Proceedings of the International Session on Factors of Regional Extensive Development (FRED 2019)

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Resilience as a Factor of Professional Development of Railway Engineering Students

Evgenia Kasyanova, Nina Vinogradova
The article analyzes resilience of future railway engineers. At the stage of vocational training, the analysis of developmental characteristics of students and their basic components is of particular importance, since resilience is one of the important factors for ensuring psychophysiological safety....
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Correlation of "Emotional Burnout" and Various Forms of Empathy Manifestations for Teachers of Technical Higher Education Institutions

I.A. Sergeeva, V.V. Kustova, K.V. Varykhanova
The article describes the results of a study of emotional burnout among teachers of technical universities. It is proved that the empathy values of the teacher towards students impede the de-velopment of burnout syndrome.
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The Problem of Professional Burnout of Railway Personnel

A.S. Danilova, А.V. Kutuzova, L.V. Bogdanova
Professional burnout is a burnout syndrome associated with a person's professional activity. This article addresses issues of professional burnout. The concept of the "professional burnout" term is revealed, its assessment tools are described, the reasons for the professional burnout of conductors are...
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Industrial and regional features of professional standards implementation

Oksana Rusakova, Vladimir Bylkov
The relevance of the topic is due to the importance of assessing the qualifications of workers based on the developed professional standards. The article identifies the objective prerequisites for the introduction of professional standards. The stages and stages of the implementation of professional...
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Problems of the Development of Personnel and Human Potential in New Russia: Direct Threats and Risks

Yu. Astakhov, I. Konev, I. Nadutkina, M. Lugovskaya, S. Kompaniec
In the current context of XXI century the immediate challenge in activities of state and local governments, the business community is training and retraining of specialists engaged in representative (legislative), executive and administrative authorities (in territorial subject of the Russian Federation...
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Speech Culture Development in Engineering Students in the Modern Education System

O.V. Danilova
The article discusses the results of social and humanitarian studies on the reforms of higher education which influence the development of professional culture in engineering students. The issue of training specialists capable of competing in the global labor market is of particular relevance. New transformations...
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Training Highly Qualified Specialists through Students` Research Activities

L.I. Jacobuk, M.V. Vinogradova, Ya.V. Kryucheva, I.V. Tolstoukhova
The economic development of the Tyumen region, the digitalization of manufacturing, the new jobs' creation caused the problem of qualified staff shortage. This article reveals the possibility of using students' research activities as a factor in the training of highly qualified specialists in demand...
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The Study of Communication Styles of Teachers of Mountain Regions in the Context of New Preschool Education Standards

Z.V. Masaeva, Z.I. Gadaborsheva, A.V. Azhiev, B.S.-A. Kasumov, L.Ts. Kagermazova, Ts.A. Kalmanova
The readiness of teachers of mountain regions using different styles of pedagogical communication to ensure safety of educational activities in the context of new preschool education standards is a relevant issue. Various research methods were used: theoretical analysis, comparative analysis of empirical...
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Analysis of the Transformation of Motivational and Value Models of Modern Youth (on the Example of the Student Environment of North Ossetia)

D.E. Pilieva, L.V. Kasaeva, V.Ch. Revazov, V.V. Farniev
The article considers the problem of development and formation of value orientations and changes in the structure of needs and motives of today's young generations. Also, there are thoughts about youth relation to basic values and the formation of new, the life plans focuses and development of motivational...
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Role of Physical Culture and Sports in Training Oil Engineers

A.Yu. Polyakov
The article analyzes the influence of physical culture and sports on professional and labor activities of oil and gas engineering students. It presents evidence that physical education and sports are an important factor increasing the economic efficiency of modern oil production and social development...
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The Use of the Features SWOT-Analysis to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Student Media

L. Prokofyeva, E. Klemenova, M. Davlatova, L. Abdullina, N. Zhukov
The paper first investigated the state of the Russian student media on the basis of the SWOT-analysis. This allows evaluating the opportunities and risks, identifies publications development strategy, on the bases of the major corporate media student of the three universities: Rostov State University...
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Pedagogical Conditions of Multicultural Education at the University

A. Salavatova, E. Bauer, O. Istrofilova
The article describes the conditions of multicultural education of students at the University. Common global changes, such as globalization, active integration processes, the creation of a single European cultural and educational space, suggest the rapprochement of peoples, strengthening their intercultural...
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Linguistic Borrowing as a Way to Enrich Oil and Gas Terminology

