Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Science 2019 (ICSS 2019)

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The Effect of Distributional Justice and Procedural Justice Towards Fisherman Compliance at Manado City

Tellma Tiwa, Great Kaumbur, Sinta Kaunang, Theophanny Kumaat
In a smaller scope, government policies are also inseparable from the protests and demands of society. The example case in the North Sulawesi region is the Government's policy to do the reclamation of coastal beaches in the region of Manado for the construction business area such as mall and another...
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Tipology Ecotourism Based On Community; A Case On Manado Gulf Area

Felly Warouw, Donal Ratu
Ecotourism is one of the pillars of sustainable tourism that has contributed significantly to development. Ecotourism must be planned according to the criteria for sustainable development standards. The achievement of sustainable ecotourism development criteria is determined by the role of community...
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The Analysis of School-Based Management Implementation and Principals’ Managerial Competencies

Deitje Katuuk, Sjamsi Pasandaran, Apeles Lonto, Recky Sendouw
This study analyzes the problems of School-based Management implementation and principals’ managerial competency. School-Based Management (SBM) is one of the management models to improve school’s performance by delegating management authority and autonomy to the school. This study focused on the problems...
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Moderation Effect Of Meaningful Work On The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership And Work Engagement

Marssel Sengkey, Dewo Saputra, Stevi Sengkey
Work engagement is crucial to an organization because if employee with a high work engagement will make the organization become a healthy organization. A healthy organization will affect the productivity and performance of its employee and their tendencies to out from their work. This study use 78 members...
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Dimensions and Prospects of Sumpang Bita Tourism Development in Pangkep District

Muh Rizal, Muhammad Siraj, maya Kasmita
The tourism development program is one sector that can be relied on to level the opportunities that can be supported. Sumpang Bita tourism object which is famous for the Thousand Stairs icon is one of the tourist charms in Pangkep Regency with its natural panorama in the form of a beautiful and rich...
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The Development of History Learning Media Based on Local Age in Increasing Students 'Understanding on Local History Lectures

Bahri, Tati Misna, Andi
This study aims to determine the application of local history learning media based on local wisdom. The method used in this research is Research and Development. This research step is preceded by preliminary research with a descriptive qualitative approach with observation; interview and document review...
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The Implementation & Practice of Industry Revolution 4.0 Associated with Makassar Local Concept

Nurharsya Hanafie, Lukman Ilham, Andika Gani
The industry revolution 4.0 has given a huge impact to Makassar people. Hence; the implementation and practice of its principle has shown certain viewpoint and action. To figure out the implementation of industry revolution 4.0; the descriptive qualitative study was conducted. The study aimed at identifying...
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PDAM Challenge to Provide Water Services Industry in the Era 4.0: Case Study of Regency Jeneponto; South Sulawesi

Herlina Sakawati, Sulmiah
Water is an important element in human survival. The ability of service providers to clean water affects the availability of clean water for the community. Entering the industrial era 4.0 a challenge for the Regional Water Company (PDAM) in providing water services. This study aimed to describe the challenges...
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Existence of Belief System in Fishermen Society in Pangkep Regency

Ibrahim, Syarifah Balkis, Muhammad Zulfadli
Religious beliefs and beliefs in fishing communities grow and develop in their lives. Fishing communities where their lives are always confronted with something uncertain in the place of the sea compilation / make a living are the basis of conflicting beliefs in life while they are aware of things that...
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Local Economic Development Through Village Funds in Barru District

Herman, Dalilul Falihin
The purpose of this study is to impact the management of village funds for the local economy; the determinant factors in managing village funds in developing the local economy; the efforts made by the government in developing the local economy. This research uses descriptive type with a qualitative approach....
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Dialectics of Student Conflict in Makassar State University

A.Ocatamaya Awaru, Muhammad Syukur, Monika
The purpose of this study was to determine the dialectical conflicts of senior and junior students and their impact. The research method is a qualitative approach; which describes a systematic picture of dialectical conflicts that occur between factual senior and junior students. Data obtained by observation;...
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Modality of Election in Young Legislative Election Contestation in South Sulawesi

Nurlela, Jumadi, Nurkharsa Hanafie
This study aims to determine; understand; and map modalities in the contestation of the election of young legislative members in the Province of South Sulawesi. This type of research is descriptive qualitative. Research subjects were young legislators elected in legislative elections. The focus of research...
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Role of Village Head as Development Administrator in Mattirowalie Village Maniangpajo subdistrict Wajo District

Fakhri Kahar, Ambo Asse, Muh. Nasrullah, Headar Akib, Rudi Saslam
Modernization of fishing gear usually influences the pattern of life of fishermen in various aspects especially ethics and technology used. however; it is different for fishermen in Soreang; Takalar Regency; which in the midst of modernization still maintains ancestral heritage in fishing activities....
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The implementation of Modern Shop Structuring Policy in Mamajang District; Makassar Cit

