Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2019)

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Based on the driving mechanism to explore the effective path of environmental control of Nanshan ring road on north slope of Qinling Mountains

Zhang Dan, Hao Jianhua
North slope of Qinling Nanshan loop (Xi’an) drive mechanism of environmental governance is an important theoretical and practical problems, north slope of Qinling Nanshan loop (Xi’an) drive mechanism of environmental factors mainly include internal and external factors, through the analysis and the choice...
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Xi'an Headquarters Economic Research

Hao Jianhua, Ma Tong, Dan Zhang
The headquarters economy is of great significance to promote the economic development of Xi'an. Based on the analysis of the economic status of Xi'an headquarters, this paper proposes that the existing headquarters enterprises in Xi'an are generally small, the multinational corporations headquarters...
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Modeling and Empirical Analysis of Regional Science and Technology Innovation Performance Evaluation Index System

Luo Wen, Dai Zilong, Fang Xi, Wang Guangjie
Comprehensive and accurate evaluation of regional science and technology innovation performance is the basis for building a new area of technological innovation. In this paper, using principal component analysis method, aiming at the scientific and technological innovation performance data of Jiangsu...
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Review on exit of entrepreneurial members

Ye Dongxiu
With the development and growth of the enterprise,the environment for companies is changing.The ability of the entrepreneurial members may not meet the development of the companies. Therefore, entrepreneurial members are not static, but dynamic.On the basis of the existing research, this paper collates...
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Indicators for BSC-based Assessment of Integrated Military-Civilian Logistics Support

Geng Kui, Xie Zongren
Balanced score card (BSC) is a comprehensive method for strategic management and organizational performance assessment. By introducing it into the assessment of integrated military-civilian logistics support, a BSC-based analytic framework is established to compose the strategic map for integrated military-civilian...
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Analysis on the main problems in the remedial education and the necessity of regulation ——Taking the investigation of Changchun City as an example

Yan Chuang
As an important form of education, remedial education has developed rapidly in recent years, and its social influence has been expanding. However, its development process is accompanied by many problems, which restricts the healthy development of remedial education to a certain extent. Based on the analysis...
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Analysis on The Development of AI Clothing Marketing

Chang Qiao, Fang Gang, Chen XueJie
With the emergence of Alpha Go, artificial intelligence has become a hot topic, and marketing has ushered in the era of intelligence. Through the combination of artificial intelligence technology (including virtual reality, data insight, etc.), marketing can bring better consumption experience to consumers....
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Research Review of Enterprise Value Assessment Methods

Zhangxian Wang, Yougan Zhu, Yushuang Zhang
This paper summarizes the most commonly used basic methods and theoretical models of enterprise value evaluation, and divides enterprise value evaluation methods into four categories: cost method, income method, market method and option pricing model. It aims to help investors correctly evaluate the...
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The Influence of Gratitude on the Forgiveness of Rural Primary School Teachers in the Northwest of Yunnan Province: The Mediating Role of altruism

Li Changqing
To explore the basic conditions and interrelationships of altruism, gratitude and forgiveness of rural primary school teachers in northwest Yunnan,1912 rural primary school teachers in northwestern Yunnan were surveyed with Attitude Questionnaire, Gratitude Questionnaire and Forgiveness Questionnaire....
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A Study on the Status Quo of Positive Emotional State of Rural Teachers in Northwest Yunnan

Li Changqing, He Muye, Pi Jing
The emotional state of 1912 rural teachers in northwestern Yunnan was measured using the Positive Affect and Negative Affect Scale (PANAS). The survey showed that rural teachers were generally in a positive emotional state with a few negative emotions. Factors such as gender, teaching age, professional...
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Rural Revitalization Strategy and Sustainable Development of Tianjin's Characteristic Towns

Wang Xinzhi
Tianjin continues to promote the construction and development of characteristic towns in order to achieve rural modernization. By analyzing the development of characteristic towns in Tianjin, it is found that problems like the industrialization advantages of Tianjin's characteristic towns are not obvious,...
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Research on Optimization of National Defense Patent Implementation

