Proceedings of The First International Symposium on Management and Social Sciences (ISMSS 2019)

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Distribution Service Mode of the Express Terminal Outlets

Jie Zhou, Mengke Yang, Xiaoguang Zhou, Kechuang You, Mengyuan Zhang
Based on the investigation of express terminal outlets in a certain area of Beijing, the article aims to improve the quality of express delivery services, and conducts research on the terminal distribution mode, which is the most direct way for express industry to contact users. Through the analysis...
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Research on Railway Logistics Resources Optimization Theory

Chengxia Dai, Zhifeng Zhao
In the increasingly competitive logistics market, it is very important to scientifically, effectively and objectively evaluate the validity of integration optimization of the railway logistics resources and the core of logistics enterprises. Supported by the multidisciplinary theory, based on the method...
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A Study on the Impact of Top Management Team Political Connection on Diversification

Ting Liang
Taking listed companies in Hubei Province as an example, this paper empirically studies the influence of political connection of top management team on diversification of listed companies. The results show that the political connection of top management team has significant influence on the diversification...
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The Formation Mechanism of Emergency Logistics Standard System

Dingzheng Huang, Yanan Liu
Emergency logistics standard system is a typical post-standardization system, with the coordination, forward-looking, public welfare, industry and other notable features. From the perspective of mechanism, we can see that the formation of the standard system of emergency logistics is affected by the...
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Research on Optimization of Waste Material Recycling Logistics of Hubei Province Based on “Internet +”

Lu Cao, Gongzhuo Xu
Recycling and utilization of waste materials is an environmental protection idea proposed by the modernization of the country, also it’s another circular economy industry under the national macro-control. The recycling and utilization of waste materials is researched in this paper. Based on the analysis...
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Research on Optimization and Integration of Railway Logistics Resources in China

Zhifeng Zhao
The optimal allocation of railway logistics resources is the current key issue confronted by China’s railway industry. Under this background, this paper researches this issue along the route of motivation → mechanism → model → evaluation. Based on the research of internal development needs of railway...
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An Analysis of Green Environment-Friendly Logistics Management Concept

Yan Li
Nowadays environmental issues have become critical concerns all over the world, organizations are constantly under pressure to develop environmentally responsible and friendly operations. In recent years, the development form of China's market economy has been constantly changing and the accelerating...
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Research on Logistics Outsourcing Decision-making Model Based on Cost and Competence

Meng Wang, Xuejiang Wei
How to scientifically choose logistics modes and outsourcing strategies is an important decision-making problem in the current enterprise operation. Based on Transaction Cost Theory and Core Competence Theory, this paper studies and constructs logistics outsourcing decision-making model. The model mainly...
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Evaluation of the Operation System of the Sales Logistics Distribution Center in Steel Enterprises Based on AHP

Xin Li, Yong Wang
The steel distribution logistics is a bridge to connect the steel enterprises with the terminal customers. In recent years, the difficulties caused by its distribution center are the most serious problem, which is mainly reflected in a serious of problems, including the large number of links faced by...
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On the Humanity Hypothesis and Management Research of the New Generation Staff——Autonomous Man

Lian-bo Pan, Yu-zhen Li
The outlook on life, values and career outlook of the new generation staff are characterized by diversification. They have high expectations and pursuits on the value and significance of the work, which is quite different from the traditional staff. The classical hypothesis of humanity has been difficult...
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Research on Circulation Mode of Fresh Agricultural Products in Tianjin

Zhida Wang, Hongmei Gao, Guiyou Zhang
To improve the development of fresh agricultural products requires a fast and efficient circulation mode of fresh agricultural products. This paper takes literature research and comparative analysis as theoretical analysis tools to analyze the current circulation of fresh agricultural products in Tianjin,...
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Research on Logistics Operation Mode of Fresh Agricultural Products in Yonghui Supermarket

Guiyou Zhang, Hongmei Gao, Zhida Wang
Yonghui Supermarket is characterized by its fresh food business. According to people’s consumption habits, Yonghui Supermarket provides consumers with green, safe, affordable and diversified fresh food. This paper takes literature research as a theoretical analysis tool to analyze the current situation...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior of Mobile Commerce based on Factor Analysis

Xiaofen Zhou, Rongyan Zhu, Yong Wang, Gongzhuo Xu
The research on the influencing factors of mobile commerce consumer behavior is beneficial for the mobile commerce platform to provide better services for consumers. This paper uses factor Analysis to analyze and correct the influencing factors of mobile commerce consumer behavior, and obtain the index...
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Data Driven "Internet +" Open Supply Chain System for Fresh Agricultural Products

