Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2021)

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Financial Model Innovation of Agricultural Product Supply Chain Based on Integrated Operation

Li Chunhua, Wang Peng
There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the agricultural product supply chain. These enterprises are faced with financing difficulties and high financing costs for a long time, and there are widespread trust crises and poor information transmission in the supply chain. Based on the integrated...
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Analysis on CAPM and Sharpe Ratio in Market Investment

Zhou Yang
Market investment is always a popular method to make a profit. With different investment means, there are tens of thousands of portfolios in the market for investors to choose and combine. In order to maximize profit and minimize risk, some evaluation must be done to those portfolios. Many capital asset...
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Analysis on the “High Send and Transfer” Dividend Policy of Listed Companies in China

Yuhan Zhu, Yitao Ding
China’s capital market is developing constantly, but there are still many problems. This paper focuses on the phenomenon of high transfers that exist and has received a lot of attention in the Chinese capital market. Through theoretical research and literature induction methods, this paper first studies...
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Influence of the Currency Unification on the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe

Hengqi Li
For the entire economics, the sovereign debt crisis in Europe which has already been the great research value on the history. There are three big reasons that will cause the sovereign debt crisis. There are three channels which caused the sovereign debt crisis: Currency unification has eliminated exchanges...
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Research on the Revolution of the Catering Industry in the Platform Economy

Peiyi Zhang
In the context of the information age, the platform economy has gradually become an essential tool for economic transformation along with the development of science and technology, meanwhile, the traditional catering industry is encountering the problem of performance deterioration. Therefore, it is...
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The Research of the Development Process of Equity Incentive in China

Zhehua Chen
The equity incentive system originates from western developed market economy countries. In the past few decades, the development of the equity incentive system has been ignored at the beginning and then widely concerned. Since China’s reform and opening up, it has gradually explored the implementation...
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China’s Economic Transformation and Industrial Upgrading Under the New Normal

Zhan Gao
after entering the new normal, China’s economy needs to be properly transformed and developed. Based on the background of the new normal, this paper discusses the transformation and industrial upgrading of China’s economy, and explains the necessity and methods of industrial upgrading.
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Current Income Recognition Principle Analysis of IFRS 15, ASC 606 and CAS 14

Shuyu Zhou
Income recognition principle under IFRS and GAAP has changed into convergence in the last few years. With a demand of converting to IFRS, Chinese accounting standards have also obtained development in income recognition. All income recognition principles under the three different accounting system contain...
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Analysis on the Situation of Chinese Housing Bubble

Jingyu Yao
Due to the continuously dramatic increase of the house prices in China, a question appears in front of the public asking if China has a housing bubble. This article first defines the term “housing bubble”, giving a basic information about the main topic. And then it lists and explains several real life...
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The Impact of the Coronavirus on Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry

Haolang Liu
The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought impact and changes to the lives of all people. It also puts forward higher requirements on the production capacity and creativity of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Under the epidemic, the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry is...
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The Application of Topological Structure of Interpersonal Relationships to Optimize Customer Segmentation

Haotian Liu
Customer segmentation is based on a large amount of customer data, but for many new users, their customer data is zero. The similarity of the characteristics of the interpersonal relationship group can make up the shortcomings of the existing customer segmentation method, so this topic is studied. This...
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Research on Marketing Segmentation

Boxiang Jia
This article mainly organizes the methods of today’s market segmentation, describes their basic principles, compares the characteristics of different methods, and application scenarios, and also describes a detailed case using logistic regression to market segmentation. Therefore, the specific usage...
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The Research of Reasons Behind the US-China Trade Imbalance

Meixi Peng
The US-China trade deficit has directly brought about the ongoing trade war and is a major factor contributing to the growing tensions between the two global superpowers. Only by thoroughly analyzing the factors behind the massive imbalance and understanding the connection between them can effective...
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Research on Customer Value Measurement

