Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

638 authors
Ai, Shuo
The Selection and Improvement of China's Financial Regulatory Model under the Financial Crisis
Ai, Shuo
The Study of Relations between Financial and Economic In Chinese Economic Development
An, Linji
Research on Promotion System of Nationwide Fitness Martial Arts
An, Liping
Application of Micro Lesson in Courses of Pharmacy Specialty
Arxiden, Ablimit
Study on the Application of Social Networks on Bilingual Education of National Primary and Secondary Science Curriculum in South Xinjiang
Arxiden, Ablimit
A Research on Problems and Optimizing Countermeasures of Science Bilingual Education in Ethnic Primary and Middle Schools in Southern Xinjiang
Bai, Dan
Application Exploration of Cooperative Teaching in College Aerobics Teaching
Bai, Wuyu
Management Framework of Enterprise Cost
Bai, Xueer
Evaluation and Prognostication of Water Situation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
Bai, Yang
On Effect of Crisis Events on Sinkiang Domestic Tourist Economy
Bai, Yang
Attempting Discussion of Commercial Banks' Innovative Strategy-Promoting the Intermediary Business
Bai, Zhiyi
Analysis on the Beauty of Hokkien Songs' Tone and Charm
Bi, Wei
Study on the Role of Cultural and Creative Industries on the Development of Contemporary Design
Bi, Yuezhong
Naturalistic Elements Interpretation on "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets"
Bo, Xiao
Study on Cultural Heritage Protection of Minority Sports Culture
Bu, Xiangyi
The Operation and Feedback Mechanism of Building Construction Safety Supervision Management Mode
Bu, Xiangyi
The Game Theory Application in the Construction Safety Management
Cai, Lihong
Electronic commerce impact on the circulation of agricultural products and countermeasures
Cai, Yingying
The competitiveness evaluation of the construction enterprise based on the strategy conformity
Cao, Jie
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Cao, Lu
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Cao, Lu
Analysis on E-Commerce Site Business Model
Cao, Zhun
Measurement of Knowledge Quantity by Cognitive Time
Chau, K.W.
Price Discovery from the Chinese A-Share Market: Trend Break Tests Using the Perron Mixed Model C
Chen, Bowang
The Teaching Reform of Business English Based on Language Economics
Chen, Chen
Application of Water-Saving Irrigation Technologies in Minority Areas of Xinjiang
Chen, Ding
Study on the Development Problems and Trend of Scenic Planning
Chen, Fangqin
Discussion on the Training Mode of Applied Technology-based Talents of International Trade Major ---Taking International Trade Practice Course for Example
Chen, Haiyan
Study on the New Teaching Reform Strategies of Automobile After-sales Service Course Project
Chen, Hongping
The Application of Thematic Progression in English-Chinese Translation Practice
Chen, Jiali
The Commercial Analysis of Three Space Debris Mitigation Schemes
Chen, Jianguang
Establishment and Application of TBL Method in Pharmacology Teaching
Chen, Jingdong
Analysis of Economic Value of Folk Culture
Chen, Juan
The analysis of college students' consumption psychology clothing marketing strategy
Chen, LiaiLun
Study on the Financing Strategies of High-tech Small and Medium Enterprises
Chen, Liyu
Analysis on Recluse Culture and Expansion of Aesthetic Vision on Ancient Literature
Chen, Long
Study on Party Newspaper International News Report Strategy of Maritime Rights and Interests Disputes
Chen, Mingmin
Discussion on the Training Mode of Applied Technology-based Talents of International Trade Major ---Taking International Trade Practice Course for Example
Chen, Qian
Research on the Agricultural E-Commerce in Consumer's Perspective
Chen, Shuning
Path Selection of Fishing Village from Perspective of Ecological Civilization - Empirical Analysis Based On Hainan Province
Chen, Xiaoling
Research on Interesting Expression of Fashion Design
Chen, Xu
City CIS in shaping the role of urban cultural characteristics
Chen, Yelei
On the Exploration and Innovation of Line Art in Animation Modeling Design
Chen, Yuan
Universities Computer Curriculum Reform under the Perspective of Computational Thinking
Chen, Yuecong
The Analysis of Chinese Authors' Papers in Library and Information Science
Chen, Yugang
Bollywood movie "the duchess" clothing narrative of enlightenment
Chen, Yuwei
Research on the Pass Problems of the Studio Practice Teaching Mode of the Application-oriented Undergraduate
Cheng, Huiyan
Combined weight-varying model for production prediction of residential solid waste: a case study of Xiamen
Cheng, Min
Research on Vocational English Sub-Level and Sub-Module Strategies at Computer Age
Cheng, Min
Study on Vocational English Teaching Mode Construction and Practical Probe Based on Network Environment
