Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling (ICCASM 2012)

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Common Data Mapping System Between XML and Relational Database

Xin Hong, Weibin Chen
Although most of current databases support XML format data, the different interfaces they applied are lack of commonality. An XML exchange system is build by java and the standard SQL. The system includes two virtual platforms. Through the platform of virtual relational database system and the platform...
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Research on Phase Unwrapping Based on Color-coded Light technique

Qiong Wu, Xiaoning Chen, Jin Guo
Optical three-dimensional (3D) measurement technology is one of the most active research topics in computer vision. Based on the theory of phase shift processing and color-coded light, a new unwrapping method which can measure the 3D-body with a high speed was proposed. First, the period distribution...
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Research on Owl-based Bom Ontology Model

Wei Zhong, Kedi Huang
Model semantics is the base of model reuse, interoperation and composition. For the deficiency in semantic expression of Base object model (BOM), Ontology Web Language (OWL) was applied to re-describe the BOM specification. And a BOM ontology model was established which might supply guidance for meaningful...
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VSIM: a Provable Secure Virtual Security Isolation Model

Jun Ma, Yuanbo Guo, Hongzhao Kou
With the continuous development of the network technology and the significant raising of the hardware’s performance-price ratio, it is a popular tendency that users access different kinds of network via endpoint computers for obtaining share/free resources. Meanwhile, endpoint computers act as endpoint...
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Multilevel Encryption for Classified Multimedia Applications in MPEG-7

Xiaojian Zheng
In order to address the security issues of the classified multimedia contents, a multilevel encryption scheme is presented which support multilevel encryption by introducing the time seed which used for generating time master key and then further generating encryption key. This scheme takes advantage...
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The Research and Implementation of Anti-theft Monitoring Alarm System Based on MTK

Mingzhang Luo, Junmin Wang, Mingyun Zhang, Hongli Wang
As a cost-effective mobile development platform, MTK support the functions of recording video and sending multimedia message. In this paper, an anti-theft monitoring alarm system based on MTK is proposed and implemented. The design based on a high performance MTK chip of MT6226. The sensors and the alarm...
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Urban Road Sections Travel Time Estimation Based on Real-time Traffic Information

Tu Xu, Changlin Wang
Urban transportation dynamic guidance system's foundation is estimation accurately of the road section travel time. At present exists the method needs to carry on the model to the complex transportation system or is only is suitable under specific traffic conditions, causes the travel time estimation...
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TTCN-3 Test Architecture Based on Port-oriented Design and Assembly Language Implementation

Dihong Gong, Sihai Zhang
The TTCN-3(Testing and Test Control Notation version 3)[1-2] based test systems are widely used for protocol testing in various technical system, but fall to be inefficient in both compiling and running, since the implementation are primarily based on high-level programming language and interpretation-execution...
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The Simulation on Drilling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites

Fei Gao, Xitian Tian, Shunuan Liu, Bo Li
In order to study high speed drilling mechanism of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, a simulation on drilling is conducted by using FEM analysis software Deform-3D. The dynamic simulation of the drilling process of carbon fiber reinforced plastics is carry on basing on the elastic-plastic theory of material...
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The Structure Optimization of Diesel Injection Pump Based on DOE

Xinying Wu, Guangyao Ouyang
The fuel supply quantity of high-pressure pump and the fuel supply quality from constant pressure valve to high pressure vitta was very important to capacity of the diesel engine. In this paper, the model of the fuel injection system is established by Hydism and the model is integrated with Isight in...
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Speech Emotion Recognition Using Gaussian Mixture Model

Xianglin Cheng, Qiong Duan
The importance of automatically recognizing emotions in human speech has grown with the increasing role of spoken language interfaces in human-computer interaction applications. In this paper, a emotion classification method base on GMM is presented. Five primary human emotions, including anger, surprise,...
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Multi-step Method for Resolving Ill-conditioned Problem of Gauss-markov Model

Minwei Jiang
Toward the ill-conditioned Problem of Gauss- Markov model, analyze the causes and all kinds of methods, emphatically research the computational process of Two-Step method. Extending and simplifying Two-Step method, give a new method for solving ill-conditioned problem, multi-step method. Detailedly expound...
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Neural Network Forecast Algorithm Based on Iterated Unscented Kalman Filter

Xiangheng Liu, Guobin Chang, Baiqing Hu
A novel algorithm based on the iterated unscented Kalman filter (IUKF) is proposed in this paper to train the weights and bias of the neural network. In the proposed algorithm, the weights and bias are considered as the states, and the outputs of the network are used as the measurements for the IUKF....
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A kind of Cache Engine Runing in Client

