Proceedings of the 2015 4th National Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering

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Analysis of Graduation Thesis Information Based on Decision Tree

Mengyi Li, Jiuru Dai, Zhigang Zhang
In order to improve the quality of graduation thesis, many colleges and universities carried out reforms on the thesis work according to their own actual situation. Through data mining method, this paper explores the main factors affecting the result of graduation thesis, and then classifies and predicts...
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Calculation of Waxy Crude Pipeline Temperature Field

Sen Hu
Because of the characteristics of high pour point and high viscosity of waxy crude, pipeline temperature must be calculated accurately in order to guarantee the safety of the pipeline operation. Therefore it is a crucial technical problem to simulate the temperature field precisely. In this paper, unsteady-state...
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Research on Quantization Scheme in the Secret Key Extraction from Received Signal Strength

Chengzhi Yang, Ting Jiang
In order to find an effective secret key generation scheme in wireless networks, many based on received signal strength methods have been proposed. However, the secret bit rates of existing schemes are relatively low. To resolve the problem of low generation rate, a vector quantization scheme is proposed...
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Research on university data statistics service platform based on data warehouse

Jinlian He
Through the analysis of the whole structure and data warehouse modeling, the data warehouse star structure is used to analyze the data model, and the key technology of ETL is analyzed.
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Application of open network knowledge in data mining and Information retrieval

Ruren Deng, Yinghuan Wu
With the development of science and technology, the use of computer simulation technology has become increasingly widespread, and has played an important role in the decision-making of enterprises in our country. In the traditional enterprise decision-making, because of the lack of data and the accuracy...
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On Design and Implementation of Locomotive Video Monitoring System

Haifeng Yuan, Jie Peng
In locomotive operation system, video monitoring system is the most critical. It is responsible for collection, processing and storage of data during operation of locomotive, to ensure safety of locomotive running. Traditional locomotive monitoring management approach has complex operation, but also...
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Study on Numerical Computation Method in Advanced Mathematics

Wei Li
Advanced mathematics is a required course in colleges and universities of China. It represents the basis for all natural sciences. Advanced mathematics is strongly abstract and has a very complex logicality. As such, some students in colleges and universities at present feel bored and even hate to study...
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Chinese Text Classification Based on Ant Colony Optimization

Xin Luo
It's significance for us to study Chinese Text Classification, when we face so much dynamic information. The development of Text Classification has a close connection with Pattern Recognition. However, some peculiarity of Chinese Text Classification, such as it has many classes, much noise, and excessive...
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Research on diagram automatic generation based panorama dispatching technologies for smart grid

Wenchong Fang, Taifeng Kang, Yonggang Li, Shouyu Liang, Ruipeng Zhang, Bin Zhang
In modern power grid, especially with the development of ultra high voltage (UHV) and AC-DC hybrid power grid, the scale and complexity of power transmission network increase a lot. System operators need to quickly grasp real-time operation situation and make decision to ensure the security and economics...
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Research on dynamic viewport display method for automatic generation of power flow diagram

Wenchong Fang, Taifeng Kang, Bin Zhang, Shouyu Liang, Ruipeng Zhang, Yonggang Li
Power flow diagram is an important tool of modern Energy Management System (EMS) for system operators to schedule the operation and maintenance plan, examine security situation and dispatch in real-time. Manually creation and maintenance of power flow diagram of large scale power grid is time consuming...
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Chinese Text Classification Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Xin Luo
For mass, heterogeneous and dynamic text information, it has important significance to the text classification. In recent years, the theory and method of Swarm Intelligence has been developed gradually, which provides a new method for text classification. In this paper, the intelligent algorithm of swarm...
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Baseband Design of Broadband Wireless ad hoc Network and Cross-layer Optimization of Transmission Power Control

Chun Wei, Ming Li
The capacity and transmission power of the wireless ad hoc networks are limited, so the key to study in the field of ad hoc networks is how to use the capacity of the nodes and improve the performance of the network. Based on the research of traditional layered protocol, a new cross layer optimization...
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Study of Platform Passenger Evacuation Simulation Based on GPU

