Proceedings of the 2015 3d International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technology for Education

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Construction and Implementation of Vocational Curriculum Process Evaluation System in “task-driven project” Teaching Mode——Experiences in "International Marketing" Curriculum

Li Chunhong, Wang Dongwu, Zhang Yunqin, Gao Huihui
Teaching evaluation system is the most important link of vocational college teaching quality assurance, which plays important role in collage teaching management and the collage development. Teaching evaluation system is a systemic engineering with rich connotation and denotation. From the teaching evaluation...
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Research on Employment Oriented Computer Profes-sional Talent Training Mode

Lin Zehong, Li Wei, Zhou Xueyan, Yu Yuehai, Luo Qiubin, Chen Xinin
According to the local schools educational concept of serving the local economy, in line with “student-centered, service to students” objective, the employment oriented computer professional talent training mode is provided, from the construction of talent training mode and curriculum system respectively,...
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Discussion on the Situational Creation of University Database Teaching

Fang Xin
According to the constructivist learning theory, situational creation as the basis to create teaching, will combine teaching and context. It is helpful to achieve knowledge construction of university database course teaching in process of "Understanding - Demonstration - Memory - Imitation" .Curriculum...
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Design of Teaching Management System of University Experiment Based on Cloud Computing

Cui Lianmin
In order to promote the informationization development of experiment course teaching in university, it is necessary to integrate the software resources and the experimental teaching resources scattered in various experimental center and to realize the sharing of resources and effective use. This paper...
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Research of the MOOC Study Behavior Influencing Factors

Xu Fang
The model of MOOC study behavior influencing factors is built based on TAM3 model, and empirical research is done. The result shows that the MOOC study intention has significantly positive correlation with MOOC study behavior; subjective norm, image, job relevance and output quality have significantly...
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Individualism and Collectivism Transition in Chinese college students Evidence from After 70’s, 80’s,and 90’s

Ping Shuai, Mi Shuyue, Zou Hailiang
In the paper,we will mainly discuss the individualism and collectivism transition in Chinese college students. We select the data from three groups-after 70’s, after 80’s, after 90’s. Then we use the empirical modeling method, after hypothesis&testing, we got the results: (1) In general, Chinese college...
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Thinking of Applied Engineering Disciplines Teaching Model under the Background of the “Internet +”

Luo Qiubin, Lin Zehong, Zhou Xueyan
Along with the big data and intelligent sensing capabilities were added to the traditional industries, “Internet +” is not only the transformation of traditional industries, but also is the transformation of inherent Internet. Education is a pioneer in the development of science and technology, the great...
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Practice Study of University Sunshine Sports Instructors Work

Deng Jiaping
Analysis of university in carrying out the sunshine sports , how to around college talents training objectives build for two-level academy "sunshine sports instructors " working mechanism, management system and evaluation mechanisms. And make full use of the school for nearly three years' work practice...
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Remote and virtual laboratory as a modern instrument for induction of the pupils’ inquiry activities with em-phasis on the technical and science-based subjects

Dostál Jiri
The inquiry-based instruction can be, based on results of many researches and investigations, considered as beneficial and perspective, regarding mainly the current so-cial needs. It is at the most desirable to educate individuals who are creative, able to solve problems and discover un-usual solutions....
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Higher Vocational Colleges’ Intelligently Shared Profes-sional Teaching Resource Library System Based on Mo-bile Agent

Zhou Hong
This paper attempts to integrate mobile agent with professional teaching resource library system. Based on analyzing the advantages of mobile agent technology in distributed computing, this paper designs a shared professional teaching resource library system based on mobile agent and discusses in detail...
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New Education Pattern of Professional Finance Master Program

Hui Xiaofeng, Li Meng, Hu Yiyuan
With the new developing trend of specialization and segmentation in finance, the professional master with career backgrounds becomes a source of the core competitiveness of the financial industry. Based on the demand background of elites in specialization, internationalization and innovation, this paper...
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Applications of CDF in Teaching

Hong Weihu, Qu Junfeng
Information and Communication technologies have been rapidly developed, innovative teachings are made possible. In order to promote innovation of teaching, we will demonstrate some applications of Computable Document Format (CDF) in teaching in the form of: animation, visualization, and interaction.
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Master of Arts in Research Design and Implementation of the Practice Subject Students Ability Training

