Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

638 authors
Musa, Mahmut
A Research on Problems and Optimizing Countermeasures of Science Bilingual Education in Ethnic Primary and Middle Schools in Southern Xinjiang
Ni, Guoyu
Ordering Decision in Dual-sourcing Supply Chain with Substitute Product
Niu, Cuiyan
The Design of Headword in the Online Shopping's Advertisement
Niu, Hongjun
Research on Cultural Industry Clusters Spatial Effects
Niu, Xiaomeng
Study on the Training Mode Innovation of Career-creating Talents Majoring in Business Management
Pan, Guangtang
Study on the Path of Enhancing Students' Legal Awareness and Faith in Ideological and Political Theory Course
Pan, Guangtang
Research on Young College Teachers' Value Orientation under the Background of Core Socialist Values
Pan, He
Discussion on the management of University Laboratory
Pan, Hongling
Study on the Effect of Grassroots Community Services on Disabled Elderly Care System
Pan, Yuqing
Use "Trinity" to Promote the Teaching Reform of Mechanical Design Course
Peng, Minshi
The Strategies and Methods of Contemporary Product Design Education in China
Peng, Qian
Last Kilometer Distribution Pattern Analysis of Electricity Supplier Logistics in Chinese Mainland
Peng, Xia
Research on College English Teaching Reform
Peng, Xuejuan
The Application of Game Teaching Method in the Teaching of English Economy
Peng, Yanhua
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Peng, Yifei
College English Teaching Reform Based on MOOC Course
Qi, Huangyan
Exploration of user experience innovation on the application of detecting blood glucose
Qi, Ling
On the Ethnic Factors in the Piano Works of Jiang Wenye
Qi, Ying
Analysis on the Influential Factors of Farmer's Willingness to Join Professional Cooperative Behavior in Minority Regions--Based on the Survey Data of Ili Valley Livestock Farmers
Qiao, Chuandai
Aesthetic Comparison between Chinese and Western Classical Gardens
Qin, Lufang
Research Status of Garlic Harvester
Qu, Guoli
Research on the Influential Factors of the Employees' Occupational Happiness in Middle and Small-sized Private-owned Enterprises
Qu, Guoli
Research on the Influence Factors about the Employment Quality in Economic Management Students in Regular Institutions of Higher Learning
Qu, Guoli
Research on the Relevancy of Employees' Self-Concept and Occupational Happiness
Qu, Guoli
The Present Situation and the Improving Countermeasures: Research on College Students' self- Career Planning
Rao, Huahong
Research on English Moving Teaching Strategies Based on Wechat Platform
Ren, Haijuan
Research on Leisure and Fitness Business Marketing and Market Structure
Ren, Ruiquan
Application of Experiencing Type Teaching Mode in Business Administration Major under Practical Thinking
Ren, Yadong
The Research on the Sports Tourism Resources Development Evaluation
Ru, Wen
Exploration on Minority English Teaching from the View of Culture
Rui, Xiang
The Strategies for College English Teaching in the Big Data Era
Sang, Rui
Research on the Relevancy of Employees' Self-Concept and Occupational Happiness
Shang, Duanwu
The Study on the Audience's "Micro Mentality" under Micro Era for the Affect of National Traditional Art
Shen, Chunhua
The Multidimensional Construction of Theories on Literary Translation Criticism
Shen, Yingli
Analysis on College Foreign Language Teaching and Cultivation of Chinese Culture Core Values
Shi, Jing
Application of Water-Saving Irrigation Technologies in Minority Areas of Xinjiang
Shi, Xiaohui
Duplex Monroe - On Monroe Alice's "Lives of Girls and Women"
Shi, Yun
An Analysis of Features and Ideas of the Big Ideological and Political Education Model
Shi, Yun
Thinking on Political Education of College Students under the Age of Big Data
Song, Jiatong
What Can I Do for You, the Thirsty Planet
Song, Na
Research on Career Planning of Public Institutions Employees
Su, Meng
Study on the Fusion of Tourism and Cultural Industries
Su, Meng
Study of Industrial Cluster and Competitiveness Promotion of Cultural Industry
Su, Meng
Study on the Promotion Strategy of National Cultural Soft Power
Su, Wei
Research on the Development of Online Financing and the Influences on Traditional Financial and Insurance Industry
Su, Yang
Evaluation on The Process of Development of Agricultural Modernization In 2013 of China
Sun, Congjun
Study on Construction of Strategic Relationship between the Government and Social Organizations
Sun, Fuchun
Research on Collaborative Innovation Model of manufacturing SMEs
Sun, Jing
Investigation and Study on the Situation of Emergency Human Resource in Disease Control Agencies in Henan
Sun, Jinghui
