Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International Conference on Education, Economics and Social Science (ICEESS 2019)

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Research on the Application of Panel Teaching Model in College Liberal Arts Classroom

Dequan Chen, Zihan Jin
The traditional interactive classroom teaching method has gradually revealed its disadvantages in practice. To find another way to build real communication between teachers and students is important. Panel teaching mode is an innovative teaching mode, which can truly reflect the students' subject status....
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Construction of New Petroleum Engineering Curriculum in the Context of Emerging Engineering Education: An Example from Xi'an Shiyou University

Xianlin Ma, Yifei Liu, Desheng Zhou, Wenbing Cai
This paper first review the current petroleum engineering curriculum of Xi'an Shiyou University, and examines its adequacy to deal with technological advances in petroleum industry and emerging engineering education needs. Changes to the curriculum structures and contents are presented.
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English-Medium Instruction for the B&R Students in Chinese Universities: A Nation Branding Perspective

Zhijun Yan, Jun Wen, Yongjian Zong
Nation branding has remained both a heated topic and an international tendency over years. As an endeavor to promote the international image and reputation of a country, nation branding is a multifaceted cause involving a host of domestic stakeholders, among which the higher education institutions play...
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Exploration and Practice of Course Reform of Network Security & Law Enforcement Major in Police Higher Education

Zhijun Liu, Ning Wang
The network security & law enforcement major in police higher education as a emerging major that develop at a short time is still in the process of perfection and development, there inevitably exist many issues on the subject and major construction, teaching team construction, course construction,etc....
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The Research on Reform of Teaching Methods of Legal Literary Courses in Colleges and Universities

Qiong Wei, Lei Yi, Ying Jiao
According to sample survey data, it indicates that the teaching methods of legal literacy course of universities and colleges in our country is given priority to traditional classroom teaching method, shows that the overall results of this teaching method is low, the reason for this is that this kind...
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Research on the Socialized Relief Mechanism of the School Safety Accidents

Yu Liao
It has aroused more and more social attention to the frequent occurrence of school safety problems, among which the most crucial issue is whether the victims can get prompt and adequate relief. Due to the imperfection of the compensation system for the school safety accidents in our country, the schools...
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Research on Pricing and Risk of Structured Wealth Management Products of “HuiYi ZhiXuan”

Yanliang Zhang, Qingchao Bai, Leya Zhang
The design terms of structured wealth management products are complex, and the variety of targets is linked, making it difficult for investors to grasp the true benefits and risk characteristics of the products. This paper selects "HuiYi ZhiXuan" series of structured wealth management products issued...
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Nation-State and Chinese Practice

Yinghui Yang
With the emergence of “nation-state” and the advancement of world history, “nation-state” is the inevitable stage in the development of human society, and the construction of “nation-state” and “nation” has become a realistic choice. Going through the evolution process from “freedom” to “consciousness”,...
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The Historical Process and Political Value of the Intermarriage for Pacification between Liao and Xia

Zhouqing Guo
Political marriages have always been the important perspective in the study of ethnic relations, but academic circles seldom study the political marriages during Liao and Xia periods in Chinese history. Through sorting out and refining relevant historical materials, this paper describes the process of...
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Developing “Enclave Agriculture”: A New Path of Agricultural Intensive Production Mode in Ethnic Areas

Xing Gao
“Enclave Economy” is a new model for the coordinated development of regional economy in China, which was introduced into coastal cities in the late 20th century. Through more than 20 years of research and practice, it has solved the problem of industrial upgrading and transfer in the east and changed...
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Thoughts on the Construction of Experimental Zone for Cultural Ecology Protection—Taking the Experimental Area for Cultural Ecology Protection of Tujia and Miao in Wuling Mountains (Southwest Hubei) as an Example

Li Yu
The construction of cultural ecology reserves is a tentative exploration to inherit and develop excellent traditional culture, aiming to promote the overall living normality protection of the intangible cultural heritage. Based on the consideration of the protection status of the Tujia and Miao cultural...
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Research on Restrictive Factors and Countermeasures of Poverty Alleviation in Western Ethnic Areas against the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Chuanyu Yang, Ting Gong
The western ethnic areas tend to be the relatively poverty-stricken regions in China. In recent years, the current situation has been improved and some key achievements have been made by taking various state measures on policies and working, but the situation is still not optimistic. Poverty alleviation...
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Research Status and Revelation of Visualization Technology in Support of Online Learning in the Era of Big Data

