Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Language and Art (ICELA 2022)

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Loo Fung Ying, Siti Hajar Halili, Deepanjali Mishra
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Application of AR Technology in the Construction of Physical Education Environment in Colleges and Universities

Ye Chen
With the rapid development of augmented reality, many intelligent terminals begin to apply augmented reality technology, mainly in sports, education and teaching fields, etc. This extensive application trend also proves that augmented reality has a good development prospect. In the information age, the...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Geography Teaching

Tao Niu, Zhiping Li, Meiyin Huang, Li Yuan
Virtual reality technology can help students enter the virtual teaching scene, satisfy students’ multi-sensory experience teaching, and promote the effective occurrence of teaching. Simulation technology can create realistic virtual scenes, which provides the possibility of virtual visualization for...
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Innovative Research on the Path and Mechanism of University Education in Student Associations of Common Undergraduate Universities in China

Tianrui Cun, Zhihong Zhao
Student associations are the battle position for colleges and universities to implement the fundamental task of “three-wide education” and an essential platform for ideological and political education. The standard undergraduate colleges have some unique characteristics, such as less financial allocation,...
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Jia Pingwa’s View of Literature and Art

Xiaojing Liu
Jia Pingwa has formed his own literary and artistic ideology in his long-term writing practice. This system includes: First. Literature and art are the writer’s lyrical unique consciousness of heaven, earth, nature and life. Literature and art are emotional “things” with social emotions and individual...
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Teaching and Reform of Pattern Recognition Course Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Duan Mei
With the popularity of artificial intelligence technologies and concepts, pattern recognition courses have received widespread attention. The traditional pattern recognition course is full of teaching contents and less class time, students are not highly motivated, the teaching mode is single, and the...
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The Construction of the Evaluation Index System of Curriculum Civic and Political Co-education in Private Universities

Qi Liu, Wanying Xu
For a long time, creating a curriculum system, improving the teaching process, and optimizing the teaching program has been the key points in the teaching process for private colleges and universities, and the construction of curriculum thinking and governmental education mechanism is an important part...
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Compare the Similarities and Differences of Sacrificial Activities Between Ancient China and Ancient Greece-Taking Iliad and Nine Songs as Example

Runtian Yang
The contrast between Eastern and Western literature is one of the key topics in today’s research. Researchers have found progress in Nine Songs and the Eliad culture. However, there is still a lack of unified interpretation of the issue of image contrast studies. Therefore, this paper mainly studies...
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An Outline of the Synchronic and Diachronic Variations of Sumerian

Jinrui Geng
Since Sumerian as a spoken language died out at least four thousand years ago, all studies of it have been limited to the written language. An analysis of these texts reveals that Sumerian writing is not static and that, like other languages, it is subject to both synchronic and diachronic variations.
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Research on Comparison Between Poetry and Lyrics

Xueyi Zhang
The researcher of this paper has found that poetry and lyrics are similar and can be compared in several ways. However, there are not many studies about this. Learning the differences and similarities in poetry and lyrics can help writers enhance their creative abilities and step up their understanding...
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Research on the Teaching Mode of “Promoting Learning and Teaching Through Competition”

Take the School of Electronic Information Engineering of Hankou University as an Example

Chongkai Liu, Yi Deng, Yingpeng Xiong
Subject competition is an effective way to cultivate students’ practical ability and innovation ability. At the same time, the application of competition works as teaching examples in the teaching process can effectively promote the improvement of teaching effect. Taking the School of Electronic Information...
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Research on the Current Situation, Problems, and Countermeasures of the Family Education Guidance System at the Primary School Level

Ruihua Li
Parents, as the first educators of their children, play a fundamental and pioneering role in developing their children's personalities and forming their complete personalities. With the gradual improvement of social literacy, parents gradually realize the importance of family education at the primary...
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The Theme of ‘Waste Land’ and Modernity in Mu Dan’s Poetry: Compare to T.S Eliot’s

Xuying Sheng
In this article, from the perspective of comparative vision, T S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ and Mu Dan’s poetry with the theme of the ‘waste land’ are intended to be the primary research objects. Based on the homology in the influence of the two schools and the multiple similarities in poetic images,...
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A Paradigmatic Turn in Recent Translation Reception Study: Toward an Empirical Trend