Putengxin Liu
The customer value proposition consists of the sum of benefits that a vendor promises a customer will receive in return for the customer’s associated payment. This research paper aims to analyze a study about customer value measurement for different enterprises. This article illustrates how SMEs considered...
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Comparison of Emphasis Point Towards Marketing Strategies Between Pepsi & Coca-Cola

Yueqian Dai
As majority of people become more and more concerned about their health, the demand for soft drinks becomes less and less. Despite this relative inferior position in the soft drinks market, Coca-Cola has maintained its dominance for a certain long period; while its rival, Pepsi, has seen its profits...
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Analysis on the Influence of Electronic Currency Circulation on Central Bank

Yutong Zhang
In the contemporary world, the rise of electronic money has attracted many people’s concern. The applicability and efficiency of using electronic money have become the reasons why people love to use it. But electronic money also has a certain impact on the central bank. This paper analyzes the challenge...
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Financial Risk Analysis and Regulatory Suggestions for Shadow Banking

Yilu Li
With the rapid expansion of shadow banking in China, its effect of risk prevention and control is initially effective, but related financial risks are still accumulating. The People’s Bank of China mentioned in its 2019 China Financial Stability Report that “properly defusing the risks of shadow banking”...
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The Role of Modern Economics in the Improvement of Enterprise Management Efficiency

Shang Yu
Now in the 21st century, the management of Chinese enterprises mainly includes financial management, production management, human resource management and other management modes. Corporate management and corporate management efficiency directly affect the development of enterprises. If enterprises want...
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The Impacts of Basel III on the Global Banking Regulations and the Responses of Regulatory Systems

Xiaotong He
In 2007 and 2008, a wave of financial crises swept across the globe. The crisis exposed the low liquidity of capital and the inadequacy of the regulatory system under the Basel II. In order to ensure the stability of the international financial environment, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision...
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Hybrid PSO-SVM for Financial Early-Warning Model of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Xinke Chong
As feature subset selection and parameter tuning are important for the performance of SVM-based models, a PSO-SVM model was provided which uses particle swarm optimization (PSO) to optimize both a feature subset and parameters of SVM simultaneously so as to improve the prediction result. Finally, the...
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The Impact of the Dividend Method on the China Listed Company’s Stock Price

Zehui Peng
This paper applies to the knowledge related to stock dividends, investment strategies, and basic stock market analysis. It mainly studies the impact of stock dividends on stock prices in the Chinese financial market environment. The article cites the findings of the empirical analysis of cash dividends...
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Analysis on the Housing Bubble in China

Yuan Yan Jiang
With the market opening and development of Chinese economy, real estate is one of the biggest form of investment in China. Due to the continuation of purchasing real estate, China housing prices soars rapidly in main cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and etc, with housing price-to-income ratio...
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Analysis on the Application of Custom Segmentation

Fanjun Zeng
It has been proved that customer segmentation can bring more profits to companies. However, many small companies still hesitate to use it, or they just do not know how to actually use customer segmentation. This paper analyzes the purpose and benefits of customer segmentation. The most common applications...
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Analysis on the Customer Segmentation of HuaWei Company

Yang Yueyuan
With the gradual improvement of the convenience of information acquisition, people can get the information they expected to look for more easily than before. It will bring a lot of convenience for the company to do big data investigation. But at the same time, it may also bring some bad conditions for...
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Exploring the Principles and Laws of Financial Crisis: from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis to New Crown Epidemic

Wang Shuhao
Financial crisis has stimulated debates among analysts as they strive to detect and reduce the impact of recession before it undermines the global economy’s development. The challenges that the financial crisis imparts in nations are becoming intense due to globalization. Moreover, capital markets are...
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Analysis on the US and Chinese Stock Company

Yuhao Chen
This paper provides an analysis towards why Chinese stock market is different from US. It first provides an in-depth analysis in Chinese history of opening the financial market with four stages. Then, it examines the history of capital asset pricing models, and its effect on stock market. Then, author...
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Empirical Analysis of the Chinese Mask Industry During the Covid-19 Epidemic

