Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Science 2019 (ICSS 2019)

772 authors
Umar, Mardan
Education as The Process of Building The Character and Intelligent Generation of The Nations
Umaternate, Abdul
Mapalus Marantong Culture in West Motoling District of South Minahasa Regency
Umaternate, Abdul
The Meaning of Paji Nyili-Nyili Tradition in Goto Village Tidore Kota Sub-Distric Tidore Island
Umaternate, Abdul
The Reconstruction of Cultural Values and Local Wisdom of the Tombulu Sub-Ethnic of Minahasa Community in the Walian Village of Tomohon City
Umbase, Ruth
Community Participation in Child Protection in the City of Tomohon
Umbase, Ruth
Filed Tripas A Way To Improve Students’ Ability to Learn History
Usoh, Elni
Managerial Approaches and Leadership Styles for Educational Leader: Motivating staff towards the achievement of organisational goals
Uspayanti, Rezky
Analysis of Students’ Interest in Reading
Uspayanti, Rezky
Enhancing Literal and Interpretive Reading Comprehension through Collaborative Strategic Reading
Utami, D
‘Capital Barns’ based on social capital to empowering the poor
Utami, Dian
The Challenges of Civil Servant’s Payroll Service in Local Government
Utami, Dian
Implementation of Public Information Services (Case Study at Youth and Sport Department of East Java Province)
Utami, Dian
Stakeholder Analysis In Flood Disaster Management Policy In Bojonegoro District
Utami, Diyah
Child Marriage in Online Indonesia News (Discourse Analysis of A Contemporary Cases about SyehPuji and The Teen Wife)
Utami, Diyah
Papuan Students Cross-Cultural Adaptation in Surabaya State University
Utami, S.
The Influence of Service Quality and CRM on Patient Satisfaction (Clinical Studies at DKT Nganjuk Health Clinic)
Utami, Sasi
The Impact of Service Quality and CRM on Patient Contentment (Clinical Studies at DKT Nganjuk HealthClinic)
Vaulia Puspita, Nindi
The Influence of Financial Leverage and Firm Size on the Company Value (A Study on Telecomunication Company BEI Listed in 2014-2018)
Vitasmoro, Pamadya
Improving Student’s English Vocabulary Mastery through Animation Cartoon
Vitasmoro, Pamadya
Intervention Model on Agribusiness Development of Organic Agriculture System (Case Study of Organic Rice Farmers Groups in Kediri District)
Wahed, Syaiful
Local Wisdom Based Tourism in Sharia Tourism Perpective (Tourism Concept Study of Sumenep Regency Madura)
Wahyudhi, Candra
Utilizing Instagram As A Promotional Media By Small And Medium Enterprises (SME) Arni Kripik Merauke
Wahyudi, A
‘Capital Barns’ based on social capital to empowering the poor
Wahyudi, Noor
Readiness of Indonesian Higher Education Programs in the Big Data Era
Wahyuni, Luh Mei
Feasibility of Spreadsheet Based Financial Management Learning Materials
Think Pair Share Solutions of Storytelling Learning
Wahyuniar, 0
Think Pair Share Solutions of Storytelling Learning
Wairara, Stenly
Analysis Of Human Resources Skill To GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) In The Fishery Processing Groups In Makassar City
Wairara, Stenly
Marketing Network’s Analysis of Coral Trout Grouper (Plectropomus leopardus) In Gusung Island; Selayar Archipelago Regency
Wajdi, Majid
Identifying Social Class in the Society of Java
Wantalangi, Max
Tracing the Meaning of Funny stories; Expressions; and terminologies of Kema Malay Languange
Wantania, Theresye
Role of Song in Learning Japanese (Historical Study of Japanese Population in Minahasa)
Wardhana, Mahendra
Strengthening Regulation In Conflicts Between The "Surat Ijo" Holder / Land Use Permit (Ipt) With The Government Of Surabaya City As The Implementation Of Agrarian Reforma
Warouw, Felly
Tipology Ecotourism Based On Community; A Case On Manado Gulf Area
Educational Staff Responses About Policy Models About Career Development Policy Models at Surabaya State University
School Principal Construction About the Culture Model of the Four Pillars of Nationality To Build Student Nationalism Towards Indonesian Generation 2025