Xiang Zhang, Yang Liu
To address the lack of intelligence and the traditional client engine server overload problem, we design a browser-based caching mechanism and ajax technology, Cache Engine (CE).It will separate the business logic from data access, and business logic will be transferred to the client implementation,...
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A Robotic System for Surface Measurement Via 3D Laser Scanner

Canduo Shen, Sheng Zhu
This paper presents a robotic system for surface measurement, and which was designed in the form of “Scanner + Robot + Position-adjustor”. Firstly, the main components in the system are briefly introduced and the working principles are described. Then, a series of key problems involved in the system,...
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A Blind Detection Resistant Steganographic Algorithm for Images Based on Texture Complexity and Pixel-value Differencing

Ran Tao, Tao Zhang
According to the analysis of the effect of the texture complexity on steganalysis, we propose a data hiding algorithm based on texture complexity and difference pixel value. Firstly, the image is decomposed into blocks, after which the texture complexity of each block is calculated and blocks with high...
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A Temporal Based Multilateral Argumentation Dialogue Framework

Wei Zhang, Yongquan Liang
There is little literature of multilateral argumentation in multi-agent systems, but argumentation in real world application usually involves more than two parties. We propose a temporal based multi-agent multilateral argumentation dialogue framework, and give a dialogue move selection algorithm. In...
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Based on the Agency Web Service Security Architecture

Dong Zhang, Xiaofang Li, Shuang Zhang
Pick the paper describes the service oriented architecture of background, and analyzes the Web services based on service oriented architectures of the application system of safety defects existing. Combined with agent technology and Web service technology, puts forward the respective advantage based...
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A System Design for DSP + FPGA Based Cache-structured Image Processing

Jinhua Liu, Shuang Zhang, Shu Li, Jing Xiao
This essay presents the DSP + FPGA structure based high-performance image processing system. It aims at solving the overtime-processing problem brought by the increasing complexity of images through the cache-structured image-processing driver. This system allows frame-dropping whenever the processing...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Driving Training in Exceptional Scenes

Likun Zhou
With the increasing number of vehicles in China, the traffic condition is getting worse and worse. To drive safely in exceptional scenes is very significant to life and property. Using a technique with computer simulation, virtual reality and hardware such as sensors and computer interface, to simulate...
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3-D Reconstruction of Image Structures Based-on Double Optical Paths Microscopy

Qiong Cai, Bin Yan, Hua Xiang, Junming Chang, Guangyi Zou
This paper presents a method reconstructing 3-d image structures with data collected from double optical paths microscopy. A color image gathered is divided into two monochromatic images which respectively represent right and left vision data by color filter. Then the image structures are extracted by...
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Research on Connection Modeling Based on EAI PLATFORM

Ping Xu, Jun Tao
The trend towards heterogeneous environments comes with an increase importance of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). An integration platform consists of a set of inbound adapters, a core message broker, and a set of outbound adapters. We develop the model-driven EAI Platform Connection approach....
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A Fast Target Tracking Algorithm Basted on Connected Component Labeling and Grey Value Statistics

Qing Liu, Linbo Tang, Baojun Zhao, Jingle Sun
A fast target tracking algorithm based on connected component labeling and grey value statistics is proposed. First of all, nonlinear transformation is applied to perform enhancement for targets; and then adaptive threshold is applied to perform pre-processing division for the images; finally, target...
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A Study on the Algorithms for 2D Texture Mapping and Its Employment in Hardware Design

Donghui Wang, Liang Dong, Huimin Du
Based on a solid analysis of the working principle of graphic processors, this paper puts forward the dual-rail handshake protocol of the data pipeline which is to be proved to improve the architecture of graphics rendering pipeline and thus make the system much closer to that of a graphic processor...
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High Precision Low Temperature Coefficient Current Reference with Resistor Compensation

Xiaoning Xin, Bingyin Luo
In order to improve temperature characteristics and precision of current reference, a novel resistor compensated current reference based on bandgap voltage reference with trimming network is proposed in this paper. By introducing the combination of 2nd order resistor and transmission gate whose temperature...
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Spatiotemporal Chaos Synchronization Based on the Combination Control of Local Function

Jingyun Jang, Gang Li, Jia Li, Juan Bao, Jia Hou
A method of the spatiotemporal chaos synchronization in globally coupled map lattice (CML) is proposed. The combination controller is designed and the range of the coupling constant of local function is obtained based on Lyapunov stability theory. The global synchronization of two globally CMLs is realized....
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Application of File Splitter in the Rapid Saving and Fetching Blob Data