Cheng, Zhong
The Transformation and Development of "Knitted Sweaters" Curriculum in Education
Chu, Chengwei
Innovation of Time-saving Model of Aged Service in Community
Cui, Benlai
Analysis of Application of Multimedia Technology in Martial Arts Teaching
Cui, Kaiwen
Research of Floating Population and Social Security Prevention System in City of Southern Xinjiang
Cui, Liping
Study About The Teaching Management Effectiveness Of Local General Colleges
Cun, Yu
For Inspiring the Desire for Happiness--Painting---Analysis on original arts painting
Dai, Jiapeng
Construction of the Education Quality of General Primary School and Teacher Training Model in Chongqing
Dai, Quan
Evaluation on The Process of Development of Agricultural Modernization In 2013 of China
Dai, Ting
Analysis of New Industrialization and Chinese Strategic Trade Policy
Dai, Ying
Study on the Application of Lu Brocade patterns on Modern Clothing Design
Dan, Jin
Research on the constructing path of Hubei agricultural informatization
Dang, Hong
A Study of English Listening Strategies by College Students in Web-based Environment
Deng, Feng
On Effect of Crisis Events on Sinkiang Domestic Tourist Economy
Deng, Jixia
Improve the students' mathematical thinking
Deng, Li
The Aesthetic Characteristics of Song Garden Based on Zhuxi " Outlook"
Deng, Min
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Dong, Liping
The Female Identity and "Connection" Theme in Foster's Works - Take "Howards End" as the Main Illustration
Dong, Qian
Research of History Existence and Development of Ancient Architecture
Dong, Zhen
Analysis of the influence factors of service outsourcing industry based on grey relational evaluation method -- a case study of Langfang City
Du, Panpan
The Application Analysis of Task-driven Teaching Method in CPA Audit
Fang, Junpeng
Explore the flow of information and find what qualifies as news
Fang, Kuo
The Present Situation and the Improving Countermeasures: Research on College Students' self- Career Planning
Feng, Gang
Application of AHP in the "Excellent Lesson Excellent Pay" Course Selection in College
Feng, Jian
Research on the Establishment of Financial Internal Control System of Science Institutions
Feng, Lin
The change of the modern women's clothing structural design of provincial road and applications
Feng, Weihui
Impact of the Multinational Development New Trends on International Capital Flows
Feng, Wentao
Research on the Air Quality Evaluation and Regional Interaction in Jing-Jin-Ji Region
Feng, Yan-hua
Effect of Gap Light Factors on Understory Plants Species Distribution in Different Forest Types
Fu, Haiyan
Combined weight-varying model for production prediction of residential solid waste: a case study of Xiamen
Fu, Wei
Childhood psychological abuse and neglect to college freshmen' automatic negative thoughts: Mediating roles of social support
Gao, Haili
Research on Sports Social Issues Based on Sport Sociology
Gao, Han
The Development Path of Low-carbon Economy from the Perspective of Marxist Ecological Philosophy
Gao, Hongjuan
Research on Institutions Salary Management System
Gao, Jianhua
Research on "Supply and Demand Matching" Degree of taxi resources in "Internet +" Age
Gao, Rui
Exploration on Culture Characteristics of Japanese Language
Gao, Shijuan
Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities Computer Skilled Personnel Training Mode Analysis
Gao, Wanpeng
Sustainable Development Problems of Ecological Environment in Alar City and its Countermeasures
Gao, Weiguang
Enlightenment of American Associate Bachelor Degree and Community College Transfer System for Top-up of Associate to Bachelor in China
Gong, Pijuan
Research on the setting of "problem situation" in teaching environment
Gong, Pijuan
Research on reflective teaching mode based on Teacher Professional Development
Gou, Xiaojiang
Analysis on the Practical Significance and Implementation Pattern for Land Conservation in Land Resource Management
Guan, Jing
Influences of Chinese Traditional Clothing Elements on Modern Clothing Design
Guo, Le
Study on Household Income and Consumption of Uighur Farmer-Take Keping County Yuerqi Village as an Example
Guo, Li
Study on the Reform of Computer Fashion Design Curriculum and Enterprise Cooperation Curriculum
Guo, Linlin
The Interpretation of the Narrative Mode in "The Great Gatsby"
Guo, Wenjuan
A Study on the Interpersonal Relationship in Modern Society from the Perspective of Marx's Human Essence Theory
Guo, Xiaoxi
The competitiveness evaluation of the construction enterprise based on the strategy conformity
Guo, Yu Rong
Research on Investment Strategy of Education
Guo, Yu Rong
Research on Location Problem Based on the Sun Shadow
Guo, Yuan
Study on Reform of China Higher Education Management System