Muhammad Guntur, Aslinda, Henni Zainal
The rapid growth of modern trade businesses sometimes makes the traditional markets less desirable so that many of the traditional traders are turned to modern trade setting. This study aims to explore the modern shop structuring policy implementation in the District of Mamajang; Makassar City. This...
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The Position and Rights of Indigenous People Ammatoa Kajang: A Perspective of Judicial Normative

Muhammad Akbal, Firman Umar
this article examined how does the position and rights of indigenous people Ammatoa Kajang; and also the relationship between local government and traditional institutions Ammatoa Kajang viewed from the perspective of juridical normative. The issues examined in this study was Indonesia as a legal country...
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Bugis Women (Status; Role and Function) in the Text of Lontara I La Galigo

Andi Kesuma, Darman Manda, Najamuddin
The results of this study aim to analyze and find the similarities and differences in the status; role; and function of women; especially in Lontara I La Galigo. The study method used was the library method by reviewing some literature in the form of study results both published in the form of journals...
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Discourse and Power in Religious Social Practices of the Gowa Highland Society

St. Junaeda, Najamuddin, Muhammad Firman
This paper explains about the discursive practice of religious knowledge of alms and aqiqah in the procession of death which is very commonly practiced by the people of the highland Gowa. This religious knowledge is produced and reproduced through a system of discourse; so that religious knowledge is...
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The Effect of School Head Academic Supervision on Pedagogic Capability of Basic School Teachers in Manggala District Kota Makassar

Sirajuddin Saleh, Haerul, Sitti Arhas
This study examines the effect of school principals' academic supervision on the pedagogical abilities of elementary school teachers in the Manggala District of Makassar City. The objectives of this study are: 1) To find out the description of the school principal's academic supervision in Manggala District;...
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Improving Quality of LL-DIKTI Area X Services in Facing Industrial Era 4.0

Risma Niswaty, H. Nasaruddin, Irsyad Dhahri
This study examines the quality of public services at the Office of Higher Education Services (LLKDIKTI) Region IX Sulawesi and Gorontalo. The problem in this study is how the quality of public services at the Office of Higher Education Services (LL-DIKTI) Region IX Sulawesi and Gorontalo and determinant...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Organic Agriculture in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (A Case Study at Bulukumba Regency; South Sulawesi Province)

Muammad Syukur, Octamaya Awaru
The research aims to analyze: 1) farmers’ understanding on organic agriculture and 2) the readiness of organic farmers in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 in Salassae Village Bulukumba Regency. The research uses constructivist paradigm with qualitative approach. Data collection is conducted using...
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Optimization of Teachers’ Roles in theImplementation of Child Friendly School in the Industrial Era 4.0

Supriadi Torro, La Sunra, Muh. Ahmad
This study aimed at 1) exploring the optimization of the roles of teachers in the implementation of child friendly school program in the industrial era 4.0.; and 2) exploring the supporting and inhibiting factors teachers encountered in implementing the child friendly school program in the industrial...
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Technology Transformation of Fishermen Communities in Beba Galesong Utara

Idham Irwansyah, Mario, Tamrin
The development of Science and Technology which hit all aspects of social society is a problem for fishermen. Advances in technology have an impact on the transition to the use of modern technology that replaces traditional equipment. The process of modernization in fishing communities is inevitable....
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The Influence of Teaching Variations on Student Learning Motivation at State Vocational High School 4 Makassar

Muhammad Darwis, Jamaluddin, Sirajuddin, Diana Amelia, Sitti Arhas
Teachers must have the skills to manage student interactions with learning resources that provide opportunities for the realization of learning processes that are in accordance with the character of students. This study aims to determine the Effect of Teacher Teaching Variations on Learning Motivation...
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Degradation of Siri’ Na Pacce Cultural Values in The Bugis-Makassar Community

Hasni, Irsyad Dhahri, Hasnawi Haris
This research departs from the idea that in the era of globalization there has been a rapid change; including changes in cultural values that are felt and seem to be beginning to be global; namely between Western culture and traditional culture including the cultural values of the Bugis-Makassar community....
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The Dynamics Implementation of Judicial Review by the Constitutional Court in Indonesia

Firman Umar, Muhammad Akbal
research issues: The Constitutional Court as the guardian; interpreter and guard the constitution factually; in the constitutional system of judicial review of the Constitution is a necessity; to create the ideal law. Research Method: legal normative-sociological research. The research location was in...
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Integration of Javanese Communities: a Study of the Sociology of Plural Communities in Tanete Rilau District; Barru Regency

Firdaus Suhaeb, Mario Mandra
This study aims to determine the factors that encourage the integration of Javanese society in the sociocultural life of local people who are ethnic Bugis. This type of research is descriptive qualitative. The determination of informants was carried out deliberately on 10 people with criteria; 1) Javanese...
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Children Caring Patterns in Fishermens; Punggawa and Sawi in Laggoppo Sub-distric Kajuara Bone Regency