Ziyu Yu
Traditionally, the mask industry in China has several characteristics, including small-scale production, low technology and low human capital investment. As a result, the Chinese mask industry has a low entrance barrier which leads to high competition among various players. However, in 2020, during the...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Future Development of Sneaker Resale Market

Zhang BoPing
Sneaker resale market is where sellers and buyers conduct transactions of sneakers released in primary market. People can buy cheaper, scarce, or collaboration shoes in this market. The price of every pair of sneakers also fluctuate due to many factors. The purpose of this paper is to explore the reason...
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Analysis of Financial Theory and Financial Governance Under the Background of New Network Economy and Epidemic Situation

Yuchao Guo
Financial governance as an important factor in China’s governance system, financial theory plays a leading role in financial governance. In the development of financial activities, financial theory and financial governance are coordinated and can jointly maintain the order of financial market. However,...
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Bilateral Trade Between China and Kazakhstan: Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Belt and Road Initiative

Yuhang Duan
The trade and cooperation between China and Kazakhstan has been based on a shared commitment as the total trade volume increases continuously. However, in general, the commercial and commodity structure is still a single product structure, with labor-intensive products and raw material exports as the...
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Research on Crime Prevention Based on the Economics of Crime

Yanli Li
In the research of criminology, crime prevention is a fundamental and strategically important subject. This article attempts to study crime prevention goals, basic theoretical assumptions, best effects and limits from the perspective of criminal economics, using economic analysis methods, with a view...
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The Game Analysis Between Governments in Provinces Border Region Economic Development

Xiaoqing Pang
Province border regions play a mediation role in communication between areas during process of regional integration and their economic development is directly subject to cooperation between province governments. Based on the hypothesis of governmental “economic man”, this study derived that inspection...
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Laos Economic Structure and Economic Development Policy

Somsanith Sythongbay
This paper critically explores the Laos’ economic structure and economic development policy. The paper highlights that until 1987, Laos was a closed economy defined by district production. After 1987, the economy parades to the external world for FDI and begins to record the economic process. The paper...
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Strategic Positioning, Monetary Policy and Capital Structure

Zhu Bao, Ma Zhong, Wang Longfeng
Taking Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share non-financial listed companies from 2009 to 2018 as samples, the paper empirically examines the impact of strategic positioning on capital structure decision-making. The results show that firms with more radical strategies are more likely to choose higher capital...
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Research and Analysis on Herd Behavior of Individual Investors

Zhuowen Chen
Based on the development of China’s financial market later than the western markets, the professional level of individual investors and market supervision are undeveloped than the western markets. In the process of capital market gradually internationalization, China’s individual investors are face some...
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Comparison of Marketing Strategies Between Emerging and Legacy Companies

Hongyu Wu
In this era of rapidly changing information, different companies’ marketing strategies have varying degrees of impact on the company’s future development. In this research, the author discusses the different marketing strategies between emerging companies and traditional companies in the fields of automobile...
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Prediction of Stock Price Based on LSTM Model

Yangtian Yan
With the development of the stock market, listing has become one of the best ways for companies to develop. These companies are able to raise money in the equity market, while different types of investors come with an expectation of benefiting from potential stocks. The evidence suggests that this is...
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Internationalization Experience of Chinese Ancient Currency and Its Enlightenment

Dechen Ding
Based on historical documents and archaeological excavations, this paper first comprehensively introduces the historical evolution of cross-border circulation of ancient Chinese currency, then deeply analyzes the historical status of ancient Chinese currency in the world currency, and finally puts forward...
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Analysis of National Law in the Market

Yichen Yao
Due to the lack of perfect legal control, there are many drawbacks in the market. However, although several legal provisions are also included, and the whole market presents a prosperous scene. With the improvement of the law, there will be criminals constantly improving the means of crime, as they are...
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The Impact of the Epidemic on China’s Real Estate Industry in 2020

