Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Art Studies: Science, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2019)

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Influence of Local Cultures and Construction Traditions on the Crimean Manor Architecture of the Late XVIII to Early XX Century

Maria Nashchokina
The appearance and style of Russian estates in the Crimea, absorbed local architectural traditions is directly related to the problem of interaction of Russian culture with the cultures of the peoples inhabiting the country. Since the end of the XVIII century the ancient land of Crimea has attracted...
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The Tendency Towards Complicating Anthropologically Significant Elements of the Visual Form in the Fine Arts of the XX-XXI Centuries

Sergei Sergeevich Stupin
The author analyzes the tendency of artistic perception to interpret abstract art forms in the search for mimetic equivalents and visual similarities in the surrounding world objects. One can see certain patterns in this process: there are tendencies towards constant complication of anthropologically...
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The Issue of Zoomorphic Ornaments in the History of Studies of Gunch (Stucco) Carving in 9th to 12th Century Central Asia

Guzel Zagirova
The article examines the issue of what is termed "hidden" zoomorphic images in the architectural ornament of early Islamic Central Asia. For many years, zoomorphic motifs were considered intentionally concealed in floral ornament in order to circumvent the Islamic prohibition of depicting living creatures....
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B. V. Asaf'yev's Significance and Role in the "Restoration of the Authentic Musorgsky"

Nadezhda Teterina
The significance and role of B. V. Asaf'yev in the "restoration of the authentic Musorgsky" still has to be clarified. Asaf'yev initiated the production of Boris Godunov in the "original version" at the Leningrad State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (the première took place on 16 February 1928),...
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The Manifestation of Baroque Stylistics in the Music of Romantics Taking Schumann's Requiem as an Example

Olga Urvantseva
The article discusses the reception of the peculiarities of the figurative system and the musical language of the Baroque epoch in the work of Western European composers of the first half of the XIX century. A common approach for two epochs to the antithetical reflection of the phenomena of the world...
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The Ensemble of the Acropolis of Athens in the Light of Ancient Greek Mythology

Igor Bondarenko
The article sets the task to find explanations for the structural, architectural, and artistic features of the Acropolis of Athens in the mythological conceptions of the ancient Greeks regarding the cosmic world order. For this purpose, correlations of the objects located on the Acropolis, with their...
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Discreteness in the Architecture of the 21st Century

Irina Dobritsyna
The architect of the 21st century faces the question of how to encode the modern world. The advancement of modern technology inspires the architect's experiments with the form. This article considers the phenomenon of discreteness in architecture, firstly, as a specific aesthetic phenomenon in architecture...
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"Popular Film" (1979-1989): Column Form and Characteristics of the Times

Huijun Li, Yuzhen Guo
As a film journal with important social influence in the 1980s, "Popular Film" and the development of Chinese film are interdependent, showing a close relationship with each other. By examining the column form of "Popular Film" in the historical period of 1979-1989 and the adjustment and change of editorial...
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Research on Poetry Theories in the Modern

Ran Wang
Founded in Shanghai, China in 1930s, Modern presented a literary aspect different from the realistic literary works of left-wing writers for reason that its editor in chief maintained an editing concept of "being left-wing in politics and freedom in literature and art" and a literary pursuit full of...
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Chinese Porcelain Interpretation in Europe: History of Chinese and European Porcelain Cultures Relationships

Ekaterina V. Lyakhovich
In the XVII-XVIII centuries, European countries experienced spread of a new fashion for all Chinese due to expansion of European missionaries and diplomatic missions and establishment of trade relations between Europe and China. This Chinese trend inspired many Europeans resulting in the emergence of...
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Analysis of the Role of Music in Film Narrative

Rui Xu
Given that music has been used as an accompaniment for films since the introduction of motion pictures, it can be said that the two mediums share a close relationship.
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Discussion on the Influence of "A Dream of Red Mansions" on Zhang Ling's "The Affair of Flowers"

Ting Ye
The creation of the famous Chinese writer Zhang Ling is deeply influenced by the Chinese classic novel "A Dream of Red Mansions". Zhang Ling's novel "The Affair of Flowers" and Cao Xueqin's "A Dream of Red Mansions" have many aspects of intertextualities. "The Affair of Flowers" follows the image of...
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Analysis of the Influence of King Gesar from the Perspective of Citation

