Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Electronical, Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ICE2ME 2019)

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Parameter Identification for the Impulse Response Signal of Transmission Tower Containing Double Frequencies

Qingshui Gao, Yi Yang, Chu Zhang
Tuned mass damperis designed on transmission towers to reduce vibration. Two new frequencies appear nearby the original natural frequency if the tuned mass damperis installed. The impulse response signal containing double frequencies is complex. It is difficult to identify signal characteristics parameters....
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Application of the XGBOOST on the Assessment of Transient Stability of Power System

Sen Shen, Qunying Liu, Xinchen Tao, Shaojian Ni
In the context of big data, machine learning plays an important role in many fields. With the increasing scale of power system and capacity of power grid, it becomes more and more complicated to accurately evaluate the transient stability of power system. In this paper, a power system transient stability...
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A Design of Frequency Synthesizer based on DDS for Ka-band Radar Signal Simulation

Weiliang Gao, Dalong Li, Dong Xia
This paper puts forward a design of frequency synthesizer based on DDS for Ka-band radar signal simulation. RF signal is generated through the AD9854 DDS chip driving the PLL and VCO. The testing results showed that this Ka-band frequency synthesizer has low phase noise and wider bandwidth, and can generate...
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Dense Scale Invariant Feature Transform-Based Quality Assessment for Tone Mapping Image

Liyan Zhang, Hualin Ma
High dynamic range (HDR) images give the human visual system (HVS) a better visual experience due to their wide luminance range. However, traditional display devices can’t capture such a large luminance dynamic range, which needs to be remedied by tone mapping (TM) operation. In addition, TM images usually...
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A Software-Defined Traffic Differential Protection Mechanism of Power Grid Communication Networks

Chuan Liu, Xin Xu, Jing Tao, Shidong Liu
With the rapid growth of various kinds of services demands, the traditional power network architecture has faced many problems and challenges. The software defined network (SDN) architecture has the advantages of flexibility, programmability and centralized control, which can be applied to power grid...
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Design of a Meander Line Dipole RFID Tag Antenna for Temperature Sensor

Ying Lin, Yong Xu, Shu Chen, Limei Ma
A meander line dipole tag antenna used in the radio frequency identification (RFID) system was designed, which can be used for measuring cables’ temperature. In order to make the tag antenna fit the cables, an improved tag antenna was designed. The design adopted classical T-matching network, which had...
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A Geometric Distortion Rectification Method for Wide Field of View Camera

Tong Li, Jianjun Huang, Yuan Zhang, Shiren Liu
In large-size, high-resolution LCD measurement systems, images acquired by wide field of view (WFOV) cameras exhibit significant geometric distortion. To solve this problem, this paper presents a global parameter guided camera geometric distortion rectification method, which estimates the local geometric...
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Research on the Color Difference of Single Group Colored Yarn by Different Processing Methods

Jingru Yang, Tianyong Zheng
Different processing methods of colored yarns were applied in the past few years for meeting the different demands of color mixing. However, insufficient understanding of the color difference caused by processing method leads to lack of basis for reasonable selection of processing method. In this study,...
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Macro Micro - Coupling Simulation Front - End Processing Tools Based on SALOME Platform

Jun Hu
Micro-Macroscopic Coupled Simulation is an important method in the field of microfluidics. Pre-Post processing is an important process of macro and micro coupling simulation method. Nowadays, there is no unified and effective pre-post processing method in Micro-Macroscopic Coupled Simulation. Based on...
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Cooperative Game of Income Allocation of Shell-egg Industry Supply Chain

Jing Fu, Zhiqing Luo, Pingting Chen, Xiangcheng Shen
The Shapley-like value for cooperative interval games was introduced to study the income allocation problem of shell-egg industry supply chain in China. In this paper, the cooperative game model and the example analysis method of Shapley model are used to explore the influence of game participants' alliance...
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Predictive Modeling of Surface Roughness Based on Response Surface Methodology after WAAM

Hongyu Tian, Zhenyang Lu, Fang Li, Shujun Chen
A hybrid technique of additive manufacturing and subtractive process has provided a new solution combining product design and control by software. Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) process wins well-respected because of its low cost and high efficiency of deposition, nevertheless the process has...
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Improved Water Cycle Algorithm with Chaotic Levy Distribution Applied to Engineering Problem

Weiguo Zhang, Jinzhong Zhang
The water cycle algorithm(WCA) is a simple and effective global optimization algorithm, mainly used for engineering optimization. However, It is easy to fall into the local optimal solution when solving some constrained problems. Therefore, this paper proposes a improved water cycle algorithm based on...
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A Usage Model of the Aeronautical Technical Equipment in Wartime of Local Armed Conflicts