Zhiyong Cai, Qianni Deng
Pedestrian Evacuation Simulation can be used to support developing the evacuation solutions for subway stations. Although the pedestrian evacuation based on general purpose processors acquire good effect when the simulation scale is very large. We investigated the effect of the layout of subway stations...
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Study on Reserve Capacity Optimization Model of Wind And Solar Power Generation System Based on Multi-Objective Optimization

Xiupeng Chen, Feng Lu, Yiping Cheng
Rational optimization of the energy storage system can be configured to stabilize power fluctuations of wind and solar power generation systems. The use of batteries and complementary nature of ultra-capacitors, combined with real-time scheduling grid we proposed a method to improve the overall economics...
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Forecast on Short-Term Wind Speed and Wind Farm Power Generation

Yiping Cheng
Winds forecast is of great significance for operating a wind farm and power systems. The accurately predict wind speed can effectively reduce the adverse impact of wind farms on the power system, while increase the wind farm in the electricity market competitiveness. This paper studied time series and...
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The Pig Food Intake Measurement System Based on TinyOS and WSN

Shuai Wang, Yun Gao, Xuan Li, Minggang Lei, Kun Chen, TianYang Chen, Shipeng Tian, Yanliang Guo
Now, we are unable to make pig feed intake real-time monitoring and prevention of swine diseases factors, this paper designed a pig food intake measurement system based on TinyOS and wireless sensor networks. The system can realize intelligent pig, real-time monitoring through wireless nodes intake of...
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Development of FBG Tension and Tilt Sensors Applied to Ice Monitoring of Overhead Transmission Lines

DengJin Wu
Overhead icing transmission lines face great danger of stable operation. Based on the existing transmission line monitoring power, susceptible to electromagnetic interference and other shortcomings and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor have the advantages of anti-electromagnetic interference, high sensitivity,...
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Research Report on Fan Blades Intelligent Cleaning Robot

Hao Zheng, Yicun Gong, Ying Long, Si Li
As China's wind farms increase rapidly and wind power installed capacity is growing, cleaning attendant wind turbine maintenance problems will become increasingly prominent. Most fans installed in harsh environments, high altitude, complex climate, while the leaf and work in high-altitude, all-weather...
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Research on Applications of Fuzzy Self-adaptive PID Control in Synchronous Control System Based on Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Technology

Jinsong Chen
Electro-hydraulic proportional (EHP) control system is widely applied in the engineering field because of the characteristics of its simple structure, high precision, easy to auto control and applied to high-power. This paper describes the principle of fuzzy self-adaptive PID control, and then applies...
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Design and Implementation of Fitness Engineering System Based on Big Data Analysis

Yongjian Li
In view of the perspective of public service, the paper analyzed its function and meaning in sports development, explained the current supply situation of public sports development in our country, raised and analyzed the reasons of the supply disparity of urban and rural public sports service, It emphasized...
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Research on the Application of Physical Information Searching based on the Internet

Linwang Zhou
The main source of sports information in Chinese portal sites comes from self collection. Currently sport channels content construction has formed a good and interactive pattern of sports news information and material background. Sport information resource is composed of types of knowledge, skills, news,...
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Study of power network line damage identification based on image feature analysis

Hongzhao Li, Fumin Yang
This paper proposed a power network line damage identification method based on image feature analysis. By extracting and analyzing outline features, shape features and statistical characteristics of electric power network images, the classification results of all the sub images of all the to-be-matched...
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Adoptive Lamps Based on the Pattern Recognition

Ya Mou
Since the pattern recognition technology has been put forward in 1960s, it has attracted many researchers' in-depth exploration and research because of its great development potential. Over the years, the pattern recognition has made great progress in the field of face recognition, fatigue detection,...
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Two-dimensional code security image and its application in design of food traceability system

Hui Feng, Bin Luo
Two-dimensional code technology has been applied to all aspects of production and life, such as auto parts production line tracking, product traceability, medical emergencies, e-commerce, media and tourism. However, these two-dimensional code application generally concentrated in record numbers, letters...
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Research on the Design of Lower Computer of Data Encryption System

Honghui Lai, Juan Zhong
In the modern information and network society, the data security is very important to our daily lives. The data encryption system can help us to protect the security of personal information. This paper mainly introduces the hardware and software design of the lower computer of data encryption system,...
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Research on Applications of Information Technologies in Medical Image Area