L.Z. Samigullina, E.F. Samigullina, O.V. Danilova, I.A. Latypova
The article deals with terminological borrowing as a way to develop an oil and gas terminological system in modern conditions of globalization and developed communication technologies. The article studies the types if borrowed words, describes methods for borrowing foreign language vocabulary by national...
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Social Technologies for the Formation of a Customer-Oriented Organizational Culture of Universities

I.A. Demenenko, E.Y. Kravchenko, I.V. Shavyrina, I.V. Rozdolskaya
The discrepancy between the degree of assimilation of the basic values and norms of the organizational culture of young specialists and the demands of employers regarding the socio-cultural component of enterprises and organizations dictates the need to develop social technologies for the formation of...
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Social Games as Manipulative Way of Identity Construction

I. Tsifanova
The article substantiates that social games in relation to their own quasi-identity develop in the individual a sense of instability of true identity. It is shown that in a society of mass consumption a person can act both as an object and as a subject of identity manipulation.
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Essence and Content of the Multicultural Competence of Engineering Students

E.R. Vasilyeva
Modernization of the system of engineering education is determined by globalization and internationalization of the world community. In the 21st century, the educational process requires perfect methodological knowledge and new approaches to the higher engineering education system in the global space....
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Influence of Globalization on Modern Education

E.R. Vasilyeva, I.M. Sinagatullin
The article discusses the impact of globalization on modern educational processes. The authors study general issues of education, review contradictions in education which are characteristic of the new era of globalization, and argue that globalization can have positive and negative effects on education....
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Information Adaptation of Migrants as a Subject of Sociological Analysis

B.V. Zalivanskiy, E.V. Samokhvalova
This article studies the concept of information adaptation of migrants as a specific subject of sociological analysis in modern conditions of significant influence of information environment on the human socialization process. The authors proposed criteria for evaluating the success of information adaptation...
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Inter-Ethnic Communication of Foreign Students in the Educational Space of the Russian Federation

I.I. Zaylalov, A.Ya. Zaripov, V.R. Zaylalova
The article discusses the results of social and humanitarian studies on globalization that influences all spheres of life of foreign students in the multi-cultural environment. Global integration of states, ethnic groups, cultures and civilizations changed personal and group identification and self-identification....
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East-West Transport Corridor: Issues of Customs and Logistics Infrastructure Development

Roman Fedorenko, Oksana Pokrovskaya
The development of customs and logistics infrastructure of international transport corridors is very important due to the increasing importance of global supply chains. The purpose of the article is to determine the prospects for the development of the international transport corridor "East-West" and...
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Transport Component of the "Yenisey Siberia" Megaproject as an Element of the Integral Eurasian Transport System

V.V. Kuimov, M. I. Migunova, E.A Elgina, L. T. Smolentseva, E.V. Sherbenko
The article examines the conjugations of the transport component of the "Yenisey Siberia" megaproject with the integral Eurasian transport system and the possibility of achieving network effects based on the cooperation-network interactions of the participants of the megaproject and the state. The possibilities...
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Development of Siberian Transportation

E A Milovanova, M A Egorova
The article proposes the transport system in which the vehicle "Monolet" is capable to provide high weight return on size of commercial loading, at the expense of power supply from the sources which are put out of the vehicle.
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Empirical Analysis of the Interaction Participants of Regional Transport and Logistics Systems

T.N. Odintsova, A.V. Pakhomova, R.R. Bashirzade, Yu.O. Glushkova
Integration processes in economy suggest an increase in the im-portance of logistics in solving national economic problems. One of the topical scientific directions in logistics and supply chain management (SCM), which are of practical importance, is a com-prehensive study of the problems of territorial...
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Development of Methodological Approaches to the Planning of Operation of Road Transport Systems

L. S. Trofimova
Methodological approaches to the planning of operation of road transport systems have been developed following the research results for the existing theoretical approaches to planning, studying the practice of road transport systems at the global and national levels. Theoretical approaches to planning...
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The Complex Quality of Transport Service

E.V. Nefedeva, A.A. Ivasenko
Nowadays the concept of integrated services to haulage consumership is increasingly being adopted in railway transport. If in the 70s of the last century it was the production issues that were basic among the business structures, and in the 80s quality issues came to the fore, in the 90s it was a comprehensive...
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Current Trends in the Development of Professional Discourse Terminology of Logistics

E. E. Bylina, L.V. Sludneva, T. A. Skopintseva, E. A. Yurkovskaya
The article focuses on the study of logistics professional discourse terminology. The study revealed the tendency towards simplification of the morphological and syntactic structure of logistics terms, discovered new productive patterns for abbreviating logistics terms, found out that the existing problem...
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Modern Approaches to Improve the Performance of the Transport System of the City (on Moscow Case)

