Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Languages and Arts (ICLA 2017)

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Developing Worksheets for Fine Art Materials by Using Discovery Learning Model Based on the Scientific Approach

Wisdiarman WISDIARMAN, Abd. HAFIZ, Suib AWRUS, Zubaidah ZUBAIDAH
Worksheets, one of the instructional media, have to be prepared before teaching since they affect the teaching and learning process. The 2013 curriculum requires the learning implementation to be applied based on the scientific approach including the development of worksheets. However, it has not yet...
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Teaching Speaking through SCAS Model to Arouse Students' Patriotism

Nowadays,many latent perils such as communism, radical ideology, and separatist movement can threaten the unity of Indonesia. Bhakti (2016) argues that the unity of Indonesia is in a disarray condition. Futhermore, other experts say that this condition happens because of the patriotism in the student's...
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From Need Analysis to ELT Study Program Learning Outcome Development: Meeting the Standards of the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA)

Refnaldi REFNALDI, Fitrawati FITRAWATI, Aryuliva ADNAN
Learning outcome, within the context of higher education, is the most important element in the curriculum of a study program because all courses, learning activities, and assessment methods should be alligned with the learning outcomes. This study reports a research on mapping the program learning outcomes...
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Model of Contextual-Based Semantics Learning Materials (Research and Development at Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department, Faculty of Teachers Training and Education Batanghari University Jambi)

The aim of this study is to develop a model of contextual-based semantics learning material. The need analysis was carried out by interviewing and surveying the lecturers and students. This Research and Development adopts the Borg & Gall and Jolly & Bolitho models in developing the materials comprising...
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Designing English for Civil Engineering Students

Technology and economic developments are in line with the need of English skills for specific fields, including English for Civil Engineering. In preparation for graduates, Civil Engineering Department of Universitas Negeri Padang provides English for Civil Engineering course. The acceptance of graduates...
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Developing English Learning Materials Based on Students' Needs for Hotel Management Study Program Students at Universitas Negeri Padang

Elismawati ELISMAWATI, Mukhaiyar MUKHAIYAR
The development of the global tourism industry rapidly, make the importance of English ability for specific fields of work, including hotel management. For preparing the graduates, Hotel Management Study Program UNP provides English Profession 1, 2, and 3 subject. Unfortunately, implementation does not...
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The Effects of Using Yell Video on the Third Semester Students' Grammar Ability at the Business English Study Program of the State Polytechnic of Bengkalis

Aprizawati APRIZAWATI, Diah Paramita SARI, Safira Apriani ZAHRAA
An English aspect that contains materials and formulas to be memorized is grammar. One of materials is tenses. Those discuss about structure and form of sentences engaging to the time (present, past, future). Mastering them is not easy for most students because they will get easily bored.They always...
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Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC) Technique in Writing Subject of EFL Context

This research is based on the teaching experience of EFL students in Batam where almost of them are workers from industrial sector. They have little time to read the material and study for the subject since they have to manage their time for both studying and working. By seeing the fact, the researchers...
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The Relationship between Learning Motivation and Paragraph Knowledge on the Students' Ability to Write a Short Story at SMPN 21 Padang

Write to assemble said to be a paragraph. Writing by using the paragraph correct will make readers can follow the idea of mind and the author. This way, it can be known from write short stories one of them. Writing short stories can serve as a means to pour out feelings, experiences, and ideas. For that,...
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Drill Method Based on PAIKEM to Improve Children's Speed-Reading Skill

This article described the implementation of drill methods based PAIKEM (Pembelajaran Aktif, Inovatif, Kreatif, Efektif, dan Menyenangkan or Learning on Active, Innovative, Creative, Effective, and Joyful Learners) in order to improve fast reading skills of the learners at the Indonesia Youth Forum at...
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Stepping Up the English Speaking Proficiency of Hospitality Students through Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Siska Amelia MALDIN, Syailendra Reza Irwansyah REZEKI
Nowadays, there is a greater trend in EFL teaching where technology is integrated in the classroom to improve communicative environment during language learning which trigger English instructors who work in ESP language teaching to create a teaching technique that can improve the communication skills...
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Applying Metaphor in Writing English Scientific Texts

