Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Management and Technologies 2020 (ICEMT 2020)

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Foreign Direct Investment as a Factor of Iron and Steel Industry Development in Russia

Oleg Bazhenov, Angelina Ilyina, Anna Oykher
The research paper defines and describes the factors and the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on iron and steel industry enterprises. For this purpose the following objectives have been gradually achieved: 1) Identifying FDI factors, which affect economic performance of iron and steel industry...
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Mathematical Models for Evaluating the Effectiveness of State Support for the Dairy Industry

Mikhail K. Chernyakov, Maria M. Chernyakova, Irina A. Chernyakova, Saidmukhtor S. Mokhtarzada
The digitalization of agro-industrial complex in Russia is at an extremely low level due to the insufficient level of their state support. The aim of this research is to offer an original concept for the effective regulation of the agricultural sector. The methodological basis of the research is a systematic...
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Diversification of Currency Control Methods in the Digital Economy

Marina Yakovleva
In the article, the author outlined the need to supplement the methods of currency control in the digital economy. The main idea is to introduce a new method – electronic screening. The sequence of actions for implementing this method is shown in the diagrams. The author provides information sources...
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Research and Educational Centers as a Matrix of Institutional Collaboration Between Business, Science, and Education in the Context of Digital Transformation in Society

K.A. Markelov, E.V. Polyanskaya, O.K. Mineva, A.M. Abbasov
The global economic and social changes prompted by digital transformation are a comprehensive process that alters both the structure and image of traditional goods and services markets. As the digital paradigm has been seeing enormously rapid changes, and since emerging digital jobs have not been assigned...
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Growth Factors and Points of the Industrial Policy of the Astrakhan Region (Russia)

Svetlana Arutyunyan, Elena Gadzhieva, Gennady Berezhnov
The article describes the analysis of the peculiarities of the industry and industrial policy of the Astrakhan Region (Russia) with the application of production function tools. The authors conclude that in the current conditions of Russia in general and the Astrakhan Region in particular it is the most...
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Digital Design Management: Technologies, Mechanisms, and Platform Solutions

V. I. Tkach
The article discusses digital management systems, platforms, patterns, technologies and mechanisms used in the management of economic processes, situations, human capital, enterprises and organizations based on design methods and solutions.
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Financing Mechanism for Operating and Investment Activities in Agriculture of Russia

Inna Boldyreva, Viktoriya Tinyakova, Yekaterina Alpatova, Elmira Zhusipova
The article outlines conceptual foundations, features and contradictions of the financial mechanism of agricultural enterprise functioning. Global problems of financial support for the agricultural business, as well as specific financial problems of agricultural enterprises in Russia are identified....
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Concepts of Economic Growth for Financial Stability of the State

Bulat Gaynutdinov, Aleksey Lebedev, Elena Razumovskaya
The article is devoted to the analysis of existing concepts of economic growth in the light of their influence on the condition of the state financial system. The authors show the reflection of financial indicators in fundamental macroeconomic functions and reconstruct many of them. The concept-based...
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Features of the Formation and Development of the Region’s Human Capital in a Digital Transformation

Muslim Ibrahimov, N.A. Gerasimova, A.N. Kogteva, A.M. Kulik, E.P. Druzhnikova
At present, humanity is living in conditions of a digital transformation. The scientific and technological revolution has been replaced by an informational (digital) revolution, during which a new “information society” is being created. With the digitalization of the regions, highly educated, professionally...
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Development of Models of Optimal Investment Strategies

Galina Zhukova, Dinara Kagirova
The aim of the study is to model the stochastic average annual return on the investment portfolio of pension savings for various combinations of asset weights over a 40-year horizon, with an assessment of the risk level for each combination. To estimate the loss of portfolio VaR, an approach that combines...
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Financing of Sports and Physical Education Organizations in the Volgograd Region

Alexey S. Dmitriev, Irina A. Eroshenko, Yulia Y. Nizovtseva, Viacheslav V. Groshev
The relevance of the work is due to the fact that today one of the priority tasks of social policy in Russia is to increase the average life expectancy of citizens by improving health care institutions, sports, physical education, and much more. The quality of life of citizens directly depends on the...
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Financial Technology as a Tool of Digital Economy

G.V. Tcvetova
The aim of the paper is to study financial technologies as a tool of digital economy and identify the factors that influence them. Approaches to study the definition ‘financial technology’ are systematized and the basic prerequisites conducive to their development in the world are determined. The factors...
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Regional Differences in Income and Involvement in the Use of DFS as Factors of Influence on the Population Financial Literacy