Ya. V. Majorova, V. V. Glebov, V. V. Shevtsov, V. R. Ahmedzyanov, G. A. Kuliyeva
The article studies the problems of improving the transport service of the urban population in the aspect of improving the work of public passenger transport of the capital city. In the construction of transport facilities, it is proposed to carry out preliminary modeling, which assesses the consequences...
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Economic Security of Natural Monopolies in the Reforming Context (Case of Rail Transport)

Ksenya Sedykh, Svetlana Khaletskaya, Nina Yakovleva
The article is devoted to the issues of economic security of railway transport, as a subject of natural monopoly during the reform period. The prerequisites, main directions and results of the structural reform of railway transport are considered. The role of ensuring branch economic security is defined...
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Issues of Legal Regulation of Automobile Passenger Transportation in Irkutsk Region

B.A. Tugutov, A.V. Vishnevskiy, V. V. Dzhura, D. A. Kovarin, S. Yu. Nekrasov
The subject of the study is legal norms of the federal, regional and municipal legislation governing the road transportation of passengers. The purpose is to analyze and generalize the practice of transportation contracts concluded in Irkutsk region, the carrier status, the practice of resolving disputes...
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The Interdependence of the Natural Resource Potential of the Region and its Economic Development

Z K Tavbulatova, E M Magomadov, M A Betilgiriev, M H Saitova, L R Abkarova, H G Chaplaev
A comprehensive assessment of the impact of natural conditions on economic development and, more generally, on the overall development of countries and regions is a very complex topic. Based on the data of the industrial production index and agricultural production index, we will identify the dependence...
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Planning and Accounting as a Factor of Economic Growth of Railway Industry Enterprises

A.G. Dykusova, E. Yu. Golovina
Over the past few years the system of economic relations in Russia had been in a very difficult situation which was due to the foreign economic and political situation of the state on the world stage and had a negative impact on the development of various spheres and sectors of the economy. The impact...
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Transformation of Labor Relations under the Conditions of Digitalization and Institutional Changes in the Pension System

.N. Apenko, E.Y. Legchilina, O.M. Kiriliuk, T.V. Tsalko
This article is related to the transformation research of social labor relationship under the conditions of digitalization and institutional changes the pension system. The authors suggest a regulatory model of transformations of the system components of social-labor relationship in conditions of digitalization...
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Application of the Bayes Theory Prinicples in Planning a Motor Transport Company Work

L. S. Trofimova
The Bayes approach allows obtaining a broader interpretation of the genuine parameters of the model of functioning of a motor transport company when transporting goods by specialized rolling stock for current planning, assuming that the technical and operational indicator - the haul distance with cargo...
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Makroekonomics Aspects of the Effectiveness Evaluation of Outsourced Services Directorate of "Russian Railways" Infrastructure

I.Y. Solskaya, S.V. Belomestnyh
The article is devoted to the problem of theoretical substantiation of methodological approaches to assessing the effectiveness of third-party services provided on the terms of outsourcing and performed in the areas of infrastructure Management of JSC "Russian Railways". The basic provision of the theoretical...
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Investment Activities of Russian Railways

I.Y. Solskaia, N.B. Grosheva
The concept of priority development of the infrastructure component of the economy assumes a significant increase in investments in new construction projects and an increase the capacity of the railway infrastructure of Russia. Macroeconomic efficiency of the investment program is the most important...
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Analysis of the Forecast Models-Evaluation of Resources Object of Diagnosis Based on the Methods of Statistical Solutions

N.K. Barsukova, S.V. Barsukov, S.V. Pakhomov
This paper analyzes some of the current models of planning the technical impact on technical systems. Consider the group of mathematical models of changes in the state of the diagnosis object based on statistical methods recognize signs of states of the objects of diagnosis, in particular, on the methods...
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Governmental Support and Efficiency Management of JSC "Russian Railways" Investment Activity

O.I. Mokretsova, Yu.N. Malanina, N.V. Kretova, A.A. Zaikovskaya, I.R. Libenson
The article deals with the development of approach to the efficiency management analysis of investment activities of JSC "Russian Railways" on the basis of optimal management tasks and construction of socio-ecological-economic models of the regions to ensure their sustainable development due to the implementation...
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Assessment of Performance of Holding in the Context of Cash Flow Concept