Baojun Qu, YuPing Zhang, Lvbing Hu
The Blob saving ways in SQL Server and disk saving theory of files in operation systems is analyzed in this paper. A method of splitting files in the Blob saving is given, which has been proved to be available to improve the efficiency of saving multimedia data in PDM system by experiments.
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A Novel Protection Mechanism for Encryption System

Nan Lin
Software drive encryption system is difficult to prevent memory attacks, in which, an attacker acquire the physical accesses to the unattended computer, obtains the decryption keys from memory and consequently decrypts the drive. We propose a new method for protecting encryption systems against memory...
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Research of Software Failure Prediction Based on Support Vector Regression

Qiuhong Zheng
Software failure prediction is currently a hot subject of research all over the world. The support vector regressions (SVRs) are very efficiency for solving regression problems. The parameters just as C performs very important roles in the generalization of SVR, and it’s hard for beginner to choose them....
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Overview of Wi-Fi Technology

Yinan Guo, Shuguo Zhang, Dawei Xiao
Wi-Fi is a kind of new technology about wireless broadband access. Compared with conventional wireless technologies, it has faster speed, wider range and better security. In this paper, the concepts and characteristics of Wi- Fi are introduced. Then the applications of Wi-Fi technology are given and...
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Design and Implement of Adaptive Variable Rate Communication System Based on Soc And Rfic

Limin Dong, Yuan Liu, Qinglei Kong
An adaptive variable-rate inter-satellite communication method based on SOC and RFIC was proposed, where different communication rates were selected for variable inter-satellite distance. Our method alerted the length of the signal through coding way to adjust the sending rate and regulated the receiving...
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An Backbone Guided Extremal Optimization Method for Solving the Hard Maximum Satisfiability Problem

Guoqiang Zeng, Chongwei Zheng, Zhengjiang Zhang, Yongzai Lu
The original Extremal Optimization (EO) algorithm and its modified versions have been successfully applied to a variety of NP-hard optimization problems. However, almost all existing EO-based algorithms have overlooked the inherent structural properties behind the optimization problems, e.g., the backbone...
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A Global Optimization Algorithm for Sum of Quadratic Ratios Problem with Coefficients

Ying Ji, Yijun Li
In this paper a global optimization algorithm for solving sum of quadratic ratios problem with coefficients and nonconvex quadratic function constraints ( NSP ) is proposed. First, the problem NSP is converted into an equivalent sum of linear ratios problem with nonconvex quadratic constraints ( LSP...
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The Design and Implementation of Car Alarm Bus Testing System

Wei Cheng, Zhixue Wang, Xiaobo Zhang, Yun Zhang
The mainly problem this thesis will solve is how to meet the time limits in functional testing of car alarm based on CAN bus. To effectively solve this problem, the bus testing system do a scheduling every 2ms with timer. Thus control of resources can be transferred to important tasks. By this method,...
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Judging the Intersection of Convex Polygons by Bracket Method

Ying Chen, Yaogang Du
In this paper, we study a basic problem based on bracket manipulations in computational geometry: how to judge if two solid convex polygons intersect or not. A key idea in our criteria is that the signs of some brackets of the homogeneous coordinates of the vertices of the two convex bodies are all we...
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The Analysis of Noise Frequency Modulation Jamming Signal Based on Stochastic Differential

Jingbo He, Fuyuan Peng, Zhong Liu
It is the most important problem in the radar countermeasures that the radar jamming effectiveness evaluation. The basis of the radar jamming effectiveness evaluation is the radar jamming signal processing. According to the intrinsic relations between the stochastic differential and the radar jamming...
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A Dual-band Underwater Image Denoising and Enhancement Algorithm

Guoliang Yang, Fuyuan Peng, Kun Zhao
In this paper, we proposed a dual-band underwater image denoising and enhancement algorithm, first the original image was decomposed into high-frequency part H and lowfrequency part L, and then H was filtered into F by mean shift algorithm which was improved by using the intermediate iteration results....
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Study on RFID-based Automobile Parts Enterprises Warehouse Management System

Feng Huang, Daxi Wang, Jun Wu, Xiaorong Lei, Hanqiang Cao
Radio frequency technology is a new identification technology, which developed relatively fast in recent years, and its superior performance with high value, this article combination of warehouse management of automobile parts industry, analysis of radio frequency technology in the warehouse management...
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Design on Heterogeneous Seamless Integration of Wireless Data Acquisition System

