Proceedings of the 2nd INDOEDUC4ALL - Indonesian Education for All (INDOEDUC 2018)

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Gender Differences in Attitude Toward Students with Disabilities Among Primary Students in Jakarta

Rachel Ullynaria Doreen, Farida Kurniawati
This research aims to compare the differences in attitude towards students with disabilities between boys and girls in primary inclusive school in Jakarta. This study employed a quantitative approach study and cross-sectional design. A total of 266 regular students (147 boys and 149 girls), aged 9 -13...
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Volunteer Problems in Guiding Special Needs Students in Following Lectures

Ms Mirnawati, Eviani Damastuti, Laela Nurfina, Rohmah Ageng Mursita, Dewi Eka Kusumastuti
Voluntary presence is an effort to help students with special needs in learning. In addition, mentoring activities carried out by volunteers are certainly not an easy task. Therefore, this study aims to examine various problems faced by volunteers in terms of cooperation with lecturers, attitudes of...
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The Effect of Using I-CHAT Medium on Deaf Students Ability to Arrange Sentence Structures

Mr Utomo, Ganis Sukohanayu
On the initial problem of this study, it was found that the deaf students made mistakes in composing a correct sentence structure. Meanwhile, lecturers require these students to master the correct sentence structure. Therefore, this study aims to determine the effect of I-CHAT as a learning medium on...
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Self Alienation of Adolescents with Visual Impairments

Rika Vira Zwagery, Mr Akbar
Psychologically, the social characteristics of a special need person have differences with normal individuals. Special need person having low self-esteem due to physical limitations tend to avoid social interaction with others. This study aims to identify the self-alienation of an adolescent with visual...
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2013 Curriculum Authentic Assessment Study in Madana Dun Ya Banjarmasin Extraordinary School

Ms Fathimatuzzahra, Mr Utomo, Mr Jiyanta
Authentic assessment is one of the changes in the 2013 curriculum. In this assessment, the competencies of students assessed include attitudes, knowledge, and skills. An authentic assessment must be carried out by all education providers, including special education providers who provide services for...
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Improving The Expressive Languages of Deaf Children Using Reflective Maternal Method (RMM)

Mariatul Qiftiah, Eviani Damastuti, Chairil Faif Pasani
People are able to communicate with other people using language meanwhile deaf people cannot do it. It is caused by the lack of expressive language affected by the loss of sense of hearing that obstructs the way they communicate. In this study, the research participants were deaf children who have hindrances...
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The Importance of Social Skills for Autism

Lutfi Isni Badiah
Social skills are one of the important aspects in human life. The lack of social skills can affect a person's future life. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or known as autism is a development characterized by difficulties in social communication and showing repetitive behavior. This causes children with...
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A Case Study in EFL Teaching and Learning Process for Students with Visual Impairement: Understanding Needs and Necessities

Silfia Asning Tias
Visual impairment comes in many different classifications. Nevertheless, less evidence found in research conducted in teaching and learning of foreign languages with these group of students. In addition, the challenges on how to customize the needs of the individual to meet the requirements of the course...
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The Social Interaction Of Students With Disabilities In Learning In Higher Education

Rohmah Ageng Mursita, Ms Fathimatuzzahra, Eviani Damastuti, Ms Mirnawati, Dewi Ekasari Kusumastuti, Murniyanti Ismail
Social interaction is a relationship between two people or more that happens because of connected communication and socialization. In this study, social interaction is defined as the interactions between students with disabilities and regular students in a class, the social interaction among students...
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Development of Agricultural Skill Program Using Task Analysis Approach for Students with Low Mental Retardation Level in Korpri School Pandeglang

Ms Haeriah, Tjutju Soendari
The obstacles in intellectual function and the inability to apply the adaptive behavior during development age may cause learning capacity problem even though their self-potential should be developed, especially in basic skill. Based on that situation, it is important to provide children with low mental...
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A Case Study of Reading Comprehension Instruction of Students with Learning Difficulties in Elementary School

Ms Juhanaini, Rona Wulandari, Endang Rochyadi
Reading instruction in the early classes no longer focuses on the ability to read early. Curriculum analysis shows that students in the second grade of elementary school are required to be able to understand the text. There is also reading skill that students must master which is reading literal comprehension....
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The Problem of Special Needs Student in the Learning Process at Lambung Mangkurat University

Eviani Damastuti, Dewi Ekasari Kusumastuti, Ms Mirnawati, Rohmah Ageng Mursita
Inclusive education is a system of education service that provides opportunities for children with special needs to be able to study in regular schools. The development of inclusive education has grown to the level of higher education. Lambung Mangkurat Univeristy is the university that accepts students...
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A Case Study of Students with Visual Disabilities in Inclusive Higher Education