O.Yu. Dyagel, E.A . Elgina, M. I. Migunova, L.V. Bogdanova, T.A. Tsyrkunova
The article has proved the necessity and analytical value of evaluating the results of the activities of structurally complex forms of business organization based on the concept of cash flow as an alternative to the traditional approach, which involves the use of the indicators formed by the accrual...
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Local Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit of a Railway Company in Russia

Ox.P. Goryacheva, M.V. Krylova, E.A Elgina, M.I. Migunova
This article presents the general results of observations related to evaluations of the effectiveness of the internal audit function. These conclusions are made concerning the reasons why there are no grounds for any positive assessment based solely on public data. A general approach to building an internal...
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Impact of Digital Economy on Well-Being of Population

Maria Khazheeva
The relevance of the topic is due to the need to study the impact of ratings on economic development. The article examines the digital impact on government regulation in Russia, through the rating system. A comparative analysis of the international economic development indices of Russia and the leading...
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Financing of the Russian Spatial Structure Development

Vyacheslav Bubnov, Tatyana Yakhno
The authors considered the financing of economic growth and development of the Russian spatial structure, due to limited financial resources and justified the pattern of formation of a new financial instrument - rational financing. The concept of rational financing was formed from the scientific and...
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Transformation of Banking Risks in Terms of New Basel Rules

Daria Dinetc, Konstantin Babenko
The article describes changes in international banking supervision rules and the impact of changes in the gold status in banking assets on the structure of banking risks. The assignment of a zero-risk level to gold and any other assets can increase the demand for precious metal and decrease a level of...
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Intelligent Control of Micrologistical Systems for the Railway Transport Based on an Ontological Approach

A.V. Dudakova, A.L. Kazakov, R.S. Bolshakov
This article deals with the interaction of the participants in the transportation process, the integration of heterogeneous data in the micrologistic systems of railway transport. The due attention is paid to the ontological approach to describe the structure, types of relationships of the transport...
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Improving Quality of Russian Railways Logistics Services and Client-Centricity Level on "One Contact" Principle by Creating Unified Customer Responsibility Center

Sergey Verkhoturov, Inna Shelopugina, Marina Konovalova, Natalya Mikhailova
The article considers the structure of import and export cargo transported through the Multidirectional Automobile Border Crossing Point Zabaykalsk. Measures are proposed to improve the quality of logistics services and the level of customer focus of Russian Railways by developing a transport and logistics...
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Risk-Based Approach in Control and Supervisory Activities in the Field of Business

Alexander Pakharukov, Tatiana Afanasieva, Elena Bondareva
The article analyzes the regulatory framework for the regulation of control and supervisory activities of business on the basis of materials of the Russian legislation and practice of its application. The authors tried to bring the general theoretical issues as close as possible to the existing problems...
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Features of Railway Transport Insurance in Russian Federation

Oksana Rusakova, Lubov Borodavko, Sofia Golovan
The article analyzes the role of insurance in the practice of railway transport. The railway industry is of particular importance for the Russian Federation due to its geographical position and long distance. Given the importance for the country and the pace of development of the transport industry,...
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Local Innovations and Global Technology Leadership: Rethinking Approaches to the Effective Intra-Industry Technology Transfer

Elena Akerman, Aleksandr Mikhalchuk, Natalia Chistyakova
The relevance of the study is characterized by the acceleration of the growth rate of innovations, technological singularity and increased environmental uncertainty along with technological backwardness and low innovative activity of Russian companies, which attaches particular importance to the development...
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Development of Effective PR-Interaction in Public Institutions

I.V. Deeva, V.V. Kikhtan, E.N. Klemenova
Activities of the press service are multidimensional, it has a set of tools, technologies and platforms for successful work. The entry of Russia into the information society and the new stage in the development of press services put new demands on them. In addition to communicative, image-building, utilitarian...
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Improving the Relevance of the Budgeting System in the Transition to the Digital Economy Model

E.E. Esakova, Z.F. Nalimova, I.A. Yakubenko
Digitalization of management processes makes any industrial enterprise think about improving the relevance of the management system. A fundamental aspect of the transition to a digital economy model is digitalization of the budgeting system. The article discusses the main ways to increase the relevance...
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Labor Productivity Forecasting

Z.A. Garifullina, R.A. Garifullin
The economic and mathematical forecasting methods used in economics allow for determination of quantitative relationships between complex socio-economic, technological and other processes with less time and money. In modern conditions, almost any indicator can be planned using the economic mathematical...
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National Payment Card System as an Important Factor of Economic Security of Russia