Wang Xinzhi, Lu Sisi, Yang Wei
This document explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for DEStech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. The text area for your manuscript must be 17 cm wide and 25 cm high (6.7 and 9.8 inches, resp.). Do not place any text...
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Analysis of China-ASEAN agricultural trade pattern under “the Belt and Road”

Wang Lijie, Wang Min, Zhou Yiyi
Under “the Belt and Road”, the ASEAN region has further communication and cooperation with China on agricultural products trade because it is at the center of the Maritime Silk Road. This paper based on the trade data of 2013-2017, analyzes the trade pattern of China-ASEAN agricultural products in total...
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Research on Knowledge Governance Mechanism of B2C E-commerce Supply Chain from the Perspective of Information Ecology

Sang Weize, He Ping, Yu Hongjian
Effective management of information is related to the sustainable development of B2C e-commerce industry,Information ecology management is the key link of supply chain management.B2C e-commerce information ecological chain is composed of backbone chain and backbone chain,the backbone chain mainly includes...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Applied Course Based on Ability

Bao Wenli
This paper first introduces the orientation and characteristics of the course Securities Investment. According to Spencer et al. (1994) research on the general mode of business personnel competence and the author's own teaching experience, this paper classifies the abilities of applied undergraduate...
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How Does Bike-sharing Affect the Value of Travel Time Saving?

Song Sherry
The value of travel time saving attaches a monetary value to travel time savings. In urban traffic, it is a one of central concepts for transport policy. After the birth of bike sharing in China, bike sharing has played an important role in commute, and the value of travel time savings has also changed....
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Media attention, debt financing level and corporate value

Wang Li, Wu Xiumin
In order to solve the problem of media attention and private enterprises debt financing level and corporate value, we conducted research on 1306 A-share private listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets from 2014 to 2016.The research results show that the higher the level of media attention,...
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Modular Design of Training Scheme for Civil Engineering Application-oriented Talents —Based on 2+2 Cooperative Training Approach of Undergraduate and Higher Vocational Education

YAO Yong, LI Lina
With the transformation and upgrading of China's economy, the social demand for talents is getting higher and higher, among which applied talents are urgently needed in engineering construction. How to train civil engineering application-oriented talents to meet the requirements of engineering construction...
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A Study of the English Translation Strategies of Sinologists’ Fork Language

Tang Xiaohui
Local fiction is an important part of Chinese literature. As the carrier of local fiction, fork language has gradually attracted the attention of translation scholars and has become a new subject derived from domestic translation academia. This paper explores the translation style and translation strategies...
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Cross-sectional study and Influencing Factors analysis of Environmental Information Disclosure in Chinese Pharmaceutical Listed Companies

LIU Zhi-ting, Bian Ying
This study aims to evaluate the quality of Chinese listed pharmaceutical companies about their environmental information disclosure (EID) and to find EID influencing factors of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. We collected 121 Chinese listed pharmaceutical companies' EID from annual reports and corporate...
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Study on a Pareto Principle Case of Social Network

Bai Jinbo, Li Hongbo
The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Aiming at the case deficiency in social network researching field, we put forward a case conforming to the Pareto principle. This article firstly discusses the concept of the Pareto principle; secondly...
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An Examination on the Features of Constructivism in International Relations: Language, Identity, Rules and Structure of International Society

Li Senlin
Realism, as a universally applicable theory of international relations, is no longer better explaining the emerging international affairs after cold war. A typical question is why Britain with hundreds of nuclear weapons can be an ally of America, but undetermined nucleate North Korea has regarded as...
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Research on the Influence of Shaanxi Financial Development on Cultural Industry Based on VAR Model

Wang Hongtao, Zhang Lu, Zhang Ge
The added value of cultural industry in Shaanxi Province was selected as a measure of the overall development level of cultural industry in Shaanxi Province. The financial development scale, financial development structure, financial development efficiency and financial asset investment were selected...
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Construction and Reform of Computer Network Course for Software Engineering Major Combining Theory with Practice Against the Background of Emerging Engineering

Liu Yixian, Li Xin, Cheng Wei
This paper analyzes the existing problems of the computer network course of software engineering, analyzes the existing problems in the existing curriculum, and puts forward the computer network course construction and reform plan combining the theory and practice of software engineering with the new...
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An Empirical Study of Cross-border E-commerce’s Influence on Traditional Import and Export Trade