Ze Wan, Tiancai Li
As an intangible cultural heritage of the world, King Gesar has attracted the attention of academic circle. This paper firstly analyzes the Chinese literature in research on Gesar since China's reform and opening up 40 years ago. It turns out that the academic influence of Gesar was on the rise step...
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Spatial Substitution: Interpretation of Sergei Yesenin's Poetry by Hai Zi

Jianjun Kang, Li Hou
The villages and native landscape appearing in Hai Zi’s poetry reflect the spatial consciousness of the hometown in the process of his creation. In line with this, Sergei Yesenin has a similar expression in his poetry. By examining the similar life of both Hai Zi and Sergei Yesenin and the interpretation...
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Study on China's Uyghur Twelve Muqam in the Past 40 Years of Reform and Opening up

Nurbiye Imin, Rehemitulla Tudaji, Osman Juma
Uyghur Muqam is one of the treasures of Chinese cultural heritages. After the founding of People's Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, with the care of the Party and the government, and the support of leaders at all levels and relevant departments, great achievements...
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Succession of the Sacred Topography of Constantinople/Istanbul: Reasons and Methods

Evgenii Kononenko
The article discusses the process of forming the sacred topography of the new capital of the Ottoman Empire. After the conquest of Constantinople, the Ottomans who were not interested in creating a new hierotopia used the already prepared sacred topography of the Byzantine city. In turn, this topography...
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The Representation of Modern Literary History in Zhao Jiabi's Editing Career

Yinghong Sheng, Xiaowen Lin, Xing Hu, Zhengpeng Li, Xiaohui Zhang, Wenlei Zhou, Jiaxin Liu, Junwei Huang
Liangyou Series and Series of Chinese New Literature edited by Zhao Jiabi, a famous editor, are precious collections of historical materials of new literature, collation and summary of the history of new literature, as well as a great opportunity of modern Chinese literature to fully display its modernity...
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Study on Naturalism in The Red Badge of Courage

Long Shi
Stephen Crane is the forerunner of American naturalism. In the novel The Red Badge of Courage, he established his fame in the American literary world by successfully expressing the statement of naturalism. This paper tries to analyze The Red Badge of Courage from the Naturalistic perspective about the...
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The Non-naturalistic Elements in "The Open Boat"

Yajing Wang
Stephen Crane is one of the most significant writers in American literature who is always related to Naturalism. "The Open Boat" is universally acknowledged as his well-known short story which belongs to the literary Naturalism. Many scholars find the Naturalism elements in the story to illustrate its...
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Pearl — Hester's Messenger of Anguish

Lifang Chen
The Scarlet Letter keynotes the book, as the mature embodiment of Hawthorne's literary arts and thoughts, has received a remarkable amount of attention in the literary field. Many scholars have tried to approach this book from different perspectives, mostly concentrating on its main protagonist Hester...
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The Dance Morphological Characteristics of Wuyuan Nuo Dance

Li Zeng, Huabing Zhou
When the art of Nuo dance in Wuyuan County of Jiangxi Province is carried forward, people are more familiar with the dance of the Nuo dance art group, which is the only dance group in Wuyuan County that survives in the local folk and can continue to develop. The Nuo dance group can transmit this form...
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Content Potential of Genre Decisions in the Diptych-symphony by Oleg Meremkulov as the Key to Performance Interpretation

Natalia Naiko
In the article, the work of the great Krasnoyarsk composer is considered from the point of view of the interaction of genre features of an instrumental concerto and a symphony, a concerto and a prelude. Along with the vivid manifestation of the concerto principle, which determined the significance of...
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An Interpretation of Paradox Literary Technique in Kafka's The Trial

Shiwei Li
The Trial is the most representative work that Kafka did not complete before his death. This paper interprets Kafka's "paradox" literary technique from the perspective of the relationship between readers and authors through the window of The Trial. The "paradox" transforms the relationship between the...
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Research on the Influence of Early Italian Pioneer Design Thoughts on Memphis Design

Lin Tang
Memphis design as an important turning point in the history of post-modern industrial design has had profound impact on Western post-modern industrial design. However, the creation of the "Memphis" design is not isolated. By returning to the historical context of the creation of Memphis design, this...
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Spatial Characteristics of Chu Teh-chun's Abstract Paintings