Elena Razumovskaya, Denis Razumovskiy
The article attempts to analyze the impact of regional differences in income and activity of using digital financial services (DFS) on the financial literacy of the population. The authors proceeded from the hypothesis that the effect of concentration of financial activity in large federal centers of...
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The Role of Information Support for Managerial Decision-Making in Improving Financial Stability of an Organization

Nadezhda Piontkevich, Ekaterina Shatkovskaya
Directories are recognized as special tools for information support of the management decision-making process, allowing owners and management to make managerial decisions based on relevant detailed information. There are groups of controlled objects for which detailed guides are developed. Directories...
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Analysis of Financial Reporting as a Method of Detection of the Facts of Falsification

Yuriy I. Sigidov, Marina A. Korovina, Natalya S. Vlasova
Financial Reporting shows the status of assets, financial results, structure of capital and cash flow of the economic entity. The opinions and decisions of vested interests depend on how reliable is the data depicted in reporting. Often firm managers use a variety of measures to «sugarcoat» Financial...
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Financial Sustainability of Corporations in Russia as Foundation of National Economic Development

Viktoriya V. Manuylenko, Olga P. Chokhotarova, Elena L. Grinko
The study stipulates the need for regulation of national economic development considering economical instability in Russia and pursuing the fact that enhanced financial sustainability of commercial corporate organizations provides for national economic growth. The study defines position of corporate...
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The Fundamentals of Financial Forecasting Condition of Oil Production Enterprise

Ahmed Abedi, Leonid Zaionchik
The forecasting financial condition of the enterprise aims to assess financial prospects for the future period, based on the results obtained, plan future actions and recommendations for improving financial performance. As such, there are no separate approaches to forecasting exactly the financial condition...
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Assessment of the Need for Human Resources in the Non-Humanitarian Sphere in the Economy of the Khabarovsk Territory on the Basis of Artificial Neural Networks

Luciena E. Piunko, Elena V. Tolkacheva
The article is devoted to the study of the use of neural networks for analysis and forecasting of socio-economic processes, both in Russia and in its individual subjects, on the example of the Khabarovsk territory. The study was carried out by building neural networks to assess, analyze and forecast...
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The Formation of Integrated Accounting and Analytic Space in the Agro-Industrial Cluster of the Region

Marina Semikolenova, Larisa Semina, Nataliy Filimonova, Vladimir Arinichev
The present article is devoted to the solution of one of the most actual problems the agro-industrial cluster has to deal with nowadays. Aiming to get the competitive advantage it is absolutely necessary to modernize the accounting- and- analytic space in the context of joint activities involving interaction...
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Reporting Information as a Form of Communication of Business Entities

Tatyana Rudakova, Marina Semikolenova, Svetlana Zemlyakova
The increasing trend in the role of the Internet indicates that it is virtual space that provides most of the information flows required in the process of institutional unit interaction. The subject of the study is the reporting information of economic entities as a form of communication, including through...
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Development of Youth Entrepreneurship in the Russian Region

V.V. Smirnov, A.N. Zakharova, A.G. Abramova, G.S. Dulina, V.L. Semenov
The subject of the study is the development of youth entrepreneurship in the Russian region. The aim of the work is to determine the role of young people as labour resources in the system of public production. The study is based on a systematic approach using methods of descriptive statistics. The study...
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Formation of the Security Service as a Tool for Ensuring the Safety and Stability of Enterprises in Modern Conditions

Anna Zhigunova, Irina Logvinova, Evgeniya Porublyeva, Karina Buylova, Zhasym Osmanov
The article reflects the main problems of ensuring the safety and stability of enterprises in the real sector of the economy in modern conditions. At the same time, it is noted that for the successful functioning of the country’s economy, it is necessary to ensure the competitiveness of real sector enterprises....
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Development Institutions and Their Role in Maintaining Financial and Innovative Infrastructure of the State

S.P. Sazonov, I.A. Ezangina, E.E. Kharlamova, I.A. Chekhovskaya
Development institutions are one of the instruments of state policy that stimulate innovation processes and development of institutional infrastructure using public-private partnership mechanisms. This article discusses the concept, essence and classification of development institutions, defines their...
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Budget Financing of Infrastructure Projects as a Tool for Implementing the Investment Policy of the Regions of the Russian Federation

Liliya S. Nevyantseva, Adil B.D. Dukhkhani
The article discusses the current practice of using budget financing for investment and infrastructure projects in the Russian Federation. The use of budget investments at the level of Federal districts of the Russian Federation is analyzed. It is established that the maximum concentration of Federal...
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The EAEU Common Financial Market: What are the Prospects of Sustainable Development?

