Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

638 authors
Wang, Xiaofeng
The Influence of Marxism on College Students' Values under Network Form
Wang, Xiaoran
Analysis of Restraining Factors of the Development of Green Logistics in China
Wang, Xiaorong
Heroism and Sublimity Characteristics in Chopin's Scherzo
Wang, Xijun
ASP Technology to Build a Multinational Website with Database Analysis under the New Situation
Wang, Xiuqing
The Current Situation and Development Discussion of Chinese Clothing Structure Design
Wang, Ya
Second Language Spoken Learning Research Based on Oral Memory Capacity Constraints
Wang, Yitong
Discussion on Autonomy Principle in Law of the Application of Law for Foreign Civil Relations
Wang, Yitong
Study on Causes of Inquisition by Torture and its Countermeasures
Wang, YongLing
Research on the project management of BIM project from the perspective of enterprise strategy
Wang, Youde
On the Basis of the Formulation of the Balance Sheet of Natural Resources
Wang, Yuxin
Research on Industrial Design Industrialization Based on Guangxi Northern Gulf Economic Zone
Wang, Zhenzhen
Mechanism Study for E-commerce Affecting China's Future Marketing Mode
Wang, Zhipei
Research on the Abstract Expression of the Fashion Design
Wang, Zhu
Relationship between People's Health and the Haze.
Wei, Bi
The Development and Strategy of Chinese Cultural and Creative Design
Wei, Gaixia
Study on the Characteristics of Knights in Chinese Classical Literature
Wei, Li jun
Research on Psychological difficulties and Countermeasures Analysis of Poor Students at Vocational College
Wei, Lihong
The Application of Structural Design in Haute Couture
Wei, TingTing
Physical Education Curriculum Integral Ware Model Analysis based on Taekwondo
Wei, Wei
Research on University English Teaching Based on CBI
Wei, Xinyu
Research of Renewable Resources Market based on Logistic Model of Different Property Right System
Wei, Yuye
Path Selection of Fishing Village from Perspective of Ecological Civilization - Empirical Analysis Based On Hainan Province
Wen, Shuli
Application of Stitching Design in Fashion Design
Wu, Gang
Reform and Practice of Specialty-Oriented Curriculum system of Electronic and Information Engineering
Wu, Gang
Reform and Practice of Practical Teaching Curriculum system of Electronic and Information Engineering
Wu, Heming
The Research on the Ideological Education and Self-Discipline of College Students
Wu, Huajuan
Research on the Function of Government in the Market Economy
Wu, Huajuan
Study of the Small and Middle Enterprises Cluster Phenomenon
Wu, Hui
On College English Teaching and Cultivation of Sense of Culture and Affection for College Students
Wu, Jing
Analysis on Current Application of Accounting Information for Listed Companies in China
Wu, Lihua
Study of Practice Teaching of Software Engineering
Wu, ShangDuan
On the Development of Current Situation and Countermeasure of the New Media Art Professional Education
Wu, Xu
On Strategy for the Promotion of Health Qigong In Benin
Wu, Yanling
Probing into Teaching Method Innovation of Hidden Moral Education Curricula in Colleges
Wu, Ye
Research on the Development Predicament and Countermeasures of O2O E-commerce Model
Wu, Yuan
Probing into Teaching Method Innovation of Hidden Moral Education Curricula in Colleges
[WITHDRAWN] Study of Consumer Behavior under E-commerce Model
Xi, Junxiu
If It is Free, Love Can also be Abandoned-the Love, Music and Freedom in the "Pianist"
Xia, Yuyong
Study on Economies of Scale in Xinjiang Cotton Production Based on Small Sample Survey
Xiao, Bo
Study on Teaching of Minority Nationality Sports in College Sports
Xiao, Yan
The Beauty of Nature and Harmony--On the Ecological Consciousness in Keats's Poetry
Xie, Dan
The Role of Network Public Opinion Monitoring of Ideological and Political Education in College Students
Xie, Fengbin
The Rapid Development Strategies of China New Energy under the Concept of Low-carbon Economy
Xie, Lisha
Study on Application of Television Teaching in English Teaching of Students in Non-English Majors
Xie, Rongyue
Reflection of the Teaching Mode of Practical Teaching of NCO
Xie, Rongyue
Research on the Construction of Equipment Maintenance Support System
Xie, Wei
A Brief Analysis of the Sad Ending in the Innocent
Xie, Xin
Study on Unbalanced Development Strategy of Guangxi Tourism
Xie, Yong
Ordering Decision in Dual-sourcing Supply Chain with Substitute Product
Xing, Huiying
Research on the Influence Factors about the Employment Quality in Economic Management Students in Regular Institutions of Higher Learning
Xing, Xiajie
