Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM 2018)

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Algorithm Implementations Naïve Bayes, Random Forest. C4.5 on Online Gaming for Learning Achievement Predictions

Windu Gata, Hasan Basri, Rais Hidayat, Yuyun Elizabeth Patras, Baharuddin Baharuddin, Rhini Fatmasari, Siswanto Tohari, Nia Kusuma Wardhani
The online game is a game which is currently booming and interest ranging from children, teens, to adults. Online games can create a sense of opium to the people who play it. Online games become a new problem for the students, because online games make learning impaired concentration. The learning achievements...
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Analysis of Public Relation Management Javadharna in Enhancing Parental Involvement

Jeannie Sesilia Fortunatta, Asep Suryana, Asep Sudarsyah
Many research have proven the significance of parental involvement in children’s education. However, it brings a realization that in current condition, no matter how important it is, inviting parents to get involve is not an easy task. Due to this fact, the research conducted in informal educational...
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Aspects of Islamic Boarding School Financing Based on Social Agribusiness Entrepreneurship of Al Ittifak Ciwidey Bandung

Badrudin Badrudin, Ambar Sri Lestari
Islamic boarding schools have financial weaknesses. Generally, Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia do not understand about the aspects of financing. Islamic boarding schools itself are required to manage financing aspects in order to achieve their goals effectively. There is a fact in Al Ittifak Islamic...
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Build Teacher Leadership Capacity and Application of Learning Organization (Field study in Vocational School 8 Bandung)

Dani Hidayatuloh, Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
Teacher leadership and teacher development are key to building capacity for sustainable school improvement. Evidence shows the importance of teachers working together and learning together in generating capacity for change. Building leadership capacity requires constructivist learning approaches where...
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Building Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) through Personality and Work Perception of Teachers

Ilham Fahmi, Johar Permana
The objective of this research was to understand the effect of personality and perception of work on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). It was a quantitative research which was conducted in nineteen schools located in West Java, Indonesia. The research used a survey method with path analysis...
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Vocational Schools Based on Regional Potential in Indonesia

Liah Siti Syarifah, Taufani C. Kurniatun, Johar Permana
The aim of this research was to discover about management of vocational schools based on regional potential in Ciamis City is one of several cities in West Java Province, Indonesia. The research used qualitative approach with descriptive analysis. The primary data is interview with the teachers at Vocational...
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Competitive Advantage and Organizational Effectiveness at Public Universities of Educational Institution of Education Personnel

M Arief Ramdhany, Aan Komariah, Achmad Hufad, Dedy A Kurniady
This study analyzes the competitive advantage and organizational effectiveness at public universities that operate the Educational Institution of Education Personnel (EIEP) in Indonesia. The role of those public universities in this century needs to emphasize competitive advantage to compete with other...
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Computer Based Management Information System towards Employee Performance in Indonesian National Police Educational Headquarters Bandung

Ridwan Nur Arifin, GW Wulandari Sianipar, Aan Komariah
This research is entitled "The Contribution of Computer Based Management Information System to Employee Performance at the Indonesian National Police Educational Headquarters". The problem discussed on how much the influence the computer-based management information system has on employee performance....
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Continuous Quality Improvement Management Models at Private Higher Education

Silmi Amirullah, Amalia Octaviany, Nur Aedi
This research entitled "Continuous Quality Improvement Management Models at Private Higher Education" is aimed to introduce a model of sustainable quality education which lies on higher education databases that are used as a source of information and a data base-based management system. This qualitative...
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Continuous Quality Improvement in Implementation of Equity-based Education

Muhammad Ihsan Fauzi, Endang Herawan, Soemarto Soemarto
The most excellent education systems are those that engage quality and equity in simultaneously. They provide all children chances for a high quality education. Education access, learning process, and outcomes should not be influenced by circumstances outside of the control of individuals, such as gender,...
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The level of creativity of vocational school students in 21st century learning

