Proceedings of the 2019 5th International Conference on Education Reform and Modern Management (ERMM 2019)

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Research on the Practical Reform of the Contents of Post-related Courses for Equipment Support NCO

Zelong Zhou, Zhuo Yang, Zhongmin Liu
This paper discusses the teaching reform of the post-related courses of the non-commissioned officers of equipment support from three aspects: the current situation of the post-related courses of the non-commissioned officers of equipment support, the idea of improving the content of the post-related...
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Teaching Reform of Communication Principles Course Based on Python

Fangni Chen, Weiwei Qiu
In view of the current teaching situation of information and communication engineering specialties, the existing problems in the course of Communication Principles are analyzed, this paper puts forward the teaching reform for Communication Principles course based on Python for the first time. The reform...
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Strengthening the Construction of Educational Informationization to Help "Internet Plus Teaching"

Guocan Ren, Guowei Ding
With the rapid development of cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology, and the continuous integration of the Internet and education, the impact of information technology on education and teaching has attracted more and more attention from many scholars and...
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New Teaching Mode of Cognitive Practice Course for Foreign Communication Engineering Students in China

Fangni Chen, Weiwei Qiu
Under the background of “The Belt and Road” construction, the scale of education for international students in China has been expanding. Improving the quality of foreign students’ education has become one of the urgent tasks of the internationalization of higher education in China. The cognitive practice...
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Research and Practice on Comprehensive Reform of Applied Undergraduate Electronic Information Specialty in Normal Universities under the Background of Transition

Along Yu, Hongbing Sun
The electronic information specialty occupies a very important position in normal colleges and universities at all levels in the country. However, based on the characteristics of normal colleges themselves, the main task of normal colleges and universities was to train teachers at all levels. The training...
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Research on Engineering Enlightenment Education in Cultivating Engineering Concept for Freshmen in College

Mingqi Wang, Liangcai Zeng, Guozhang Jiang, Xingdong Wang
Engineering enlightenment education bears a dual task of guiding engineering freshmen in college. One is from science education to engineering education and the other is from the exam-oriented education to autonomous learning. Based on the dissipative structure theory and focused on students' learning...
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Study on College English Teaching Modes in Education Informatization Era

Ping Yang
Information technology has changed almost all fields of our social life and this means the arrival of information era. The development of the information technology in education brings a profound revolution to the traditional teaching mode and foster the reform of college English education. However,...
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Creative Research on Talent Developing Mode of Application-Oriented Universities----Taking Environment Design Major (Direction of Interior Design) as an Example

Congna Lv
With the adjustment of industry structure and continuous change for the need of talents, the requirement for the developing of application-oriented talents updates continuously. Therefore, the reform of application-oriented talents developing mode becomes the most important task for universities. It...
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The Present Situation and the Prospect of the Campus Informationization Construction of the Physical Education Colleges and Universities under the Internet + ERA

Shuntang Wang
By using the methods of literature, induction and deduction, investigation and interview, this paper studies the theory and practice of campus information construction in sports colleges and universities. According to the dimension of digital campus construction and evaluation in colleges and universities,...
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Research on the Practical Course System of Electronic Information Science and Technology Based on the Foster of Creative Talents

Jun Xu, Mingxiao Sun, Tiantian Luan, Jiazhong Xu, Bo You
The core of practical course is to cultivate students' practical and creative abilities. In the problems existing in the practical course of Electronic Information Science and Technology in Harbin University of Science and Technology, the reform and reconstruction of the practical course are carried...
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Research on the Construction of Innovation Practice Center for Robot Engineering Oriented to New Engineering Discipline

Mingxiao Sun, Tiantian Luan, Jun Xu, Bo You, Dongjie Li
Robot engineering, as a new specialty with wide cross-section and great cooperation, has not yet been a systematic practice project to meet the requirements of new engineering discipline. Therefore, under the background of new engineering discipline, systematization of cross-knowledge related to robotics,...
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A Novel Formula for Evaluating the Scholarship of Teaching and Research in University

Yingyu Cui, Zhenyu Wang, Zhihe Li
Purpose: To come up with an objective, fair and yet easy-to-understand approach to conduct annual teaching and research appraisal of faculty in university; Procedures and Methods: Collecting data of funds, the number of articles and reviews with high impact factor and the number of outstanding papers...
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The Comparison and Inspiration of Teaching Evaluation between Higher Vocational Colleges in Mainland China and Taiwan

Qiusheng Guo, Hejie Chen, Jiaoyan Hou
Teaching is the core competitiveness of the school, the paper selects the teacher evaluation system in vocational colleges in mainland China and Taiwan, contrasts evaluation of teachers in the two universities, and analyzes each scoring point in detail, then get the difference between the two colleges.
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on Differential Amplifier Circuit Teaching