Yan Liu, Zhi Jun Dang, Jun Yao
The Internet is changing the development of China's fresh electricity supplier industry. This paper expounds the characteristics of fresh agricultural products, analyzes the supply chain mode of China's fresh agricultural products, analyzes the open supply chain mode of fresh electric business, and puts...
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Path Choosing of Logistics Service Upgrading Driven by Big Data

Jie Ma
With the rapid development of Big Data technology, it strongly drives logistics service upgrading. As for logistics companies, how to choose a proper path of service upgrading by using big data is a question. This paper is trying to analyze the upgrading paths and their impact factors. Then An empirical...
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Key Technologies of Warehousing Robot for Intelligent logistics

Yongzuo Wu, Dongyuan Ge
Fully automatic warehousing system is one of the basic trend of future intelligent logistics development. Intelligent warehousing robot is an important carrier connecting data, information and warehouse. By machine vision, machine learning and related photoelectric technology intelligent warehousing...
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Research of "Ecological Landscape" Design in Modern Logistics Park Planning

Qian Lin, Yong Wang, Xiaofen Chou
Ecological landscape planning and design is the design of the overall environment under the original overall planning pattern. It is the result of numerous planning and design theories and multidisciplinary integration. The ecological landscape planning and design of the logistics park enables to enhance...
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Cool Chain Logistics Distribution Routing Optimization for Urban Fresh Agricultural Products Considering Rejection of Goods

Rongyan Zhu, Xiaofen Zhou
Fresh agricultural products are essential necessities for daily life of urban residents. With the continuous improvement of urban residents’ the living standards, the development of internet technology and e-commerce in China, fresh product e-commerce provides a new channel for urban residents to purchase...
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Research on Specific Ways of Recycling Waste and Used Materials under “Internet +”

Lu Cao, Gongzhuo Xu
With the rapid development of Internet technology, renewable resource recovery enterprises should use modern information technology such as the Internet to establish a convenient and efficient renewable resource recovery trading service platform to improve the efficiency of recovery. In view of the current...
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Application on Automated Warehouse Simulation System in Location Optimization

Yong Wang, Jiali Pan, Peilin Zhang, Daniel Tesfamariam Semere
Enterprise warehousing management level is the core link of logistics companies. The level of warehousing management plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of the entire logistics. The efficiency of the warehouse is mainly determined by the allocation strategy of the warehouse location. The...
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Design of Cold Chain Logistics Network Layout in Northwest China

Chunyan Zhen, Xiaofen Zhou
Northwest China is a region where ethnic minorities live in and rich in land and resources. Moreover, in order to revitalize the economy and implement the "one belt and one way" development strategy, the government has launched a series of preferential policies for attracting foreign investment. Northwest...
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Analysis of Electronic Commerce Model of Organic Agricultural Products

Xiaocui Wang
In the process of great implicit changes in the field of agriculture in China, agricultural planting structure has changed from traditional grain planting to the combination of grain, vegetables and fruits and aquaculture. At the same time, e-commerce platforms for organic agricultural products come...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Intentional Innovative Usage of Information System

Xiaofen Zhou, Yi Zhang, Xin Li
Based on Employee Entrepreneurship and Team Climate Theory, this paper studied the mechanism of the influence of Intentional innovative use of information system and built a research model including two dimensions: Individual and Team. The empirical study among 213 employees in a large company examines...
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Performance Appraisal System for Undergraduate of Applied Majors during the Internships

Lulu Wang, Qian Lin, Rongyan Zhu
With school-enterprise cooperation pattern adopted, enterprises employ undergraduate of applied majors, who focus on post learning, to develop and reserve backup professional resources. It has been a significant issue the human resources of enterprises need to take into consideration that how to appraise...
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Application of Markowitz's Portfolio Theory in Obtaining the Best Portfolio in the Stock Market

Xiaotong Chao, Xinyu Tao, Lingling Zeng
The article mainly explores the mean-variance model proposed by Markowitz, and then applies it to the concept of contemporary securities investment. Investors can find the historical average weekly interest rate and covariance matrix of each stock in the A-share market, use Markowitz's investment concept...
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Financial Risk Control and Avoidance Measures in Enterprises Mergers and Acquisitions