Liu Lin, Tao Yuan
This article introduces the thought and measures of the MFA graduate’s educational reform in Hubei University of Technology. Based on conclusion of the experience of training the graduates majoring in art design, the university defines the thought of training the graduates majoring in art design according...
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Discussion on the Cultivation of Composition Writing Habits of Korean Middle School Students with Chinese Language Teaching— A Case of Korean Middle School in Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture

Jin Qingai
Professor Ye Shentaothought that composition teaching focused on the cultivation of students’ good habit of autonomous writing. Besides, writingdid not express life emotions without observation, accumulation, consideration and diligent correction. Thus, good writing habit is formed with the promotion...
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The Impact of Proactive Personality and Cognitive Flexibility on Situational Judgment among Student Pilots in China

Ji Ming, Jin Fang, Liu Dan, Yang Can, Chen XingXing
The present study was to investigate the effect of proactive personality (PAP) and cognitive flexibility (CF) on the student pilots’ situational judgment. This study was based on a sample of 222 student pilots from Civil Aviation Flight University of China. The results showed that proactive personality...
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The research on the cultivation strategy and outlet of the ethnic characteristics of the music in the Normal University of Yunnan Province

Chen Yu
This subject is the general program of the science research fund of the Education Department of Yunnan Province in 2013, and the exploration of the cultivation strategy and outlet of the music of the music in Yunnan province. The project number: 2013Y010. Research team adheres to the first-hand data...
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Partial Results of the Pilot Research on Developing Key Competencies of Elementary School Pupils through Interactive Whiteboard

Brecka Peter, Valentová Monika
Considering the current lack of methodological source materials for accurate use of interactive whiteboards at elementary schools in Slovakia the main objective of the presented research is to develop educational strategies and models for teaching of selected subjects which will create conditions for...
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Applications of Smartphone in College Education

Cao Mengqiang
The combination of smart phones and mobile Internet re-sult in that anyone can study at any time and any place. The popularity of smart phones in college students provides conditions for its application in teaching, Students can the take advantage of Wi-Fi for teaching resources, install a variety of...
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Using Online Tests to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Ling Chen
This article describes how online tests are used to achieve the following goals: 1) to engage and to motivate students learning chemistry; 2) to understand how students solve difficult problems; 3) to assess students learning outcomes that are listed on the course syllabus; and 4) to evaluate instructors...
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On the Self-defense of Juniors Based on Physical and Mental Quality

Dong Wen-mei, Ma Qiang, Chen Qing-guo
Using the methods of literature material, questionnaire, test and mathematical statistics, the research analyzed self-defense from the perspective of the physical quality of juniors. Through s testing physical quality of in secondary school in Beijing as an example, this paper proposed that the students’...
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Deep Study for Teachers Selection by Students Basing on Gaussian Mixture

Su Jinghui, Lu Yang, Guo Bin
The article aims at the issues that the students autonomously select the teachers during the teaching and has further deep study with the related theory of Gaussian Mixture Models. Establishing model for teachers puts the issues students selecting teachers into Gaussian Mixture Models to expect to put...
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Basic Experience of Vocational Education Reform in Singapore and the Enlightenment

Cao Shizhu, Huang Naizhu, Zhong Jiaming, He Ling
Singapore vocational education has made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development in Singapore. Such vocational education advocates the educational ideas of "student-centered teaching", "value orientation", "less teaching and more learning" and "teaching factory". Furthermore,...
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Webquest Interactive Teaching Design and Evaluation under the Background of Cloud Computing and New Mobile Technology

Ruan Peng, Song Qingfei, Wei Zhong
Along with rapid development of network and mobile communication, traditional teaching model is no longer able to satisfy student’s learning demand. Face to this network and mobile phones generation, teachers and students also have to relocate the role during teaching process. This paper mainly studied...
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An Exploration of the Impact of Jewish Dissension on Philip Roth’s Fiction Writing

Chen Hongmei
Philip Roth used to take advantage of his biographical details and experience to write his fiction. This essay traces the history from the reception for his Goodbye, Columbus to his settling down on this technique in Zuckerman Bound, and holds that the fierce dissention between him and the Jewish community...
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Researching And Exploring a Mode of Training Innovative Talents in Electronic Information Professional of Higher Education by University-Enterprise Cooperation