Role of Forest Management Unit (KPH) In Social Forestry
Wawointana, Thelma
The Optimalization of Village Community Function in Accepting and Distributing Community Aspirations in Kemelembuais Village
Wawointana, Thelma
The Performance of Bureaucrats in Public Services
Wicaksana, K A B
Implementation of Controling Management and Techniques to Increacing the Effectiveness of Cooperative Supervision
Wicaksana, K A B
Implementation of Supervision Management; Effective Supervision Techniques to Improve the Effectiveness of Cooperative Supervision
Widanta, I Made Rai Jaya
Effectiveness of Designed Indonesian Language Module for Foreign Learners: A Case of Darmasiswa Class
Widanta, I Made Rai Jaya
Effectiveness of TBLT in Indonesian EFL Classroom
Widhari, Cokorda Istri Sri
The Practice of Green Hospitality at the Operational Level (a Case of 5-Star Hotel in Bali)
Widodo, Bambang
Analyzing The Difference In Teaching Skill Of Geography Teacher Candidates Based On Field Dependent-Independent Cognitive Styles
Widodo, Hananto
Accountability of the President of the Republic of Indonesia according to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia
Wijana, I Made
Need Analysis And System Engineering Of Financial Planning Web-Based Application Development For Indigenous Communities At VillageCredit InstitutionIn Badung Regency; Bali
Wijaya, Dodik Pranata
The existence of Criminal Justice System As Legal Safeguards Against Women Victims of Domestic Violence
Wijaya, Rahmanu
Orderly Traffic Attitude Of Students Junior High School Laboratory Universitas Negeri Surabaya
Winarsih, Sri
Designing Syllabus for Higher Education: A Reflective Study of Novice Lecturer in Merauke; Papua
Winarsih, Sri
The The Effectiveness of Short Film In Teaching A Cause - Effect Paragraph For English Literature Department Students of Musamus University
Winarsih, Sri
Analysis of Students’ Interest in Reading
Evaluation of Waste Recycle Center (PDU) in Jambangan Subdistrict Based on TPS3R Technical Guidance
Winarwati, Indien
Urgency Of World Trade Organizations (WTO) In Trade Relationship Between States
Winia, I Nyoman
The Implication of the Development of Serangan Tourist Village from the Economic Perspective
The Mobility of Madura Women Traders in Waru District Sidoarjo
Wua, Telly
Work Ethic In The Industrial Area of Bitung City North Sulawesi Province
Wuisang, Justien
Contextual Approaches In Kaiwa Learning (Speaking) Japanese Language
Wulan, Dewi
Improvement Of Employee Performance PT PLN (Persero) Area Merauke Reviewed From Work Discipline Of Employees
Yampap, Umar
Improving Fourth Grade Students’ Science Larning Achivement Using Process Skill Approach At Inpres Mangga Dua Elementary School of Merauke
Yani, Anhar
Competitive Advantage Through a Strategic Approach (Study on Islamic Banking in South Kalimantan)
Yani, M
The Role of Family Resiliencethat Characterizes in Increasing Shame Culturein the Society
Yulianti, Rina
Oral Agreement on Land Sale and Purchase Contract in Indonesia
Yuliari, Kartika
The Influence of Financial Leverage and Firm Size on the Company Value (A Study on Telecomunication Company BEI Listed in 2014-2018)
Yusuf, Andi
Effect Of Work Motivation On The Performance Of Procurement Service Unit Employees With A Balanced Approach Scorecard To The Perspective Of Growth And Learning In Maros Regency
Yusuf, Andi
The Power Relations Of Local Bosses And Local Elites In Forest Governance In Muna Islands
Zain, Ita
Management of Centralized Waste Systems With Optimization of The use of Existing TPA In The City Of Mojokerto
Zainal, Henni
The implementation of Modern Shop Structuring Policy in Mamajang District; Makassar Cit
Zainol, Zinatul
Adaptive Regulation for Industry 4.0
Zulfadli, Muhammad
Existence of Belief System in Fishermen Society in Pangkep Regency
iwan Candra, Agata
Improving Student’s English Vocabulary Mastery through Animation Cartoon
s, A
‘Capital Barns’ based on social capital to empowering the poor