Proceedings of the International Conference on English Language Teaching (ICONELT 2019)

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Communicative Activities in Language Teaching and Learning Process: A View of a Teacher Training Session

Ahmad Dzo’ul Milal, Laily N. Jannatul
This paper depicts the characteristics of communicative activities that are likely to be carried out in the classroom language teaching and learning process. These activities are conducted based on the belief that language is naturally functional for communication rather than just substantially formal...
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Symbolism in Three Version Cinderella Stories, an Analysis of Representation (Katharine Pyle, Charles Perrault, and Disney)

Wahju Kusumajanti, Arinda Anggana Raras, Zulidyana Dwi Rusnalasari
Cinderella is one of the most remarkable short stories of all ages. Cinderella was the best-known fairy tale and probably the best-liked in every region in the world. This study tries to analyze the three versions of Cinderella stories written by Katharine Pyle, Charles Perrault, and the animation movie...
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The Text Analysis of Poesponegoro Manuscript

Asep Abbas Abdullah, Alda Dea Delfina
The goals of education is not only to create smart and multitalented generations. Other goals that education must achieve is creating generations who can behave properly everywhere. There are many ways to build good characters on students. One of the way is by knowing and learning about the values of...
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Move Structure Analysis on Research Article Abstracts in National and International SCOPUS Indexed Journals

Ellis Tamela
Research Article (RA) abstract in journals has been a popular topic of study in recent years. Several studies compared abstracts from various areas and journals (Abarghooeinezhad & Simin, 2015; Darabad, 2016; Saeeaw & Tangkiengsirisin, 2014; Tseng, 2011; Zamin & Hasan, 2018; Zhou & Liao,...
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Activity Pattern of Subject Teacher Forum in Improving Continuous Professional Development Program Through Asset Based Community-Driven Development Approach

Evi Fatimatur Rusydiyah
The development of Teacher Professionalism has become a priority in the education system throughout the world, including in Indonesia. Teacher competency is the government primary focus for improving the quality of education. The government tries to enhance teacher professionalism through Subject Teacher...
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Learning Styles and the Role of Technology in Second Language Learning

Fauzan Atsari
Language learning is an aspect of life that is affected by technology. As we realize, for example, a smartphone can function as reading text and dictionary. However, since every learner has distinct learning style, it is important for teacher to consider the way technological tools are used in teaching....
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Teachers’ Motivational Strategies: The Awareness of Gender-Related Differences

Irma Soraya
Students’ motivation is an essential part of EFL teaching and learning process at any level of education. Secondary school is a level of education with a milieu in which students, who are adolescents, need motivation for learning to be successful learners and have a better future. For that kind of objectives,...
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Improving Quality of English Learning in Higher Education Through idREN

Husniyatus Salamah Zainiyati, Fahmy Imaniar
In this digital era, information and technology come into almost every single aspect of education in various levels including higher education in which research-based activities are carried out. Indonesian government responded to the aforementioned condition by having idREN (Indonesia Research and Education...
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Students’ Reading Comprehension: Between the Effectiveness of Interactive Approach, Reading Habit and Self-Actualization

Ima Fitriyah
This study attempts to identify the effectiveness of conducting an interactive approach in improving the students’ comprehension in reading instruction viewed from students’ self-actualization and reading habit. The study was conducted at IAIN Kediri.The researcher used a treatment by applying interactive...
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Investigating the Perception of Indonesian Tertiary Students Toward the Use of Schoology as Supplementary Vocabulary Teaching Platform

Imelda Gozali
Digital literacy is undoubtedly the byword of 21st century skill to be acquired by the students, as well as to be promoted and implemented by teachers and institutions all over the world. The field of English Language Teaching is not exempted from the onslaught of technology either. Teachers are expected...
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Data Driven Learning by Discovering Lexical Bundles Using Corpus Resources

Kamal Yusuf
Lexical bundles have recently commenced to attract huge attention in corpus-based research. Knowledge of lexical bundles is essential for students learning foreign language, especially those with English for specific purposes. By employing data driven learning, students are able to lead their awareness...
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Balanced Literacy Model in Taman Baca Masyarakat Surabaya

Kartika Nuswantara, Zuliati Rohmah
In advancing children’s literacy proficiency balanced literacy platform has a central role. A number of empiricalstudies exploring literacy programsamong school-age children have been administered in rural areas and/or low socio-economic groups of people. However, most of them are conducted under school...
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ESP Course Book Evaluation from the Perspectives of Teachers, Cadets, and Graduates: The Case of Maritime English