Adaptation Analysis of Denison Corporation Culture Model in State-owned Corporations-an Example of Corporation Culture Evaluation in a State-owned Electric Power Enterprise
Xing, Yan
Price Discovery from the Chinese A-Share Market: Trend Break Tests Using the Perron Mixed Model C
Xiong, Huo-Bin
Effect of Gap Light Factors on Understory Plants Species Distribution in Different Forest Types
Xiong, Ying
The Transformation and Development of "Clothing Technology" Curriculum in Education
Xu, Dongyang
Research on Changes of Foreign Language Literature under Knowledge Economy Era
Xu, Guangyu
Study on the Quality Assurance System of Undergraduate Graduation Design Based on the class tutorial system
Xu, Guangyu
Application of Micro Lesson in Courses of Pharmacy Specialty
Xu, Jinfeng
Research on the Function of Government in the Market Economy
Xu, Jinfeng
Study of the Small and Middle Enterprises Cluster Phenomenon
Xu, Kaiqiang
The Strategies and Methods of Contemporary Product Design Education in China
Xu, Ke
Research on the financing efficiency of urbanization construction in Guizhou Province
Xu, Li
Discussion on the Training Mode of Applied Technology-based Talents of International Trade Major ---Taking International Trade Practice Course for Example
Xu, Liang
RETRACTED: The Psychological Journey of Bilbo Baggins--Tolkien's The Hobbit from a psychoanalytic perspective
Xu, Liang
Presupposition from the Perspective of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Xu, Man
Analysis on Online Learning Environment Construction
Xu, Wu
On Tong and Huo in the Practice of Health Qigong
Xu, Xiangjun
Reflection of the Teaching Mode of Practical Teaching of NCO
Xu, Xiangjun
Research on the Construction of Equipment Maintenance Support System
Xu, Xingguo
Study on Nixing Pottery Brand Image Promotion Tactic Strategy Under the Context of Guangxi Regional Economy
Xu, Yiqun
Ten roles of teachers in Computer Assisted English Writing
Xue, Fengli
Loess plateau ecological agricultural development thinking-take an example of Qingyang city, Gansu province
Xue, Li
Application for Product Features Extraction and Sentiment Analysis from Online User Reviews
Xue, Yadong
Analysis on Application of Cooperative Teaching Mode in Physical Education in Colleges
Xue, Yandan
Study on the promotion effects of stock market on Guizhou economy development
Xue, Zhihan
State Theory of Marxism and Its Contemporary Value
Yan, Gang
Discussion on Electrical Automation Theory and Practice Teaching Mode
Yan, Ling
The Evaluation of Graduate's Employability in Application-oriented Undergraduate
Yan, Ling
Research on the Pass Problems of the Studio Practice Teaching Mode of the Application-oriented Undergraduate
Yan, Ling
Modular Design of Curriculum System in Cost Engineering of Application-oriented Undergraduate Based on Competence Structure
Yan, Ling
Curriculum Assessment and Threshold Benchmarking Building in the Perspective of Professional Accreditation
Yan, Wan
Study on the Reform of State-owned Assets Management System
Yan, Wan
Study on the Cost Management of SMEs
Yang, Aili
Combined weight-varying model for production prediction of residential solid waste: a case study of Xiamen
Yang, Bin
Research on the Affect of Earthquake Disaster Publish Schedule on Earthquake Relief
Yang, Fan
Tibetan Women's Poverty and Unmarried Birth from the Perspective of Accurate Poverty Alleviation
Yang, Fan
The competitiveness evaluation of the construction enterprise based on the strategy conformity
Yang, Heng
The Dilemma and Marketing Strategies of Paper Media under the Background of "Internet +"
Yang, Hongsi
Discussion on Aviation City Culture Construction
Yang, Hui
Value of confucian philosophy and its contemporary value
Yang, Hui
On the Effective Way of Body Language in the Primary English Teaching
Yang, Jie
Effective Communication Strategies for Costume Brands
Yang, Jing
Application of Experiencing Type Teaching Mode in Business Administration Major under Practical Thinking
Yang, Lijuan
Research Status of Garlic Harvester
Yang, Ling
Analysis on the Typical Genre of Traditional Folk Songs in the Northeast Sichuan
Yang, Ming
Research on the Feedback Teaching and Interactive Thinking and the Applications on Command Information System Teaching
Yang, Qianru
Analysis on Influencing Factor about Decision-Making on Concession Term of PPP Beijing Subway
Yang, Tang
Matrix Model and Data Processing in Effectiveness Evaluation and Countermeasure of College Education
Yang, Tao
The Evaluation of Graduate's Employability in Application-oriented Undergraduate
Yang, Wenwen
Analysis of Network Economy's Impact on International Trade and Strategy
Yang, Wuyue
Solution of spread, prevention, cure and logistic methods for ebola virus infection based on mathematical model