Yao Lei, Yan Zheng-yao
The paper studies China’s cross-border E-commerce’s influence on traditional import and export trade and discusses what measures and trade measures to take to bolster the coordinated development of China’s cross-border E-commerce and traditional import and export trade in a world where cross-border E-commerce...
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Analysis on Characteristics of Technical Barriers to Trade Countries along the “Belt and Road” Had against China and Strategies in Response

Yao Lei, Wei Ran
With the implementation of China’s “Belt and Road” policy, China’s economic and trade relations with the countries along the “Belt and Road” have become increasingly closer. In the meantime, these countries have placed multitudes of trade barriers, especially technical barriers to trade (TBT), in a bid...
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A Summary of the Development Process and Countermeasures of China's Shared Bicycle Phase

Pang Hequn, Liu Ziyi
In recent years, China's shared bicycles have developed rapidly, and bringing great convenience to people's short trips. However, after three stages of development, there have been many problems with shared bicycles, making people doubt the future of shared bicycles. This paper introduces the three main...
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On the Dilemma and Development Trend of Table Tennis in China Against the Background of Rule Reform

Chi Chiu Hung, Liao Feng, Chan Sau Chu
The 40 + plastic ball reform of the International Table Tennis Federation has a tremendous impact on the Chinese team. Judging from a series of recent international competitions, the Chinese team after the reform has no absolute advantage in technology and is in danger. The author tries to make a thorough...
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Analysis of the Evaluation of Administrative Licensing Standardization

Li Gang, Ding Xikai, Qi Yuanhua
The evaluation mechanism of the administrative license is a system which is clearly formulated by the Administrative License Law. It comprehensively measures and evaluates the standardization and satisfaction of the administrative license to determine whether the administrative license should continue....
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A Survey on Chinese Mongolian College Students’ English study — A Case Study of Northwest Minzu University

Guan Guiyun, Guo Lei, Hu Axu, Yu Hongzhi
China is a multinational country, with 56 nationalities in all. Mongolian nationality, as one of the major minorities in China, has recently attracted many researchers’ attention. Mongolian college students’ English study has attracted many researchers’ attention. The paper, making use of questionnaire...
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The Analysis of Nash Equilibrium on second-hand housing transactions Based on the Final-offer Arbitration Model

Feng Jingjing, Hu Yan
Taking the second-hand housing transactions as example, this paper carries out modeling description on final-offer arbitration model. And then the Nash equilibrium solution of a bargaining problem between sellers and buyers in the final price of the houses for sale in the second-hand house market is...
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The development of China's service trade under the "One Belt and One Road" strategy

Xin-Ying Liu, Yong-Ni Chen, Rui Li
At the new crossroads of economic globalization, a new trend of international trade focusing on trade in services is taking shape, adding new impetus to the development of economic globalization. The "One Belt And One Road" initiative has brought new opportunities and challenges to the development of...
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Present Situation and the Characteristics of Government Online Services Development in China

Peng Wang, Jiang Runbin, Bi Wei
Government online services can effectively improve the efficiency of public services, with the continuous development of social public affairs, accurate assessment and continuous improvement of government online service capacity is becoming increasingly important. This paper uses AHP analytic hierarchy...
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The Construction of Enterprise Education System in Higher Learning Institutions Based on Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation

Zhang Ting
This paper analyzes the theoretical mode, strategic significance as well as policy direction of Industry-University-Research collaborative innovation in order to find the integration point between enterprise education and Industry-University-Research collaborative innovation. It then introduces the construction...
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The mechanism between turnover intention and turnover action: A dynamic model’s construction using Laplace transform

Liu Hao
This conceptual paper explains the possibility of sorting Allen and Meyer organizational commitment measure into boost converter model and create a dynamic modelling, in order to simulate employees' turnover action. The study suggests input data into all six possible models and finding out the best fit...
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Research on the Connotation and Contemporary Value of Xi Jinping's Eco-economic Thought