G.V. Khetagurov, Yu.I. Khetagurova
The article is devoted to the Russian National payment card system (NSPK) and its role in ensuring the national security of Russia. The main reasons for the increase of risks in the sphere of national security are considered, the main risks for the economy of the country are studied, the characteristic...
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Reinforcement Learning Approach for Market-Maker Problem Solution

K.A. Lokhacheva, D.I. Parfenov, I.P. Bolodurina
The paper considers the implementation of machine learning technologies to algorithmic trading. The paper studies the process of the stock market trading and the role of the market maker in the trading process, methods of mathematical description of the market maker strategy, along with the possibility...
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E-Commerce in the Chechen Republic: Current State, Problems and Solutions

A.U. Mentsiev, A.I. Anzorova, M.V. Abubakarov, Z.K. Cheldieva, V.B. Sugarova
The emergence of Internet technologies contributed to the formation of e-commerce. It is a dynamically developing industry worldwide. As a result, there is a continuous growth in the e-commerce market, both globally and in Russia. The article defines the concept of e-commerce, e-banking, Internet marketing....
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Entrepreneural Ecosystems of the Leading Universities

N.V. Trifonova, E.S. Khutieva, A.S. Proshkina, L.B. Irina, P.I. Gunkova
The article is devoted to the analysis of the markers of productive ecosystems of the world's leading universities. Educational and motivational function, information and financial support, prototyping and development of the experimental base, expert support of scientific and inventive creativity, development...
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Trust and Security in the Digital Economy

M.R. Kulova
The article discusses features of interaction of trust and security in the digital economy in the context of their impact on the changes in the digital environment. The development of the digital economy as an absolute economic imperative actualizes the issue due to its theoretical and practical relevance....
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Implementation of the Marginal Approach to the Operational Costs Accounting in Railway Enterprises

A. Basova, Yu. N. Golskaja
In this paper the operational activities of the railway transport are characterized. Two groups of factors characterizing the operational activity of the railway transport are distinguished. The classification of operating costs is analyzed. The influence of time factor and technical equipment of railways...
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Non-Divisional Management Structure as One of the Most Important Elements of the Reform of Railway Transport

N.N. Grigoryeva
At present, large-scale structural transformations are being car-ried out in railway transport, which fundamentally change the existing mechanism of its functioning and form a new ideology of the industry, the transport market and new relationships be-tween market participants. The features of the...
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Increasing Operational Transparency of 'Russian Railways' Company

Igor Anokhov, Vasily Bludov, Genrietta Rusetskaya
The increase in transparency of operations and authorization of system freight forwarders with broader powers is a prerequisite for enhancing the competitiveness of Russian Railways. This will increase the degree of versatility of the main facilities of the Russian Railways Company through their use...
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Conflictological Component in the Work of the Human Resources Department

Vyacheslav Bubnov, Oksana Kashpurova, Anna Chapaikina
The article presents the results of a theoretical analysis of the concept of conflictology in the activities of a professional team, the main aspects of its formation and functioning in organization. The main approaches to the problem of conflicts in the system of organization, factors of their appearance...
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Tools for Competencies Development Based on the Company's Strategic Objects (on the Example of PJSC Transcontainer)

N.G. Gerasimova, Yu.N. Malanina
The article deals with a comprehensive approach to the staff competencies development. The beginning of the competencies developing process is determined by the company's strategy, reflects the strategic objects and finally determines the competence model. In the competence model it is described, what...
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Management Decision-Making Issues on Transport

A.O. Bezmaternyh, E.V. Fayzrakhmanova
Transport specifics of the organization of the management decision-making process, whice has significant features. In this regard, transport organizations face a number of issues, which associate with the organization of a well-established scheme of management decision-making and continuos improvement...
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Labor Migration Institution in the Modern Aging Economy

Galina Barysheva, Elena Rozhdestvenskaia, Thi Bich Ngoc Tran, Vacheslav Babyshev, Duc Trung Tran
The paper considers the problem of the estimation of how migration depends on the level of economic development and institutional support. We aim to test the hypothesis on the impact of migration to economic development, put forward in the framework of population ageing in relation to developed countries,...
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Health Influence on Life Quality and Social Acitivities of Women

E.A. Ganieva, Z.A. Garifullina, R.A. Garifullin
Modern society has posed new problems for women which force them to maintain longevity, physical and mental health. In new Russia, contribution of women to the national economy is greater than 30-40 years ago. The Federal Law No. 489161-7 "On Amendments to Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on...
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Effect of Labor Management on Production Programme Implementation at a Drilling Enterprise