Wang Zhongxun, Du Kangkang
A training mode of university-enterprise cooperation is based on the industrial development and demand of enterprises. Enterprises participate in establishing and implementing the scheme for training talents in colleges and universities, which take advantage of solid theory in colleges and universities...
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The Realistic Choice of Modern Apprentice System Implementation in China--In The Case of Software Professionals Training

Zhang Junhua, Zuo Xianlan
The implementation of the modern apprenticeship system is an important way to promote the teaching reform of vocational education and training (VET) in China. Due to differences of national conditions, how to carry out modern apprenticeship system in China's VET step by step is an important research...
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Training with Creating Spirit in Major Courses

Lu Chunhui
Creating spirit is an important quality and capability for engineering students who want to be good engineers. This spirit can make students try their best to study until they got Bachelor’s Degree. At the same time, there are many conceptions which were taught in major courses to raise their capabilities...
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The Reform and Exploration of the Cultivation of Engineering Talents in Local Colleges and Universities

Yang Bo
Education should be people-oriented, students' future survival and development is reflected in the fundamental quality of school education. All teaching requirements and teaching management should be as the ultimate goal, the education teaching to adapt to the needs of social development is the fundamental...
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The Problems of Talent Training in Higher Engineering Education and Strategies to Reform

Wei Yinxia, Peng Ying
Even though our country has the world’s most abundant engineering students and a huge demand for talents, the problem on the disconnection between higher engineering education and industry still exists, which exerts a passive influence on the quality of talent training. The reform of higher engineering...
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Task-Based Teaching and Layer Teaching Method Experiment in the Course Design of English Business Correspondence

Zuo Xianlan, Zhang Junhua
Thesis is divided into three parts. The first part introduces the task based-layer teaching five steps instructional design of English Business Correspondence in Business School of the Vocational Technology .The five-step design develops on the basis of traditional pre task, task and review , the tree-step...
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The Study on College Students’ Learning Initiatives in Ethnic Minority Concentrated Areas — Taking Xinjiang University as an Example

Qiu Tao
With the reform of the current education system, self-learning mode is widely recognized, independent study has also been defined as the ideal goal of education is no exception in remote ethnic areas.This article will research the initiative for college students in minority areas, in order to improve...
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A SWOT Analysis of MOOC on Business English Teaching

Wang Jin-hui
MOOC has become a common phenomenon in higher education, and researchers are discussing its application in teaching. After a brief introduction of MOOC, business English teaching as well as SWOT analysis method, the method is adopted in the analysis of MOOC in terms of business English teaching. The...
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On The Types of Ancient Mysterious Buddha and Their Identity

Jiang Jiahua
There is a special class of Buddha in the ancient Buddhist statues categories, and this kind of Buddha has the mysterious legend, namely Mysterious Buddha. There are three main types of Mysterious Buddha. The first type, in the early India and China, is the Mysterious Buddha, which often became the object...
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Categorical Management of Faculty in High Education: a case of University of Queensland

Chen Sichao, Ying Biao, Lv Chunfeng, Xu Qing
This study introduced the detail of categorical management of faculty in the University of Queensland, which would provide potential suggestions for domestic universities in their reforms on faculty management. The results indicate: first, the University of Queensland adopts, the University of Queensland...
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Innovation Education of Advanced Vocational Technical Colleges Based on Mechanical Cases Analysis

Du Jitao
The keypoints of Made in China 2025 is to transform Creation-CHINA, Quality-CHINA Products-CHINA from Made-CHINA, its core is Innovation and Talents with innovating consciousness. Advanced vocational education as one education mode takes on the significant role in cultivating innovation talents. In this...
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The Socialist Core Values Leading the Campus Culture Construction in University

Shi Junwei
The socialist core values leading the Campus Culture is an inevitable requirement of social and cultural construction, the practical needs of the construction of campus culture, socialist core values leading the construction of campus culture and talents inherent consistency of training objectives. Currently,...
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The Training of Young Teachers' Teaching Ability in Colleges and Universities by Teaching Courseware

Zhang Yong-ming
Chinese higher education has entered the stage of popular education since 1999.Along with the entering into the stage of popularization of higher education, It is the common problems that improves the quality of education in the world. The young teacher teams in colleges and universities in our country...
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Analysis on Implementation Path of Cultivating Humanistic Spirit in the Teaching of Law