Nadezhda Lvova, Zokhid Rakhimov, Natalia Voronova, Ivan Darushin
Finance holds an important place in sustainable development. Sustainable finance issues are taking up more and more space in theoretical and practical research. At the same time, the role and area of research on sustainable finance is still not clearly understood in scientific works. Thus, the theoretical...
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Models and Mechanisms of Network Interaction Between Universities and the Real Sector of the Economy in the Field of Innovation

O.N. Kuкharev, A.V. Nosov, A.A. Tuskov, E.S. Grosheva
The scenario for the long-term development of the domestic economy as defined in Russia’s Innovative Development Strategy implies the growth of its competitiveness in both traditional and new high-tech sectors, a breakthrough in improving the quality of human capital and the dynamics of labor productivity,...
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Modeling the Optimal Range of Dairy Products

Yu.D. Bahteev, M.R. Bahteeva, G.Yu. Kuryaeva, A.A. Tuskov
The use of economic and mathematical models for planning the activities of organizations is a core area of scientific research. One solution to this problem is to use linear economic and mathematical models that take into account a complex of different factors and limitations. This article implements...
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Features of Formation of Marketing Relations of Non-Profit Organizations in Modern Conditions

E.S. Akopova, N.V. Przhedetskaya, V.V. Sheveleva, A.T. Giyasov
Health care is one of the key areas of the national economy, which largely determines the standard of living of the population. In modern Russia, in the context of large-scale transformational market processes, this sphere is the subject of serious changes associated with emergencies and the intensive...
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Modeling the Interaction of Large and Small Industrial Entrepreneurship in Oil Refining

A.F. Andreev, D.V. Bunkovsky
The article describes an economic and mathematical multi-criteria model for the interaction of large and small (medium) industrial enterprises in oil refining and petrochemicals. The use of economic and mathematical modeling allows us to develop possible hypotheses in order to obtain additional information...
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Economical Assessment Mineral Fertilizers Application Systems in Production Conditions

Vasilii Zhdanov, Lubov Vinnichek, Maria Vizirskaya, Ivan Zhdanov
In this article, there is an information about how the indicator of cost-effectiveness assessment can be calculated and evaluated depending on amount of plant nutrition required to achieve the value of planned yield. There are also some results of putting mentioned information into practice and some...
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Corporate Social Responsibility as a Non-Functional Norm: Its Nature and Formation Factor

Lyudmila Makarova, Elena Tkach, Irina Kudryavtseva, Anna Seliverstova, Natalya Vinogradova
Based on institutional approach corporate social responsibility as an institutional category is defined. The category of corporate social responsibility as a non-functional norm is suggested. Its basic features are revealed. The impact of economic, political, ideological institutions on corporate social...
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Standardization of Insurance Services as a Factor in Improving Their Quality

Tatyana D. Odinokova, Elena B. Dvoryadkina
The popularity of an insurance product depends on many parameters, but the most significant of them is the quality of the service provided. Insurance services are related to financial services and are complex enough for the population to understand the specifics of their provision and, as practice has...
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Clustering ‘Goods’ on the Two-Side Market - on the VK Social Network

Andrei Plotnikov, Hiroko Kawamorita
The article considers the concept of “two-side market”, highlighting its main features, criteria and characteristics. A model of a multilateral platform is identified, which is a business model of these types of markets. The largest Russian social network VKontakte (VK) is considered from the point of...
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Prospects for Blockchain Implementation in the Financial Sector

L.A. Petrova, O.A. Kalachev, T.E. Kuznetzova, B.S. Saparova
The topic of this article is implementation of blockchain technology in all sectors of the economy, infrastructure, and government system. In recent years, introduction of blockchain was perceived as a revolution in business aimed at making information transfers from one device to another smoother, which...
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Analysis of Performance Standards to Identify Distortions in Financial Statements of Credit Organizations

Vladislav S. Stolbovoy, Zoya V. Udalova
The article is devoted to the use of financial analysis methods to analyze performance standards of existing banks and banks with a revoked license due to distortion of financial statements. The issue of creating accurate financial analysis tools to recognize an intentional misrepresentation of an organization’s...
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The Digital Economy Foresight and Its Impact on the Russian Economic Environment Functioning: The Regions’ Problems

G.E. Krokhicheva, Yu.R. Mezentseva, N.Yu. Izvarina, E.N. Sidorenko
The digital economy development in modern realities does not address the information technologies introduction in all spheres of society, their use in everyday life, the digital literacy growth, the new digital professions emergence. Ceteris paribus, the digital economy discussion includes the development...
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Digital Interactive Management Reporting: Key Module in Information Space Model of Digital Operating Environment of Agricultural Enterprises

