Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education and Social Science Research (ICESRE 2019)

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Recurse Model: Cognitive Learning on Online Purchase Decisions

Irwan Christanto Edy, Riyanto
Online purchasing decisions are online consumer behavior and are an interesting phenomenon in research. This study aims to prove the concept that online consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by cognitive learning behavior. The main theory underlying this research is consumer behavior and learning....
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The Effectiveness of Workshop-Based Computer Learning of Photoshop Graphic Design by Using the Cooperative Learning Approaches of Jigsaw and Group Investigation

Theodora Indriati Wardani, Wijonarko
For research on the effectiveness of photoshop graphic design computer learning is used a workshop learning model. The learning model chosen was the Jigsaw cooperative learning model and the Group Investigation type. The difference between the two models is that in the type of Jigsaw grouping there are...
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Teachers’ Perspective on Lesson Study to Encourage Teaching and Learning Process

Achmad Hilal Madjdi, Atik Rokhayani, Muh Syafei
Nowadays, collaborative teaching is very important to create a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. The teacher should establish good cooperation with other teachers. One way that can be done by the teacher is applying lesson study. Teachers can apply lesson study as a strategy that is considered...
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Technology as a Means to Socialize Teacher’s Rights as Professional Educator in Central Java

Maryanto, Toebagus Galang Windi Pratama, Ika Menarianti
Legal protection as mandated by Law No. 14 of 2005 concerning Teachers and Lecturers have not been able to protect teachers because when teachers are faced with Law No. 23 of 2002 concerning the Protection of Children as amended by Law No. 35 of 2014. Teachers who carry out “certain” actions in carrying...
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Perception of the Role of Social Media, Participation, and Behavior in Determining Political Options in the Indonesian Presidential Election in 2019

Wawan Setiawan, Iswoyo, Endah Pujiastuti
This study aims to determine the extent of student perceptions about the role of social media in the 2019 Presidential Election and student perceptions of the influence of social media on student behavior in determining their political choices and knowing student perceptions of student participation...
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Application of Digital Technology in Language Teaching Toward Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era: Perspective of Language Teachers’ Readiness

The use of technology has become an influential part in language teaching and learning. The emergence of industrial revolution 4.0 era asks the language teachers to explore the use of technology in exploring language teaching. This qualitative study aims at revealing the language teachers readiness and...
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Measuring the Feasibility of Urban Transport Business Operations in the Disruption Era: A Case Study in Sukabumi City

Dendi Zainuddin Hamidi, Euis Lisnawati
Disruption era was pinned in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 because there were indeed many industries that had not yet implemented digitalization, losing competition with similar industries that had implemented digitalization. This happens because industries that have implemented digitalisation...
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Preliminary Study of Cognitive Obstacle on the Topic of Finite Integral Among Prospective Teacher

Kartinah, Toto Nusantara, Sudirman, Tjang Daniel
Cognitive obstacle are one of the four types of obstacles, three of which are: ontogenic obstacle, didactive obstacle, and epistemological obstacle. Obstacles are all things that hinder students’ progress in learning. Cognitive obstacles are part of a students knowledge at a time that is generally reliable...
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Organizational Culture Analysis Using Competing Values Model as a Strategy to Improve Research Performance and Scientific Publications

Indra Permadi, Noornisa Sarah Ginanjar
The Ministry of Technology and Higher education research, has widely issued regulations to strengthen research performance, to improve the competitiveness of the nation in the face of the industrial Revolution of 4.0. This government effort should be addressed by private universities, especially those...
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The Ulama Identity Politics in 2019 Presidential Election Contestation at the 4.0 Industrial Era in Central Kalimantan

Fimeir Liadi, Khairil Anwar, Ahmad Syar’i
The 2019 Presidential Election Contestation in the 4.0 Industrial Era is very interesting to be examined, specifically related to the Political Activities of Religious Identity. There are two presidential and vice presidential candidates appointed by the General Election Commission (KPU), namely the...
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The Communicative Model of Learning Speaking in Higher Education