Latifa Ika Sari, Ria Hermina Sari
Course books are considered as important elements in the language teaching and learning process. This study was aimed to evaluate a course book used in Preparation Class of Maritime English Test in one of Merchant Marine Polytechnic from three perspectives: teachers, graduates, and cadets. This study...
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The Implementation of Integrated Curriculum in the Primary School: A Case Study of Sekolah Alam Cikeas

Maisyafriana, Adelina Siahaan, Evi Mala Wijayanti
Curriculum for the primary grades that is established by the Indonesian government includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, social studies, math, science, physical education, music, and visual arts. Sekolah Alam Cikeas implements integrated curriculum that allows children to pursue learning in...
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A Changing of Masculinity Hegemony of the Beast Character in “Beauty and the Beast” Stories

Wahju Kusumajanti, Ovi Winda Vristian, Zulidyana Dwi Rusnalasari
This research analyzes the three versions of Beauty and the Beast, they are: a short story by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740, the animation version by Disney in 1991, and the live-action of by Disney in 2017. This research focuses on the lead male character, the Beast. This research uses...
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The Use of Edmodo in Teaching Learning English in Non-English Department

In line with the development of technology, teaching learning English can be done not only in the class but also outside the class, as if there were no barriers in terms of time and place. It means that both English learners and teachers are flexibly easy to study and to teach. Edmodo was chosen as a...
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The Effect of Peer Assessment on Students’ Performance in Writing Narrative Essays

Sonny Elfiyanto
This study is an attempt to investigate the effect of peer assessment in improving students’ performance in writing narrative essays at the university level. The participants were 95 first year students at the English department of a private university in Indonesia with mixed proficiency in English....
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Speaking Strategies Used By the Junior High School Students with Different Level of Speaking Ability

Muhtarom, Hikmatul Masykuriyah
Speaking strategy is the way students overcome their problems in speaking. They are defined as a means of solving problems in speaking used by the second and the foreign language learners in order to achieve a particular communicative goal (Faerch and Kasper, 1983). Students’ speaking strategies may...
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Using Rosetta Stone Media Through the Dynamic Immersion Method to Improve Vocabulary Mastery for Junior High School Students

Nursaima Harahap, Siti Meutia Sari, Yulia Rizki Ramadhani, Rizka Safriyani, Rosni Harahap
The purpose of this study is to find out the answers to research problems. For more specific the objectives of this study are 1) to increase the vocabulary of students’ English vocabulary using Rosetta Stone media and applying the Dynamic Immersion method at the seventh-grade students of SMP N 3 Padangsidimpuan.;...
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Multiliteracies Approach in English Language Teaching Paradigm in 21st Century

The multiliteracies approach in English Language Teaching in 21st Century Paradigm is a learning paradigm that has long been echoed in the world of education. However, there are still some people who are opaque about this multiliteracies. The teaching paradigm with a multiliteracies approach in this...
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Promoting Autonomous Learning Through Mobile Applications in a Blended English Language Classroom

Isna Rakhmawati
Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) has been widely implemented by language teachers to succeed lessons in this vast access on technology. However, it is not a simple idea to put into practices due to the lesson preparation, size of the classes and time constrains. Therefore, teachers can also make...
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The Use of Blended Learning in Intensive English Class State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya: Students’ Challenge and Response

Ainun Syarifah, Nur Habibah, Kurnia Firdaus, Alifa Tranei Hajizah Usva, Danar Julianam
Implementing cutting-edge approarch blended learning in ELT which combines offline and online meeting is not necessarily with no problem. The present study evaluates students in intensive English class at UINSA regarding the challenges and responses that might appear during implementing ED. Twenty five...
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The Role of Teaching Period in Students’ EFL Achievement

Tatik Indayati, Nur Habibah, Muhammad Sanja Hasbulloh, Chintia Budi Amelia, Evi Nurkhofifah
How the division of learning time and the role of teachers affect each other on the results of their achievement tests. The researchers analyzed how the time of day influenced the results of student achievement tests and teaching methods in the morning and afternoon hours in English subjects. By using...
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Are We Catering Our Students? Teacher Feedback and Student Preference in ELT

Siti Asmiyah, Fitriah, Fajar Kresno Alwiyono
Feedback in English Language Teaching has been believed to play a crucial role in the development of student English competency. This paper presents findings from observation, interview, and questionnaire and document analysis from speaking and writing classes in two Indonesian high schools. Different...
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Exploring Students’ Learning Strategy: Will Listening to English Song Enhance Speaking Skill?