Hongyuan Shen, Yi Zheng, Jihong Liu
By discussing the practical application of the theory of analog electronic technology in engineering, this paper solves the problem of lack of knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship in the course of theoretical basis. Firstly, the basic principle of differential amplifier circuit is analyzed. The...
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Practice of Maker Education in Programming Courses of Higher Vocational Education

Yinghua Zha
Because of the drawback existing in the computer professional talent cultivation in higher vocational colleges, this paper introduces the maker-style teaching in the programming curriculum built on the analysis of the maker education research theory. Teaching reform is carried out from the maker team...
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Research-Based Learning Remodels the Characters of Undergraduates for Creative and Innovative Personnel

Yingyu Cui, Jun Zhang, Yihan Chen
Purpose: To explore effective measures to train undergraduates into creative and innovative personnel; Procedures and Methods: Problem-oriented class teaching model infiltrated with critical thinking training (POCTM) in classroom and research-based learning (RBL) in lab have been performed for over ten...
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Practice and Thoughts on Open Online Courses and Mobile Cloud Classroom Construction in Advanced Mathematics

Lijuan Wan, Nannan Qiu
Based on the practice of open online courses’ teaching reform in "Advanced Mathematics", this thesis analyzes the significance of the open online courses of "Advanced Mathematics" and the construction of mobile cloud classroom and forms a characteristic analysis of the teaching reform project. It also...
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Application and Practice of Comprehensive Case Teaching Model in the Teaching of Analog Electronic Technology Theory

Yanan Tian, Jihong Liu, Jinghong Li, Hongwei Lei
In order to cultivate students' ability of analog electronic circuit design and solve the problem of fragmentation of teaching content in analog electronic technology theory, the comprehensive case teaching model is introduced into the teaching of the analog electronic technology theory course. By taking...
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Discussing on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Jihong Liu, Tianrun Qiao, Yanfeng Zhou, Yuanjin Chen, Qilong Wu, Bangke Sun, Yanan Tian
The innovation and entrepreneurship education is an education that fosters college students' entrepreneurial consciousness, innovative spirit, and innovative entrepreneur-ship. With the development of mass innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) in China, I&E education has achieved many remarkable achievements....
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Learning Community Construction of Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Teaching Time and Space Construction

Yongbo Lai, Hui Yan
In view of the Chinese education informationization 2.0 action, this paper developed a kind of class learning community of the Chinese higher vocational education by teaching time and space integrating construction. Namely, in the limited class teaching time and space, this paper designed the teaching...
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Study on the Introduction of the Advantageous Physical Education Courses of Confucius Institutes in countries along “Belt and Road”

Junjun Wei, Yubo Yao, Zhengyang Feng, Lixin Liang
As an important part of cultural soft power, sport plays an important role in enhancing the comprehensive national strength and expanding the influence in the world. The Confucius Institute is a platform for cultural communication. The spread of sports culture at the Confucius Institute is an integral...
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Education Cloud CA System

Wenshan Yang, Wuzheng Tan
This paper proposed vision and thought about Education Cloud CA System[1] [2], The cloud computing platform at the ministerial level deploys the cloud certificate certification system of the ministry of education, Certificate integrated management system, Cipher server, VPN And so on, CDS, supported...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Mode of Civil Engineering Specialty Oriented to Independent Learning

Hao Wang
By means of simulation theory and deep research in the theory of civil engineering specialty, careful analysis of the current civil engineering professional course teaching features and common problems in teaching, analysis the application of virtual simulation technology in civil engineering experiment...
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Analysis on the End Distribution of Watsons (Xi'an) under the New Retail

Huizhen Wang
In order to meet the personalized needs of customers, Watsons(Xi’an) uses e-commerce technology to closely integrate stores with consumers and provide distribution services. The delivery services provided by Watsons(Xi’an) for consumers are essentially terminal distribution services. Firstly, this paper...
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Research on the Evaluation Index System of World-class Enterprise

Haixu Song, Rui Li, Guowei Gao, Cai Liang
This paper firstly analyzed the connotation and characteristics of world-class enterprises, and then proposed the dimensions of world-class enterprise evaluation and screened the key indicators. Finally based on the above the research contents, the paper formed an evaluation index system of world-class...
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Analysis of Zeng Shiqiang’s Opinions about the Management Principles in the Chinese Context---Inspiration Acquired from The Great Learning