Mayasari Manar, Endang Rochyadi, Mr Sunardi
Inclusive higher education provides opportunities for various barriers related to services provided for students with visual disabilities. This study aimed to provide an understanding of the needs of students with visual disabilities in universities and solutions to meet the needs of these students....
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Development of Social Interaction Programs for Students with Special Needs in the Inclusive Education Environment

Nadya Muniroh, Tjutju Soendari, Didi Tarsidi
The diversity that is acceptable to all schools is one of the key indicators in the success of inclusive education. Expanding meaningful social interaction opportunities for students with special needs in schools is important to develop. The school where this research conducted does not have systematic...
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The Difference of User-Friendly Level Between Mathematic Learning in Blind Students Using Braille Book and Using Audiotactual Book

Mr Subagya, Herman Dwi Surjono, Mr Sunardi
This research is aimed to examine the difference of user-friendly level between the students who learning mathematics with Braille book and those with audiotactual (audiotac) book. The research design employed in this research was quasi experiment-Posttest-Only Control Design. The population of research...
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Sign Language for Learning The Pronunciation of the Qur'an An Effort to Compile and Implement a Sign Language System to Help Blind People Learn to Read the Qur'an Correctly

Fajar Andriyanto, Hery Setiyatna, Budi Santosa
This article discussed a study conducted as an effort to overcome problems experienced by blind people in pronouncing makhārijul ḥurūf, which was due to the lack of adequate learning media to describe the position of the tongue, in learning to read the Qur'an. The study was conducted using a classroom...
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Implementation of Worksheet Moral Dilemma Through Problem Solving of Wetlands

Aminuddin Prahatama Putra, Desica Amalia
Scientific problems and phenomena in nature can be developed in learning. Creating scientific products that have moral in the educational dimension were solved through problem-solving, including the problem of wetlands. Material of wetlands in biology learning is carried out through teaching moral values...
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Acceptance Programs for Parents with Down Syndrome Children

Syari Yuliana, Tjutju Soendari, Mr Sunardi
Parental acceptance problems of children with Down syndrome will have an impact on psychological, children's achievement in school, and children's independence. This study aims to formulate an acceptance program for parents who have children with Down syndrome. The research subjects were three parents...
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Crystal Sand Table Media for Cerebral Palsy Student’s Fine Motor

Indina Tarjiah, Haikal Bastian
This research is aimed to produce a media product of Crystal Sand Table which can stimulate fine motor for students with Cerebral Palsy. This media development uses Borg and Gall’s development procedure through the stage of data collection, planning, product development, validation, and trials. The validation...
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Improving the Ability to Memorize The Alphabet in Mild Intellectual Disability Student using the Letter Floor Puzzle

Gian Asri Septiany, Dina Istiqomah Rahayu, Whisqa Dayani
Intellectual disability is refers to an individual who have barriers receive and process information, so it requires a learning modification. Difficulties that are often found in intellectual disability children including lack of interest in learning, lack of motivation that affects the ability called...
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The Role of School in Helping Learning Discussion and Improving Psychological Development of Special Needs Students

Dwi Nur Rachmah
Schools are institutions that are expected to help the learning process and the development of students' abilities, especially for students with special needs. Students with special needs are expected not only to be able to develop in academic matter but also be able to develop psychologically. This...
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The Unique Things of Gifted Children Development

Syari Yuliana
Gifted children have an over excitability (superstimulatibility) development in the growing aspect of growth. The purpose of this study is to obtain a picture of the development of gifted children from five aspects of development namely: cognitive, motor, social, emotional, language and moral ethics....
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Regular Students Responses to The Presence of Students with Hearing Impairment in Inclusive Classes

Siti Musayaroh, Endang Rochyadi, Imas Diana Aprilia
The presence of students with hearing impairment in the inclusive classes receives diverse responses for the regular students studying with them. Of course, the responses given have an impact on the success of inclusive education. The purpose of this study is to determine the responses shown by regular...
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Feasibility Study of The Wechsler Intelligence Scale For Children (WISC) Intelligence Test Application for Children with Hearing Impairment

Hari Karyono, Ana Rafikayati, Mudhar
The purpose of this study was to know the feasibility of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) intelligence test application for children with hearing impairment. This study used quantitative descriptive research. The subjects in this study were 2 psychologists, 2 media experts (design), and...
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Case Profile as a Basis of Early Helpful Intervention Programs to Optimize Authentic Children's Expressive Communication Ability