Du Xia
Humanistic spirit is the soul of the law science, cultivating people with humanities is one of the important tasks of law teaching. Teachers should possess the consciousness of humanistic spirit in the course of law teaching. Teachers should organically combined the humanistic spirit with professional...
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Seminar-based Teaching Course Reform and Course Practice for the Solid Geophysics II

Zhang Yuanzhong
The new mode of the postgraduate theoretical course teaching is discussed based on the seminar-based course reform and course practice in the paper. With seminar-based teaching course reform of the Solid Geophysics II, the postgraduate student actively participates in the theoretical course study and...
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Study on the Aesthetic Value and Folk Culture of Lanling Xiaoguo Clay Sculpture

Hou Yanqing
As a form of folk art, Xiaoguo clay sculpture has its unique artistic value and cultural value, which have played an important role in the aspects of displaying in regional aesthetic features and cultural heritage.
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The Teacher’s Torts and Development of the Rule of Law in Education

Meng Fanlei
what makes teacher’s torts in primary and secondary schools special is that it is usually hard to detect and will do great harm to students physically, mentally and morally. It is necessary for teachers to improve teaching method, study legal knowledge, strengthen their legal consciousness, operate on...
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The Reforms and Explorations in Law-Related Education of Normal College Students

Wang Lei
To strengthen the ideological moral education and law-related education of adolescents for the whole Party and society, especially school. Because of the Lack of the law-related education, the normal college hasn’t finished the task of cultivating student’s law ruling concept well enough. The lack of...
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The Cultivation of Legal Awareness of College Students in Information Era

Meng Fanlei
The ideological and political education of college students in information era is still facing numerous challenges. The article will explore challenges from following aspects: the urgency of legal education of college students and behavioral characters of them, and make rational suggestions from aspects...
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Pattern of Parent Participation in Motor Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Qualitative Research

Zheng Tianping, Wang Tao
By using the method of qualitative research through observation parents participating in rehabilitation training for children with cerebral palsy in educational system, complemented with the parent interviews, this paper discussed the pattern of parent participation in motor training for children with...
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Research on Facilitating Function of Benevolence in Green Manufacturing —— Teachings from Tao Te Ching and Hua Hu Ching

Guo Yingjie
To describe the reason why benevolence is a facilitator in Green Manufacturing, the paper refers to Tao Te Ching and Hua Hu Ching and examines the role as well as the value of benevolence in Green Manufacturing, holding that benevolence implies a philosophical attitude and reveals a humanistic belief....
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A Novel Case Teaching Method based on MOOC

Fang Qiqing, Huang Qingxian, Liu Gen, Liu Qinghua, Hu Yamin
In this paper, we detail our efforts on the case teaching de-signed for the students in the MOOC. First, we propose a three-step model to improve the quality of case teaching. Then, we incentive the enthusiasm and initiative of MOOC, real-time track the students' learning dynamic. Finally, we evaluate...
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Educational Equality and National Identity--The Disputes over Yenching Academy and the Internationalization of Chinese Universities

Li Chun
The initiation of Yenching Academy, as an institution to promote internationalization of higher education, was controversial for its inequality in treating Chinese students and international students. This inequality resulted from China’s past traumatic historic narrative and its demand for a higher...
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A Novel Method of Case Teaching

Hu Yamin, Fang Qiqing, Lv Shujun, Zhang Wei, Xiao Lei
Based on the case teaching implementation process as background, we propose three suggestions with changing teaching idea, transforming teaching method and improving professional ability. And we also put forward to carry out three implementations with good preparation before class , the class discussion...
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New Requirements of Teachers' Abilities in Case Teaching

Hu Yamin, Hu Yahui, Lv Shujun, Fang Qiqing
As the leader of the case teaching, teachers play an important role in the successful implementation of case teaching. In this paper, we propose three-roles of teachers including gatekeepers, guides and the presenters through analyzing some key problems in the process of implementing case teaching. And...
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An in-depth JAVA Teaching Exploration into the Software Engineering Curriculum