Feng Liu
This paper studies the unique spatial style characteristics of Chu Teh-chun's abstract paintings, and summarizes his paintings into four points: the sense of light and shadow and the principles of yin and yang, centrality and multidimensional principal-subordinate relation, metaphor and abstract landscape,...
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The Principle of Combination of the Music and Poetic Texts in the "Eighth Book" of Claudio Monteverdi's Madrigals

Veronika Pieshkova
This article reviews the peculiarities of the embodiment of the poetic text in the madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi from the "Eighth Book" of madrigals. For the study, we selected two "warlike" madrigals ("Se vittorie si belle" and "Armato il cor d'adamantina fede nell'amoroso regno") and one "love" ("Vago...
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The Story Mode of "Love Between Monks and Layman" in Contemporary Tibetan Female Chinese Novels

Xuewei Hu
Contemporary Tibetan female Chinese novels, The Resurrection of Tara by Padma Lhaze, Souls Piercing by Ge Yang, Coral Runs through the Years by Mei Zhuo, and Another Heaven by Luo Sang Zhuo Ma, have adopted the story mode of "love between monks and layman". The prototype of such a model is largely determined...
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A Psychoanalytic Study of the Hero in The Third Life of Grange Copeland

Liangliang Zhou
In this paper, the author first gives a general introduction of feminism, Alice Walker, her "womanism" and makes a comparison between "womanism" and "feminism". In the following part, the author illustrates Grange’s three stages of life and tries to analyze them based on Freud’s psychoanalysis. Finally,...
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The Musical Graphics in Connection with Synesthesia in the Context of the Polish Avant-guard

Olga Sobakina
The main problem of identifying musical graphics' phenomenon lies in the absence of obvious relationships between the graphic symbol and what it means in sound equivalent. The composer, creating a graphic score, assumes a certain psychological impact on the way of musical thinking through this graphic...
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TV Project "Old Songs About the Most Important": the Destiny of Nostalgia in the Context of Post-Soviet Culture

Daria Zhurkova
The article is dedicated to the elicitation of dramatic features peculiar to a series of TV music programmes called "Stariye pesni o glavnom" ("Old Songs About the Most Important"). Drawing on the first three episodes, the author analyzes how the revival of Soviet culture began in the crucial '90s. A...
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Ecological Civilization in Bamboo Culture of Ya'an Case Study on Bamboo in Classical Poems and Yingjing Bamboo Horn

Mei Dong
Bamboo culture plays a very important role in China for bamboo stands for a strong will of life and agrees with Chinese people's understanding and admiration for modesty. All these are best shown in the classical poems. Surrounded by bamboo, Yingjing county of Ya'an prefecture again proves the importance...
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The First Application of Ritornello Form in Concerto A Structural Analysis of the First Movement of the Sixth Concerto in Torelli Op. 8

Chenghong Wang
In the development of the music, the ritornello form with the theme of main part for tune shift and reproduction is one of the main forms next to fugue in the Baroque Music period, which embodies the principle of the cyclic form as well as the Rondo. In 1708, the Italian composer Giuseppe Torelli first...
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The All-embracing Fabric of Architecture: Moscow Urban Amphitheater in the Age of N.M. Karamzin A Study on the Possibility of the Historiological Tradition Summation in the Contemporary National History of Architecture

Yuri Volchok
This article observes one of the main informative units in the summation of the hisoriological tradition in the Contemporary national history of architecture. The main attention is focused on the methodological synthesis in the activity of the Commission on the problems of Renaissance culture at the...
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Stone Reliefs of the Han Tombs in Shandong Province: Relationship Between Motifs and Composition

Zhicheng Bi
One of the important characteristics of the monumental relief art is the way of building a composition on a flat surface. In the stone reliefs of the Han Dynasty the dominant principle is a plastic-planar pictorial one (Moshkov, Kuznetsov 1994). Distribution of masses and location of the main lines of...
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Overview of China's Uyghur Twelve Muqam in the Past 40 Years of Reform and Opening up

Guzelnur Tursun, Rehemitulla Tudaji, Osman Juma
Uyghur Muqam occupies a very important position in the whole Uyghur culture. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China has given more and more support to the collation, research and protection of Uyghur Muqam. Many scholars in the society have done some academic research on Uyghur Muqam,...
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Cultural Propaganda and Anglo-Soviet Music Exchanges 1941-1948

