Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Management (INSYMA 2018)

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Face-to-face is the most effective media for communication over social media

Svenja Arabella Hallerberg, Madawala Liyanage Duminda Jayaranjan, Sumaia Farzana
Global teams need to know how to be successful in effective communication. Global leaders or international students should be able to manage diverse international teams. The paper reveals information into some communication theories and discusses their today's applicability. Technological advancement...
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Cultural sustainability and kindship mode of production AMIDST global economy

Levita Duhaylungsod
Global capitalism made possible the expansion of economic processes that spread to all parts of the world and transformed many regions into economic areas reigned by the principle of free market. ASEAN integration facilitated such process in the region and as a consequence political and state boundaries...
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Developing a causal model of game addiction and stealing behavior among undergraduate students

Thitiwat Numkhan, Waiphot Kulachai
The objectives of this study were to examine game addiction and stealing behavior, factors affecting game addiction, and factors affecting stealing behavior among undergraduate students. The samples of this study were 340 undergraduate students from 3 universities, Burapha University, Rajamangala University...
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Cross Cultural Management in the Higher Educational Institutions

Tony S. Kuo
The globalization has been leading to the inevitable interactions between people in business as well as in the higher education institutions from different cultures. The lack of cross-cultural communication skills often results in the misconception and misunderstanding, sometimes results in the unpleasant...
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The Key Challenges to Utilize Innovative Opportunities of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Surabaya, Indonesia

Prita Ayu Kusumawardhany
The world has entered an era of disruptive innovation where transformation is needed. In the conceptual age, a business needs to have new experiences and create ideas. This paper aims to identify the most important challenges of Small Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in utilizing innovative opportunities....
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Social capital, tiered entrepreneurship training, and agrotourism development model of Kampung Salak Bojonegoro

Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan
This which was related to social capital in collaboration for the development of an industrial cluster, in which the concept of agropolitan area development inclines on a micro and local scale. The type of research used was qualitative research. The results of the current study were (1) Agropolitan Area...
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Analysis of optimal hedge ratio and hedging effectiveness in Taiwan stock exchange capitalization weighted stock index (TAIEX) futures

Jason Aditya Jahja, Ika Yanuarti Loebiantoro
Theoretically, hedging is effective if there is a balance between the price of asset and price of hedging. The objective of this research was to determine the optimal hedge ratio and hedging effectiveness using Vector Autoregression (VAR) and Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) on TAIEX (Taiwan Stock...
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"Still me": human involvement in management accounting

Riesanti Edie Wijaya
Accounting is often regarded as a frozen figure. While, most of the accounting steps involve human element, but often being overlooked. In contrast with neoclassical economics assumptions, human behavior is not able to be predicted by a simple mathematical formula. The feeling and emotion often take...
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Financial performance, corporate governance, and financial distress

Endang Ernawati, Samantha Elysia Handojo, Werner R. Murhadi
This study aims to analyze the effect of financial ratios and corporate governance on financial distress by making a prediction model of bankruptcy using data from non-financial sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This research used the quantitative approach with a logistic...
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The effect of corporate governance on the capital structure of non-financial companies in the period of 2011-2015

Arif Herlambang, Werner R. Murhadi, Giovani Anggasta Susanto
The purpose of the research was to analyze the effect of Corporate Governance on the Company's Capital Structure. The variable used in this study were director size, outside commissioner, director ownership, institutional investor, audit quality, CEO tenure, size, growth, profitability, and intangible...
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Javanese lunar calendar effect (Primbon) on abnormal return

Sidarta Hermin, Putu Anom Mahadwartha
The purpose of this study is to examine Javanese lunar calendar (Primbon) effect to abnormal return on Indonesian Stock Market. Type of this study is conclusive descriptive using intraday trading data. The research observed and tested cultural phenomena called Primbon as a calendar effect on abnormal...
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Test of Fama & French five factor-model on Indonesian stock market

Liliana Inggrit Wijaya, Randy Kennardi Irawan, Putu Anom Mahadwartha
This study aims to test the Fama & French Five-Factor Model (5FF) and the Three-Factor Model (3FF) on stocks listed in the LQ-45 Index over the 2013-2015 periods. The 5FF model includes factors of market risk premium, size, book-to-market equity, profitability, and investment. This study used a multiple...
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Does female CEO and female directors affect dividend policy?