Sutini Lailatuzzakiya, Nila Sari, Jihan Nailal hana
Speaking is a process of communication toexpress our thought or ideas through oral production. It also becomes one of the main elements in some aspects of life such as economic, education, social, and political. This research is aimed at investigating the significant correlation between listening habits...
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Improving Speaking Skill Through Speaking Club Viewed from Students’ Perception

Wahyuniati, Nadhifatul Maulidiyah, Marina Qolbia
Speaking is a complex skill that its components must be mastered by students, including grammar, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, pronunciation. So, it is hard to achieve by most EFL learners. This study aims to identify if the speaking club improves the student speaking skill or not. The subject...
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Resources to Facilitate Students’ English Learning: A Case Study at MTsN 4 Surabaya

Olivia Indah Prwati, Indah Yuli Kartika Sari, Lilik Faridatul Hasana, M. Baihaqi
In education field, resources are the crucial thing as a basis of teaching. In this world, there are many resources used to support the teaching-learning process like coursebooks or textbooks. In English teaching-learning process, some teachers do not only focus on their coursebook, but also have other...
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Critical Thinking in English Academic Essay: Indonesian Teacher’s Voices

Rizka Safriyani, Ayuningtyas M. Laras, Hamidatul M. Nur, Erika F. Wichda
This study was intended to explore teachers perspective in academic writing, critically. The design of this research was qualitative descriptive. This research involved three teachers as the participants who taught writing course at English Language Education Department of UIN SunanAmpel Surabaya. The...
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Investigating the Influence of Self-Directed E-Learning Toward Students’ Academic Writing Ability

Yulia Rizki Ramadhani, Rizka Safriyani, Rini Kesuma Siregar, Elisa Evawani Tambunan, Yuswin Harputra
This study aims to investigate the influence of self-directed e-learning of improving students’ academic writing ability independently and learning face to face in the classroom. Self-directed e-learning is a model of learning based on technology that is designed for independent learners, the objective...
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The Effectiveness of Collaborative Mind Mapping to Develop Writing Skills at MTsN 4 Mojokerto

Agus Prasetyo Kurniawan, Amelia Rahmawati, Eva Ihda Faihatunnisa, A.P. Trisna Paramita, Lailatul Khodriyah
Mind map is a powerful graphic strategy that can facilitate the students to develop ideas and concepts, it could help the students to write more organized important points, and grow critical thinking. However, writing ability requires a good level of English competencies in which most students in Indonesia...
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The Correlation Between Students’ Motivation and Their Speaking Ability

Aning Widayanti, Dwi Amanatun Nafisah, Ahsanatul Munawwaroh, Nur Fadilah, Milatul Islamiyah
Speaking is one of important skill for all students that every student should master it. In the modern era, some students may be not all of them have a good speaking in English. To help their ability to speak, the students should have a high motivation, fine extrinsic or intrinsic motivation. Motivation...
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Students and Teachers Preference About Seating Arrangement for Improving Speaking: A Case Study in 10th Grade of MAN 2 Mojokerto

Ni’matus Sholihah, Ahmad Hilmi Nidhomudin, Firhan Aznar Azis, Marina Qolbi, Rosidatul Ummah
Speaking skill has been a concerned issue for English for foreign language (EFL) learners in Indonesia. Most learners find it difficult since it requires not only accuracy but also fluency at the same time. Some researches argue that seating arrangement influence students’ speaking ability. This study...
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Students’ Attitudes Towards the Use of Google Forms as an Online Grammar Assessment Tool

Syaiful Jazil, Laras Ayuningtyas Manggiasih, Kurnia Firdaus, Puri Mega Chayani, S.H Nely Rahmatika
The use of online assessment tool has been a debatable issue among teachers. However, it can be easy for teachers to assess students’ understanding. They could use an online assessment tool such as google form to examine grammar understanding. This study was aimed to find out students’ attitudes of junior...
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Students’ Writing Apprehension in Research Background Development

Hilda Izzati Madjid, Achmad Nafal Firdaus Amru, Renaldi Bimantoro, Dandy Azhar Ramadhan
in higher educational context or universities in Indonesia, most EFL students still find difficulties to write the ideas in written form, especially in writing the background section of an academic article. There are a lot of problems occured when they are writing an academic article. On of the problems...
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Students’ Mornigness and Afternoonness and Their Use of ICT to Develop Their English Skill