Rusdi Noor ROSA, Rudy SOFYAN, Bahagia TARIGAN
Most of English texts written by Indonesian students do not reflect the characteristics of English written text, even their texts resemble spoken texts conveyed through writing. A written text should be different from a spoken text for their different characteristics. The complexity of grammar in clause...
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The English Speaking Anxiety of Nursing Science Students of STIK Bina Husada Palembang

Foreign language learning is closely related to human psychology, where learners are the center of the learning process. Anxiety is a common reaction in English classes. Horwitz (2001) stated that one-third of the students who study foreign languages experience at least at an average level. The population...
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Affective Learning Strategies Used to Improve Students' English Reading Comprehension by College Students

Knowing the appropriate LLS in an important aspect to make learning successful. There are some language learning strategies that can be used by college students. The study is aimed at investigating the affective learning strategies by college students in learning English Reading Comprehension. The study...
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Acquisition of Single Sentence by Children 4 Years Old through Traditional Games

Yulianti RASYID, Utami Dewi PRAMESTI
The purpose of this paper is to describe the acquisition of singular sentences by child aged 4 years while playing traditional games in Parak Laweh. This research is a case study with qualitative-descriptive method. The data of this study are the clauses and sentences spoken by a child when interacting...
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The Implementation of Collaborative Strategic Reading to Improve Students' Evaluative and Appreciative Reading Comprehension Ability

This research is motivated by the limitation of students' evaluative and appreciative reading comprehension ability at STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat. The aim of this research is to seek the result of students' evaluative and appreciative reading ability taught through Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR)....
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Utilizing Guessing Games to Enhance Students' Speaking Skill in Authentic Assessment at Grade Nine State Junior High School

This paper is to discuss the utilizing guessing games in enhancing students' speaking skill in authentic assessment at grade IX State Junior High School 1 Padang. According to Burns and Joyce (1997), speaking is an interactive process to build meaning which covers producing, receiving, and processing...
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Enhancing Students' Speaking Skill through Concept Mapping Strategy

Luli Sari YUSTINA, Mukhaiyar MUKHAIYAR
This paper discuses the enhancing of students' speaking skill through concept mapping strategy. Speaking skill is one skill to be mastered by university students especially in Speaking III. In this subject, students expressed his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and feelings to others verbally. In other hand,...
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The Analysis of Student's Writing Abilities of Kanji at Japanese Education Study Program of UNP

The background of this research is the importance of mastering Kanji in learning Japanese since most Japanese transcriptions use it. However, the large number of Kanji characters makes it difficult for the students to understand it. This research is done due to the importance of mastering Kanji for Japanese...
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Politeness in Language by the Politicians in the Discourse of Jakarta Election

Of the 101 regions conducting the election of regional heads in Indonesia in the first quarter of 2017, apparently Jakarta election was is the most very time-consuming and attracted the most attention of not only the people Jakarta, but also throughout Indonesia in general. The election was not only...
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Reflex PAN to Buli in North Maluku

Buli language belongs to one of Austronesian languages, South Halmahera-West New Guinea, the Subgroup of South Halmahera. As a member of Austronesian languages, this article intends to present linguistic evidence, phonological aspects which may clarify and highlight the issues. The explanation to the...
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Grice Maxim Violation in Schizophrenic Patients' Speech

Dindadari Arum JATI, Mohammad Umar MUSLIM, Uti ARYANI
The objective of this research is to classify the Grice maxim violation in schizophrenic patients' speech. This research uses the Grice Cooperative Principles to analyze how hebephrenic schizophrenia patients perform a communication. Previous research has been done in Europe by Barch dan Berenbaum (1996,...
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Nick Name as a Mind Pattern Disclosure of the Minangkabaunese Community in Pariaman, West Sumatera

The purpose of this study is to express the lingual form and value of the positive and negative sense of the nickname of coastal communities in Pariaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The nickname is a lingual form used to refer to the physical and psychic existence of a given person. The issue of a nickname...
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The Function and Meaning of Hand-Lettering at Cafés in Padang

