Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

638 authors
Guo, Zhendong
Research on the Development Status and Countermeasures of Community Taijiquan
Han, Ling
Research on the Sports Injury in Physical Education
Han, Ling
Analysis on Security of Physical Education and Training
Han, Xiaomei
Tibetan Legends in East Journey in the Late Middle Ages
Han, Zhiying
College teachers' information literacy training research
Hao, Jie
Research on the Basic Function of Market in Resources Allocation
Hao, Shan
Research on Application of Games in Pre-School Music Education
Hao, Yafen
Study on the Preventive Measures of College Network Group Events
He, Xiaoyang
Innovation of Time-saving Model of Aged Service in Community
He, Yu
Study on the Path of Enhancing Students' Legal Awareness and Faith in Ideological and Political Theory Course
He, Yu
Research on Young College Teachers' Value Orientation under the Background of Core Socialist Values
He, Zhaoxiang
Research on the Feedback Teaching and Interactive Thinking and the Applications on Command Information System Teaching
He, Zhijing
The Research on College English Education Evaluation System
He, Zhijing
The Study of Inspirations of ESP on College English Education
Hong, Sida
Study on the Relationship between Heterogeneity and Entrepreneurial Performance of College Recruited Entrepreneurs Team
Hou, Shuo
To explore the clinic education reform of "legal profession qualification examination"
Hou, Shuo
"City Psoriasis" Empirical Investigation and Legal Thought
Hou, Xiaodan
Analysis on College Foreign Language Teaching and Cultivation of Chinese Culture Core Values
Hou, Xiaofei
The competitiveness evaluation of the construction enterprise based on the strategy conformity
Hu, Caiyun
Enlightenment of American Associate Bachelor Degree and Community College Transfer System for Top-up of Associate to Bachelor in China
Hu, Die
Research on Environmental Awareness of the Textile and Clothing Professional Education Penetration
Hu, Jun
Analysis on the Influential Factors of Farmer's Willingness to Join Professional Cooperative Behavior in Minority Regions--Based on the Survey Data of Ili Valley Livestock Farmers
Hu, Luan
The Dilemmas and Solutions of Tea Industrialization Development in Yingshan County of Hubei Province
Hu, Luan
Research on the Development Strategy of Tourism Agriculture in Hubei Dabie Mountain Area
Hu, Ping
Research on Transformation and Development of Fabric Recycling Curriculum
Hu, Yanling
Research on Development Orientation of Costume Design and Engineering
Hua, Sunchun
An Empirical Research of The Influencing Mechanisms of Research Performance on Scientific Research Social Network
Huang, Junpeng
Study on Universities' Innovative Practice Education Approaches under Political Education Perspective
Huang, Mai
Problems and Solutions of Wind Power Industry in China
Huang, Meiling
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Huang, Yiling
The Intersection of Students' Ideological and Political Education under the Influence of Network Public Opinion
Ji, Hui Hui
Analysing Slightly the Postural Movement Rhythm and Breath Application in the Erhu Performance
Ji, Hui Hui
Analysis on the Violin Performance in Symphony
Ji, Hui Hui
Study and Analysis of Various Violin Playing Schools
Ji, Hui Hui
Research on the Second Creation of Erhu Art Performance
Ji, Jingya
An Empirical Research of The Influencing Mechanisms of Research Performance on Scientific Research Social Network
Ji, Jun
The Historical Changes of Rural Education Development since the Founding of the PRC
Jia, Lingchong
Research on New Carrier of College Students' Ideological and Political Education in the New Media Era
Jia, Qiang
The Measurement Study on Impact Factors of Xinjing Agricultural GDP
Jiang, Aihua
Application of Virtual Reality Teaching in Power Plant Electrical Part Courses
Jiang, Hanying
Artistic Thinking of Oil Painting Element in the Film Creation-Research on Oil Painting Performance in the Animated Film
Jiang, Hua
Research on "Negotiated Interaction" College English Writing Teaching Supported by Computer
Jiang, Jie
Several Studies on the Ways of Financing for Enterprises in the Internet Era
Jiang, Ning
The Necessity of Low-carbon Economic Indicators into The Government Performance Evaluation Index System
Jiang, Wei
Analysis of the Ability of European countries to carry on the Refugee Crisis
Jiang, Xue
Development and research on community home-based care service in China
Jiang, Xue
Literature Review on China's Medical Service Supply System Reform
Jiang, Yi
The Aesthetic Characteristics of Song Garden Based on Zhuxi " Outlook"
Jiao, Lichao
Research on Credit Rating Management of Construction Enterprises Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Theory
Jin, Lan
Research on Comparison between Government of Enterprise and Government of Service
Jin, Xiaochao