Muh. Ridha, Amirullah, Ahmadin
This paper the pattern of care adopted by parents who work as fishermen is very different between the Retainer family and mustard greens. The results showed that the pattern of child care for Punggawa fishermen was very strict and more authoritarian; especially in studying; and they were very strict...
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The Traces of Islam in Bumi Sawerigading; South Sulawesi

Bustan, Mustari Bosra, La Malihu
This article discusses the process of islamization in Bumi Sawerigading or better known as the Kingdom of Luwu. Luwu Kingdom was the kingdom that first accepted Islam in South Sulawesi. The existence of this kingdom is interesting to write because it does not escape the role of the king or datu in expediting...
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Snapshot Level of Principal Entrepreneurs Competency

Basmin Mattayang, Husain Syam, Haedar Akib, Amiruddin, Muhammad Syukur
mastery of principals' entrepreneurial competencies is directed at the realization of the main tasks and functions of actors with entrepreneurial insight; as stipulated in the Minister of National Education Regulation No. 13 of 2007 concerning Principal / Madrasah Standards. This article explains the...
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Development of Character Education-Based Learning Devices in Local History Subject

Muh. Said, Hasnawi Haris, Bahri
The local history subject is a culture which has to be conserved. Accordingly; local culture of South Sulawesi learning requires sufficient pedagogical competence. Theoretical approach applied to comprehend the realites in the field involved developing learning devices. Meanwhile; the methodological...
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The Role of the Nuhiyah Islamic Boarding School in Empowering Islamic Communities

Abdul Rahman, Megawati, Najamuddin
This paper discusses about Nuhiyah Islmic Boarding School. A historical perspective; this institution is an Islamic education institution that was pioneered by Sheikh Adiyyin in the early 18th century AD. This institution was later developed perfectly by Kyai Haji Muhammad Nuh and the continuation generation...
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Based Waste Management Innovation Design of Industrial 4.0 in Makassar City

Aco Agus, Irsyad Dhahri, Risma Niswaty
Increased adoption of digital technology in various fields throughout the world has become an inevitable phenomenon. This trend is often debated with the Industry 4.0 label. The point that was put forward in this debate was that the Industry 4.0 was a revolution that would reshape developments similar...
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Fisheries and Economic Relationship in Kelurahan Gusung Makassar

Amiruddin, Rifal, Najamuddin
This paper discusses the influence of religious activities on the economic development of fishermen in Gusung Village. In several meetings which intersect with religious activities; religion is often accused of being the mastermind behind the stagnant progress of the fishermen's economy. However; this...
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Revenue Of Opening Expenses On Criminal Action Of Corruption (Case Study in IA Jayapura District Court)

Nurul Badilla, Thimon Febby, Rudini Rado, Marlyn Alputila
The implementation of the burden of proof reversal system in Indonesia has existed since the discussion of the Draft Law (RUU) on the Eradication of Corruption Crimes in 1970. At that time; there was an idea about one pattern of eradicating criminal acts of corruption; namely accepting a system of proof...
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Designing Syllabus for Higher Education: A Reflective Study of Novice Lecturer in Merauke; Papua

Lastika Prihandoko, Natalia Manuhutu, Marnina, Margaretha Narahawarin, Sri Winarsih
A good syllabus will guide lecturer and students to be successful in the subject course. Thus syllabus plays an essential role in learning activities. This paper aims to present a reflective study of novice lecturer who has difficulties in creating syllabus design for several subject courses during his...
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The The Effectiveness of Short Film In Teaching A Cause - Effect Paragraph For English Literature Department Students of Musamus University

Natalia Manuhutu, Lastika Prihandoko, Sri Winarsih, Margaretha Narahawarin, Marnina, Marni Bawawa
This research aimed at finding out whether or not short film can be used effectively to produce a better writing ability for the second year students of English Literature Department. This research employed pre-experimental method. Moreover; the instruments of this research were writing test and questionnaire....
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Methods and Interest in Learning to the Ability Sort the Mathematical Pattern

Nurlayli Hasanah, Diah Harmawati, Minuk Riyana
The purpose of this research to determine the effect of cooperative learning and interest in learning the ability to sort the mathematical pattern. This research used experimental methods and design treatment by the level of 2x2. This research conducted in children Kindergarten Group B in KulonProgo...
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The Metacognition of Junior High School Students in Posing Mathematical Problems Viewed From Cognitive Style

Abdul Taufik, Sadrack Pagiling, Dian Mayasari, Anis Munfarikhatin, Irmawaty Natsir, Oswaldus Dadi
This study examines the metacognition activity of grade IX junior high school students in posing mathematical problems based on reflective and impulsive cognitive styles. The subjects in this study were selected based on the equivalent result of mathematical ability test and the results of the Matching...
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Exploration of College Student’s Representations in Solve The Problem of Numeric Methods