Z.A. Garifullina, A.Kh. Gabzalilova
Production management is a system of measures that ensures harmonious development of production, implementation of new and use of existing equipment and other production resources, and improvement of production efficiency combining elements and production stages in space and time. Evaluation of drilling...
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Research of Processes for Ensuring Financial and Economic Security of Economic Entity

K.V. Karpenko, R.K. Kecherukov, N.N. Novoselova
This article is devoted to topical issues of ensuring the financial stability of market entities through the creation of an information security system as the basis of the financial and economic security of an enterprise. Based on the analysis of literary sources, the basic requirements and principles...
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Activity of Industrial Enterprises as a Social Risk Factor (on the Example of JSC Electrozinc)

D.V. Khapsaeva
The paper considers adverse ecological situation as a factor of social risk. It studies the perception of environmental risk by the society through the example of Electrozinc Iron and Steel Works in Vladikavkaz. Using media materials and sociological survey it analyzes protest moods and actions after...
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National Associations as Actors of Social Management in Modern Russia (on the Example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

E.A. Mukhtasarova
In modern conditions, the issue of effective social management is crucial for Russia. Its important component is activities of national or ethnocultural associations. They are mediators between society and governments representing interests of various ethno-national groups. Contradictory conditions of...
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Untapped Resource Potential of Older Persons in Russia: Evidence from Expert Assessments in Tomsk Region

Irina Pavlova, Olga Nedospasova
The article presents the discussion on the terminology and definition of the resource potential of older generations. The paper provides the working definition, the structure of the human potential and approaches to assess the untapped human potential, including the human potential of older persons....
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Employment as a Factor of Stable Social and Economic Development of a Region

V.S. Revazov, D.E. Piliyeva, L.V. Kasayeva, A.A. Gasparyan
The article examines the problem of employment in Russia during the transition period from the economy of socialism to the economy of capitalism. The author reveals the specifics of the socio-economic development of the region of the Republic of North Ossetia, Alania, which is reflected in the following...
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Decision-Making Support for Municipal Property Management

O.V. Savina, N.P. Sadovnikova, D.S. Parygin, I.A. Molodtsova
The paper considers an approach to the decision-making support in managing the asset portfolio of a municipal entity. A management model based on complex information analysis was proposed. Management efficiency assessment criteria were considered. The need for factoring in the uncertainty of goals, limits...
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Forms of Interaction of Participants of Timber Industry Clusters in North-West Russia

A Plastinin, O. Sushko
The field study was conducted in order to identify the forms of interaction of cluster participants and the scale of the clustering process of the Russian timber industry complex. The timber industry complex of Russia is characterized by weak cooperation of timber industry enterprises using a common...
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Spiritual, Moral and Psychological Development of the Rising Generation through Cooperation between Educational Institutions and Learner’s Families

I.P. Istomina, L.A. Ibragimova, I.D. Mekhdieva
The article provides an analysis of possibilities and prospects for educational organizations in the implementation of the Strategy for Education Development in the Russian Federation for the period until 2025, the Strategy for Education Development in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra until...
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Bilingualism as a Determinant of Professional Mobility of a Future Engineer: Sociocultural and Pedagogical Aspects

E.N. Gvozdeva, E.G. Loginova
This article deals with the issue of bilingualism as a condition for professional mobility of railway engineering students. The opinions of domestic and foreign researchers on the concepts "bilingualism" and "professional mobility" and definitions of the main components of these terms are analyzed. The...
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Prerequisites of State Regulation of Prices for Agricultural Products (through the Example of Poultry Farms in Siberia)

Alla Rasputina, Natalya Zhilkina, Sergei Ovanesyan, Vasily Bludov, Vladislav Tyunkov
There is an acute problem of providing the population of Siberia and the Far East with animal protein. One of the solutions to this problem may be the development of industrial poultry farming. The situation in the poultry industry in 2018 was predetermined by the factors prevailing in previous years,...
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Criminal-Legal Aspects of Traffic Safety Violations in the Railway Transport of the East Siberian Federal District

Valentina Turkova, Anastasia Arkhipova
This article reflects the main issues facing the transport system in the field of traffic safety and operation of railway transport, analyzes the criminal law aspects of the current legislation. Railways are an important part of the Russian transport network. Most of the Railways belong to the East Siberian...
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Current Issues of Criminal Law Protection of Transport Security

