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Design and Research of High Speed Unbalance Undetection Device for Tiny Impeller

Zhang Xiaofen,, Bai Yu
A dynamic balance detection device with high transmission efficiency and expand-ability and a replaceable chuck step shaft as the rotating shaft is designed. It can be applied to the high-speed unbalance detection of micro impellers, which can eliminate transmission errors and prevent rotor turbulence....
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Decision Support System: A Prototype for Determining Rice Price Based on Its Quality Measurement

Rizka Hadiwiyanti, Prisa Marga Kusumantara, Dedi Anugrah, Tri Lathif MS
Quality measurement of rice is an important and necessary activity before it is sold to market. By distinguishing its quality, pricing will also be suitable by the physical characteristics of rice delivered by farmers. This paper proposed a prototype of DSS application to assist intermediaries in determining...
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Design of Large-scale Platform Detection System Based on Distributed Wireless Communication Technology

Peng Li, Dengpei Ji, Hao Liu, Wenli Xu
Aiming at the problem that the traditional detection device can not avoid obstacles and easily collides with the equipment on the platform during the detection of the large-scale ultra-flat support platform, a detection scheme of large-scale ultra-flat support platform based on distributed wireless communication...
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Afrin Fauzya Rizana, Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto
Scholarship refers to a program provided by organization that is given to students to relieve the tuition fee. There are several criteria and requirements that have to be fulfilled to get the scholarship. In practice, all the requirements will be checked manually for each applicant to determine who deserves...
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Techno-economic Evaluation Of A Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage To Support Integration Of Wind Generation On El Hierro

Eva Schischke, Annedore Kanngießer, Markus Hadam, Marcus Budt
In order to reduce the dependence on fuel imports as well as CO2-emissions, islands are switching from diesel to renewable generation. Energy storage systems are used to avoid curtailment of the renewable generation as well as to reduce cycling of the diesel generator. This paper evaluates the operation...
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Load Forecasting in District Heating Systems Using Stacked Ensembles of Machine Learning Algorithms

Till Faber, Matthias Finkenrath
For district heating, heat demand forecasting is playing a key role for an optimised power plant dispatch. Machine Learning can help to significantly improve forecasts of thermal loads. The prediction quality of neural networks is higher than that of decision trees in most cases. However, compared to...
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Characterization of Blending Composition Variations in Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Biofuels With Diesel to Biodiesel

Yusabri, Muhammad Yerizam, Aida Syarif
The increase in national fuel consumption has an impact on the decline in fossil energy reserves. Therefore, one of the solutions to overcome this problem is to look for alternative fuels, such as biosolar or biodiesel. This biodiesel is environmentally friendly, has no effect on health, can be used...
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Prototype of Voice Commanded University Executive Business Intelligence Assistant (BELA)

Mohamad Irwan Afandi, Eka Dyar Wahyuni
Higher education institutions have already started implementing business intelligence application in order to support university executives to make better decisions. Normally, an application is operated using a mouse, keyboard, or touch-screen device which in some cases is not suitable for the users....
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Dicky Faisal Dramar, Farid Wira Darmawan, Audira Zuraida, Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Ika Arum Puspita
In an effort to make road improvements effective and efficient in Bandung Regency, the Public Works Service performed road repairs based on the most damaged areas. In the implementation there is a problem of limited information possessed by the Office of Public Works Bandung Regency so that road improvements...
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Use of Pressurized Oxidation of Cu2O as a Means of Improving the Performance of Redox Based Thermochemical Energy Storage Systems

Sike Wu, Cheng Zhou, Behdad Moghtaderi
CuO/Cu2O is a promising redox pair for thermochemical energy storage. This is primarily because of its suitable reaction temperature, high reaction enthalpy, high oxygen-carrying capacity, wide availability, and competitive cost. In this study, the influence of pressurized oxidation on a pure CuO/Cu2O-based...
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Research on Minimum Length Calculation of Skid-Mounted Small-Diameter Pipe Weight Bar