Juan Zhong, Honghui Lai
Medical image plays an important role in the modern medicine. However, the medical images also have some shortages and limitations, which can be made up by some information technologies. This paper firstly introduces the common information technologies used in medical image area, such as the data mining...
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Evaluation of Low Cost Fresnel Lens for Portable Concentrated Solar Cell Application

Bo Zhang, Chaolu Xing, Xiaolin Dai
Low cost commercially available Fresnel lens has been investigated as a potential candidate for portable concentrated solar cell application. A numerical model has been developed to simulate the selected Fresnel lens and its spot size, energy distribution, transmission spectrum and optical efficiency...
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Research of the Data Security Related Issues in Cloud Computing Services

Nan Hu
Cloud computing is a kind of data-intensive computing and it has a great advantage in the data storage, data calculation and data transmission. But in the practical application, the problems of data security of cloud computing is worrying, the security problem of centralized data storage and transmission...
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Discussion on Electromagnetic Waves Under the Circumstances of Total Internal Reflection and Optical Tunneling

Yan Sun
In the case of total internal reflection, the electromagnetic incident waves will be reflected back to the original medium. Whereas, based on the theory of electromagnetic fields, the incident waves do not wholly go back to the original medium, but generates refracted waves in the second medium, which...
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Analysis on the Performance of the Optical Fiber Pressure Sensor and Application Technology

Wei Hou
Optical fiber sensing and optical fiber communication has a lot of similarities, and they are based on the basic properties of the fiber and advantages. The most distinguishing feature of optical fiber used for communication is tempting bandwidth, and used for sensing and testing tend to focus on a point...
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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Research Based on Monobus Technology

QingXiu Wu, GuoFang Zhang, LiLi Yan
A new monobus temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 has the advantages of small size, simple interface, high speed response, cost effective characteristics and so on. This paper briefly introduces the concept of Monobus, and expounds the basic principle and the control use of DHT11 . The many advantages...
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The Study on the Application of Sensor Technology in the Development of Remote Monitoring System

Wei Hou
With the widely application of the ZigBee wireless sensor network, how to use the internet for real-time monitoring, control and management of remote monitoring area gradually become an important research topic in the field. ZigBee gateway in the wireless sensor network system plays an important role...
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The wireless networking research based on Zstack

QingXiu Wu, ShuQing Li, GuoFang Zhang
Zstack is an industry-leading ZigBee protocol stack launched by TI company, it includes protocol stack that covers almost all of the features of mesh and network topology, and occupies a very important position in the fierce competitive zigbee field. This paper describes software framework of Zstack...
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Study of LED Electronic Writing Screen based on Single Chip

DengJin Wu
LED display design hardware consists of STC89C52 smallest single-chip system, 32 × 32 dot matrix color display arrays, light pen, buttons, LCD display and other components. Color dot matrix red LED is always working in dimly lit scan status, lit STC89C52 microcontroller use homemade light pen infrared...
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Application and Design of New Media in Museum Exhibition and Display

Jinxiu Wang
In recent years, new media spring up suddenly compared with traditional media. However, the application of digital technology in exhibition and display of museum not only has great influence on the development of exhibition but also brings much attention on digital exhibition and display technology....
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Development and Research of Data Acquisition System

Cen Li
The process of data acquisition system to obtain data information is carried out from a plurality of signals. The system is a high degree of automation equipment, it not only can real-time data acquisition, real-time control and status display, it also can be automatically stored, signal preprocessing...
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Research on Algorithm of Frequent Subtree Mining

Xin Guo, ChangGuo Xiang
With the development of computer and information technology, frequent mine become important researching value, from subset mine to structured data mine, it includes frequent sub tree mining and frequent sub graph mining. In this paper, we introduces frequent sub tree mining and describes research status,...
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Research of Graph Mining Base on Cloud

Cen Li
With respect to the problems of idle consumption and luxury consumption existing in the present cloud computing platform, and the current situation that the traditional graph mining method could not satisfy the massive data mining, A dynamic graph mining method for minimum energy consumption optimization...
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Study on A Fast Algorithm for Mining Disorder Tree