Fitri Ismiyanti, Ari Prasetyo, Indri Agestya Cania
This study aims to determine the influence of female CEO and female directors on the dividend policy of nonfinancial companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange. This study used purposive sampling method with 372 samples. Dividend policy was measured by dividend payout ratio defined as dividend over...
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Interdependency between internationalization, firm performance, and corporate governance

Allan Muliyanto, Deddy Marciano
The purpose of this research was to identify the interdependency between internationalization, performance and corporate governance. Data used by this paper were from financial statement information of manufacturing companies listed on Indonesian Stock Exchange over period 2011-2015. Pooling data were...
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The influence of intellectual capital on financial performance in sharia banking companies

Eka Nuraini Rachmawati, Restu Hayati, Fitra Yulandi
This study aims to examine the effect of Intellectual Capital (VAIC) with Value Added Capital Employed (VACA), Value Added Human Capital (VAHU), Structural Capital Employed (STVA), and Rate of Growth of Intellectual Capital (ROGIC) on the variable of Company's financial performance with the indicator...
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Factors in taxation policies issuances

Norbertus Purnomolastu, Werner R. Murhadi
Republic of Indonesia has conducted tax reforms repeatedly through government policies issuance, either by law or government regulations. This research aims to identify factors affecting the government to issue the policies in taxation fields. The factors observed and tested include Government Spending,...
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Analysis of working capital management of industry practices in Indonesia

Lukas Purwoto, Caecilia Wahyu Estining Rahayu
Managers need to pay more attention to the efficiency in working capital management in order to maintain the long term viability of the growth. This research focuses on the working capital management practices in Indonesia companies. This study aims to reveal the in-depth description of working capital...
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Managerial overconfident and firm financing decision: an Indonesian case

Werner Ria Murhadi
This research aims to determine the effect of managerial overconfidence and firm characteristics on financing decision of a firm. This research uses panel data from the entire companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), except financial industry within 2006 - 2015. The result showed the higher...
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The Influence of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) on Financial Distress

Werner Ria Murhadi, Felicia Tanugara, Bertha Silvia Sutejo
This study aims to analyze the influence of good corporate governance (GCG) on financial distress. This study also aims to create a bankruptcy prediction model by using historical data from non-financial sector companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) over the period of 2011 - 2015. This study...
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Demography factors, financial risk tolerance, and retail investors

Bertha Silvia Sutejo, Yohanes Kokoh Natan Pranata, Putu Anom Mahadwartha
This study aims to understand the influence of demography factors, as an independent variable to the financial risk tolerance of retail investors who conduct stock investment transactions on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, as a dependent variable. The research used a quantitative approach to binary logistic...
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Factors determinant of bank capital buffer: empirical study on islamic rural banking in Indonesia

Mr. Sutrisno
Capital is a very important aspect of the banking industry as it will be used to cover the losses suffered by the bank. Financial Services Authority set a minimum limit of the bank's capital adequacy ratio of 8%. This study aims to determine the size of capital buffer. There are several factors believed...
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Stock investment analysis, idiosyncratic risk and abnormal return

Mr. Suyanto, Florens Natalia Handayani Sibarani
The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of value of earning per price and book to market ratio, firm size shown by market capitalization, stock liquidity by using turnover rate and Idiosyncratic Risk depicted by Idiosyncratic Risk Volatility (IVol) on Abnormal Return of stocks owned by...
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Management's Chinese Zodiac and ownership to firm performance

Rico Tedyono, Putu Anom Mahadwartha
The research examines the effect of Chinese Astrology (shio) and managerial ownership on firm's performance. The research also examines other issue of agency problem which is called managerial ownership. The separation between the principal with ownership function and agent with control function leads...
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The importance of corporate governance

Mudji Utami, Bertha Silvia Sutejo
This research examines the impact of corporate governance (CG) towards financial distress and financial performance. This paper used historical data from non-financial sector companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on the period 2011-2016. Corporate governance variables used in this research...
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Influence of financial attitude, financial behavior, financial capability on financial satisfaction

Agus Zainul Arifin
This research aims to examine the influence of Financial Attitude, Financial Behavior, and Financial Capability on Financial Satisfaction. This research was conducted on workers in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Sampling method used a non-probability sampling of purposive sampling. Data were obtained by spreading...
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Soft loan program for credit union: a fruitful or a useless program?