Xue Jijun
The drainage gas recovery operation with small-diameter continuous pipes is applicable to the one in natural gas well with low pressure, low production and low water content. Its advantages exhibit as the following: 1) high efficiency on continuous running of pipe string under pressure; 2) production...
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Research of Hydrogen Concentration Measurement in Containment Vessel of Nuclear Power Plant

Jiang Fu, Shengzhi Liu, Weiwei Pan, Xiqing Hu
The integrating sphere gas chamber is selected as the core of the detection system, and a new algorithm is used to calculate hydrogen gas concentration. LED light source is selected as the detection system light source, and LED source wavelength is processed by fiber grating and piezoelectric ceramic,...
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Processing Plastic Waste HDPE and PP on Pyrolysis Temperature Using Cu-Al2O3 Catalyst Into an Alternative Liquid Fuel

Pamilia Coniwanti, Fitri Hadiah, David Bahrin, Liza Novriani, Gracia Mei Lie Justina, Robinsyah
The crisis of energy reserves in Indonesia, especially in petroleum and high plastic waste usage, causes a very worrying problem in Indonesia. One way to overcome this problem is to process plastic waste into alternative liquid fuels. This study aims to determine the effect of temperature and the effect...
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Unsupervised Image Segmentation Algorithm using Superpixel and Cosine Similarity

Wahyu S J Saputra, C Aji Putra, Yisti Vita Via
In computer vision, image segmentation is a process of dividing image to get several segments of image. Image segmentation aim to divide image into simple section that meaningful and easy to analyze. Image segmentation regularly use to locate boundary of object in image, so object in image can analyzed....
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Design of Intelligent Monitoring System for Power Distribution Equipment Based on Cloud Edge Collaborative Computing

Xu Erbao, LI Yan, Yang Mingshun, Chen Xi
With the development of sensor technology, when facing the explosive growth of large power data, the existing data acquisition and monitoring system (SCADA) is increasingly inadequate in data processing ability and lack of intelligence. In this paper, a novel intelligent monitoring system for power distribution...
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Kristoforus Maximinus Krisnabayu Tandra Widyatama, Ika Arum Puspita, Mumu Natapriatna
Along with the change of strategic system in the government that changed the scheme of contracts for oil and gas product from Cost Recovery to Gross Split in the oil and gas company like Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ), the company is required to be more effective and efficient...
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Common battery storage for an area with residential houses

Eberhard Waffenschmidt, Till Paulzen, Alexander Stankiewicz
In this publication the technical benefits of a mutual battery storage compared to a solution with three individual battery storages is investigated. This has been done in the context of the EU funded project “GrowSmarter” in collaboration with Rheinenergie in the living area Stegerwaldsiedlung in Cologne....
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The Purification of Biogas with Monoethanolamine (MEA) Solution Based on Biogas Flow Rate

Yohandri Bow, Leila Kalsum, Abu Hasan, A. Husaini, Rusdianasari
Biomass is a plant material which is quite abundant in Indonesia. Utilization is also currently undergoing development. One of the uses for biomass is conversion to biogas. Biogas is a renewable energy source that can be used as a substitute for fossil energy. Biogas can be produced by utilizing organic...
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A New Fabric Defect Detection Model based on Summed-up Distance Matching Function and Gabor Filter Bank

Yihong Zhang, Xin Ruan, Shijie Pan, Lifeng Shi, Bao Zong
Focusing on the problem of low efficiency and high mistake rate for manual detection of fabric with periodic textures, a new fabric defect detection model based on summed-up distance matching function and optimal Gabor filter bank is proposed. Firstly, the frequency and scale parameters of the filter...
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Experimental Research on On-line Monitoring and Compensation Algorithm of 3D Printing Based on Machine Vision

Zeng Lianghua, Zou Xinfeng
With the coming of the era of intelligence, machine vision and machine learning has become a research hotspot in recent years[1]. As an advanced manufacturing technology at present, 3D printing has been maturely applied in aerospace, bio-medicine and other fields[2]. However, a defect such as extruder...
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Optimization of Student Interest Selection Using Artificial Neural Network and Rete Network