Pan Xiang-chao
Based on the current environmental reality of China's economic development and the practice of reform and opening up, Xi Jinping has formed the eco-economic thoughts. Xi Jinping's thought of eco-economy is rich in content. This eco-economic thought profoundly demonstrates the eco-problems of China's...
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Practical Analysis of Sports Dance Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Pan Yang
Sports dance is one of sports events, with the characteristics of competition, communication and interaction. The establishment of sports dance in colleges and universities must be highly valued by teachers. It is very important to accumulate experience and sump up lessons in practice and to find ways...
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An Investigation in to the Assessment of the Quality of Case Study in Social Research

Song Peng, Shen Shiyu
Case study has been a mainstream research approach widely used in various social research areas. The paper focused on the assessment of the quality of case study in social search. The paper discussed the definition and the research areas that case study is appropriate for. The criteria for assessing...
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A Comparative Analysis on Positivism and Critical Realism in Accounting Research

Song Peng, Shen Shiyu
In posing and answering research questions scientifically, the researcher must apply a collection of methodologies and methods systematically which were both guided by research paradigm. Two research paradigms in accounting research were analyzed in the current paper. A comparative analysis, from three...
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From pre-entry expectation to turnover intention among life insurance agents in Qingdao, China: Social support change as moderator and organizational commitment as mediator

Hao Liu, Arsiah Bahron, Awangku Hassanal Bahar Pengiran Bagul
Understanding how China’s life insurance agents’ pre-entry expectation affecting turnover intention, is the purpose of the study. The study employed statistical environment R version 3.4.3 for running Partial least squares structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) analysis. Compare to pre-entry expectation,...
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Accelerate the Construction of the "One belt, One road" Trade Agreement Framework

Liu Xinying, Cai Hui, Han Yingying
Most countries along the "one belt, one road" signed relevant trade agreements and set up several free trade areas to facilitate trade. Under these trade agreements, it is necessary for us to make new adjustments to the trade pattern of the "one belt, one road". The construction of the "one belt, one...
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Improving Makers’ Remix Contribution Behavior in the Open Innovation Communities——An Example of Thingiverse

Feng Yue, Ma Qiao-ge, Ren Nan
Using existing innovations as raw materials or inspiration to promote further innovation is becoming a new way of knowledge reuse and contribution in open innovation community (OIC). Study on makers’ remix contribution behavior in the open innovation communities will help to promote the development of...
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Research of Accounting Conservatism of The Listed Company Financing Cost

Ye Songqin, Yang Huan
Accounting conservatism is "the oldest and most influential principle in accounting measurement". In practical application, its influence is very huge, and it has a very high guiding significance for the implementation of accounting practice and accounting system. In recent years, China's securities...
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Research on Process Design of Financial Sharing Service Center

Xiaojun Zhao
Enterprise groups have many advantages in establishing Financial Sharing Service Center, and the design of business processes is the core problem to be faced in the process of establishing Financial Sharing Service Center. This paper mainly studies the basic problems of process design of Financial Sharing...
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Satisfaction Measurement and Influencing Factors of Network Platform Flipping Classroom Teaching

HE Yuan
According to the actual needs of curriculum teaching, this paper carefully analyses the teaching objectives, explores the influencing factors of classroom teaching satisfaction based on network platform, constructs a theoretical model of classroom satisfaction, and further analyses the mechanism and...
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Empirical Research on the Effectiveness of Enterprise Performance Evaluation from EVA Perspective ——A Case Study of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Liu Fenfang
The EVA evaluation system has been widely used abroad as an efficient approach for evaluating the enterprise performance. It can provide more concise and precise performance evaluation criteria, enabling managers to make more precise decisions, thus EVA has received more and more attention. This paper...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Capital Structure of Listed Banks in China

Zhou Shiya
This paper makes a statistical analysis of the financial data of 16 listed banks in China from 2008 to 2017, and makes an empirical study based on these data. It finds that the factors affecting the capital structure of listed banks in China are the size of banks, the ability of capital guarantee, the...
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Exploration on reducing investment risk of P2P net loan under the new situation

Zuo Caimei
With tightening of the national policy, network industry regulation gradually increase. The upcoming compliance rules brought net lending industry larger uncertainty and unknown. The author find out the common of platform, put forward the method to identify high-quality platform in view of the increasingly...
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Integration in Regional Organizations -A Comparison of EU and ASEAN