Nowadays, trend in almost every café in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, use hand lettering in their café interior. This phenomenon spreads from one café to another, whether it is a full hand-lettering interior or a low scale hand-lettering interior. This paper describes those hand-lettering functions...
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Author Identity and the Struggle for Power in Seratus Hari Keliling Indonesia, Kompas TV

This study is a discourse-based work which analyses the author identity construction in the novel Seratus Hari Keliling Indonesia (Seratus HKI) Kompas TV in order to reveal the authors' struggle for power. The data of this study is obtained from f the vocabulary found in the Seratus HKI Kompas TV. Using...
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Local Wisdom in the Ecolexicon Used in the New Version of Karonese Traditional Game "Cengkah-Cengkah"

Cengkah-cengkahused to be one of the traditional games in Karonese society, particularly those living in Salapian Sub-District, North Sumatra, Indonesia. However, it is no longer played by today's Karonese young generation as they are more attracted to today's more sophisticated games. As a matter of...
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Linguistic Landscape of the Names and Cultural Values of Rumah Makan Minang

Oktavianus OKTAVIANUS, Khairil ANWAR
Rumah Makan Minang (RM Minang) is well known across Indonesia and even abroad. It can easily be found everywhere in the city and even in a small town. The linguistic landscape of the names of RM Minang is interesting to study. Besides, the various names of RM Minang also contain Minangkabau cultural...
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Reflexes of Proto-Austronesia into Buru Language: Preliminary Step of Testing Collins Hypothesis (1981)

This paper intends to explain two issues, the Proto-Austronesian reflex (PAN) into Buru language (Br) and its correspondence with Collins's (1981) view. A PAN top-down approach reconstructed by Blust and Trussel (2015) is employed to see the realization in Buru. The data that have been collected using...
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Turn Taking Strategy to Maintain Women`s Self Image in Peri Kopi Novel Written by Yetti A.K.A

Putri Dian AFRINDA
This paper contains a discussion about the turn taking strategies used by the characters to defend women`s self-image in the Peri Kopi novel written by Yetti A.K.A. The purpose of this study is to decribe the story the turn taking strategies used in the novel, and what image of the women, as character,...
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Clitic -lah in Constructing Swear of Bengkulu-Malay Language

Cliticss(clitics) -lah in Bengkulu-Malay Language (BMB) is a bound form which phonologically has its own pressure, can not be considered as a bound morpheme, has no word features, and is not bound to a particular word class. Clitics -lah tend to be enklitik. From the used of clitics -lah appear to tend...
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Hedging in Refusal Speech Act

Ngusman Abdul MANAF, Ermanto ERMANTO
The refusal speech act is quite risky to lose the face of the addressee. As far as observation of the author, refusal speech act has been frequently studied, but hedging in refusal speech act has not been thoroughly studied. Thus, this article was written to explain hedging in the refusal speech act....
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Lingual to Visual Transformation of Hujan Bulan Juni

Dini FAISAL, Utami Dewi PRAMESTI, Yulianti RASYID
Hujan Bulan Juni was first published as a poem in 1994, and later in 2013 a short comic with similar title was created by a comic artist. This paper analyzes similarities between the poem, which is in lingual form and the short comic, which is in visual form. The purpose of this research is to understand...
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Mothers Parenting Pattern to Her Son in Minangkabau Legend Malin Kundang: A Sociological Study

Harris Effendi THAHAR
This study aims to describe and interpret the form of mothers parenting pattern to her son in Minangkabau legend, Malin Kundang. The data resource of this research is Malin Kundang legend who lives in the Minangkabau cultural area, not only the one transcribed into a book (kaba), but also that in the...
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Social Functions of Traditional Minangkabau Expression: Local Knowledge and Wisdom in Speech

Hasanuddin W.S., Emidar EMIDAR
This paper contains a discussion of the social function of traditional Minangkabau expressions. The traditional Minangkabau expressions is spoken using the figure of speech language. The use of traditional Minangkabau expressions by speakers of their opponents is a knowledge and local wisdom in speak...
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Women's Rejection toward Patriarchy Culture: A Feminism Study in Selected Indonesian Novels