Viktoria Zora
During the Second World War, cultural propaganda played an important role in strengthening military ties between the Allies. In particular, music, which was perceived as a common language, was used to promote understanding between the nations and to increase morale. This article gives some examples of...
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Research on the Overseas Chinese Shophouse Culture in Penang, Malaysia in Qing Dynasty A Case Study of Penang Island

Mingjie Dai, Xiu Zhou
This paper focuses on the Shophouse Culture using the methodology of Chronicles, Bibliography and Typology applied into the time clue as the axial direction of the research as a whole. Through the case study of Shophouse in Penang Island, Malaysia, it combs the evolutionary process of the Shophouse in...
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Research on the Design of Cultural Creative Products Based on Jingchu Regional Culture

Hong Nie, Di Zhu
In recent years, cultural creative industry has undergone a rapid development, and the development of creative products containing regional cultural connotations becomes a new favorite. This paper analyzes the cultural connotation contained in Jingchu regional culture, explains the cultural symbols in...
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Research on the Figure Themed Convert Bottle from the 10th to the 14th Century in Kilneyes of South China

Lantao Zhao, Qing Mao
From the 10th to the 14th century, China's southern region saw a peak in porcelain industry, when the "duisu" craft tended to mature. During that time, lavish burials prevailed, so the burial culture was reflected in the exquisite skills of convert bottles (bottles made by "duisu" craft) then. This paper...
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Research on the Design and Development of Festival Cultural Derivatives from the Perspective of Arts and Crafts

Xinxin Wang
This article takes the design and development of festival cultural derivatives from the perspective of arts and crafts as the research object, and builds a "trinity" research framework that spreads the beautiful culture, creates the perfect product and finally realizes the beautiful communication. At...
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Study on the Inheritance and Cultural Creation of Manchu Qipao Culture

Wenhao Su
Manchu qipao originated from the exclusive clothing of women in the Eight Flag Youth of Manchu ethnic group. After the entry of Qing army into the pass, it was widely known by people, evolved into a modified qipao because of the influence by European and American women's dresses in the early republic...
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Discussion on the Application of Copper Carving Art in Cultural Industry Zone Taking Chu River and Han Street in Wuhan as an Example

Zhengkai Chen, Jianian Liang
In recent years, as the urbanization process continues to accelerate, the construction of famous historical and cultural cities, towns and villages with traditional characteristic in China is in full swing, and pseudo-classic buildings and street village are increasingly popular. The art of bronze carving...
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The Design of Theme-experienced Shopping Center Block

Xiaoyu Sun
The space environment of the shopping center is one of the key factors determining the effectiveness of commercial marketing. The theme-experienced shopping center mobilizes people's senses and spiritual experiences with its distinctive spatial atmosphere and innovative and rich commercial activities...
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Analysis on the Integration of Traditional Cultural Elements into Environmental Art Design

Bin Hu
With the continuous development and progress of the society, people have paid more and more attention to the application of traditional cultural elements to the environmental art design. Therefore, it is of great significance for the development of modern environmental art by strengthening the application...
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Research on the Presentation Forms of Chinese Character Elements in Modern Ceramic Art

Kun Zhang
The application of Chinese character elements in the field of ceramic art has been around for a long time, and is inseparable from the beginning of ceramic art. Therefore, the two are inseparable from each other in terms of artistic expressions and historical sources. It has long been an objective reality...
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Interpretation of the Causes of Decorative Art of Traditional Dwellings in Guanzhong, Shaanxi

Hui Yan
Guanzhong dwellings are one of the typical representatives of dwellings in the north. Because of their unique architectural space form and decorative techniques, they have become the physical carrier of Chinese traditional culture. Through the interpretation of the decorative arts characteristics of...
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Inheritance and Innovation of Embroidery in Modern Design

Lixia Wang
Embroidery, as a traditional Chinese handicraft, is known for its delicacy and exquisiteness. However, the display method of embroidery patterns is relatively monotonous, and mindlessly imitation on the market make the inheritance of traditional handmade embroidery craft and culture becomes difficult....
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A Comparative Study of Portuguese Colonial Architecture: a Case Study of East Timor and Macau

