Proceedings of the Russian Conference on Digital Economy and Knowledge Management (RuDEcK 2020)

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An Overview of the Social-Economic Development of the Constituent Territories of the North Caucasus Federal District

A.A. Akbasheva, I.Sh. Dzakhmisheva, L.A. Shevkhuzheva, J.V. Masalova
Qualitative changes in the social-economic development of the constituent territories of the North Caucasus Federal District served as the basis for solving the problems of managing the economy of the agro-industrial complex. The solution to this problem is seen in the research of the current social-economic...
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Analysis of Marketing Potential of Bioactive Flour Products for School Meals

T.V. Alekseeva, N.Y. Agaeva, I.V. Cheremucskina, L.V. Malakova, I.N. Vasilenko, E.O. Zdorovcev
A study was conducted to determine the preferences of 14–16 years old adolescents when visiting catering points in schools. The purpose of the research was to analyze the marketing potential of flour products with a bioactive additive for feeding schoolchildren of adolescence, identifying the causes...
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Economic Security as an Investment Factor of Companies Attractiveness

G.A. Alexandrov, A.L. Yablonev
In this work the highly controversial problem of economic security is investigated as one of the essential factors determining the attractiveness of investment objects in a new aspect. At the same time, the issues of the relationship between investment attractiveness and economic security of enterprises,...
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Influence of Tax Administration on Investment Processes

G.A. Alexandrov, I.V. Vyakina, G.G. Skvortsova
Despite the high losses of the state budget due to tax benefits, the introduced tax investment incentives did not lead to the increase in business investment. A review of the scientific literature indicates conflicting results justifying the effectiveness of tax investment incentives in different countries....
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Trends and Mechanisms of Digital Transformations in the Russian Federation

G.S. Armashova-Telnik, A.M. Melnichenko, Yu.G. Terentyeva
The article is devoted to the issues of digitalization of a business entity model. Prospects for the development of technological transformations in Russia are highlighted, key positions of the integration of digital modernization in the business sector are analyzed, including the specific nature of...
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Integration as a Prerequisite for Resource Support of Innovation Management Digital Economy

E.V. Kharchenko, S.V. Dedov, E.V. Asmolova, M.S. Asmolova, D.A. Samofalov
The development of the Russian economy can not be abstracted from global trends. The presence of individual traits in the Russian economy determines the importance of ongoing research on a comprehensive analysis of the resource support system for innovation. The research results determine the presence...
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Integration of Remote Sensing Data with Electronic Government Information Resources at the Municipal Level

A.A. Tesalovsky, Yu.M. Avdeev, D.A. Zavarin, D.V. Titov, N.V. Anisimov
The subject of the study is the need and the possibility of using remote sensing data in the absence of reliable information from electronic federal information resources and the geospatial binding of their data with a view to further data integration. The article discusses the main disadvantages and...
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Basic Directions of Digital Production Development on the Basis of a Unified Information Model

Yu.V. Mokretsov, D.Yu. Kryukova, Yu.M. Avdeev, A.A. Tesalovsky
The article discusses the possibility of using information technologies in the forest industry, for example, the use of aerospace services, geographic information systems, as well as models of virtual enterprises that allow interactive, competent and timely decisions to increase the quality and accuracy...
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Proposals for the Application of Modern Biometric Methods and Systems for Carrying Out Control, Surveillance and Protection of Access to Data

D.Yu. Kryukova, Yu.V. Mokretsov, Yu.M. Avdeev, A.A. Tesalovsky, N.V. Anisimov, V.M. Lukashevich
The article discusses the application of modern biometric methods and systems for identifying persons, exercising control and supervision of the special contingent in correctional facilities. A brief description is given of personality recognition methods, the problems and the need for their use in the...
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Development of Information Analytical System for Quality Assessment of Human Capital in Digital Economy

T.V. Azarnova, Yu.V. Bondarenko, I.L. Kashirina, N.M. Shishkina
Over recent years both academic and business interest in investigating specific aspects of human capital has grown rapidly. The present paper is aimed at designing an information analytical system to assess quality of human capital. Theories and essential calculations are covered along with a practical...
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Modelling of the Employment Distribution in the System of Regional Enterprises in Digital Economy

T.V. Azarnova, Yu.V. Bondarenko, I.L. Kashirina, M.V. Polovinkina
The article studies mathematical models based on the kinetic equation of transfer. We apply these models to assess the dynamics of the employment distribution in the system of small and medium-sized regional enterprises in the digital economy, which is characterized by a shift of entrepreneurship towards...
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Analysis of Investment Activities When Introducing Digital Technologies at Small Non-Alcoholic Beer Enterprise

A.S. Mustafina, A.V. Lebedev, I.A. Bakin, M.M. Rusetskaya
Introduction of digital technologies in the production and management processes of food industry enterprises requires transformation of its management system. This transformation is required to implement digitalization functions and justify investment development. The production management system using...
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Digital Economy Development as a Prerequisite for Innovation Activities