Yasnur ASRI
The focus of this study is on the form and the motif of women rejection toward the product of patriarchy culture. Method of the research is descriptive-analysis by taking data sources from six selected Indonesian novels. The purpose of this study is to describe the form and the motif of women's rejection...
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Bundo Kanduang in Minangkabau Novels in the Old Order

Irfani BASRI, Ellya Ratna, Zulfikarni ZULFIKARNI
The aim of this research is to describe the role and position of Bundo in Minangkabau novels which written in old order and new order. The specific purpose is to describe the facts, traits and relationships between the phenomena investigated systematically, factually, and accurately. This qualitative...
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Emblems of Gender Case Study to Indonesian Novel

This study aims to describe gender emblems that reflected in Indonesian novel in the time before and after The Indonesian Independence day. There are four gender emblems that reflect in Indonesian novel through socio-literature study and using literature-feminism approach. First, gender banner of novel...
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Women's Rebellion towards Patriarchal Culture in Latest Indonesian Novels

Yasnur ASRI, Yenni HAYATI
This article aimed to expose the portrayal of women's rebellion inthe latest Indonesian novels through characters description. Method of the research was content analysis method to interpret literary works trough certain perspectives. Data of the study were collected from selected latest Indonesian novels...
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Deconstruction Analysis: The Ideas of Keeping Tradition in "No Witchcraft for Sale" by Doris Lessing

A short story of Doris Lessing's "No Witchcraft for Sale"tells about a native African named Gideon working for a missionary family the Farquars. This shows how the relationship between the master and the servant go on and also how the natives are treated. The story is related to the postcolonial reading...
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The Structure of Indonesian Fiction before and after Period of Reform in Indonesia

M. Ismail NST, Bakhtaruddin NST, Zulfadhli ZULFADHLI
Paper is discuss about literature development in Indonesia specific prose structure from early period 1990 to 2016. Period divided is two part, that is: before the reformasi period, termed the orde baru period (1990-1997) and after the reformasi period (1998-2016). Wellek and Warren (1995) states that...
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The Economic Strength in Minangkabau Oral Literature

Khairil ANWAR
This paper discusses economic power in Minangkabau oral literature. The case is the oral literature bagurau. Oral literature consists not only of text, but also of context. The text and context contain economic power, which drives the oral literature and wheels of the collective economy of its audiences....
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Minangkabau Dance Form in the Context of ABS-SBK Values

This article aims to get the concept of Minangkabau dance forms in the context of ABS-SBK (Adaik Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah) values. Since now on, the Ninik Mamak (mother's brother and her man relatives), scholars and clever men in West Sumatra are working to develop ideas about the philosophy...
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Creative Art Learning Based On Local Culture: The Transformation of Rumah Gadang Carving become Creative Product

Every each individual has creative thinking skill. Sometimes, many people when they want to build creative idea will face problems because of lack of exercising or experience. The sources of creative idea are the result of study and the previous creation, and also from direct observation. In creative...
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The Contribution of Choreographers toward the Development of Minangkabau Dance

It can be said Minangkabau dance at this time is growing rapidly seen from many dances performed and produced by choreographers and students from dance department. The dance activists, especially the Minangkabau choreographers, have also performed their dance masterpieces in various media as a means...
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The Impact of Community Response to the Marginalization of the Existence of Indang Arts Tradition

Susmiarti SUSMIARTI, Indrayuda INDRAYUDA
This article aims to analyze the responses of the people who think that the art of Indang is less competitive in the entertainment industry. As a result, Indang art is often viewed as having little feasibility to be sold in the entertainment industry. The consequence of this negative perspectives towards...
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The Concept and Meaning of Gandang Sarunai Music as Reflected Through The Social and Cultural Activities of The Alam Surambi Sungai Pagu Community of South Solok District, West Sumatra

Gandang Sarunai is a form of traditional Minangkabau music which lives, develops and grows in the daily life of the Alam Surambi Sungai Pagu community of South Solok District, West Sumatra. During the kingdom era when Alam Surambi Sugai Pagu was still led by kings, Gandang Sarunai music was acknowledged...
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The Instructional Development toward Enhancement District People's Income A Study about the Redesign of Minangkabau Ornament toward Metal Handicrafts