M. Syahrul Munir, Eva Y Puspaningrum, Dimas Eko Wicaksono
The need for a prospective student to know the interest of the field of study at the college according to his intelligence becomes one of the complex problems. The selection of the right field of study makes the prospective students more enthusiastic to attend college and graduate on time. Therefore...
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Development of Phase Change Materials Based on Mixtures of Salt Hydrates Through Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Investigation

Christoph Rathgeber, Henri Schmit, Stefan Hiebler, Peter Hoock
Latent heat storage using phase change materials (PCM) provides thermal energy storage systems with high storage capacities in small temperature ranges. Most of the PCM used in applications undergo a phase change from solid to liquid and vice versa storing heat in repeated melting and crystallization...
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Studies on Agricultural Development Based on Optimized Combination Forecasting and Markov Model

Zhang Yuting
Taking Shunde District, China as an example, we analyze the development of agriculture using the optimal combination of the grey system forecasting model, linear regression model, and polynomial regression model. The results show that the optimized combination forecasting model has feasibility and practicability,...
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Continuous Feed Roller Grinder Design and Its Finite Element Analysis Based on Solid Works

Wan Hongqiang, Liu Zhihao, Han Quanli, Sun Zhengyang
After the workpiece is processed, the barrel mill is widely used as a burr removal device. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of burr removal and enhance the polishing effect on the surface of the workpiece, the conventional roller grinder is improved in design, and the continuous batch grinding...
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Business Models and Grid Impact of Energy Storages and Controllable Loads for PV-Self-Consumption at Prosumer Level

Basem Idlbi, David Stakic, Matthias Casel, Dietmar Graeber, Gerd Heilscher, Martin Fiedler
Many countries are experiencing rapidly increasing distributed generation (DG) of renewable energy sources (RES). Electricity self-consumption is currently replacing feed-in-tariffs (FIT) as one main driver of this development. A prosumer, who is a consumer and producer of energy through his own DG,...
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Filtration and Electrocoagulation as a Combined Process for Electroplating Wastewater

Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Adi Syakdani, Muhammad Taufik
Electroplating is a method of using electrolyte solutions to cover solid materials with metal layers. The strong metal waste from the electroplating process is contained in B3 waste (Hazardous Toxic Materials). One of the methods for electroplating is by combining filtration and electrocoagulation methods....
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The Robust Regression Performance for Face Recognition with Lighting Condition Variation of Training Data

Budi Nugroho, Anny Yuniarti
In this research, the Robust Regression method used for face recognition tested its performance with illumination variations on the training dataset. Experiments were carried out using Cropped Yale Face Database B. By using this standard face database, generally the data for the training process used...
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Information System Planning for Emerging Start-Up Company: A Case from Software House

Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Wawan Tripiawan, Afrin Fauzya Rizana, Amelia Kurniawati, Fadillah Ramadhan
The use of IS believed to bring positive impact on the productivity and competitiveness of the organization. Most organizations in all sectors of industries, commerce, and government become fundamentally dependent on the use of information system especially startup companies. Start-up companies are considered...
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A Decision-Making Tool Based Analysis of Onboard Electricity Storage

Egemen Sulukan, Alperen Sarı, Doğuş Özkan, Tanay Sıdkı Uyar
Energy has been used in maritime transportation, while fossil fuels began to be used more extensively since the industrial revolution to carry more products and obtain higher propulsion power. However; climate change appeared as one of the striking problem areas around the globe, where the scale and...
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Research on Personalized Recommendation of Magnetic Material Retrieval Based on Knowledge Mapping

Li Lei, Bai Yu
Since the concept of knowledge map was introduced, the internet has gradually changed from hyperlink between web pages to describing the association between entities.Knowledge map is mainly used in personalized recommendation and other fields. It can provide users with knowledge nodes and links between...
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Research on the Influence of Unclosed Residential Community on the Surrounding Road Network

Yujun Deng, Xiaoning Zhu
In this study, in order to analyze the influence of unclosed residential community on the surrounding road network, a method of road network capacity evaluation was proposed, and the model of traffic flow distribution was constructed to quantitatively describe the vehicle route selection in the road...
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IoT-based Intelligent Fishcarelab System (IFS) for Koi Fish Monitoring System