T.G. Sviridova, K.V. Chekudaev, Y.M. Sokolinskaya, E.A. Kolesnichenko
The subject of the research is the study of prerequisites for the formation of a new technological basis for Russian economy. Russian economy faces the task of activating innovative factors, ensuring high dynamics of development and increasing the competitiveness of various business entities. To solve...
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Rationalization of Accounting (Financial) Statements of Land Assets in Agricultural Holdings of the Russian Federation

T.Y. Bobovnikova, T.M. Vorozheykina
The article examines the current state of accounting (financial) statements as an integral part of the information base on land assets of organizations, as well as provides theoretical justification for improving the formation and use of reporting indicators of agricultural holdings. Studying data on...
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The Problems and Strategies of Innovative Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

A.G. Boev, Y.P. Anisimov, A.A. Kolodyazhnaya, M.S. Lutsenko, E.B. Lubyanskaya, O.O. Shendrikova
This study identifies the topical issues of innovative transformation of the manufacturing industry in the Russian Federation. A structural and statistical analysis of the basic indicators of innovative development and the state of the technological base of Russian manufacturing industry is observed....
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Industrial Complex Transformation Trends in Digital Economy

A.G. Boev, Y.P. Anisimov, O.A. Kolodyazhnaya, V.A. Savvateev, M.A. Babakov, A.I. Safonova
The article considers the relevant trends and problems of the Russian manufacture transformation under the digital economic context. The feature of the digital economy is determined that is implied the wide use of information and communication technology (ICT) and digital transformation as enterprise...
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Digital Economy in Agribusiness

E.A. Bogomolova, Z.A. Bogdanova, T.I. Egorchenko, O.P. Klimenko
The article discusses the process of agriculture’ digitalization and a set of tools with which you can significantly reduce the load and increase the efficiency of digitalization. The innovative digital technologies of the 21st century conceal a tremendous potential for economic growth due to accuracy,...
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Mechanisms for Diversification Management of Russian Agro-Industrial Enterprises

I.P. Bogomolova, Yu.I. Slepokurova, I.N. Vasilenko, N.M. Shatohina, A.V. Bogomolov, O.A. Urazova
The important role in the performance of agricultural enterprises in the agro-industrial complex (AIC) of the Russian Federation managing is given to diversification mechanisms aimed at expanding the business profile and solving social problems of the industrial and agricultural technological chain....
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Economy Digitalization in Germany and Russia: Ethical Aspect

A.A. Borisova, A.V. Neshenko, E.N. Miroshnichenko, D.N. Borisov
The purpose of the work is a complex analysis of the ethical component of the digitalization process in Germany and Russia. As a result of the study, the following tasks were solved: the German economic model for the development of a digital society was presented and explained in the framework of the...
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Selection Models Synthesis Based on Expert Estimates Extrapolation

Y.V. Bugaev, S.V. Chikunov, B.E. Nikitin, M.N. Ivliev
The analysis of large-scale business projects is non-dominant alternatives. However, the options under consideration may be too large, and the decision-maker may not be able to apply any mechanism for selecting the best option to this set. Most of the existing decision support procedures involve the...
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Knowledge Based Capital in Digital Age

G.A. Bykovskaia, A.V. Babaeva, L.I Larina, W.D. Chernykh
The paper analyzes the socio-cultural changes that have occurred in the modern world. The trends and issues of digital society are investigated. The authors examine theoretical studies on the problems and prospects of development of world civilization. Having summarized the current views of researchers...
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Study of Spatial Differentiation of Human Capital in Russian Regions in the Context of Digital Economy Development

L.V. Oveshnikova, E.V. Sibirskaya, O.M. Pasynkova, L.N. Chaikovskaya, Yu.N. Duvanova
The authors consider the indicators of human capital development in the context of Russian regions to study the potential of digital economy. The content and form of manifestation of human capital in digital economy is revealed. The analysis of statistical data on the state of human capital in the development...
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Production Digitalisation in Medium IT-Companies: Through the Example of Order Book

M.V. Chalova, Z.V. Bragina
The paper describes a solution to a major challenge: development of methodological approaches to production digitalisation in medium-sized IT-companies by using the example of making an order book for IT-projects based on the resource approach and the value chain concept. The authors consider an IT-company...
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Digitalization of Infrastructural Provision for Agricultural Production

O.G. Charykova, Ju.V. Narolina, M.E. Otinova, E.V. Salnikova, N.Yu. Polunina
The subject of the study is the organizational and economic relations that arise in the process of digitalization of infrastructural provision for agricultural production. The aim of the work is the formation of theoretical and methodological provisions for the development of digitalization of infrastructural...
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Risk Assessment and Management of File Server Components in Production Activities