Ermanto Nugroho, Imas Diana Aprilia
One symptom of ASD condition is the barrier in language so that it affects the ability of children in verbal communication (verbal / speech) and nonverbal (gestures and writing). The existence of ASD children in a family requires parents to immediately intervene as early as possible so that the development...
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The Influence of Communication Systems "Komputer (Komunikasipun tersampaikan)" to Students' Communication Capabilities with Communication Impairments

Tirta Ardiansyah, Endang Rochyadi, Mr Rahman
This researchis is intended to find out the right system communication of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) for students with communication impairments or commonly called CCN (Complex Communication Needs). This research is motivated by the existence of students who had communication barriers...
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The Study of Online Lecturing Implementation in Improving Skills of Early Childhood Teacher in Handling Children with Special Needs

Ana Rafikayati, Lutfi Isni Badiah, Mr Mudhar
The purpose of this research was to describe the implementation of online lecturing in improving skills of early childhood teacher in handling children with special needs in Sidoarjo. This research used qualitative approach with descriptive qualitative type. Research subject in this study was 20 early...
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The Influence of Students’ Attitudes to Students with Special Needs

Hayatun Thaibah, Ms Mirnawati, Indah Permata Sari
The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of students’ attitudes on students with special needs in the Special Education Study Program of the Teaching and Education Faculty at LambungMangkurat University in Banjarmasin. This research used descriptive research with a quantitative approach....
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Adaptive Learning Model for Children with Learning Problem on Inclusive School

Aldjon Nixon Dapa
This study aims to provide teachers with knowledge and materials in inclusive schools about adaptive learning models for children with learning difficulties. The method used was a lesson study. The subjects were 20 teachers and principals in 3 elementary schools, namely SDN II Tomohon, SD Inpres Walian...
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Improve The Quality of Parenting for Parents who have Early Childhood with Visual Impairment Through Parents Attachment

Ofi Riega, Mr Sunardi, Mr Hidayat
Parents Attachment is a form of parenting that is useful for building attachment between parents and children. This study aims to improve the quality of parenting for parents who have children with visual impairment through parents attachment. It employed a descriptive with qualitative approach in expressing...
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Improving the Ability of Addition for Mentally Retarted Students Using Counting Funnel Media

Mr Sihadi, Gesang Walujoyati, Ms Rohana
This study aims to enhance the ability of addition counting operation from 1 to 10 for mental retardation students in the first grade of SLB-C Negeri Pembina of South Kalimantan Province using counting funnel media. The research method applied in this research was Classroom Action Research (CAR). The...
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Social Acceptance of Non-Special Education Lecturers for Students with Hearing Impairment in Lectures of Special Education Study Program

Dewi Ekasari Kusumastuti, Nimas Lintang Putri, Eviani Damastuti, Rohmah Ageng Mursita, Ms Mirnawati
One thing that plays important role in building inclusive education in universities especially Special Education Study Program is social acceptance of non-special education lecturers for the existence of students with hearing impairment in the lectures. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to know...
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Ecological Counseling Model to Reduce Parenting Stress on Multiple Disabilities and A Visual Impairment (MDVI) Parents

Mr Sunardi
This study aims are to formulate and test the effectiveness of ecological counseling models to reduce stress parenting by parents of children with Multiple Disabilities and a Visual Impairment (MDVI). The study was conducted in P2TLV YPWG Bandung through a qualitative approach with case study methods...
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The Needs Analysis of Increasing Teachers’ Pedagogical Competences of Inclusive Education

Ms Sukinah, Cece Rakhmat, Endang Rochyadi, Mr Sunardi
Teachers in regular schools have general competencies and knowledge of teaching, but they do not master the specific competencies to teach students with special needs. In order to work in a classroom that implements inclusive education, teachers need to know the specific characteristics of the students’...
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Optimization of Digital Technology to Create Accessible Learning in Universities

Tio Tegar Wicaksono, Indira Kusumawardhani, Kaysha Ainayya Sasdiyarto
Education is a right for all and thus quality education resources must be provided for students. University as a high education institution yearly receives wide ranges of students with different learning backgrounds and needs, include students with disabilities. Challenges that may arise come from the...
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The Development of Digital Sign Language Dictionary for Hearing Impaired

Mr Hermawan, Mohammad Anwar, Donni Prakosha
The specific aim of this research is to develop a Digital Signal System (SID) used in standardized, patented, Digital Sign Language Dictionary (KBID), and is used for all hearing impaired. The target of this research in the first year is the development of KBID beta. While in the second year is a standardized...
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The Role of Counseling Guidance Teacher for Helping Self Adjustment of Special Needs Children in Inclusion School