Xu Qing-Wei
Currently, the setting of JAVA can not meet the need of enterprises’ employment demand. In this paper, we divide the JAVA learning process into four stages: basic knowledge, junior programming, web development, and senior programming. Step by step, we will introduce the students into in-depth understanding,...
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Engineering Ethics Education and Moral Education Reform in Universities of Science and Engineering

Zhao Wenduo
In the context of a materialistic, profit-driven, and market-oriented society, students' poor humanistic quality is the major problem in moral education reform in universities of science and engineering. Therefore, improving students' humanistic quality has become a priority in the reform. Engineering...
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The Relationship between Upholding Taihang Spirit and Carrying Forward the Party’s Mass Line

Dou Yanping, Yun Zhikai
Upholding Taihang spirit goes in consistency with carrying forward the Party’s mass line. We should fully comprehend and consciously put into use the essence of the profound theory of Taihang Spirit for the purpose of translating the red cultural advantages of Taihang Spirit, namely “Firmness, Solidness,...
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The Analysis on Artistic Character of Stone Culture in Feixian

Hou Yanqing
With the rapid development of economy and advance of social material and spiritual life, also along with people’s pursuit of art, it has been popular to collect rare stones. Being the hometown of rare stones, Feixian has varieties of stones and has formed the rich Stone Culture that can go back to ancient...
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The Influence of Transnational Practice on Foreign Language Learning

Zhao Hui
This paper takes business Japanese major of Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce as an example to explore the influence of transnational practice on foreign language learning. Sending students to practice in Japan is a reform of Japanese teaching in our school. The students who pass the interview...
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The Effect of University Students Perceived Value on Purchasing Behavior on Online Takeaway Platforms

Huang Liang, Du Hui
Since University students are major consumers of online takeaway platforms, the factors influencing their purchasing behavior are of course a concern. Based on the literature review, the model and hypotheses about how the perceived value affects the purchasing behavior are put forward. Through questionnaires...
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Multiple Ways of Promoting Innovating Education for Vocational Colleges

Du Jitao
Scientific and technological innovation has become the key to improve the comprehensive national strength and the talents are the cornerstone of scientific and technological innovation. Thus, the innovation quality is key to the innovative talents, the innovation cases education is foundation, the innovation...
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Design and implementation of power locking and release functions in China power market trading activity

Shao Ping, Wang Gaoqin, Guo Yanmin, Zhang Wenzhe, Gao Guoning
With the adjustment of China's National Energy Policy, all kinds of power market trading activity carried out, because some plants too much involved in trading activities that far exceeds its maximum generation capacity, most likely caused by not complete all transactions of electricity. This paper presents...
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Lifestyle Intelligent Evaluation and the Design and Composition of Management Platform

Ping Yue
Lifestyles are the main factors influencing physical health. Expert evaluation model system uses online survey to evaluate the subjects, and gives specific healthy lifestyle guidelines in research of intelligent intervention and long-term monitoring of subjects' lifestyle, while simultaneously provides...
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Corporate Product Recall and Its Influence on Corporate Performance

Liu Quanhong, Zhao Xin
This paper researches the motivation of corporate product recall and its influence on corporate performance based on the perspective of corporate governance, it indicates that product recall may be driven by various kinds of corporate external factors and internal conditions, and product recall may have...
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Mismatch and job mobility of married female migrant workers in China

Hu Weibin, Han Hongyun
A segmented labor market between rural and urban is an impediment to social transformation in China. Our empirical analysis indicates that marital stability via working at the same firm or city with their husbands is the main purpose pursued by MFMWs by virtue of job mobility, young and educated migrant...
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The Analysis and Reference for Western Urban Management System

Ji Wenyan, Wang Qiang, Liu Chengshui
The constant development of urbanization results in a large number of urban problems. Therefore, many cities in developed countries have made management system reform of different level in order to adapt to the development of the situation. To study and draw lessons from their reform methods and patterns,...
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The Exploration on the Local Engineering Colleges Enrollment Mode under the Background of the National College Enrollment System

Zhao Yejiong, Zhu Bei, Tang Zhengqin
The College entrance examination system is an important system related to the future and destiny of a nation. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China determines to deepen the reform of the college entrance examination and enrollment system, which plays...
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Risk Evaluation of Power Grid Investment Based on Logistic Regression Model