Siti Asmiyah, Nadiya Dwiki Isnin Safitri, Josephine Nabilla Putri, Mohammad Annas Miftakhuddin, Ariyanto
There are many learning styles in English Language Teaching. If we could mention some of the learning styles, there are two learning style that can be seen by the time of students’ learning time which are students that study better in the morning while others in the afternoon. These different learning...
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The Effect of Using Dictionary to Develop Students’ Vocabulary in MTs. Al- Musthofa

Lisanul Uswahsadieda, Renaldi Bimantoro, Afik wildan Muzakie, T.A Bagus, Risqi Putri Rahmawati
Learning vocabulary is not an easy thing because as EFL students, they possibly find some difficulties in the meaning of the words. To decrease the difficulty of learning vocabulary, they must find the meaning of the words in the dictionary. By using a dictionary, it may help the students understanding....
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Exploring the Effects of Using Game on Students’ Vocabulary Mastery: A Case Study in Instructional Material and Media Development Class

Ida Miftahul Jannah, Niken Kuswari, Izzatul Muna, Kartika Nabilla
The fundamental issue is how to teach vocabulary as effectively as possible, since vocabulary became the most important factor in learning English. Vocabulary should not be learnt separately or by memorization without understanding. This aimed to explore the effectiveness of using game in Instructional...
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The Use of Scramble Word Game to Develop Students Competence in Pronoun at MTsN 3 Sidoarjo

Mukhoiyaroh, Luluk Isnainiyah, Syilviani Budiarti, Eryna Pratiwi, Irma Fahriani
Students with different intellectual have limitations to specify to be with a subject in Pronoun. That is why they feel difficult to arrange the sentences. In this research, classroom action research is designed to develop students by implementing scramble word game. This research aims 1) to describe...
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Will Reading Habits Enhance Students’ Translation Speed?

Uswatun Chasanah, Luluk Isnainiyah, Novi Ani Azizah, Putri Yunita Kusumawati Giono
This study aims to find out the influences of reading habit in enhancing students’ translation speed especially whether reading habits can enhance the students’ translation speed or not. This study used quantitative design. There were 30 students participated in this study which selected through random...
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Students’ Perception About Warming Up in English Learning Process to Improve Students’ Skills: The Case of Eighth-Grade Students at Mts Nurul Islam Pongangan Gresik

Rizka Safriyani, Mahsunah, Ahsanatul Munawwaroh, Alifa Tranei Hajizah Usva, Fifi Armita Nuriawarti
Warming up is a simple activity at the beginning of a meeting with students. Starting a class with a warming up activity should promote interest students, set a friendly environment, increase students’ participation, and also attract students’ attention. In another word, giving warming up could create...
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Students’ Receptive Vocabulary Size and Academic Performance: Exploring Possible Relationship

Raden Syaifudin, Ayu Wulan Sari, A.P Trisna Paramita, Titis Setia Yanti
Vocabulary plays an importnat role in learning a language beacuse it help EFL learners to understand the context and also helps ESL/EFL learners to enhance their capability to learn and use language. It also provides a chance for students to be successful in the classroom because it relates to the students’...
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Exploring EFL Self-Efficacy and GPA: A Case of Activist and Non-Activist English Department Student of UINSA

Rakhmawati, Nadiya Mafazatin Nailiyah, Lilis Rahmawati, Nadiya Lutviatul Hidayah
Perceptions of students’ self-efficacy and beliefs about activists and non-activists important in education. Considering the important impact of the activist student’s self-afficacy variables and the self-afficacy of non-activist students, this study seeks to highlight the relationship between EFL student...
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The Implementation of Blended Learning Using English Discoveries for English Intensive Program at UINSA: Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives

Suparto, Olivia Indah Purwanti, Mawadah Insyaa Sakinah, Nur Anisah
English Discoveries is the something new that used in english intesive program at Uin Sunan Ampel Surabaya. This invites many opinions from several teachers and students who use it. Because of that, the aim of this research is to identify the teacher and students perception when they are using English...
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The Correlation Between Pre-Service Teachers’ Listening Habit and Pronunciation Awareness

