics of combined pedestrian and road, pedestrian detection algorithm based on simulation and optimization of using OpenCV open source Visual Database design and implementation of a prototype system, the system can provide support and early warning for drivers, so...
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Data Mining Based on Compensation Fuzzy Neural Networks

Zemin Qiu
The purpose: Solve the existing problems of fuzzy neural network are processing speed and low accuracy. Methods: This paper presents a data mining based on compensation fuzzy neural networks. Through research and analysis of the traditional compensation neural network, we are optimized it according to...
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Analysis on Windows Illegal operations

Yingyu Chen, Haidong Jin
Graphical interface for Windows is a multitasking operating system, very easy to use and very broad, but Windows always appear "illegal operation" dialog box. "Illegal operation" operation dialog box has two options: "off" and "details". But the "details" which didn't really point out where problems,...
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Influence of Different Teenagers on Attitudes and Behaviors of Their Parents in Physical Education

Guojiao Wang
Objective: To explore influence of different teenagers on attitudes and behaviors of their parents in Physical Education. Methods: To investigate attitudes and behaviors of 99 youths’ parents in Physical Education using self-design questionnaires and to analyze valid datas using SPSS for Windows 16.0....
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Permeation of Rule Awareness Education in Physical Education of Higher Vocational Colleges

Shunli Gao
It is one of important tasks for higher education to train socialism qualified builders and reliable successors with rule awareness. Rules consciousness is even more important in vocational education of higher vocational college particularly due to specialty of educational objects thereof. Physical education,...
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Training of Student’s Social Adaptability by Physical Education Teaching of Higher Vocational College

Feng Li
The social adaptability has become an important indicator of measuring quality of vocational college students. Its proportion in student comprehensive ability is higher and higher. Therefore, vocational colleges, as teaching institution for cultivating applied special talents, should strengthen cultivation...
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Note on Clustering Criterion

Shang Gao, Hongmei Li
The principle of the sum of square errors criterion is introduced. The most common criterion is the sum of squared errors criterion, the weighted sum of square of the distance criterion and the sum of distance between-class distance criterion. The shortage of the sum of square errors criterion is point...
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The Rhetoric Art of Register Variation in Comedy—Taking Comedy Lines as an Example

Jiugen Xiao, Xijuan Chen, Jingwen Cui
Register variation is composed by there elements, the language field, tenor and mode of discourse, which is in a close relation with the context in the language. No matter how the language context changes, it will bring the change of the semantic meaning, while the semantic change can cause different...
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Array Pattern Synthesis Using 4-bit Discrete Digital Shifters by Classic Particle Swarm Optimization

Dong Liu, Wanmu Han, Qilong Jiang
In this paper, the classic PSO algorithm is applied to the pattern synthesis of antenna array using 4-bit digital phase shifters. In order to directly apply the existed PSO algorithms to the pattern synthesis using digital phase shifters, this paper proposes a simple truncation rounded number strategy...
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China Agricultural Information Efficiency Motivation Variance Analysis

Huipo Wang, Lipeng Zhang, Xiaobo Gu, Bo Lu
At the end of 2014, the National Land survey data show that China arable land is gradually reducing and per capita cultivated land is less than half of the world's average level. Modern society is the information age. Agriculture has transferred from the original agriculture into information agriculture....
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Early Warning Research of China's Vegetable Unmarketable Based on BP Neural Network

LiJie Sun, Ling Li, Xiaobo Gu, Xiaolin Song, Bo Lu
Vegetables unmarketable in the current economic and social problems often encountered to know whether there will be vegetables unsalable phenomenon in the future, we have to do early warning research about it. BP artificial neural network has better fuzzy recognition capacity and fault tolerance capacity,...
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Knowledge Sharing Research of Auto Parts Industry’s Supply Chain Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Yunfu Huo, Mosong Cheng, Bo Lu, Shuyun Pang, Xiaobo Gu, Xiaolin Song
This paper establishes an evolutionary game model of knowledge sharing in auto parts industry’s supply-chain by applying the replicated dynamic equation. In knowledge economy era, with the development of enterprise, the role of knowledge is becoming more and more important. As a result, enterprises gradually...
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The Economic Evaluation for Productivity Construction of Shore Oil Field Based on BP Neural Network

Wensheng Yang, Zhijin Chang, Xiaobo Gu, Xiaolin Song, Bo Lu
Oilfield productivity construction is the first step of production of onshore oil field. Its investment effect directly influences the whole oilfield company’s economic benefits. So the comprehensive and accurate economic evaluation is critical to oilfield productivity construction project. This paper...
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Application of Mobile Nursing Information System in High-quality Nursing