Xu Wensi
This paper will evaluate the prospects of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) approaching the level of sophistication of the European Union as a regional economic block. In the first part of this paper a brief overview of the EU and ASEAN history background will be given. It also includes a discussion of...
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Analysis on the Relationship between the Change of Accounting Policy and Market Share Price

Li Shanshan
In the increasingly complex and intense competition of modern society, enterprises in order to survive, in its business process will use a variety of ways to ensure that their own business results to meet the requirements of investors and related interest groups to achieve the purpose of continuing operations,...
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Analysis of the Influence of Digital Economy on DingLi’s Profitability

Liang Ting
With the “2025 Chinese manufacturing” is put forward, the application of digital economy in our country manufacturing industry more and more widely, the extraordinary role in many manufacturing enterprises. Profitability is the ablity of enterprises to make full use of the existing economic resources...
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Exploring the Individual Income Tax Planning Scheme of College Teachers under the New Individual Income Tax Law

Wang Yingjuan
The revised Regulation on the Implementation of the Individual Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China was put into force from January 1, 2019, together with the new Individual Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China. The new individual income tax law increases the tax abatement for...
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Research on the Influence of Debt Financing on the Operating Performance of Listed Companies

Tian Miao
Debt financing and equity financing are two complementary financing modes for listed companies in China. Disregard of financing structure hinders the development of enterprises, but at present listed companies in China prefer equity financing to debt financing. Moreover, debt financing exist a soft constraint...
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Financing Difficulties of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Analysis Based on Game Theory Model

Mu Jie
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are relatively small in scale, irregular in operation, poor in risk resistance and weak in repayment of bank loans. It is common for enterprises to use short loans for a long time and repay old loans for new ones. Many small and medium-sized enterprises set up...
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Empirical Study on Social Responsibility and True Earnings Management of Central Enterprises

Guan Wei
This paper explores the relationship between the social responsibility of central enterprises and real earnings management. Empirical tests show that "the social responsibility of central enterprises is negatively correlated with real earnings management". Active fulfillment of social responsibility...
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Analysis of Professional Teachers' Income Structure in Private Universities in Hubei Province and Measures to Increase Income

Nie Xintian
Private universities in Hubei province account for about a quarter of the students in universities in this province. However, the overall income level of full-time teachers in private universities in Hubei Province is low, and the structure is unreasonable, which affects the stability of teachers in...
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Research on New Accounting Subject of “Creditor's Rights Investment”

Nie Xintian
In March 2018, "Accounting" Textbook for the Certified Public Accountants Examination was published. The subject of "held-to-maturity investment" was renamed as "creditor's rights investment". This paper expounds the types of accounting subjects renamed and the historical evolution of bond investment...
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Study on the Group Characteristics of Supervisors in Private Universities and the Effect of Supervising Education ——Taking 5 Private Universities in Hubei Province as an Example

Nie Xintian
Since 2007, the provinces have appointed party leaders and supervisors to private universities. This paper takes five private universities in Hubei Province as an example. First, it analyses the group characteristics of supervisors in private universities, including the origin characteristics, demographic...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Dividend Allocation Policy based on empirical data from companies listed on GEM

Xu Tian
Through theoretical and empirical research methods, this paper studies the main influencing factors of cash dividend distribution policy of listed companies, taking the GEM companies listed in 2013-2016 as the research object, hoping to enrich the current theory and help companies formulate a suitable...
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Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Capital Structure of Real Estate Listed Companies

He Xin
This paper makes a statistical analysis of the financial data of 143 A-share listed real estate companies in China from 2015 to 2017, and makes an empirical study based on these data. It is found that the factors affecting the capital structure of listed real estate companies in China are the size of...
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Analysis of status and countermeasures of water-saving in Zhejiang Province under new situation

Su Longqiang, Chen Kaiwen
In recent years, the continuous growth momentum of national water consumption had been effectively curbed by promoting the construction of water-saving society comprehensively. The utilization efficiency of water resources had been significantly improved, and remarkable achievements had been made in...
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Formation and Evolution of the Global Manufacturing and Service Modular Network

Zheng Hao
With the adjustment of the international industrial structure, it has become an international trend for multinational corporations to outsource their productive service module. When global contractors produce and transmit productive service modules according to the design rules formulated by multinational...
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Research on Improving Service Quality of Logistics Enterprises Based on KANO Model