V.G. Tatarnikov, Yu.P. Nikitin, O.G. Stepanenko
The issues of traffic legislation improvement were analyzed. The purpose is to suggest measures aimed at improving legislation on liability for crimes violating traffic safety rules. It was concluded that modern criminal legislation does not ensure traffic safety and needs to be improved. It was proposed...
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Cross-Cultural Analysis of Men's and Women's Coping Behavior

Ju.A. Afanasyeva, S.D. Gurieva
The modern pace of life and requirements for personality that are presented in this regard require quick and effective coping with stress factors using coping behavior. The article describes and analyzes an empirical study of the ethno-psychological characteristics of coping behavior among the representatives...
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The Language and Values of Traditional Culture as A Condition for the Preservation and Ethno-Cultural Development of the Region

E.B. Besolova, F.O. Abaeva, Za.N. Zangieva
A new understanding of the triad "language - culture - reality" from the second half of the twentieth century in terms of comprehending traditional spiritual culture acquires the value of preserving and transmitting the experience of generations. It is connected with the problem of the relationship between...
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Colors Associated with Mystery in American and Russian Student Groups

S.Yu. Folina, A.A. Teleguz
The article reveals the results of the experiment conducted among Russian and American university students in 2017. Such groups of respondents were chosen as due to their age peculiarities they are very interested in everything enigmatic and mysterious. The article highlights the differences in associations...
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Information Society Through the Prism of Language and Culture

N.N. Goncharova
The article defines stages of development of information technologies sublanguage, its functions and a place in the system of the national language. The modern stage is marked by wide penetration of special vocabulary of information technologies sublanguage in all strata of the Russian language, both...
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Some Criminal-Legal Characteristics of an Illegal Arrangement of Gambling

I.E. Khataev, M.S. Margieva
The article analyses prevention of gambling in the General spectrum of legal education. The authors draw attention to the fact that in the Russian Federation, as in most countries of the world, there are legislative restrictions and prohibitions on the organization of or participation in gambling and...
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Religious Culture as the Part of Spiritual and Moral Development of Younger Generation

S.V. Kulikova, N.N. Malchukova
The article considers the role of religious culture in the formation spiritual and moral values in the educational process Agricultural University students. The article contains the analysis of the significance level of spiritual and moral values for students focused on the agricultural sector of economics....
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Lingvoconcept "Fear" In Modern English and Russian Mass Media Discourse

E.R. Mikhaylova, I.B. Getskina, G.I. Shpareva
The authors consider the linguistic mechanisms of formation, fixation and implementation of phobic attitudes in the English-speaking and Russian-language press. For the basis of discursive practices involved in the formation of phobias, the authors took the category "migration". The authors compare...
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Ethnic and Religious Identities in the Multi-Ethnic Region (Based on the Ethnosociological Research Conducted in Bashkortostan)

E.A. Mukhtasarova, F.G. Safin
In the conditions of risks and challenges of globalization and modernization, civil nationalization in Russia, security and stability of regional development continue to update the issue of religious identity of Russian people, especially in the Russian regions. The article studies the example of the...
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The Definition of Algorithmic Thinking

O.V. Sadykova, G.G. Il'bahtin
This article provides a definition of "algorithmic thinking" and provides examples of authors who believe that algorithmic thinking is thinking. Moreover, they think it is not just thinking, but a system of discrete actions, which are called thinking ways. These ways of thinking are a system that consists...
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Religious Component in Higher Education Programs and the Formation of Intercultural Competences

A. Shutaleva, M. Dyachkova, O. Tomyuk, E. Ivanova, N. Smolina
This article is devoted to the study of methods of forming the students' rational scientific approach to religious phenomena. Religious component is present at all levels of the Russian educational system. The religious component is included in the educational programs of secondary and higher education...
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Human Rights: Universality and Cultural Diversity of the World

O. Tomyuk, A. Shutaleva, M. Dyachkova, S. Glushkova, A. Dudchik
The article considers the problem of human rights in the aspect of their universality and cultural diversity of the world through the prism of established traditions. The problem of universality and universalization of human rights becomes the most acute in conjunction with the sustainable development...
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Values and Science

O. Tomyuk, A. Shutaleva, M. Dyachkova, A.Y. Dudchik
The article presents a philosophical understanding of the problem of values in science. The current changes in society cause interest in this problem because the modern world is a world of new materiality. Changes in the modern digital era have led to a reassessment of the importance of many fundamental...
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Systematic Studies of the Formation of Will: Psychological, Philosophical and Pedagogical Aspects