Xiuqing Wang, Ye Luo, Min Shang, Zhiru Li, Min Zhang, Zhongping Sun
With the development of information technology, the information system is applied in hospitals more and more widely. The mobile nursing information system is composed of nursing personnel and computers, which can be used to collect, store and process the information on nursing management and business...
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A New Algorithm for Two-terminal Fault Location Based on Distributed Parameter Line Model

Fanrong Wang, Hong Zhou
This paper presents a new algorithm for two-terminal fault location in transmission line. It creates a fault-based information ranging function. According to the characteristic of the function, it analyzes the trajectory of function vector and finds the failure point the by recursive function. It uses...
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Teaching with Original Problems in the Electrical Exploration Course

D.K. He, S.P. Peng, G.W. Zhu
The paper introduced the original problems method to electrical exploration course and proposed its application procedures. The whole procedures consisted of five steps, including characterizing, abstracting, simulating, interpreting and estimating. The original problems teaching will not only check...
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Discussion on Teaching of EDA in Communication Engineering

Duo Peng, Hao Chen
EDA technology has been widely used and has an important role in the field of electronic information and communication engineering. Combined with teaching practice, illustrates the importance of EDA teaching in communication engineering students. We explored the requirements of the course in terms of...
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Further Exploration of the Bilingual Teaching Reform of "Biological Science"

Jianguo Wang, Kai Deng, Lichun Weng, Chenxi Wang, Changjun Zhang, Xiaoyan Wang
We all know that to construct international courses, teaching methods, higher education management system and cultivate international qualified teachers are indispensable to build a “internationalization university”. This educational reform project meet the demand exactly. The implement of this program...
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Function and Implementation of Emotional Teaching in Vocational Physical Education

Qian Sha
Emotional teaching is an important part in physical education, which is required for training comprehensive talents in vocational colleges. Students' self-confidence and self-esteem can be enhanced by implementing emotional teaching in vocational physical education, which is beneficial for cultivating...
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Soft Soil Foundation Settlement Prediction and Economic Cost Management Analysis based on New Algorithm

Shun Zhou, Xiaoguang Yue
In order to predict the soft soil foundation settlement and analyze economic cost management, the basic concepts of soil foundation settlement are discussed. A new prediction algorithm is proposed. The new prediction algorithm principles of numerical prediction are described based on the basic concept...
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Patents Analysis on Electric Vehicle Power Battery Technology in China

Jieming Liu, Ju Cheng, Xilin Yin, Xu Chen
Power battery is the source of electric vehicle, which directly affects the performance and use cost. Through patent retrieval and patent analysis conclusion is palpable: China's power battery technology has been growing maturity gradually in recent ten years; framework of power battery patent layout...
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Discussion on Teaching and Practice of Software Engineering Major Curriculum Based on Project Guidance

Honghui Fan, Hongjin Zhu, Xiaorong Zhao, Jie Zhang
Software engineering is a rapid development field of computer. How to set up and optimize professional course system, teaching plan and how to improve the teaching methods to cultivate the practice software engineers meeting the immediate social needs with strong practical ability and innovation consciousness...
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Data Mining in Network Engineering—Bayesian Networks for Data Mining

Xiaodan Wang
Nowadays,data mining is a hot topic in all sorts of fields. Potential science applications include, Telecommunications companies apply data mining to detect fraudulent network usage. Companies in many areas of business apply data mining to improve their marketing and advertising. Law enforcement uses...
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On the Investment Benefit and Risk Assessment of Resettlement Housing Construction

Yichong Xu
With the development of economy and the progress of society, the quality requirements of resettlement housing are increasing, which has brought great challenges to the resettlement housing construction. How to control the cost while ensuring the quality has become a concern of enterprises. This paper...
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Research on Solution of Time Delay in Networked Control System

Fanrong Wang
There are problems such as time delay, packet loss in network systems.When it is introduced in traditional control systems as signal transmission medium,the control performance will be deduced.In this paper, a predictive control algorithm is used to study time delay in networked control system. Simulation...
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Research on the Evaluation of user’s Influence in Micro-blog Platform

Zhinuo Li, Keliang Jia
The paper elaborates and analyzes several methods of the evaluation of user’s influence in micro-blog platform basing on extant researches, and generalizes three kinds of methods: the methods based on user’s characteristics, the methods based on social networks topology and the methods based on topics....
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Study of the Architectural Spatial Scale based on Ergonomics