Ngatmini, Siti Fatimah
In each learning model at any college or university, commonly involves students and lecturers. Ideally, learning to speak takes place in a reciprocal (interactive) communication model, which normally occur either horizontal or vertical communication. However, in fact, in several colleges there is still...
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The Use of Internet Mapping on Parents of Early Children in Industrial Era 4.0

Dini Rakhmawati, Desi Maulia, Febrian Murti Dewanto
Industry 4.0 revolution will have many changes and consequence. In this modern era, information and technology influence all human aspects massively, included parenting patterns. Technology advancement facilitated by internet existence is used by parents to take care of their children, especially early...
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Toward Affirmative Legal Policy for Workers Through Centralization of Labor Supervision

Endah Pujiastuti, Retno Saraswati, A.L.W Lita Tyesta
Labor supervision is a form of guarantee so that the labor regulations set by the Government can run following road map the determined. As a manifestation of the state’s presence in protection for workers, the Government of Indonesia has issued several policies related to labor supervision. There is...
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Local Wisdom: Mathematics Among Angler’s Activities

Farida Nursyahidah, Irkham Ulil Albab, Bagus Ardi Saputro
Ethno-mathematics or mathematics carried by ethnics in a particular area is a nation treasure that can build future Indonesian educational characters. This article describes how angler in Indonesia uses mathematics in their daily activities and its potential to be context in designing learning activities...
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Social Capital-Based School Management to Improve Teacher Performance (In Terms of Personal Communication and Confidence)

Erwin Erlangga, Sugiyo, Haryono, Titi Prihatin
The purpose of this study is to portray the personal communication and self-confidence of teachers in schools using school management based on social capital that improves teacher performance. The research method used is to use qualitative research. The instrument used was the researcher himself. Analysis...
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Influence of Group Counseling on Gifted Students’ Argument Skill

Rini Sugiarti, Rati Riana, Erwin Erlangga
This study aimed to test the influence of group counseling empirically on gifted students’ argument skill. The method used in this study was experimental, with one-group pretest-posttest design. The population in this study was gifted students of Mardi Siswa Junior High School Semarang. The parameter...
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Meta-Analysis of a Blended Learning Approach: Implications for Student Critical Thinking

H.D Ayu, S Saputro, Sarwanto, S Mulyani
The purpose of this study is to determine the implications of the blended learning approach to students’ critical thinking. Aspects of critical thinking are analyzed from several aspects, namely the media used in the blended learning approach, instruments used to evaluate critical thinking and analysis...
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Backchannel as an Online HOTS-Based Formative Assessment to Improve Students’ Reading Skills

Wiyaka, Entika Fani Prastikawati, AB Prabowo Kusumo Adi
One of Curriculum 2013 demands in teaching and learning process is the use of higher-order thinking skills (HOTS)-based authentic assessment. It asks the teachers to develop an ongoing activity assessment which records students’ learning development processes. Formative assessment can be considered as...
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Raising Public Awareness on HIV/AIDS Issues: How Do Social Media Play a Role?

M Fashihullisan, Mukodi, Sugiyono
Social media is the most effective communication media for sharing information in industrial revolution 4.0 era. Almost everyone has a smart phone, connected to the internet that can be used to access social media easily anywhere and anytime. However, this research analyzes the issue of HIV/AIDS on social...
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The Effectiveness of Continuous Professional Development for Teachers to Improve the Quality of Education

Nurkolis, Yovita Yuliejantiningsih
The purpose of this study is to find out how (1) the steps of continuous professional development (CPD) of teachers, (2) the methods and techniques of CPD, (3) the models of CPD, (4) the financing of CPD, and (5) the constraints of CPD. The research approach is qualitative while the type is phenomenological....
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The Effect of Corporate Governance on Performance Modified by the Company Size

