Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

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[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model

XXX XXX, Ying Zhang, Rui Wang, Miaomiao Zhao, Min Deng, Chenfeng Ma, Meiling Huang, Lu Cao, Yanhua Peng, Yuting Zhang, Jie Cao
The rapid development of the Internet and the rapid spread of information technology accelerate the process of economic information and economic globalization, competition has changed the traditional business model. More and more enterprises are developing an online retail business. E-commerce model,...
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Discussion on Autonomy Principle in Law of the Application of Law for Foreign Civil Relations

Yitong Wang
The principle of party autonomy was first proposed by Dumoulin, a French scholar in 16th century, and gradually evolved into the basic principles in the field of foreign contracts. Later, with the advancing of legislation technology in nations, the principle of party autonomy is penetrating into other...
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The Study on the Audience's "Micro Mentality" under Micro Era for the Affect of National Traditional Art

Duanwu Shang
In recent years, the micro era network behavior is more and more concerned by sociologists and psychologists, a large number of studies have shown that micro-network era acts as a network in the new process of the unique behavior, it is important for the psychological development of the individual role....
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On Tong and Huo in the Practice of Health Qigong

Wu Xu
The Chinese term Tong and Huo are two important indivisible elements in Chinese Health Qigong. The term Tong is the body of Tao, which refers to the smoothness, fluency and coherence of the movements, breath, mind, spirit and the whole body and also the unity of heaven, mankind and nature, etc.. The...
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Study on the Fusion of Tourism and Cultural Industries

Meng Su
Tourism is an association between the development of strong industry, the tourism industry as the main tourist attraction and tourism product development the merits or not is one of the key factors that influence the development of their industry, and the cultural and creative industries with its high...
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Research on Urban Ecological Landscape Design

Wenrui Zhang
Urban ecosystems are human beings in the transformation and adaptation to the natural environment in the process of urban residents and the surrounding environment interaction set up artificial ecosystem is Nature - Economy - Society complex systems. Cities occupy a certain geographic space, it has a...
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Research on the Establishment of Financial Internal Control System of Science Institutions

Junji Zhang, Jian Feng
With the growing strength of China's economy, the state also increased the financial institutions capital investment, but also the reform of the financial management system, however, under the old system of management institutions, due to the lack of internal control methods and awareness of risk management,...
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Analysis on E-Commerce Site Business Model

Ying Zhang, Chenfeng Ma, Jianing Zhang, Lu Cao, Yefei Yuan
Development of electronic commerce is gradually affecting business operations, paper studies through e-commerce site operators to establish innovative business website system, adjust management, formation of enterprise information systems link, promote enterprise departments work closely together through...
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Research on Agricultural Industrial Structure Optimization and Town Development in "Thirteen Five" Period

Lisha Ma, Yangyang Li
"Thirteen Five" period is in the process of China's modernization drive critical period, but the prospect of "Thirteen Five" period, China's economic and social development is faced with complex domestic and international environment test. With the deepening of scientific and technological innovation,...
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Study on the Path of Enhancing Students' Legal Awareness and Faith in Ideological and Political Theory Course

Yu He, Guangtang Pan
College students bears the great trust of nation and the historic mission of promoting the development of Chinese legal system and democracy, the strength of its legal awareness and concepts will directly influenced the implementation of the rule of law and the realization of national construction goals....
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Research on Rhetoric Art of Japanese Waka

Yaling Li
Japanese Waka is a language of the art forms with national characteristics. In the thousand years of the development process, in terms of form, rhyme and rhetoric, it formed its own unique artistic style. And songs in these art forms and techniques of decorating, become colorful art treasures. However,...
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Research on the Affect of Earthquake Disaster Publish Schedule on Earthquake Relief

Bin Yang
The timely Published of earthquake is reflected in the face of national disaster emergency rescue capabilities. In this paper, the use of the death toll reported time as a measure to evaluate the earthquake rescue capability. Combined with China's actual situation, analyze the aspects and factors influencing...
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Study on the Formation Mechanism of Energy Prices

