Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Advances in Management Science and Engineering (IC-AMSE 2020)

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Research on the Innovation Efficiency of Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Based on DEA Method

Xia Gao, Zhongkai Yang, Zhaogang Sun
This paper uses DEA method to evaluate innovation efficiency of 40 typical artificial intelligence enterprise in our country, which inputs element as human (research and development personnel accounted for the ratio of the total number of employees) and capital (the ratio of R&D and business revenue),...
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Visualizing and Tracking Chinese Business Management and Economic Society High-Quality Development

Meijun Ning, Yongxiang Liu, Li Zhu, Luoru Ma
The high-quality development of business management and economic society is the strategic target to the construction and dissemination of China’s national image. This research regarded CSSCI literatures of business management discipline in the CNKI database from 1978 to 2018 as the research objects....
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Income Tax and Capital Structure of Multinational Corporations

Deqiang Deng, Rui Shao
With economic globalization and the deepening of international division of labor, multinational corporations have become an important part of the world economy. Different from the scope of business activities in which domestic enterprises are only distributed in one country, the scope of business activities...
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Analysis on Improvement of Internal Audit in China’s Listed Companies Based on Artificial Intelligence

Enzhu Li, Hongshan Xu, Guannan Li
Based on the theoretical connotation of internal audit, this paper first states the major deficiencies in the execution of internal audit supervision of China’s listed companies. The main reasons of forming these deficiencies are also analyzed in depth. According to the development of artificial intelligence...
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Dynamic Linkages of Return and Asymmetric Volatility Spillovers Among Asian Emerging Stock Markets: Evidence from Post-Global Financial Crisis Period

Rahil Irfan Ahmed, Guohao Zhao
The purpose of this study is to investigate the dynamics of return linkages and volatility spillovers between Asian emerging stock markets. The findings revealed that the own lagged volatility spillovers are statistically significant in all cases. Our findings also show that the asymmetric volatility...
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Application of Balanced Scorecard in E-Commerce Enterprise Performance Management–Taking Alibaba Group as an Example

Xuenan Qiu
Firstly, this paper introduces the concepts and objectives of the four dimensions of the balanced scorecard, as well as the influence and relationship among the four dimensions. Secondly, on the basis of theory, the traditional performance management model based on financial indicators is compared with...
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Application of BIM Technology in Construction Project Cost Compilation

Chuanfu Yu, Wenhui Bai
BIM (Building Information Modeling) has gained wide acceptance in the building industry in recent years. It is changing gradually from traditional 2D representation of building product and fragmented contributions, and from the stakeholders to 3D product model and stream lined lifecycle management in...
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The Difference Between Software and Hardware and the Determination of Procurement Methods

Tong Zhou
Since there exists a big difference between computer software and hardware procurement, which cannot be simply subject to the procurement of goods according to OrderNr. 87. The operating environments of some software are special and not universal. Hence, the selection of our procurement method should...
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Will there be a New Monopoly in the Chinese Gas Market-Doctrines of Unbundling and Network Access

Yang Liu
Recently, the Chinese central government has re-constructed the whole supply chain of gas, in order to provide market competitions. The measure of reform is to create a nation wild gas pipeline, which was owned by the upstream energy enterprises separately. The reform is to demolish the disadvantages...
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Study on Platform Construction of Trans-Major Comprehensive Training in Economics & Management

Yunfei Chen, Jianji Wang
The purpose of this study is to give the contents and thought in platform construction of comprehensive training of trans-major,all-procedure and many jobs for junior college students in economics & management.The methods are: 1)taking an example of the college in economics & management of that in Wuhan...
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Green Economy: Study on Urban and Rural Development Integration and Its Strategic Planning in China

Zhong Zheng, Yuanyuan Wan, Haiyang Su
This paper analyzes the international trend of green economy development, and explores the realization path of ecological civilization construction in China. By studying the transformation of economic growth mode guided by green economy, it reveals the problems existing in the historical process of rapid...
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Sentiment Analysis Based on Product Review Data of Chinese Commerce Website of JD