Syamsudin, Aflit Nuryulia Praswati, Febrianur Ibnu Fitroh Sukono Putra
This study aims to determine the effect of corporate governance on corporate financial performance which is moderated by company size. The population used is companies listed on the Indonesian stock exchange. The sample in this study amounted to 53 companies. The sampling technique uses MRA (moderated...
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Curriculum Analysis of Nationalism and Islamism Education in Islamic School of Indonesia

Mukodi, Sugiyono, M Fashihullisan
This research aims to: (a) analyze the nationalism and Islamism education curriculum in Indonesian Islamic schools; (b) create a model of nationalism and Islamism education curriculum in Indonesian Islamic schools. To find the accurate result, the researchers use a qualitative approach with a case study...
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Adaptive Sales Strategy on Social Media Framework

Aflit Nuryulia Praswati, Aulia Uswatun Khasanah, Ghazi Aktif Adiking
Important aspects of the drivers of company performance are the ability of the workforce, new technological opportunities, the efficiency of the work structure and work policies that allow employees to interact with technology. Competition in the trading world is increasingly fierce along with the rapid...
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Art Therapy for Students Academic Stress

Laily Tiarani Soejanto, Khairul Bariyyah, Parid Rilo Pambudi, Desita Mulia Yaman
The academic stress phenomenon which experienced by many students that they encounter in daily life, if not dealt-with immediately, will affect the students life. Art therapy techniques can be used to reduce the academic stress of school students. The purpose of this study is to measure the effectiveness...
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Contextual-Based Animal Encyclopedia: HOTS on Elementary School’s Students

Farida Nur Kumala, Dwi Agus Setiawan, Putri Ridlatus Shaleha
This study aims to determine the effect of contextual use of animal encyclopedias in developing HOTS ability of Elementary School students. The subjects of this study were fifth grade students in 15 elementary schools in Malang Regency. The Data was collected using a test instrument consisting of indicators...
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Expert Judgement Android Package Kit to Improve Mathematical Problem Posing of Prospective Teachers

Lilik Ariyanto, Supandi, Intan Indiati, Mina Tika Selviana, Widya Kusumaningsih
This study aims to obtain a valid learning media that is used to improve the ability to submit mathematical problem candidates for mathematics teachers based on the Android Package Kit (APK). This research method is included in the research development. Retrieval of data using a questionnaire and legibility...
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Didactic Design of Geometry Learning: A Congruent Case

Supandi, Widya Kusumaningsih, Lilik Ariyanto
The obstacles in learning geometry are especially the concepts of congruence and harmony that students often experience. The type of obstacle is that students do not understand the difference between the concept of congruence and the harmony of a two-dimensional figure. Another obstacle is that students...
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The Critical Level of Intervention in Controlling Militant Group Related to Terrorism

Asep K. Supriatna, Hennie Husniah
Nowadays the word terrorism is often heard and becomes popular in many societies. It is connected with a militant group in human population. Terrorism is “the use of force or threat to weaken morals, intimidate and conquer”. In broad terms, this is considered as the use of deliberate discriminatory violence...
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Developing and Validating Role Commitment Module Toward Working Mother

Arri Handayani, Padmi Dhyah Yulianti, M.A. Primaningrum Dian M
This research is research and development research. This study aims to 1) development of the role commitment module for working mothers, 2) Testing the validity of the module in terms of content and readability, 3) Improving the module based on the results of the readability test. This role commitment...
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Working Autonomy on Double Burden Women (A Research on Women of Y Generation in Semarang)

Padmi Dhyah Yulianti, Handayani Arri, M.A. Primaningrum Dian M
The industrial revolution requires an increase in the quality of qualified human resources. It happens because of the increasing competition and demands of the times. The demand for superior quality is also applied to female workers. When a woman works, she must be able to manage the time between work...
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Implementation of METAL GEGANA for Elementary School Students on the Slopes of Mount Merapi