E.V. Chernyshova, Y.V. Strukov, V.V. Razgonyeva, V.A. Zelikov, E.A. Maklakova, A.A. Skrypnikov
The paper is devoted to mathematical modeling of the analysis of the survival of an automated information system in enterprises, namely the survival of a file server for production management. Based on the studies, a methodology was developed for constructing a survival analysis model for an automated...
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Optimization of Functioning of Crystallization Compartment in Sugar Production

S.N. Chernyaeva, L.A. Korobova, I.S. Tolstova, Yu.A. Safonova, I.E. Medvedkova, I.A. Matytsina
Agriculture is the main resource component of food processing enterprises. It is necessary to find lines of contact between industry and agriculture. Such a connection can be seen in the development of cross-cutting scientific and technological areas, which include diverse modeling, the use of advanced...
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Transformation Features of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation

A.V. Skrypnikov, V.G. Kozlov, V.V. Denisenko, R.S. Sapelkin, A.Y. Bunina, M.A. Zayceva
This scientific article is devoted to the analysis of the processes of formation of the conditions for the development of the digital economy in Russia, which are actively undertaken by the state and are obviously necessary for the digital transformation of business. The relevance of scientific research...
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Information Security as the Basis of Digital Economy

A.V. Skrypnikov, V.G. Kozlov, V.V. Denisenko, I. A. Saranov, E. D. Kuznecova, I. I. Savchenko
This scientific article is devoted to the analysis of ensuring the information security of an enterprise, as a basis for the functioning of a business in digital economy, as well as the improvement of its directions with the use of individual technologies and methods. The relevance of this scientific...
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Assessment of the Level of Digitalization of the Economy and Society in Russia

E. Dmitrieva
The subject of the paper is to study the development level of digitalization of the economy and society in Russia. The aim of the study is to review the available statistics in order to quantify the development level of digitalization of the economy and society of the country and determine its position...
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Reference Model as a Factor of Quality Improvement of Management Under Uncertainty

A.E. Emelyanov, V.K. Bityukov
The subject of the research is to study the improvement of the quality of the management process, which is inextricably linked with the digitalization of management activities. The purpose of this work is to develop a simulation model that includes a reference model of an object, which allows analyzing...
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Management of Formation of Human Capital in Digital Economy of the Region

I.G. Ershova, A.Yu. Karakulin, E.Yu. Yakimova, L.N. Guselnikova
The object of the study is the institutional and infrastructural environment for managing the formation and development of human capital in cooperation with the regional labor market in the context of digitalization. The subject of the study is the organizational and economic relations associated with...
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Object and Principles of Digital Policy Implementation

L.N. Shcherbakova, L.L. Zobova, E.K. Evdokimova, L.V. Kusurgasheva
The paper discusses digital policy as a qualitatively new stage of information policy. Digital policy is presented as a set of organizational measures based on the scientifically justified introduction of digital technologies into the economy. The paper presents the object of digital policy as a derivative...
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Modern Technologies for the Promotion of Goods and Services in Consumer Markets

T.B. Feiling, E.K. Torosyan
The article discusses how companies interact with target audiences when promoting goods and services in consumer markets based on effective approaches and technologies. Empirical and digital marketing contributes to the establishment of long-term relationships and strong relationships with consumers....
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Innovation Ecosystem Management Within the Framework of Digitalization

M.V. Filatova, N.V. Sirotkina, S.Yu. Nerozina, O.G. Stukalo, A.A. Slepokurova, K.A. Tsukanova
In order to achieve breakthrough innovation development, it is important to create a favourable innovation environment that will facilitate creating and commercialization of innovations into demanded market products in the economy and social sphere. However, in the context of digital transformation,...
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Innovative Forms of Sustainable Development of the Heat Supply Industry

N.M. Fomenko, D.A. Maksimova
The article substantiates the need to create a cluster space for the heat supply industry. The analysis identified a large degree of deterioration of fixed assets and the beginning of decentralization of the heat supply industry. The conclusion about the need to transform the management structure of...
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Application of Innovative Decision-Making Methods of Sustainable Development in Choosing Busineness Partners

N.M. Fomenko, D.G. Khukhlaev, O.F. Tsuverkalova
The article deals with methods of managing the process of choosing business partners in the conditions of sustainable development. It reviews and analyzes the existing systems of management of contractual activities of energy companies on the example of Rostov NPP. An analysis of contracts concluded...
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Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas Companies: Energy Transition

Yu. Daneeva, A. Glebova, O. Daneev, E Zvonova
The authors raise the issues of digitalization in the leading companies of oil and gas industry in terms of the energy transition. In addition, the paper also proposes policy recommendations for the low-carbon transition of oil and gas companies. The core concept of the company’s transition is a transition...
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Planning, Implementing and Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Advertising Campaign in Digital Environment (Through the Example of Telegram)

E.I. Makrinova, E.V. Matuzenko, I.I. Rozdolskaya, N.A. Odnoral, V.V. Grigorieva
Currently, social media are attracting more and more active users, therefore it is not surprising that almost every company has corporate accounts on VK, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. But due to the huge number of paid ads, posts, advertising campaigns and questionnaires aimed at increasing...
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Formation of System of Indicators for Assessing Threats to Economic Security of Enterprises Based on a Process Approach