Lu Xiaofen, Cai Zhanghua, Xu Qian, Jin Chuan, Liu Fuyan
The power grid investment is affected by natural, economic, policy and many other uncertain factors. Long development cycle and large-scale funds are needed by the investment. Therefore, risk management is an important element in the process of power grid investment. In this paper, power sale price,...
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Pricing European Option under Bi-fractional Jump-Diffusion Process

Xue Hong, Wu Jiangzeng
Assume that stock price follows the stochastic differential equation driven by the bi-fractional Brownian motion and jump process, the financial mathematical model under bi-fractional jump-diffusion process is built by the stochastic analysis theory of the bi-fractional Brownian motion and jump process....
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Research and Exploration on Cultivation Mode of Practical Applied Vehicle Engineering Talents

Yang Honggang, Yuan Weiguang
Combined with investigation on business needs and construction principle of practical applied talents, cultivation objectives of practical applied vehicle engineering talents are demonstrated. To explore cultivation mode of practical applied vehicle engineering talents, the training program is gradually...
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Some Thoughts on Hot Money Problem

Ting Wang, Li Qiao, Long Yao
Since 1990s, hot money has flooded into emerging countries and causes more frequent financial crisis in these countries. What’s worse, as economic globalization and financial unification deepens, hot money scales up and is hard to discover. This paper studies hot money inflow channel, hot money’s effect...
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The Study on Assets Check in Advanced University

Zhang Bitao, Li Fahai
With the rapid development of Universities running mode, the scale of fixed assets is growing increasingly and the assets become more complex and difficult day after day. Thus the management becomes harder and harder. How to analyze the problems during capital management in a new situation and solve...
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Study on Recognition of the Relative Core Competence for Enterprise

Wang Ting, Yuan Hao
The identification and evaluation of enterprise core competence is a prerequisite for building and improving enterprise competitive advantage ability. How to identify the enterprises core competence [1] The traditional research method is mainly identify the enterprise competitive advantage through the...
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An International Comparative Study of Environmental Taxes

Niu Huayong, Xie Shipeng
with the increasingly growing environmental crisis represented by haze in recent years, China is bearing more and more pressure on reducing fossil energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gas. The reform on green tax system represented by environmental taxes is not only imperative to speed up the...
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Job Market Research Analysis of Material Forming & Control Engineering Specialty for Breakthrough Cultivation

Du Jitao
Material forming industry urgently needs high-quality engineering and technical skill talents with practical operation ability and using all kinds of digital tools for the independent Die & Mould design and manufacture. The paper analyzes the material forming industry situation , development trend and...
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Literature Review of the Interaction from FDI to IS Adjustment

Pan Xia, Zhou Ying-ying
Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an important driving force of economic globalization, and with transfer of FDI in international industry; it has important influence on national industrial structure adjustment (ISA). We revolve around FDI and theme of China's IS adjustment, reviewing, analyzing and...
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A Study on The Relation of Three Knife Marks and Silkworm Lines in Chinese Buddhism Statues

Jiang Jiahua
The Three Knife Marks of Chinese Buddhism statues came from a sacred event of statues in Chinese Southern and Northern Dynasties period, which told us that Guanyin undertook the sufferings for human, thus left three wounds, so called the Three Knife Marks. This paper holds that the sacred marks actually...
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Internet Finance and Supervision Based on the Perspective of Bilateral and Multilateral Platforms

Lv Liang, Jiang Han
Internet Finance is regarded as a new financial product of the Internet and finance. It achieves accommodation of funds around other parties through the emerging payment platform. However, information security issue, depending on the internet and mobile utilities as mediums, is still a strong shackle...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Price Discovery Function of Dalian Soybean Futures Market

Xiang Yi, Sun Qiming, Sun Yin, Li Kai
Using the daily closing prices of the soybean futures in Dalian future markets and the average price of the soybean spots in different provinces in China from December 1th.2014 to April 30th.2015 , this paper analyzes the role of Dalian soybean futures by applying correlation analyses, unit root test,...
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Research on the Financing Operation Mode of Chinese Sewage Treatment Plant

Zhang Mariah, Bin Zhu
At present, according to Chinese construction financing situation of sewage treatment, and through the analysis of the shortcomings existed in the project financing mode,we briefly discuss the BT pattern, listing financing, asset securitization financing, consider that the BT mode, listing and financing...
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A Discussion of the Liability Principles of School Incidents