Veri Aryanto Sopiansah, Suryana Suryana
Problem formulation in this study, the author tries to answer in a way 1) To find out how the level of creative thinking of Vocational students in the 21st century the author will answer it by using the national examination results analysis data, doing a level analysis of creative thinking and doing...
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Creative School Analysis

Lousiana Dwinta Utami, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
Creativity is a crucial skill that must be had by all of the human being in dealing with unprecedented future of the globalization era. School, as the biggest institution in developing human resources, need to be adjusted its system into a creative school so that every student aware of their own potential...
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Characteristics of the Principal Time Proportion in Basic Education and Learning Quality Improvement

Taufani C Kurniatun, Harry Firman, Arif Hidayat, Asep Kadarohman, Anna Permanasari
This study aims to determine the characteristics of time management of school principals in basic education. This research was conducted in one of the provinces in Indonesia which has the largest population. Respondents in the head of elementary and junior high schools are spread in regencies and cities....
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Development Management of Teachers’ Competence based on School Need (A case study of development management of teachers’ competence in elementary school and junior high school)

Wawan Karsiwan, Diding Nurdin
The purpose of this research is to evaluate the practical effectiveness of development management of teachers’ competence in Avicenna Schools (elementary and junior high school level) of Avicenna Prestasi educational foundation. The background of this research is based on the data of teachers’ competence,...
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Development of Early Childhood Education Teachers in the Teaching and Learning Process by Inspectors in an Attempt of Improving Teacher Performance

Arief Syauqi Muhammad, Abubakar Abubakar
Early Childhood Education (PAUD) is very basic education that is highly important in determining the development of children in the future. Given the importance of early childhood education, the government (in this case the Ministry of Education and Culture) seeks to facilitate, supervise, and develop...
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Documentation and Transliteration of Ancient Sundanese Manuscript in the Jatigede Dam Area of Sumedang Regency (A philological and ethnopedagogical study)

Dingding Haerudin, Dedi Koswara
This research article repors the study results of Sundanese ancient manuscript in the Jatigede Dam Area of Sumedang Regency. It describes the results of transliteration and formulation of formal and narrative structures of the manuscript wawacan genre. The first year object is Wawacan Sulanjana manuscript...
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Education Management of Women's School-based on Peace Education

Yuliana T B Tacoh
The Women's School for Peace in Poso District was established to encourage and empower citizens to build a peaceful life from their own initiatives and efforts. The Women's Peace School is a non-formal education activity established by AMAN (Asian Muslim Action Network) in the post-conflict region of...
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The Ideal of Leadership in Primary School

Jeannie Sesilia Fortunatta, Asep Suryana, Rasto Rasto
The study aims to identify the manifestation of learning leadership characteristics in school. It explores the concept of the leadership as a part of learning process in human life and how learning plays role in leadership. To meet the purpose of the research, the qualitative approached was employed,...
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How Professional Learning Community Based Academic Supervision Model Improves Teachers’ Performance

A Komariah, C Sunaengsih, D A Kurniadi, Soemarto Soemarto, S Nurlatifah
This paper outlines how academic supervision based on professional learning community improves teachers’ performance. Performance issues affect teachers’ academic quality and academic supervision is one way to resolve those issues. Thus, academic supervision is expected to improve teachers’ quality....
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Implementation Character Education through School Culture

Nurazizah Nurazizah, Cicih Sutarsih
Character Education teaches habits of ways of thinking and behavior that help individuals to live and work together as family, community and state and help them to make accountable decisions. This study aims to determine the implementation of character education through school culture in the formation...
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Implementation of Situational Leadership in the Distance Learning Management Office

Tita Rosita
This study aims to identify how situational leadership plays a role in overcoming various cultural problems in the distance learning service unit. This study uses a qualitative approach to examine and describe the situational leadership in dealing with cross-cultural problems in distance learning units....
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Independence of Santri in Commemoration of Industrial Era Revolution 4.0

Lilis Kholisoh Nuryani, Djam’an Satori, Aan Komariah
The 4.0 industrial revolution presents challenges and opportunities for every layer of life. In the world of education, these challenges and opportunities must be able to be answered through the education system implemented. Islamic boarding school education with special characteristics must be able...
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Influence of Leadership Style and Motivation to Teachers’ Performance in BPI 1 Bandung Senior High School