Yucheng Li
With the spread of the novel Coronavirus, 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. From January to May, Chinese people prevented themselves from virus infection through home isolation. Therefore, almost all industries except the Internet industry have suffered losses. With the decrease in the number...
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The Plight on the Development of P2P Online Lending and the Countermeasures Using Blockchain

Xiyang Su
Peer-to-peer internet lending is a new form of lending. However, a crisis of trust has been triggered owing to the low threshold of the industry and the information asymmetry amongst three types of participants (lenders, borrowers and P2P online lending platforms). The data of online lending platforms...
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Analysis of Overseas Management Strategy of the Volkswagen Group

Yulin Bai
The performance of multinational organizations is based on their strategic objectives. Global dynamics and trends prompt companies to develop effective expansion approaches to other countries. The achievement of these strategies is evaluated by several aspects, including the financial indicators. Currently,...
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The Impact of Deviant Strategy on Corporate Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Equity Incentives and Market Competition

Chong Chen
Related research has pointed out that the choice of corporate strategy can affect corporate performance, but the relationship between deviant strategy and corporate innovation performance has not been revealed. This article uses the 2007-2017 Chinese A-share listed companies as samples. The study found...
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Research on the Operational Performance of the First Batch of Private Banks in China

Peishen Cao, Hongwei Liu
After nearly six years of exploration and development, China’s first batch of private banks have gradually matured. In order to reflect the real development situation of the pilot private banks comprehensively, explore the advantages and disadvantages of the banks’ operation, and help the banks to improve...
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Research on the Performance of Cross Border M & A of Chinese Listed Companies Under the Background of Supply Side Reform

Qian Min, Ma Wei
With the rapid development of economic globalization, enterprises are facing fierce competition in the international and domestic markets. Some enterprises have launched international business strategies, went abroad, sought overseas resources, and began to invest abroad. Transnational merger and acquisition...
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Research on the Target Positioning of RMB Internationalization in the New Era

Dechen Ding
The target orientation of RMB internationalization in the new socialist era is faced with many new situations and new characteristics. Firstly, literature on the target Orientation of RMB internationalization are reviewed, and then the environment of RMB internationalization are analysed. Eventually,...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors and Causes of China’s High Housing Prices

Zekai Zhang
High housing prices are currently a major problem facing Chinese cities, and the related factors are comprehensive and diverse. Based on the actual situation, it is not difficult to find that only when the government takes the lead, combines the economic power of the real estate market with the principles...
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Research on the Application of Accounts Receivable Financing

Jiaxin PEI
This paper analyzes the current status of SMEs concerning financing difficulties, and focuses on the application of accounts receivable financing to assist the development of the enterprises. After briefly introducing accounts receivable financing, its current development at home and abroad, the classification...
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The Enlightenment of American Subprime Mortgage Crisis to Financial Supervision in China

Shao Wenya, Wu Lili
Since March 2007, the subprime crisis has had a huge impact on the world economy. Therefore, the Enlightenment from the subprime mortgage crisis can also help us to do some prevention or reduce some losses when the crisis comes. Therefore, this article analyzes the enlightenment to our country’s financial...
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How Does Education Affect the Time Spending on Work and Leisure?

Chen Ye
I use the American Time Use Survey between 2003-2018 to study how education affects work and leisure time use. I find that higher education is associated with more time spent on work and less time on leisure. This is robust if we control the effect of income, gender, and age. In addition, we also find...
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Research on the Default Risk and Credit Strategy of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise

Siqi Guo, Wanqing Peng, Haoxuan Li
With the rapid development of China’s multilevel capital markets, small and medium-sized enterprises gradually occupy an important part of the market economy. Due to the characteristics of small scale, simple technology, low financing and capital utilization efficiency of SMEs, commercial banks will...
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The Impact of Social Support on Employees’ Subjective Well Being: The Mediating Role of Optimism

Hui-wen Bai
In this paper makes an empirical study on the relationship between social support and employee well-being, as well as the mediating role of optimism in psychological capital between social support and subjective well-being. Taking 311 employees from different industries in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone...
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Research on Influence of Energy Internet on Organizational Form of Power Grid Enterprise