Mei Fita Asri Untari, H Dwi Prasetiyawati Diyah, Sukamto, Asep Ardiyanto
Metal Gegana Media (Digital Media for Disaster Mitigation) is media on volcanic disaster materials to improve understanding of volcanic disasters and disaster mitigation movements for elementary school students on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Magelang Regency. This research answers the development of...
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STEAM-Based Learning Through Magnetic Book: Efforts to Introduce Science Inquiry for Early Children

Muniroh Munawar, Fenny Roshayanti, Sugiyanti
Application of STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, and Mathematic) in Early Childhood Education is a form of an educational revolution that integrates various fields of Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics in one child’s play activities. The STEAM approach supports the development...
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The Effect of Marketplace on China Smartphone Consumer Satisfaction in the Official Store and Black Market in Surakarta

Sri Murwanti, Febrianur Ibnu Fitroh Sukono Putra, Aflit Nuryulia Praswati
This aims research to analyze the effect of smartphones purchasing place on consumers satisfaction who buy Chinese smartphones. The population in this research were all consumers who bought Chinese smartphones. The sampling technique used in this study was purposive sampling by taking a total of 400...
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Teachers’ Perceptions on the Implementation of “Bahasa Inggris Karakter Peduli Lingkungan” as Teaching Material for Junior High School Students in Semarang City

Suwandi, Senowarsito, Th. Cicik Sophia B
This study attempts to reveal whether or not the book developed entitled “Bahasa Inggris Karakter Peduli Lingkungan” as teaching material for Junior High School Students implemented at several schools in Semarang city could fulfil the needs of the teachers and students and is appropriate to be used as...
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Virtual Reality: Strategies for Introducing Tourism in Indonesia

Dian Permata Sari, Suprih Widodo, Nitih Indra Komala Dewi, Rizki Hikmawan
The industrial revolution is a challenge for Indonesia in all aspect, one of them is in the tourism sector. There need a strategy to attract local and international tourism, particularly for the Purwakarta district. The main problem in the promotion strategy today is introducing regional tourism using...
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Students Insights on Indonesian EFL Pre-Service Teachers in Malaysian ESL Schools

Ayu Liskinasih, Riza Weganofa, Thermutis Paulina Renyaan
With the advancement of global workforce, English language teaching program in Indonesia should be designed to prepare students with adequate knowledge and experiences to teach globally. Many collaborative works are done among universities to give first-hand experience on international pre-service teaching....
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Digital Book Design with a Contextual Approach to Citizenship Education Courses

Suwarno Widodo, Muhdi, Theodora Indriati Wardani, Achmad Buchori, Nur Cholifah
Learning citizenship education courses at the university PGRI Semarang not yet used digital-based books in learning, usually lecturers only use printed textbooks so students are heavy carrying it. Therefore, lecturers are expected to be able to make online and offline-based digital books that are packaged...
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Developing Magic Book Math Media Based on Augmented Reality: Expert Validity Analysis

Achmad Buchori, Dina Prasetyowati, Wijayanto
The current condition of high school mathematics textbooks has not been followed technological developments yet, one of the indicators is the use of Augmented Reality is not implemented in learning yet. This study aims at developing a valid magic book math media based on augmented reality. The development...
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The Effect of Justification and Consequence in Increasing the Effectiveness of Road Signs to Reduce the Number of Traffic Violations by Motorcyclists in Semarang

Nailul Fauziah, Endang Sri Indrawati, Adi Dinardinata
The use of road signs is commonly used to reduce traffic violation. However, the number of traffic violation is still high. Literature shows that the number of traffic violation depends on the type of message used in the road sign. This research aimed to know what message is the most effective to reduce...
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Evaluation of Accessibility with Wheelchairs Approach for Educational Buildings

Baju Arie Wibawa, Kurnia Widiastuti
This research evaluated the building accessibility for disabilities people. Gedung Pusat (GP) UPGRIS, as a once of a public building, is required to comply with the availability for all (include for diffabled people). The current condition causes they are unable to access the facilities of the educational...
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Character Values in the Teachings of Ki Hajar Dewantara