Minto Waluyo, Basuki Rahmat, Tuhu Agung Rachmanto, Mohamad Irwan Afandi, Helmy Widyantara, Harianto Harianto
Internet of Things (IoT) allows connections between devices using an internet connection with the ability to collect and exchange data. This research utilizes the IoT network to monitor the growth of koi fish in the pond. By utilizing the NodeMCU microcontroller, temperature and pH sensors, the sensor...
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Study of Temperature and Use of Catalysts in the Pyrolysis of LDPE Plastic Waste on the Quantity of Oil Fuel Products Produced

Novarini, Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Sigit Kurniawan
Low Density Poly Ethylene (LPDE) plastic waste has no sale value, buried in a landfill. The plastic itself cannot be broken down by microorganisms in the soil, so that people destroy it through incineration. Incineration plastics produce NOx, COx, SOx, particulates, dioxins, furans, and smoke, which...
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Flash-aware Clustered Index for Mobile Databases

Wojciech Macyna, Michal Kukowski
Flash memory become the very popular storage technology. Recently, it may be treated as a main storage memory in mobile devices, PDA and personal computers. However, the architecture based on flash memory has some limitations. They suffer from poor write performance, as the flash blocks must be erased...
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Electricity Storage With a Solid Bed High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage System (HTTES) - A Methodical Approach to Improve the Pumped Thermal Grid Storage Concept

Günter Schneider, Hartmut Maier, Jonas Häcker, Simeon Siegele
High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (HTTES) systems offer a wide range of possible applications. Since electrical batteries such as Li-ion batteries suffer degradation and since complete battery-systems are expected not to fall to low cost levels (IEA-WEO report 2018 [1]) until 2040, it becomes economically...
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A Fuzzy Clustering Mathematical Model for Sub-assemblies Based on Game Theory

Kou Xiaoxi, Cao Yan, Qiao Hu, Wu Yujia
Taking sub-assembly recognition problem as the research object and combining with the mathematical model of sub-assembly recognition algorithm, this paper analyzes the similarity and corresponding mapping between the objective function problem of sub-assembly recognition and the game problem. The object...
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The disassembly line balancing problem of type II

Wang Shuwei, Guo Xiuping, Liu Jia
Product disassembly is a vital stage for industrial recycling and remanufacturing which generates the desired parts/subassemblies by means of separation of a product into its elements. After disassembly, reusable parts/subassemblies are cleaned, refurbished, tested and directed to the part/subassembly...
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CNN and SVM Based Classifier Comparation to Detect Lung Nodule In Computed Tomography Images

I Wayan Budi Sentana, Sri Andriati Asri, Naser Jawas, Anggun Esti Wardani
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) are biologically-inspired variants of Multiple Layer Perceptron (MLPs). Meanwhile, support vector machines (SVMs) are supervised learning models with associated learning algorithms that analyze data used for classification and regression analysis. In some research...
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Heat pump and thermal storage sizing with time-of-use electricity pricing

Andrew Lyden, Paul Tuohy
Heat pump and thermal storage sizing studies require modelling to ensure capital and operational costs are minimised. Modelling should consider added flexibility, e.g. grid services, sector coupling benefits, e.g. utilising excess wind production, and access to electricity markets, e.g. time-of-use tariffs....
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Titanium Dioxide Soaking Time Effects on DSSC Powers and Efficiency

Rika Musiana, Abu Hasan, RD Kusumanto
The purpose of this study was to study the power and efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) using extracts of yellow sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) with variations in the soaking time of Titanium Dioxide paste (TiO2) in dye and light intensity. This research used descriptive method with several...
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Latent Dirichlet Allocation Modeling for CPS Patent Topic Discovery

Usharani Hareesh Govindarajan, Amy J.C. Trappey, Gopal Kumar
Industry 4.0 is an organized framework to infuse the latest technology in the manufacturing sector. The inclusion of next-generation technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence approaches increases productivity and manufacturing output in today’s...
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Research on Optimization Method of Facilities Arrangement Based on Backtracking Search Algorithm