Hualei Zhang, Jian Zhao
The Energy Internet is deeply integrated with energy systems and emerging technologies such as the “Cloud Computing, Big Data Technologies, the Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, Artificial Intelligence”, which accelerates the transformation of the traditional energy system driven by fossil energy...
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The Impact of Trade in Service Restrictions on Real GDP Level: An Empirical Analysis from China and Its OBOR African Partners

Pei Zhi Wang., Abdul Hadi Tahir.
This paper presents an assessment of the restrictions imposed on international trade in service and its implications on real GDP levels. Countries involved in this study are China and its African partners in the one belt one road initiative namely: Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and Tunisia. Such assessment...
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An Empirical Study on the Regional Distribution and Influencing Factors of Community Development Foundations

Take Shanghai as an Example

Siyang Zhang
Community development foundations have significant advantages in integrating community public resources, cultivating community public welfare projects, meeting the needs of community residents for survival and safety, participating in community governance at the grassroots level, enhancing community...
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The Construction of Internal Marketization Management Path -- Based on the Case Study of QIANJIN GROUP

Haobo Chen
This paper makes a case study on the internal marketization management of QIANJIN GROUP. Following the basic principles of case analysis, it summarizes the construction method of its internal marketization management path by induction. The research shows that QIANJIN GROUP carries out internal market-oriented...
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Research on the Influence of Webcast on Consumers’ Purchase Decision

Zhenxiang Guan
The results show that the three factors of high quality content, opinion leaders and entertainment have positive effects on trust, perceived functional value and perceived affective value. That is, the more capable the content, opinion leaders or anchors of high-quality e-commerce live broadcasts (hereinafter...
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The Reasons for Douyin’s Success from the Perspective of Business Model, Algorithm and Functions

Baiyu Huang
In recent years, short video applications have sprung up in China. As one of the most successful short video applications, TikTok allows users to be fully entertained in fragmented time. Douyin is the name of the Chinese version of TikTok. The number of users has shown explosive growth, and it has set...
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Causes of the Subprime Crisis and Its Enlightenment to China’s Economy

Tianyi Wang
The reasons for the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States are involved in this paper. On the surface, it is the result of the Fed’s rate adjustment. In fact, there are many more in-depth reasons for the outbreak. In this article, briefly summarizing the development process, the author carefully...
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The Transformation and Challenge of Human Resource Management in Public Sector Under Digital Economy

Kexin Lv, Defa Cai, Peng Chang
Digital economy, as an emerging economic form, opens a new journey for China’s economic and social development, and promotes the shift of the distribution space of human resource management in the public sector, the change of objects of action, the upgrade of information management, and the transformation...
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Research on China’s Shadow Banking Regulatory Issues

Rongxiang LUAN
After the 2008 financial crisis, most financial practitioners reflected on the causes of the financial crisis and believed that shadow banking was the root cause of the crisis. Although China’s shadow banking started late, it has developed rapidly and has become a major hidden danger in China’s economic...
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Empirical Study on Competency Model of Managers in Fourth Party Logistics Enterprises

Chunbin Liu
With the development of economy, the competition of logistics enterprises is becoming more and more severe, and the traditional third party logistics enterprises obviously cannot meet the high requirements of the market. With the arrival of the Internet era, the fourth party logistics slowly into the...
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Analysis of Financial Investment Risk in Enterprise Financial Management

Weimei Chu
At present, there are more and more investment participants in the financial investment market. Therefore, the development speed of the financial investment industry is getting faster and faster. However, it is precise because of the continuous changes in the types and numbers of investment entities...
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Research on the Construction of Digital Government in Digital Economy

Bingqian Chen
“ Digital government “is an important content to promote the construction of digital China. China’s digital government construction can be divided into three stages: the embryonic stage, the growth stage and the consolidation stage. Now it has entered the comprehensive promotion stage, and the theoretical...
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Factors for Stock Markets to Avoid Big Falls During the Coronavirus Epidemic