Shenghui Wang, Changhong Jiang, Xing Jin
Based on wireless sensor network technology, this paper focuses on the study of the problem of heterogeneous seamless integration of multi-sensor nodes and puts forward a correlation protocol concerning SMAC multi-point, multi-type sensor network nodes self-organizing wireless networking application....
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Research and Implement of Rigid Body Fracturing Simulation Based on Ogre and Newton Engine

Jiangfan Ning, Shi Lu, Bo Wu, Sikun Li
Recently, the fracture simulation of rigid body has gained more and more attention in the area of computer graphics for its widely use in movies, computer games and military simulation. With the amalgamation of graphic rendering engine and physics engine, a fracture simulation framework of rigid body...
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The Study of Multi-agent-based Logistics System of Special Items

Ying Ma, Jianyong Zhu
With the rapid development of information technology, information technology tools have been integrated into the enterprise logistics’ management, and achieved good social and economic benefits. But mostly the existing logistics system is for ordinary goods logistics, no one system is designed for special...
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Applying Topsis in Agent-based Dynamic Supply Chain Partner Selection

Mukun Cao, Yang Zhao
Partner selection is an important step of the supply chain companies. This issue belongs to the multi-attribute Decision-making Problem. This work is based on the framework of MAS-based dynamic supply chain. The basic idea of Agent is to make the software to simulate organizational behavior and relationships,so...
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Improved A* Algorithm For Time-dependent Vehicle Routing Problem

Yi Zhang, Guojin Tang, Lei Chen
Time-dependent vehicle routing problem (TDVRP) is concerned with vehicle routing optimization in road networks with fluctuant link travel time. Firstly, Time-dependent functions about routing time indicator and routing threat indicator are introduced. Secondly, a time-dependent heuristic function including...
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Plants Grow Virtual Reality Simulation Technology Research

Yuping Qin, Xiaojuan Wang, Shuang Zhang, Jing Xiao
Virtual reality technology is an extremely important means in the modern teaching , it overcome the impact of conditions. Plants grow virtual reality simulation is in an extremely important part of virtual reality. This paper analyzes the L system and the IFS system using Matlab complete the virtual...
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Motor Parameter Measurement and Testing System Based on Labview

Haipeng Pan, Jun Yao, Minming Gu
A motor parameter measurement and testing system based on virtual instruments and C8051F340 microcontroller is developed. This system can sample dynamic signals including each phase voltage, current, speed, torque, and temperature with a high-speed. USB 2.0 is used for transmission, and by application...
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Union Coding Based Immune Clone Selection Unsupervised Clustering Algorithm

Lichao Mou, Xiaoying Pan
A new union based coding based immune clone selection clustering algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm designs a coding method which synthesizes number of clusters and cluster centers, without first specifying the number of clusters, effectively overcoming the dependency on the domain knowledge....
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Research of Ambiguity Fast Resolution in GPS Orientation Determination

Liang Chen, Jie Wu
Real-time GNSS orientation determination is valuable in many fields. In order to achieve high accuracy orientation with GNSS, the difference carrierphase observation must be employed. The carrier-phase measurements are affected by integer ambiguities, which must be resolved in order to take advantage...
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Analysis of Dynamic Mathematical Model of Bi-directional Contactless Inductive Power Transfer System Based on Generalized State-space Averaging Method

Chao Liu, Gang Yao, Houjun Tang, Liangyu Bai, Weifeng Wang
Based on generalized state-space averaging method (GSSA) and selective modal analysis method, a dynamic mathematical model was built to depict the dynamic characteristic of the bi-directional contactless inductive power transfer (CIPT) system. The model has already been tested by Matlab, and the simulation...
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Civil Aircraft System Integration Research

Haomin Li, Jianhua Wu
This paper according as the experience of china new civil aircraft developed, introduce the concept and methods of civil aircraft systems integration. Top-down system developed process was described. The systems integration and comprehensive approach, such as requirements analysis, functional analysis...
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Information Fusion Algorithms in Ins/Smns Integrated Navigation System

Jianyuan Xu, Jingjing Zhao
As the math model and the noise statistical information are difficult to be addressed precisely and the Scene Matching Navigation System (SMNS) output is stochastic, limited and probably mismatching, only a few algorithms suitable for Inertial Navigation System /Scene Matching Navigation System (INS/SMNS)...
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Performance analyzing on aviation Air-ground Data Link

Jianyuan Xu, Xueyun Deng, Li Cao
As the standard equipment of the commercial aircrafts, air-ground data link system is widely used in modern aviation transport. However, its validity was unsatisfactory in our testing, especially in error of transmission. In this paper, some influencing factors during air-ground data transmitting were...
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An Estimation Method for Aircraft Longitudinal Static Stability Prior to Flight Test