Wei Fengtao, Zhang Yangyang, Shi Yunpeng, LI Junyu
Aiming at the shortcomings such as large amount of manual calculation and subjective factors of designer in the system layout design commonly used in facility layout design. A method of facility layout optimization based on backtracking search algorithm is proposed. The paper takes a library in university...
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Single-Machine Scheduling with Piece-Rate Maintenance, Interval Constrained Processing Times and Rejection Penalties

Lei Jin, Xianyu Yu, Zhuojia Dong
This paper investigates single-machine scheduling problems with piece-rate machine maintenance and rejection penalties, where the actual job processing time is required to be in the given time interval otherwise the extra penalty should be paid. Each job should be decided to be scheduled or rejected,...
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Investigation of Thermal Behavior of Paraffins, Fatty Acids, Salt Hydrates and Renewable Based Oils as PCM

Evdoxia Paroutoglou, Alireza Afshari, Peter Fojan, Göran Hultmark
Latent heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) using phase change materials (PCM) is a renewable energy solution that is applicable for implementation in space cooling due to its high energy storage density. A novel thermal energy storage which will encapsulate a PCM layer to absorb the rejected heat from...
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Hydrolysis of Glucose from Bamboo with Micro Controller PID type Arduino UNO and Fuzzy Method

Ni Ketut Sari, Dira Ernawati, Intan Yuniar Purbasari, Basuki Rahmat
Glucose needs each year has increased significantly while glucose production has decreased, this is because supplies of the raw materials limited, where bamboo is one of the raw material alternatives to glucose. The selection of bamboo plants based on levels of cellulose which ranges from 42.4%-53.6%,...
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Effect of Feed Composition and Product Quantity of Co-Processing Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO)

Juarsa, Aida Syarif, Leila Kalsum
The research on Co-Processing Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO) was conducted to examine the Effect of Feed Composition and Product Quantity. It is to provide the competitive renewable fuels in accordance with the government programs to promote Renewable Energy (RE) by utilizing the processing...
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Experimental Study on the Inner Wall Ring Groove of 1J116 Soft Magnetic Alloy Based on Electrochemical Machining

Bian Jianxiao, Ma Baoji, Ai Haihong, Qi Lijun
In this study, electrochemical processing was introduced into the inner wall ring groove of 1J116 soft magnetic alloy to obtain higher processing precision. A single factor experimental study was carried out for the processing and forming laws and mechanisms. The effects of pulse voltage, duty cycle,...
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Self-Adaptive Cybersecurity System

Aradea Aradea, Iping Supriana, Kridanto Surendro, Husni Mubarok, Irfan Darmawan
Complexity of cyberspace environment nowadays, arouse security vulnerabilities for all owned assets. Appropriate way out or solution for every obstacle in a case like this is a must for ICT role. However, user trust for ICT usage raises concerns. Cyberspace environment is caused by rapid increase in...
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Improved Multiuser MIMO Block Diagonalization

Yutao Li, Feng Li, Qingrui Guo, Xuerang Guo, Lin Ma, Bin Wang, Shuqi Qiu
This paper analyzes the status quo of the precoding algorithm, and puts forward a power allocation mode called SINR, which has low computation complexity in the precoding relative to the water-filling power allocation. This algorithm obtains the precoding matrix by SVD singular value decomposition and...
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Making Bioetanol from Glucose Off Grade With Fermentation Process Using Fermiol

Ni Ketut Sari, Khurniawati Khurniawati, Uman Fathoni, Widi Wurjani
Fermentation can be defined as a process of anaerobic oxidation of carbohydrate which produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Batch fermentation is fermentation system closed, where there is no addition of new media, there are no additions (O2), antifoam, acid/alkaline pH control is done in a way. the fermentation...
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Demonstration of German Energy Transition in Zwickau (ZED) - Presentation of Concept

Dimitri Nefodov, Shengqing Xiao, Thorsten Urbaneck
This paper discusses the general conception of a local district heating system for the implementation of a zero-emission quarter in Zwickau (living lab). The heat supply is to be provided by regenerative energy sources. For this purpose, solar thermal collectors, seasonal thermal energy stores, an electrical...
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Distribution System Planning with Battery Storage using Multiperiod Optimal Power Flow