Oksana A. Kovalenko
The article proposes a study of issues concerned with improving the methodology of management reporting at agricultural enterprises in the context of digitalization of accounting and analytic data. The need for a digital interactive management reporting for agricultural enterprises has been justified;...
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Assessment of the Risk-Benefit Ratio of an Investment Project Based on the Volatility Rate and Integrated Indicator of the Environment Dynamics

Margarita Doroshenko
In this paper it is proposed to use calculations of the coefficient of unpredictability and an integrated indicator of the environment dynamics to evaluate the numerical values of the risk-benefit coefficient of an investment project. The investment project is divided into 10 stages. The external environment...
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I-Business Firms in the Industry 4.0 Global Value Chains

Milena Balanova, Oleg Bodiagin, Inga Mezinova, Paskal Zhelev
I-business firms are upraising their capitalization compared to traditional pipeline businesses due to value co-creation with other participants - complementors, supply-side and demand-side users - forming a business ecosystem. The paper discusses the concept of value creation for platform firms and...
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Features of Digitalization of the Economy in the Socio- Economic Development of the Far Eastern Federal District

Luciena E. Piunko, Elena V. Tolkacheva
The article deals with theoretical and statistical assessments of the digitalization of the economy in Russia as a whole and in the Far Eastern Federal District. Calculations of growth rates of objective indicators of the digital economy at the beginning of 2018 are given, as well as an analysis of sociological...
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Institutional Components of Economic Security and Their Transformation

Inessa Vasileva, Natalia Morozova, Artem Evseev
The most important process of economic security is the stability and stability of the national economy, which implies the protection of property in all its forms, the creation of reliable conditions and guarantees for business activities, and the containment of factors that can destabilize the situation. It...
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Dynamics of Exchange Rates and Oil Price: Adaptive Analysis and Forecasting

L.K. Orlik, I.F. Khasanova
Multivariate generalizations of the modified and adaptive time series correlation coefficients are obtained using the example of the dependence of currency pairs quotations and Brent crude oil price. The analysis of the movement of exchange rates and oil price in the R software environment. A much more...
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Gender Features of Financial Literacy (Self-Efficacy) of Students at a Technical University

Inna Baranova, Maria Vlasenko, Natalia Ovchinnikova, Evgenia Prikhodko
The development of financial technologies, tools and services actualizes the importance of financial education and improving the financial literacy of the population, which determines the adoption of effective decisions on issues related to their current and future well-being. The study of financial...
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The Regional Resource Potential as a Factor in Ensuring Economic Security at the Meso-Level

Liu Chunguang, J.R. Mezentseva, G.E. Krokhicheva, E.L. Arkhipov, O.A. Alekseeva
The article discusses the organizational and methodological foundations of ensuring economic security at the meso-level and its relationship with the resource potential of the region. The role of the resource potential in socio-economic development of the region is considered. The object of the study...
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Model for Ensuring Economic Security of a Business

E.L. Arkhipov, E.Y. Penkova, T.A. Shcherbakova, S.Y. Kazantseva
The article is devoted to the study of factors affecting the economic security of business in the current realities. In modern conditions, the operational, tactical and strategic activity of the subject of legal relations occurs in a difficult economic situation, which depends on the external and internal...
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State Regulation of Financial Position of Territories

Natalia A. Istomina, Yulia S. Dolganova, Veronica S. Koskova
The article presents the results of the study on the inseparability of administrative regulation of debt of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and provision of federal inter-budget transfers to highly dependent territories. The authors study modern trends related to providing territories...
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Engineering Situational Analysis of Enterprise Economic Security

V.V. Lesnyak, E.M. Selezneva
The paper explores a new approach to engineering situational analysis of economic security of the enterprise. The proposed approach involves a varied assessment of its value for further computing a number of system-forming indicators of the initial, current and prospective level of security based on...
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Analysis of Indicators of Sustainable Development Goals for Rural Areas of Russia

Lyudmila G. Glubokova, Dmitry V. Kokhanenko, Sergey Y. Shevelev, Marina A. Ilyina
Sustainable rural development is a global problem. The importance of this issue lies in the fact that economically sustainable and socially developed rural territories guarantee stability, independence and food security of the state, therefore the direction of their development becomes a national policy...
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Regional Innovation Climate: Definition and Analysis

Alexandra Egorova, Artyom Uzhegov
In modern conditions, when Industry 4.0 sets the development trend, the competitiveness of countries in the world market will be determined by their innovative potential. Currently, for the Russian Federation, the regions play a key role in shaping a new innovation paradigm in the country’s development....
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Spatial Behavior of Prices in the Russian Dairy Product Market: Influence of the Market of the Republic of Belarus