Wenhua Song, Aiming Qin, Tiansheng Xu
With the popularity of the Internet and the development of e-commerce, online shopping has become more and more popular. Based on the commodity text comments of an e-commerce website, this paper uses machine learning method to analyze and mine the emotional direction of commodity comments. Finally, combining...
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Digital Forms of Post-Industrial Landscape in the Context of All-for-One Tourism

Jihui Qu, Xiuli Ge, Ji Chang
In recent years, many cities and regions in China have adopted all-for-one tourism to implement the revitalization strategy of former industrial bases. As the valuable heritage of the industrial age, post-industrial landscape culture has not played its irreplaceable role of cultural transmission in the...
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Second Order Sufficient Optimality Condition for a Class of Major Constraints Vector Optimization Problem

Xuanwei Zhou
Optimality condition of second order of major constraints vector optimization is researched. The concept of major constraints local Pareto weakly efficient solution in major constraints vector optimization is given. With the aid of the major constraint set and its structure representation, a sufficient...
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Teaching Reform of Object-Oriented Programming

Qiyu Liu, Xin Yu, Xiansheng Xu, Mingming Fu
Aiming at the problems in the teaching of object-oriented programming course, we clearly define the teaching objectives of the course, and make the teaching contents simplified, integrated and optimized. Through the combination of practical and interesting course cases, practice instruction manuals and...
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Development Strategies and Paths of Rural Human Resources Based on Maker Education

Jing Tian, Yunli Xie
The unceasing deepening of maker education has highlighted new direction of innovative personnel training. Under the influence of “knowledge creation learning”, maker education has improved the characteristics of traditional human resource development with the rapid development of modern technology....
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Sustainable Development of Subjects in Sports Institutes and Universities Based on Niche Theory

Liuqing Ouyang, Mei Yang
Sports institutes and universities are essential in the educational ecosystem. This paper explores the sustainable development strategies of institutes and universities of sports, and seeks the fundamental paths of development and transition of the subjects. Based on the basic theory of niche, it expounds...
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Research on the University Student Service System Based on Crowdsourcing

Haifeng Li, Wenjie Chen
As a new business model, crowdsourcing brings together the strength of the public to solve problems, which embodies the rise of co-creating value. Students need more and more information to get and store in campus life. The traditional campus model can not meet the needs of students.Based on the above...
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Research on Innovatively Starting Enterprises Education of Emerging Engineering in Universities

Weici Liu, Yangcai Fan, Ruisheng Liang
For theoretical and practical research of higher education in China, the innovatively starting enterprises education is one of the research hotspots. The innovation and entrepreneurship education of the cultivation for talents and the developments on emerging engineering are significant. In this paper,...
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The Application of Virtual Simulation Software in University Physics Teaching

Weici Liu, Ruisheng Liang
With the development of educational informationization, the deep integration of information technology and curriculum teaching has become the development trend of modern education. The traditional university physics teaching cannot meet the needs of teachers and students in engineering universities under...
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Research on Improving the Management Mode of Scientific Research in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Big Data

Lin Li, Binbin Yu
In recent years, the concept and technology of big data has attracted the attention of industry, academia and government departments. As an important base of scientific research and innovation in China, the level of scientific research management has a great impact on the development of university innovation....
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Impact of City Brand Recognition on Subjective Well-Being–Taking Beijing as an Example*

Qingchen Liu, Jun Duan
In recent years, with the development of city brand gradually, more and more people pay more attention to the construction of city brand. This study attempts to combine city brand recognition with subjective well-being (SWB) of residents to explore the impact of city brand recognition on residents SWB....
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A Comparative Study of Filial Piety and Endowment Patterns Between China and the West

Chunli Ni
China and the western countries hold different opinions about filial piety and there are two totally different endowment patterns of providing for the aged. This thesis focuses on a systematic and complete comparative study of Chinese and western filial piety and endowment pattern. The aim of the study...
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On Major Issues and Countermeasures of the Regeneration of Former Industrial Sites in China