Chaoqiang Liu
A quick method for estimating aircraft longitudinal static stability is developed based on the aircraft dimensions. Stick fixed and stick free stability estimation equations are reduced respectively, and the equations of stick deflection and stick force for flight tests are obtained. An application software...
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An Adaptive Scheme Based on Distributed Kalman Filter for Sensor Network

Kezhi Zhang
Aiming at reducing the kinematic model error and uncertain measurement noise in sensor network, an adaptive scheme for distributed Kalman filter (DKF) is proposed in this paper. An adaptive factor is firstly applied to the covariance matrix of the predicted state vector to make the covariance estimation...
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Fault Diagnosis for Electrohydraulic Servo Valve Based on Support Vector Machine

Shiqiang Li, Tongmin Jiang, Xiaoyang Li
Fault diagnosis for hydraulic components has features of nonlinearity and high dimensional pattern identification, so it’s difficult to do it accurately with small sample using some common methods. Aimed at this problem, fault analysis for electro-hydraulic servo valve is carried on and the thought of...
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An Efficient and Secure Authentication Protocol for Bus Rapid Transit Using the AES Algorithm

Shun Zhang, Haijin Chen
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system as a new type public passenger transport system has been widely used, but it is lack of security mechanism and there is potential security hazard for the data transported between On Board Equipment (OBE) and Roadside Equipment (RSE). Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)...
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Specified Target Detection and Tracking on Complex Infrared Background

Jingle Sun, Linbo Tang, Baojun Zhao, Qing Liu
In this paper, we analyze the key problems in the tracking of the specified target on the complex infrared background, for example how to judge the polarity of target, how to select the seed of region growing, and how to determine the suitable size of the detection window. We propose a reasonable solution...
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Research on the Texture-mapping of the Three-dimensional Urban Roadway Simulation of Virtual Battlefield

Runfeng Hou, Shili Chu, Chenhui Li, Lei Shi, Genhua Qi
Building virtual battlefield is an important subject in military simulation. In order to get realistic appearance in building roadway of battlefield by using 3D simulation technology, it’s natural to do some complex calculations for the surface of the roadway, involving patterns with certain colours...
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Interactive Virtual Surgery Simulation System for Bronchoscopy

Xiaojuan Chang, Yanbo Li, Tianchi Zhang, Jing Zhang
Virtual bronchoscopy is an important application in modern medicine. The aim of this work is to establish a virtual bronchoscopy system that can examine the entire lung and assist physicians in detecting polygons inside the lung. It is separated two parts: preprocessing phase that used to construct human...
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The Research in Mobile Learning Based on Android Smartphone Platform Application

Jiaqi Di, Jianhua Wang, Long Zhang
Mobile learning is a relatively new research area, it is the basis of digital learning by the effective combination of mobile computing technology, make learners can at any time at any place you want to get the knowledge information, realizing the real sense of autonomous learning, finally realize the...
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Web Services Discovery Based on the Fixed-point Semantics

Lixin Quan
Based on the relavant theories of fixed-point, our approach uses data mining and statistical studies the semantics of behavioral constraint and probability statistics of Web Services. Aiming at the insufficient of traditional qualitative description of the invoking, this paper presents an approach for...
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Software and Hardware Implementation of IIR Based on Matlab&Acceldsp

Hongyan Chen, Lisheng Wang
Since the IIR design is very difficult and timeconsuming by using the hardware description language directly, this paper presents a simpler and more efficient method for IIR digital filter design. This design is based on Batterworth analog filter, using the impulse response invariant method. The design...
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The Research of Anti-RGPO Algorithm of OW-MF Base on Detecting the Pulse Front Edge

Guang Yang, Dawei Lu, Xingwei Yan, Jun Zhang
Radar echo gating with slide windows that start from front edge of echo pulse with different length can make full use of target echo and depress the jamming. A novel Optimum Windowing- Matched Filter(OW-MF)anti-jamming algorithm is presented, which enables the capability to depress the RGPO of LFM seeker...
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Biorthogonal Nonunifrom B-spline Wavelets with Small Supports

Rijing Pan, Zhiqing Yao
A kind of biorthogonal nonuniform B-spline wavelets with small supports is constructed. And the performances of the wavelets are analyzed. In additional to having small supports, the proposed wavelets are simple and efficient in computation, possess good approximation property and are flexible for the...
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Modeling and Simulation of the Passive Regional Satellite Navigation System