Yofita SANDRA, Muhammad Nasrul KAMAL, Jupriani JUPRIANI, Ariusmedi ARIUSMEDI
Home industries which produce souvenirs of West Sumatera are one of main business opportunity to be developed in this free trading era. The development of tourism object along with areas of products and services cannot be separated from the goals of developing the bass cast products at Sungai Puar. The...
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The Galombang Duo Baleh Dance from Local Tradition to the Performance of Creation Dance

Galombang Duo Baleh Dance becomes an in separable part of the life of the people of West Sumatra Pariaman used and function ed at certain times only in the event of custom, ceremonial social and as entertainment. In the development of performing arts, Galombang Duo baleh dance can not compete with modern...
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Management Maintenance Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage through Public Private Partnership for The Purpose of Sustainable Tourism Destination

The paper and study aims to explore the determinants of the success of PPP in the Management and Maintenance of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and to identify what are the parameters of the main factors of sustainable tourism destinations. The discussion is addressed to stakeholders, institutions,...
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Presenting Artistic Performance: Considering Management & Product

The paper sets out to emphasize the importance and symbiosis between management and product derived in developing an artistic presentation. An artistic performance is the result of group effort working together in consonance. To achieve that there need to be, firstly, knowledge ownership in the creative...
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Study on the Process of Crafts Manufacturing Koto Gadang District Agam

Yahya YAHYA, Rendy RS
The purpose of the study describes the types of materials, tools, and processes used in the manufacture of silverware in nagari (village) Koto GadangAgam District. The process of making silver Koto Gadang still using traditional tools. The research method used qualitative descriptive. Data source used...
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Authentic Assessment in Indonesian Language Learning

This study aims at explaining the process of embedding authentic, valid, practical and effective assessment models in Indonesian language learning based on local culture contexts.The development process began with preliminary research, prototyping and assessment phases.The third stage involved three...
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Scoring Rubric as the Authentic Assessment Used by the English Teachers to Run the National Curriculum in South Sumatera, Indonesia

Dealing with K-13 curriculum, one main point that makes it differs from other is one of its element, it is measurement standard, using authentic assessment. Authentic assessment recommends Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) as one of the methods of learning at schools. Contextual learning is a concept...
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Teachers' Practices in Using Authentic Assessment in Speaking at Grade IX of SMPN 12 Padang

M. ZAIM, Zul AMRI, Fenni Ronella ASRI
This research aims to find out about the types of oral language assessment used by the teachers in their practices, the ways in applying those assessment tasks, and the problems faced by the teachers during the assessment processes. The method used in this research is descriptive. The data were collected...
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Needs of English Teachers in Designing Instrument of Affective Assessment Based on Scientific Approach: A Challenge for Curriculum Development at 21st Century

The 21st century gives positive and negative impact to education. These impacts are caused by there are many products of technology that can be used by students at school, home, and their environment. In order to face the challenges of 21st century, scientific approach is chosen as the way of teaching...
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Developing Self-Assessment for Writing Competency of Grade 9 Junior High School 12 Padang

Self-assessment has become a means of realizing the goals of learner-centered education. The research aimed to develop self-assessment instruments for assessing writing skill at grade 9 SMPN 12 Padang. It is conducted: (1) to find out self- assessment instruments needed to be developed, (2) to design...
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Using Authentic Assessment to Better Facilitate Teaching and Learning: The Case for Students' Writing Assessment

The issues on the use of authentic assessments have been arising over the time. Various forms of assessment had been employed in the teaching and learning activities. Among of them, authentic assessment has been considered as an appropriate assessment to be used in education since it has various forms...
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The Development of Information Literacy in Increasing the Quality of Higher Education Learning

Development of information literacy in universities is packed into various activities aimed at improving the quality of learning in universities. The quality of learning is related to the ability to identify, seek, find, evaluate, and utilize information. This ability is called information literacy....
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The Implementation of English in Higher education in the context of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in an International Accounting Department

In response to the need to use English in the context of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education has required that universities offer a bilingual curriculum in selected disciplines (Farmita, 2014) for the economic benefits for students...
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The Information Literacy Model of Library Users in Supporting Tridharma