Ana Rafikayati, Lutfi Isni Badian, Soedarmadji Boy
Self-adjustment is an important aspect of someone's life. Individual who can adjust themselves well will get happiness, independence and harmony within themselves and their environment. Unfortunately, not all children with special needs can adapt themselves well to their environment, especially in inclusive...
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Increasing Entrepreneurial Interest for Children with Special Needs Through Entrepreneurship Education

Monry Fraick Nicky Gillian Ratumbuysang
Having a decent job and life is a dream of people with disabilities. Working is a basic need for people with disabilities. Because it is difficult to find employment, entrepreneurship is then seen as one of the future alternatives for people with special needs. The implementation of entrepreneurship...
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The Accessibility of Inclusive Schools in Surabaya

Muchamad Irvan, Muhammad Nurrohman Jauhari
Inclusive education is a form of education that is currently being implemented by the government in providing educational services for all children without any limitations or discrimination. Basically, inclusive education has a philosophy of education and social form. Inclusive education in Permendiknas...
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Learning for Children with Hearing Impairments

Silvia Nurtasila, Endang Rochyadi, Siti Luthfah, Tirta Ardiansyah, Dieni Nurfitriani
Appropriate learning process for children is very important in order to achieve the goal of learning itself. However, in fact, there are many lessons that are not appropriate or not in accordance with the needs of children. This study aims to determine the appropriate learning for children with hearing...
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Increasing Children with Autism Understanding of Their Daily Activities Schedules Using Wacker Daily Activity

Imam Yuwono
One of the characteristics of children with autism is their inability to understand the audible instructions properly. It is easier for them to understand commands visually. As a result, children with autism need adaptive media to understand their daily activities schedule. By employing a behavior modification...
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Inclusive Education Policy in College Policy Analysis for Students with Special Needs

Mr Amka
This article aims to review inclusive education policy in college that needs to be mainstreamed. Based on the regulations, inclusive education must also be implemented in college. The Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 46 of 2014 concerning Special Education, it is stated that students...
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Internship Strategy for Intellectual Disability Alumni on the Inclusive Workplace Setting

Endang Rochyadi, Mita Apriyanti, Tjutju Soendari, Ms Juhanaini
Providing real-world-based experience through a job internship program provides various benefits for developing intellectual disability skills. This study aims to find the right apprenticeship strategy for intellectual disability people who attend post-school education programs and undergo internships...
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Students with Disabilities in Universitas Indonesia: Lecturer Attitudes and Willingness to Practice Inclusive Teaching Strategies

Farida Kurniawati, Shillerida Novita
Higher education institutions in Indonesia are required, by law, to accommodate the learning need of students with disabilities. The aim of this study was twofold, 1) measuring the willingness of lecturer to adjust teaching strategies for students with disabilities and 2) the extent to which the lecturer...
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Adaptation and Validation of PATCH (Parental Attitudes toward Children with Handicapped) Scale in the Indonesian Parents

Farida Aini, Farida Kurniawati
PATCH scale is an instrument to measure parents’ attitude toward students with disabilities. It consists of three dimensions of attitude: cognitive, affective and behavioral intent or psychomotor dimension. In this study, PATCH scale was adapted into Bahasa version scale. Several stages were conducted...
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Regular Students Attitude toward Students with Special Educational Needs: A Comparative Study in Inclusive Private and Public Primary Schools

Rafidah Riahta, Farida Kurniawati
The aim of this study was to the comparative attitude of regular students toward the students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) based on inclusive private and public primary schools. The quantitative research method was selected for collecting data for the study. 266 students from several schools...
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Reducing Hyperactive Behavior Using Instrumental Classic Music on Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder At SLB Plus Madana Dun Ya Banjarmasin

Jannatul Aulia, Mr Zulkifli, Dewi Ratih Rapisa
Based on the fact discovered at Sekolah Luar Biasa (SLB) Plus Madana Dun Ya Banjarmasin, it is found that there is a child with an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This child has excessive hyperactivity, especially in sitting quietly and moving aimlessly. The objective of this study is...
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Physiotherapy Service Process on The Physical Development of Children with Physical Disabilities at Yayasan Melati Anak Bangsa Martapura