Jaap Pedersen, Birgit Schachler, Anya Heider, Guido Pleßmann
The ongoing energy transition introduces new challenges for distribution networks and brings about the need to expand existing power grid capacities. In order to contain network expansion and with it economic costs, utilization of various flexibility options to reduce expansion needs is discussed. This...
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Tofu Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Electrocoagulation Method

Ibnu Hajar, Fadarina, Mustain Zamhari, Selastia Yuliati
Tofu waste liquid contains high levels of organic impurities, such as protein and amino acids. These organic compounds cause the tofu industrial wastewater to contain high biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), pH and total suspended solid (TSS) which can pollute the environment....
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DLADRC Controller Parameter Tuning Based on IPSO Algorithm for Quadrotor

Yao Boyu, Lu Ping, Yang Seng, Ji Jinjian
ADRC controller has the advantages of simple structure, high precision and strong robustness, which can estimate and compensate the uncertainties and disturbances online. However, in practical application, it is found that the controller contains too many parameters, and the range and tuning direction...
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Design and efficiency analysis of biogas engineering for the mixture of kitchen waste and garden waste

Man Zhou, Lihao Deng, Han Li, Zhiyong Zou
In view of the characteristics of food waste, large volume and constant output in universities, taking a Chinese University as an example, we explored the centralized mode of kitchen waste biogas disposal in universities. The anaerobic fermentation technology is the core of the design, and the "canteen...
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Self-Adaptive Load Balancing System for Grid Computing

Irfan Darmawan, Aradea Aradea
Load balancing is a necessary way of a computer network infrastructure services, with the aim of balancing of computing resources to achieve optimal load processing time. When this has been many methods that can be used for load balancing techniques, namely by adjusting the load on the computing resources...
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Optimization of Slice Thickness, Drying Method, and Temperature of Turmeric Rhizome (Curcuma Longa L.) Based on Water Content and Functional Compound Degradation

Pirim Setiarso, Nita Kusumawati, Rusijono Rusijono, Supari Muslim
The research of oven-based drying technology on the production process of turmeric rhizome (Curcuma Longa L.) with thickness 0.15 and 0.30 cm have been. A number of parameters, such as slicing thickness, drying methods and temperatures are optimized, to achieve water and functional compounds (essential...
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Experimental Study on Methane Yield influenced by Biogas Project Fermentation Temperature

Man Zhou, Luyao Guo, Siqi Liu, Zhiyong Zou
We tried to understand the differences in the biogas production characteristics of anaerobic sludge digestion at moderate and high temperature. Based on the three-stage theory of anaerobic fermentation, using cellulose, glucose and acetate as substrates, this study compared and analyzed the methanogenic...
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Effect of Temperature on Biofuels Production With Catalytic Cracking Process

KA Ridwan, M Anerasari, Taufik Jauhari, Ida Febriana
Biofuel is an alternative fuel that can be produced with organic resources such as vegetable oil and animal fat. One of the items that can be converted into biofuels is waste cooking oil. Waste cooking oil has a long hydrocarbon chain that allows it to be cracked. Biofuels are produced by catalytic cracking...
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Maximum Power Extraction and Pitch Angle Control for Offshore Wind Turbine with Open-Loop Hydraulic Transmission

Fan YaJun, Mu AnLe
This paper aims to extract optimal power from a hydraulic floating wind turbine using torque control and pitch control. When wind speed is below rated value, a nonlinear fuzzy controller is designed to capture maximum wind energy through regulating the displacement of hydraulic pump fixed in nacelle....
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A Comparison of Naïve Bayes and Bayesian Network on The Classification of Hijaiyah Pronunciation with Punctuation Letters

Adiwijaya Adiwijaya, Annisa Riyani, Mohamad Syahrul Mubarok
Arabic is a unique language because it really concerns in makhraj (the way of sound is made) that differentiate letters and words. The difference in pronouncing letters and words make the meaning of those words different, because pronunciation in Qur’an letters really concern in harakat (the length of...
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Developing and Stabilizing Salt-Hydrate Composites as Thermal Storage Materials