This paper aims to explain the information literacy model of library users at UniversitasNegeri Padang (UNP) and UniversitasAndalas (Unand). The method used is qualitative descriptive through the review of the information literacy model which includes the starting, chaining, browsing, differentiating,...
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Positioning Technology in Teaching Fashion Design

All sectors in our world have experienced so many changes. In facing those changes, we surely should adapt it well. One of sectors that should adapt well is education, especially education for fashion design. Teaching fashion design really is not an easy work. This kind of art needs the appropriate method...
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Quantum Learning Method in Indonesian Language Course

Yunisa OKTAVIA, Fasaaro HULU
This research wasconducted because it was found the student's learning achievement was still low in Putera Batam University. This is reflected in the students's test results which did not met the required by the university. There are some problems faced by students in learning Indonesian language such...
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The Contribution of Playing Music Notation toward the Development of Sound Perception on Students with Hearing Impaired

Martias Z
It can be said that Hearing Impairment caused anyone can not interacted with others. They don't understand the sound around them caused by a part or all of hearing apparatus cannot function. The teachers and therapists, especially auditory trainer at school, have also performed their training at school...
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EFL Teachers and Students' Perceptions of Enacting 'Teacher-in-role'

Teacher-in-role is an element of process drama used in teaching learning processes. This article reports on research findings about EFL teacher and student participants' perceptions of teacher-in-role after the implementation of 'Mantle of the Expert' (MoE), a drama-based teaching approach, in Indonesian...
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Art Education and Its Problems in Global Context

The history of art education in children and schools in Indonesia is characterized by changes and shifts in concepts (theories) and practices. Education of children at an early age, is actually not much of an issue. There is a slow shift towards art education with a more cognitive approach occurring...
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Enhancing Elementary Level Student's Expressive Movement Capability through Creative Approach

Dance can have great influences on children's life as it includes the physical activities as well as a medium for self-expression. However, problems usually can be found in dance education at elementary level, including the lack of interest of the student and the perception that dancing is difficult...
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Character Building through Learning Traditional Dance "Tari Piring": An Analysis of Relationship of Dance Style and Social Cultural Community of Pesisir Selatan

This article is part of the research (2017) which aims to analyze the relationship of dance style with socio-culture. This qualitative study using ethnographic methods. The research proves that style of dance has close relationship with social and cultural values. Vocational students who are members...
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Concept of Art Education: Developing Aesthetic Sensibility, Social and Situational Awareness

This article explains the concept of art education for students in public schools. Conventionally, art education has made its mark in various institution or public school that directs towards skill-based creativity. This causes many of the students in public school unable to understand and to express...
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Reflection of Leadership Learning in Classic Stories as the Innovation of Literary Education

This paper aims to explain the reflection of leadership learning in the Minangkabau (Indonesia) classic story in which leadership learning is described as having made a good leader called "penghulu". The phenomenon of leadership learning in classical stories is an interesting phenomenon to discuss because...
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Effect of Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) on Skill Understanding Poetry

Diyan Permata YANDA
Learning to understand poetry is part of learning Poetry Appreciation. Appreciation Learning Poetry especially the material to understand the poetry that has been done so far has not given a good effect on student learning outcomes. Learning is done tend to theory rather than to practice so that students...
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Teaching Literature: Musicals' Application in Understanding the Poem for Students in High School

This article writes about the poem which is one of the literature in which every word contains the meaning of unreal. Every word written in a poem is a beauty that contains a million dependent meanings that read it. But now days, not many can live the poetry so that most of them cannot understand the...
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Teaching English Literature in the 'Contact Zone': Speaking Back to 'Official Nationalism'

Desvalini ANWAR
The concept of a national identity is 'dialogical' (Bahktin, 1981) emerging out of a heteroglossic environment, and so means different things to different people. This means that nationalism is not something natural, as though a feeling of national identity and belonging simply inheres within people,...
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Exploring (and Contesting) Literary Knowledge: Pedagogy, Agency and Cultural Capital

Authoritative voices in the Anglophone world have interpellated teachers as responsible for the transmission of an already-fixed canon: their task is thus conceptualised as both providing their students with access to such knowledge and inculcating in their students an appropriate attitude of appreciation...