Establishment and Application of TBL Method in Pharmacology Teaching
Sun, Lei
Application for Product Features Extraction and Sentiment Analysis from Online User Reviews
Sun, Lijuan
Study on the Formation Affect of the Bible on English Literature Style
Sun, LinLin
Effects Of Human Resource Value Chain On Firm Performance Based On Synergies
Sun, Peng
Research of Renewable Resources Market based on Logistic Model of Different Property Right System
Sun, Shuang
Gender Differences of Advertising Spokespersons in Marketing
Sun, Wenxing
Model Project Construction of Vocational College: from Perspective of Project Management
Sun, Xi
The Impact Factors of College English Teaching Quality
Sun, Xiao
The Correlation Effect of China's School Coalition
Sun, Yu-Dan
Effect of Gap Light Factors on Understory Plants Species Distribution in Different Forest Types
Sun, Ziru
Attempting Discussion of Commercial Banks' Innovative Strategy-Promoting the Intermediary Business
Tan, Haoyu
Model Project Construction of Vocational College: from Perspective of Project Management
Tang, Jing
Teaching Reform Of Independent College Of Business Administration along the Way Strategy
Tang, Lei
Empirical Analysis on Bank's Net Interest Margin under the Background of Interest Rate Liberation: Taking the Banking Sector in Weihai for Example
Tang, Yu
Reform and Practice of Specialty-Oriented Curriculum system of Electronic and Information Engineering
Tang, Yu
Reform and Practice of Practical Teaching Curriculum system of Electronic and Information Engineering
Tian, Lei
Research on the Incentive Policy of Building Energy-saving in China
Tian, Liyuan
Analysis of the Countermeasures of the Development of Cultural Creative Industry in Western Jilin
Tian, Pinjing
An investigation on the lack of emotion in College English Network Teaching
Tu, Fang
A Study on Mobile Library Services through Wechat Public Platforms in the University
Wan, Jing
Chain accessories materials innovation use in dresses
Wan, Kaiyan
Study on the Contextual of Advertising Language
Wan, Renlong
Network Interactive Platform Ideological and Political Education Based on Internet Technology
Wan, Shujia
The Research on Civil Passenger Service Strategy based on Internet Thinking
Wang, Chong
On Innovative Education Mode of Ideological and Political Theories Course of Universities
Wang, Chong
Study on Application of Multimedia Technology in Teaching Ideological and Political Theories Course of Universities
Wang, Chunmei
Establishment and Application of TBL Method in Pharmacology Teaching
Wang, Chunyan
Application of AHP in the "Excellent Lesson Excellent Pay" Course Selection in College
Wang, Fengge
Research on the Development Strategy of Tourism Agriculture in Hubei Dabie Mountain Area
Wang, Hefeng
Study on Children's English Training Materials Market and Marketing Strategy Survey
Wang, Hui
The theory of modern dress style of art and design form
Wang, Jiajing
Research of Reference and Translation
Wang, Jiantao
Research and Practice of the Industry-Study-Research Cooperative Education of the Tourism Management
Wang, Jingjing
Study on Development Relations of Xinjiang Industrialization and Urbanization - Under the Background of "The Belt and Road" Strategy
Wang, Junfeng
Promotion Countermeasures of the Core Competence of Modern Service Industry in the New Normal-Taking Hefei as an Example
Wang, Junmei
Deep Probing into Aesthetic Characteristics of Public Art's Development
Wang, Junpeng
Study on the Financing Strategies of High-tech Small and Medium Enterprises
Wang, Linjing
Research on Management of Auxiliary Fees in Residential Areas
Wang, Liting
Interpretation of Female Images and Character's Destiny in Vanity Fair
Wang, Miao
The competitiveness evaluation of the construction enterprise based on the strategy conformity
Wang, Min
Talent Training Model of Business English Translation Based on the Graphical Teaching Method
Wang, Pengwu
Researches on the Innovation of Model Intangible Asset Management
Wang, Qing
The Dilemmas and Solutions of Tea Industrialization Development in Yingshan County of Hubei Province
Wang, Qiong
Characteristics and Development Analysis of National Sports
Wang, Rui
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Wang, Shanshan
The Analysis of Garden Path Phenomenon from Transitivity in SFL
Wang, Shijun
Study on Stadiums and Management System under the Economics
Wang, Wei
Grey Correlation Analysis Of The Development Impact Of Ningbo Logistics Industry Factors
Wang, Xiao
The Ecotourism Development in Guizhou
Wang, Xiaoci
The Study about the Solid Waste Automatic Sorting System at the Source--Take Beijing for Example
Wang, Xiaofeng
Research on Coupling Factors of the Marxism Subjectivity Thought