A.V. Stupnikova
The paper presents the results of a study of the impact of the Belarusian market on the spatial differentiation of milk and cheese prices in Russian regions. The study found that the counter-sanctions introduced by Russia in 2014 led to the fact that since 2015, the Republic of Belarus has accounted...
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Proportional Banking Regulation System in Russia Based on the Concept of Basel III

Natalya N. Mokeeva, Larisa I. Yuzvovich, Natalya Y. Isakova, Valeriya B. Rodicheva
International approaches to a stricter definition of capital, increasing the minimum requirements for its value, and introducing new evaluation criteria will make it easier for banks to survive a period of economic instability. Experts believe that these innovations will make unstable participants leave...
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Formation of Economic Potential of a Restricted Administrative Unit

Tatyana V. Bakunova, Natalya Yu. Novikova, Elena A. Trofimova, Tatyana A. Koltsova
To date, it can be stated that the enterprise support system is not targeted, but is of a general nature, regardless of the type of activity, and, according to representatives of small businesses, low accessibility to financial instruments of state support remains. As a result, an imbalance appears between...
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Motives and Forms of Secondary Employment in the Field of Higher Professional Education of the District Murom

N.V. Smolina, M.N. Ryzhkova
The article describes the basic motifs of secondary employment, its relationship with the main profession, some features of secondary employment in the field of higher professional education the Vladimir region. An analysis of the content has been shown, as well as the specific of operation on secondary...
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Modern Ethno-Economic Processes in the Sayano-Altai Region: Continuity, Universality, and Multifunctionalism

V.K. Sevek, R.S. Taybyl, Kh.B. Badarchi, R.M. Sevek
The relevance and scientific significance of the research are determined both by the scientific and ethno-economic factors that study the peculiarities of the economic activity of the Sayano-Altai region ethnic groups, in particular, the Republic of Tyva and Western Mongolia. The scientific novelty of...
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Relativism in Modern Russian Economy

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, I.Yu. Shachkova, M.N. Yaklashkin
The article explores the phenomenon of relativism in the modern economy. The aim of the work was to reflect the manifestations of relativism in the modern Russian economy, to identify the truth of preferences and ways to preserve its integrity. The study is based on a system approach and descriptive...
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Implementation of Digital Technologies at Russian Enterprises as a Reserve for Increasing the Efficiency of Using Working Time

Elena A. Kipervar, Ekaterina A. Kipervar, Anastasia V. Pobiyanskaya
The article is devoted to research of influence of introduction of digital technologies on efficiency of use of working hours. The purpose of work is revealing reserves of growth of efficiency of work based on rational use of working hours at the enterprises at use of achievements of digitalization....
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Actual Issues of Risk Management in the Market of Digital Financial Assets

J.I. Shatohina, A.V. Kochetkov
Digital financial assets hide many of the risk management problems that emerged with the birth of the first digital currency, Bitcoin. The article discusses specific risks in the market of digital financial assets and elements of a system for managing such risks. The analysis of the survey data of professional...
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Using Transport Analogies in OFZ Market-Making

Petr P. Bobrik
The article describes the methodology for conducting market-making operations (later MM, the market-maker will also be designated) of Russian government debt securities on the Moscow stock exchange, used in the investment company Univer Capital during 2018-2020. The methodology uses a number of analogies...
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Expedience of Investing in the Intellectual Potential of an Enterprise Using the Example of PJSC Gazprom

Nina Baranova, Daria Loginova
One of the most important enterprise resources, ensuring its competitive advantage in the Russian and international markets, is its personnel with their knowledge, skills, smart ideas, effectively developing innovative projects and implementing them. Professionals are able to significantly increase the...
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Prospects for Restoring the Investment Flow to the Syrian Arab Republic

Tatyana Maximova, Nada Eid
Investment is the engine of economic growth because it leads to the establishment of many productive and service projects in various fields and creates new job opportunities. It also provides financial surpluses for the government and individuals. In this paper, we outline the investment situation in...
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Evaluation of the Cultural Proximity Factors Impact on the Mutual Trade Efficiency of the Countries within Eurasian Economic Integration

Veronika Vyazovskaya, Irina Savelyeva, Oksana Falchenko, Maria Chaikina
The purpose of this scientific paper is to assess the national cultures proximity impact on the effectiveness of regional economic integration in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). To assess the cultural proximity (distance) of the countries, the criteria developed by Hofstede were used and the cultural...
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Results of Economic Activity of Personal Subsidiary Plots Engaged in Distant-Pasture Animal Husbandry in the Republic of Tuva