Study on the Reliability of Hierarchical Supplier System
Jin, Yi
Research on the Renovation of Old Industrial Buildings in China --Take Haoke Industrial Park (Baoding, China) as an Example
Jing, Kun
Study on the Alienation of Students Communication Style under the Perspective of Daily Life
Kang, Yong
Research on the Innovation of Enterprise Financial Management Based on the Internet
Kong, Lingyi
Exploration of an experimental curriculum system for applied Financial Management
Kou, Weili
Equity Management Information Model of Collective Forest
LI, Pei
"Replacement of Business Tax with a Value-added Tax"-A Countermeasure Adopted by Construction Enterprises
Lai, Liping
Study on English Teaching under Network Environment
Lei, Shuyan
Thinking About the Information Construction of Rural Tourism in the Background of Internet Age
Li, Bin
Study on the Application of Music Psychology in Adolescent Mental Education
Li, Cheng
Not All Job Demands Are Equal: Differentiating the Effects of Challenge and Hindrance Job Demands on Employee Creativity
Li, Chenggang
Study on the promotion effects of stock market on Guizhou economy development
Li, Chenggang
Research on the financing efficiency of urbanization construction in Guizhou Province
Li, Fang
Comparative Studies on the Visual Way of European Landscape and Chinese Landscape
Li, He
Establishment and Application of TBL Method in Pharmacology Teaching
Li, Hongji
Analysis on the test results and the effect of autonomous learning in College English Network Course
Li, Jianhui
Conception of Modernization Transformation of National Traditional Sports
Li, Jianquan
Model Project Construction of Vocational College: from Perspective of Project Management
Li, Jing
Application of National Opera Singing Techniques on Vocal Music
Li, Jing
Study on Art Features Interpretation of Robert-Schumann's Song Cycle "Ms. Love and Life"
Li, Kai
Discussion on Education Teaching Reform of Clothing Plate and Technology Specialty
Li, Kai
Exploration on Clothing Plate and Manufacture Integrated Teaching in Colleges and Universities
Li, Ke
Analysis on the Current Situation of Residential Ventilation in China
Li, Lanlan
Process of Contributions made by Tourist Industry Structure Improvement to Regional Tourism Economic Growth
Li, Lanlan
Studies on Relationship between Tourist Industry Integration and Structure Evolution: Taking Tourist Industry in Wuhan as an Example
Li, Li
Research on University English Teaching Based on CBI
Li, Li
The Aesthetic Characteristics of Song Garden Based on Zhuxi " Outlook"
Li, Longqun
Gender Differences of Advertising Spokespersons in Marketing
Li, Meiyue
Study of the Strategies and Necessity of the Infiltration of Traditional Culture Education in Art Design Major of Colleges and Universities
Li, Meng
A Water Scarcity Evaluation Model for Sustainability of Countries
Li, Min
How to Take Advantage of Computer Technology in Physical Education
Li, Min
Application Analysis of Computer Technology in Physical Training and Competition
Li, Pei
Consideration and Suggestion on College Audit Teaching
Li, Pei
The lack and reconstruction of public in the process of government purchase of public services--The definition of theory and the dislocation of reality
Li, Peng
Study of the Impact of Construction Quality Management on the Project Cost
Li, Ping
The Relationship between on Administrative Information System and Information Resources Integration in Government Decision Making-Based on Carle Deutsch's Political Communication Theory
Li, Ran
Exploration on Intercultural Communicative Competence Promotion of Vocational International Cooperative Education of Nonverbal Students
Li, Ruiyang
The Average Surface Temperature in Antarctica
Li, Shuangjun
Research and Analysis on Personal Trainer Service Quality of Health Club in Xianning City
Li, Shuangjun
Research on Behavioral Characteristics of the Health Club Group Exercise Participation Population in Xianning City
Li, Shumin
Research on the Corresponding Relationship between the Key Points of Body and Clothing Structure Design
Li, Taihao
Discussion on the management of University Laboratory
Li, Tong
Effect of Gap Light Factors on Understory Plants Species Distribution in Different Forest Types
Li, Weijian
Study on Economical and Intensive Utilization of Land in the First Division Corps of Xinjiang
Li, Weiping
The Application of Statistical Process Control in Quality Management
Li, Wenjing
The competitiveness evaluation of the construction enterprise based on the strategy conformity
Li, Xi
Not All Job Demands Are Equal: Differentiating the Effects of Challenge and Hindrance Job Demands on Employee Creativity
Li, Xiaoxiao
Research on Collaborative Innovation Model of manufacturing SMEs
Li, Xing
The extraction method of the traditional architectural culture
Li, Xiuping
Status and Challenges of Equity Crowdfunding Development