Qiaoke Sun
In translation reception study, a rudimentary sub-field in Translation Studies (TS) with controversial accounts and views, several paradigmatic turns have brought about refreshing insights and promoted the heated issues to move beyond extant disciplinary boundaries and restrictions. This paper first...
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On the Combination of History and Theory in the Study of Modern Translated Literature in China

Yong Liang
The interaction between Chinese and foreign literature after the founding of the People’s Republic of China is inseparable from the translation work. As an important window for translating and introducing various cultural and literary works from all over the world, the magazine World Literature, published...
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The Love Story and Taylor Swift’s Stylization

Yuxi Cao
Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Different from many artists, Swift composes all of her songs. She has her own highlighted features of narrative perspective and strong storytelling ability. These characteristics are factors that make Swift stand out and promote her career. As one of the...
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Exploration and Practice of Big Data System and Technology Blended Teaching Mode

Qiuyun Zhao, Le Wei
Big Data System and Technology is a professional course for the data science, Big data technology and related majors. It has the characteristics of complex content and high practical difficulty. There are several problems in current teaching, such as outdated curriculum concept, single teaching method,...
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Women's Power Reflected in Beyoncé's Song “Run the World (Girls)”

Zhiyao Guo
By analyzing the song ‘Run the World (Girls)’ by American singer Beyoncé, this paper explores the singer's musical expression of female empowerment and her call for female empowerment, using costumes, dance moves, and props with a morale boosting rhythmic layers and melodic layers that shout out...
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A Study on English Proficiency of University Graduates and Its Influencing Factors Based on the 3E Model

Chuanlan Tang, Junying Zhang
In recent years, the international and domestic political and economic situation is changing rapidly, China's international status has been improved to a greater extent, and international exchanges and cooperation are more active than ever. This has also put forward new requirements for English...
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The Influence of Father Presence and Father-Child Attachment on the Psychological Security of Young Children

Jingyi Chen
The psychological security of children is a crucial issue when it comes to the mental health of young children. As an essential condition for young children to gradually grow up and blend into society, this sense of security always is fostered in children’s families. Most of the previous studies and...
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A Study on the Implications of Self-care Theory for Primary and Secondary School Teachers’ Load Reduction

Xiaofang Han
In an increasingly institutionalised education system, Noddings emphasised the humanity of education. Noddings developed an ethics of care with ‘care’ at its core, forming a model of moral education ‘with care as its goal’. Noddings’ ethics of care transcends traditional ethics in three ways: the particularizing...
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Research on the Cultivation Path of Craftsmanship Spirit of Skilled Talents Based on Professional Post Group

Hui Li, Zhenjing Pang
Influenced by the transformation of production mode, the shackles of traditional concepts and the lack of top-level design, various vocational colleges have not achieved good results in the cultivation of craftsmanship spirit of skilled talents. The specific connotation of craftsmanship spirit is closely...
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A Corpus-Based Study on Discourse Markers in Native and Non-native Spoken English

Huican Huo
This study investigates the difference in the usage of spoken discourse markers by native English speakers and L2 learners. Previous studies have shown that L2 learners are very different from native speakers in terms of the frequencies and functions of using discourse markers, but corpus-based research...
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New Media Development Between China and the United States

Dacan Zhao
Today’s society is closely connected to the new media. Different countries have different media systems and standards. China’s media system is mainly regulated by the national government, while the U.S. media system is related to the policies of the state governments or some official media regulatory...
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Practical Application and Challenges of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) in Preschool and Elementary Oral English Class

Yue Xu
The Problem-based learning (PBL) is a common technique of instruction in higher education. In recent years, PBL has also been applied to elementary teaching. However, PBL in the practical application in preschool and elementary education is in the developing stage. Therefore, the focus of this article...
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The Impacts of COVID-19 on Chinese Students Studying Abroad

Jiayue Yang
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sharp deterioration of Chinese international students’ social and psychological environment. Social isolation, public media opinion, school blockades, and social unrest have brought huge psychological impacts to Chinese students. Moreover, the education sector has unaddressed...
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Effective Strategies of PBL Teaching Mode in China’s Higher Education