Zhonggui Chen, Zhi Zhang, Ying Liao, Tianxiang Su
The passive regional satellite navigation system (PRSNS) becomes a significant topic for civil and military services due to the limit of outlays and geography factors. The research on the modeling and simulation (M&S) of PRSNS is to study the key technology and operation principle. The paper discussed...
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The Safe of the Blade Encryption Sever

Xiuli Sun
The sever is the center of Internet. The user can store and process all information by severs. The safe of sever is main problem. Using encryption technology is the important way. So the safe of information is the main measure. The blade encryption sever can solve the problem of the transmission and...
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Stability of Strong Tracking Filter with Markovian Packet Losses

Xiaocen Chen
We consider the stability of strong tracking filter (STF) in the networked control system. First, we study the stability of strong tracking filter for systems with colored observation noises using augmentation and a theorem of bounded stochastic functions. Then by analyzing the error covariance of STF...
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Research on SynFlood Attack Target Locating Method

Huiyu Liu, Kai Chen, Xiaosu Chen
This paper proposes a new SynFlood attack target location method based on the Abnormal TCP Connection Graph (ATCG). The method build an Abnormal TCP Connection Graph based on the status of TCP connections. Then the method calculates the Abnormal Source Number (ASN) and Attack Intensity (AI). If such...
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Research on Vehicle Driving Force control Based on Real-time Operating system

Dafeng Song, Bin Xu, Chunxiao Du
Based on the 32-bits Embedded Microprocessor MPC565,a target controller of the driving force control system was developed for a light 4WD vehicle which includes the electronic-controlled diesel engine and TC(Torque Converter)+AMT(Automatic Mechanical Transmission). Also, the control algorithm is developed...
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Analysis on Involute Gear Dynamics Simulation Based on the ADAMS/Engine

Baoliang Li, Lei Zang, Hengfeng Zhang
Taking involute spur gear as the investigation subject, the parametric model of involute gear is established by module of ADAMS/Engine, which is set up with oil film fluid dynamics theory. According to the simulation result on the model, the relationship between minimum oil film thickness and gear meshing...
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Research on Multi-CPU and Multi-GPU Scalable Parallel Rendering on Shared Memory Architecture

Huahai Liu, Pan Wang, Sikun Li, Xun Cai, Liang Zeng
As the performance-price ratio of a GPU becoming high, lots of systems may have more than one GPU in a node. Every GPU in a node has the strong ability to render, and it is very important to effectively organize the parallel rendering pipeline to fully exploit the compute units of the system. However...
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Effects of Angular Spread on the Performance in TD-SCDMA System with Smart Antenna

Penglong Shi, Xiaoting Ma, Yaru Chu, Yizhong Ma
The received signal is correlated when applying the beamforming algorithm in the smart antennas system. Two main factors determine the un-correlation of the channel: the distance of antenna and the angular spread. In the paper a vector channel simulation model are presented based on geometrical environment...
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A New Method of Qualitative Attributes estimation based on Fuzzy Rough Set

Xiaohui Zeng, Huanglin Zeng
In the paper, a new method of convenient estimation for qualitative attributes is proposed based on fuzzy sets integrated with rough set. Firstly objects with some qualitative attributes are analyzed in an information system from a view of fuzzy set, and then the concepts of a new membership function...
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Optimization and Implementation of Unstructured Grid Volume Rendering Algorithm

Jian Hu, Wenke Wang, Qianli Ma, Sikun Li
Visibility sorting is one of the key techniques in volume rendering of unstructured grids. The efficiency of sorting algorithm greatly affects the efficiency of volume rendering. Hardware-Assisted Visibility Sorting [1] (HAVS) is one of the most important volume rendering algorithms. This paper proposes...
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40Gb/s optical 3R-regeneration Based on XPM in PCF

Li Zhuo, Ting Wang, JianZhong Hao, Shuling Wang
We demonstrate 3R-regeneration method based on XPM in PCF. The most important part of this system is a MZI Optical Switch which have one high-Nonlinear PCF arm. By adjusting the length of the PCF, we can make the centre of the optical pulse obtain a phase shift about , this optical pulse transmitted...
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Clustering Color Image Segmentation Based on Maximum Entropy

Haifeng Sima, Lanlan Liu
Maximum entropy is meaningful for representing pixels spatial distribution in the image. This paper proposed a new clustering segmentation approach for color image according to the maximum entropy. Firstly, quantize the HSV color space to equal intervals. The probability distribution of pixels in the...
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A Optimum Model on Urban Public Traffic Line Network for Medium City