Liangfa Xu, Bingkun Jiang
The high-tech local war has become an important mode of warfare in the future. To cope with the ever-changing battlefield situation, it is necessary to make scientific and reasonable planning for the application of aero technical equipments in wartime. On the basis with Markov Random Process to analysize...
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Design and Application of the Missile Combat Training Simulation System

Shengzhi Yuan, Yuan Zhou, Jing Li, Zhe Wang
In order to meet the teaching needs of the missile combat training simulation, a combat training simulation system based on the analysis of typical combat situation and process, was proposed. The hardware platform and the system structure was constructed, and the system software was realized by the modeling...
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UUV's Hydrodynamic Modeling and its Simulation and Experimental Studies

Ji-Hong Li, Min-Gyu Kim, Hyungjoo Kang, Mun-Jik Lee, Geonhui Ki
This paper presents an UUV’s hydrodynamic modeling method, where the hydrodynamic coefficients are calculated using both of theoretical and empirically-derived formulas. The vehicle is developed for the purpose of overcoming strong sea current. For this reason, the vehicle has the flattened ellipsoidal...
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Integrated Cockpit Simulation Design for Civil Aircraft Alerting System

Xiaoying Niu, Zheng Liu, Jingjin Zhang, Fei Li, Hongtao Liu, Yi Hu
The necessary for integrated systems development comes from complexity of the system. The cross-linking among the sub-systems of the aircraft attributes to the difficulty of recording and indicating system design, especially alerting system. This paper presents a practical simulation design solution...
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A Modified Method of Multiagent Resource Dispatching in a Heterogeneous Cloud Environment

I.A. Kalyaev, A.I. Kalyaev, I.S. Korovin
At present the level of development of telecommunication technologies gives new opportunities for organization of distributed calculations, based on a set of space-distributed computational resources, with the help of a service-oriented infrastructure, which provides “calculations on demand”. Owing to...
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Multiagent Resource Dispatching in a Heterogeneous Cloud Environment

I.A. Kalyaev, A.I. Kalyaev, I.S. Korovin
The cloud computing paradigm has appeared: large-scale distributed calculations based on a pool of abstract, virtualized, dynamically redistributable computational resources, granted to external users via Internet on their demands. A cloud computing environments (CCE) get wider application for solution...
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Numerical and Theoretical Solutions for the Free Vibration Analysis of Moderately Thick Plates

J.M. Martínez Valle
The vibrations of plates are a topic of undoubted interest in the field of civil engineering and aeronautics. Today, we find many examples where this type of phenomena occur, and there are structural elements that we can study as plates or shells. The analytical solutions for the governing equations...
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Research on Sentiment Analysis and Abnormal Feature Extraction Technology Based on Comments Data

Hui Yan, Xufu Peng, Xiaowan Zhu
With the promotion of Micro-Blog’s influence, the influence of Micro-Blog public opinion has been continuously strengthened. Therefore, based on the low recognition rate of Micro-Blog sentiment words in the traditional basic sentiment dictionary, this study designed and used the Micro-Blog emotional...
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Research on Detection Methods of Steel Defects Based on Modal Analysis

Yu’e Yang, Yizheng Zhang, Dong Zhao, Yantao An
Steel is used in construction, Bridges, ships, boilers and other projects on the metal structure, or is used in the manufacture of machinery and equipment parts, which can produce defects such as corrosion and crack due to the effect of load and environment. In order to ensure the healthy use of steel,...
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Modal Test of Welding Robot Linkage Mechanism-Modal Interval of posture in continuous dynamic state

Yizhe Huang, Yuanyuan Shi, Honghan Li, Ganwei Cai
Vibration of welding robot mechanism is an important factor affecting the welding quality. In this paper, a modal test scheme is designed depending on the characteristics of the modal change caused by the posture change during the welding robot operation. In the modal test scheme, the posture used for...
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Research on the Dynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Elevator System

Chuanqiao Li, Chunli Hua, Jiancong Qin, Zhencai Zhu
The present paper studied on the high-speed traction elevator developed by Dongnan Elevator Co., Ltd. And the seven degrees of freedom differential equations of a high-speed traction elevator are established by the Lagrange approach. The natural frequencies of the elevator system are carried out through...
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Welding Residual Stress Characteristics of Bolt-welding Joint in TBM Split Cutterhead