Jiaying Fang
The Democratic Republic of East Timor (hereinafter referred to as East Timor) and the Macau Special Administrative Region of China (hereinafter referred to as Macau) have historically been the Portuguese colonies in the Far East area. During the period of Timor and Macau's ownership of Portugal, the...
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The Application of Chinese Folklore Intangible Cultural Heritage Elements in Contemporary Commercial Illustration Design

Haihan Zhou
In the past decade, China has carried out extensive protection and publicity on intangible cultural heritage, making it a unique and highly regarded cultural symbol. Commercial illustration design is a very important part of the current design. Under the market demand, all kinds of publicity design,...
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Exploring Contemporary Fashion Design from the Perspective of Design Ethics

Chanjuan Ren
From the perspective of design ethics, this paper discusses the contemporary fashion design and the embodiment of design ethics in contemporary fashion design. As a result, it is found that the design idea of contemporary fashion design is gradually changed to a deep thinking of the society and life...
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Research on the Art Characteristics of the Chinese Ancient Architecure Rooftops A Calligraphy View on the Eaves Tiles of the Han Dynasty

Mingjie Dai, Xianguang Qian
This paper studies the art of eaves tiles in the Han Dynasty from a perspective of Chinese calligraphy, by means of researching the principles of aesthetics applied into the typeface, the composition layout, and the original ideas, while listing the basic visual art features of the eaves tiles including...
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Analysis on the Application of Regional Culture in Architectural Design

Xiaoxue Li
At present, China's architectural design industry is in a rapid development stage. Urbanized buildings constantly learn from western design styles in the design process, which leads to the homogenization, single form and poor innovation of architectural design. For this reason, architects change their...
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Research on the Innovative Design of Manual Bag Based on Traditional Garment Technology

Qi Guo, Xiaoyu Meng, Dawei Zhang, Jiatong Yan
In the process of innovative design of manual bag, the application of traditional garment technology can better improve the aesthetic feeling of manual bag design, and inherit and develop the national characteristics; this has an important impact on the development of manual bag making. In the process...
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Research on Universality Recognition of Public Information Design

Shuo Li
The universality recognition of public information design is realized as per the design language of cognitive psychology relevant to visual communication. It requires graphic design techniques to make the words readable, as well as using clear words to assist in the understanding and taking use of the...
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The Charm of Slow Thinking — Taking the Street Museum on the Lihuangpi Road of Wuhan as an Example

Jie Qiu, Zhiwei Liu
The concept of slow thinking is derived on the basis of exploring slow food culture and understanding the concept of slow city. This paper makes a preliminary study on the reconstruction of the historical blocks into a slow street, taking the street museum on the Lihuangpi Road of Wuhan as an example,...
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Application of Font Graphic Design in Cultural and Creative Products Taking the Design of Mail China as an Example

Ya'nan Tang
With the extensive exploration and understanding of people, the development of cultural and creative products has been increasingly promoted under the promotion of the new era. The development of cultural and creative products has greatly promoted the development of cultural industries, the inheritance...
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The Development of Hanwen Regular Script and Its Influence on Italic Typography

Zhengying Wang
China experienced great changes in the early 20th century. When the foreign invaders brought the war, they also brought the advanced scientific and cultural thoughts and opened the prelude of the New Culture Movement. However, westernization is not the right way to save the country. At that time, the...
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The Projection of Chinese National Image by Chinese Overseas Exhibitions of Ancient Art

Xi Chen, Haiyun Wu
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the concept and important influence of the national image have been widely accepted by the international community. The overseas exhibition of Chinese art is an important platform for presenting China's national image and has many dimensions. It is not only the...
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The Current Application Situation and Development Bottlenecks of 3D Printing Technology in the Field of Sculpture

Jiamao Liu
3D printing technology has been widely applied to the field of sculpture creation. This technology enhances the predictability of sculpture art creation, greatly enhances the creative efficiency of sculpture art workers, changes the way of sculpture art production, and enriches the means of sculpture...
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Product Packaging Design Strategy Against the Background of Cultural and Creative Industry

Lu Tan
With the rise of local brands and the strengthening of the construction of intangible cultural heritage in recent years, the packaging design of cultural and creative products has become a major part of the design field. How to promote featured products according to regional culture and make creative...
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The Embodiment of Female Body in Furniture Design