Hilda Izzati Madjid, Amelia Rahmawati, Elvi Rahmawati, Eva Ihda Farihatunnisa’
English teacher have to be perfect in many aspects especially the English skills. To improve all those skills a teacher wanna be or we call it as Pre-service teacher have to through some teaching practice or micro-teaching. In micro-teaching they are trained to be a perfect and skilled teacher. Their...
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Revealing Students’ Reading Practice in English Language Department

Mukhlisah, Futuchi A. Wildan, Wilda Shofiarita, Amrullah Y. Karim, F.P Ayuningtyas
The title of this paper is “ Revealing Students’ Reading Practice In English Language Department”. This research about an analysis on exploring EFL students reading practice especially for students of English Department at State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya. From this research the objective...
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Peer Dialogue as an Effective Way for Teaching Speaking: Indonesian EFL Students’ Voices

Lilik Huriyah, Fifi Armita Nuriawarti, Siti Fatimatuz Zahro, Widya Ari Hardini
The primary purpouse of this study was to identify students’ perception about the implementation of peer dialogue to improve speaking ability. The study operated the quantitative approaches which include survey research. This research takes the students of speaking class in English Education Department....
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Students’ Committing Plagiarism and Reading Habit: Exploring Possible Relationship

Mohamad Salik, Nadiya Dwiki Isnin Safitri, Talitha Rizky Satyaputri, Nurmaya Ningsih
The inevitable rise of plagiarism is still being a continuous issue, particularly among university students. Plagiarism does have a bunch of causes and factors to be hindered. One possible aspect that considers as the cause of plagiarism is reading habit, by realizing the fact that reading has a strong...
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Student’s Vocabulary Mastery on TOEFL Test: Does It Correlate with Reading Comprehension?

Maunah Setyowati, Annisa Khusnul Latifa, Eryna Pratiwi, Syahrul Mabagits
The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between vocabulary mastery and reading comprehension on TOEFL test. This study used quantitative research with correlational design. The population of this study were 6th semester students of English Language Education Department at State Islamic...
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The Correlation Between Students’ Critical Thinking and Their Writing Ability in Writing Class: A Study of the Third Semester Students of English Education Department UINSA

Hilda Izzati Madjid, Sulfiana, Huriyah Lutfiyah
The case study aims at students in the correlation between critical thinking and writing ability to analyze the students how the writing can improve the level of thinking. The main source of the data is observation in students in the third semester at English Teaching Education Department (ETED) of UINSA....
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Students’ Reading Habit and Students’ Writing Introduction in Research Seminar Proposal

Hernik Ferisia, Aula Bidayatul Hidayah, Mohammad Annas Miftakhuddin, Nurul Huda
Students must master a writing skill in making an introduction in the research proposal. Students also more read a book or e-book to get the information for making an introduction. Introduction is the firstpart written in a research proposal. The aim of this research is to find out the correlation between...
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Evaluation Content Analysis in ED Lecturers’ Platform

Muflihah, Budi K. Febryola, Lailatut Tajniyah, Lisa Agustina
Internet connection has become inseparable part in modern life because it can help people do their activities easier in many areas of work, including in education. Thus, many education practitioners and institutions create online learning to support their learning-teaching process. Blended learning is...
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Blog as an Online Assessment: Exploring Students’ Experiences of It

Fitriah, Kharisatur Rofiqo
Assessment is a fundamental process to identify the students’ progress and achievement in language learning. Teachers can measure the successful of teaching and recognize the students’ strengths and weaknesses from the result of assessment. Nowadays, teachers do not need to come to the classroom to assess...
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The Student Teachers’ Verbal and Non-Verbal Reinforcement During Teaching Practice in Microteaching Class

Ali Mas’ud, Di Adha Wulandari
This qualitative research aimed to know types of verbal and non-verbal reinforcement given by student teachers in microteaching class and to describe the way student teachers give the reinforcements during their teaching practice in microteaching class. The data were collected through observation, interview...
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The Prominence of Creating Language Environment in Developing Arabic and English Speaking Skills in Islamic Universities

Umi Hanifah, Isna Rakhmawati
This article portrays the prominence of creating language environment in developing Arabic and English-speaking skills in Islamic Universities. Arabic and English are compulsory courses in Islamic universities. Students are expected to be able to study about Islamic science and go along with the development...
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The Rhetorical Development of Students’ Research Paper Background

Irma Soraya, Aditya Herwanda Riswan, Tri Rohmat Sholehuddin, Azza Mahendra
This study is conducted of therhetorical development in research background of the eight semester students of English Language Education Department. The focus of this research obtain students’ rhetorical development of research banckground. Most of students have problem in writing their proposal background....
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The Use of Digital Game-Based Learning in EFL Classroom: Teacher’s voices