Fenfang Liu
There has been a wave of mergers and acquisitions in all industries as a result of the continuous development of the market economy, the fiercer competition among countries and industries as well as the constant increase of concentration of industries. Mergers and acquisitions can reduce transaction...
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On the dilemma and solution of Internet financial supervision

Lifang Su
The integration of the Internet and the financial industry has brought the traditional financial industry into the new era of Internet finance. The de-intermediation of Internet technology has not changed the nature of the financial industry. In the way of supervision of Internet finance, the traditional...
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Determinants of Domestic Credit to the Private Sector in Ghana: Application of Vector Auto-Regressive Method

William Obeng-Amponsah, Zehou Sun, Hazimi Bimaruci Hazrati Havidz, Elias Augustine Dey
The private sector is said to be the engine of economic growth for a country, especially, for developing economies. Ghana, discovering crude oil in commercial quantities in 2007 coupled with its new lower-middle income status in 2010, has become the focus for many investors. Meanwhile, the private sector...
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Analysis of Earning Modes of Sharing Economy Enterprises

Fenfang Liu, Han Wang
With the popularization and application of new generation information and communication technologies, the sharing economy has become an important form of economic and social development. The fundamental reason why the sharing economy can grow so rapidly in a short period of time lies in its unique earning...
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International Experience of Supply-side Reform and Its Enlightenment to China

Lingyan Xiang, Xiaojun Zhang, Na Liu
In recent years, the sustained downturn of China's economic growth has brought about structural contradictions, and the way to continue stimulating demand cannot effectively promote the economy. In 2015, the central government formally put forward a new policy of supply-side reform. In this paper, by...
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The Literature Review and Future Prospects of Talent Management Research in China

Saipeng Xing, Qinxian Chen
Due to the tremendous changes in economic globalization, labor force structure, knowledge economy and information technology, the human resources market and management mode have been challenged severely. Talent management has become a new area of great concern to enterprises and academia. Through a systematic...
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Analysis of the Influence of Exhibition Industry on Ecological Environment and Countermeasures

Xifang Wang, Ruijuan Dai
With the progress of the time, people have become more and more concerned about environmental protection, low-carbon and green, and the concept of sustainable development is deeply rooted, and the green and sustainable green trade show must be a trend of future trade shows. In recent years, the industry...
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Green Exhibition Practice Approach Based on Circular Economy Theory

Xifang Wang, Ruijuan Dai
With the rapid development of social economy, exhibition industry, as an important part of the tertiary industry, plays an increasingly important role in the development of national economy. With the attention of human being to environment and resources, the call of developing green exhibition comes...
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Research on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Green Exhibition Development

Ruijuan Dai, Xifang Wang
Exhibition, as a name card to open the city image and economy, is being valued by more and more cities. However, with the rapid development of the exhibition industry, a large amount of waste products are generated within a few days, which not only cause great damage to the environment, but also consume...
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Review on the Function and Operation of Exhibition Industry

Ruijuan Dai, Xifang Wang
By combing the existing academic achievements, analyzing the functions of the exhibition industry from two aspects: economic impact and industrial promotion, and summarizing the operation of the exhibition industry from the perspectives of industry support, management operation, brand strategy and participation...
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Research on the Path of Precision Poverty Alleviation of Rural Tourism

Xiaoling Hu
From 1978 to the present, after several rounds of poverty alleviation attempts in China, focusing on various aspects from regional poverty to poverty alleviation, the poor population is the main target of poverty alleviation. In 2020, China will build a well-off society in an all-round way, and precision...
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Analysis on Evolution of Price Mechanism of Rice in China and Japan

Jingjing Bing, Hongmei Gao, Xiao Zhang
The development of rice industry plays an important role in China's food security and even the world's food security. The stability of rice price is very important to promote the development of national economy and integrate rice industry chain. However, with the implementation of market-supporting purchase...
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Government-led rural Infrastructure PPP Project Risk Allocation

Xia Xiao, Hui Ao
The rural infrastructure PPP project can alleviate the government's financial pressure on rural infrastructure construction to a certain extent, and the reasonable allocation of PPP project risks is a key for the progress of the PPP project. This paper based on the principle of government priority bidding,...
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Study on the Outdoor Sports Tourism Development in Hubei Province

Shisi Zhou, Jian Gong, Lun Li, Fengbo Liang
Taking outdoor sports tourism in Hubei Province as the research objective, this paper discusses the connotation, characteristics and industry development trend of outdoor sports tourism, and summarizes the relationship between them as: sports is an important resource for the development of tourism industry,...
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Research on Value Assessment of Wechat Public Number Transaction