Sadrack Pagiling, Markus Palobo, Anis Munfarikhatin, Dian Mayasari, Abdul Taufik
A qualitative study aims to explore students’ representations in solving problems of numerical methods. Participants in this study are two female college students. Data were collected by assigning the problem of interpolation method and task-based interviews. The findings of this study showed the student...
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The Development of Direct Learning Strategies in Topic Solubility and Solubility Product

Jesi Pongkendek, John Parlindungan, Novike Sumanik
This is Research and Development study; which aims to develop a strategy directly on the subject matter solubility and solubility product. Development models used in this research is the development of 4-D models which is adapted to the steps of developing learning strategies. The stages of development...
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Comparison of Psychological Skills of Pencak Silat and Boxing Athletes (Study on Indonesian Training Camp athletes)

Muhammad Dongoran, Yahya Nopiyanto, Deny Saputro, Arifin Nugroho
This study aims to compare the psychological skills between pencak silat and boxing; so that differences in each of the sports will be known to analyze which psychological skills differ significantly. The population in this study were Indonesian athletes who were in the National Training Camp. The sampling...
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Application of Discussion Methods to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Civics Content Class IV Elementary School

Rudolfus Bay, Ratna Purwanty, Chyntia Kalalo
This research aims to improve student learning outcomes in the learning of PKn class IV of the elementary School of Mangga Dua; using the discussion method with the research draft used is class action research (PTK). The subject of this study was originally 20 students and when conducting a study that...
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Improving Fourth Grade Students’ Science Larning Achivement Using Process Skill Approach At Inpres Mangga Dua Elementary School of Merauke

Umar Yampap, Rudolfus Bay, Karlina Lieung
The research is aimed to improve science learning achievement of the fourth grade students at Inpres Mangga Dua Elementary School of Merauke using process skill approach. This research is a classroom action research which is consisted of phases namely; plan; action; observation; and reflection. The subjects...
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Profile Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Prospective Teacher of PPL Participants

Andi Reski, Anderias Henukh, Merta Simbolon
TPACK is a framework that becomes the initial capital and must be mastered by a teacher. The ability to TPACK a teacher will greatly influence how teachers carry out classroom learning. This study aims to describe the profile of TPACK from prospective teacher students who are PPL participants; then analyze...
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Utilization Isomorphic Physics (FORFIS) Application to Improve Physics Analogical Transfer Skill of Senior High School Students

Desy Sari, Merta Simbolon, Andi Reski
The ability to apply old knowledge into solving new problems encountered can facilitate the problem-solving process. Even so; the survey results indicate a lack of ability of students to analyze and solve similar problems. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of using the Isomorphic...
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Analysis of Students’ Interest in Reading

Marni Bawawa, Sri Winarsih, Rezky Uspayanti, Margaretha Naharawarin, Ranta Butarbutar, Natalia Manuhutu
This research was intended to find out interest in reading of English Education Department of Musamus University. This research was conducted in January 2019 at Musamus University in the Department of English Language Education. The subjects in this study were all fourth semester students at the English...
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Enhancing Literal and Interpretive Reading Comprehension through Collaborative Strategic Reading

Rezky Uspayanti, Natalia Manuhutu, Ranta Butarbutar, Marni Bawawa, Marnina, Nova Habeahan
Abstract—The study proposed the use of collaborative strategic reading to enhance the students’ comprehension in reading narrative text. The study focused on literal and interpretive comprehension. The sample were the tenth grade students in MAN Pinrang which consisted of 28 students in A group and 28...
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Relationship OF The Power Of The Diksi With The Writing Of Drama

0 Nurdiansah, Nurdiansah, Tobias Ngaruaka, Nova Habeahan
The purpose of this study was to find out whether there was a relationship between Mastery of Jurisdiction and the Ability to Write Drama. The method used in this research is descriptive survey method with correlational techniques. The total sample of this study is the same as the total population; which...
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Think Pair Share Solutions of Storytelling Learning

0 Wahyuniar, Wahyuniar, Lay Riwu, Zem Santo
This study aims to prove and describe think pair and share models to improve speaking skills especially in learning to tell idol characters. The sample used in this study was one class; namely VII.1 SMP Negeri 2 Mattiro Bulu; Pinrang District; which amounted to 24 people. The data obtained were analyzed...
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Analysis Of Human Resources Skill To GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) In The Fishery Processing Groups In Makassar City

Astaman Amir, Andi Arief, Sajriawati, Stenly Wairara, Gardis Andari, Merry Dawapa
Human Resources in the field of processing fishery have to have good skills about good manufacturing Practice (GMP).GMP is about how they do the selection of raw materials; handling; processing ; selection of additives and chemicals; packaging; storage and distribution; in order to produce quality food...
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Marketing Network’s Analysis of Coral Trout Grouper (Plectropomus leopardus) In Gusung Island; Selayar Archipelago Regency