Wanjun Li, Li Yang
In furniture design, taking the female body as a form of modeling shows the expression of human desire. From the perspective of feminism, this paper analyzes the game of implicitly and explicitness of female body displayed in furniture design, and compares the form and expression content of the body...
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Study on the Blending of National Culture in the Painted Decoration of Tibetan Dwellings

Lan Yu
Since ancient times, the Han nationality and Tibetan nationality living in the inland of Asia have been adjacent to each other. The economic and cultural exchanges between the two nationalities have inevitably existed. As an indispensable element in human production and life, the decorative patterns...
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A Research on Undergraduates' Clothes for Job Hunting

Zhihong Yin
The current situation of undergraduates' clothes for job hunting has been observed. This paper presents a survey on undergraduates' viewpoint on their clothes for job hunting and analyzes their expectations of the improvement on these clothes. Several pieces of advice are provided so that college students...
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Application and Development of Chinese Character Element Decoration in Modern and Contemporary Ceramics

Kun Zhang
This paper firstly introduces the contemporary aesthetic development of Chinese characters and ceramic art from life beauty and form beauty, summarizes characteristics of Chinese character elements and ceramic art in terms of humanities, technology and society, and then elaborates on the communication...
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Study on the Evolution and Development of Baina Clothing to Shuitian Clothing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Zhihong Yin
Chinese people have taken saving as the virtue since ancient times. The poor people of the Ming and Qing Dynasties stitched pieces of cloth to make daily necessities by various methods. The optimistic people also gave the beautiful meaning of this kind of splicing clothes. The splicing clothes of monks...
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Constitution Study on the Application of Chinese Character Elements in Modern Ceramics

Kun Zhang
The application of Chinese characters in ceramic art has a long history, but with the modern ceramic art deeply influenced by the western diverse art trends, the once impregnable traditional art has also encountered shocks and challenges. With the strategic transformation of nostalgia and innovation...
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Natural Fruits to "Art Fruits": a Glimpse of the Gourd-shaped Creation Art

Zhen Wang
From the perspective of creation art, the article explores the historical evolution, creation form and symbolic meaning of Chinese traditional gourd-shaped art. It is believed that the traditional Chinese gourd-shaped creation art has historical stage characteristics in evolution. It can be divided into...
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Homology Analysis of Folk Culture of Fujian and Taiwan Based on Totem

Ping Guan
The folk culture of Fujian and Taiwan has been inseparable since ancient times. From the point of view of the historical origin and current situation of the totem of Fujian and Taiwan, the culture of Fujian and Taiwan has the common totem worship and the same origin. Among many factors of national identity,...
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The Intervention of Design in the Beautiful Countryside Construction in Yunnan Province Taking Wengding Village, Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County as an Example

Weibing Li, Rui Wang
From the construction of new socialist countryside to the construction of beautiful countryside and to the revitalization of countryside, design has been more and more intervened in the construction of countryside, and it even promoted the development of countryside from a certain aspect. But, how does...
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Research on Three Construction Methods of Electronic Game Virtual Identity Under Biaxial Operation Taking "Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy", "World of Warcraft" and "Overwatch" as Examples

Qiwumian Lv
With the development of video games, the virtual avatar of video game players has become an important research topic. This paper will study the virtual avatar construction methods in different game eras, and analyze the path and method of virtual avatars built by electronic game players in different...
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Discussion on the Composition Method and Application of Modeling Form in Packaging Design

Longfei Huang
It is a scientific design method to rationally apply the formal rule of three-dimensional constitution in the modeling structure of packaging. The application of aesthetic principles, such as balance and stability of modeling, contrast and difference, rhythm and tempo, proportion and scale, etc., is...
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Research on Innovative Design of Ceramic Products for Daily Use

Weiwei Li
Among various categories of ceramics, daily ceramic products play an increasingly important role in the field of ceramics, so the in-depth study of it also highlights its importance. Innovation is the eternal topic of daily ceramic product design. The quality of product design determines the product...
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Research on Three-dimensional Innovative Application of Engraved Paper Sculpture and Mianzhu New Year Painting

Jue Wang
As an important part of Chinese folk art, paper sculpture has a long history and is rooted in folk soil. Engraved paper sculpture is a new art creation of sculpture. In terms of creative themes and expression techniques, it follows the strong local color and national style of folk art. With the progress...
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Several Illustrations of Joan Miro for the Plays of Alfred Jarry