Xin Guo
Unordered tree mining has important research value in the field of XML data, bioinformatics, Web structure. In this paper, we propose a disorderly tree mining algorithms-UTMiner (Unordered Trees Miner). Because the tree has a disordered mining property, so in order to avoid digging out the same sub-tree,...
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Study on A Rapid Export Subtree Mining Algorithm

Xin Guo
Export subtree mining has important research value in the field of XML data, bioinformatics, Web structure. In this paper, vector and sub-tree pruning threshold two concepts are taken and take advantage of the sub-tree vector features, combined with a hash table structure, we proposed a sub-tree based...
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A Novel Tree Cluster and Classification Approach Based on Least Closed Tree

Xin Guo
The extensive application of tree model has made tree mining become a hot field in data mining research. As an important branch of tree mining, tree cluster and tree classification plays a fundamental analysis role in many areas. In this paper, a tree cluster and classification algorithm was proposed...
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The Analysis of Stroke Incidence Based on the Multivariate Successive Regression Analysis

Gaofeng Hui
Stroke is a common serious threat to human health and life. This article uses multivariate successive regression analysis methods discussed the relationship between incidence and average pressure, pressure difference, average temperature, temperature difference and the average humidity. Through statistical...
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Design of a New Type Air-to-Ground Power Grid’s Hot Spots’ Monitoring and Control System

Hongzhao Li, Fumin Yang
This article designed and realized a new type air-to-ground power grid’s hot spots’ monitoring and control system, to solve current problems like weak relevance between hot spots in power grid, delay in finding abnormal hot spots, etc. The system is made of long-distance temperature control and monitoring...
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Research on the Mobile Communication Network Optimization Based on the Cloud Computing Model

Yan Guo
In order to maximize the use of existing mobile communication network resources and enhance the efficiency of mobile communication network optimization, we introduce the cloud computing model. Combined with the situation of mobile communication network optimization, this paper elaborated the characteristics...
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Research on the Routing Protocol Analysis in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Yang Liu
Wireless MANETs with the features of flexible, high overall robustness and low system costs and it has attracted wide attention. In wireless ad hoc networks, routing protocol occupies an important position. The paper analyzes the routing protocol in wireless ad hoc network to achieve high-performance...
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Research on the Intelligent Power Communication Network Management Information Model Based on the Web Technology

Qi Xue, Zhirong Liang, Dawang Cheng
With the continuous development of network technology and the addition of network size, speed and complexity, the importance of network management is also increasing. The network management is the process to control a complex computer network so that it has the highest efficiency and productivity. According...
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Design and implementation of food traceability system based on two dimensional code

Tingting Li, Bo Li, Dechang Huang
Food safety problem has become one of the most important topics of social concern, because of food from the acquisition of raw materials production to final consumption of intermediate links become more and more, traditional form filling, seal and other way is not easy to on these links were effective...
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The Research on Big Data Security Architecture Based on Hadoop

Zhuang Miao
This paper will discuss the security of big data from two aspects: the first is the architecture, we will list some differences in handling and storing information in big data systems, and discuss how they can affect the security of data and databases. The second is the operation and maintenance management,...
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Research of Application of MATLAB Numerical Analysis Methods on Electrical Engineering

Miao Li, Ran Jia
Now, the type of simulation software is varied, and because of its powerful functions, so MATLAB precisely has been widely used in many areas, this paper describe the value of MATLAB simulation applications in electrical engineering and automation industry. In the AC and DC speed control system, power...
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Developing Situation and Research Advances of Structural Damage Detection Using BP Network

Jinsheng Fan, Ying Yuan, Xiuling Cao
The basic method, research status and development of structural damage identification technology based on BP network are reviewed and summarized, and then the advantages and problems of various methods in theory and practical application are discussed. The development trend and research direction of...
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Social Work in Teen Addiction Correction Services Research Under the New Situation

Shiyong Zheng, Weili Guan, Biqing Li, De-ze Qin
With the rapid development of science and technology, and better living standard of people, Internet having features of low cost, large information source and rapid speed, plays an important role in common people’s life. Internet brings a lot of convenience while at the same time it causes series of...
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The Ramsey Type Model with Endogenous Birth Rate