0 Sajriawati, Sajriawati, Astaman Amir, Stenly Wairara, Merry Dawapa, Nina Ginting, Ferdinand Situmorang
This research was conducted since January until April 2016; located on Gusung Island; Selayar Archipelago Regency. The research objective was to determine the network marketing model of Coral Trout Grouper (Plectropomus leopardus). The study used a survey method with a case study approach; through the...
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Utilizing Instagram As A Promotional Media By Small And Medium Enterprises (SME) Arni Kripik Merauke

Candra Wahyudhi, Irfan Muafa, Muhammad Awal
This study used a qualitative approach with the method of using a case study of a descriptive type. The purpose of the study is to determine the extent to which the benefits of using Instagram as a promotional media performed by Arni chips are appropriate in their use and whether the selection of social...
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Improvement Of Employee Performance PT PLN (Persero) Area Merauke Reviewed From Work Discipline Of Employees

Dewi Wulan, Aldisa Arifudin, Nurwijayanti
The purpose of this article is to know the relationship between improving performance of employees pt pln (persero) merauke area with work discipline. The sample in this study were 52 respondents; the sampling method used was the technique of total sampling and sampling was done using a Likert Scale;...
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Determinants Of Labor Absorption In Merauke Regency (2011-2017

Muhammad Tawakal, Romualdus Djanggo, Sebestina Siman
This study aims to determine the Determinants of Labor Absorption in Meruke Regency. In the analysis using multiple linear regression analysis methods. Data processing is carried out using the SPSS 21 program. Based on the results of the study; it shows that wages do not have a significant effect on...
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Kelompok Usaha Bersama (KUBE) And Poverty Level Performance In Sulawesi and Kalimantan Areas

0 Asrudi, Asrudi, Tamsil Jayadi, Wayrohi Meilvidiri
Poverty is a nightmare that is very scary for the world's population and one of the global issues in every country that is developing and growing and poverty is where a person has a condition that is not mimiliki sufficient resources and income; so the lack of basic necessities such as clothing; shelter;...
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Analysis Impact Of Fiscal Capacity Direct Expenditure And Social Inequality Between Regions In Papua Province

Kristianus Hiktaop, Ade Sembiring, Agus Romdioni
This research aims to analysis fiscal capacity to direct expenditure and social inequality between regions in Papua province. This research uses Structural Equation Modeling model namely WarPLS 5. The results of the study indicate that the fiscal capacity has a positive effect on the local direct expenditure;...
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Financial Ratios Of The Company's Share Price Sub Sectors Toll Road; Port; Airport And Transportation Listed BEI

Ade Sembiring, Kristianus Hiktaop, Mohamad Ilham
The stock price of a company can be predicted through a financial ratio. The research is done using financial ratios and stock prices. The samples used are issuers on sub-sectors of toll roads; ports; airports and transportation listed IDX 2015-2018. The results of the study using multiple linear regression...
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Effect Of Work Motivation On The Performance Of Procurement Service Unit Employees With A Balanced Approach Scorecard To The Perspective Of Growth And Learning In Maros Regency

Andi Yusuf, Aenal Adam, Dapot Saragih
This study was conducted through the Balance Scorecard approach on a learning and growth perspective with the aim to: Know and analyze the impact of work motivation; employee development and work environment on performance The office of the Maros Regency Procurement Service Unit and analyze the factors...
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The Power Relations Of Local Bosses And Local Elites In Forest Governance In Muna Islands

Aenal Adam, Andi Yusuf, Dapot Saragih
Local boss and local elite are the main actors who determine how local government is governed at a local level. Democracy and decentralization policies in post-New Order have opened a chance for their presence in local politics. This paper explains about power relation between local boss (Ridwan BAE;...
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Evaluation of Waste Recycle Center (PDU) in Jambangan Subdistrict Based on TPS3R Technical Guidance

Recycle Center (PDU) of Jambangan Sub-district is waste management system based on technological advanced system. Facilitation of waste management in PDU consist of conveyor belt which moved all type of precidential waste those employee in separating waste. In addition there were also organic waste...
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The Urgency of Hikayat Hang-Tuah's Character Value in Building Young Generation Nationalism

Agus Trilaksana, Sukma Perdana, Agung Rizaq, Ajeng Prastuti
Globalization has reached all aspects of life including the spirit of young generation's nationalism. This generation is the next generation of the nation and the state; because it is considered very important to have a strong nationalism in the midst of an increasingly globalized world. One effort to...
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PKN Teachers' Strategy in Creating Local Character-Based Anti-Corruption Culture for the Younger Generation in Surabaya