Sedarmayanti Sedarmayanti, Sabar Gunawan, Dea Putri Perceka
Education must adapt to change by improving the performance of its human resources. Especially schools, which have an important role in improving the resources of students are teachers as educators and principals as leaders. In this regard, researchers try to identify variables that mostly affect their...
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Interpersonal Communication between Principals and Teachers in Elementary Schools

Atep Suherman, Dadang Suhardan
Principal leadership is very important in improving school quality. One indicator of a principal’s success is his or her ability to communicate interpersonally with the teachers well and intensively in order to know the obstacles faced by the teachers in school. A successful principal is able to influence...
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Key Factors on Implementing Inclusion Policy in Schools

Mayya Mayya, Udin S Sa'ud
Implementation policy is the most crucial step and become a yardstick of a policy. The inclusion policy has been implemented since 2009 in Indonesia but, this policy still facing some difficulties. The aim of this research is to found out: 1) the school’s transformation processes of Inclusion Policy;...
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Leadership Learning and Capacity Building Against the Quality of Teacher Teaching Performance

Suryana Suryana, Endang Herawan, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
Through the role of school principals as learning leaders and sustainable professional development towards teacher teaching performance as an effort to improve the quality of education. The aim of the study was to describe the role and influence of leadership learning and sustainable professional development...
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Leadership Participation Models for Implementing Student Character at Primary Education

Purwanto Purwanto
To changing the education paradigm should be adapted and practiced with the context of education systems, restructuring that regulates the boundaries of duties and authority between educational management agencies, operational school management practices, and changes in school culture. In connecting,...
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Life Skill Educational Management Based on Vocational for Students with Disabilities to be Ready for Work

Imas Diana Aprilia, Johar Permana, Eka Prihatin
Life skill development is very necessary to equip students to be able to live independently in the future, but there is no clear scheme regarding life skills education management, especially for students with disabilities. The purpose of this research was to develop a life skill education management...
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Managerial Skills of Principal in Private Secondary School Categorized Islamic Characteristic

Sri Hartati, Pepriyeni Pepriyeni, Asep Suryana
Managerial skills possessed by principals are very important in determining a school's quality, so it requires principals who have adequate managerial competence. Successful and successful implementation of the principal's leadership in managing school organizations is very dependent on the principal's...
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Model of Analytical Decision-Making Styles of the State Senior High School Principals in West Java

Firman Adam, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
Principal leadership has a strategic role in the success of education in schools. Decision making is a very important in strategic role because mistakes in decision making will have an impact on the process and results of a program. This can be understood because the style of decision making is an action...
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Model Study "Moyeg" as Efforts to Increase the Ability to Read for Student Beginners (Study on the Disadvantaged Primary School in District Sukaresmi Garut Regency, West Java Province)

Junaidi Basri, Asep Suryana
This research is motivated by the high number of illiterates in the village Mekarjaya Sukaresmi District of Garut, from (1,471) of the respondents were carefully only (697) people, or approximately around (43.38%) were able to read. The high illiteracy rate is influenced by the ability of teachers to...
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Mother Role Shift and Early Childhood Education

Hernawati Hernawati
This study aims to know how cognitive abilities children whose mothers go to work and whose mother at home. Researchers used qualitative descriptive method. The results show that 62, 32% of mother go to work (37.68% work full until the afternoon and the rest work part of the time leaving home). As for...
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Power Divergence Performance Supervisor as Oase Improving Quality of School

Nofia Candrawati, Udin S. Saud, D. Satori, A. Suryana
The study was conducted in the Department of Education and Culture, aiming to obtain an in-depth analysis of the performance of primary school supervisors, the rules of enacted legislation, obtaining the ideal school supervisor model formulation in improving the quality of schools. The task of the quality...
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Prediction of Teachers' Lateness Factors Coming to School Using C4.5, Random Tree, Random Forest Algorithm

