Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

638 authors
Li, Yaling
Research on Rhetoric Art of Japanese Waka
Li, Yameng
Research and Analysis on Personal Trainer Service Quality of Health Club in Xianning City
Li, Yameng
Research on Behavioral Characteristics of the Health Club Group Exercise Participation Population in Xianning City
Li, Yan
Analysis of English and American Literature Teaching in Perspective of Cognitive Poetics
Li, Yan
Study of Female Image Interpretation under Harriet Beecher Stowe
Li, Yangyang
Research on Agricultural Industrial Structure Optimization and Town Development in "Thirteen Five" Period
Li, Yanni
Gender Differences of Advertising Spokespersons in Marketing
Li, Yao
Research of Renewable Resources Market based on Logistic Model of Different Property Right System
Li, Yating
Analysis on the Impact Effect on Marxism Education Mode for Network Education
Li, Yating
Resources Integration Model of University Marxism Education from New Media Perspective
Li, Yilun
Study on the Effect of Agricultural Product trade on China's Regional Agricultural Economic Growth Balance
Li, Yiming
A Measure of the Ability of a Region to Provide Clean Water
Li, Yonghui
Thoughts on Development Patterns Choice of Minority Music and Dance
Li, Yuhua
Promotion Countermeasures of the Core Competence of Modern Service Industry in the New Normal-Taking Hefei as an Example
Li, Zhaoying
The application of hierarchical teaching mode in College English Teaching
Li, Zhi-qin
Curriculum Assessment and Threshold Benchmarking Building in the Perspective of Professional Accreditation
Li, Zhihong
Research on ROI of Stadium in Health Industry
Li, Zhou
Research on the constructing path of Hubei agricultural informatization
Lian, Xue
Thoughts on English Vocabulary Teaching based on Cognitive Linguistics
Liang, Changxian
Equity Management Information Model of Collective Forest
Liang, Jiao
Discussion on Car Engine Mechanical System Maintenance Teaching
Liang, Xianfei
Artistic Thinking of Oil Painting Element in the Film Creation-Research on Oil Painting Performance in the Animated Film
Liang, Xu
On Strategy for the Promotion of Health Qigong In Benin
Lin, Jing
Study on Construction of Strategic Relationship between the Government and Social Organizations
Lin, Pengfei
Study on Security Measures of the Physical Teaching
Lin, Xiao
Study of Practice Teaching Reform of Design Color
Liu, Chunxiao
Study on Government Management Transformation of Performing Arts Industry Management Strategy Under the New Situation
Liu, Dongyao
The Analysis of Fishing Cultural Connotation and Its Aesthetic Value
Liu, Fei
Discussion on Education Teaching Reform of Clothing Plate and Technology Specialty
Liu, Fei
Exploration on Clothing Plate and Manufacture Integrated Teaching in Colleges and Universities
Liu, Fulai
Management Framework of Enterprise Cost
Liu, Haijun
Characteristics and Development Analysis of National Sports
Liu, Hao
Study on the Position and Application of Mathematics in the Teaching of Economics
Liu, Hongjun
Research on the setting of "problem situation" in teaching environment
Liu, Hongjun
Research on reflective teaching mode based on Teacher Professional Development
Liu, Hui
Research on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Folk Dance
Liu, Jiangping
Research on the Improvement of the Socialist Education Base's Educational function with Chinese Characteristics
Liu, Jin-Xiang
Effect of Gap Light Factors on Understory Plants Species Distribution in Different Forest Types
Liu, Juan
The Analysis of New Growth Point of Education Philosophy
Liu, Jun
Research on the project management of BIM project from the perspective of enterprise strategy
Liu, Junjie
Research of Renewable Resources Market based on Logistic Model of Different Property Right System
Liu, Lang
Influential Factors of Water Scarcity in Xinjiang
Liu, Lihui
Research on the Influential Factors of the Employees' Occupational Happiness in Middle and Small-sized Private-owned Enterprises
Liu, Lihui
Research on the Influence Factors about the Employment Quality in Economic Management Students in Regular Institutions of Higher Learning
Liu, Lihui
Research on the Relevancy of Employees' Self-Concept and Occupational Happiness
Liu, Lihui
The Present Situation and the Improving Countermeasures: Research on College Students' self- Career Planning
Liu, Liya
Effectiveness of CBI in Improving Agricultural Major Students' English Proficiency and Learning Motivation
Liu, Meige
Study of Establishment and Optimization of the Sales Team
Liu, Ou
Research of Enterprise Groups and Centralized Financial Management
Liu, Qingming