Hanfei Li, Ziqing Lu, Houjin Wu, Xiang Zhang
Problem-based Learning (PBL) method has been applied to different levels of education since its promotion worldwide. Many case studies have proved the effectiveness of PBL method in multiple disciplines. However, there are few studies focusing on the effective PBL teaching strategies in China’s higher...
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Exploring Foreign Language Anxiety

Yuzhu Chen, Wantong Feng, Wei Qin
Students’ foreign language (FL) acquisition is closely related to foreign language anxiety (FLA). With the foreign language classroom scale (FLCAS), this paper analyzes four aspects of FLA and finds some factors that cause and affect anxiety, such as the input’s characteristics, process-associated issues,...
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Situated Ecology Revisited: Implications of William Wordsworth’s “The World is Too Much with Us” in the New Era

Yu Su
The present study is conducted in light of the changing linguistic profile of the modern world and a heightened sense of accountability for nature worldwide. The article attempts to draw inspiration from William Wordsworth’s “The World Is Too Much with Us” and reflect on its contemporary relevance, with...
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Analysis of the Development of Domestic 3D Animation - Take Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child as an Example

Shiya Lin, Anqi Wang, Danni Yu
The Chinese film Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child was released in 2019 and has been a remarkable success, both commercially and artistically. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the future development of 3D animation films in China, the film is selected as an entry point to discuss the direction...
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Practical Teaching Experience of Applied Mechanics Teaching with the Integration of Teaching Reform, Science Popularization and Ideology and Politics

Feng Wu, Wanxie Zhong
Modern applied mechanics research has developed toward multidisciplinary cross discovery, and numerous branch courses have appeared in applied mechanics teaching, different courses are taught by using different methods, and the connection between them is less talked about in teaching. It is difficult...
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The Creativity of Literary Translation

Yuxian Zhang
This paper utilises translation creativity as its research object. In order to examine the organic coherence between content and forms of literary translated work, it analyses the creativity qualities in Chinese-English translations of four genres, including fiction, prose, poetry and script, based on...
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Chinese Culture and the Cultivation of Humanistic Literacy in College English Teaching

Shuyuan Chang
The cultivation of humanistic literacy plays a crucial role in developing qualified talents in higher education. Through analyzing important concepts in Confucianism in Chinese culture, this article emphasizes the integration of Confucius’s thoughts on “Ren,” morality and virtues into college English...
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Is a Good Man Always a Good Citizen? Perspectives from Political Philosophy and Civic Education

Yutong Hu
This essay revolves around a discussion about the difference between a good person and a good citizen. This essay discusses the issue of what shapes a good citizen and a good person, and how the two concepts are parallel and would never collide due to these fundamental differences.
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Strategies for Coping with the Challenges Under the Background of Content-Based Instruction Across the Critical Thinking and Motivational Challenges

Ming Chen
Content-based Instruction (CBI) is one of the effective teaching approaches which aims to develop and cultivate students’ language and academic skills. The discussion of coping mechanisms of CBI against the backdrop of critical thinking and motivational issues is both theoretically relevant and practically...
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The Differences in Thinking Patterns Between English and Chinese in Chinese Students’ English Writing

Yunxi Fei
The differences in thinking patterns between English and Chinese have been found to have a significant impact on Chinese students' English writing, whereas there are few analyses of thinking differences specific to the English writing of junior and senior high school students. Therefore, this study...
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Problems in English Writing Caused by Differences Between Chinese and English Thinking Patterns and Coping Strategies for Chinese

Ningjing Peng
The present study compared the differences between Chinese and English thinking patterns and the problems it poses for Chinese students in English writing, which aims to provide strategies to reduce the occurrence of Chinglish writing and enhance the authenticity of the articles. After reviewing the...
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Development of Forest Imagery in English Poems

Wenhui Hu
Forest is considered the roots of the British and is also the roots of the British and the most common imagery in poetry. This paper examines the forest as imagery shifts meanings from the paleolithic age to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the romanticism age, and the modernism. The meanings help people...
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Language Transfer in Third Language Acquisition: Examining the Impact of L3 Korean/Japanese on L2 English of Native Chinese Speakers