Wang Donghan, Yang Jun, Zhu Huan
In this paper, a Ramsey type model with endogenous birth rate is set up to inquire the optimal birth rate choosing in the economic growth process. It is proved the model has a unique equilibrium which is saddle under some given conditions. Along the optimal growth path, the per capita capital, consumption...
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A new processor design based on 3D cache

Shan Lei, Liu Guangbao, Xie Song
The interconnection is becoming one of main concerns in current and future microprocessor designs from both performance and consumption. Three-dimensional integration technology, with its capability to shorten the wire length, is a promising method to solve issues related the interconnection. In this...
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Research on a Remote Sensing Image Classification Algorithm Based on Decision Table

Yang Dehui, Song Yong, Zhang Kai
A remote sensing image classification algorithm based on decision table is proposed in this study. Firstly, image segmentation of remote sensing image was performed to extract feature attribute of image object. Then several samples were selected from image objects in different categories to construct...
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Intelligent Information Systems and Digital Libraries

Zhu Yuqing
Digital library information systems generate large amounts of complex, numeric content. A new category of digital libraries with supporting services for such content is important to advancing library research. Intelligent services likewise are required to automate scientific workflows. Simulation environments...
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Application of RFID technology in clinical monitoring system of hospital

Yu Helin, Jin Ying
In this paper, RFID is applied to the field of medical management in the field of clinical monitoring, design a set of clinical monitoring system based on the technology, to achieve the basic information on the patient read and write and query, regional positioning and access control, etc. It can improve...
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Benchmark Testing for Transwarp Inceptor—A big data analysis system based on in-memory computing

Chen Mingang, Liu Zhenqiang, Liu Wanggen
The high demand for data analysis and rapid development of big data technology and application has led to a variety of commercial and open source big data processing systems launched by industry and academia. So how to test and evaluate these systems objectively has become an important research topic....
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A spectrum efficient node clustering method for WMSN

Xiong Zheyuan
In wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSN), visual correlation exists among multiple neighboring sensors. Overlapping Field of View in dense networks leads to considerable redundancy in the collected images. A spectrum efficient clustering mechanism is proposed for efficiently gathering images in...
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Single-phase-to-ground fault line selection in distribution networks based on similarity of wavelet energy spectrum

Zhong Mingjun, Zhu Qiang, Gong Liang, Leng Fangliang
In order to solve the problems of ground fault line selection in distribution network, the article presents a fault line selection method based on the similarity of the wavelet packet energy spectrum. After extracting a certain data of transient fault zero-sequence current by the wavelet packet decomposition,...
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Face recognition based on Radon transform

Cao Meixia
Aiming at the problem that most of the face recognition algorithms can not overcome the complex conditions such as illumination, expression and occlusion, a face recognition algorithm based on Radon transform is proposed. In this algorithm, the face image is pre processed by using the normalized algorithm...
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Joint Optimization of Smart Antenna System and Wireless Mesh Network

Xie Yulong
Various network architectures are evolved into the next generation wireless system to provide better services, such as wireless mesh networks (WMNs). However, single radio node mesh operating on a single channel suffers from capacity limiting. Multiple radio nodes mesh can obviously improve the network...
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Cascaded Sigma-Delta modulator with dual quantization architecture and an inter-stage feedback path

Xie Yu
The conventional Sigma-Delta modulators have several drawbacks: e.g. the major problem with dual quantization architecture is that it can only be applied in a single loop topology, which causes the dynamic range (DR) problem; The inter-stage feedback topology only cancels nonlinear errors by introducing...
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Liver Segmentation with Semi-Supervised Learning

Li Yonghui, Liu Xiaoxiao
Efficient liver segmentation from volume data provides important assistance for minimal invasive surgery and treatment. However, this task suffers from the special anatomy and topological changes. This paper presents a robust interactive method, which treats it as a semi-supervised learning task. An...
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Research on Management Platform Construction of Users and Recourses Based on Multi-export Campus Network

JinG Qi, Sun Shan, Yang Runyuan
The campus network users have many kinds of types, and the network resource they access to is not certain. In order to improve the flexibility of the different needs for campus network users to access external resources, so campus network access multiple ISP network. This paper based on the multi-export...
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An Influence Calculating Method based on Mobile Phone Data