Jing Zhao, Haiyong Wang
Discuss the urban traffic line network optimization principle, objective and constraints. Presents mathematical expression for distinct optimum objects function form and corresponding constraints. Finally, varied objectives and programming model of public traffic line network optimization is produced,...
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Study of Real-time Data Collection and Release with In-vehicle System

Shuai Wang, Jian Li, Shuming Jiang, Zhiqiang Wei, Jianfeng Zhang
Linux-based Remote monitoring system can be used in vehicles for remote data collection and management for the purpose of vehicle monitoring and control. This paper analyzes the requirement of in-vehicle data collection; management with embedded system, and explains the principles of users interaction...
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A Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Fei Du, Jianping Lv
This paper presents a data-aggregation algorithm in the environment of wireless sensor network based on maximum lifetime. In this algorithm, the whole network is constructed into a tree structure with sink being the root of the tree. In the process of data-aggregation tree structure, in order to enable...
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Space Targets Classification and Recognition Based on Affine Invariant Moments

Feng Wang, Fankun Meng, Debao Ma
An affine transformation model is established for ground-based photoelectric imaging and detecting systems. This model shows that affine transform consists of five basic transformations, which are translation, scale, slant and rotation transformations. Six affine invariant moments are given with geometrical...
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A Modified Method for Radar Clutter Recognition Based on a Truncation Set

Yanzhao Gao, Jianwei Wan, Ronghui Zhan, Xiaoyang Wen
his paper is concerned with the recognition of radar clutter. First a recognition method based on truncation set is introduced. The method is efficient but inconvenient in practical application for the optimal is difficult to choose. Then a modified method is presented. It makes use of more information...
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Neural Network Parameter Adjustment for Control Rules in Flight Control System

Jing Zhou, Jun Tao
To deal with the problem of parameter adjustment in flight control system, it is designed that parameter adjustment network based on the three-layer feedback neural network. With the self-train of network, the parameters of the network are gained, which realizes the dual parameters adjustment of the...
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Collision Resolution Based on Independent Component Analysis

Xi Chen, Qinyu Zhang, Ye Wang
This paper proposed a retransmission scheme based on the blind separation method, named independent component analysis(ICA),to resolve the collision problem in random access wireless network and a new method to devise the Identification(ID)sequences which can resolve the problems of ICA and help to reduce...
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Application of Fuzzy Support Vector Machines to Partial Discharge Pattern Recognition

Lihua Fu, Wanzhong Lei, Xiaomei Zhang
In the field of pattern recognition, Support Vector Machines (SVMs) has great advantage than other traditional methods due to its simple structure, strong ability of generalization and good performance in recognizing. The feature of discharge is extracted using the 2D pattern chart and the Fuzzy Support...
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FEM Analysis of Ocean Current Effects on the Postures of Submerged Buoys

Zhongqiu Wang, Yiming Wang, Hongru Wang, Yi Zheng
The ocean current affection on the posture of two type of submerged buoy is analyzed through FEM analysis. By comparing the factors of impact pressure coefficient distribution, ocean current speed distribution, impact pressure force in horizontal direction and vertical direction, Turbulence Kinetic Energy...
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Review of Development of Multi-static Sonar for Underwater Object Detection

Guang Yang, Ye Li, Xu Xiang, Zhognqiu Wang
In recent years, as the increasing requirement of submarine detection, the multi-static sonar technique is more and more investigated. Multi-static sonar has become one of the main techniques for countermeasure of silent submarine because of the advantages, such as large detection area, good occultation,...
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An Improved Design for Lab-used Thermostat with High Accuracy

Yanting Yu, Yan Xu, Youguang Xing, Weidong Li
This thermostat designed is for lab, with PID algorithm applied. The hardware includes PIC16F887 as processor, the 16-bit - A/D ADS1100 conversion as forward simulation, the thermal resistance PT100 as temperature sensor. The testing and control procedure is fixed by cooling and heating interaction.
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A Novel Conditioning and Recording System of Low-noise Underwater Acoustic Signal

Xiuhui Ni, Yi Zheng, Qingming Meng, Weidong Li
A novel conditioning and recording system of Lownoise underwater acoustic signal is proposed in order to coordinate the applied vector hydrophones. The low-noise analog circuit design is taken into account seriously according to the requirements of high precision and low distortion of underwater acoustic...
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An Improved Multi-threading Data Acquisition System of Acoustic Signal

Qingfeng Ma, Hui Liu, Hao Cui, Xu Xiang
Some problems such as long processing cycle and false alarm exist in traditional target detecting. An improved multi-threading data acquisition system is introduced in this paper for the solution. In this system independent collectors cooperation mode is injected, which could acquire acoustic signal...
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A Novel Ameliorated Slotted ALOHA Protocol