Zhuoqun Li, Desheng Lyu
Research on the user’s mentality and behavioral psychology has become an essential part of architectural space design. In this paper, spatial scale was briefly analyzed in the field of architectural design by classification. Study on ergonomics was mainly focused on the human-body scale, including human-body...
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Application of RFID Technology in Development of Warehouse Logistics Management System by Internet of Things

Hongqi Hao, Bin Zhao
The RFID module is a combination advanced product of the radio frequency technology and IC card technology. Warehouse logistics management system consists of business management software, RFID label issuance system and RFID tag recognition collection system. This paper analyses the application of RFID...
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Study on Environment Effect of Construction in Huairou District

Xing Kuang
Huairou city is an important node in the northern Beijing City Development Zone, is an important base for the capital, conference, leisure tourism, a construction project in the "ecological conservation development areas" of Huairou, human construction, construction period prone to Forestland grassland...
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The Training Process Optimization Research of Graduate Students in Business Administration based on Information Exchange Platform

Jian HU, Jinhua Sun, Mimi Yang, Huifang Jian
According to the current problems of business administration graduate students training, this paper has been intensively studied on the training process of graduate students in business administration from the perspective of information technology. An overall optimal framework of the optimization project...
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The Research and Practice of College Education on Technological Innovation Through College-Enterprise Cooperation – IT Field as an Example

Kunquan Shi, Zhenlun Yang
To meet the trend of technological innovation, cooperation between college and enterprises will be an effective way to foster new talents in technological innovation. By optimizing cooperation and interaction, college-enterprise cooperation can improve the innovative ability among new talents, teachers...
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Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) Technique and Its Application in Bridge Engineering in The Future

HuaYin Sun, YaLi Liu, Weili Zhou
Based on the overview of traditional bridge reinforcement method, this article derives the shortage of the traditional strengthening methods and reinforcement of the common problem, in which educes the characteristics, properties and advantages of carbon fiber reinforced polymers(CFRP) and strengthening...
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Strategy Study of Coordinated Development between Mass Sports and Competitive Sports

Jinmei Shao, Lei Li
The mass sports and competitive sports are very important parts in sports cause in China. Coordinated development of mass sports and competitive sports acts as precondition for sports rapid development in new era in China. In the paper, strategy of coordinated development between mass sports and competitive...
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The Evaluation of English Learning Level about Non-English Majors Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis

Suran Kong, Guangli Li, Huichuan Wang
The English learning level about non-English majors was divided into three levels which are primary level (College entrance examination scores), secondary level (each semester final exam scores) and final level (CET-4 scores). The aim of this study is to examine the relationships between three levels...
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A Comparative Study on Pragmatic Rules for Chinese and English Social Appellation

Yong Fang
Based on the concepts of Chinese culture, e.g. ‘if names not being rectified, what is said will sound unreasonable’ and ‘emphasizing on status and clarifying human relations’, Chinese social appellation is affected by pragmatic factors including but not limited to gender, occupation, age, identity, occasion,...
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Work-to-Family Enrichment and Job Involvement: The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification

Lin Qiu
The last two decades have seen a dramatic increase in research focusing on the work-family interface. However, the study of work-family enrichment and its work-related consequences have been surprisingly neglected. The present study investigates the impact of work-to-family enrichment (WFE) as perceived...
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A Novel Approach to Accessing Large Images in the Database

Yong Ren
This paper describes several ways to achieve access to images in a database and on the field of application of these methods have drawbacks as well as a detailed comparison, we propose a feasible implementation. Finally, this approach will be promoted, making it suitable for a variety of media file formats
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On Software Engineering Courses with Industry Practice

Miaozhi Fang, Xun Lu
We study the software engineering (training direction of embedded software) "how to industrial practice" course on our service outsourcing demonstration city and IT industry advantages, the use of Soochow University teaching conditions and resources, tube and Science in a series of teaching practice...
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Teaching and Practice of Digital Image Processing Curriculum Based on Engineering Application

Hongjin Zhu, Jie Zhang, Xiaorong Zhao, Honghui Fan
Digital image processing technology is widely used in the further application of computer graphics. Based on analysis of the characteristics of digital image processing course, instructional objectives, the project based learning theory and method was applied to the instructional reform and practice...
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Volatility Forecasting Model-Free Implied Volatility

Jingfei Cheng, Guibin Lu
Volatility in the financial market is an important variable, which in asset pricing, investment, risk management and policy-making process plays an important role. Methods for predicting volatility are mainly divided into two categories, one is the historical information method, based on the historical...