Fan Yang
After years of development, Wechat Public Platform has become an indispensable part of the self-Media industry. It has also become the dependence of numerous micro-credit users, and has also brought direct income to more self-Media people. This paper takes Wechat Public Number as an object, and discusses...
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A Report on the Status of Counselors’ Career Survival in Private Universities

Lu Liu
The survey carried out an investigation and analysis on the management mechanism, development and promotion of counselors, and the professional experience of counselors in 58 of Wuhan Technology and Business University. The study uses the combination of qualitative and quantitative, questionnaire and...
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Building Harmonious Interpersonal Relationship of Dormitory in Private University based on PAC Personality Structure Theory

Pei Zhang
With the popularity of the internet, the influence of dormitory on university students is becoming more and more important. Dormitory relationship becomes the basic interpersonal relationship of university students. In order to construct harmonious interpersonal relationship in private universities,...
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Design and Implementation of an Internship Program for First-class Undergraduate Majors in Port and Shipping Management

Ming Sun, Hailun Jiang
In the construction of first-class undergraduate majors in Shanghai, the port and shipping management majors of Shanghai Maritime University put a particular emphasis on students’ practical knowledge and application skills. Based on characteristics of this kind of majors, this paper analyzes and aims...
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Research on the Evaluation System of "Four in One" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Saipeng Xing, Qinxian Chen, Weihui Du
The establishment of the evaluation system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in application-oriented universities is of great significance for promoting the implementation and operation of innovation and entrepreneurship education and improving the quality of talent cultivation in application-oriented...
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Research on the Professional Ethics of Counselors in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xinyi Wang
The development of higher vocational colleges is related to the cultivation of national senior special talents and professional talents. Counselors in higher vocational colleges are the implementers of guiding students to carry out ideological and political education. To some extent, their professional...
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On the Role and Impact of Higher Education Regulations in the Work of Counselors in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xinyi Wang
Higher education laws and regulations are the foundation of education management. Higher vocational colleges shoulder the responsibility of training national high-tech and specialized talents. This paper focuses on the teaching characteristics and student management methods of higher vocational colleges,...
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Research and Practice on Achievement of Curriculum Objectives Based on Outcome-Based Education Idea

Saipeng Xing, Qinxian Chen
Outcome-based education is an educational concept guided by "student-centered, output-oriented and continuous improvement", focusing on students' final learning outcomes. Course teaching is the most basic and important link in the teaching activities of higher education. Achievement degree of curriculum...
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Research on the Reform of Classroom Informatization from the Perspective of Media Integration

Qinxian Chen, Saipeng Xing
With the rapid development of Internet in our country, the use of mobile terminals is becoming more and more popular. In this situation, the integration of multiple media may produce new results, and also has an important impact on classroom teaching. As the main carrier of teaching, whether students'...
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Research on the Training Model of "Double Certificate"+ "Double Ability" Talents in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Qinxian Chen, Saipeng Xing
The cultivation of applied talents should attach importance to the connection between theoretical teaching and practical teaching, attach equal importance to both theoretical and practical teaching, set up a curriculum system with the cultivation of innovative and practical abilities as its core competence,...
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Research on the Construction of Modular Curriculum System for Logistics Management Specialty of Applied Undergraduate

Hui Zhou
The modular teaching aiming at post competency training consistent with the goal of training higher skilled talents in applied undergraduate colleges and universities, which provides ideas for the transformation of Applied Undergraduate Teaching mode. On the basis of defining the connotation of modular...
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Coordination between University Discipline Structure and Industrial Structure

Dan-dan Zhang
Employing the Pearson correlation coefficient and the statistical data of Hubei Province from 2005 to 2017 , this paper analyzed the development status of industrial structure , higher education discipline structure and the coordination between higher education structure and industrial structure of Hubei...
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Innovation and Reform of Calculus Teaching

Huang Yi
Aiming at some disadvantages in calculus teaching, this paper summarizes the important significance of the reform of calculus teaching, and mainly discusses some measures of reform from the aspects of teaching content, teaching method, and teaching evaluation method. It is pointed out that the teaching...
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The Cultivated Ability of Innovative Practice of College Students

Siyang Zhang, Jingjing Shi
This article takes the second classroom student project led by the author as an example to explore the method of university innovation training. This paper introduces the project process of the students in the second class to complete, The completion of the project requires students to have the ability...
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An Empirical Research on the “Integrated Teaching Mode” of College English from the Perspective of the Memetics