Ria Sandra Alimbudiono
This study aims to give an insight about the performance evaluation on the government soft loan program in empowering credit union. This is a strategic program to improve the regional economy. Nevertheless, there is a contradictive view whether it is a fruitful or merely a useless program. Thus, a performance...
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The impact of heuristics and biases in the application of professional judgement by internal auditors in the stage of fieldwork

Jonathan Tanone, Senny Harindahyani
This study aims to find the impact of heuristics and bias in the application of professional judgment by internal auditors in the stage of fieldwork in "Company X", a company engaged in the distribution of fuel oil in West Nusa Tenggara. "Company X" has conducted internal audit activities although the...
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Exploration of intention to turnover: case study of hospital IT employees

Siska Ariani, Didik Setyawan, Rudi Januar, Budi Setyanta
This study identifies factors that influence intentions for a turnover. Previous research indicated that hostile work environment, excessive workload, and job dissatisfaction are some factors that drive turnover intention. Data collection was done by survey method through a questionnaire. The sample...
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Investigating the correlation between commitment, spirituality and performance in workplace

Utik Bidayati, Adi Hardianto
This study aims to assess the correlations between commitment and spirituality dimensions in the workplace of a supermarket and determine the effect of both dimensions in employee performance. The research form is a survey research using questionnaires as an instrument to obtain data. A questionnaire...
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Communication strategies in improving agricultural society's value and participation

Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan, Lanny Kusuma Widjaja, Huang Lijie
This research was conducted following the research by Sonny (2008), which Javanese culture, a part of Indonesian culture, has been the philosophy of life and the attitude in life of Javanese people for years. The questions raised in this research were: (1) What is the communication strategy for improving...
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Internal communication, employee participation, job satisfaction, and employee performance

Waiphot Kulachai, Piya Narkwatchara, Pralong Siripool, Kasisorn Vilailert
The main objective of this research was to examine relationship between internal communication, employee participation, job satisfaction, and employee performance. The samples of this study were 489 state officials from 10 city municipalities in Chonburi (Thailand). Questionnaire was employed to collect...
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The Existence of human resources employability to energize the power of competitive advantage of aqiqah Nurul Hayat Surabaya

Johny Rusdiyanto, Elsye Tandelilin
This paper examines the importance of HR employability and their relationship with employment within the food industry in Indonesia, specifically in Aqiqah business services. This is a review of the literature related to the provision of HR empowerment program to sustain business competitiveness and...
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The influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the job satisfaction of the internal auditors of The State Islamic Universities in Indonesia

Mr. Suhartono, Gagaring Pagalung, Grace T. Pontoh
Job satisfaction is a set of unpleasant feelings or not an employee of their work. This study aimed to examine and to analyze the influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors to internal auditor job satisfaction of State Islamic University in Indonesia. The research data was obtained through a questionnaire...
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The influence of Hallyu, packaging and subjective norms towards buying intention on culture adaptation in Etude House

Yuco Aldelina, Jony Oktavian Haryanto
The growth of cosmetic's industries became rapid especially in Indonesia with the presence of local brands cosmetics and imported brands cosmetics. One of the competitors is Etude House, imported brand cosmetic from South Korea, which is now demanded by men and women especially the young people. Hence,...
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Dark tourism marketing through experience visit at East Java

Erna Andajani
Tourism was one of the industrial sector which is always growth increased throughout the year and the biggest contributors in the economic development of a country. One of tourism objects to be able to be a tourist attraction is a tour in place of the former war or natural disasters and better known...
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Usability, customer satisfaction, service, and trust towards mobile banking user loyalty

Victoria D. Johannes, Mrs. Indarini, Silvia Margaretha
The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of usability, customer satisfaction, customer service and trust towards mobile banking user loyalty in Surabaya. The data used in this research were primary data obtained from questionnaires. Respondents of the study were 200 respondents who live...
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Product types in moderating the process of buying street foods

Budhi Haryanto, Djoko Purwanto, Amina Sukma Dewi
This study aims to examine the effects of price, quality, and ease in obtaining on positive attitudes and intentions to buy street food moderated by product types (traditional meals and modern meals). The sample consists of 1000 individuals. Multi-group SEM is a statistical tool selected to elaborate...
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Developing a destination brand in the context of regional and national branding strategies: a case study of brand development of Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesia

Ike Janita Dewi
Developing a destination branding is one of the popular marketing strategies employed by tourism destinations. This paper describes the process of regional brand development of Sleman District, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As a case study, this paper offers perspectives, strategies, and guidelines...
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A study of the impact and effectiveness of scent used for promotion of products and services with low olfactory affinity

Jun Kumamoto, Adi P. Tedjakusuma
The paper objective is to analyze the impact of two studies on scent marketing and discuss the feasibility of scent as an effective promotional tool for business. The first study surveyed 45 undergraduate students in writing at three-time periods, and the second study orally surveyed shoppers using an...
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Consumer's response to e-mail advertisement from tour and travel agency in Indonesia

Jonathan Kurniawan Halim, Silvia Margaretha, Christina Rahardja Honantha
This study aims to determine and analyze consumer response to email advertising from online tour and travel agency in Indonesia. This study used purposive sampling approach with an assessment of the researchers who can be made respondents in accordance with the characteristics of the population. The...
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Building local fashion brand equity for young consumers

Mega Melina Dewi, Dudi Anandya, Christina Rahardja Honantha
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of brand awareness, perceived quality of the brand, brand association, brand loyalty, and brand image on the brand equity of local fashion brand among young consumers in Surabaya. Data from 215 undergraduate students were analyzed using Structural Equation...
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Indonesian tourism marketing communication strategy through LionMag in-flight magazine

Adi P. Tedjakusuma, Hayuning P. Dewi
The world of tourism cannot be separated from transportation and accommodation. Transportation becomes a means of tourists to reach the desired tourist destination both domestic and international. Airplane becomes the most effective option for tourists as it reaches a wide range of destination. Each...
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The effect of eco-friendly practices on green image and customer attitudes

Christina Rahardja Honantha, Dudi Anandya, Andhy Setyawan
This study aims to examine the relationship between customers' perceived green practices, perceived green image, and attitudes of a canteen, as well as identify the key green practices that influence customers' perceptions of a canteen's green image. The model used for this study was adopted from Namkung...
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"Wonderful Indonesia" country marketing campaign - how visible Indonesia as a tourism destination for Europeans

Slavomir Rudenko, Adi P. Tedjakusuma
Even though the campaign has been intensively presented in Indonesia and throughout the world as the main marketing campaign for Indonesian tourism, it remains questionable in how successful the campaign is in attracting more potential international tourists to visit Indonesia. Out of a general examination...
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A message behind a smile: how facial expression supports communication in marketing

Andhy Setyawan, Dudi Anandya, Farenza Renada Fulongga
A smile is a form of facial expression which contains a message of a person's feelings that allows the transmission of emotion to others. In marketing communications, emotional contagion can be an individual evaluation of advertising, brands, and even purchase intentions. Using experimental techniques,...
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The effect of service Quality to customer satisfaction and loyalty in Sharia Bank

Gito Suseno, Muchsin Muthohar
Products and prices competition within sharia and conventional banks have an impact on commoditization. To gain market share, sharia banks use halal product as differentiation and service strategy to retain customer through satisfaction to increase loyalty. Customer loyalty expected to increase share...
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A study of drinking behavior among undergraduate students in Chonburi

Pornrapee Torsak, Waiphot Kulachai
The objectives of this research were to study drinking behavior of undergraduate students in Chonburi, and to examine factors affecting drinking behavior of the students. The respondents were 397 undergraduate students of three Thailand universities, namely Burapha University, Rajamangala University...
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Educational Tourism as the conceptual age in the University of Surabaya

Veny Megawati
In many major cities in a developed country, a green open space is being promoted as a vacation destination. Besides, the government in the cities in developed countries also provides a museum that is neat and integrated with Simulation Park and playground for children. However, many green open spaces...
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Influence of destination attributes on destination image of Surabaya City according to domestic MICE participants

Fitri Novika Widjaja
This study aims to determine the influence of destination attributes on destination image of Surabaya city according to the domestic MICE participants and also to know the differences in perception concerning the importance of MICE destination attributes based on socio-demographic characteristics of...
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The analysis of logistics at McDonald's Restaurant Denpasar Bali

Anna Putri Andari, Stefanus Budy Widjaja Subali, Juliani Dyah Trisnawati
This study aims to analyze the difference and effect of McDonald's' delivery order logistics service on customer satisfaction and loyalty based on individualist and collectivist perception. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is a fundamental element for a company to face competition in order to ensure...
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Factors influencing travel to Islamic destinations: an empirical analysis of Sunan Ampel religious tourism area Surabaya