Chen Yancui
In order to provide the personalized services, there is massive research about the mobile recommender system. The user influence plays an important role in the recommender system, so an influence calculation method based on mobile phone data is proposed in the paper. In the proposed method, we consider...
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Segmentation of Noisy and Textured Images by an Expectation Maximization and Gradient Descent Iteration Method

Yang Zhenzhou
Segmentation of noisy and textured images remains challenging in both accuracy and computation efficiency.In this paper, we propose a new method for segmentation of noisy and textured images. The proposed method is based on the famous Expectation Maximization (EM) methodwhich calculates the global parameters...
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Design of Self-service Car Washing Machine Control System Based on ARM

Sun Zhengmin
With the cars in our country's rapid increase, the limited quantity of traditional car washing shop has been unable to satisfy people’s needs. Responding to this problem the author designed a set of self-service car washing machine control system based on ARM, and a set of remote monitoring system based...
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Automatic Recognition of the Hits Line in Search Engine Result Page

Qian Haibo, Qian ZhongMin
When a search engine returns query results to users, it always returns the number of relevant documents (i.e., hits). The text line containing the hits number is called as hits line. The hits number can be used in several applications such as building meta-search engine, estimating the size and the relevance...
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Rapid Testing Method of New Generation Smart Substation Network Configuration

Wang Lei, Li Jin
A number of popular communication traffic control protocols including virtual local area network and GMRP are applied in the new generation Smart Substation internal communication network. This paper presents a black-box testing method which does not rely on specific network configuration profile that...
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An Information Security Control Method of Smart Substation

Su Jin, Li Lei
The three layer equipment of IEC61850-compliant Smart Substation connecting directly to the Ethernet for the benefit of information transmission and sharing. However, it also brings certain information security risks. This paper proposes evolution ring based message security control scheme, which uses...
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Hardware Implementation of Rate Control for Motion JPEG2000

Yang Shijie
This paper presents a hardware implementation of rate control system with scene change detection for constant bit rate traffic of Motion JPEG2000. The input frames are divided into groups, each group contains one key frame, and a frame which originally is not a key frame of a group is changed to a key...
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Efficient Acoustic Modeling Method for Unsupervised Speech Recognition using Multi-Task Deep Neural Network

Haitao Yao, Maobo An, Ji Xu, Jian Liu
This paper proposes a method of acoustic modeling for zero-resourced languages speech recognition under mismatch conditions. In those languages, very limited or no transcribed speech is available for traditional monolingual speech recognition. Conventional methods such as IPA based universal acoustic...
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Analysis of inverter circuit of Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation with keystone waveform

Fangjian Huang
Third harmonic is usually combined with the standard sinusoidal signal to increase the DC voltage utilization within the Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) based inventers. The inverter of SPWM with 3rd keystone waveform was analyzed and the one with which to get the best DC voltage utilization...
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A parallel HEVC encoder scheme based on Multi-core platform

Hu Jun
In this paper, we propose a parallel HEVC encoder scheme based on multi-core platform, which provides maximized parallel scalability by exploiting two-level parallelism, namely, the frame level parallelism and the CTB level parallelism. Inspired by the intra-CTB row level parallelism of WPP in HEVC,...
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Research on rumor early warning mechanism based on kinetic energy

Liu Li, Yang Fengming
Network rumors have become a severe scourge disturbing people’s network life, even endangering social stability and national security. The best way to control rumor propagation is to discover earlier, so as to take actions to govern rumor before it breaks out. In this paper, from the aspects of rumor...
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An evaluation method of access capacity in distribution network

Nie Mingjun, Leng Fengchuan, Zhu Hua, Peng Liang
In order to publish access capacity, warnings and loads in distribution network regularly, the article presents a method to evaluate access capacity based on marketing – distribution - dispatching information fusion system. After extracting the relevant data from marketing – distribution - dispatching...
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Design and Realization of Pulse Compression Method of Radar System Based on FPGA

Chenjun She, Xiefeng Cheng, Wei Jiang, LiShan Ding
To solve the conflict between the radar range and distance resolution effectively, this paper design and realize a method of pulse compression of radar system. Firstly, the paper describes the working principle of pulse compression. Then a method of pulse compression simulation is designed based on chirp...
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Research on the Classification of the Advanced Manufacturing Mode