Yiguo Zheng
This research focused on the negative aspects of reverse transfer from Japanese and Korean to English and contributes to the field of research on cross-language influence. Section 1 includes an introduction providing the abstract form of the whole study. It then opens Sect. 2 which is the study of the...
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The Influence of the Mother Tongue on English Listening and Reading Acquisition

Qi Wang
With the trend of internationalization, there is a heated topic about the importance of learning a second language. In China, English is one of the compulsory courses for students to take. However, under the influence of the environment, the process of learning is bound to be influenced by the mother...
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The Analysis of Short Film Shooting and Editing Techniques

Based on the Original Short Film “Home”

Jiaying Zhou
Inspired by an original short film named “Home”, the author wished to explore how different shooting and editing techniques can contribute to a short film. The aim of the research is to investigate and analyze the effects of different shooting and editing techniques that are applicable to short films....
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How Does College Student Volunteer Service Help Wisdom and the Aged

Jin Zhang
With the rapid aging of the population, the pension problem has become the most concerned issue of all sectors of society. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the rise of the Internet of Things, the Internet and big data, an emerging pension model – wisdom to help the elderly...
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Analysis of China’s Mainstream Media’s Construction on the Concept of Freedom to Love - Taking People’s Daily as an Example

Zhiming Liu, Qinya Yin
At the beginning of the 20th century, class, race and gender were the three main themes of mainstream global cultural studies. Gender and sexuality remain at the core of how people think about their identities, whilst media and communications are a central element of modern life. Individuals’ and the...
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Research on the Application of AI Technology in Early Childhood Enlightenment Education

Yuqi Wang
The “artificial intelligence education” involved in this article mainly refers to the ability to apply artificial intelligence technology to the enlightenment teaching of AI science for young children, and to make education informatization. How to apply this to the educational concept of the new era...
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Reasons for Parental Anxiety and Suggestions: Under the Double Reduction Policy

Wenqing Zhang
Following the implementation of China’s double reduction policy, students’ academic pressure has dramatically decreased, while parents have developed new anxiety. As a result, the purpose of this study is to investigate and explain the roots of parents’ new anxiety and offer some suggestions to alleviate...
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Applying PBL to the Online Teaching Under the Background of Informatization: A Case Study

Yi Guo, Zhaoyang Yin, Xinyue Zhang
This paper compares the influence of the PBL online teaching method and the traditional online teaching method on students’ learning outcomes in three aspects, including students’ participation in class, instructional mode, and teaching effectiveness. The present study utilized a case study method to...
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The Influence of Pre Exam Anxiety on the Increasing Demand for Online Games of High School Students

Tianxu Zhang
Pre exam anxiety is made by many reasons. Like afraid of getting bad score after taking the test as that is shameful. And if the pre exam anxiety is proper, that may be great for students to be better focused on reviewing and have better state in the test. But, if the pre exam anxiety is excessive, the...
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A Comparative Study of Modern Film Narration and the Performance of Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments: The Camel Bells on the Silk Road in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Jiangyu Du
This paper mainly discusses the role of music played by traditional Chinese musical instruments in the narrative of modern movies, and mainly takes the film Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon as an example to demonstrate. This paper introduces the unique shape and timbre of the Ruan, a traditional Chinese...
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A Study on the Fossilization of Oral English and English Writing in Second Language Acquisition

Yiran Jiang
As we all know, language fossilization is a common topic in second language acquisition research. There is no doubt that fossilization hinders the learning process and learner effectiveness. Researchers have analyzed the underlying causes of fossilization both internally and externally, and the manifestations...
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Research on the Path of Improving the Ability of College Accounting Teachers

Xin Wang
With the wide application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies in the field of finance and accounting, new requirements are put forward for the ability of accounting teachers. At present, there are some deficiencies in the professional quality and teaching ability...
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Ideological and Political Construction of Non-lingua Franca Curriculum in Chinese Colleges: A Case Study of Languages of Countries Along the Belt and Road

Rongxuan Pan
Since the implementation of curriculum ideological and political reform in China in 2014, ideological and political construction in Chinese colleges has become one of the key topics of research. The author found that many scholars and teachers have studied the ideological and political construction of...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese High School Students and College Students