A.I. Khorev, V.V. Grigorieva, N.V. Kondrashova, E.I. Makrinova, E.S. Pereverzeva
In conditions of a dynamically developing, highly competitive business environment for the functioning of the organization, issues of ensuring economic security remain relevant. The presence of numerous threats in the internal and external economic environment requires management to systematically monitor...
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Social Obligations of the State in Ensuring Economic Security of Russia

E.V. Gryaznova, A.G. Goncharuk, I.A. Treushnikov, A.A. Vladimirov, S.V. Pronina, S.V. Krygin
In the development of the information society, transformation processes are taking place in all areas of the economy. The economy of the leading countries of the world in the era of globalization and informatization is actively developing the digital economy sector. This leads to the fact that most of...
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Issue of Theory and Practice Discrepancy in Digital Economy Development

E.V. Gryaznova, A.G. Goncharuk, S.M. Maltseva, I.I. Borisova, S.V. Pronina, S.V. Bulganina
The concept of “digital” economy is becoming one of the most common terms used to refer to economic processes and activities in the economic sphere of the information society. However, its meaning is ambiguous. The scientific, economic and regulatory literature has developed different approaches to its...
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Development of Strategic Management Tools and Techniques of Enterprise Competitiveness in the Context of Digitalization

I.A. Gunina, M.I. Samogorodskaya, Yu.A. Savich, I.V. Kablashova, S.I. Voronin, К.S. Krivyakin
The effective strategic management of the competitiveness of domestic enterprises directly depends on the understanding of the development prospects, mission, and vision of the company’s future by top management and employees. Due to the modern conditions of a rapidly changing business environment, we...
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Improvement and Development of Human Resources of an Enterprise in the Context of the Digitalized Economy

I.A. Gunina, V.V. Reshetov, I.V. Logunova, V.U. Pestov, O.V. Dudareva, I.A. Kalashnikova
In this article, we consider the features of the development of human resources at the industrial enterprises of the region from the perspective of a systematic approach. The purpose of the article is to determine the role of human capital as the basis for the digitalization of key enterprise processes....
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Organization of the Information Flows in Company Management in the Context of Digitalization

D.N. Horoshilov, A.V. Krasnikova, O.V. Rybkina, E.P. Enina, N.S. Milovanova, S.E. Kranov
The article describes the structure of information flows in company management based on the development of innovative potential and in the context of digitalization. The scheme of moving the project groups of the company management system is presented. A matrix of managerial relationships between the...
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Cost Management to Realize the Innovative Potential of Food Production and Ensure Economic Security

V.A. Hvostikova, I.F. Elfimova, V.N. Rodionova, G.A. Lavrenova, I.A. Shishkin, S.N. Karuna
Reducing the cost of production makes it possible to sell at lower prices, which is one of the main factors in the growth of sales. In turn, the increase in sales determines the positive dynamics of the volume of production, which entails a decrease in specific fixed and variable costs. The costs increase...
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Digitalization of Innovative Process: Evolution and Problems

S.L. Igolkin, A.Yu. Zhilnikov, E.A. Gubertov, I.A. Provotorov
The main objective of work became studying the impact of digitalization on innovative process through identification of evolutionary changes and definition of the main problems. The research of two interconnected concepts characteristic of digital economy is conducted – digitization and digitalization....
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Resources for Innovative Development of the Region in the Context of Digital Economy

N.A. Serebryakova, E.D. Solomatina, N.V. Dorokhova, Yu.A. Salikov, M.I. Isaenko, L.Yu. Vitruk
The article is devoted to the solution of important national economic problem such as looking for options to increase the efficiency of resource support for the innovative development of regional ecosystems in the context of the digital economy. The concept of a regional innovation system has been clarified...
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On the Question of Ethics Evaluation in the Digital Economy

D.N. Jadranskii, E.V. Chumak, Sh.A. Gurganyan
This article focuses on the assessment of moral imperatives and ethics in a digital economy. The main goal of the article is to develop recommendations for authors aimed at creating the prerequisites for assessing the ethics of social practices in the digital economy. The main problem of the article...
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Application of Blockchain-Based technology for Smart Transport System

M.A. Katkova, V.N. Tregubov, N.V. Kapustina, A.A. Yussuf, N.V. Pilipchuk
The article discusses applications of the blockchain-based technology in a smart transport system (STS). We proposed to represent the urban transport system as a complex system with the interaction between some stakeholders, where each stakeholder has own purposes and opportunities and can resolve it...
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The Mechanism of Interaction of Virtual Companies with the Companies of Various Forms Manufacturing Technically Sophisticated Products