Fan Yang, Yue Wang
In the era of big data, a large amount of learning information is stored online. Teachers and students have been faced with problems such as information overload for a long time. The visualization of information reduces learners’ cognitive load and enhances their perception of information, which makes...
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Study on the Integrated Conservation to the Experimental Area of Eco-cultural Protection in Diqing

Li Li, Han Cao
The national experimental zone of eco-cultural protection was established in 2007 and is still in an experimental stage. Taking the experimental zone of eco-cultural protection in Diqing as a case, this paper makes a comprehensive discussion on the regional integrated conservation to the national experimental...
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Research on the Interactive Model of Traditional Village Protection and Cultural Tourism Development—Taking the Baima Tibetan Traditional Village in Jiuzhaigou County as an Example

Shuang Hao
Nowadays, as the multi-cultural value attributes of traditional Chinese villages have great attraction to the majority of tourists, many traditional villages choose to develop tourism to achieve their common development in economy, society and culture. However, in the actual development process, it often...
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Research on User Consumption Need for Car Seat Based on Internet Questionnaire

Yi Feng
Based on the characteristics and rules of consumers’ behaviors, this paper takes the consumers of automobile safety seats as the research objects, carries out the empirical research on cognition and purchase intention of automobile safety seats, and conducts the survey based on internet questionnaire....
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Anthropological Investigation of the Ancient Blockhouses in Jiarong Tibetan Village—Taking Moluo Village and Qiongshan Village in Danba County as an Example

Yinghui Yang
As the unique architectural style and historical and cultural relics, the fortifications of Jiarong Tibetan Village in the northwestern part of Sichuan have attracted much attention. Based on the micro scenarios of Moluo Village and Qiongshan Village in Danba County, this paper conducts an anthropological...
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Research and Practice on Intelligent Informatization Construction of Architectural Training Base in Vocational Colleges

Wei Liu, Fenghua Xia, Haifang Zhang, Long Han
Training base is a necessary condition for vocational colleges to cultivate high-quality skilled talents. The informatization and intellectualization construction of training base is the inevitable trend of teaching reform. Taking training base of Binzhou Polytechnic as an example, this paper analyzes...
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Exploring the Reasons for Rural Adolescents Dropouts in Huanggang to Enter the City for Work—Taking S Village as an Example

Li Yu
It is worthwhile to study the behavior of young people who drop out of school to work in cities. This article explores this problem based on fieldwork and attempts to explore the reasons why these teenagers drop out of school and go to work in cities. Through the analysis of the basic situation of young...
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The Interactive Relationship between Rural Revitalization Strategy and Cultivation of New-type Professional Farmers

Shuqin Tian, Dongqiang Wang
The “new agriculture, countryside and farmers” problems of agricultural marginalization, rural hollowing and farmers aging have been paid more and more attention. Against the background of implementing the strategy of revitalization, it is necessary to speed up the construction of new-type professional...
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Research on the Construction and Practice of Educational System of TCSOL Serving to the Belt and Road

Bing Han, Jinhua Zhang
The proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative has higher requirements for the developing international education of Chinese language and cultivating Chinese language teachers. This paper mainly takes the undergraduate students as the research object and discusses the construction of the educational system...
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Discussion on the Modernist Paradigm of Nationalism

Ning Zhang
The research paradigm of nationalism can be basically divided into four paradigms: modernism, perennialism, primordialism, and ethnic symbolism, of which Modernism has become the mainstream paradigm that emphasizes the recentness of nationalism in time and innovation in content. Within the modernist...
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Research on Insurance Value Chain in the Environment of Mobile Internet

Haiping Wang
In the era of mobile Internet, the influence of network environment on the insurance value chain is discussed in this paper. By literature review and theoretical analysis, the author holds that mobile Internet has changed the insurance value chain from various links related to conventional product design,...
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Research on Quality Competitiveness of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on System Dynamics

Qingmin Zhang, Ei Luo, Ruiying Wang
As China's economy enters a new stage of high-quality development, the improvement of the quality of manufacturing enterprises has become the key to improving the quality and efficiency of China's economy. This paper takes Nanjing manufacturing enterprises as an example to reconstruct the quality competitiveness...
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Research on B&B Development in the Vicinity of Famous Scenic Areas—A Case Study of Wuyishan City, China