Jinglin Xiao
In recent years, COVID-19 has become one of the hot topics concerned by the whole society. It has a significant impact on all humanity, especially students. Therefore, the theme of this paper is the impact of COVID-19 on Chinese high school and college students. Although this problem has attracted significant...
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Composition Analysis and Identification Study of Ancient Glass Products

Jingrui Yi, Liya Song, Jiapeng Meng
This paper addresses the problem of compositional analysis and classification identification of excavated ancient glass artifacts, using data visualization, chi-square test, support vector machine (SVM) algorithm, logistic regression algorithm and random forest algorithm to establish a mathematical model...
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Anti-dwarfing and Anti-gazing: Self-disclosure and Resistance in Short Videos of Young Rural Women

Li Wang
Digital media technology has provided rural women in China with new ways of cultural production. The vividness of short videos has activated the “visibility” of rural daily life, gathered the attention of young rural women, and created a social field in rural space. Based on a virtual ethnography, this...
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Systematic Metaphors in L2 Public Speaking: A Contrastive Study of Advanced Chinese EFL Learner and Native English Speaker

Chuan Liu
While recent research has foregrounded language learners’ metaphor production in second language writing, little research has explored such behavior in relation to public speaking, a discourse type inextricably linked with metaphorical expression. To fill the gap, this contrastive study explored how...
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The Difference in Solfeggio Education Between the University and Social Institution

Xuenan Wang
Nowadays, solfeggio has become a basic subject in musical education, then more and more people recognize the importance of solfeggio training. This study mainly focuses on the difference between university and social institutions about solfeggio education. Based on the fieldwork, this study will compare...
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Professional Course Construction and Practice Based on Course Ideological and Political Education

Yantao Wang
Aiming at the ideological and political construction of course in the training of compound professional talents in colleges and universities with electric power characteristics, this paper discusses how to carry out course ideological and political education based on demand from two aspects of course...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Software Architecture for Postgraduates in Universities

Le Wei, Qiuyun Zhao
Software architecture is a core course for postgraduates of the first-level discipline of software engineering, with a high degree of abstraction, complex content and strong practicality. Aiming at the current problems of outdated course content, disconnection between theory and practice, and difficulty...
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Implicit Gender Inequality in Secondary School Textbooks Under a Confucianism Educational Idea Value

Yixin Ling
Gender inequality is still considered one of the major social issues in China. While gender inequality in the Chinese education system has been mitigated to some extent, it can still be observed in authoritative teaching materials such as textbooks, hindering the development of students’ gender awareness....
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The Interaction Between Classical Chinese Learning and English Learning in Middle School Teaching: Theoretical Bases, Applications and Challenges

Huiqi Meng
For Chinese students, Classical Chinese and English are not only the two languages they must learn in middle school, but also the difficulties in their middle school learning. This paper links classical Chinese learning with English learning, summarizes the basis of the interaction between the two languages...
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Analysis of the View of Freedom in Paradise Lost

Peng Wang
Freedom is a long-standing topic. Although the wheel of history is always rolling forward, people have never lost even the slightest enthusiasm for this topic. For people in modern times, their personal consciousness has been fully awakened. Compared with other dimensions of freedom, it is obvious that...
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A Study on the Effect of Japanese Parents’ Participation in School Management System

Wenyan Cui
By examining the evolution and development of the Japanese parental participation in the school management system and its implementation effect, the characteristics of the Japanese parental participation in the school management system and the problems in practice are analyzed in detail. The study found...
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A Comparative Study of the Music of the Turghut Mongolians and the Kalmyks of Russia

Da An
During the historical period, the Mongolian people of the Turghut tribe moved westward from their original residence to the grasslands along the middle and lower reaches of the Volga River due to special reasons. Returning east in 1771, the compatriots who stayed there became part of the later Kalmyks....
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Language Transfer in Second Language Acquisition in the View of Cognitive Linguistics: A Case Study of German as Second Language Acquisition of Native Chinese with L2 English

Yunmiao Cao
Since the number of the German learners, who possess Chinese as native language and a certain level of English competence, ascends nowadays significantly, it is of great importance to research the pattern of their German as second language acquisition, especially the language transfer while learning...
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Review and Prospect of Research on Mental Health of Rural Left Behind Children at Home and Abroad