I.V. Kazmina, T.V. Schegoleva
The subject of this study is the organizational and economic relations arising in the process of interaction of virtual companies with the companies manufacturing technically sophisticated products. Using the research results, the mechanism of interaction of virtual companies with public and private...
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The Influence of Modern Information Technologies on the Efficiency of High-Tech Companies’ Performance

I.V. Kazmina, O.I. Muratova, T.V. Schegoleva, N.L. Volodina, S.A. Slinchuk
The subject of the study is the organizational and economic relations arising in the process of introducing current information technologies. The purpose of this article is to justify the need for the introduction of modern information technologies in the work of a high-tech company and to determine...
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Human Capital Management as an Intensive Resource for the Development of Digital Economy

E.V. Kharchenko, A.V. Shleenko, E.A. Okunkova, E.A. Alpeeva
The article presents the results of author’s research on the genesis of a system-based paradigm of human capital of innovative economy, as a research concept that implements and specifies a holistic approach to identifying patterns and cause-effect relationships within the human capital system of innovative...
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Assessment of Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Enterprise Economic Security Management System

O.V. Khoroshilova, N.V. Bokovaya, O.A. Kavyrshina, N.E. Novikova, E.S. Dedova, E.M. Timofeeva
The subject of the research is the enterprise economic security management system (EESMS). The aim of the work is the formation of a methodology for assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of EESMS. As a result of the study, the tasks of evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of EESMS are substantiated...
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Formation of Competence of a Specialist of Digital Economy

M.L. Khutornaya, A.N. Zlobin, A.A. Kurchenkov
The subject of the study is the invariants of professionalism needed by a specialist in the digital economy: self-awareness and stress tolerance. The incredible increase in the volume of information, the course of social processes in society, the state of the economy increases the requirements for a...
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Communicative Codes of Visual Nature for Business Communications

V.M. Kiselev, V.P. Meshalkin, T.P. Danko, O.G. Rakauskienė, S.V. Savinkov, V.R. Meshkov
The use of communication codes for efficiency communication programming (infogramming) is an innovative approach to soft support for management decisions. This approach was proposed by Richard H. Thaler and named Nudge. However, the author of this approach did not offer efficiency tools for the practical...
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Development Model of the Intellectual Property Management System

O.A. Kolodyazhnaya, A.A. Kolodyazhnaya, Y.P. Anisimov, E.V. Selutin, A.A. Osipov, D.V. Arakcheev
The study reflects current issues of the intellectual property management in the socio-economic systems, which are represented by a number of research organizations. It is proved that ensuring the competitiveness of socio-economic systems in the digital environment is possible only if the conditions...
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A person in the Digital Transformation of Tax Administration: Opportunities and Reality

D.L. Skipin, T.A. Koltsova, Yu.A. Yukhtanova, Yu.N. Ruf
The study focuses on the relation transformation in the digital economy between tax authorities and individuals using “Individual Taxpayer Personal Account” e-service of the Federal Tax Service (FTS). In this regard, on the basis of statistical data, the degree of the person’s integration into digitalization...
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Quality Management System in Medical Organizations as a Tool to Increase Human Satisfaction with Services

Yu.A. Yukhtanova, T.A. Koltsova, D.L. Skipin, R.Yu. Myshyakov
The study focuses on the correlation between the quality management system in medical organizations, the quality of medical services and human satisfaction with them. The decline in the medical aid quality and accessibility portrays itself as challenges and threats to the economic stability. The quality...
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Application of Cluster Analysis for Business Processes in the Implementation of Integrated Economic and Management Systems

L.A. Korobova, T.V. Gladkikh, E.A. Savvina, E.N. Kovaleva, O.O. Lukina, I.S. Tolstova
The use of logistic management methods at all levels of management arouses interest in world experience in providing economic recovery, solving crisis problems, and globalizing economic problems. Particular attention in logistics is paid to the principles of rational organization of the production process,...
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Issues of Online Training Development in Higher Education System in the Context of Economy Digitalization

S.V. Baryshnikov, L.V. Koval, T.A. Nekrasova, I.A. Purgaeva, V.P. Frolova
Digital economy growth stimulates the development of such innovative direction in higher education as online training. Online education provides students with access to the resources of the leading higher educational institutions of the country and helps them to individualize their study. At the same...
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Educational and Cultural Aspects of Digitalization of Economy

D.S. Saiko, I.E. Medvedkova, E.N. Kovaleva, A.V. Lemeshkin, S.N. Chernyaeva, I.A. Matytsina
The modern educational system has passed the active phase of computerization and informatisation. Humanity has entered to the era of digitalization. The information component in politics and economics is in the process of strengthening in the modern world. Digital economy is not only the foundation for...