Windu Gata, Grand Grand, Rhini Fatmasari, Baharuddin Baharuddin, Yuyun Elizabeth Patras, Rais Hidayat, Siswanto Tohari, Nia Kusuma Wardhani
Lateness arrives at work can be experienced by anyone, including teachers. Teachers who are late arriving at school have shown examples of bad behavior for students. It takes a study to determine the factors that cause a teacher to arrive late to school. Data Mining is selected to process the data that...
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Quality Assurance of Classroom Management for Spiritual Values-Oriented Learning

Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
This paper presents alternative ideas to answer the challenge of how the actualization of the contents of spiritual values, which are in accordance with the national context, can be guaranteed in the education system that takes place in the midst of global life. One of the most important and fundamental...
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Quality Cooperation of Management Models of Private Basic Education in Creating Effective School

Salman Al Farisi
Effective schools are often equated with the terms Quality School and productive school. Equating schools effectively with the term quality school or productive school according to the researchers' view is not always appropriate. Although there are some elements of similarity, there are clearly differences....
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Representation of Agency Moral Consciousness as a Teacher: Phenomenology Study among Magister Student of Indonesia University of Education

Babang Robandi, Mamat Supriatna
The purpose of this article is to describe the representation of agency moral consciousness among magister student of the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) based on their experiences or the phenomenon of the teaching profession. In this research agency moral can be interpreted as two kinds of condition....
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School Based Management of Information Technology for Quality Improvement of Junior Secondary Academic Service in Bandung

Dian Hidayati, A. Komariah, A. M. Mirfani
This study seeks to analyze the implementation of management in information technology-based schools, which involves the technical policies and the management process in information technology-based schools. A descriptive case study methodology is used in conducting the study. The data collection techniques...
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Self Efficacy and Problem Solving Ability of Economics Students in Indonesia

Asep Munawar, Suryana Suryana, Nono Supriatna
Research aims to determine the relationship between self-efficacy and the ability to solve economic problems. Self-efficacy affects how individuals think, feel, motivate themselves, and act. The approach used in this study is a quantitative approach and research using the survey method. This research...
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Strategic Plan in Improving Students' Science Competency

Fitri Yusfi Hartini, Akbar Istiqlal, Taufani Chusnul Kurniatun
The pace of innovation in science and technology is accelerating, so it is vital that countries prepare more young talent for jobs in deep science and for many other jobs with a science dimension. In improving students’ science competency, schools as a place for the educational process can formulate...
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Strategy in Developing Teachers' Performance at Senior High School

Hilal Mahmud
This research is focused on strategy in developing teacher’s performance at Senior High School in Palopo. This research is a field research by using analytic descriptive method. Data collection is done through the process of identification of factors that contribute to the development of teacher’s performance...
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Strengthening of Department Governance through Implementation of an Internal Quality Assurance System

E. Mulyasa, R. Supyan Sauri, Wiwik Dyah Aryani
This study aims to analyze and find out about strengthening of department governance through “Implementation of an Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS).” This is important, considering the problems are very complex; starting from student input, learning process, fulfillment of graduation standards,...
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Study on Regional Disparity of Academic Achievement in Indonesia

Rika Ohno
While the access to education has been expanding primary and secondary education, the academic achievement gap became a significant issue in Indonesia. The result of national examination on 2014/2015 showed that students separated into two groups as low-achievers and high-achievers. Now, it is important...
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Sustainability of Human Resources Development in Higher Education

Nur Aedi, Endang Herawan
The study is consent to find out the right of formulation models of human resource development at higher education. The research designs used with discovery and explanation to construct the model of human resource development in the Faculty of Education Indonesia University of education. The findings...
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Teacher’s Perception of Principal Leadership on Self-efficacy

Novtryananda Ghunu
Few studies have identified the factors of principal leadership that affects teacher self-efficacy. But for Indonesia context, through the Ministry of Education and Culture’s (MoEC) programs, principals could exercise their leadership to improve teacher self-efficacy was not clearly stated in previous...
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The Application of Discovery Method and Expository Method on The Powers of Number towards The Result of Student Learning in The Grade IX Junior High School of Perintis 1 Sepatan Tangerang