Guoqing Li, Huimin Deng
This paper discusses Prof. Zeng’s opinions on the Chinese management which have got their inspirations mainly from The Great Learning. First, the paper discusses six steps which must be paid attention to the guidance of making plan. Second, the paper discusses how to become a qualified manager by carrying...
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On Zeng Shiqiang’s Essentials of Effective Staff Performance Appraisals

Haiying Long, Weixia Luan
This paper mainly talks about the staff performance appraisal in Chinese style management held by Professor Zeng Shiqiang. The performance appraisal is a useful tool to help employees make self-criticism in order to do a more satisfactory job in the future, and his work of appraising staff’s performance...
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Analysis of Staff Performance Appraisal Strategies in Invisible People-oriented Chinese Management——Viewpoints Held by Zeng Shiqiang

Yue Zhang, Shiyu He
This paper is to discuss and analyze Prof. Zeng Shiqiang’s viewpoints on the staff performance appraisal. Invisible and overall supervision is regarded as one of the most important characteristics in the people-oriented Chinese management. Based upon this characteristic, this paper is to analyze in detail...
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Strategic Management in the Online Environment. Building Firm Celebrity through Social Media

Mihai Caramihai, Andrei Dusa
The impact of social media has increased over the years so the necessity of building a business in this environment is crucial, thinking about this aspect targets all the marketing points. The aim of this paper is to describe in a fundamental manner the main elements that come into play when we think...
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Construction of Performance Evaluation Index System of Practical Training Based on SPSS

Kaikai Zhou, Lihong Du, Haixia Lei
The construction of performance evaluation index system of actual combat training is the key link of performance evaluation of actual combat training. This paper determines the initial indicators through field research and literature review; designes questionnaires corresponding to the initial indicators,...
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Study on Management System of Major Scientific Research Projects

Wei Zhang
In response to the needs of major national scientific research projects, especially the implementation of “Strategic Priority Program” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, from the perspective of project operation management, we focus on the following five aspects, which involve project setting, project...
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Transformation and Upgrading of Tourism Industry in Zhongshan City

Huijuan Jin, Min Wei
Tourism resources and environment are the important basis for the survival and development of tourism industry. In addition, those resources with potential value and irreplaceable resources are prerequisites for the development of regional tourism. Therefore, for the transformation and upgrading of tourism...
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Analysis on the Causes of Phonological Fossilization

Lei Shi, Hongguo Li, Miao Liu
Phonological fossilization is an obvious shortcoming of oral English. Most wrongly pronounced sound elements are easily fossilized but hard to be de-fossilized, the paper shows the causes of fossilization of pronunciation of the foreign language learning in China.
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Qualitative Research on Career Development of Psychological Consultants in China Social Psychological Counseling Institutions

Liwen Zhao, Weixuan Meng, Xin Fang, Xiangping Zhan, Jun Wang, Peng Wang
The goal of our qualitative study was to research the career development of psychological consultants in China social psychological counseling institutions, promote the personal growth of psychological counselors, carry out the career plan and personal coping, and provide enlightenment for the career...
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Development of Humility Scale and the Relationship among Leader Humility, Authority and Personal Background

Tengchu Chiu
There is still much controversy about the construct and measurement of humility. This study probes the concept and connotation of humility from different views of China and the West. The humility scale was developed by pre-testing and exploratory factor analysis. This study performed descriptive analysis...
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Study on High Quality Development Path of Clean Heating in North China

Lili Zhang, Wei Tang, Peng Wu
Since the implementation of the clean heating plan, the 15 northern provinces have actively promoted this work with remarkable results. However, since its implementation, there are still many problems, which urgently need to optimize the technical route and specific policy orientation. In order to ensure...
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Game-theoretic Research of a Power Plant and a Manufacturer Considering New Energy Consumption

Peiguang Chen, Ke Gu, Yongsheng Cheng
Considering power-sale-side reform and carbon trading, we studies the pricing and emission reduction game between a power plant and a manufacturer. We investigates the optimal emission reduction, retail price and the optimal electricity price with and without power-sale-side reform, and analyzes the...
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Analysis of Willingness and Influences for Preventive Resettlement in China-------The Three Gorges Reservoir Case

Zijiang Hu, Guoqing Shi
In this paper, the formation mechanism of population migration dynamics is analyzed based on the “Push-pull Theory”. Combining with the case study of preventive resettlement in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, the influencing variables of migration intention are determined. The logistic regression model...
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Second Order Necessary Condition of Major Constraint Programming

Xuanwei Zhou
Second order condition of major constraint programming is considered. Using the structure representation of major constraint set and first order condition for the given problem, a second order necessary optimality condition of major constraint local optimal solution is proved under some constraint qualification...
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Empirical Argumentation Teaching Model Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cultivation Orientation