Totok Suyanto, Harmanto
This research uses exploration design. The substance of the study was the Civics Teacher Strategy in building a local character-based anti-corruption culture for the younger generation in Surabaya. The sample of this study was 30 Pancasila and Citizenship Education Subject Teachers who were members of...
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Educational Staff Responses About Policy Models About Career Development Policy Models at Surabaya State University

Warsono, Ketut Prasetyo
Career development is very important for an organization; because career is a need that must be developed in an employee. The substance of this paper is related to the response of the career development model through the expertise channel for educational staff at Unesa. This study used an exploratory...
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Embracing Institutional Partners: As an Effort to Eradicate Street Children in Surabaya Children's Village

Agung Rizaq, Ketut Prasetyo, Sri Sukartiningsih, Sarmini
Street children are a social problem for some countries. Some alternative solutions are made to complete the number of children who are on the streets. Surabaya as one of the major cities in Indonesia established Kampung Anak Negeri as a place of protection and guidance for street children. This study...
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Application of Vi-Learning Based on Rotation Model

Sukma Prasetya, Riyadi
e-learning has always been described as a channel through knowledge transmitted between teachers; students; and the wider community. This vi-learning has been used by several universities by encouraging collaborative learning and social interaction. This study aims to determine the response of S1 Social...
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The Relationship of Parental Socio-Economics Level with Children Education Pattern In Benowo Subdistrict; Surabaya

Rindawati, Bambang Hariyanto
This study examined the relationship between parental socioeconomic level with children education pattern in Benowo Sub-district; Surabaya. Benowo Sub-district was chosen because it has undergone many changes due to industrialization. The objective of the study was to analyze the correlation between...
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Tsunami Disaster Mitigation For Population at South Coatal –Munjungan Distric-Trenggalek-East Java

Ketut Prasetyo, Daryono
The coast of Munjungan Subdistrict in the form of a bay and directly facing a subduction zone makes the area prone to earthquake and tsunami disasters. Until now the earthquake and tsunami cannot be predicted when it will occur. Therefore disaster mitigation for the community is very necessary; not least...
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The Role of Political Social Institutions in Rural Managements in Managing Collabrications in the Religion

Katon Setyawan, Sarmini, Sukma Prasetya, Nuansa Segara
Political and economic interests are heightened as a matter of religion many occur in Indonesia. Even the conflict with the background of religion in East Java is very high and the people of East Java are ranked second as intolerant communities in Indonesia. But not so in the multi-religious Resapombo...
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Management of Centralized Waste Systems With Optimization of The use of Existing TPA In The City Of Mojokerto

Ita Zain, Katon Setyawan, Kuspriyanto
Waste is basically a material that is wasted or thrown away from a source of the results of human activities and natural processes that have no economic value. Solid waste problems in the City of Mojokerto due to the limited ability of solid waste management in handling solid waste; there are still delays...
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Utilization of Karst Water Resources by Residents in the Gremeng Cave Spring

Eko Budiyanto, Nugroho Purnomo, Muzayanah, Aida Kurniawati, MS Retno
Karst landscapes are formed by soluble rock; resulting in a high level of susceptibility of the landscape. Gremeng cave spring is a karst spring that is perennial. Preservation of these springs requires a proper understanding of both human factors and physical conditions. This study aims to understand...
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Analyzing The Difference In Teaching Skill Of Geography Teacher Candidates Based On Field Dependent-Independent Cognitive Styles

Bambang Widodo, Sulistinah
This study aims to determine the differences in teaching skill of geography teacher candidates based on field dependent-independent cognitive styles. The basic teaching skill componentsmeasured are as follows: 1) open and close the lesson; 2) explain the principles; concepts and procedures; 3) implement...
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Selection of Tourism Development Center in The Southern District Banyuwangi

Agus Sutedjo, Sri Murtini
Tourism development can be used as a basis for regional development. The South Banyuwangi Regency is currently undeveloped but can be used as a driver for the development of the South East Java region. There are many attractions in these places and can be used as a development base. For this reason;...
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The Optimalization of Local Character Values ​​in Learning to Build Anti-Corruption Culture

I Made Suwanda, Listyaningsih, Agus Suprijono, Anna Lutfaidah
Massive corruption behavior indicates that corruption has become a bad part of managing state administration which must be prevented immediately through various regulations and appropriate mechanisms. One effort to prevent corruption is to inculcate an anti-corruption education culture early on in the...
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From Multicultural Towards National Identity: Teacher Construction on Strategies for Implementing Multicultural Education in Schools

Rr Setyowati, Sarmini, Nuril Amaliya
Indonesia has a multicultural society. This society as social capital strengthens the nation's culture; and at the same time will be a threat of division. Multicultural education becomes an important dimension to the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). School education has an important...
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School Principal Construction About the Culture Model of the Four Pillars of Nationality To Build Student Nationalism Towards Indonesian Generation 2025