Salman Al Farisi, Cucu Fatimah Nur Husa Eni
Main reason of the low-quality education in Indonesia is caused by the application of learning method which has been trapped with the traditional mindset for ages. The fact, the traditional learning method cannot be implemented for all students because every student has their own uniqueness in power,...
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The 21st Century Leadership for Productive School in Indonesian Education

Siti Nurlatifah, Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
The low productivity in the school is caused by many factors which are as following: how does the teacher conduct learning, how is the teacher’s competency, how is the available facility and infrastructure, are those enough and eligible, how is the leadership of principal. The good quality of Education...
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The Contribution of Ability to Work on The Performance of School Administration Head of Public Junior High Schools in Bandung

Yudi Ekka Suryapriadi, Aan Komariah
School effectiveness is influenced by many factors, one of this is the quality of School Administration Head in providing administrative services in education. With excellent administration services, learning activities will run conducively. Therefore, this study will examine how the ability to work...
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The Development of Lecturers’ Performance on Private University

Wati Irnawati, Djam’an Satori
This research aims to describe the quality and quantity on lecturers’ performance in running tri dharma of higher education, analyzing lecturers’ performance programs which have been done to understand the effect of those programs, and plan performance programs to enhance lecturers’ performance. The...
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The Effectiveness of Learning Quality Management of Productive Subject Teachers in Vocational High School

Endang Herawan, Suryadi Suryadi
This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the learning quality management conducted by the teachers of the productive field subjects at the vocational school business and management program. The problems that have been studied include how the preparation of the learning plan, the implementation...
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The Impact of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Trust of Students at University

Shinta Doriza
This research aims to examine the effect of service quality and customer satisfaction on trust. Structural equation modeling was employed in the research, which was conducted in the State University of Jakarta. 255 students were selected as respondents of the research using stratified proportioned random...
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The Implementation of Internal Quality Assurance System at Islamic School

Rizka Dwi Seftiani, Sobarul Hakim, Riki Rikjan, Muflihatusy Syarifah
This study was aimed to show the implementation of internal quality assurance system at Darul Hikam Islamic School. For this purpose, the researchers used qualitative methods, including analysis of documents, interviews and observations. The results indicated that quality assurance at Darul Hikam was...
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The Implementation of Servant Leadership in Improving Teachers’ Performance at Elementary School (Study Case at Catholic Elementary Schools in Bandung)

Marinus Waruwu
This research wants to explain the implementation of servant leadership of principals toward the improvement of teachers’ performance at catholic elementary school in Bandung. This research aims to discover the way of model implementation of principal’s servant leadership in improving teachers’ performance,...
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The Implementation of Strategic Management in Developing School

Widiawati Widiawati, Yuffy Sarah Lestari T, Cicih Sutarsih
Most of schools that apply strategic management are able to achieve goals effectively in the process of operating the school every day. This study aims to describe and analyze planning, implementation and evaluation of strategic management in developing SMPN 3 Ampek Angkek. SMPN 3 Ampek Angkek as a school...
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The Implementation of Training Need Analysis for the Improvement of Apparatus Training Quality

Turwelis Turwelis, Deddy Achmad Kurniadi
Current implementation of apparatus training has not provided significant results for improvement of apparatus competencies. Discrepancies between training materials and competency needed by participants still exists. The result of post evaluation of technical training shown only 75% of materials received...
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The Influence of Internal Quality Assurance and Quality Culture on Performance of Higher Education Institution

Andi Arif Rifa’i, Johar Permana, Aan Komariah, Asep Sudarsyah
The aims of this study are, to evaluate the influence of the University's internal quality assurance on the culture of quality and organizational performance. The study was conducted at five State Universities in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands. Survey design is used in data collection by using...
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The Influence of Principal’s Communication and Conflict Management towards the Work Discipline of Teachers at SMA PGRI Tanjungsiang Subang