Jiarui Wu
COVID-19 affected the whole world. Millions of people were infected, and shops and factories are closed. WHO also listed the epidemic as public health emergency of international concern. The corona virus has led to big falls in economy. Many people are curious about how the virus affect the economy and...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Efficiency of My Country’s Private Investment Structure

Sun Min
Affected by the weakening of the global economy, the role of export trade in promoting my country’s economic growth has gradually weakened. In addition, measures to stimulate economic growth by domestic demand are difficult to achieve in the short term. Investment, as one of the “troikas” of my country’s...
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Research on the Four-Dimensional Decomposition of China’s Manufacturing Export Growth

Dong Tianhao, Deng Jing
Based on the dynamic decomposition framework of export duration from the perspective of micro-firm export behaviour, this thesis divides the export trade of an economy into four dimensions: Entry, Exit, Survival and Deepening. After redefining the decomposition rules, this thesis analyses the export...
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Analysis of the Impact on Chinese Economy and Countermeasures of the COVID-19

Shiyuan Wang
At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world at an unexpected speed, causing varying degrees of impact on countries’ economy. The Lockdown of towns and shutdown of factories soon had huge and obvious influences on various countries. Due to the epidemic, the estimated GDP growth has...
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Research on Training Methods of Cross-Border e-Commerce Talents in the 5G era

Wang ning, Li zhao
The era of 5G communications will inject new impetus into the development of cross-border e-commerce, Technological innovation has changed the quality requirements and skills requirements of related fields, the method of talent training has gradually changed from goal-oriented to application-oriented....
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Comparison Between the COVID-19 Epidemic and Global Credit Crisis in 2008

Wu Sirui
The current global epidemic of Corona Virus Disease 2019 is spreading. With the increasing uncertainty of the severity and duration of the pandemic, economic and social stagnation, the break of global industrial chain, and the economic and food security of countries are affected, which bring market panic....
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The Application of New Media in University Administration

Shengkang He, Lu Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the Internet and new media are also developing rapidly. Colleges and universities begin to use new media to assist their own administrative management. Compared with the traditional media, the new media has larger capacity, the carrier...
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Analysis of the Co-Movement of Economic Growth of BRICS Countries

Bai fa Shi, Hua Bai
The sustained and steady growth of the BRICS economy is of great significance to the development of the world economy. This paper studies the co-movement of BRICS economic growth. The research based on the economic data of BRICS countries in 2001-2016. Firstly, the graphic method is used to describe...
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The Policy Development Course and Enlightenment of Venture Capital in China Under the Background of Industrial Structure Upgrading and Transformation

Jiajia Fu
Because of the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure in China, venture capital, a form of financing for innovative enterprises, becomes important. This paper discusses the development process and status quo of venture capital in China, and analyzes the problems of venture capital development...
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Design and Empirical Research on Hierarchical Settlement Model of Individual Customers

Pengfei li
Personal deposit has the characteristics of large scale, high stability and low cost. The settlement research of personal deposit is the focus of bank settlement optimization. Through the empirical study, it is found that there is a hierarchical trend in the results of personal deposit in H branch of...
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Research on Evolution Process of Credit Risk Contagion Under Degree State Transition

Tianqi Wang, Yi Sun
This paper starts from the assumption that the credit relationship network will have a “degree transition”, that is, the underlying network is a limited dynamic, and the evolution process of credit risk contagion under the open network system with noise factors is studied. Firstly, under the assumption...
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How Does Opportunity Inequality Affect Education Inequality and Income Distribution?

an Empirical Analysis on China

Yaxuan Li
Based on the data of Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) in 2015, this research analyses how environmental factors influence educational inequality and income distribution in China through logit model and other models quantitatively. The results show that there is a significant opportunity inequality...
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Research on Corporate Strategy and Financial Performance Based on Board Function

Ruixue Gao, Zhixuan Li
The board of directors, as a “central” institution connecting shareholders and managers, is the final decision maker of the corporation, and the core of corporate governance. The legislation of each country and the guidelines of various institutions regard the construction of an efficient board of directors...
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Analysis on the Acquisition of LVMH on Tiffany& Co.