Sarmini, Warsono, Sri Sukartiningsih, Lilik Sulistyowati
Nationalism needs to be instilled in the younger generation to be a tough; self-reliant and competitive generation. School as a means of building nationalism for the younger generation. This study aims to describe the construction of a school principal on the National Four pillar culture model to build...
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Food Security in Poor Families (Study of Public Policy and Local Initiative at East Java)

FX Sadewo, Sugeng Harianto, Herrukmi Rinawati, Badrudin Kurniawan, Martinus Legowo
Food security is a concern for government and society. It provides support for family productivity in achieving its welfare. Not only the government; every family will try to protect the availability of food. By taking studies in four regencies/cities; the research elaborates how local government strategies...
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Child Marriage in Online Indonesia News (Discourse Analysis of A Contemporary Cases about SyehPuji and The Teen Wife)

Diyah Utami, Farid Pribadi, Mutiah
Child marriages have actually been banned under the CEDAW ratified by the Indonesian government. As a consequence; all elements of society also accept these rules and provide space for women to obtain their rights. Mass media as one of the channels of socialization should also do the same thing. That...
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‘Capital Barns’ based on social capital to empowering the poor

A s, A Wahyudi, A Sudrajat, P Handoyo, F Pribadi, D Utami
The assumption that underlies this research is that there are many applications of empowerment programs for the poor that only focus on economiccapital; so their application tends to lead to charity. Through development researchwith the procedures as follows (1) identifying rural / urban poverty specifications;...
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Women's Victory Contest 2019 Election

Agus Fauzi, Refti Listyani
This research aims to reveal the victory of women legislative candidates in the 2019 election contestation in the electoral district of East Java 1 for the DPR RI. Women are able to win battles with more competitors than groups of men. This victory is based on several criteria; namely: first; electoral...
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The Mobility of Madura Women Traders in Waru District Sidoarjo

Wisnu, Thomas Aji, Corry Liana
This paper discusses street vendors. The existence of street vendors (informal sector) is often seen from the negative side because a large number of workers in this sector is considered less productive. But on the other hand; the informal sector is able to play a role as a safety valve; especially in...
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Ethical Politics and Educated Elites In Indonesian National Movement

Sumarno, R Aji, Eko Hermawan
Ethical Politics is an interesting policy to study; because the policy is actually in practice as a new form of the Dutch colonial era over Indonesia with the slogan of educational development policies; irrigation; and emigration. But in practice it remained a new form of colonialism over the people...
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Vi-Learning in understanding the History of Indonesian Culture in the Digital era

Septina Alrianingrum, R Aji, Andi Sapoetra
Vi-learning has an important role in overcoming the limitations of space and time in the digital literacy-based learning process in this digital era. The development of Vi-learning is targeted at developing multimedia-based learning media by means of the internet; mobilphone; gadget or the like. This...
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Challenges to Create a Pluralism Education amid the Battle of Democracy and Theocracy in Indonesia

Riyadi, Sri Purwaningsih, Agus Suprijono
The education of linear characters with the aim of educational IPS is to nurture students into good citizens; who have knowledge; skills and social care that is useful for himself; society and the country.To realize these objectives; the process of learning is not limited to knowledge and skills only;...
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Standardization of the Integrated District Administration Services Program to optimize Public Services in Sidoarjo Regency

T Oktariyanda, DF Eprilianto
Standardization of the Integrated District Administration Services Program to optimize Public Services in Sidoarjo Regency. An article based on theoretical study and critical review was conducted on the basis of the emergence of problems in the delivery of public services at the regional level. Some...
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Measurement of Workload Analysis in Determining the Optimal Number of Workers

Meirinawati, Indah Prabawatii
The role of Human Resources (HR) is very vital in an organization; both government and private organizations. The reality of HR professionalism is often not fully realized. One of the reason is the mismatch between employee competencies and the positions that they occupy; that is caused not only by the...
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Jalin Matra; The East Java Provincial Government's Strategy To Alleviate Poverty: A Case Study of Bojonegoro Regency; East Java Province

Galih Pradana, Muhammad Farid, Apriva Azbihardiyanti
Poverty is a relatively consistent problem and is always be the main focus of development in Indonesia; the poverty line in Indonesia often refers to the basic expenditure of food and household consumption. Poverty in East Java province is the highest poverty number in Indonesia. Various policy strategies...
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The Role of Family Resiliencethat Characterizes in Increasing Shame Culturein the Society

Rr Setyowati, M Yani, Siti Habibah, Maya Mustika
Today there have been many shifts in values and norms in people’s lives everyday. Behavior that is not in accordance with the values and norms that should be held firmly becomes something that is abandoned. Various events that violate religious norms; politeness; morality and law can be found in the...
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Orderly Traffic Attitude Of Students Junior High School Laboratory Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Listyaningsih, I Made Suwanda, Rahmanu Wijaya
Traffic violations is increased in student world. This traffic violation will cause harm to both students and other people. To create traffic safety as regulated in Article 1 number 31 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 22 Year 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transport (LLAJ Law); it requires...
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The Implementation of Law Ministry of Manpower Concerning Domestic Workers Protection in West Surabaya