Tengchu Chiu
Recent studies show that there is a negative correlation between the educational system of cultivating high test scores and the educational effect of innovation and entrepreneurship. Traditional education system attaches great importance to standardized tests, and the overall design can hardly arouse...
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Research Status on Western Science Teacher Education of HPS Ideals

Quan Han, Yunhui Zhai, Pengna Li, Chengyin Yang
As the main responsibility of school science education, the science teachers’ view on Nature of Science is a directly influences the realization of the goals of science education. Literature-based, the history and philosophy of science (HPS) ideas into science teaching, in order to improve the learners'...
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Research on the Teaching Practice of TEA Module in the Course of Electrical and Electronic for Flying Cadet

Yaoping Zhang, Yan Gong, Wenyong Zhang, Jingyuan Shi, Lili Zhao
The proportion of electrical and electronic facility in aviation military equipment is increasing these years. Moreover, the function of these facilities are becoming more and more powerful. It is necessary for flight cadets to lay a more solid foundation in the stage of basic theory learning for the...
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Research on Teaching of Simulation Experiment in the Course of "Logistical Support Analysis Technology"

Linhan Guo, Rui Kang, Banglong Liang, Siting Cao
Some postgraduate quality courses are developed to cultivate graduate students with solid professional knowledge, pioneering and innovative ability, and ability to solve complex practical engineering problems, by reforming the teaching of courses in research universities. These postgraduates are new...
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Reform of Practice Teaching links for the Major of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering--A Case Study of SDUST

Jianguo Feng, Zongjun Gao, Min Wang, Hong Tian, Chunrong Zhang, Lu Xia
Teaching practice is an important part of undergraduate education for the major of hydrology and water resources engineering. Taking the needs of the Society for the graduates, characteristics and conditions of Shandong University of Science and Technology, adjusted teaching practice contents to cultivate...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform of Computer Basic Course under Complete Credit System

Qiang Yue, Zhongyu Hu, Jun Tao
The complete credit system, which is an advanced educational management institution, fully embodies the educational idea of people foremost. To spread the complete credit system would be a historical trend in the reform of higher educational management. This paper analyzed the connotation and architecture...
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Discussion on Practical Teaching of New Energy Vehicles Major From the Perspective of Personnel Training Reformation

Ping Ning, Xingxiang Xie
Aiming at the demand of domestic skilled workers of new energy vehicles at present, the development status and the talent demand for new energy vehicles industry in China were analyzed, taking the major of new energy vehicles technique in Chongqing creation vocational college as an example, the reformation...
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Contributions of Multi-disciplinary Knowledge in Educational Games Design

Xingze Wu, Xiaoying Chen, Ke Wang, Kunfa Li, Jianfeng Chen
This paper forms two contributions: introducing contributions of multi-disciplinary knowledge in educational games design; constructing ‘Model of Human Information Processing in Educational Game’. This model integrate multi-disciplinary knowledge into ‘presenting of knowledge’ and ‘applying knowledge’...
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The Impact of Humility on Leadership: Humility as Complementary Character of Leaders

Tengchu Chiu
In recent years, the study of humility in leadership has attracted considerable attention. This study first explores the important meaning of humility in leadership. Secondly, it analyses the development trend of the main leadership theory and the function of humility in it. Then, explaining the influence...
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Discussion on Path of the Integration of Chinese Traditional Culture’s Positive Psychology into Psychological Poverty Alleviation in Chinese Western Region

Zhao Kang
Targeted poverty alleviation is a strategy for poverty alleviation with Chinese characteristics. It is the basis of poverty alleviation to improve the self-development awareness and ability of the poor through psychological poverty alleviation. Chinese traditional culture is an overall representation...
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Talent Demand Analysis of Equipment Simulation Technology from the Perspective of Military Operations

Kai Chen, Feng Zhu
Equipment simulation technology is an important technical support for equipment development, and its talent team construction has been highly valued by all countries. The on-the-job education of equipment simulation technology specialty should aim at the essence of military profession and closely combine...
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Research on the Performance Evaluation System of Students' Associations in Colleges and Universities

Yang Gao, Min Zhao, Minghao Bai
In order to evaluate and summarize the students' associations in colleges and universities, and to directly reflect their performance status, it is necessary to establish and apply a relevant performance evaluation system. Based on the theoretical basis of performance management and the actual situation...
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Analysis of the Construction Form and Function of University Learning Hub

Weiqing Chen, Yifei Lou
Learning hub has gradually become one of the most important student learning places on Australian university campuses. This paper took The University of Sydney as an example to introduce the construction form of the university learning hub and analyzed the function of the learning hub for the purpose...