Zhang Dandan
Based on KANO model and relevant theory, employing interview method and questionnaire survey method, this paper analyzed and classified the influencing factors of service quality of logistics enterprises, and ranked the importance of each influencing factor by calculating the better coefficient of each...
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The Relationship Between the Personal Use of Facebook and Hospitality Students’ Group Engagement in Malaysia

Li Jianyao, Chiaki Ohara
This research aims to explore whether a relationship exists between the personal use of Facebook and hospitality students’ group engagement, thus shedding light to what retains connectedness and engagement for hospitality students working in groups in the more prominent educational area of Malaysia....
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Research on the innovative development path of "Internet +" ideological and political education

LIANG Qingyun
The popularization of Internet makes ideological and political education step into a new stage. The content and measures of ideological and political education should also change with the change of environment. "Internet +" ideological and political education is on the rise, and is constantly innovating...
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How to balance the dilemma in online technology market for sellers?

Lin xu
This study analyzes how sellers balance the dillemma in online marketplaces for technology which support the listing, search, and exchange of technological inventions by sellers and buyers.Online marketplaces for technology entail great benefits as well as challenges:they reduce search costs but raise...
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Visualization Analysis of Academic Writing

Li Yu
The study on academic writing has been attracting increasing interest in the fields of education, linguistics, psychology, sociology, etc. Using the articles in SSCI and A&HCI databases in the Web of Science TM Core Collection between 2009 and 2018 as the data, this present paper employs the visualization...
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Aesthetic Analysis of Embroidery Patterns in Gannan Hakka Traditional Costumes

Yao Pei, Tan Fuqiang
Hakka embroidery is not only an embroidery, but more importantly, it shows the traditional culture of China. A series of historical stories in the puppet show and the shaping of characters in ancient mythology are inseparable from embroidered clothes. Among them, the most prominent feature of Hakka embroidery...
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The empirical analysis of the effect of competitive strategy on business performance——Taking real estate industry as an example

Jin Hongli
Three factors were built by using confirmatory factor analysis to reflect the influence of competitive strategy on business performance based on the financial data from 10 Chinese listed real estate companies. The influence of strategy location on the short-term and long-term business performance was...
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Study of the Ideological and Political Work Methods and Mechanisms for Overseas Returnee in Universities

Gao Wei, Nie Yubo, Kong Song, Zhou Xinlong
In China, overseas returnees are gathering in universities, which play an important role in the teaching and research work. However, overseas returnee face lot of difficulties in teaching, research and life. In order to solve those problem, it need to update the concept of work, find the new changes...
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China's appropriate catch-up strategy

Yin Yifan
The development of a country with a large developing country has a greater degree of limitations in its comparative advantage. Over-reliance on comparative advantage will cause China to fall into a "comparative advantage trap." If a comprehensive catch-up strategy is implemented, it will be oversold...
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Research on the Problems and Solutions of the Market Selection and Employment of State-owned Enterprises

Zhao Jian, Sun Lichun
The reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises requires state-owned enterprises to speed up the construction of the market selection and employment mechanism. In the face of the increasingly fierce external market competition environment and internal deepening reform requirements, state-owned...
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Study on Location Choices of China’s OFDI along the Belt and Road Initiative——Based on the perspective of institutions, tax burdens and natural resources

PeiZhi Wang, ZheNing Yu, YuHan Zheng
This paper is based on the panel data of 64 countries in the period of 2007-2016 along the“Belt and Road”, using the conditional logit model to study and analyze the host country’s discourse power and accountability, government efficiency, political stability and the elimination of violence and terrorism,...
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Will Foreign Direct Investment Affect the Productivity of Enterprises? ——Based on PSM+DID Method

PeiZhi Wang, YuHan Zheng, ZheNing Yu
Is OFDI able to improve the productivity of enterprises? This paper uses the data of Industrial Enterprise Database from 2000 to 2007 to conduct empirical tests. Based on the theory of Propensity Score Matching (PSM) and Double-Differences (DID), this paper constructs an econometric model and explores...
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Reform and Opening Up and the Development of Special Economic Zones