Haiwen Long
Research on energy price formation mechanism both in theory and in practice are in constant development. The one hand, new technologies and new patterns of behavior appears to make energy in the production process needs to process more information. The role of different kinds of information in the energy...
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Path Selection of Fishing Village from Perspective of Ecological Civilization - Empirical Analysis Based On Hainan Province

Shuning Chen, Yuye Wei
Under the background of the marine ecological environment changes and the upgrading of the National Oceanic strategic positioning, the positioning and development path of marine fishing villages need to re-architecture. Based on the perspective of ecological civilization, this paper obtains information...
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Study on the Role of Cultural and Creative Industries on the Development of Contemporary Design

Wei Bi
As today's creative industry buzzword frequently appears on various media, because of its excellent performance in economic growth and expansion of employment and other aspects of attention of the world, countries have begun to develop creative industry and its research, from theory into practice industry,...
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Research on Application of Games in Pre-School Music Education

Shan Hao
With the progress and development of society, people recognize the value of arts education in the deepening of early childhood music education is increasingly subject to people's attention. 3-6 years old children in a particular age, their psychological and physiological are in its infancy, very imperfect...
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Exploration on Intercultural Communicative Competence Promotion of Vocational International Cooperative Education of Nonverbal Students

Ran Li
Develop students' intercultural communicative competence has attracted widespread understanding of the education sector and it has become one of the main objectives of foreign language teaching. Intercultural competence covers emotional, three basic levels of knowledge and behavior, as a cross-cultural...
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Status and Challenges of Equity Crowdfunding Development

Xiuping Li
As an organic part of the multi-level capital market, equity crowdfunding enriches the capital market level, provides possibility for multi-level financial services, promotes "public entrepreneurship and innovation", and improves financial ecological of innovation and entrepreneurship. The rapid development...
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Research on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Folk Dance

Hui Liu
Folk dance is the working people of a nation or region homemade acted mass dance events, and is an important manifestation of the wisdom of local cultural traditions, customs and spirit of the people, it has been referred to as "ñ Dance." Important part of the intangible heritage of folk dance, are common...
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On Innovative Education Mode of Ideological and Political Theories Course of Universities

Chong Wang
As an important subject in university education, ideological and political theories course helps to improve humanism accomplishment of colleges' students and human spirit of colleges. With teaching practices, an innovative, sustainable and overall education mode come into being gradually by accumulating...
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Artistic Thinking of Oil Painting Element in the Film Creation-Research on Oil Painting Performance in the Animated Film

Hanying Jiang, Xianfei Liang
No matter it is style, composition, color and texture element, traditional painting has a unique performance charm, and the reference of traditional painting forms and style may make animation creation rise to a higher level. If animation creation can combine traditional art essence and new science and...
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Innovation of Time-saving Model of Aged Service in Community

Jingwei Zhao, Xiaoyang He, Chengwei Chu
At present, China's problem of population aging is increasingly serious. But the services of traditional family care and social institutions have their own drawbacks. Time-saving aged service in community can fully compensate for the lack of old-age home modeland mobilize the community human resources,...
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Study on the Contextual of Advertising Language

Kaiyan Wan
Context Since first proposed in 1923 by the famous anthropologist Malinowski has become a lot of research in the field of a very important and indispensable concept. Context The importance lies in the close relationship between it and the meaning of the works, the expression was to convey the meaning...
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Research on the Innovation of Party Building Work in Colleges and Universities Based on the Internet

Wenming Yu
With the continuous development of the network information society and deepening reform of higher education, party building work in colleges and universities is facing new opportunities and challenges. Based on the author' working and teaching experience for many years, this paper analyzes practical...
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The application of hierarchical teaching mode in College English Teaching