I.L. Shelekhov, G.V. Belozyorova, O.G. Berestneva, G.N. Skudareva, L.A. Petrova, L.V. Akhmetova
The authors view the study issues on the basis of comparison and analysis of the existing definitions of "will" and "personality". Will is considered as one of the elements of the personality structure. The psychological mechanism of complex volitional action is described. The similarity of psychological...
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Individuation as a Key Factor in Modern Social Philosophy

R.N. Yusupov
Turning from everyday ideas about society to the level of theoretical understanding, we decide how to transform the structures forming society from pure abstractions into human experience. The key factor is individuation. The doctrine of individuation developed by K.G. Jung requires refinement, taking...
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Between the "Adjustment Strategy" and the "Balancing Strategy": Modern Foreign Policy of the South Caucasus States

K.R. Ambartsumyan, L.N. Velichko, V.N. Sadchenko
The authors aim to analyze the modern foreign policies of the South Caucasus countries by applying conceptual approaches of neorealists (adjustment, balancing) in the context of changing international relations. The strategy developed in the period of bipolarity changed in the 1990-2000th when the small...
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National Identity: Social Nature and Role in the System of Current Public Relations

D.T. Lolaeva, Ya.I. Sanakoeva
The article deals with the concept of "national identity". In modern social and philosophical science, there are two main approaches. Supporters of one of them believe that it is meaningless to consider national identity in the context of globalization. Globalization violates traditional concepts of...
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Improvement of the Mechanisms of Samara-Tolyatti Agglomeration as a Factor for the Development of Samara Region's Economy

E. V. Lebedeva, E. V. Bulankina, R. S. Astashkina
The article considers the state regional environmental policy as a mechanism for the development of Samara- Tolyatti agglomeration. Based on the analysis of the implementation of the environmental action plan for the direction of development of Samara- Tolyatti agglomeration the authors make conclusion...
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Environmental Features and the Accessibility of the Population in Different Regions of the Russian Federation

V. V. Glebov, O. M. Rodionova, V.V. Erofeeva, E. V. Anikina, K. Yu. Mikhaylichenko
Ecological features and problems of transport accessibility of the population in different regions of Russia are considered. The data of natural and climatic features of regions of Russia are given and the state policy in the field of territorial planning is analyzed.
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Encumbrances on Land Use as an Organizational and Economic Mechanism for Regulating Environmental Management under Market Relations

E.N. Bykowa
The prerequisite of the study was lack of an established system for regulating environmental management in Russia, which leads to inefficient environment management and overuse of natural resources under market relations. An organizational-economic system of land use regulation is proposed as part of...
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The Use of Statistical Methods in the Assessment and Monitoring of Institutional Transformations of Environmental Activities in Russia

N.M. Goreeva, N.A. Kokorev, L.N. Demidova, S.I. Chernyaev
The article describes the aspects of decision making in the context of institutional transformations of environmental activities based on the use of a wide range of statistical methods. Their advantage is the ability to make and use models in the short term. Analysis and, on its basis, forecasting the...
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Ecological Consequences of Reservoir Water and Drill Cuttings Discharging in the Sea Continental Shelf

G.R. Igtisamova, Z.Z. Yangirova, D.Sh. Nosirov
The article studies the impact of drilling waste and industrial water on the fauna of the aquatic environment. The analysis of the impact of emissions on the continental shelf is presented. The study revealed that in the ecological system of the marine continental shelf, the source of pollution is drilling...
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Problems of Personnel Training in the Field of Environmental Protection and Safety

А.I. Matveeva, V.К. Potemkin, А.D. Galperina
The relevance of environmental education of management personnel is reflected in the documents of the UN Conferences on Environment and Development, materials of a number of other international conferences. In accordance with the Federal Law "On Environmental Protection", heads of organizations and specialists...
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Geoecological Changes in the Structure of the Anthropogenic Landscape in Kazan (Russia) for XVIII-XXI Centuries

I.S. Shigapov, R.I. Zamaletdinov, Z.R. Yuzmukhametova
In this paper we present the result of assessment of ratio between built-up area and green area of urban landscape of Kazan (Russia) for XVIII-XXI centuries. Research was made by georeferenced 9 old maps and recent satellite imagery and calculated the area of different functional zones. Through the research...
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Organizational and economic mechanism for the environmentally sustainable development of an industrialized region

I.A. Vasilyeva, N.V. Morozova
Insufficient attention to environmental factors and their role in the Russian economy when developing programs for the socio-economic development of territories led to a decrease in the efficiency of using natural resource potential in crisis conditions and had a negative impact on the ecology of the...