Hisny Fajrussalam, Badrudin Badrudin, Moh. Sulhan
Nowadays the teacher's work discipline research has been reviewed by a number of researchers. The previous studies were only focusing on discussion of the influence of teacher’s work discipline. In contrast to the previous studies, researcher in this study assume that one of the factors lead to teacher’s...
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The Influence of School Management Capacity on The Quality of Education in Public Elementary Schools in Bandung City

Amelia Nurani Kodratillah, Nani Hartini, Cepi Triatna
This research is entitled "The Influence of School Management Capacity on the Quality of Education in Public Elementary Schools in Bandung City". The issue in this study is how much the quality of education is influenced by the capacity of school management. The purpose of this study is to obtain an...
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The Process to Determine Quality Standards to Ensure the Quality of Graduates

Sutomo Sutomo
The aim of the research is to describe the process of internal quality assurance conducted by the higher education, especially in determining quality standards to ensure the quality of graduates. This study used a qualitative approach, using case study design. Data were collected by deep interview, observation,...
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The Recruitment Policy for Non-Civil Servant (Non-PNS) Teachers at Public Senior High School in Sarolangun Regency

Muazza Muazza, Amirul Mukminin, K. A. Rahman, Arie Wijayanti, Nofryal Admi
This case study aims to explore and describe types of policy made by the Headmasters of public Senior High Schools in Sarolangun Regency, especially about the teacher recruitment process, the policy and impact of non-civil servant teachers in Sarolangun Regency. The interview data were analysed using...
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The Role of Accreditation in Improving Education Quality

Arif Rahman Hakim, Nugraha Suharto
This research was conducted to determine the role of accreditation in improving the quality of education. Accreditation can improve the quality of schools through various aspects including content standards, process standards, graduate competency standards, standards of educators and educators, facilities...
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Leadership of School Heads in Developing Potentials of Teacher Performance in Basic School

Kusmiati Kusmiati, Endang Hermawan
Based on preliminary research that the author did at school and against the background of the low interest in teacher performance in elementary schools, the researchers tried to use survey methods with descriptive qualitative research approaches. The data collection techniques used were questionnaires...
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Transformational Leadership, Behavioral Habituation to Build the Character of a Leader

Ranny Noviany, Santi Wardani, Aan Komariah
Currently, an organization will be seen as a reflection of its leaders, including organizations in the field of education. A successful organization can mean that a leader is successful in it. A successful leader is judged not only by his position or power but by focusing on his character, behavior,...
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Analysis of Teacher Professional Education Policy and its Relation to the Development of Teacher Professionalism

Lilianti Lilianti, Djam'an Satori, Aan Komariah, Asep Suryana
Educators are the dominant element in educational process, so the quality of education is largely determined by the quality of educators in carrying out their roles and duties in society. This study aims to comprehend and analyze the design of teacher professional education programs as a policy for the...
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Women's Leadership as Top Management in Educational Institution: Society Construction and Cultural Dilemma

Siti Nurbayani, Siti Komariah, S. Nurohim, D. Nurhizkhy
The leadership of a woman in a top management position in educational institution is still in a small number, what causes the number of women in top management positions is low. This research tries to explain how society and culture constructions affect women to be in top management position in educational...
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Applying Formative Assessment Techniques to Promote Students’ Learning Outcomes and Interest

Le Thai Hung, Le Thi Hoang Ha, Le Thi Thanh Thu
Assessment, especially classroom assessment techniques (CATs) is widely recognized as a vital component of teaching practice. To add one more proof to this confirmation, this study has been conducted to discover some impacts of practicing CATs in Physics teaching to Grade 11 students in Vietnam on their...
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Authentic Leadership and Management of Change towards Implementation of Value at Vocational Schools

Dani Hidayatuloh, Gilang Gumilang Dawous, Irman Suherman
The present on a research was based on how impact of authentic leadership of school principals and management of change proceed in the school grades in accordance with the values of national education goals. Methodology used in this research is descriptive with quantitative approach. Based on the research...
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Building Environmental Awareness through Implementation of Ecocriticism in Literature Teaching