Xingwu Chen, Chunxiu Long, Yichi Zhang
Since the Memetics was introduced into China, scholars have applied it into each aspect of English teaching such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. Whereas it needs to integrate each aspect of college English teaching together so as to achieve the purpose of cultivating students'...
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Foreign Language Education Practice in Hubei in Late Qing Dynasty and Its Implications

Huili Hou
Studying foreign language education in late Qing Dynasty in Hubei can be of reference significance for today’s foreign langauge education as it has been in the lead in China since late Qing Dynasty. This paper, on the basis of Applied Lingustics, classifies foreign language education in this period into...
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Research on the Reform of Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of "Core Literacy" and "Key Abilities"

Lili Li, Wenjuan Hu, Xuemei Tang, Zhenyu Wang, Zuwang Cu
Cultivating "core literacy" and "key abilities" of the college students is not only the key factor to realize their own growth and socialization, but also the inevitable mission entrusted to college ideological and political workers by the development of the times and realistic circumstances. As an important...
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Analysis of the Acquisition and Teaching Strategy of Chinese Culture by Foreign Students

Fan Chen
In the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, cultural teaching is an indispensable and important content. This paper uses the quantitative research method of questionnaires to investigate the acquisitions and feed-backs of Chinese culture learning of eighty-five foreign students at Wuchang University...
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Practice and Reflection of "N+2" Assessment Mode

Meng Fu
With the development of economy and society, the demand for applied talents is becoming more and more urgent. Domestic universities have also adjusted the mode of talent training according to the market demand for talents. The reform of the assessment mode is also an important link. The traditional assessment...
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Research on Joint Enrollment and Training of College-enterprise Cooperation of Express Operation Management Specialty

Xiang Ren, Hui Li
By investigating domestic express enterprises and vocational colleges, the writer points out the problems of express enterprise’s talent team construction: shortage of express talent and a gap between the abilities of the graduates educated by colleges and the requirements of enterprises, and deeply...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Graduate Training Quality Based on Grey Relevance Theory

Yongbo Liu
This paper focuses on the theme of the quality of postgraduate training, and from a systematic point of view, analyzes the various factors and their impacts. Following the research framework of positivism and applying the relational analysis method of grey system theory, this paper quantifies the internal...
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Promotion Method of Young Teachers’ Professional Ethics in Colleges and Universities

Licai Zhang, Liangyong Chen
Young teachers in higher education are the new force in the development of education, which determines the quality and future of education. This paper focuses on the professional ethics cultivation of young teachers in colleges and universities, expounds the role of universities and the mission of teachers,...
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Evaluation Model for Applied College Teachers’ Social Responsibility Based on Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Method

Juan Li, Wenchao Wei
The social responsibility of university teachers directly determines the quality and level of education and its training objects. This paper takes the social responsibility of university teachers as the research object, and establishes an evaluation model to evaluate it systematically. Based on the analysis...
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Pioneer and Model Role of Student Party Members of Art Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges

Chaoqin Li
Student Party members are outstanding and backbone among student representatives, and they are models of self-education, self-management and self-service for students. This paper uses the method of investigation to analyze the problems existing in the daily study and work of art student party members...
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Design and Practice of Intelligence Teaching in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Informatization

Jiaqing Huang, Lingyan Xiang
The emergence of advanced technologies such as mobile Internet and cloud computing has brought tremendous changes to the field of education. Educational informationization has become an important way to promote educational modernization in China. Educational informationization has brought great opportunities...
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Reform of Flipping Classroom Teaching Model of "Computerized Accounting" from the Perspective of Mobile Internet

Ming Zeng
In the era of mobile Internet, the teaching of courses has undergone important and even fundamental changes. Taking the course of "Computerized Accounting" as the research object, this paper explores the reform of the teaching mode of flipping classroom and the research and application of mobile Internet...
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Innovation System of "Base Group" in Outdoor Sports Practice Teaching in Universities

Dongbiao Xu, Xiaohong Niu
The course of outdoor sports is one of the important curriculums of physical education department and specialty, which has strong practical characteristics. Taking the outdoor sports talents training of physical education specialty of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) as the research object, this...
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On the Ways of Integrating Ideological and Political Education into Physical Teaching in Universities in the New Era