Liu Mei, Su Ke
A common opinion of the modern society believes that schools should ensure that absolutely neither incidents nor injuries would happen to students who are minors and schools or teachers should be liable in case of any incidents. In order to address correct this misunderstanding, this paper provides a...
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The Construction of Practical Teaching System for Training of Information Management Application Talents

Yu Lijuan, Dong Shuang, Ren Chengmei
The new development of the information technology is a great challenge to information management talents training. It is necessary to adjust the training idea, reconstruct the knowledge structure, re-position the ability training objectives according to new needs, and build a new process system to meet...
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The Effect of Tax Avoidance on Firm Value—From the Perspective of Institutional Investor

Liu Xin-hua, Cui Qian, Fu Meng-ting
Though tax avoidance can reduce the expense of income tax and decrease the effective tax rate, it may not necessarily increase the firm value. This article shows that due to the agency problems, tax avoidance may become the shield for managers’ rent-seeking behaviors, thus making the costs of tax avoidance...
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The Influence of Executives’ Gender Differences in Listed Companies on Investment and Financing Decisions

Liu Xin-hua, Fu Meng-ting, Lv Sa-sa
This paperuse the private enterprises which listed in A-shares from 2009 to 2013 as samples to examine the influence of executives' (chairman, CEO, CFO) gender differences on investment decisions and financing preference. The results show: the impact of gender on the company's investment efficiency and...
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An Empirical Research on Hedging with T-bond Futures in China

Xu Xiaoting, Liang Jianfeng
This paper investigates hedge investment by using T-bond futures in terms of static and dynamic frameworks to control the interest risk of different types of bondsportfolios. The empirical test shows that the hedge performanceare affected by the correlation between the prices of bonds and treasury futures,...
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Analysis of Internet Finance based on the Long Tail Theory: the Financing of Small and Micro Enterprises For Example

Lin Jun, Yan Xiao-qing
Based on the long tail theory,this paper analyzes the internal logic betweeninternet finance and the financing problems of small and micro enterprises.This paper illustrates that small and micro enterprises have distinct long-tailed effect on internet finance through the features of long tail market...
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Discussion on Building the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation System of Combining EVA and Balanced Score Card

Li Yongchen, Liu Yuanyuan, Ding Xiangbao
As a tool for performance evaluation, EVA has realized the effect of improving the efficiency of capital utilization and creating greater economic value for the enterprise. The Balanced Score Card combines the financial data with the non financial data, and evaluates the enterprise performance comprehensively....
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Regional Economic, Corporate Characteristics, Social Responsibility Report and Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure

Li Yongchen, Tian Yueyi, Liu Zhiyuan
From the perspective of macroeconomic developments outside the enterprise level and internal microstructure features, examining the disclosure of environmental accounting information listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry of the status, through empirical...
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A Study of the Teaching Management Models under Credit Unit System in China

Hong Yiquan, Li Jiming, Tong Xin
With the reform of the higher education system in China in recent years, the teaching management model of the higher education attracts more and more attention. Implementing the reform con-cerning credit unit system in Universities, developing a multi-skill, all-round development of talents, which has...
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Characteristics of Consumer Behavior in China’s New Energy Vehicles Market

Sun Mingwei, Luan Zhiqiang
With the development of vehicle market, it brings higher quality of life to consumers and countless profits to enterprises. At the same time, the growing severe environmental problems require reform in the automobile industry and all the signs indicate that new energy vehicle is the most feasible solution....
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Research on Chinese Consumer Behavior of Auto Financing

Zheng Yu, Liu Xiaohong, Zhong Yidan, Luan Zhiqiang
With the constantly growing of Chinese financial market, the automobile financial loans market plays a significant role in Chinese consumer’s decision on car’s purchase. The aim of this paper is to investigate the main factors, including the interest, approval condition, procedure, and the proportion...
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Game Theory Approach on the Abuse-of-Power Crime

Zhang Wuwei, Peng Hongli, Zhou Mingwu, Li Guiping
This paper constructs the game model describing the abuse-of-power crime with players ,strategy sets and payoff function. Based on this model, we analyse the law that guide the abuse-of-power crime and find out the reason why it prevails, including the cyclical patern of decision making between principal...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Abuse-of-Power Crime