Zhaoying Li
Prominent to students as the main body thought, respect for individual differences, adjust measures to local conditions, individualized teaching is the theoretical basis of hierarchical teaching; prior to the implementation of the hierarchical teaching must carefully analyze the implementation of environmental...
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Ten roles of teachers in Computer Assisted English Writing

Yiqun Xu
With the development of the times, the traditional teacher's single "control" role has been unable to meet the current needs of the development of education. Only acts as a lot of roles, to become a qualified teacher. This article describes the various roles of teachers, its role as well as the different...
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Analysis on the test results and the effect of autonomous learning in College English Network Course

Hongji Li
The establishment of any system has its principles, and the establishment of the training system of College Students' English autonomous learning ability must have the principle of the design. In the process of establishment of College Students' English autonomous learning ability cultivation system,...
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Research on English Moving Teaching Strategies Based on Wechat Platform

Huahong Rao
With the development of mobile network technology, exchange of information and the way acquired undergone great change, at present, the use of smart phones using micro-channel users rapidly increased, as a micro-channel network chat tool exists, is a practical mobile learning English good platform. Survey...
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Study on Universities' Innovative Practice Education Approaches under Political Education Perspective

Junpeng Huang
The mode promotion of education reform and construction has become an important direction and content of the current and future reform and development of higher education over the long term, this paper proposes the education should not only cultivates people, but also cultivates innovative practices...
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Innovation of Undergraduate Teaching under the Background of Knowledge Fragmentation

Jin Zhang
t. The development of modern science and technology promotes the development of advanced network multimedia, and it provides a diversified learning resource for the public. With the help of network multimedia, we can learn anytime and anywhere, and this knowledge fragmentation phenomenon has been deeply...
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Improve the students' mathematical thinking

Jixia Deng
Mathematics learning is an intellectual activity, in the process of mathematics learning, not only to learn mathematical knowledge, but also to exercise the ability to think. Good mathematical thinking ability of a person's growth, talent, success has an immeasurable effect. So the mathematics classroom...
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The Teaching Reform of Business English Based on Language Economics

Bowang Chen
In the era of international integration, the trade between the countries is the increasingly close, business English is the important communication tool in foreign-funded enterprises, its importance is more and more obvious, the level of business English skill master directly affects the survival and...
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The Exploration and Thinking of Teaching Decoration Art Design Creative Curriculum and Social Practice

Ningchun Yu
To master the decoration art design knowledge of classroom teaching, it need to combine the practical application to the design, the decoration art design majors' students is put forward the basic requirements. Only through social practice, students fully contact with the market and understand the market,...
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The Role of Network Public Opinion Monitoring of Ideological and Political Education in College Students

Qingming You, Dan Xie
In order to strengthen the effectiveness of ideological and political education in Colleges, and promote the education quality, it is proposed a ideological and political education and teaching methods based on network public opinion monitoring, combined with the current Internet technology, which use...
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Network Interactive Platform Ideological and Political Education Based on Internet Technology

Renlong Wan
With the continuous development in the information age, the impact of all sorts of new network media on the public is more and more big, especially on young college students. They tend to try and accept new things, so the traditional ideological and political education management mode has been seriously...
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The Intersection of Students' Ideological and Political Education under the Influence of Network Public Opinion

Yiling Huang
Under the background of network public opinion, college students' Ideological and political education and campus culture has relevance and cross in the dissemination object and the transmission mode, both of which can be mutually promote each other's development, and provide a strong spiritual impetus...
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Talent Training Model of Business English Translation Based on the Graphical Teaching Method

Min Wang
In order to improve the effect of teaching business English translation and realize the teaching goal of translation talent training, this paper puts forward a pronunciation automatic evaluation method based on phonetic model perception. Combined with expert evaluation method, the method can complete...
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Equity Management Information Model of Collective Forest