Gayaneh Issayan, Bernhard Zettl, Walter Somitsch
The success of thermochemical storage technologies is currently defined by sorptive materials. High adsorption heat and kinetics are material properties, which should correspond to application demands, such as utilizable temperature range and cyclability. Following the example of zeolite production in...
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Research and Application of Information Security Offense and Defense Exercise in Electric Power Industry

Mingxuan Li, Zhushi Yang, Ling He, YangXin Teng
The smart grid is a new type of grid integrating traditional grid and information technology. With the rapid development of information technology, information security as a requisite part of information technology is profoundly affecting people's work and life. While the development of science and technology...
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Effect of Bentonite on the Yield and Composition of Products From Thermolysis of Polystyrene Waste

Lety Trisnaliani, Aida Syarif, Sahrul Effendy, Tahdid, Rima Daniar
Economic growth and population explosion are chronic problems in big cities which trigger an increase in energy consumption in society. The flow of plastic used has been a dilemma for a long time, so there are thoughts on how to turn plastic waste into something that can be useful. One of the polystyrene...
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Participating in the control reserve market with PV battery energy storage systems and power-to-heat application

Georg Angenendt, Sebastian Zurmühlen, Dirk Uwe Sauer
One way to enhance the penetration of renewable energies in residential homes is to use renewables in the heating sector. Integrated homes combine PV battery storage systems with heat pumps to use PV-generated energy for heating. During winter, storage systems and especially batteries in an integrated...
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Impact of Lapindo Hot Mud Flowing on Macrozoobenthos Communities in Estuary Porong, East Java

Tarzan Purnomo, Fida Rachmadiarti, Soegiyanto Soegiyanto
Estuary Porong is part of the east coast of Sidoarjo, East Java, which receives the Lapindo mudflow. Lapindo mudflow into the sea through the Porong river has caused sedimentation and changed the Porong river base substrate morphology so that it affects the organism that live in the estuary, especially...
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Model Tree with Modified L1 Loss Function for Predicting Missing Attendance Data of Faculties

Mohammad Arif Rasyidi, Rachmadita Andreswari
The problem of missing attendance data in our university often arises due to the negligence of faculties. In this study, we address the problem by directly predicting the work duration of faculties. The nature of the problem require us to not only make accurate predictions, but also minimize the rate...
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Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness of SiC/Al Matrix Composites Machined by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining: Experimental Method

Qi Lijun, Ma Baoji
In the present study, the experiments have been made to investigate the effect of wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) parameters such as pulse duration, pulse off time, discharge current , working voltage on the material removal rate and the surface roughness (Ra) during WEDM of particulate silicon...
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Research on Rapid Measurement of Methanol in Immobilized Lipase Synthesis of Biodiesel Based on Near Infrared Technology

Ji Li, Jian Xing, Guohua Chen, Senshen Yu
Aiming at the measurement of methanol content during the synthesis of methyl oleate from methanol and oleic acid with immobilized lipase in solvent-free and non aqueous media, a rapid measurement method of "centrifugation-near infrared(NIR) transmission" was proposed and a portable NIR transmission measurement...
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Production of Bio-Pellet Briquettes From Coconut Shell Waste as Alternative Energy for Household Scale

Muhammad Yerizam, Muhammad Zaman, Taufiq Jauhari, Nur Yuli, Riwen Setiawan, Umaidella Affrilla
Biomass is a renewable energy material because it can be produced quickly however, biomass has the disadvantage of being burned directly because of its poor physical properties, such as low energy density, handling, storage and transportation problems. To improve the quality of biomass combustion, biomass...
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Specific Oxygen Reaction through analysis of Malondialdehyde in the body of Methapire postuma

Widowati Budijastuti, Nur Ducha, Dyah Hariyani, Sunu Kuntjoro
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the specific oxygen reaction on the body of Methapire postuma worms found in Pb metal contaminated areas. This study uses exploration methods with selected samples in Bangkalan. The body of the worm was cut off on the spermateka, vesicles and prostate sections...
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Web Application Design Using Single Page Application To Increase Website Performance on Rumantara