The use of Positive Psychology Idea and Method to Optimize the Ideological and Political Education of College Students
Liu, Shan
On the Basis of the Formulation of the Balance Sheet of Natural Resources
Liu, Shuimei
Research and Practice of Practice Teaching Content System of Garment Design and Engineering
Liu, Wei
Analysis on the Comparison between English and Chinese Euphemisms
Liu, Weiyang
The Guiding Role of Marxism on Internet Public Opinion
Liu, Weiyang
Challenges and Opportunities in Marx's Education under Network Environment
Liu, Xiangxin
The Study on Factors Influencing Translation Variation
Liu, Xiaofei
Research on Chinese Traditional Sculpture and Modern Sculpture of Ceramic Pottery of Artistic Expression
Liu, Yiqun
Gender Differences of Advertising Spokespersons in Marketing
Liu, Yiyang
Research on Coupling Mechanism of Land-Sea Coordination of the Development of Chinese Ocean Economy
Liu, Yongli
Dangerous Beauty-Thoughts on Paradise Lost
Liu, Zheng
Combined weight-varying model for production prediction of residential solid waste: a case study of Xiamen
Liu, Zhigong
Research on Management of Auxiliary Fees in Residential Areas
Liu, Zhongmin
Reflection of the Teaching Mode of Practical Teaching of NCO
Liu, Zhongmin
Research on the Construction of Equipment Maintenance Support System
Liu, Zhu
The Analysis of Fishing Cultural Connotation and Its Aesthetic Value
Long, Haiwen
Study on the Formation Mechanism of Energy Prices
Long, Haiwen
Research on the Impact of Energy Prices on Macroeconomics
Long, Haiwen
Research of Enterprise Groups and Centralized Financial Management
Long, Jun
Application of Virtual Reality Teaching in Power Plant Electrical Part Courses
Long, Qinfei
Research on metrics of refugee crises
Long, Sulan
Study on Nursing Education Innovation and Strategies based on Computer Vision
Lu, Zongye
Research on Industrial Design Industrialization Based on Guangxi Northern Gulf Economic Zone
Lu, Zongye
Use "Trinity" to Promote the Teaching Reform of Mechanical Design Course
Luan, Xiaoli
Research on Application of Clothing Formal Beauty Principle on Knitwear Design
Luo, Yixue
Presupposition from the Perspective of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Luo, Zhe
Equity Management Information Model of Collective Forest
Ma, Chenfeng
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Ma, Chenfeng
Analysis on E-Commerce Site Business Model
Ma, Chunna
Discussion About The Impact of College Chinese on Promoting College Students to Open Up Their Business Or Find a Job
Ma, Huilan
Evaluation on The Process of Development of Agricultural Modernization In 2013 of China
Ma, Lingling
Gender Differences of Advertising Spokespersons in Marketing
Ma, Lisha
Research on Agricultural Industrial Structure Optimization and Town Development in "Thirteen Five" Period
Ma, Qiang
The Thinking of Outdoor Training Course Teaching in College Physical Education
Ma, Qiang
Research on the Payment Management of Cross-border Electricity Business
Ma, Qiong
Study on Economical and Intensive Utilization of Land in the First Division Corps of Xinjiang
Ma, Qiong
Study on Economies of Scale in Xinjiang Cotton Production Based on Small Sample Survey
Ma, Qiong
Analysis on the Influential Factors of Farmer's Willingness to Join Professional Cooperative Behavior in Minority Regions--Based on the Survey Data of Ili Valley Livestock Farmers
Ma, Xuetao
Study on Synthesis Method of Character Animation under the Perspective of Physics
Ma, Yanlin
Solution of spread, prevention, cure and logistic methods for ebola virus infection based on mathematical model
Ma, Yongliang
Analysis on College Foreign Language Teaching and Cultivation of Chinese Culture Core Values
Mao, Weiqing
Problems and Countermeasures of Express Delivery to Countryside in Quzhou of Zhejiang Province
Mao, Yanqiong
Analysis of Customer Loyalty under Internet Marketing
Mao, Yuyan
The Aesthetic Characteristics of Song Garden Based on Zhuxi " Outlook"
Mei, Tong
Discussion on the Training Mode of Applied Technology-based Talents of International Trade Major ---Taking International Trade Practice Course for Example
Meng, Qi
Analysis of rural environmental pollution treatment status and countermeasures
Meng, Ying
The Comparative Study of Brand Business Model of Chinese and Foreign Travel Agency
Miao, Lifeng
Study on the Quality Assurance System of Undergraduate Graduation Design Based on the class tutorial system
Miao, Lifeng
Application of Micro Lesson in Courses of Pharmacy Specialty
Miao, Lifeng
Establishment and Application of TBL Method in Pharmacology Teaching
Musa, Mahmut
Study on the Application of Social Networks on Bilingual Education of National Primary and Secondary Science Curriculum in South Xinjiang