Weili Kou, Zhe Luo, Xuejing Yang, Changxian Liang
Equity management with huge workloads is a time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive work for administrators of forestry department. To enhance the work efficiency and improve management levels, this study presents an equity management information model of collective forest to improve work efficiency...
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Study on the New Teaching Reform Strategies of Automobile After-sales Service Course Project

Haiyan Chen
In order to improve the teaching quality of automobile customer service course, new teaching strategy and explore new teaching strategies, this paper proposes a reform strategy based on project teaching, and proposes the customer service satisfaction evaluation teaching strategies of weighted evaluation...
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The Operation and Feedback Mechanism of Building Construction Safety Supervision Management Mode

Xiangyi Bu
From the definition of building construction safety supervision management system, the theoretical framework of construction safety supervision and management cooperative feedback mechanism has been proposed, and the supervision management of cooperative feedback mechanism level and basic functions has...
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The Game Theory Application in the Construction Safety Management

Xiangyi Bu
In order to study the influence of the participating parties in the construction process, the construction safety management analysis model based on the static and evolutionary game theory is put forward. The completely static game theory method of construction safety construction units, and supervision...
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The Guiding Role of Marxism on Internet Public Opinion

Weiyang Liu
The current Marxism education of college students in the context of network public opinion presents additional challenges, Marxism education should fully guide college students to strengthen the understanding of network public opinion, give full play to college network supervision system, Marxism education...
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Research on Coupling Factors of the Marxism Subjectivity Thought

Xiaofeng Wang
Through researches we conducted, we know that college subjectivity thought Marxism is be able to adhere to the concept of people-oriented and wants to take advantage of the latest theories of Marxism in China, and armed the majority of young people's minds to mobilize young students their own enthusiasm...
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Analysis on the Impact Effect on Marxism Education Mode for Network Education

Yating Li
On the basic idea of education as the guidance, this paper makes a comparison between network education and Marxism education. Network education is new education model under the contemporary science and technology, to establish the education evaluation model, the Marxism education under the new situation...
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The Influence of Marxism on College Students' Values under Network Form

Xiaofeng Wang
Marxism form is in contemporary form development and under the background of the times, whose rapid development becomes a form of expression, which has reflected people's value cognition system and ideology and Marxism form. It has gradually become the most important information sources, and its application...
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Resources Integration Model of University Marxism Education from New Media Perspective

Yating Li
New media uses its diversified way to show people a rich image of the education theme and content, as well as breaking the traditional geographical and temporal and spatial limitations, conveying a wealth of resources for the audience with the vast amounts of knowledge and information. Marxism education...
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Challenges and Opportunities in Marx's Education under Network Environment

Weiyang Liu
Network teaching is virtual technology to realize the information exchange platform, Marxism needs the value of its platform to be effective, it can also use the internet information platform to enhance Marxism teaching's effectiveness and significance, so as to improve the teaching itself initiative...
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On Effect of Crisis Events on Sinkiang Domestic Tourist Economy

Yang Bai, Feng Deng
The fragile tourism is vulnerable to a variety of crisis events, effect of which becomes a hot issue of tourism research. According to 1995--2014 Sinkiang tourism statistics, this paper will build a background trend line of domestic tourist arrivals and income, and assess the effect of crisis events...
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On Relationship of Talent Demand and Profession Construction

Wei Cai Zhi
With the continuous progress of the current age, higher vocational colleges have become an important place for talent training. Colleges and universities, as the major source of talent training, must maintain the consistency between profession construction and talent demand. Therefore, study on relationship...
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The Application Analysis of Task-driven Teaching Method in CPA Audit

Panpan Du
CPA audit is a very important but comparative difficult content of the professional courses in the CPA teaching orientation in Accounting major. At present, in the professional teaching process of CPA, what has been instructed is the audit related theories with the teacher as the class subject and students...
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Deep Probing into Aesthetic Characteristics of Public Art's Development