Qinghui Dai, Hongmei Li
This paper presents a classification approach for advanced manufacturing mode (AMM). Firstly the concept and features of the advanced manufacturing mode are expounded in the paper. Then the advanced manufacturing modes are divided from three aspects: the manufacturing mode development concept, the manufacturing...
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A frequency offset estimation algorithms for OFDM mixed signals

Wei-cheng Xue, Changjiang Huang, Jun Ju
The integer frequency offset and the fractional frequency offset estimation algorithms in SFN are improved and used for the Composite fractional frequency offset estimation in OFDM mixed signals in this paper The simulation results show that the performance of the Composite frequency offset estimation...
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The Feasibility of Long Cycle Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks

Fuqiang Wang, Xiaoming Wu, Hong Liu, Yifan Hu, Xiangzhi Liu
Energy efficiency has received extensive attention in energy-constrained Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). As is known, radio communication accounts for major energy consumption of wireless device and the control of radio transmitter can make effective function with energy efficiency system. In this paper...
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Neural network-based method for anti-glare glass preparation process parameters optimization

Jianli Yu, Hongqi Huang, Xiaojuan Niu
Along with the urban development, the application of anti-glare glass is more and more widely, high transmittance and low reflection of glass manufacturing technology research is of great significance. Because of the complexity of the anti-glare glass preparation technology, anti-glare glass transmittance...
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Academic Libraries Data Analysis Using Data Mining

Yuqing Shi, Yuelong Zhu, Jinghong Su, Lanfang Zhu, Dongmin Wu, Chen Lin
Nowadays, the requirement to preserve user privacy has avoided the preservation of data that could be used to correlate library data to non library data. This paper used data mining and data detection to identify academic library use patterns and to judge whether students' the number of published papers...
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Clutter Modeling Based on SIRP Principle

Bin Wang, Xin Song, Fengming Xin
With the development of science and technology, more extensive use of electromagnetic spectrum will make radar environment become more and more complex. So radar should develop towards intelligent direction and clutter modeling needs to be more accurate. In this paper, based on SIRP principle, we research...
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The Research and Design of Remote MCU Learing Plaform Based on the Combination of Virtual and Reality

Chunrong Chen, KaiJin Qiu
Recently, there have been a great need in society for MCU learning especially in engineering and science. However, the environment development didn’t match the increasing demand for MCU teaching in fact. On the one hand, the costs of learning at their own expense are high. On the other hand, limits of...
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The Research and Design of A New Kind of Multi-functional Laser Marking System Based on Embedded Microprocessor

Yafeng Yu, KaiJin Qiu
The paper designs a new kind of laser marking system which is based on embedded microprocessor with several functions like continuing from the breakpoint, starting from any set point, marking on the curved surface, displaying the trace in real time and so on. The new kind of laser marking system is composed...
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Research on the Integration and Performance of Emotion Concept in Visual Communication Design

Huifang Li, Qi Wang
Visual communication design is an important part of modern design, which is the main form of information communication in modern society. The existing design is no longer only satisfied with the function and the surface of the visual experience, but to consumers and viewers through visual language to...
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Research on Graphic Symbol Expression in Visual Communication Design

Xueqing Shi
Visual Communication Design unprecedented tremendous development, rich visual form also brings to the audience a sense of visual fatigue. Visual communication designers must be the most sensitive to understanding the audience's attention lying. Graphical symbols have vivid, expressive and appealing features....
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The Research on QoS Routing Algorithm Based on Improved Optimization Sorting Ant Colony Algorithm

ChunHui Qiu, Yue Gong, KaiXi Zhou
In ordering to resolve the slow convergence problem of ant colony algorithm in QoS routing, this paper presents a sort of ant colony algorithm which based on optimized sequence. In global pheromone updating, this algorithm weakens the influence of a single iteration solution and adopt a combination of...
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Micro RF sensor applied in grid radio monitoring system

Shi-min Xu, Hong-bing Yu, Fei-huang Chu
Grid radio monitoring system is composed of dense radio sensors in a certain area, and the nodes are interconnected and shared, so the overall cognition performance of the electromagnetic environment is improved. Micro RF sensor is the core equipment in the system, so this paper constructs a micro RF...
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Performance Evaluation of Fire Alarm System Based on FPNN