Iman Purba, Oksiana Jatiningsih, Siti Habibah
The word Domestic Workers are often abbreviated “PRT” (Pekerja Rumah Tangga) in Indonesia. It is often referred to with the term “Domestic Helper”. The word "Worker" which indicates that there is an equal relationship between the two parties who have an agreement on the work relationship. It is different...
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Radicalism and Political Indentity in Indonesia President Election 2019

Agus Adi, Maya Sari, Rr Setyowati
While mass media throughout the world preach about the defeat of ISIS in the Middle East; Indonesia is carrying out general elections; namely the 2019 Legislative Election and Presidential Election. The 2019 General Election is a means for the public to obtain information about ideas offered by candidates...
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Comparison of National History Education Textbook Content in Middle School and Senior High School in Indonesian in New Order Era

Nasution, Artono, Agus Trilaksana
Since their declaration of independence until 1965; several times this country experienced rebellions until the Indonesian Communist Party's uprising in 1965. National integration was a necessity one to achieve stability and sustainable development. One of the paths taken is through the National History...
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Alternative Languages for The Effectiveness of Early Children Learning Communicators

Vinda Setianingrum, Danang Tandyonomanu, Anam Huda
Early childhood education is very important. Not only as a preliminary preparation for entering elementary school. But it also becomes the foundation of children's growth and mental development and potential. In this period; the role of a teacher as a communicator who conveys material messages to students...
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Tourist Village Program for Modern Tourism:A Study on City Branding “Shining Batu”of Batu City

Puspita Sukardani, Vinda Setianingrum, Gilang Aji
City branding is a strategy to position a city in society. “Shining Batu”; as one of popular city brandings in Indonesia of Batu City; seeks to realize the implementation of its branding value into the tourist village program which is a form of integration between attractions; accommodation; and supporting...
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Papuan Students Cross-Cultural Adaptation in Surabaya State University

Mutiah, Gilang Aji, Diyah Utami
Every individual who has just entered a different culture from his origin will experience an adaptation process ; the process of self-adjustment that takes place is not easy. Each individual has a different level of adaptation; some are easy to pass but many are also difficult. The adaptation process...
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Violent Behavior of Teacher and Comprehension of The Professional Code of Ethics for Teachers

Pudji Astuti, Emmilia Rusdiana, Gelar Ahmad
Comprehension of Professional Code of Ethics for Teachers influences to the violent behavior of teachers towards their students; considering that professional ethics is an effort to eliminate violent behavior in schools. Professional Code of Ethics for Teachers as a tool in controlling the quality of...
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Strengthening Regulation In Conflicts Between The "Surat Ijo" Holder / Land Use Permit (Ipt) With The Government Of Surabaya City As The Implementation Of Agrarian Reforma

Tamsil, S Indri, Mahendra Wardhana, Dita Perwitasari
Land tenure / ownership in Surabaya is marked by a unique phenomenon of Surat Ijo; namely the settlement of some city residents on state land. Entering the Reformation era (1999); most residents no longer adhere to applicable rules. Thus; solidarity arises from the community of residents who live on...
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Questioning the Management of Intellectual Property in Universities in Indonesia

Muh Masnun, Eny Sulistyowati, Irfa Ronaboyd
The aim of this article is to analyze how intellectual property management in University This research uses normological normative; which implies that legal studies are related to various policy products; or legislation; but the product is not understood to be limited to formal texts that are binding...
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The Legality of Trans-Sexual Marriage in Indonesia

Nurul Hikmah, Pudji Astuti, Budi Hermono
Trans-sexual marriage is marriage between a man and a woman; which one ofthem has a genital-change; the problem is whether the marriage is legal according Indonesian National Law. Relating to Article 2 of Law Number 1 of 1974 on Marriage regulate that the legality of a marriage (in Indonesia) must be...
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Indonesian Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS): A Legal Discourse Analysis about Sailing Permits

Irfa Ronaboyd, Elisabeth Puspoayu, Arinto Nugroho, Nurul Hikmah
Official adoption of TSS in the Sunda Strait and Lombok Strait proposals was carried out at the 101st session of MSC on June 2019 and became effective from June 2020. For the record; UNCLOS 1982 does not require ships to ask for permission or prior notice when they cross the Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ASLs)....
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Accountability of the President of the Republic of Indonesia according to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia

Hananto Widodo, Hezron Tinambunan, Elisabeth Puspoayu
The position as President not only places the President's obligation to be politically responsible for his performance; but also has consequences for the threat of dismissal of the President by the MPR; if the President is deemed by the state as determined by the MPR. Therefore; when there is a change...