Taufik, Perisya Hilmun, Erika Nuris Sabella, Sanda M Sabrina
The use of digital technology and play based learning in English Language Teaching still become the most popular thing in this modernized era. It is inevitable for teacher nowadays to use brand new and fun technology in their teaching yet, many of them are unable to use it due to several reasons such...
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Teachers’ Creativity in Using Attention Grabber in EFL Class

Yuni Arifadah, Robet Rio, Tri Rohmat Sholehuddin, Ayuningtyas Febri Paramita, Nadiyah Mafazatin Nailiyah
This study aims at investigating the teachers’ creativity in using attention grabber in the EFL classroom and evaluating the challenges while applying the attention grabber in the EFL classroom. Students have different ability in concentrating during the teaching and learning the classroom. To grab the...
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The Implementation of the Multiliteracies Pedagogy in Teaching Sentence Constructions of English through Argumentative Essays

Henny Merizawati
Due to the students’ low abilities and difficulties in understanding sentence constructions in English, a new pedagogical approach is required to better assist students to identify the English sentence formation. This study aims at finding out the effectiveness of the multiliteracies approach to teaching...
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The Challenges of Pre-Service Teacher in Creating Visual Instructional Media

Jauharoti Alfin, Alfy Lautan Nadhiroh, Mas Khasila Imani, Ulfa Vadhilah
Visual media is the media that only rely sense of sight, because of the media only appear the picture (Charts, real objects, photographs, transparencies). In Indonesia, visual media is important because mostly teacher in Indonesia especially pre-service teacher using this instructional media, so that’s...
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Grammar Translation Method and Discovery Learning to Learn Tenses: Which is Better for Indonesian Students?

Juhaeni, Nikmatul Jazilah, Layni Zuhrotin Isnaini, Hidayatu R. Khoiru Fadilah
Learning tenses is challenging for Indonesian students in learning English. Therefore, an appropriate teaching strategyis needed to help students easily understand in learning about tenses. This research described the method for teaching tenses namely Grammar Translation Method (GTM) and Discovery Learning....
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Students’ Critical Thinking in Writing Background of Research

Sigit Pramonojati, Dova Navy Carella, Wahyuni Dwi Fitriyah, Indah Yuli Kartika Sari
Critical thinking is the way to express your ideas in paper critically. The purpose of critical thinking is expressing your written because with critical thinking your written have high-scoring especially in academic writing. This study will investigate how critical thinking in students’ introduction...
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Exploring Students’ Experiences Toward Online and Offline Assessment

Fitriah, Mutmainah, Hoiriyanto, Faridatul K. Lilik
Assessment is a series of information about learning outcomes and achievement of competencies from students. There are two modes that are generally used by teachers to conduct assessments, namely online and offline assessment. The purpose of this study is to explore experiences in using online and offline...
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The Students’ Speaking Performance in a Speaking Classroom Environment Viewed from the Students’ Satisfaction and Their Motivation

Rakhmawati, Ittaqy Tafuzy, Amelia Eka Ratnasari, H. Rofiq
This study reports on an investigationinto students’speaking performance viewed from their satisfaction in a speaking classroom dealing with the material used as part of the classroom environment, and the lecturer as a facilitator of the classroom environment also from their motivation. This quantitative...
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Why Does Individual Learner Perform Better than Others? Relating Students Learning Style to Academic Performance

Ah. Zakki Fuad, Mir’atul Khoiriyah, Maulidya Andriana
Students learning style may give impact in students academic performance. The higher achiever or lower achiever may have their own unique learning style. In the English Teacher Education Department of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, the students sometimes have higher GPA and few of them get the lower GPA....
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Exploring Language Learning Strategies of Activist English Students Department with High GPA

Siti Lailiyah, Chalifia Rafidah, Nur Afifatul Khoiriyah, Shovie Islachia Chorida
In education there is an major goal of going to any person to follow an education. The big goal was a result of education that can be short to measure a person to determine the future as what we know a knowledge that of the level of education in Indonesia is highly variation of this time, one is a student...
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Teacher Professional Development

The information has a paradoxical impact to our life of the nation and state, one way to reduce it is through education. The aim of education is to develop self - potential in order to have spiritual power, Personality, intelligence, morals. Education to address the challenge above, needed education...