Xiuli Ge, Jihui Qu, Fangbin Guo
China is experiencing a fast-speed urbanization, which has brought many social and urban problems such as social exclusion, gentrification and pollution. Urban regeneration has been employed by many countries and regions to solve the problems arising during the urban regeneration, in particular the regeneration...
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The Effects of Conflict and Opportunism on Guanxi

Guangyang Yin, Chun Jin
From the perspective of channel destructive behaviors, we examine the impact conflict, opportunism on channel member flexibility, and analyze the effect of contract utilization on above-mentioned effects, and then analyze the impact of contract utilization on Guanxi with channel partners. Using data...
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The Ecological Environment Optimization Mechanism of Rural Tourism Community Based on “Two Mountains Theory”

Hejiang Shen, Yang Zhang, Jianchun Zhang
The good humanities and natural ecological environment of rural communities are not only the basis for human survival and development,but also the favourable factor for promoting rural tourism development.However,with the continuous growth of rural tourism,the ecological,natural environment and production...
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Big Data Analysis and Decision Making of Chinese Paper-Cutting

Cheng Yang, Lingang Wu, Dan Li, Zhichao Zhang
Chinese paper-cutting is a traditional folk craftsmanship that cuts and carves patterns on paper. In urban civilization, how to protect and inherit traditional paper-cutting techniques is an urgent issue to consider. The continuous integration of social science and computing science provides a technical...
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How to Construct Brand Personality for Chinese Animation

Shenglin Xu, Nan Jiang, Li Zhang
This research explored how to build brand personality of Chinese animation by taking Chinese animation movies as samples, mining user preferences from online critic reviews. Based on the existing research results of Chinese brand personality, this paper discussed whether “benevolence”, “wisdom”, “courage”,...
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A Study on the Application of Fintech and Innovation in the Securities Industry–the Construction of Fintech Innovation Laboratory in the Securities Industry

Huimin Li
According to the service relationship of business module layout within the enterprise of the securities industry, this paper proposes the analysis and design of the industry chain value model, centering on the business line, product line and technology line. Focusing on the construction of ten related...
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Research on the Path to Enhance Core Competitiveness of State-Owned Enterprises for a New Era—From the Perspective of Corporate Culture

Xinyue Sun
Standing on the historical node of the New Era, if state-owned enterprises want to break through the bottleneck and become stronger, better and bigger, they must enhance their core competitiveness. In the process of the market reform, state-owned enterprises have achieved historical accomplishments and...
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Evolutionary Game of Technology Sharing Based on Enterprise Incentives

Deyu He, Hua Zou
New technology revolution resulted in significant changes in the technological innovation activities, important role of technology innovation platform, platform construction is dependent on the technology sharing, this paper mainly based on evolutionary game theory, through the MATLAB software to simulation...
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Research on the Application of Blockchain Technology in Logistics Industry

Xuhui Wang, Zihan Xie
At present, China’s logistics industry is developing rapidly, but customer satisfaction is growing slowly. In order to solve the problems of goods damage, loss, delay and so on that cause users’ dissatisfaction, foreign enterprises have begun to try to solve the problems such as information opacity,...
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Construction of 1 + X-Based International Land Port Logistics Talent Training Standards

Zhijun Dang, Lizhen Liu
The purpose of this article is to build an international land port logistics talent training standard .That can adapt to the development of the “Belt and Road” of the country, implement the “1 + X” talent training system of the Ministry of Education in China, and serve the “Belt and Road”. The thesis...
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A Survey of College Students’ Personal Information Security Awareness in the Era of Big Data

Jianyun Zheng, Suzhen Lin, Chuhong Li
With the advent of the era of big data, college students enjoy the convenience of digital life, but also make personal information security to a certain extent exposed in the network. This survey analyzes the personal information security awareness of college students, trying to explore how to effectively...
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Research on Entrepreneurial Service Ecosystem: Empirical Analysis of Xiaolan Town, ZhongShan City