Zongli Han, Yingnan Liang
The left behind children in rural areas is a social phenomenon produced during the transition from agricultural society to industrialization and urbanization in China. As a result of the regional imbalance of social and economic development, a large number of rural surplus labor force flowed to the southeast...
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Research on the Design of Online Oral English Learning Application Based on Task-Based Learning and Communicative Language Teaching

Hantong Zhao
As a communicative tool, the fluency of oral English and the ability to communicative with foreigners in real daily situations play the significant roles in English learning. Due to the lack of the limited time of English courses on campus, learning and practicing oral English online becomes a good choice...
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Exploring Gender Differences in Language Learning

Zhichao Huang
Nowadays, abundant achievements have been made in the study of gender differences in language learning. The individual differences of learners have been paid more attention to by foreign language teachers. Gender differences serve as crucial parts of language learning research. Moreover, the research...
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Norms and Motivation: A Descriptive Study of the English Translations of the Confucian Classic The Great Learning

Yifan Zhang, Yong Liang
With the theory of descriptive translation studies and translation norms, this paper makes a descriptive comparative study of the English version of The Great Learning by James Legge (1815–1897) and Gu Hongming (1857–1928) from three aspects: translation motivation, translator strategies and translation...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Current Situation of College Students’ Career Development Planning

Yizhong Li, Yuze Huang, Yaoyao Xu, Renhua Huang, Xin Wen, Naijing Wang
Under the background of the increasing number of college graduates, the increasing employment pressure, and the dislocation of supply and demand in the employment market, through questionnaire design, precise delivery, summary and analysis, the research on college students’ career development planning...
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Scenario Research on Music Therapy Network Resource Platform for Children with Autism

Comparative Research on Chinese and English-Preferred Societies

Yichen Wang, Xujia Zhang
This article adopts the methods of classification and sampling, literature review, keyword search, and content analysis to collect data from multiple perspectives and aspects and conduct a scenario exploration of major online resource platforms related to music therapy for children with autism at home...
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Research on the Communication Effect of News Media Current Affairs Commentary on WeChat Official Account of the Paper

Peiying Tian
The quantitative study mainly researches the impact of news and current affairs comments reported in the WeChat official account of The Paper on the communication effect of audience groups. Interviews with the followers who had focused on the online community of The Paper were conducted for collecting...
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New Image of Chinese Women on the Screen-Based on the Film Sunny Sister

Zexin Zhang
Under the influence of the MeToo feminist movement, the Chinese film industry has also begun to produce films with feminist themes. Sunny Sisters is a film produced by Chinese male director Bao Beier in 2021. This is a film about the friendship of seven girls. Therefore, this paper will explore whether...
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An Investigation into the Reform of Accounting Teaching in Colleges from the Perspective of Curriculum Ideology and Politics

Hui Wen, He Gui, Shanshan Qiu
Through analyzing the existing problems in the construction of Ideology in accounting courses, this paper proposes several implementation paths such as revising course syllabus, integrating course content system and constructing evaluation system, which have important reference significance for the reform...
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The Influence of External Factors on Children's Academic Performance Under High Educational Expectations by Both Parents and Children

Siyun Xie
This study used data from the China Education Panel Survey (CEPS) for the 2014–2015 school year with eighth-grade students as the survey respondents. And use descriptive statistics and OLS regression analysis to analyze the effects of other factors on children's academic performance when both parents...
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Innovation in Teaching Methodology for Mathematical Beauty in the Aesthetic Education

Zhuqi Yu, Jie Jiang, Lidong Wang
This paper proposes an innovative thinking model for teaching practice based on the previous qualitative study of mathematical beauty, with the original intention of guiding practice with theory, and filling the gap of few existing teaching models of beauty in the discipline. This paper provides a theoretical...
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A Cognitive Exploration of English Studies in Secondary Education from a Psycholinguistic Perspective

Xinyi Lu, Ji Jia, Yitong Ge, Hui Guo
English, as the universal language of the world, its proliferation cannot be ignored during the past decades of rapid economic globalization. However, with the popularization of English education, more and more high school students have problems in English output, such as oral language input barriers...
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Research on Countermeasures of Makerspace Development in Guangdong Colleges and Universities Under the Perspective of Industry-Education Synergy