Junmei Wang
Presently, public art has become one of the carriers of cultural communication. In modern times, when science and technology rapidly develop, the aesthetic sensory effect of public art is remarkably improved via the application of high technology and new materials, and the organic integration of visual...
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Probing into Teaching Method Innovation of Hidden Moral Education Curricula in Colleges

Yuan Wu, Yanling Wu
Moral education curricula in colleges, generally, consist of explicit moral education curricula and hidden moral education curricula. Only when explicit moral education harmonizes with hidden moral education, the function and effect of moral education can be truly exerted to guide college students' ideology...
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Analysis on Application of Cooperative Teaching Mode in Physical Education in Colleges

Yadong Xue
In traditional physical education, the teaching efficiency is low because students are not very interested in physical education curriculum due to the excessively stereotyped teaching mode and rather single training goal and mode. Cooperative teaching mode refers to optimizing teaching resources by coordinating...
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Study on Linkage Development of Revitalization of the Old Industrial Base in Northeast China and Exploitation of Russian Far East Area

Huiling Yu
To further facilitate the revitalization and development of the old industrial base in northeast China, it is required to adequately establish effective connection with the economic development in Russian Far East Area to form a linkage effect and realize complementary advantages for both sides. At present,...
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Exploration of Application of Integrated Teaching Mode in Marketing Course Teaching

Xiaolian Zhang
With the continuous improvement of China's economic development level and deep implementation of quality-oriented education, course teaching in colleges is gradually inclined to cultivate comprehensive talents with strong practical ability, knowledge ability and communication skills. Marketing course...
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Brief Analysis on Artistic Form of the Renaissance Period and the Baroque Period

Yelu Zhang
The Renaissance Period and The Baroque Period are two important artistic periods in the western art history. These two periods are close to each other in time, but having some differences in the artistic style. Artistic form has always been one important component of art. This paper makes comparative...
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Research on the Route to Cultivate Self-development Ability of University Students

Pei Zhou, Daoyun Zhang
During recent years, researches on self-development abilities have been gradually emphasized by enterprises, industries or fields, which has generated certain positive influence on the social development of China. Researches on self-development ability is mainly from the perspective of development of...
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Application Research of Digital Campus Construction Based on Intelligent Access for Teaching Resource

Bo Zhu
With the development of information technology and its wide application in the field of education, digital campus construction has become an important standard to measure the educational management level for institutions of higher learning, which are highly valued in the education sectors. Wireless network,...
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Study on the Effect of Agricultural Product trade on China's Regional Agricultural Economic Growth Balance

Yilun Li
In recent years, China's agricultural trade has developed rapidly, constantly optimize the product mix, in promoting regional agricultural economic development, improve farmers' living standards play an important role. However, influenced by different agricultural trade openness in all regions, so that...
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Second Language Spoken Learning Research Based on Oral Memory Capacity Constraints

Ya Wang
With the continuous improvement of China's economic development level and deep implementation of quality-oriented education, course teaching in colleges is gradually inclined to cultivate comprehensive talents with strong practical ability, knowledge ability and communication skills. Marketing course...
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Study on Nixing Pottery Brand Image Promotion Tactic Strategy Under the Context of Guangxi Regional Economy

Xingguo Xu
The Renaissance Period and The Baroque Period are two important artistic periods in the western art history. These two periods are close to each other in time, but having some differences in the artistic style. Artistic form has always been one important component of art. This paper makes comparative...
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Train English for Communication Application in English Teaching

Dan Zhao
The development of China's economy, the demand for foreign language professionals is growing, so the process of foreign language teaching in colleges and universities also pay more attention to students' use of English ability, especially oral communication skills. The current ability to use the English...
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Research on Promotion System of Nationwide Fitness Martial Arts

Linji An
In the 21st century, as the role of knowledge in society play an increasingly significant, humanity gradually into a knowledge society, although greatly promoted the social progress and development, but it also caused workers Yongnaoguodu , lack of exercise, resulting in adverse effects on public health....
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Analysis on College Foreign Language Teaching and Cultivation of Chinese Culture Core Values