Pingting Fu, Jialiang He, Jianfeng Chen, Zirong Zhang
Under the background of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area will bring vitality to the construction of the greater bay area. Study to Xiaolan town of Zhongshan city as the research object, from the domestic and foreign...
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A Study of MI-Based Cooperative Learning Strategy

Chunli Ni
MI-based cooperative learning strategy has many indications and enlightenments. It provides a different perspective for us to look into English learning and promotes multi-dimensional interactions in the teaching process. In addition, this strategy brings new approaches to better classroom teaching,...
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A Research on Policy Theory and Strategy of Poverty Alleviation Through Education in Liaoning

Jing Wang
Poverty alleviation through education is the fundamental strategy to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty. However, under the traditional method of poverty alleviation through education, the problems of lack of guarantee of education quality, general shortage of teachers in poor areas,...
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Effective Strategies for Developing Academic English: Professional Development and Language Outcome of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education

Jing Wang
This essay analyzes students’ individual English language ability needs and Liaoning’s socio-economic needs analysis. Using empirical research methods, through questionnaire surveys and experiments, comprehensive strategies are used to analyze how international educational cooperation projects in education...
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Research on the Influence of the Fall of Corruption Officials on the Investment Efficiency of Enterprises

Yifeng Wang, Hanyu Shi
This paper mainly investigates the impact of the fall of corrupt officials on the financing constraints and investment efficiency of enterprises. It is found that the fall of corrupt officials improves the internal and external environment faced by enterprises, and the improvement of external environment...
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The Flexibility of TSS Production Line Based on Work Sharing

Zongguang Wang, Lu Su, Shilong Liao
What distinguishes work sharing production line from Taylor doctrine, social technology system thought and lean production thought is to use work sharing rules to balance the ability difference between different workers and the process imbalance, so that it shows good flexibility. Based on work sharing...
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Research on Unemployment Status and Influencing Factors of Floating Population in China

Chunyan Lin, Yingchao Tian
As an important source of urban labor force in China, the floating population and its influencing factors are inextricably linked with China’s industrial transformation and upgrading. This paper made an empirical analysis of the floating population unemployment status and influencing factors by using...
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A Study of the Outpatient’s Behavioral Decision Based on CHARLS 2015

Qingshun Liu, Lili Li, Ying Shao
Based on the data of “China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study”(CHARLS 2015), the paper discusses the characteristics and rules of out-patient medical treatment for the middle-old-age group (36-75 years) in China. The founding is that there were no differences in the sex, age, urban and rural distribution...
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System Dynamics Analysis for Policy Change of Beijing Old-Age Service Industry

Yanhong Yang, Haiqing Cao, Meiqi Feng, Cuiyou Yao
Under the background of the population aging, taking the pension industry in Beijing as the research object, this paper builds the development model of the pension industry in Beijing by using the system dynamics method and makes comparative simulation analysis. The simulation results show that: (1)...
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How Does Individual-Team Matching Affect Employees’ Subjective Well-Being at Work: Taking Family Support as the Moderating Variable

Pingting Fu, Shiying Li, Jianfeng Chen, Zihao Zhang
People are more and more inclined to the form of “teamwork”, but not all teams can achieve the best results. If the team is not suitable for the form of scattered sand, resulting in a lot of waste of resources or conflicts between members. This study with a domestic famous Human reources service organizations...
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Research on Consuming Behaviors of Rural Tourists–Taking Dalian as an Example

Muxi Liu, Xin Zhang
Based on analysing the present situation of Dalian rural tourism, the paper focuses on the research on the consuming behaviors of Dalian rural tourists, which used the methodology of observation, quetionnaire and interview. Then, the paper gives some suggestions as to boost the industry in the aspects...
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Vehicle-Cargo Matching Optimization Model for Vehicle Capacity Scheduling Platform

Qingying Zhang
In this paper, the problem of imbalance in the organization of freight resources in the platform is studied. From the perspective of the platform, a freight resource selection model with the constraint of cargo source urgency is established. The advantage of this model lies in that it comprehensively...