Yiming Wang, Guang Yang, Youguang Xing
Aloha or later slotted Aloha is known as the first protocol for packet radio network and a classic example of random access protocol. However, their performance is not promising as they can only achieve maximum throughput of 18% and 36% for Aloha and slotted Aloha, respectively. Moreover it will be unstable...
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Application of Wavelet Threshold Denoising in High-speed Rail Data Processing in Alpine Region

Peng Zhou, Jianmin Wang, Jianchao Yang, Gang Wang, Zhenbin Tang
In alpine regions, a series of external factors may result in error in observing data of the high-speed rail. Based on traditional high-speed rail subsidence and deformation monitoring methods, this article aims at denoising processing of observing data of Harbin-to-Dalian high-speed rail(Siping section),...
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Based on the Half-space Pruning to Continuously Monitoring Reverse KNN

Xuedong Du, Tingting Xie
Reverse k Nearest Neighbor (RKNN) query is proposed based on the k Nearest Neighbor (KNN) query, which can be used to evaluate the influence of the query objects. At present RKNN query algorithms are mostly based on static or continuous objects, however, with the widespread of mobile device, algorithms...
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The Application and Analysis of Data Mining in Clustering Data of Petroleum Pipeline

Donghua Yu, Shuangshuang Sun, Yan Shen, Wenlu Zhou
Adopting the methods of the K-means and the SOFM neutral network in the data mining and basing on the characteristics of data of petroleum pipeline, a system is built that fits for the data mining and the evaluation on the effects of the clustering data. It is shown that the effects of this data mining...
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Research of Combined Combat Operational Plan Assessment Based on Dynamic Evolvement

Feng Wang, Zhinian Gao, Shoulin Shen, Changping Yuan
The most direct approach of evaluating the operation plan is to make use of the combat results which were obtained by evolving along the time axis according to the process of operation plan contents. Based on the understanding, the method of the combined combat operational plan based on dynamic evolvement...
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Tank Unit Network Optimization Simulation System Based IP Multicast

Yuanzhou Li, Ziqiang Wang, Manqing Chen, Bingshu Jiang
Distributed Interactive Simulation Technology Development of Tank Unit against the system interconnection in the network communications, there has been problems on the network data redundancy. we use the latest IP Multicast technology to analyze and solve the problem of data redundancy.
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Architecture for Large Scale Reasoning in Business Intelligence

Xinlong Zhang, Bin Cao, Yanming Ye
Business intelligence plays a crucial role in modern business. Nevertheless, present business intelligence is not in a position to provide comprehensive business advices owing to limitations on the scope of data and satisfy the indispensable timeliness for business activities. To address these problems,...
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Research and Application of Control Systems of Auxiliary Engines in Cogeneration Power Station

Jianjun Sun, Xiangdong Liu
For the control unit in the level of automationassisted workshop relatively backward status quo and Put forward its own solution. Auxiliary control of the integrated development of the need for an analysis, the use of Planning and design theory. Based on the current status quo at home and abroad auxiliary...
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The Multicast Scheme of ATM Networks for Multimedia Transmissions Based on SD Channel

Ting Wang, Jianzhong Hao, Li Zhuo, Shuling Wang, Yan Wei
In this paper, we propose a bi-directional multipoint-to-multipoint multicast scheme, a SD channel-based Multicast with Round robin Access (SDRAM), for ATM networks, which uses a single tree for a multicast group consisting of multiple participants that are either senders, receivers, or a mix of both....
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A Data-encrypted Transportation Framework Based on Composite Discrete Chaotic System

Hongqian Chen, Yi Chen, Li Liu
To improve the security of data in distributed simulation system, propose a data-encrypted transportation framework. The framework encrypts the simulation data via the composite chaotic system in simulation. It can obtain the data security in data transportation based on the composite discrete chaotic...
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A Design of Interface Model Based on HART Protocol

Xiaoning Lin
A communication interface model based on HART protocol is designed in this paper. The definition of hardware interface and the implementation of software modules are presented in detail. According to the model, the development period of field communication system can be shortened to some extent. An example...
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A Tracking Algorithm Based on SIFT and Kalman Filter

Dan Song, Baojun Zhao, Linbo Tang
This paper presents a method of target tracking based on SIFT and Kalman filter. SIFT algorithm has the ability to detect the invariant feature points which used in tracking and Kalman filter has the ability to predict the target location. Firstly, this paper uses SIFT to compute the location of target....