Wei Gou, Na Qu, Zhenliang Lan
The type of fire alarm system and grades of standards exist fuzziness. fuzzy mathematics relative membership grade theory and probabilistic neural networks are combined to build a fuzzy probabilistic neural network (FPNN) evaluation model of fire alarm system. The method of constructing model is proposed...
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An Adaptive K-nearest-neighbor Interference Alignment Algorithm Based on Minimizing Projection in Cellular System

Longzhen Dai, Ran Duan, Weijia Cui, Daming Wang
For the disadvantages that the high computational complexity and the heavy overheads of the system when interference alignment is applied to the cellular system for co-channel interference cancellation, this paper proposed an adaptive K-nearest-neighbor interference alignment algorithm based on minimizing...
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High Accuracy Indoor Imaging Positioning Algorithm Based on Angle Feedback with Visible Light

Wenzuo Hou, Daming Wang, Yankui Zhang
Paper puts forward an imaging positioning algorithm , timely obtaining the acceleration parameters in the inertial frame of triaxial accelerograph of intelligent mobile terminal IMU (Inertial measurement unit) and then taking use of angle feedback principle to indirectly get attitude information of mobile...
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Design and optimization of knee varus vibration orthopedic rehabilitation correction mechanism control system

Yan Bai, Wengang Zheng, Jingbo Zhou
This paper presents a new design concept for the single treatment of X/O type lower limb rehabilitation instrument, the new design concept, modeling and simulation using SOLIDWORKS, the force analysis using ADAMS, control the use of single-chip microcomputer, the real realization of a set of rehabilitation,...
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Handlebar appearance inspection algorithm based on two-direction trace and check

Jingfei Zhang, KaiJin Qiu
High automatically industry production is an inevitable trend in the development of modern factory. Based on objects of precise, efficient and intelligent manufacturing and replacing heavy manual labor to lower the high error rate., this paper proposes a new product appearance dark grain detection algorithm....
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Application of Price Discrimination in the Network Team Purchase

Yanqin Zhu, Jun Zhang, Jiajia Wang
With the development of the network team purchase(NTP), the analysis on the theory of NTP will be more and more important Since NTP is a new consume model, there are few researches on it up to now. Network team purchase in the development process from scratch, there have been a variety of modes, which...
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Real-Time Signal Acquisition System for Multi-Channel Bioelectrical sensing Application

Nan Li, Dong Wang, Qingjiang Li, Zhaolin Sun
This paper presented a high speed data acquisition system for real-time bioelectrical sensing application. The hardware of system mainly consists of data acquisition, distribution and storage section. Four dual-channel ADCs are applied in acquisition section. In distribution section, the original data...
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A Novel Knowledge Modeling Framework POTMe and Its Application for Col-laborative Problem Solving

Jian Jiang
Collaborative efforts are inevitably demanded when solving a complex problem, which is often plagued with incomplete, ill-structured, and poor quality information. Therefore, a global knowledge modeling framework is required for cross-domain knowledge coordination. However, current knowledge modeling...
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Research of Multiple-type Files Carving Method Based on Entropy

Jun Guo, Jingsha He, Na Huang
File carving is a technique of recovering data from disk without depending on the File System, and the key step is the extraction and reassembly of file fragments. Efficient recognition and extraction of file fragments is not only the prerequisite of recovering file, but also the guarantee of a low false...
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Design of Vehicle Intelligent Anti-collision Warning System

QiGuo Yao, Yuliang Liu
This paper designs a vehicle intelligent anti-collision warning system based on the single chip microcomputer AT89C51, which has such characteristics as low cost, high-accuracy, micro-miniaturization, digital display and acousto-optic alarm function. The system includes forward anti-collision warning...
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A Vehicle Seat Rattle Noise Diagnosis Study Case

Chunqing Yang, Cansong Gu, Lili Su
Vehicle seat rattle noise is one of the common issues in automotive. In general, BSR (Buzz Squeak and Rattle) noises are directly linked to the vehicle NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) performance. Most importantly, customers perceive BSR as direct indicator of vehicle build quality and durability....