Lun Li, Jing Zhao
Sports teaching in the new era has been given a new mission and significance. This paper focuses on the combination of college physical education and college students' ideological and political education, and probes into the current situation of college physical teaching and the problems of ideological...
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Differences and Strategies of High and Low Context Cultures from the Perspective of Burberry’s Advertisement

Yanmei Gao
This paper discusses the differences between high and low context cultures from the perspective of Burberry’s Chinese New Year advertisement. It explains the differences between high and low context cultures in the aspects of information dissemination and interpersonal relationship. And the author points...
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Implications of Resilience for Sports Psychology

Rong Fan, Yi-heng Zhang
In competitive sports, it is very important to have both physical and psychological capacity. Especially when it is a close match with the opponent, the player's ability to adapt and adjust is often the key factor affecting the victory or defeat. In recent years, the concept and theory of " resilience"...
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Investigation and Study on Job Burnout of Psychological Counselor

Xia Li, Nannan Wu
This paper chooses psychological counseling staff as the research object. When they invest a lot of emotions, use professional skills, engage in complex intellectual activities, and provide solutions to psychological problems for all kinds of visitors who need help, they also bear tremendous pressure...
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Tower-type Advanced Energetic Rehabilitation Model for Adult Mental Disorder Persons

Wenfeng Wu
Adult mental handicapped people have significantly lower intelligence function than normal persons, accompanied by adaptive behavioral deficits. They are slower than their peers in learning and dealing with daily life, understanding of the surroundings and adaptability to the environment. If they are...
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Three Problems of Sports Communication in China in the New Media Era

Donglin Wang
Social media era has brought the sports report in China great difficulties, challenges and chances, which inspires this research to find correspondent solutions and suggestions. This paper through literature review and case analysis discovers that the current status of the sports report in China is closely...
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MECE Method and Its Application in Sports Event Interpretation

Ziye Wang, Shu Feng, Xinpeng Zhao
Based on the analysis of the connotation and function of sports commentary, this paper regards sports event narrating as a complete process, makes the discussion of different contents in the three main stages (preparation stage before live broadcast, commentary procedure as well as evaluation and analysis...
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Sports Event Interpretation in the Age of Media Integration

Ziye Wang, Bin Hao, Mi Tang
This paper chooses the explanation of sports events as the research object, and analyses the concrete manifestation and core content of media convergence from different aspects such as information collection, media form and technology, transmission relationship, disseminator, and the increased difficulty...
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Analysis of "Anesthesia" Mechanism in Mobile Short Video Applications

Jun Fang, Ziye Wang, Bin Hao
The continuous progress of mobile Internet technology has led to many new media products, short video is one of them. Its rapid rise has provided the public with rich and colorful entertainment enjoyment, but also brought about the negative function of "mental anesthesia". By using case analysis method,...
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Satisfaction Effectiveness Analysis of Rural Mutual Aid for Elderly in China

Yueqi Lv, Qin Qin
Rural mutual aid for elderly is a feasible path since China has gradually entered the stage of the deep population aging caused serious rural pension problems. This paper takes the most influential and the most widely implemented Feixiang mode as an example to explore satisfaction effectiveness of rural...
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Research on Delocalization of Ethnic Villages Based on Evolutionary Game Analysis

Wanqing Lv, Yijie Wang, Yi Zhang
“Delocalization” has been a serious problem in tourism development. For solving the phenomenon, this paper established an Evolutionary Game Model which includes local governments and tourism enterprises. Based on the assumption of Bounded Rational Hypothesis, this research analyzes the decision-making...
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Research on Mutual-supporting Pension in Rural China with the AGIL Model

Qin Qin, Shuyi Tan
This research responds to the problems of declining family care function, limited government carrying capacity, low enthusiasm of the rural elderly and rigidity of the current mutual-supporting pension model, and explores a new path of mutual-supporting pension in rural areas while helping to relieve...
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Study on the Reform of Chinese Olympic Individual Sports Organization System in the New Era

Yiheng Zhang, Rong Fan, Mingyi Liu
Olympic sport organization is regarded as the group providing service to public people by arranging sport events. Under the guideline of constructing the New period, studies based on China’s current sport policy and administration system and starting with the research of Olympic sport organization show...
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Empirical Study on Education for Poverty Alleviation and Mandarin Popularization

Zhao-xue Zhang, You Gao
Since the 19th CPC national congress, building a beautiful China has provided opportunities for the construction of beautiful villages and targeted poverty alleviation in western ethnic regions. The driving force for the construction of the beautiful villages is the new type of farmers in the new era....