Regina Taibyl, Chayana Darzhaa, Amarsanaa Bor
Animal husbandry is a means of subsistence and a major source of income for families in rural areas in the Central Asia. The article discusses the results of economic activity of personal subsidiary plots engaged in livestock in the Republic of Tuva. The Republic of Tuva lies at the Asian part of Russia...
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Development of Sharing Economy in the Context of Digitalization of Joint Consumption

Tatiana Ignatova, Elena Platonova, Antonina Pavlyukova, Grzegorz Sroslak
The article reveals the importance of a new digital economy for the creation of economy of joint consumption. The authors characterize economy of joint consumption as rather new type of service which technology of providing users (consumers) to a wide range is based on digitalization, development of...
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Assessment of Modern Global Trends in Digital Trade and Finance

Tatiana Ignatova, Christos Alexakis, Daria Ivanova, Egor Dudukalov
The article describes the main directions of development of the digital economy through comparison of different countries. The authors argue that modern transformation processes in the international trade and finance system are aimed at ensuring its full digitalization and use of the IT in every branch...
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Inertia of the Regional Economic System: Distinctive Features and Manifestations

Margarita A. Afonasova, Aliona V. Bogomolova, Andrey S. Dobrynin
The article discusses the problems of inertial development of the regional economy and economic slowdown and identifies the factors that cause inertia in conditions of instability of the domestic economy and unfavorable environment. The reasons for economic inertia are revealed, and the need for an effective...
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Management of Investment and Innovation-Driven Development of Business Entities: Determinants of Workforce Activating

Irina R. Kirishchieva, Mikhail M. Skorev, Tatiana O. Grafova, Victoria I. Kirishchieva
Investment and innovation-driven development of business entities represents one of the most important factors for improving the economic competitive ability. Managing this process assumes active involvement of a company’s personnel. The present work proves the main role within the workforce activating...
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Personnel Competence and Qualification Level Improvement: Motivation and Incentive Factors

Victoria I. Kirishchieva
In modern business conditions, improvement of competence and qualification level of personnel, with the latter being one of the most important business resources, is a relevant issue. The impact on the given resource should be focused not only on managing it, but it should be primarily associated with...
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The Use of Accounting Engineering Elements in Strategic Accounting

Mikhail M. Skorev, Tatiana O. Grafova, Irina R. Kirishchieva, Oksana A. Mishchenko
In the Russian Federation a working system for presenting accounting information, that will allow to use all existing reserves with the greatest efficiency, is vital for successful business operations. Nowadays, making important managerial decisions is impossible without external and internal information....
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The Analysis of the Consequences of Russia’s Accession to the World Trade Organization

Andrey Udalov, Zoya Udalova, Lyubov Postnikova
The World Trade Organization celebrated its 25 anniversary on 1 January 2020. During its work, WTO has sought to contribute to the liberalization of global trade and the resolution of many trade disputes. This article is devoted to the analysis of the consequences of Russia’s accession to the WTO, namely...
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Quality Management of Regional Economic Competitiveness

V.N. Chaynikov, V.L. Semenov, A.N. Zakharova, N.V. Voskresenskaya
The regional issue of economic competitiveness development becomes more important for Russia being to a significant extent influenced by economic environment segregation. Thus, a search of optimal approaches to the management of such a complicated object as regional economic competitiveness becomes important....
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Ensuring the Sustainable Development of Hotel Establishments by Improving the Service Quality

M.V. Kobyak, S.S. Skobkin, Aghiad Makhlouf, George Jarrouj
This article discusses the concept of sustainable development of hotel enterprises and methods to ensure it by improving the quality of hotel services. This research work is very relevant, since at present much attention is paid to the sustainable development of tourism and hotel enterprises, since sustainable...
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Economic Feasibility of Using a Renewable Energy Source for a Remote Industrial Enterprise

Olga Vishniakova, Olga Matushkina
The article deals with the problem of economic feasibility of choosing the type of power supply for a remote industrial facility. A comparative analysis of the use of two options for Autonomous renewable and centralized power supply is carried out. The methods described in the article allow us to take...
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Formation of the Creative Cluster of the Republic of Crimea: The Reality and Potential

Alexey Baranov, Olga Kotlyarova, Alexey Tagaev, Aleksej Lesnik
In the presented article, the author’s team analyzes the system components that form the creative cluster of the Republic of Crimea. The review of modern research works on the creative industry is analyzed. The practical part of the article is based on the data of numerous surveys, as well as on the...
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Taiwanese and Chinese Automotive Industry Trends

Alexander Kolesnikov, Tatiana Lomachenko, Tatiana Kokodey, Remzi Ablaev
With the rapid growth of economy in China, automotive industry is promptly expanding. Following the trend, there is a boom that Taiwanese automotive manufacturers start to set up plants in China. Therefore, some of Taiwanese automotive industry clusters which consist of vehicle component suppliers moving...
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Analysis of Investment Appeal for the Food Industry of Crimea