Bai Yunzhen
The special economic zones decided to be established at the initial stage of reform and opening up fully embodies the scientific concept of development. This powerful institutional arrangement not only breaks the general equilibrium under the traditional system, but also makes the unbalanced social transformation...
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Study on Influence Factors of the Company’s Choosing for Business Buildings: Based on Questionnaire in S CBD

Wu Yizhe, Sun Haiming, Gong Mingyi, Wu Jinqun
For a long time, people argue about the main factors affecting the company's choice of business buildings, and few studies have ranked the importance of these factors. According to the investigation and questionnaire in S CBD, this article analyzes the influence factors considered by companies on choosing...
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Teaching “Greek and Roman Mythology” in a CLIL Classroom: Towards a New Approach

Ji Xiaobin
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an educational approach that puts dual focus on both language and content. It adopts the 4Cs framework, namely content, communication, cognition and culture to form a unity of content and language learning. The author applies this concept to the course...
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Family environment with local key middle school students to explore the relationship between personality

Hui Yang
Through discussing the relationship between family environment and personality of middle school students, this paper provides a basis for the shaping of middle school students' personality. Methods A questionnaire survey was conducted among 187 middle school students in a key middle school of Hubei province...
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Research on Institution Quality Analysis, Evaluation and Improvement Strategies

ZHU Yong-zhao
As a social rule, institution can coordinate social economic relations and reduce transaction cost in social economic activities. Institution quality refers to the general name of institution's quality and degree. A good institution can promote the all-round development of economy, society and people,...
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Research on the Path of Humanistic Quality Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Wu Ting-lin, Rao Jing
With the rapid development of higher vocational education, vocational and technical education has become the focus of many higher vocational colleges under the guidance of employment-oriented education concept, while the humanistic quality education has gradually been marginalized. This thesis bases...
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Research on Affecting Factors of the Satisfaction about the Small and Medium-Sized Cities’ Youth Entrepreneurship Service

xia Liu
In order to provide more effective service and active the youth’ activity, small and medium-sized cities should try their best to improve the youth’s satisfaction about entrepreneurship service. After briefly introduced the basic situation of the related research, based on the factor analysis method,...
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The Enlightenment of Co-operative Education in University of Waterloo to Architecture Specialty in Local Universities in China

Zhao Huiyan
The disconnection between school education and social needs is the most common problem reflected by students and employers in architectural specialties of local colleges and universities in China. Taking architecture of Wuhan Polytechnic University as a representative, briefly introduce the overview...
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Study of DRR Education in Safety Management of Apartments in Universities

Ma Jun, Yang Zhen, Zhou Xinlong, Gao Wei
In this paper, the DRR education was performed in the safety management of apartments in universities. The DRR education could improve the understanding of the safety management of college student apartments, strengthen the team building of apartment security managers and the safety education of college...
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Gap Analysis on Hospitalized Health Service Utilization in Floating Population Covered by Different Medical Insurance ----- Case Study from Jiangsu Province, China

Cai Xinzhao, Yang Fan, Bian Ying
By analyzing the gap of hospitalization service among floating population in different medical insurance in Jiangsu Province, this paper is to understand the current situation of the utilization of resident health service in the floating population, and to provide the basis for improving the health service...
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On the Value and Realization Path of Promoting College Students' Key competence in the New Era - from the perspective of practical education

Lu Yuan Xia
Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The quality of talent training is related to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese Dream. Colleges and universities should adapt to the requirements of social development, enhance the Key competence of college...
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Research on the Current Situation and Prospects of Informal Employment in China

Zhao Zhilei, Shi Meixia
As a result of the high unemployment rate and the demand for cheap products and services in developing countries, informal employment is the buffer layer between employment and unemployment. In many developing countries, informal employment has become more and more important, absorbing a large amount...
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The 1922 School System Conference and the Reform of Higher Occupational Education System in China

Liang Erming
In October 1922, the Ministry of Education of China held the School System Conference in Beijing. Before the conference, the educational circles had different guesses about the reform of higher education system and their focus was on the preservation or abolition of specialized schools and higher normal...
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Reform and Design of Teaching Methodology for Specialized English in Safety Engineering