Siti Rahayu
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the influence of travel motivation, Muslim-friendly amenities and lifestyle, destination image, and the quality of service on Indonesian travelers' intentions to visit Sunan Ampel religious tourism area Surabaya. Data were collected through self-administrated questionnaires...
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Model analysis of service satisfaction as the modulator between service quality and decision-making behavior in using low-cost airlines

Sumalee Ramanust, Tikhamporn Punluekdej, Yaowalak Nakvichien
This research has its objectives to study 1) service-quality, service-satisfaction, and decision-making behavior in using low-cost airlines, and 2) service-satisfaction of the customers as a modulator between service-quality and decision-making behavior of the low-cost airline passengers. The sample...
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Factors influencing accounting students in acceptance of e-learning

Adhicipta Raharja Wirawan
This study aims to examine and obtain empirical evidence of the influence of variables consisting of System Characteristic (system interactivity, technical support, & screen design) and Individual Differences (subjective norms, internet experience, & computer self-efficacy) on an e-learning acceptance...
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Do local suppliers and local buyers benefit from foreign direct investment?: evidence from Indonesia

Dr. Suyanto, Yenny Sugiarti
This study examines the impact of foreign direct investment on the local suppliers as well as on the local buyers in Indonesian manufacturing industries. The effect of FDI on local suppliers is tracked down using the backward effect on the efficiency performance and the effect on local buyers is evaluated...
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Guest Supplies Pressures to Environment: a Hotel Case Study

Ida Bagus Made Wiyasha, I Nyoman Sudiksa
Green environment is a strategic tool to enhance marketing strategy especially in tourism area. The objective of this study is to analyze the impacts of solid wastes disposed by hotels in Bali. To meet the objective of this research archival data from 6 hotels with different classifications and resort...
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Service Quality of Public Terminal Users in UPT-LLAJ East Java

Mrs. Sukesi, Rahma S.Muliasari
A bus terminal is a public transport infrastructure that is designated for the arrival or departures passengers and the loading or dropping off goods, Morlok (2005). From January 1st, 2017, terminal management has been under the authority of the Provincial LLAJ. The feasibility of the terminal is a priority,...
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Business Strategy: A Study on Cost Stickiness Behavior

Permata Ayu Widyasari
This paper examined the effect of firm-level business strategies on the stickiness of Selling and Administrative cost in manufacturing firms. It applied business strategies scoring model developed by Bentley et al. (2013). This model transforms the firm's financial data into business strategy classification...
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Resource orchestration to improve communication with customers: "case study: MSME footwear in East Java"

Juliani Dyah Trisnawati, Muhammad Rosiawan
This study aims to discuss the orchestration of resources in MSME in accordance with the implementation of ISO 9001 standards and the improvement of product competitiveness. By using case study research approach at MSME footwear in East Java, the results obtained are the information on how the company...
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Corporate communication and strategic management: history, operational concept and integration

Bahtiar Mohamad, Hassan Abu Bakar
There are divergent views within the literature as to what is meant by corporate communication. In this article, the authors discuss three main areas, which covered the history, the operational concepts and last the integration of corporate communication with strategic management. Currently, international...
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Cycling: do the health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks in Bangkok?

David Seale
This study aims to identify the risks of cycling in Bangkok, including congestion, noise, pollution, and the dangers of Bangkok roads. Cycling, like many other physical activities, that could be reversed dramatically, especially on such illnesses such as obesity and diabetes 2, but it's attempting to...
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A study on the impacts of Smartphone addiction

Napassphol Sinsomsack, Waiphot Kulachai
The objective of this study was to examine Smartphone addiction among high school students and its impacts. The samples of the study were 341 high school students in the Eastern region of Thailand derived from stratified random sampling. The questionnaire was used to collect the data. The data were then...
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Developing Ho Chi Minh City to be the city of affection, modernized, and quality living

Phan Thi Hong Xuan
A Resolution made at the 10th Communist Party of Vietnam's Congress has stated to "developing Ho Chi Minh City to be the City of affection, modernized, and quality living". This Resolution also reflects the cultural value of the City now a day because looking at the present of HCMC in the beginning of...