Tatiana Lomachenko, Remzi Ablaev, Alim Ablaev, Stanislav Roshchupkin
This research seeks to develop a generalized investment appeal indicator for a food company and for the food industry of a region by the example of Crimea. The latter is further called the rating of investment appeal for a region. Being of interest to management scholars and practitioners, the formulated...
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Organizational and Technological Solutions for the Construction of Enclosing Structures Made of Cellular Concrete of Multi-Storey Buildings

Mukhammet A. Fakhratov, Mohammad Sharif Akbari
In housing construction, autoclaved aerated concrete began to be used in 1924 by the Swedish company Skovde Gazobeton AB, and later it spread to other countries like Denmark, Norway, France, the USA and others. In the USSR, for the first time, a batch of domestic aerated concrete was produced by the...
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Functioning of Special Economic Zones in the Digital Economy Era

Ekaterina Kryukova, Konstantin Markelov, Elena Matsui, Lyubov Usachyova
The article considers the system of functioning of Special Economic Zones, as well as the development of international transport logistics, taking into account the positive and negative experience in Russia. Prosperity of any country depends on the level of its economic development In the era of globalization...
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7I-Model for Smart Urban Management

Konstantin Semyachkov, Evgeny Popov
The article presents the author’s model of the stages of the formation of a smart city (model “7I”), it is shown that the following levels are the basis for the development of smart cities: engineering infrastructure, institutes, communication and communication systems, data integration, user and technical...
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Entropy in the Management of Labor Potential

S.G. Radko
The possibility and expediency of using economic and mathematical tools for reducing uncertainty in labor potential management procedures are substantiated. The methodological problem of obtaining a quantitative measure of uncertainty in the management of labor opportunities of employees is determined....
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Assessing Grain Terminal Equipment Downtime Risk Using Simulation

Elena Veremeenko, Tatyana Rogovenko
The risks arising from the grain terminal equipment downtime have been assessed for different types of incoming freight traffic flow and arrangement of the terminal queue. Simulation of the freight vehicle servicing process has been applied in combination with statistical modeling of the individual terminal...
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Digital Financial Services Market Development: Background and Prospects

M.P. Loginov, N.V. Usova, E.E. Nedorostkova
Subject. In the context of economy digitalization, the development of digital financial services market is an objective consequence of the economic relations development. In this regard, the significant potential of the digital financial services should be used to improve the financial architecture and...
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Development of Management in the Digital Era

Raisya I. Akmaeva, Aygul A. Aytpaeva, Edvard I. Glinchevskiy, Bakhyt Zhautikov
This paper concerns new tendencies and challenges of the 21st century that present-day companies have to face under conditions of the digital economy. It presents the core principles of the new version of management “Management 2.0.” and argues that digital transformation is the main driving force that...
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Organizational Culture: Some Comparisons of Research Fields in Argentina and the Russian Federation

Evgeny Melnikov, Galina Menshikova, Isabel Moraita, Nikolay Pruel
The article describes the process of institutionalizing the theoretical trend of “organizational behaviour” (OB) in Argentina and the Russian Federation. Using the generally accepted selection of indicators characterizing it, a comparison of the attributes is carried out in relation to the two countries...
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Cluster Participants Risk Management: Modern Approach and Aspects

Oleg Lyamzin, Alexander Vyzhitovich
The article presents current issues on risk control that are specific in the context of cluster interaction between organizations in modern conditions. External and internal factors leading to adverse consequences were studied. The relevance of the problem of improving the effectiveness of risk control...
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Development of Human Resources in Pedagogical Activity Based on Effective Educational Practices in the Sphere of Formation of Safety Culture on Transport

G.S. Kamerilova, M.A. Kartavykh, E.L. Ageeva, M.A. Veryaskina
The necessity and opportunities of education human resources development in the sphere of development of the culture of safety in transport are revealed, the relevance of which is determined by high risks of child road traffic injuries. The value of human resources of education is determined by their...
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“Process Factory” Project as a Tool of Logistics Management in a Lean University

Diana Sataeva, Olga Kraynova, Lydmila Pavlova
The task of raising labor productivity in the field of education, set by state authorities, requires sustainable development and management system modernization through introduction of more efficient activities based on the concept of logistics management. In this context, lean production logistics technologies...
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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Logistics System

Polina Arshinina, Albina Kiseleva
Nowadays, there is no universal method for measuring the effectiveness of the logistic system, which takes into account its dynamics and the whole variety of alternatives determining the processes occurring in it. This article presents the result of scientific research on the effectiveness of logistics...
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Managing of Motivation for Millennial IT Professionals in Latvia