Ho Thi Van Anh
Ecocriticism and Nature Studies have been proved potential research directions worldwide. In Vietnam and other Asian countries, the interest in ecocriticism among academics and educators is not noticeable. This study aims to figure out how this research approach could be applied in specific disciplines...
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Comparison of Principal Public and Private High School Performance

Novtryananda Ghunu
The purpose of this study is to know the description of the performance of principals in improving the performance of public and private high school teachers in one city in Eastern Indonesia, as well as differences in performance. This research was conducted by using descriptive method and quantitative...
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Development of E-Learning Material Based on Edmodo in Geography learning

Fitri Indriani, Sigit Santoso, Sarwono Sarwono
The purpose of research is first, to know readiness of student and teacher to e-learning. Second, to identify the needs of students to teaching materials based Edmodo e-learning. Third, developing e-learning materials based Edmodo. Fourth, examine the effectiveness of e-learning teaching materials based...
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Effective Leadership in the Implementation of Academic Program at Private Higher Education

Wresni Pujiyati, Johar Permana, Dedy Achmad Kuniady
This research aimed to analyze and know the implementation of academic programs in private higher education. This study applied. qualitative approach through case study, with data source of leader and lecturer. The findings indicate that in the implementation of academic programs run well proved by the...
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The Leadership Style of Islamic High School Principle in Decision Making

Achmad Taufik Ismail, Iman Aliman, Atif Bensulong
One of the determinants of the success of Madrasah Aliyah is the leadership factor, while the core of leadership is decision making, and the way of making decisions determines the leadership style of a leader. The purpose of this research is to know the leadership style in decision making. This research...
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Is ISSAL Reliable in Measuring Teaching Learning Quality in Indonesia Higher Education?

Sylvi Dewajani, Sahid Susanto, Singgih Hawibowo
Indonesian Higher Education’s efforts in responding to the global challenges move very scrupulous. Several regulations were established to make sure that the changes and improvement of the quality can be attained. The needs of measurement to appraise the quality of teaching learning in swift and reliable...
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Leadership Behavior, Single and Double Loop Model toward Employee Performance at the Learning Distance Unit

Tita Rosita
In an effort to optimize distance learning, it is required by the employees of the distance learning program unit to create the need for the education. In its development, the employee quantity aspect should be balanced with the demands of quality to achieve the superiority of the college. Increasing...
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Management of International Partnership in the Perspective of Good University Governance

Anies Fortina Febriani, Drajat Tri Kartono, Didik G. Suharto
The objectives of this study are to know the description of the management of international partnership in university from the perspective of good university governance, and to identify factors that effect the man-agement of international partnership. Type of the research is qualitative descriptive....
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Model of Competency Approach in Management of Study Program/Concentration

O Komar
Research objectives to assess the user's opinion regarding the competence of graduates on the job for use as formulation considerations product learning accordance with the competency needs implementation work graduates. This research approach to survey, interview and questioner. Done by analyzing how...
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Nature School Management Based on Religious Culture

Abd. Kadim Masaong, Humaira Tipuwo
This research aims to describe (1) the management of a nature-based learning; (2) the integration of religious culture on the learning process; (3) the educational values contained in the learning process based on religious culture; and (4) the preservation of wood fossil museum as a learning resource....
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Organizational Behavior and Work Disciplines (Their Effect on Work Achievement)

Ipong Dekawati, Dadang Suhendar, Alkaf Ibrahim Aji
Every organization has its own goals and it could only be realized through the active role of all employees. Those employees are expected to work diligently and perform well. Teachers as the employee of schools should also give their best performance at work. This study was conducted to discover the...
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Pahuwathanatham: A Learning Process Strategy of Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution

Rengga Akbar Munggaran, Elly Malihah, Aan Komariah
Conflict that occurs in South Thailand needs to be a concern, because it is related with ethnicity & religion conflict. The treatment difference makes conflict spreader and expanding that be able to intimidate nation sovereignty and concord. Therefore, it needs strategy of conflict solving that occurs...
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Pre-Service Teachers’-Based Lesson Study: An Effort to Improve the Professionalism of Arabic Teacher Candidate