Xiaodan Hou, Yongliang Ma, Yingli Shen
With the deepening of globalization, foreign language teaching becomes more important. In the process of foreign language teaching, cultivation of values plays an important and significant role. People in different countries have different values, and different values will have an effect on people's...
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Discussion on Car Engine Mechanical System Maintenance Teaching

Jiao Liang
The rapid development of education, vocational education corresponding put forward higher requirements, as the current field of education aims to cultivate professional and technical talents important base for education, teaching in the field of auto mechanics, emphasizing the students' practical ability,...
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Heroism and Sublimity Characteristics in Chopin's Scherzo

Xiaorong Wang
Chopin creates four scherzos throughout three creative periods in his lifetime, which grasp the essence of humor and make it connected with characteristics like satire, dignity, sublimity, heroism, tragedy, etc. These four works get rid of vulgarity and sensationalism, improving the aesthetic category...
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Application Analysis on Traditional Hangings Decorative Art in Modern Interior Design

Xiao Zhou
Traditional hangings are simple, unsophisticated, elegant and exquisite enough to show the unique national aesthetic taste and artistic vitality of our country. It has become one of the important components of traditional art in China, offering vital reference value for modern engraving, handicraft,...
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Thoughts on English Vocabulary Teaching based on Cognitive Linguistics

Xue Lian
For the overall Chinese education, impact brought by quality-oriented education is indeed an essential education concept innovation. For English learning, teachers should not only improve students' cognition on the knowledge structure, but also should guarantee the effective improvement of students'...
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Study on Contemporary College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Quality Education Mode

Xiangyong Zhang
Innovation and Entrepreneurship quality education, innovation and entrepreneurship exists necessarily linked, innovation is based on the premise of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship is the practice, the two complement each other, are an effective way to improve the quality and ability...
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Analysis on the Beauty of Hokkien Songs' Tone and Charm

Zhiyi Bai
The analysis from the essential attribute, Fujian and Taiwanese folk songs belong to our folk music, is a popular pop songs, to a certain extent reflects the southern region, Taiwan and even Southeast Asia regional culture, Chinese culture is one of the main representatives of local culture. Based on...
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Analysis of English and American Literature Teaching in Perspective of Cognitive Poetics

Yan Li
The new era, new curriculum reform of university has been gradually deepening and development, strengthen the quality of English and American literature education to some extent, promote the use of traditional modes of teaching suffer serious adverse effects. Thus it is necessary to combine students'...
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Thoughts on Development Patterns Choice of Minority Music and Dance

Yonghui Li
With the continuous progress of the times, the development model minority music and dance of much attention in the community. Minority music and dance has a long history, is an important component part of China's outstanding traditional national culture. In recent years, ethnic music and dance development...
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The Thinking of Outdoor Training Course Teaching in College Physical Education

Qiang Ma
outdoor training is a kind of effective education mode of practice first and then know, its application to the college physical education, is not only beneficial to rich the teaching contents and teaching forms of physical education, prompt physical education to be interesting challenging, and effective,...
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Conception of Modernization Transformation of National Traditional Sports

Jianhui Li
Under the natural state, Chinese national traditional sports has always realized slow development for a long time. Confronted by the consistent collision and extrusion of modern western sports, traditional sports must realize the modernization transformation for the bigger development, which gradually...
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Application Exploration of Cooperative Teaching in College Aerobics Teaching

Dan Bai
Cooperative teaching caters to psychological characteristics of contemporary university students of pursuing freedom and democracy. Application of cooperative teaching method in aerobics teaching, can hep promote students to develop their subjective initiative. However, due to the current lack of implementation...
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Enlightenment of American Associate Bachelor Degree and Community College Transfer System for Top-up of Associate to Bachelor in China