Gao Wei, Kong Song, Zhou Xinlong
This paper introduced "case introduction, task-driven" teaching reform and teaching design for specialized English in safety engineering. This reform and design of teaching methodology aims to improve the practical professional English level, scientific paper writing level and oral communication level...
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An Analysis on the Forms and Characteristics of English Netspeak

Lu Tong
As a new language variant, Netspeak has been a part of English, and plays a more and more significant role in modern communication. Therefore, the study of English Netspeak has a great practical significance in the age of Internet. In this paper, it is found that English Netspeak has four forms: homonyms,...
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Methods of Stimulating Students’ Interest in English Learning

Zhou Tianjuan
In English learning, the most important thing is to stimulate students’ interest, and it is very necessary for teachers to attach great importance to the students’ interest in the whole process of teaching and learning. This paper starts with the discussion of the importance of interest in English learning;...
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Construction of Quality Monitoring System for Practical Teaching in Private Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges

Meng Fanzhao, Li Yufeng
Teaching quality was the lifeline of colleges and universities, and the quality of practical teaching was the core competitiveness of private application-oriented undergraduate colleges. The private application-oriented undergraduate colleges should be focused on cultivating the target of applied talents,...
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The Sino-US Trade War and Other Necessary Factors Affecting Interest Rate Bonds in 2019 and Investment Suggestions for this Situation

Li Yuxin
Influenced by the Sino-US trade war in 2018, the domestic interest market has been greatly impacted, and the yield of interest rate bonds has been declining all the way. However, according to the analysis and under the indication of PPI and monetary easing policy, I believe that the downward trend of...
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Analysis of the Influence of Internet Negative Word-of-mouth on College Students' tourism Product Negative Purchase Intention

Yang Huijuan
This article aims to study the relationship between the negative information on travel products and the negative purchase intention of college students. Based on theoretical analysis and logical reasoning, this paper believes that the negative reputation of tourism product network is positively related...
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Empirical Analysis of Chinese Stock Market Volatility Based on GARCH Models and Markov Switching Models

Zou Na, Zhu Jiahui, Cai Yanli
Volatility has been the focus in the financial field in recent decades. It can be used to measure the uncertainties of yield and represent the risk of assets. In this paper, GARCH models and Markov switching models are used to fit the volatility of the Chinese stock market. Results illustrate that Markov...
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The Thought of Sustainable Development in the Strategy of Revitalization in the New Era

Yang Xiaoning, Liu Mengying
In the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the strategy of implementing rural revitalization in the new era is proposed. It includes a thriving industry, a livable ecology, a civilized rural lifestyle and a wealthy life. It is the continuation of the 21st century sustainable development...
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A Review of organizational socialization of New employees

Zhang Tiantian
Based on the existing research, this paper introduces the theoretical basis of organizational socialization of new employees, the influencing factors and the results of the research, and combs the development of the related research on organizational socialization of new employees. Finally, the current...
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Research on the Upgrade of New Retail Consumption Experience Based on SICAS Model——Taking Fresh Hema as an Example

Yi Lin, Haokang Chen, Fengyan Lin, Minghong Huang
In the situation of market competition, technological development and consumption upgrading, a New Retailing model featuring online service, offline experience and modern logistics was first proposed by Ma Yun. Subsequently, some new prominents of New Retailing such as Fresh Hema came into being. In...
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How to build the management accounting talents training model based on diversified needs

Ye Songqin, Huang Jin
Talent construction is the key to the overall progress of China's management accounting system construction. As an enterprise with the main body of the marketing economy, the company has deep cooperation with institutions of higher learning and professional consulting institutions with technical and...
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Research on the Reform Strategy of Applied Practice Undergraduate Computer Practice Teaching in Inner Mongolia

Wang Hai-jun
Practice teaching plays an irreplaceable role in the teaching of computer majors in colleges and universities. Under this background, it is very important for universities to actively improve the practice teaching mode and promote the reform of computer major teaching to highlight the training characteristics...
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Research on the New Path of Realization of New Grassroots Management Cadres in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Li Chiping
The important role played by grassroots management cadres in colleges and universities in the process of university construction and development is obvious. Therefore, colleges and universities attach great importance to cultivating and developing grassroots management cadres. However, at the grassroots...