Maman Abdurrahman, Hikmah Maulani
The purpose of Pre-Service Teachers’ for the students (practitioner) to gain educational experience factually in the field, both with the school administration and its teaching learning process. One of the main factors of the students’ lack of confident is the lack of communication and discussion related...
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Public Relations Strategy in Improving Museum Image as Public Education Vehicle and Tourist Attraction

Nur'Aeni Nur'Aeni, Suwatno Suwatno, H.P.D Setyorini, Herlina Herlina
As one of the public education facilities, museum was still perceived as a less attractive place by community as well as visitors. Even though in some destination, it was developed into a tourist's attraction, the image of a museum as old-fashioned and boring places were, even so, perceived by some people....
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Quality of Vocational School Education in Bandung City

Siti Nurlatifah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
Education in Indonesia still has problems in terms of distribution, relevancy, efficiency, and quality of education. There are still problems regarding the quality of education in vocational school specifically in Bandung City, such as the quality of process in which teacher has vital role in improving...
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Reducing Unemployment of the Vocational School Graduates

Widia Murni Wijaya, Desti Patonah
The main purpose of this research was to find out how to reducing unemployment of the vocational school graduates in Indonesia. This research used a qualitative method and case study was conducted at Vocational School No. 2 in Palembang City, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. The selection of this school...
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Resource Management of Higher Education Personnel

Yayah Rahyasih, Rasto Rasto
This study is based on career development opportunities for educational personnel who have met the requirements of experience, term of office, and educational qualifications to occupy structural positions. Educational personnel as the human resources supporting system, has a strategic role in the organization...
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School Management Based on ICT to Improve the Quality of Education in Indonesia

Iwan Setiawan, Djaman Satori, Munir Munir
The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which the uses of ICT in the school management process either as a tool used in school administration or as a means for organization decision making. The methodology used in this research is qualitative research method, and the research location...
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Service Ethics Index Higher Education in Banjarmasin City

Erni R. Ernawan, Yusuf Arifin, Taufani C. Kurniatun
Ethics is a means of fulfilling services in this case education. This is in line with producers or service providers must have integrity to achieve long-term benefits. The impact of new ethical problems will be felt in the long term, so ethics is something that must be maintained and carried out continuously...
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Strategy of Islamic Boarding School Based State Islamic Secondary School Development

Yulan Tiarni Legistia
Islamic boarding school based Islamic school has played an important role in the education system in Indonesia, especially in the formation of the nation’s character. This paper attempts to describe developing strategies of boarding school integrated with state madrasah. This boarding school is built...
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Teachers' Structuring and Equating Policy Analysis of Special Regions in Indonesia

Hery Azhar Djafar
Education is one of the goals of the establishment of the Indonesian nation as stated in the 1945 Constitution: to educate the entire life of the nation. However, this adequate teachers-students ratios does not occur evenly across the country. One of the most fundamental problems is the unequal distribution...
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The Analysis of School-Based Management (SBM) Implementation to the Educational Quality Service of State Junior High School

Irfan Yuda Tansiri, You Joum Bong
School-based management (SBM) is an effective way of enhancing participatory decision-making, budgetary transparency, and community participation. A mixed-method, multisite assessment of a project that aimed to improve the management and governance of quality service of State Junior High School documented...
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The Effect of Authentic Leadership of Service Quality in Education Quality Assurance Institution DKI Jakarta

Asep Kiki Marjuki, Eka Prihatin
Authentic leadership in recent years developed in several countries is mainly applied in some educational institutions that aim to improve the quality and service quality of the organization, so this study purpose to examine the direct effect the authentic leadership of service quality in Education Quality...
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The Effectiveness of Spiritual Leadership in Public Primary Schools

Diding Nurdin
The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of the spiritual leadership enrolled by the Elementary School’s principals in managing school program to succeed in accordance with the goals set with teachers. The method used in this research is qualitative approach, using observation and documentation....