Weiguang Gao, Wu Zhang,, Caiyun Hu
With the development of society, people has increasingly higher requirements on diploma, and top-up problem is more prominent. Through the research on American community colleges, it is found that setting associate bachelor degree and transfer education system in community colleges can meet people's...
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Childhood psychological abuse and neglect to college freshmen' automatic negative thoughts: Mediating roles of social support

Zengyan Yu, Wei Fu
Objective : To explore the relationship of college freshmen' automatic negative thoughts, social support, childhood psychological abuse and neglect. Methods: 310freshmen from two colleges of Heilongjiang Province were surveyed with the Child Psychological Abuse and Neglect Scale (CPANS),Automatic Thoughts...
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Attempting Discussion of Commercial Banks' Innovative Strategy-Promoting the Intermediary Business

Yang Bai, Ziru Sun
The major businesses of Chinese commercial banks include the intermediary business, assets business and liability business. Currently, Chinese commercial banks have emphasized on developing the assets and liability business. As one basic business of Chinese commercial banks, such a situation has greatly...
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Analysis of Application of Multimedia Technology in Martial Arts Teaching

Benlai Cui
Multimedia technology has very distinct characteristics and functions for teaching, these features and functions often do not have the traditional media. Martial arts education in the field of multimedia technology has good uses. It not only can greatly enrich martial arts teaching methods and means,...
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Management Framework of Enterprise Cost

Fulai Liu, Wuyu Bai
For businesses, the cost of management is an important component content management, enterprise level in recent years as the increasingly fierce market competition; cost management is gradually being valued by enterprises. Enterprise cost management framework for enterprise cost management plays an important...
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The Design of Headword in the Online Shopping's Advertisement

Cuiyan Niu
In the rapid developing of the network technology in China presently, online shopping has become a major favored shopping approach by most people, even has evolved into a new way of life. The headword in online advertising is not only to tell shopping information to the consumer, but also to let the...
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Analysis on Recluse Culture and Expansion of Aesthetic Vision on Ancient Literature

Liyu Chen
Dating back to the development process of Chinese historic culture and literature, recluse culture has played an important role in the overall development process. In the recluse culture, scholars regard the natural views as the intuitional objects and extol greatly. Independent aesthetic angel and appreciation...
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Research on ROI of Stadium in Health Industry

Zhihong Li
Currently, Chinese sports cause is facing increasing new development chances. It requires various investments to develop health and sports industry. Stadium construction is an important aspect. Local government s and some public interest organizations are enhancing stadium construction, but how to make...
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Positive Organizational Behavior Application in Modern Enterprise Management

Yu Zhou
Under the background of economic globalization and the society information, enterprise management continues to carry out reform and innovation, organizational behavior theory began to emerge in business management, and has achieved good results; it has significant role in promoting enterprise management....
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Mechanism Study for E-commerce Affecting China's Future Marketing Mode

Zhenzhen Wang
The development of e-commerce to a certain extent changed the traditional concept of consumption and consumption patterns, promoting economic growth, but also affect the business environment to a great extent. At present, during the enterprise development process, they face greater competitive pressure,...
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Financial Analysis Report of Easyjet Airline Co., Ltd vs. US Airways Group

Yuan Zhang
Nowadays accompanying with economic globalization and the development of information technology, it becomes increasing critical on financial analysis to the multinational companies listed. The efficient capital markets provide probabilities to the financial analysis on both financial and non-financial...
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Study on Application of Television Teaching in English Teaching of Students in Non-English Majors

Lisha Xie
Compared to English majors, the non-English students learn English mostly from starting their own interests, so how to stimulate non-English majors' interest in learning English teachers would be most concerned about the issue. Television is used in teaching English teaching English multimedia device...
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Tibetan Legends in East Journey in the Late Middle Ages