Jian Dong, Yintong Guo, Jianru Xie
Makerspace in colleges and universities is booming along with “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, but there are also many problems. To further promote the development of crowdsourcing spaces in Guangdong universities, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis of its connotation. Based on the...
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The Integration of Veteran Spirit in Elementary School Moral Education: Status, Problems, and Strategy

Xinlan Lin, Zhiqing Wang, Saiqi Tian
Veteran spirit is the crystallization of Chinese advanced culture, which contains rich revolutionary spirit and heavy historical culture. Primary school students are the hope of the nation, the future of the motherland, do a good job in the new era of primary school veterans spiritual inheritance and...
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The Research on the Gender Stereotypes in Society and Their Impact

Taking the Movie ‘‘The Coward’’ as an Example

Hebe Jiang
Due to the special factors of historical times and the prejudices of people in the past, gender stereotypes have gradually become a problem of public concern, and it has caused many effects in the fields of personal mental health, school, family and society. By exploring the causes of gender stereotypes...
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Analysis to the Strategies of Extracurricular Reading Guidance for College to University Students Under the Network Environment

Guijie Wu
In view of the serious lack of reading for students, this paper analyzes the significance of College to University student extracurricular reading under the network environment, explores the construction of guideline reading mode for College to University student’s extracurricular reading, and gives...
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Important Ideas and Practice of Building a Student-Centered Class in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaoliang Cui
As class construction is important and indispensable to higher vocational colleges, it is necessary to fully consider the situations of a class, and then make a targeted and personalized plan according to the realities of different students in the class, which helps to create a sound and positive atmosphere...
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Assessment and Analysis of Postgraduate Healthy Living Status

Taking Southwest Forestry University as an Example

Xiaoyan Li, Rui Fan, Hai Cheng
From the perspective of “overall health”, this paper discusses the situation of healthy life of graduate students and its influencing factors. On the basis of reference to existing research and relevant mature scales, an indicator system for evaluating the overall health of graduate students is established....
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A Study of How the First Language Interferes with the Process of Second Language Acquisition Among Chinese Learners of English – Focusing on the Speech Acts Apology and Compliment Response

Kaiying Shen
The process of acquiring a second language (L2) takes place where the first language (L1) has already been established, so people more or less will experience L1 interference while learning the target language. Chinese learning English as a second language (ESL) have shown some linguistic issues related...
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The Role of Psychology Teacher’s Motivation in Supporting Depression in College Students: Intercultural Perspectives

Ning Gan
In recent years, depression in university students has been of growing concern. This especially attracted attentions among research degree students due to higher levels of stress they faced; Master’s and PhD students have been reported the highest suicide rates in comparation to undergraduate students....
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Some Thoughts on the Teaching Design of “Arts, Humanities and Science” General Education Courses in Colleges and Universities

Jin Lu
It is a long-standing non-controversial issue whether science can bring beauty and whether art and humanities can promote human understanding and transformation of the world. And throughout the history of human civilization, it is indisputable that beauty is an important guiding principle in the process...
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Comparative Analysis of the Imagery of Death in the Poetry of Kang Eunjo and Sylvia Plath

Keying Wang
After World War II, feminism flourished, and ever more feminist authors began to emerge on the literary landscape. Although living in different cultural and social contexts, the Korean feminist poet Kang Eunjo and the American feminist poet Plath both chose to present a great deal of death imagery in...
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Practice and Reflection of Online and Offline Blended Course Teaching

Taking Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology as an Example

Le Zhang, Aojun Li, Bo Wen
This paper uses Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology as a research example. Through the questionnaire survey, it finds that the online and offline blended teaching has been carried out well. The blended teaching model presents the features of favorable implementation conditions, high willingness of...
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Research on the Impact of Weibo on the Women’s Sense of Social Security in China: A Case Study of the Information at the Tangshan Violence Incident