Svetlana Gribanova
The results of an empirical study based on an online survey of IT professionals in Latvia, who belong to Millennial Generation (Generation Y) are presented in the paper. This is the latest generation that entered the labour market. This generation is different from all previous generations. It is the...
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Innovative Training in Digital Transformation

Mikhail Morozov, Natalia Morozova, Marat Moldazhanov
Global digitalization affects all areas of socio-economic activity. It radically changes many business processes, which in turn affects the professional requirements for staff. The role and importance of digital competencies, which an employee of an enterprise should possess, is growing. The article...
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The Development of the Theory of Human Capital in the Historical Dimension

M.M. Khaykin, A.A. Lapinskas, O.A. Kochergina
The paper deals with the main stages of the formation of the theory of human capital in works of L. Walras, J.M. Clark, F. List, D. Ricardo, and J. McCulloch who showed the influence of the theories of marginal utility, supply and demand, costs, etc. on the development of human capital. The source of...
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Developing a Strategy to Improve Reliability in Supply Chains

Irina V. Terenina, Dmitry D. Kostoglodov, Inga O. Protsenko
The current stage in the evolution of logistics theory and supply chain management is characterized by an increasing interest in a range of new concepts, such as sustainable development, sustainability, strength, flexibility, adaptability, reaction speed, and reliability. The improvement of reliability...
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Problems of Forming Logistics Links in Building Sphere

Galina Pivovarova, Tatyana Tretyachenko, Svetlana Sogomonyan, Elena Kulkova
The development of logistics in the domestic economy is significantly behind this process in developed countries, both in terms of its accessibility for business entities and in terms of implemented competencies. This is largely due to the use of hierarchical forms of organization of logistics activities,...
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Development of Import Substitution of Goods as a Factor of Ensuring Competitiveness of Amur Region

Anjelica V. Vasilyeva
The article considers the level of self-sufficiency of the region with the main types of agricultural products. On the basis of the analysis of resources and use of basic food products in the Amur region, it is concluded that the in-house production of some food products does not meet the needs of their...
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Seven Tools for Quality Management and Control: Theory and Practice

Ekaterina Grigoryan, Ilonna Golubkova
This article attempts to consider the methods of quality management as a system of tools, to justify their theoretical and practical significance, to illustrate the possibilities of practical application on the basis of real examples. The article proved the active development of quality management systems...
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Risks, Associated with LISP Projects

Marina Tsurkan, David Mamagulashvili, Tatyana Uryadova, Alexey Artemiev
The paper discusses the risks, associated with participatory budgeting projects. In this light, the author analyzes the most common pattern – local initiatives support programs. The author identifies both the LISP projects risks and their mitigation measures. The article gives more accurate definition...
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Problems of Using Information Technologies in Governmental Regulation

Natalia Kovaleva, Ekaterina Filippova, Mariya Raznoglyadova, Tatiana Rudchenko
Information technologies, penetrating into all spheres of society, ensure the evolution of legal regulation, including the field of government administration. The purpose of the study is to analyse the impact of technologization of government administration, government regulations and regional development...
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Knowledge Base as an Integral Attribute of a Modern Company

Yuriy Golchevskiy, Andrei Yermolenko
An integral attribute of a modern company in addition to a corporate website is a knowledge base. Knowledge bases allow significant reduction of operating expenses associated both with core and non-core activities of the company. This study aims at showing the potential for knowledge bases to be used...
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Employee Online Surveys: Satisfaction, Engagement, Loyalty, and Readiness for Personal Branding

Leyla H. Alikhanova, Oksana K. Mineva, Diana Sh. Smirnova
Employee engagement is understood by us as the highest stage of commitment. In our understanding, this is such a physical, emotional and intellectual state that can motivate employees to perform their work as efficiently as possible. Achieving employee engagement is a guarantee of the efficient operation...
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Innovative Technologies of Human Resource Management

S.N. Kaznacheeva, I.B. Bicheva, Zh.V. Smirnova, E.A. Chelnokova
The article deals with the scientific and theoretical provisions that reveal the essence of the concepts of “innovation” and “innovative technology”. This analysis allowed the authors to identify the basic principles and sequence of the process of formation of the organization’s personnel. It is especially...
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Impact of Financial Instruments of the Bank of Russia for the Stability of the Banking System

V.A. Tatyannikov, T.V. Reshetnikova, E.N. Prokofieva
The subject of this research is the economic relations developing in the banking sector of the economy, where the role and application of the basic financial instruments of monetary regulation are fundamental to maintain liquidity, increase the reliability and business reputation of credit organizations....