Shuli Zhang, Jianfu Zhang, Zhong Guo, Peng Gao, Tianyu Du
The welding seam of the split cutterhead of tunnel boring(TBM) machine is easy to generate cracks in the working process, which affects the construction process and increases the cost. The double box structure is extracted from TBM cutterhead. The effects of high-strength bolts and welding speeds on...
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Optimization of Spiral Shaft Parameters of Particle Type Conveyor Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Fuqiang He, Xuelian Yao, An Ping, Hong Luo, Sizhuang Xie
Design parameters for the helical axis are heavily dependent on empirical performance data. In this paper, Optimization of Spiral Shaft Parameters for screw conveyor based on the Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is studied. The PSO algorithm is used to solve the problem of parameter optimization under...
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Failure Analysis and Detection Technology Research of Hub Bolts of Aircraft Main Wheel

Yanpeng Feng, Junwen Cheng, Haijun Tang, Chun Wang, Xiaoming Ma, Chunguang Li
The hub bolt of the main wheel of a large civil aircraft is an important bearing part in the take-off and landing process of the aircraft. The bolt will be detected by fluorescence or magnetic powder in each tire disassembly process. It is found in the application that even if some bolts pass the magnetic...
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Observer Design for a Class of Systems with Mismatched Uncertainties via Variable Structure Control

Wen-Jeng Liu
A variable structure observer (VSO) design problem solved by VSC (variable structure control) theory for system together with mis-matched uncertainty is studied in this paper. In the sliding mode, if developed systems are with mis-matched uncertainties, then invariance condition cannot be satisfied....
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Effect of Welding Spot Diameter and Arrangement on Fatigue Life of Corrugated Plate Component

Zhang Xiang, Jia Wang, Qingzhong He, Manjiao Chen
In this paper, the effect of the diameter, arrangement and spacing of solder joints on the fatigue performance of corrugated plate component was simulated, and the structure parameters of solder joints were optimized. First, the static strength simulation of corrugated plate component was carried out...
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The Research on Delay Suppression of Steam Turbine Overshoot Coefficient Feedforward Control

Ge Jin, Jiangyong Qi, Tao Yang
In the steam turbine speed control system, time delay of system links will affect the stability of the power grid, even worse it will result in low frequency oscillation of the power grid. Considering that the overshoot coefficient in the turbine model is equivalent to the differential action but it...
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Parametric System Design of Belt Conveyor Legs Based on SolidWorks

Sulan Han, Xun Liu
The DTII (K) belt conveyor is a general series of products, and the machine frame legs can be classified as type I legs and type II legs. Using Visual Basic 6.0 as the development platform, taking secondary development on the SolidWorks software, the dimension driving method and the programming design...
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Design of Vehicle Safety Belt Motion Detection Platform Based on Digital PID Regulation

Baojun Yu, Xinru Feng, Wenhan Yu
Parker linear motor, mounting plate, acceleration sensor and magnetic displacement sensor are designed in the platform.F28M35H52C1 processor, 410-4A-LC-WD1-S coil and 41026S linear motor were selected and the acceleration of 0.5g was tested. The experiment shows that the digital PID controller can reduce...
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Improvement of the Gas Pipe Structure Using the Flow Analysis in Ultra Large Container Vessel

Sungmin Choi, Jongwon Kim, Youngjun Cho, Junsu Han
The purpose of this research is to improve the gas pipe structure of Ultra Large Container Vessel by reducing ship's life and logistics costs, used for maritime logistics transportation. For this purpose, we define the basic structure of the gas pipe currently in use on the vessel. And we want to show...
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Simulation Study on Characteristics of Gas Combustion and Explosion in Pipeline

Shuaishuai Guo, Wei Long, Jianping Yue, Jimin Huang
In view of the flame retardant of gas flame in pipelines, the important topic of coal mine safety field, this paper firstly collected the state parameters of the gas flame through field test, and then used the Fluent software to simulate the state of the gas combustion explosion. By comparing the simulation...
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Design and Application of Handheld Handle Interaction Based on Unity 3D

Lu Li, Hong Ji, Tao Shen, Yanyan Tang
With the development of virtual reality technology, various kinds of virtual interactive devices appear continuously. The currently widely used handheld handle device uses an infrared tracking device to monitor the handheld handle and convert it into position and rotation information through fast and...
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Research Progress of Intensified Vacuum Distillation for Crude Oil

Ping Wang
With the increasing tendency of heavy and inferior crude oil and the maturity of high viscosity and high density crude oil recovery technology, the proportion of refined heavy crude oil will be larger and larger. Adding a certain amount of intensifier in crude oil to improve crude processing conditions,...
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Rapid Conversion Principles and Requirements for Railway Passenger Carriers to Be Utilized in Casualty Evacuation