Hanifa Nurunnisa, Imam Yuwono, Monry Fraick Nicky Gillian Ratumbuysang
Physiotherapy can be intended as a treatment to reduce the adverse effects of physical obstacles experienced by children with physical disabilities. However, most people still do not know how to implement physiotherapy services for children with physical disabilities. In accordance with these problems,...
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The Use of Token Economy Technique to Reduce The Impulsive Behavior of Children with Low Autistic Level in SMP Negeri 14 Banjarbaru

Dwi Amilia Oktaviani, Chairil Faif Pasani, Eviani Damastuti
Autistic children generally have complex obstacles in terms of communication, social interaction and behavior. One of the obstacles in behavior experienced by autistic children is the lack of ability to sort out appropriate and inappropriate behavior to do, that it can trigger impulsive behavior. Impulsive...
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The Development of Ict-Based Levelling Reading Books for Improving English Vocabulary for Inclusive Primary Students

Ulhaq Zuhdi, Mr Budiyanto
The results of the research on the development of ICT-based levelling reading books aim to provide benefits for all inclusive primary students in grade 1 in Indonesia. The results of this study are expected to contribute to the improvement of their vocabulary which will be very useful knowledge for those...
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Are Indonesian Sign Language and Total Communication Beneficial for Teachers in Inclusive School?

Khofidotur Rofiah, Febrita Ardianingsih, Ima Kurrotun Ainin, Mr Sujarwanto
Deaf children experience obstacles in language development and speech because there is no sound imitation process. They need speech and language coaching in accordance with the level of hearing loss. Lack of understanding both oral and written language often causes deaf children to misinterpret something...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Methods on Social Skills for Students with Special Needs

Dewi Ratih Rapisa, Hayatun Thaibah
Higher education is expected to help students to master social skills and to adapt to the surrounding environment. Students with special needs have the same rights to get treatment and interact with others. This study aims to determine whether cooperative learning method could improve social skills for...
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The Implementation of The Inclusive Education Service Program for Autistic Children

Murniyanti Ismail, Annisa Arif Ma’rifah
This study illustrates the application of inclusive education service programs for children with autism in the natural resources center of TK Negeri Idaman Banjarbaru covering planning, implementation and evaluation. This research is a field research, a research that aims to plunge the field to explore...
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The Learning of Musical Art for Students with Visual Impairement

Dewi Norliani Rahmah, Agus Pratomo Andi Widodo, Mr Sihadi
Having obstacles in vision is not a reason not to pursue a passion, to achieve dreams and to work. Bina Netra Fajar Harapan Social Homes in Martapura is able to prove that a person with visual impairment can play music well since they learn band and “panting” musical instruments in order to improve their...
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Sign Language as Accommodation for Deaf Students in Accessing Education at Universities

Dwi Setianingsih
Education is the right of every Indonesian citizen, including persons with disabilities. Inclusive education as a form of education for all has not been well implemented at the university level. Deaf children who are studying at a university have not received proper accommodation. The purpose of this...
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Improving Assertive Attitude Through Assertive Trainning Techniques for Deaf Student

Faiz Noormiyanto
The phenomenon of hearing impaired students who have a low assertive attitude which has an impact on the ability of the social interaction of hearing impairments in daily life. Assertiveness is very important to be applied in everyday life, especially in expressing feelings and opinions that are in accordance...
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Optimalization of Mathematical Learning Outcome by Using the Smart Boxes Media at Primary School

Ms Darmiyati, Mahrita Ayu Mustikasari
The materials in mathematics taught to elementary school-aged children who are still in the stage of pre-operational concrete thinking are abstract. This leads to difficulties for students in understanding the materials particularly the properties of build space which in turn impacted students’ learning...
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Media Balok Kata (BTA) to Stimulate the Ability of Reading Word Recognition for Student with Learning Problem

Nunur Nuraeni, Murni Winarsih, Bagaskorowati Riana
This development aims to produce an instructional media that can be used to stimulate ability of reading word recognition for student with learning problems on class IV. The model used for this development is ADDIE from research and development method. ADDIE has 5 steps, which are analyses, design, development,...
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The Implementation of Inclusive Education in Regencies/Cities in Indonesia

Munawir Yusuf, Erma Kumalasari, Mahardika Supratiwi
This study aimed to investigate the implementation of inclusive education at the working group level in the regencies/cities in Indonesia. This study used qualitative descriptive approach with a focus on implementing the inclusion working group in the regency/city. The subject of this study was sixteen...
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Project Work Model of Lectures in the Department of Special Needs Education

Endang Rochyadi, Rona Wulandari
Teaching is a professional job that demands complex abilities, especially for special education teachers, so that not everyone can do the job properly. There is a set of abilities that special education teachers must possess which are known as teacher competencies, one of which is pedagogical competence....