Meijun Chen
The public’s sense of social security reflects the degree of stability in people’s lives. Nowadays, with the development of technology, traditional media are gradually replaced by network media, while the relevant institutional norms have not been developed in parallel. This paper takes the dissemination...
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A Comparative Study on the Orff-Schulwerk Pedagogy and the Pedagogy in the New System of Diathesis-Based School Music Education in Primary School

Yanfei Meng
The Orff-Schulwerk pedagogy is one of the world’s three most famous and widely influential systems of music education today. Although it seems like a group of children playing games, it stimulates children’s imagination and creativity, arousing their great interest and talent in music. The pedagogy in...
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A Study on Anti-fraud Education Model Based on Gamification Theory

Xuening Zhu, Zhaobin Zeng, Haotian Guo, Qing Huang, Lan Xu
The current anti-fraud knowledge learning model is tedious and suffers from process generalisation of knowledge content, which greatly reduces the public’s interest and motivation in learning. The core of effective anti-fraud learning is to clarify the correlation between the low effectiveness of the...
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The Research on the Plight Types and Content Construction of Underage Girls in Campus-Themed Movies

Shichen Xiao
Nowadays, some female minors in China face the dual dilemma of family background and campus society. However, film and television, as one of the main tools to reflect social problems, fails to draw the audience’s attention to the social problems faced by female minors. Therefore, exploring the current...
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The Role of Teacher in the PBL Teaching Model

Qingyi Ban
PBL, which is pointed out by Barrows, is a teaching theory that emphasizes study should base on problem situation and encourages students to solve the problem independently. This paper reviews the development of PBL teaching theory, then summarizes the discussion of Chinese scholars about the position...
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Research on the Strategy of “Five in One” to Promote College Students’ Employment in an All Round Way

Xue Han
The employment work of college students is the most direct embodiment of colleges and universities serving the society. The quality of employment is not only related to the vital interests of college students, but also related to the overall situation of national reform, development and stability. It...
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Comparison Between Commercial and Art Films and Changes of Modern Films

Hanzhi Zhang
After Martin Scorsese stated the claim in an interview of Empire that as a filmmaker, he does not consider Marvel movies as “cinemas”, a series of commercial vs. art film events happened. For instance, perspectives like James Cameron (the director of Terminator, Titanic, and True Lies) believes that...
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Analysis of Traditional Architectural Screen Wall Design Ideas Based on Science of Design

Na Zhang, Wei Xie
Based on a deep understanding of the methodological origins of the design methodology, explore for the relationship between the philosophy embedded in it and the traditional architectural screen wall, and analyze the idea of the creation of the screen wall from two aspects of the theory: “facts” and...
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A Study on Strategies to Achieve Cross-Linguistic Communication in the Context of Internationalisation

Qing Wen
Cross-linguistic communication is a universal phenomenon that has existed since ancient times. With the rapid development of various means of transport and communication as a result of scientific progress, people from all countries are communicating more and more closely with each other. Since everyone...
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Dazai Osamu’s Literary Works

Wuxiao Fei
This study explores Dazai Osamu’s writing style to discover what sets him apart as a writer. His distinctive approach to literature has greatly influenced Chinese and Japanese writers, and he adopts a descriptive style that is emotionally loaded to connect with his audience. His literary works depict...
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Nora in the Kitchen

A Study on the Correlation of Food Writing in Ladies’ Journal (Funü Zazhi) and Feminism from 1915 to 1930

Xinyi Li
“Nora”, serving as a cultural symbol for exploring the way out of the traditional home for women in modern China, has become the typical image of modern Chinese women for many male enlighteners. The numerous exoduses and return of “Nora” in modern Chinese history symbolize the complex interplay of traditional...
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Power and Gaze in Xu Bing’s Dragonfly’s Eye

Haowen Guan
On August 18, 2019, Xu exhibited “The Dragonfly’s Eye” in Today Art Museum. As a respectable writer, Xu drew attention to his elaboration to his illustration of the dragonfly through his own through incorporating his own artistic interpretation as the new creative mode and idea in art media, further...
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The Influence of Works Released on Short Video Platforms on Middle School Students’ Love View

Zihao Dong
In recent years, with the rapid development of the era of fragmentation, numerous short video platforms appeared like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In the meantime, those short video platforms are also constantly influencing media in our society. Fragmented information unremittingly influences the...