Jiani Li
A famous acquisition case happened on Nov. 25. 2019, within the luxury industry — LVMH’s acquisition of Tiffany&Co. This paper analyzed the acquisition and focused on LVMH as the purchaser and Tiffany as an acquiree. By using the day of the acquisition as the tipping point, this research will focus...
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Study on the Legal System of Foreign Military Bidding Procurement

Dongbin Wang, Yangyang Yu, Haiyong Zhang
Since World War II, foreign militaries have generally attached great importance to the establishment of a legal system for military procurement, especially in military procurement through bidding, which has gained many successful experiences, improved the efficiency of the use of funds, and promoted...
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Prediction Method of Stock Fluctuation Trend Based on LASSO-BPNN

Hongzheng Li
As an important part of the securities industry, the stock market has always attracted the attention of investors. In view of the fact that there are many factors affecting the stock market and it is difficult to predict, this paper proposes a prediction method of stock fluctuation trend based on LASSO-BPNN....
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Challenges and Countermeasures of China’s Direct Investment in Mongolia in the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative

Yifei Li
In recent years, with the development of the Chinese economy and the build of The Belt and Road, Chinese investment and trade in Mongolia have come into focus. Even with many favorable conditions, China’s direct investment in Mongolia still has some challenges. Based on these, this paper analyzed the...
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Application and Prospect of Blockchain Technology in China’s Commercial Banks

Tianyu Liu, Dayan Lin
For the traditional financial industry, blockchain technology has brought an unprecedented revolution. In recent years, blockchain technology has become one of the most important research directions of financial technology in commercial banks in China. The application of blockchain technology in commercial...
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The Impact of Luckin Coffee’s Negative News on Its Stock Price and the Financial Market

Chak ho Chau
Past studies have found that financial news has a relationship with stock prices. Bad news has negative impact on stock prices, but the type of bad news also matters. When a stock is shocked by a natural disaster, a dip of its stock price is only temporary; when it is shocked by a scandal event, such...
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Effect of COVID-19 on Quick Service Restaurant Industry in China and the US

Lin Li
Since the worldwide breakout of COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people died and lost their jobs. The pandemic made almost all economies in recession, with negative GDP growth rate and high unemployment rate. As the top two biggest economies, China and the US are not immune to this pressure....
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Analysis of the COVID-19 Epidemic’s

Impact on the Stock

bokai Sun
The COVID-19 epidemic has an impact on the stock, which has aroused a heated debate. This paper describes the factors influencing the stock price, how the COVID-19 influencing the stock prices and different industries performance influenced by COVID-19. The result shows that although both US and Hong...
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Analysis of Hong Kong Dollar in a Changing Economic Environment

Dihua Fang
Many people have begun to reconsider the linkage of Hong Kong’s currency, the Hong Kong Dollar, to the U.S. Dollar under the historically great tension in US-China relationships and the underlying conflict between two of the world’s biggest economies. There are many different policy candidates advocated...
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Using IS-LM Model to Analyze the Effects of Covid-19 on Chinese Economy

Haonan Wang
Covid-19 has affected Chinese economy greatly. Each local industries and companies are influenced by the isolation policy, and people are losing jobs. Because most industries and companies are affected, the GDP growth rate of the first quarter in 2020 have decreased a lot. After discussing how does the...
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The Impact of Non- Roundedness of Numbers on Goal-Oriented Consumption

Zhaoyuan Qian
This research explores the impact of roundedness and non-roundedness of numbers on consumption. In particular, this research proposes that roundedness of numbers could have an impact on consumers’ motivation to buy goal-oriented products. With more than 200 response, results from two studies show that...
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Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Tourism Stock Market