Xiaomei Han
The most distant land most people can inspire feelings of longing and desire to explore. There has been described in numerous exotic with oriental features in the late middle ages in Western literature, where Tibet has become a very exotic oriental enclave. Strange customs of Tibet description greatly...
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Reflection of the Teaching Mode of Practical Teaching of NCO

Zhongmin Liu, Xiangjun Xu, Zelong Zhou, Rongyue Xie
The education quality of practical teaching plays a leading role. Sergeant education should focus on training military equipment maintenance personnel with practical skills in the practice of teaching, in the whole process of teaching, follow the idea of innovative education, always put the NCO cadets...
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RETRACTED: The Psychological Journey of Bilbo Baggins--Tolkien's The Hobbit from a psychoanalytic perspective

Liang Xu
This article has been retracted due to plagiarism issues. Please see the Atlantis Press Policy on Article Retraction and Withdrawal ( Zeger Karssen Publishing Director Atlantis Press
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Consideration and Suggestion on College Audit Teaching

Pei Li
College audit curriculum teaching was researched in accordance with the current national demand for auditing talents and the development situation of audit profession; then, corresponding solutions were put forward after a series of existing problems were analyzed.
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The lack and reconstruction of public in the process of government purchase of public services--The definition of theory and the dislocation of reality

Pei Li
In the decentralization of government today, we should not only play the initiative of the whole society, also want torealize "tube and not died, put and not chaos".At present, there is a lack of clear organizational design in the government purchase of services, such as the action of rent-setting by...
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To explore the clinic education reform of "legal profession qualification examination"

Shuo Hou
the clinic legal education is the most important two goals, is to improve the students' legal practice level and strengthening professional ethics accomplishment, to supplement and improve the traditional teaching mode of the law.The eighteen of the communist party of China passed by the fourth plenary...
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From the perspective of commercial law and public administration theory of Chinese traders

Meiling Yu
due to the large number of emerging, tranter social problems also arise.The author from the reasons of the existence of traders, and the pros and cons of traders exist, traders in the dominant position of commercial law and governance problems of mobile vendors in China and foreign for organising and...
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Process of Contributions made by Tourist Industry Structure Improvement to Regional Tourism Economic Growth

Lanlan Li
Today, regional tourism has been a driven force for domestic economic development. It plays an inestimable role in the improvement of tourist industry structure. Long-time slump tourism attributes to environmental degradation at home and accelerated economic revival abroad, which inhabits domestic tourism...
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Study on the Quality Assurance System of Undergraduate Graduation Design Based on the class tutorial system

Guangxin Yuan, Lifeng Miao, Guangyu Xu
Graduation design is an important part of undergraduate education in colleges and universities and plays a very important role in the cultivation of comprehensive ability and the improvement of undergraduates' quality Based on a class tutor system, the main research idea of undergraduates graduation...
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An Analysis of Features and Ideas of the Big Ideological and Political Education Model

Yun Shi
The construction of the big ideological and political education model is a general trend of ideological and political classes and this model itself also has its own special content. The following are its main manifestations. Economic globalization promotes the diversification of educational resources...
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Study on Causes of Inquisition by Torture and its Countermeasures

Yitong Wang
Recent years, with the continuous improvement of governing by law in our country, the concept of democracy and rule of law has win support among the people. "Protection of Human Rights" is written in the new "Criminal Procedure Code" (thereinafter referred to as CPC), it attract public's attention on...
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Study of Industrial Cluster and Competitiveness Promotion of Cultural Industry

Meng Su
With the development of economic globalization, production and circulation of cultural goods and services are becoming increasingly international and the cultural industry has become an important part of the global economic and social development. From the point of view of the overall situation of international...
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Research on Young College Teachers' Value Orientation under the Background of Core Socialist Values

Yu He, Guangtang Pan
In the times of economic globalization, political multi-polarization and cultural diversity, the new changes in the value orientation of young college teachers appear to affect the role in carrying forward the core socialist values. Based on the analysis of the status and causes of their values, combined...