Shijian Yang
To drive a fast shift from peacetime potential to wartime support strength, and realize casualty evacuation function of railway passenger carrier such as smooth boarding, safe placement and en-route nursing, four pairs of relationships were discussed in-depth, and four principles and relevant demands...
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An Environmentally Friendly Passivation Technology for the Water-cooling Process of Batch Hot-dip Galvanization

Yongfeng Long, Changsheng Liu, Hongxin Wen
In batch hot-dip galvanizing, 0.2-0.3 wt% chromic anhydride solution is traditionally used as awater-cooling medium to prevent white rust. It generates a lot of chromium acid mist and wastewater, both of which are very harmful to humans and the environment. In our study, an environmental-friendly passivation...
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Preparation of New Acellular Dermal Collagen Scaffolds via Combination of Phytoproteinases and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Treatments

Wang-Yao Wu, Tse-wei Ciou, Kuan-Ta Chen, Tzu-hung Su, Meng-Jen Yang, Ing-Lin Chang, Ching-Cheng Huang
Tissue-engineering technology was important and popular which combine medical applications and engineering materials knowledge such as a cell extraction process, which was employed to remove the cellular components from porcine dermal, leaving a matrix of collagen, elastin, collagen, and tightly bound...
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Collagen Films with Extra Cellular Matrix via Combination of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fluid and NH4OH Treatments

Cong-Han Xiao, Ciao-Yi Syu, Yu-Lin Shen, Hsiao-Chih Hu, Meng-Jen Yang, Ing-Lin Chang, Ching-Cheng Huang
This study provide a new method for preparations of collagen films with extra cellular matrix via treatments of supercritical carbon dioxide fluid and NH4OH. Tissue engineering combines knowledge of engineering materials and medical applications to find more undiscovered things through this knowledge....
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Shear Strength Characteristics of Loess Reinforced with Tire Derived Aggregate

Zhaohui Li, Yongqiang He, Mingqiang Wei, Jianxun Shi
The Application of waste tyres in Civil Engineering is nearly 30 years. This study investigates the engineering properties of tire derived aggregate (TDA) reinforced loess and presents the strength properties of loess incorporating TDA as a reinforcement. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the...
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Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Orthogonal Stiffened Thin Plate with the Viscoelastic Damping Topology Distribution

Yizhe Huang, Guangyao Liu, Qibai Huang
Dynamic characteristic of stiffened thin plate structure is superior to that of conventional thin plate structure, but it continues to suffer from the problem of less damping and large vibration sound radiation. The vibration noise of thin plate structure can be effectively reduced by damping treatment....
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Study on Flexible Bending Process of Sheet Metal and Its Production Equipment

Jie Wang, Yitao Chen, Zeyi Wang, Shu Huang
In order to solve the problem that it was difficult to ensure the bending quality of sheet metal in the actual production process by using traditional bending tooling, a flexible sheet metal bending process and its production equipment were studied on the premise of analyzing the influencing factors...
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Modal Analysis and Research of Orthogonal Rib-Stiffened Sandwich Plates

Zhifu Zhang, Haifeng Hu, Qibai Huang
Aiming at the modal characteristic prediction problem of orthog-onal rib-stiffened sandwich plates in the condition of simply sup-ported, the reinforced core increases the complexity of the struc-tural control equation. Therefore, this paper establishes a com-plete theoretical model based on the theory...
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New Collagen Scaffolds with Extra Cellular Matrix Derived from Treatments of Supercritical Fluid and Protease in Low Temperature

Ciao-Yi Syu, Yu-Lin Shen, Cong-Han Xiao, Tzu-Pei Lee, Meng-Jen Yang, Ing-Lin Chang, Ching-Cheng Huang
Nowadays, tissue-engineering was important and popular which combine medical applications and engineering materials knowledge, just like cell extraction process was employed to remove the cellular components from porcine dermal, leaving a framework of largely insoluble collagen, elastin, and tightly...
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Characteristics and Micromorphology of New Collagen Scaffolds Derived from Supercritical Fluid of Carbon Dioxide with Alcohol Cosolvents

Yu-Lin Shen, Cong-han Xiao, Ciao-Yi Syu, Yi-hung Ho, Meng-Jen Yang, Ing-Lin Chang, Ching-Cheng Huang
Supercritical Carbon dioxide fluid provides the advantage of high diffusion capacity during natural product extraction, maintains thermal instability and maintains the biological activity of the extract. The cell extraction process used to remove cellular components from pig skin must remove fat and...
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Durability of Polypropylene Fiber Concrete Exposed to Freeze-Thaw Cycles with Deicing Salts