Xiuqin Deng, Ruizhuo Wu, Yan Ma, Guangming Han
Lodging industry is one of the three major pillars of tourism, of which bed and breakfast (B&B) serves as an important part. This paper proceeded with studies of famous Chinese scenic area Wuyishan City in order to analyze the present development of tourism in Wuyishan, in particular the advantages of...
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Integrating Project-based Learning into Academic English Writing Class: A Case Study on Doctoral Candidates of Engineering

Yuan Peng
This study aims to explore the necessity and feasibility of integrating project-based learning into academic English writing class for doctoral candidates of engineering. A project-based learning (PBL) teaching mode was proposed and the doctoral candidates' perceptions of the mode were examined by data...
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Study on Modern Agricultural Development in Mountainous Areas of Xingwen County

Ge He
This paper aims at analyzing favorite conditions of modern agricultural development in mountainous areas of Xingwen county and introducing the existing issues used field survey method. The results find Xingwen has the favorite conditions of modern agriculture development:(1)rich in natural and human...
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What is The Hot Topic of Graduate Education Research?—A Literature Analysis Based on SSCI Articles in 2015-2019

Yuan Liu, Jiajia Fang
The graduate education plays a vital role in economic development and national competitiveness, so it has been a hot topic for international academic researchers and policy makers, and the discussion will continue for a long time. This paper had taken a literature analysis of the graduate education relevant...
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Reform of Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in English Major Courses Based on the Idea of “Telling China’s Stories Well”

Siyang Liu
English major students are the reserve forces for “telling China’s stories well”. It is of vital importance to train students to be English professionals with both excellent ideological and political qualities and high English proficiency, so as to cultivate students into a new generation capable of...
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The Innovations and Regulations of Specialty Catalogues and Specialty Directions of Chinese Art Discipline

Xiwen Xu, Beng Xu
In recent three years, according to the enrollment catalogues for postgraduate students officially issued by various universities, the specialty catalogues and specialty directions of Art Discipline have tended to be diversified. Each university has made innovations in the formulation and management...
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Research on Assessment of Online Foreign Language Teaching System

Lei Wang
With the rapid advancement of information and education technology, online teaching systems and software has emerged like mushrooms. More specifically, the booming of online language teaching systems has greatly facilitated instructors’ teaching and students’ learning. However, the lack of comprehensive...
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The Overview of the Teaching Quality Management Center in the Organization of Higher Education

Nan Lin, Zhengduan Wu, Shaofeng Luo, Minggang Zhan
This paper focuses on the importance of teaching quality management in the organization of higher education. The teaching quality management should be paid attention for the university’s performance. Specifically, the article introduces the structure and duties of teaching quality management center,...
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Analysis on the Influence of Shadow Banking on the Effectiveness of China's Monetary Policy

Yun Sun, Xiangyu Chen, Shaosong Wang
After more than ten years of development, shadow banking has formed a certain scale in China, during this period, the effectiveness of monetary policy to the market economy also promoted; at the same time, the shadow banking has also caused both advantages and disadvantages. In this paper, we exam 141...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Status Quo of Traditional Culture Inheritance in Independent Colleges—A Case Study of Xi'an KedaGaoxin University (Ⅰ)

Rui Yang
Inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture has become an important task of university education in China. In order to more clearly explain the attitudes of independent college students towards traditional culture, a questionnaire survey was conducted among the students of Xi'an KedaGaoxin University....
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Investigation and Analysis on the Status Quo of Traditional Culture Inheritance in Independent Colleges—A Case Study of Xi'an KedaGaoxin University (Ⅱ)

Rui Yang
The importance of traditional culture in higher education is beyond doubt. By analyzing the results of the questionnaire survey for the independent college students, this paper finds the main factors affecting the inheritance of traditional culture, which are concentrated in the social environment, the...
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Willingness to Pay for Environmental Losses: A Contingent Valuation Analysis of Pastoral Area within Coal Mining in Ejin Horo Banner, Ordos

Qun Zhang, Hengxu Liu
In grassland areas subject to pollution caused by coal mining such as the Ejin Horo Banner in Inner Mongolia, a reasonable compensation scenario for local herders should be considered. Willingness to Pay (WTP) was assessed with the use of contingent valuation (CV) methodology to estimate the value for...
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Exploring Granger Non-causality of the Japanese Employment Rate and the Trade in Services

Yu Hong, Yumeng Yang, Aijing Hu, Hongwei Su
This paper uses annual data of the Japanese in services for the period of 1980-2018 to explore the causal relationship between the imports and the exports. We find that: 1) in the short-run, there exist no Granger causal relationship among the employment rate and the Japanese trade in services; 2) in...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of Analog Circuit Course for Overseas Students

Fangni Chen, Weiwei Qiu
With the implementation of China’s “The Belt and Road” strategy, more and more overseas students will enter universities in China. In view of the current teaching situation and characteristics of the overseas students in our university, and combining with the characteristics of the Analog Circuit course,...
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Would British Business Management Style be affected by the Japanese Approach in the Context of Globalization?