Zhang Wuwei, Li Guiping, Peng Hongli, Zhou Mingwu
We use the data of legal cases involving the abuse-of-power crime in recent 30 years to conduct positive analysis, based on this model and the analysis of the quantitative function. At last prop up with suggestion to check the occurrence of crime of post.
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Cloud-based face recognition algorithm

Wang Wenhan, Song Kehui, Mu Kai, Deng Junyi, Liu Yumei, Li Yue, Wang Wei
Most face recognition technology on smartphone, should deposit a photo and compare with the instant photo while validation, if the degree of similarity reaches a certain range, we consider it’s his operation. However, it has many drawbacks. First, the program will take up a lot of CPU during comparison....
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An Evacuation Efficiency Contribution Index of Public Building's Space Models

Xu Hong
Evacuation efficiency of public buildings are closely re-lated to their space structures. However, there is lacking of correlating analysis methods of both of them, which lead to the ignoring of evacuation efficiency contribution not able to support the space structure design of public buildings. In...
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Study of Detection Method about PMSM Rotating Angle Based on AD2S1210

Yang Bo
The article introduces a new method of detection for the angular displacement of the permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM), which converts the angular displacement to digital quantity by using the resolver-to-digital converter AD2S1210. It focuses on the working principle the system and the design...
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The UML modeling elements analysis

Jian Zhong
The UML modeling technology is a kind of common graphical modeling language in the object-oriented development, which is in good graces of a majority of technicians for its well-defined, expressive, powerful and widely-used feature. With the development of the society and the progress of various mechanical...
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Design and Implementation of a Virtual Laboratory of Machine Elements Displays

Zhai Jingmei, Xu Xiao, Xie Jiebin
Virtual laboratory is an application of virtual reality technology in the field of experimental teaching. Compared with the traditional on-site experiments, virtual laboratory performs experimental applications without limitation of space and time. In this paper, a web-based virtual laboratory of mechanical...
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Estimation of the remanufacturing cost of engineering machinery hydraulic cylinder

Qin Pin-pin, Sun Yun, Shu Jian-wei, Yang Chun-lan
The remanufacturing cost of estimation, the accuracy of the estimates and the time it takes to produce cost estimates are important factors to remanufacturing organizations. This paper constructed and trained a back-propagation (BP) neural network to forecast the remanufacturing cost of engineering machinery...
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Selective gray and texture information for image segmentation

Sun Kaiqiong, Wan Zhiqin
In this paper, an active contour model is proposed for image segmentation, combining original image and feature image information with adaptive weight. The feature image is a texture descriptor which intrinsically defines the geometry of textures using semi-local image information. The Kullback-Leibler...
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Research of The Statistical Arbitrage Model of Gold Futures Contract Based on Cointegration

Ding Congwen, Li Kai, Liu Ran
The basic of our study is co-integrate theory. We use Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) test and Engle-Granger (EG) co-integration test to analyze the relationship of closing price of AU1512 gold futures and the price of gold in the same period. According to our analysis, we establish error correction model...
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Web Application Security Threats and Protection Technical Analysis

Ying Wu, Yu Sheng
With development of Internet technology, Web technology has been increasingly widely used..More and more Web-based application systems are deployed on the Internet to provide a wide range of services, due to the openness of the Internet itself, it always faced with potential malicious attacks. Security...
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Research on Networking Technology of Motor Transport Industry

Li Fahai
With highly attention paid to the transportation industry in our country and technology is widely used in automobile transport industry, the research which points out networking technology of automobile transportation industry can help reduce transport costs. In order to improve network management efficiency...
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Analysis on the Potential of the Implementation of Electric Power Substitution in Rural Energy System

Zhang Caiqing, Zeng Huan
On the basis of China's rural energy consumption data from 1996 to 2010, the paper studies the terminal energy consumption in rural areas .Although firewood, straw, coal is still the main varieties of energy consumption in rural areas, but the potential of electric power and other clean energy is better....
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An Innovative Network Engineering Professional Practice Teaching System Construction and Implementation

Ning Duobiao, Zhao He
This paper analyzes the network engineering professional competence factors and the characteristics of the CDIO engineering education, designs innovative professional practice teaching system based on TOPCARES – CDIO.The composition covers practice teaching conception, practice teaching design, practice...