Ksenia Orlova
The work of the Catalan painter Joan Miró is closely related to the book. He is rightfully considered to be the author of the largest number of publications with the original printed graphics. A substantial part of them consists of works on images for the writings by Alfred Jarry – one of the predecessors...
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Field, Gameplay, and Blank-leaving in the Nine Dimensions New Discussion on the Creation Mode of VR Documentary

Xiaowen Sun
In the traditional documentary, according to the self-positioning of the director's creation, the three creation dimensions of micro-intervention, semi-intervention and deep intervention are formed, and the viewer is always in God's perspective. In the VR documentary, the viewer is no longer in God's...
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The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow as a Performance

Yudong Wang
Richard schechner defines "play" as "performance". As a performance, "play" has the characteristics of structure, process and function. Through specific cases, this paper presented "The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow’s structure, process and function, by which, people can discover the links between these...
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Study on the Imitative Polyphony in the Gaoqiang Music of Sichuan Opera

Chenghong Wang
Gaoqiang is the most representative tune among the arts of five tunes, namely kun, gao, hu, tan and deng in Sichuan Opera. It takes the form of "acapella", and features one singing with others taking up the refrain, accompanied by gong and drum without using any orchestral instruments. In the gaoqiang...
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Distance Changes as the Means of Expression in the Cinema Art

Anry Vartanov, Ekaterina Salnikova
The principle of the changing distance between the camera and the object is discussed in the article. The authors write about significant features of the changing distance in art films of the twentieth century and note some new details in the use of changing distance in the art films of nowadays. It...
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The Avatar's Nature and Its Modern Modifications

Violetta Dmitrievna Evallyo
Avatar is the phenomenon, which in its essence is the "representative" of the user the virtual environment. The avatar phenomenon contains the duality of its perception and its role in the sociocultural space. This ambivalence is clearly manifests in the positioning of the avatar in the visual arts and...
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Cinematography as an Unique Phenomenon of the 20th Century Culture

Olga Andreeva
The cinematography, considered as a new phenomenon of the 20th century culture, is investigated in the present article. Socio-cultural factors of cinematography and the main stages of its development are defined in the current text. It is analyzed how cinematography differs from other forms of art. A...
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Re-subjectivity: Media Art as a Practice of Identity

Tatiana Fadeeva, Alexandra Staruseva-Persheeva
This article focuses on media art (and specifically - virtual reality) as a powerful tool which allows transforming social agenda into personal meaning for a participating viewer. VR has recently become an intriguing medium which makes one feel present in the artistic “text”; to maximize the effect of...
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The Truth of the Swing in Military Movies: Between Politics and the Public

Jing Zhong
The relationship between social control and films is inseparable. On the one hand, film censorship, policies and regulations as representative of "hard control" regulate and restrict film creation and production activities all the time; on the other hand, internal factors such as moral concepts and national...
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Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Posters

Bowen Yu
Multimodality contains a variety of modal symbols in different communication environments. As a brand-new language analysis method, it enriches and expands the traditional ways of language expression and social communication to a certain extent. In this research, film posters are taken as the research...
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Development and Communication of Film and Television Themes with Heilongjiang Regional Characteristics in the New Period

Shengnan Yu
Film and television play is the output window of Heilongjiang culture brand, and the communication of image culture with regional characteristics is especially important for the shaping and construction of the cultural image. Therefore, the development and communication of the themes of film and television...
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The Use of Classical Oil Painting Language in Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk's Children's Photography

Minghua Hu
Photographer Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk combines classical oil painting language with her children's photography to convey her research and application of the composition and color of European classical oil paintings. Through the use of classical oil painting language, her series of children's photography...
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Design and Experience Study of Agong Tune Shadow Animation

Yan Pei
Agong tune, as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage announced by the State Council in China, has been developed for more than two thousand years and has high aesthetic value and communication value. With its unique vocal styling, styling features, complex performance forms and rich...
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The Art of Font Design in Movie Posters

Lei Wang
Movie posters have an important role in carrying film images and text information. The fonts in the movie posters have gradually changed from the practical function of introducing the information of the film to the mark of the type and style of the film, and become an independent art form. Especially...
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Analysis on Film and Television Advertising Design and Cultural Communication