Li Zhang, Nan Lin
The management styles of Japanese are definitely effective in the business operations. This article aims to identify whether the British business management style could be affected by the Japanese approach due to the Japanese branches in the UK. The cultural differences should be existed and stable to...
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The Social Semiotics Construction of Emoticons Discourse

Chuanbo Xie
Emoticons, as the “spokesmen” of the Internet communication among young people, quickly become popular around the world. This sub-cultural phenomenon dissolves the mainstream culture, resists the cultural hegemony, and constructs its own discourse system and social space. This thesis analyzes the discourse...
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Research on Teaching Practice of MATLAB Assisted High Frequency Circuit Course for Foreign Students in China

Fangni Chen, Weiwei Qiu
Aiming at the training goal of foreign students majoring in Communication Engineering, this paper makes a thorough analysis of the current teaching situation of High Frequency Circuit course for foreign students in our University. We introduce the MATLAB simulation software into the teaching practice,...
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Psychological Interpretation of Functional Changes of Yao Nationality clothing in Northern Guangdong

Xiaoping Hu, Xiaohan Zhou, Delai Men
This paper discusses on the necessity of functional changes of Yao nationality clothing in northern Guangdong province based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory in psychology. The research methods of literature review and field investigation were used to carry out in the study, and finally proposed...
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Credit Scores Promote Trustworthiness Better than Deposits: An Experiment based on Consideration of Future Consequences

Yiran Wu, Xuemei Xie
Replacing deposits with credit scores is being applied in an increasing number of services, including bicycle rental, apartment rental and hotel accommodation services. Whether and why individuals’ trustworthiness levels improve after the implementation of credit scores needs to be resolved. This paper...
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Reform Measures and Practices in the Multi-directional Cultivation Mode of Civil Engineering

Ying Cui, Yumin Zhang, Xiyu Zhu
To improve the cultivation quality of Chinese higher education, based on analysis of the new circumstance and problems in the Chinese higher education, some reform measures and a multi-directional cultivation mode are introduced in this paper. Taking the professional course of the civil engineering for...
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Exploration on the Cultivation of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship against the Background of Internet

Jingang Gao, Bing Xu, Hong Wu
Innovation in the context of the Internet + is of paramount importance for business survival. Shanghai Institute of Technology University is positioned to train first-line application engineers, and has made useful explorations in the management of college students' creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial...
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Achievements, Dilemmas and Countermeasures of Business Environment Construction in Ethnic Areas

Yuru Wang
The policy system for optimizing the business environment of ethnic minority areas in China has basically taken shape, but the measures it has taken are similar to those taken in other regions, failing to integrate with the autonomy enjoyed by ethnic autonomous areas and the economic policies of the...
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On the Obligations of Minority Groups

Yuru Wang
In academia, the obligations of minority groups have rarely been studied. This paper analyzes from the aspects of philosophical foundation, jurisprudential foundation and realistic foundations, proposes that ethnic minority groups should fulfill their obligations of citizenship, mutual benefit with other...
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Teaching Case Study Based on Virtual Simulation Experiment

Rui Wang
Virtual simulation experiment teaching is a new tea experiment teaching mode, which enables students to participate in virtual simulation experiments in person, which provides a new idea for the training of logistics management professionals in colleges and universities. The teaching case investigates...
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Classroom Teaching Design in English Academic Writing Class Based on the Multiliteracies Pedagogy: A Case Study of Abstract

Qiong Liu
Although abstract is one of the most important parts in academic writing, few people have studied it from the multiliteracies pedagogy. Therefore, this paper, based on the multiliteracy theory, aims to explore the teaching framework in the academic writing class. After the description of each teaching...
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Reform and Research on Practice Teaching of Internet of Things Engineering

Jieqiong Han, Zhihuang Liu
In 2010, the Ministry of Education officially approved the qualification of 27 higher education institutions in terms of Internet of Things. In 2013, Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering added Internet of Things Engineering and accepted students from all over the country. In the first two...