Chenfei Wang, Fangjian Chen
In cold snowy regions, buildings are usually exposed to deicing salts. The corrosion of reinforcement steel is accelerated under the environment, and results in deterioration of concrete, especially under freeze-thaw condition. Polypropylene fibers (PPF) are used to reduce concrete cracking, and it can...
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Synthesis and Characterization of High Performance Thermoplastic Polyimide Used the Anti-riot Bomb

Xiaoping Cui, Jian Yang
Three kinds of thermoplastic polyimides (TPIs) were prepared by pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) and three different flexible diamines, respectively. The micromorphology, thermal properties and mechanical properties of prepared samples were tested and investigated. FTIR confirmed the successful preparation...
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Design and Preparation of Novel Anti-adhesion Extra Thin Polyvinyl Alcohol Foam Dressings for NPWT via a Combined Procedure of Ultra Precision Machining and Super Clean Air-foaming

Ching-Cheng Huang, Meng-Jen Yang, Zhiguo Zhang, Ing-Lin Chang
Negative pressure wound therapy(NPWT) utilizes foam dressings to create an optimal healing environment. The anti-adhesion material was important for the clinic application of NPWT treatment. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) foam dressing could be considered as a good anti-adhesion material for NPWT treatment....
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Design and Preparation of Novel Anti-adhesion Polyvinyl Alcohol Foam Nasal Matrix for PM 2.5 Protecting and Hemostasis Treatments via a Combined Procedure of Precision Machining and Super Clean Air-foaming

Ching-Cheng Huang, Meng-Jen Yang, Huan Zhou, Lei Yang
A patient with nasal hemorrhage would usually insert wadding composed of blood sucking material easily available at home, such as toilet paper, cotton, or gauze, into the nostril. The wadding tends to split under draw force, and is difficult for extraction from the nostril after blood sucking or generates...
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Design and Preparation of Novel Cross-linked Polyvinyl Alcohol Extra Permeable Foam Dressings for NPWT via a Combined Process of Super Clean Air foaming and Ultra Precision Machining

Ching-Cheng Huang, Meng-Jen Yang, Ing-Lin Chang
Design and preparation of novel cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol extra permeable foam (cPVAEPF) dressings for negative pressure wound therapy(NPWT) was studied. A series of cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol extra permeable foam (cPVAEPF) dressings with different macroporosities in the range of 700 µm~920...
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Properties of Nd Doped La0.5Ba0.5CoO3 Pervoskite

Junhua Wang, Zhenhua Wang, Baoxin Huang, Yang Yu, Ruzhen Zhang, Yihua Liu
The properties of La0.5-xNdxBa0.5CoO3 (0≤ x ≤0.425) has been investigated. All samples show a cubic structure at room temperature. The Curie temperature TC and the estimated molecular magnetic moment of the samples at 5K decrease monotonically with increasing Nd-doping level. The results are discussed...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Flower-like Clewed PbTiO3 Nanowires Prepared by Hydrothermal Method

Yunlei Zhao, Zhiqiang Chen, Yu Deng
Flower-like clewed PbTiO3 (PT) nanowires have been synthesized using hydrothermal method. The nanowire have an average length of 0.5μm and a mean diameter of 10–20 nm, the clews have average diameters of 1μm. With tetragonal lattice structure, the clewed PT nanowire grow along the (001) direction. The...
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Preparation and Properties of Photo-responsive Controlled Release Pesticide Film

Qing Xu, Guohua Liu, Yuanjing Zhou, Fei Nie
A photo-responsive controlled pesticide release film system was constructed by using PEG supported spiropyran as a carrier and chitosan as a film-forming additive. The biodegradable film was formed by coating method in the glass sheet. Acetamiprid, a new broad-spectrum insecticide with certain acaricidal...
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Effect of Different Enzymes Deactivation Methods on the Quality of Seepweed Tea

Qin Li, Xue Li, Xin Kang, Xinda Zhou, Suyu Du, He Liu, Jun Li
In order to study the effects of different enzymes deactivation methods on the quality of seepweed tea, the enzymes deactivation methods such as pan firing, steaming, water bathing and microwave on the quality of seepweed were discussed. The results show that the temperature of the steaming increase...
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Singular Strain Field for Composite Materials

Purong Jia, Yongyong Suo, Cheng Jia, Xinna Huang
Basic equations of composite mechanics have been established according to the orthotropic material properties. The analytic function of general complex variable is analyzed fully. The stress boundary problem of composite plate with Mode I crack is solved by using the complex variable method. The stress...