Jiawei Zhang
With the advent of film and television advertising becoming a unique project for the development of commodity economy, the advancement in advanced media enables the rapid development of film and television advertising. The design of film and television advertising has become one of the most noticeable...
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Discussion on the Design of Film and Television Recessive Advertising

Yi Wen
The development of TV advertising has brought considerable profits to many enterprises and merchants. Therefore, more and more advertisers have taken a fancy to the TV media, a platform that can create profits. Various forms of advertising affect the public all the time. However, the accumulation of...
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Collision and Immergence of Context and Content: Analysis of Adaptation on Slumdog Millionaire

Ni Li, Aiju Wang
Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 film directed by Danny Boyle and based upon a 2005 novel originally called Q&A written by Indian diplomat Vika Swarup. The film's success is beyond words globally, as can be seen from the increasing sales of the book and film tickets, as well as various institutional awards...
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Discourse Construction of "National Stories" in Film and Television Works

Lili Huang, Wenshuo Chang
Since the emergence of film and television, what kind of story should be told has become a topic of study by Chinese and foreign theorist and practitioners. Under the current theme of "cultural confidence" in China, film and television works should pay more attention to reflecting the narration and inheritance...
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Cultural Metaphor and Characterization of Music in Zootopia

Nan Zhao
The animated movie Zootopia gave a whole new definition to animal-themed movies. The film not only reached a new height of technology application and picture effect, but also perfectly interpreted the cultural metaphor behind the film intended to express to the audience through the expressive symbolic...
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Research on the Application of Virtual Animation in the Inheritance of Intangible Heritage in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yulin Xiao, Hua Shang
At present, the state and governments at all levels attach great importance to the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, and it is of great significance to integrate the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage into the art teaching of vocational undergraduates. This paper analyzes...
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The Formation of Heathcliff's Tragic Character in the Film "Wuthering Heights"

Yanmei Song
This thesis first introduces the main content of the film "Wuthering Heights", then discusses the performance of Heathcliff's tragic character, and then interprets causes of his tragic character and at last the thesis draws the conclusion that it is the imbalanced development of Heathcliff's id, ego...
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A Brief Analysis on the Artistic Expression Characteristics of Director Chang-dong Lee Taking "The Burning" as an Example

Dunmin Shi, Zongwei Zhang
This article mainly uses the film "The Burning" [1] as the entry point to analyze the film aesthetics of director Chang-dong Lee and the social value of his works. This article not only regards "The Burning" as a movie art work to analyze its expression techniques and artistic features, but also interprets...
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Interpretation of Costume Design in Science Fiction Films from the Perspective of Postmodernism

Jian Ruan
Based on the aesthetic characteristics and spiritual connotation of costume design in science fiction films, this paper puts it in the perspective of postmodernism and interprets the postmodern concepts in costume design in science fiction films from three aspects: the basic features of science fiction...
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Research on Agriculture-based New Media Art Creation in the Internet Context Taking the Popular Science Film "The Secrets of Fields and Balcony" as an Example

Pinlei Lv, Yong Liu
Objective: This research aims to implement the "Internet plus Agriculture" program, break through the traditional art creation mode, and describe agriculture-themed new media art creation method under the Internet context. Methods: This paper combs the process of creating agriculture-based new media...
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Northern Art Nouveau in the Residential Architecture of Nakhichevan-on-Don

Olga Baeva
Nakhichevan-on-Don is a city founded by the Russian government in 1779 on the bank of the Don River for the Armenians resettled from Crimea. Its architectural appearance reflected the trends typical of many provincial cities founded in the second half of the 18th century. stylistic trends of the 19th...
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Preservation of Development of Beauty and Individuality of Rural Settlements

Svetlana Moiseyeva
The article looks at the problems of creating decent living environment in rural areas. The author proposes architectural and urban-planning means connected with designation within the region of municipal units with local self-government bodies and population about 1500 — 2000 people. The article analyzes...
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The Development of Decorative Art in Lingnan House Garden in Macau — Taking Lingnan Oyster Shell Window and Manchuria Window as Examples

Yile Chen
In today's society, along with the rapid development of economy and urbanization, the arrival of the new industrialization era and the era of big data, many traditional cultures have been affected, including intangible heritage and cultural sites. This paper analyzes the architectural art of the Mandarin’s...