Titik Haryati, Oktaviani Adhi Suciptaningsih
The purpose of this study was to analyze character values in the teachings of Ki Hajar Dewantara. The research method used is qualitative with a case study approach. The research subjects were principals, teachers and middle school students, while the informants were students’ parents. Data collection...
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Design of Game Education Basic VAR in Geometry Learning

Sunandar, Noviana Dini Rahmawati, Arif Wibisono
The condition of the educational game now is so rapid development, one of the indicators is that students are busy playing games in between lectures, so that it raises concern as teachers to add value to the benefits of games in lectures adapted to the current millennial era. The purpose of this study...
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Design of Game Education Basic VAR to Learning Animal Material

Eem Kurniasih, Lusi Rachmiazasi Masduki, Yuli Haryati
In making educational game designs that fit the needs of children, an in-depth study is needed, one of them is the way of thinking of the child, in this research an educational game media will be designed that is suitable for the kindergarten children’s thinking, we can first make changes to ADDIE analysis...
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The Use of Interactive Multimedia in Improving Mathematics Learning Outcomes: The Case of the 4th Grade Students of SDN Manyaran 01 Semarang in the Academic Year of 2019/2020

Nurmawati, Lusi Rachmiazasi Masduki, Edy Prayitno, Maria Yustina Rensi Dartani
Learning media is a medium, or forum that can be used to stimulate thoughts, feelings, concerns, and abilities or skills of learners so as to facilitate of learning, those all can help teachers in improving students learning achievement. Media of learning is always get development along with technological...
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Comparative Study of Environmental Literacy Between Teachers and Students at Coastal Area

Fenny Roshayanti, Azizul Ghofar Candra Wicaksono, Ipah Budi Minarti, Nurkholis
The damage of environment right now being the concern of many institutions including the schools. The schools that provide good learning environments will give a great contribution in solving environmental issues by creating pro-environmental generations. Thus, the schools play important role in giving...
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The Instrument Measures Students’ Mathematical Communication Ability Based on Javanese Culture: Validity

Rasiman, Andi Priyolistiyanto, Dina Prasetyowati, Kartinah
This study is part of the research description of the mathematical ability profile of students based on Javanese Culture in Mathematics material in junior high school. Study on the profile of students’ mathematical abilities based on Javanese Culture and interview guidelines. At the stage of preparing...
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The Model of Utilizing Information Technology for Strategic Planning of Posyandu Electronic Information Resources

MY Teguh Sulisyono, S. Hadiati Nugraini, Dyah Ernawati, MG Catur Yuantari
Posyandu is an integrated health service post where the post is a Community-Based Health Effort (UKBM) held for the community. As a means for the community to obtain basic health services, especially for mothers and children. In its service posyandu there are still deficiencies in services such as registration...
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Teaching Basic Concepts of Public Policy Using Whiteboard Animation Video Game Media

Muhdi, Arif Wibisono, Yovita Yuliejantiningsih, Achmad Buchori
Describe the teaching process about the basic concept material of public policy that is delivered using whiteboard animation video game applications that are able to increase graduate student motivation. From the results of the expanded field test at UNISBANK postgraduate partner universities, the results...
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Policy Direction for Thai English Language Education in an ASEAN Era: Aspirations vs Reality

Sutraphorn Tantiniranat
Since its inception in 1967, the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has had ambitious aspirations rooted in economic prosperity, stability for the region, regional co-operation and people-to-people interconnectivity.With reference to language and communication, ASEAN specifies English as...
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Design of Interactive Multimedia with Contextual Approach to Improve Mathematical Economic Problem Solving Ability

Achmad Buchori, Siti Kholifah, Iwan Koerniawan
The turning point of developing education is when the world of education succeeds in continuously creating the nation’s future generations who have their own characteristics and expertises after the education. Therefore in formal schools, students need to improve their problem-solving skills. This research...