RETRACTION: Resource-Saving in Food Production: Features, Principles, Perspectives

I.P. Bogomolova, E.S. Stryapchikh, E.I. Krivenko, V.V. Chernikov, Yu. N. Vorontsova, V. P. Frolova
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Resource-Saving in Food Production: Features, Principles, Perspectives

I.P. Bogomolova, E.S. Stryapchikh, E.I. Krivenko, Yu. N. Vorontsova, V.V. Chernikov, V. P. Frolova
The initiatives and business projects in the field of resource-saving and improvement of resource efficient use became particularly relevant and promising in modern economic conditions accompanied by rapid cost increase of various types of resources (raw materials, labor, production, intellectual, informational,...
Proceedings Article

Methodological Approach to Analysis of Business-organization Development Factors at Life Cycle Stages

N.N. Krivtsova, Y.A. Salikov, G.N. Strukov, I.A. Sukhareva
The subject of the study is the factors of business-organization development. The purpose was to form a methodological approach to the analysis of business-organization development factors at various stages of its life cycle. The article systematizes the problem of business-organization development at...
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Digitalizing Central Union of Consumer Cooperation as a Means of Improving Living Standards of Russian Rural Population

V.M. Kruchinina, S.M. Ryzhkova
In Russia an economy based on digital technologies has been created over the last years. Various technologies including both information and communication are becoming an element of national infrastructure. Consumer cooperation is also involved in this process as part of the country economic system....
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Guidelines of Digitalizing Waste Industry Infrastructure

L.N. Komyshova, E.A. Serebryakova, I.V. Kryuchkova, O.M. Belyantseva, E.P. Smorodina, M.A. Gunina
For many years, environmental legislation has been undergoing changes aimed to alter a waste management system. In this regard, one of the priority areas of the Voronezh region socio-economic development for the period until 2035 in the field of environmental protection and rational nature management...
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Impact of Digitalization on Construction of Competency Models of Managerial Personnel in Sector of Industry

Kh.Z. Ksenofontova, O.V. Emtseva, Kh.Z. Khayrova
The ongoing globalization processes have an impact on changes in socio-economic aspects and the company’s management system. Integration processes, innovative development of companies present new requirements for the knowledge and skills of managerial personnel. Industrial companies need defined competency...
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Digitalization in Healthcare and Telecommunication Support Systems in Medicine

I.I. Kukhtevich, V.V. Goryunova, T.I. Goryunova, P.S. Zhilyaev
Digital transformation and information integration provide operational management of information and communication processes in many industries. The use of digital and telemedicine technologies in healthcare is particularly important. The article presents the directions of development of telecommunication...
Proceedings Article

Medical Decision Support Systems and Semantic Technologies in Healthcare

I.I. Kukhtevich, V.V. Goryunova, T.I. Goryunova, P.S. Zhilyaev
The support system for making medical decisions is a dynamically developing knowledge base at the intersection of medical sciences, medical institutions, doctors, etc. The knowledge base should be replenished, as clinical cases, recommendations, and treatment algorithms are being improved. In addition,...
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Management of Innovative Business Processes of Enterprises

Yu.P. Anisimov, Yu.V. Zhuravlev, I.V. Kuksova, L.I. Balabanova
The article deals with the management of innovative business processes of enterprises, identifies problems of enterprise management that hinder or hinder business planning of innovative activities of enterprises. Modern economic conditions, both on a global and national scale, require the use of effective...
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The Influence of Economic Agents Expectations on the Formation and Transformation Mechanisms of Economy Institutional Systems Within the Paradigm of a Three-Level Hierarchy (Macro-Meso-Micro)

M.Y. Kussy, O. L. Korolyov
The paper is devoted to the determination of the epistemological paradigm of the analysis of institutional systems in the economy at the level of the micro-meso-macro hierarchy. The necessity of including the mesolevel in the hierarchy of the economic system is substantiated since the mesolevel has unique...
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Application of Comparative Analysis to the Development Concepts of Socio-Economic Mesosubjects

N.I. Kuzmenko, Y.A. Salikov, A.F. Beilina, L.M. Butova, T.V. Bakalova
Nowadays much attention is paid to the identification of the features of socio-economic development of the territory. The concept of “territory” is multidimensional and includes a number of meaningful approaches. One of these offers the introduction of macro -, meso, and microsubjects based on the use...
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Creation of Innovative Model of a Vertically Integrated Corporate Group with Regard to Optimality Properties

M.L. Lapshina, A.V. Starikov, A.A. Gribanov, A.A. Mescheryakova, S.V. Pisareva, S.V. Budkova
Currently, the positive aspect associated with the innovative advantages of financial and industrial corporate groups, due to the priority financing of all innovations within such a Corporation, deserves special attention. Previously, it was proved that the separation of the investor from the consumer...
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Optimal Investment Model for New Technology Project

M.L. Lapshina, V.E. Sukhova, N.A. Safonova
One of the most important directions in the study of the behavior of dynamic models in economy is the analysis of effective trajectories, i.e. the analysis of their common properties, not depending on the trajectory, but determined only by the dynamic model. This approach makes it possible to make long-term...
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Social and Labour Challenges of Regional Economic Development