Taking Caissa Touristic as an Example

Yumeng Chai
This paper carries out some analysis of the daily data of Caissa Tourism and SZSE (Shenzhen Stock Exchange) by Chinese stock market and accounting research database. Our benchmark model is a market model. Taking Caissa touristic as an example, this paper uses market model to analyze the specific reactions...
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Risk Analysis and Countermeasures of Cross Border e-Commerce Projects Between China and the United States During the Game Period

tiequan Chen
Trade friction between China and the United States has a huge impact on the development of cross-border e-commerce in China, the complexity of cross-border e-commerce business and the uncertainty of Sino-US trade relations make opportunities and risks coexist for a long time. Against the background of...
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The Coordinated Development of Industry, Population and Space in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration

Jie Liu, Feng Jiang, Zhihui Li
Since the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration strategy has been upgraded to the national strategy, the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has made significant progress in several key areas, especially in the industry, ecology and transportation. The core support of integration development has been established....
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The Causes of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Its Enlightenment to China

Haoran Ma
Based on the investigation of the four major economic crises in the history of the United States and the data at that time, this paper makes an in-depth analysis of the background of that economic crisis and its impact on economy and society. On this basis, the article makes a comparative analysis of...
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Impacts of Internet Finance on Traditional Commercial Banks and Countermeasures

Zibo Gao
Boosted by information technology and big data technology, Internet finance is gaining momentum across China, drawing throngs of users. Internet finance provides financial services that have low requirements, diverse modes and high efficiency, bringing about large impacts to traditional commercial banks....
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E-Commerce Business Model Innovation Under the Background of Internet Celebrity Economy

Jiawei Pang
The Internet celebrity economy was born in 2016. It refers to the image of young and beautiful fashionistas, and the vision and taste of celebrities to promote and promote. Internet celebrities will accumulate a large number of fans on social media, and then rely on the power of a huge fan base to promote...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Law Supervision

Haolan Shi
Economic development has been stimulated, and many urgent problems have also arisen, especially in legal supervision. The imperfect regulatory system has fundamentally affected the development of cross-border e-commerce. Therefore, from the perspective of legal supervision, this article analyzes the...
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Evaluating the Application of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Funding Models in Public Nursing Institutions in Hubei Province, China

Peiqi Deng
A rapid ageing population is raising the demand for elder care and brought about profound effect to social policy in China. So, nowadays, many researchers begin to study this problem. Financing is one of the important ways to solve this problem. This paper tries to find a suitable way of capital intervention...
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Opportunities of Financial Technology Under the Impact of COVID-19

Based on the Perspective of Macroeconomic and Financial Uncertainty

Shiji Wang
The sluggish global economic growth prospects, the increasingly narrow countercyclical macro policy space, the escalating geopolitical game in the Middle East, and the sudden epidemic are the main reasons for the violent turbulence in the global market. The COVID-19 has caused a rapid increase in the...
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Research on Financial Model Innovation Based on Typical Application Scenarios of Energy Internet

Dan Wang, Wenhao Zhu, Yan Chang, Shan Jiang
As the main development direction of the energy industry in the future, the energy Internet has emerged a large number of new business forms. The deep integration of energy Internet industry ecology puts forward new requirements for energy Internet finance. Based on the typical application scenarios...
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MOM Investment and Its Development Prospects in China

Xiaolong Jia, Qiyue Cheng, Zihao Pu, Ling Chen, Yuchen Ma
With the increasing importance of risk hedging in the financial market, MOM funds have become one of the best choices for investors. This article carefully summarizes the development background and four-step operation process of MOM funds. In view of the similarity between FOF and MOM, this paper groundbreakingly...
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The Comparison About Private Enterprises Between Shandong Province and Zhejiang Province

Xinyu Zhuang
Private enterprises are one of the most important pillars for any economy. There are several huge differences in regards of private enterprises between Shandong province and Zhejiang province. The differences are mainly shown out via the different industries that the private enterprises work in, the...