A.I. Khorev, T.I. Ovchinnikova, G.V. Belyaeva, I.N. Bulgakova, E.V. Lebedeva
The article considers social and employee relations i.e. relations between employees and groups of employees in an organisation which aim at managing the quality of work life. The study determines the conditions which lead to the growing number of defaulting enterprises, the increase in the unemployment...
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Study of Corporative Knowledge Administration in the System of Business Continuity Management

L.B. Likhacheva, L.I. Nazina, Y.P. Zemskov, E.V. Matveeva
In modern conditions of the economic formation there is a necessity of transforming the intellectual knowledge to the corporative knowledge – a system of accumulation and transmission of technological, production, organizational, functional, business and other information with the aim of the company’s...
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Modernization of Quality Management System in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of Enterprise

I.V. Logunova, Y.A. Salikov, I.V. Kablashova, S.V. Amelin, E.P. Enina
The subject of the study is – changing the conditions of functioning of the quality management system in the conditions of digital transformation of the enterprise management system. The purpose of the study is to develop methodological provisions for the modernization of the quality management system....
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Cryptocurrencies in the Global Financial System: Problems and Ways to Overcome them

A.G. Luchkin, O.L. Lukasheva, N.E. Novikova, V.A. Melnikov, A.V. Zyatkova, E.V. Yarotskaya
The subject of the study is cryptocurrencies from the perspective of the possibility of using them as a means of payment in the context of economy digitalization. The aim of the work is to assess the possible consequences of the further spread of cryptocurrency in the global financial system and to find...
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Institutional Model of Development of Formula-Feed Mini-Enterprises in the Russian Federation

D.S. Savostin, M.D. Magomedov, V.V. Stroev, O.V. Karabanova, E.Yu. Kulomzina
The article assesses the state of milk and meat production in Russia. The authors show the current state of mixed feed production in the country. The advantages of formula-feed mini-enterprises are considered. The authors propose the main directions of increasing the efficiency of formula-feed mini-enterprises....
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Comparative Assessment of Quality and Life Standards in Russia and Abroad

L.T. Pechenaya, M.D. Magomedov, V.V. Stroev, O.V. Karabanova, I.E. Domarev
“Quality of living” and “standard of living” are closely connected social-economic categories largely which determine the social-economic efficiency and development of any country. The purpose of the study was to assess the quality of living of the population of Russia and identify ways to improve it....
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Analysis of Factors of Entrepreneurial Environment Formation of Small Business in the Republic of Crimea

Yu.P. Maidanevych, G.N. Rotanov
Environmental factors that form the business environment of the region and determine the development of small business in the Republic of Crimea are systematized and characterized. The factors inhibiting the development of small business in the region are identified. The strengths and weaknesses of the...
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Subregional Development as the Basis of Economic Growth of Russia

E.S. Markova, L.A. Zageeva
The subject of the research is the tools of sub-regional development that are implemented in the Lipetsk region and ensuring its investment potential. The purpose of the work is to show the practical importance of sub-regional development for ensuring high rates of economic growth in the conditions of...
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Quality Improvement of Public Service of Automobile Transport: Economic Evaluation Method

A.B. Martynushkin, V.S. Konkina
Analyzing the scientific literature in the field of methodology for evaluating the efficiency of passenger transport by road, it should be noted that the categories of efficiency in social and economic terms are interpreted ambiguously and require a certain compilation. Cost-effective offers are not...
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Cognitive Modeling of the Diversified Rural Economy Development in the Context of Digitalization

V.G. Zakshevskii, I.N. Merenkova, I.I. Novikova, E.S. Kusmagambetova, Z.V. Gavrilova, E.A. Parkhomov
Currently, Russia’s economy is undergoing a global transformation caused by digital technologies. The changes taking place contribute not only to favorable changes, but also entail the emergence of a number of potential risks and adverse consequences. Considering the most negative impact it has been...
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Innovating Capital of a Region as an Indicator of Innovation Development: Concept, Structure, Locus

G.S. Merzlikina
This article reveals that most of the indicators used to assess the results of innovation activities (special indexes) are based on structured groups of standard indicators of innovation activity (groups of indicators combining innovation factors, activities of firms and innovation results: EU, Russia),...
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Methodological and Analytical Preconditions to Provide a Mechanism for Economic Security of Business Entities

V.S. Mikhailiuk
In the conditions of dynamic growth of interest in theoretical and practical issues of economic security, systematization and development of the methodological apparatus for ensuring the economic security of an enterprise, according to the authors, is one of their priority tasks in this field of scientific...
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Sources of Stimulation of Investment Activity in Russia for the Transition to a New Stage of Technology

I.V. Minakova, O.I. Solodukhina, T.N. Bukreeva, A.A. Golovin, A.A. Baroyan
Innovation is a major factor in market competition, which allows companies to earn extra profits through intellectual rent generated by the exclusive use of more efficient technologies. The purpose of the research is to study the resource support for investments in technology modernization of the Russian...
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Assessment of Learning Outcomes in the University Quality Management System

L.I. Nazina, N.L. Kleymenova, O.S. Nikulcheva, A.N. Pegina, O.V. Pribytkova, G.N. Egorova
The main criterion for increasing the competitiveness of educational institutions in the educational services market is the high level of training of graduates. In the context of the competency-based approach used to form a new model of graduates, their preparation for professional activity is important....
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Tax Management in Economic Entities of Agricultural Sector

L.A. Reshetnyak, O.I. Zolotareva, I.A. Demesheva, S.N. Zolotarev, E.A. Bazovkina
The subject of the research is taxation systems applied in agricultural organizations. The aim of the research is the choice of tax management tools at the enterprise, which allow reducing the tax burden and increasing organization financial results. The article describes the problem of tax payments...
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Actualization of Ways to Introduce Russian Education into Digital Economy Realities

A.M. Slinkov, O.K. Slinkova, E.V. Vishnevskaya, E.V. Nezhelchenko, S.N. Yasenok, Yu.I. Zdorovets
The object of research is the process of transformation of economy, due to the development of digital technologies. The subject of research is the Russian education as a key social institution of formation and development of digital competence. The purpose is to study trends of modernization of Russian...
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Aggregated Rating Construction as a Collective Choice Problem

B.E. Nikitin, M.N. Ivliev, Y.V. Bugaev, E.N. Kovaleva, S.V. Chikunov, V.A. Negoda
The article deals with the issues of national aggregated ranking (NAR) of higher education institutions. This case is formulated as a collective choice problem. It is proposed to use voting procedures in small groups that meet the Condorcet principle as aggregation method. The paper applies collective...
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Development of Decision Support System for Quality Management of University Education

O.S. Nikulcheva, L.I. Nazina, I.A. Khaustov, S.G. Tikhomirov
The subject of the study is the process of studying at University. The purpose of the research is the development of an information system, which could record all the events related to the process of obtaining education for a particular student at all its stages. The article describes the main information...
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Indication of Use Level Technical Component of Economic Activity in Processing Organizations

A.I. Khorev, G.V. Belyaeva, R.V. Nuzhdin, N.I. Ponomareva, M.M. Pukhova
Digitalization of economy is associated with the acceleration of business processes, the adoption of effective management decisions, the development of which is based on information about the state and use of the main components of economic activity, including technical. Traditional approaches to the...
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Innovation-Oriented Way in Regional Economic Development

T.I. Ovchinnikova, I.A. Davydenko, E.V. Gorkovenko, I.V. Platonova, T.V. Elagina
The article deals with the features of innovation-oriented development of regional economies. It leads to the appearance of preferences in the economy and society formation. Regional development creates the basis for growth of economic potential in the sphere of entrepreneurship development, optimization...
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Digitalization as an Aid and Hindrance to Knowledge Management

N.S. Zimova, E.G. Ksenofontova
Management and control depends on information in all areas. Therefore, the increasing capabilities of the information technology increase management potential. Trying to rely on the knowledge of all employees of the organization, top managers often care about collecting, exchanging and digitizing a large...
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Aggregate Index of Institutional Trust in Financial Institutions as a Method of Assessing the Development of the Russian Economy Institutional Environment

S.E. Zhelaeva, A.B. Ayurzanain, O.A. Darmaeva
The article presents the analysis of trends in the development of the institutional environment of the economy of the Russian Federation. The article calculates the level of institutional deformation in the economy of the Russian Federation, which showed significant changes during the analyzed period...
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Digital Technologies as Tools for Managing the Regional Health System

T.N. Petrova, A.Yu. Goncharov, T.M. Zolotykh, A.G. Deryaeva, N.A. Koval, A.A. Burdantseva
Actual issues of digitalization of the health care sphere are stated in the article. The authors analyze the stages of informatization and the appearance of new digital technologies in medicine. Based on economic, static and meaningful research methods, the main advantages and limitations of using digital...
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Foreign Trade Aspects of Economy Security in the Context of Russia’s WTO Membership

I.M. Podmolodina, V.P. Voronin, O.Yu. Kolomytseva, E.Yu. Kolesnikova
The article is devoted to the identification of problems of Russia as a WTO member, related to its foreign trade activities, the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of this membership and their impact on the foreign trade aspects of ensuring economic and economic security of the country and...
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Socio-Economic Aspects of Digitalizing the Diagnostic Process in Urology

I.V. Zinchenko, S.V. Popov, L.A. Titova, I.V. Popov
This article highlights socially significant issues of organization and digitalization of the regional system of medical urological care in Russia, which determine its diagnostic and economic efficiency. The questions of the organization of the regional system of medical urological care in Russia are...
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Digital Resources: New Management Object

I.M. Pozharitskaya, O.P. Klimenko
Digitalization and transformation of business processes inevitably leads to the development of management methodology under the influence of digital technologies. Resource management of business entity requires a review of both its classification and tools. The subject of research is digital resources...