Ilham Farobi, Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Muhammad Azani Hasibuan
One of the travelers needs when going to some places is a place to stay for a while and put their things. More importantly, a place that fits their needs and budget. This matter makes most of the travelers difficult to find a place to stay because of most of them is hotels with unneeded amenities that...
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Interaction of Energy Storage Technologies and Synthetic Fuels in Long-Term Decarbonization Scenarios

Diana Böttger, Christoph Kost, Daniel Wrede, Benjamin Lux, Tobias Fleiter, Benjamin Pfluger, Judith Heilig, Norman Gerhardt, Michael Haendel
With the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the international community has reaffirmed its commitment to tackle anthropogenic climate change with the goal of limiting the global average temperature increase below 1.5 °C, but to a maximum of 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. Against this background, we examine...
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Research on Independent Experimental Model of Circuit Theorem

Li Ya-ning
The circuit theorem in the circuit course is selected as the experimental content. The teacher puts forward the performance index requirements, the student self-learning experimental principle and the related instrument and meter use methods, and then independently designs the experimental instruments,...
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Numerical Model of Lab-Scale Packed-Bed Thermal Energy Storage System

Burcu Koçak, Halime Ömür Paksoy
This paper presents numerical modeling of lab-scale packed bed thermal energy storage (TES) system. In the packed-bed with 0.30 m diameter and 0.90 m height, monotype storage particles developed from demolition wastes are used. Synthetic thermal oil is be used as fluid phase between 80 – 180°C. Schumann...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of Flow Field in Turbine Blades ECM Process

Zhao Han, Fan Qingming
Turbine blades play an important role as important parts in aero engines. One of the main methods of machining is electrochemical machining (ECM). In this paper, based on the flow field theory of electrochemical machining, the flow field analysis of machining gap was taken as the main research content...
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The Morphological, Anatomical, And Physiological Characteristics of Elephantopus scaber As Explant Source For Tissue Culture

Yuliani Yuliani, Sari Kusuma Dewi, Fida Rachmadiarti
The purpose of this study was to describe morphological characteristic (leaf area, plant height, and leaf sheath), to describe anatomical characteristic (trichomes found in leaf sheath, veins, leaf blade and stem, to describe the physiological characteristic from phytochemical tests of secondary metabolites...
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Catalytic Pyrolysis of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polystyrene Plastic Waste Using Zeolite Catalyst to Produce Liquid Fuel

Zurohaina, Irawan Rusnadi, Fatria, Arizal Aswan, Rima Daniar
This study aims to examine catalytic pyrolysis with activated natural zeolites. A pyrolysis reactor with three levels of separator as a result of development was used to study the catalytic pyrolysis of plastic waste into liquid fuel at intervals of 200 - 400 oC and operating time of 30-90 minutes. As...
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Research on Development of Cloud Computing Based on Patent Analysis

Junfeng Yu, Yanqing Zhao, Shiwei Zhu, Beibei Xu, Sisi Li, Mingjun Zhang
The application patents of cloud computing as data sources are studied in the paper. We mainly use statistical analysis method and social network analysis method and high-level patent analysis was carried out in many aspects, such as main national distribution, main institutions, focal research points...
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Web-Based Food Delivery Management System

Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Nia Ambarsari, Mei Dina Isti Nurmala
The process of ordering a meal in an organization still using a conventional system or in other words, the civitas organization must come to the cafeteria to order the desired menu. The conventional system uses paper for order recording process. So the problem happens repetitively, such as redundancy...
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Temperature distribution in a new composite material for hydrogen storage – Design study of different cooling concepts

Lars Baetcke, Martin Kaltschmitt
A newly developed composite material has been explored based on metal hydrides in combination with polymers enriched with highly porous carbon. As metal hydride, a RHC (reactive hydride composite) was chosen (e.g., MgH2 + 2 LiBH4). The hydride is infiltrated into the pores of the porous carbon suppressing...
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Overview on Abrasive Belt Grinding for Complex Surface

Deng Ruixiang, Qiao Hu, An Jiaxiang, He Jiang
Abrasive belt grinding technology is an important part of the precision forming process of complex profile parts. Based on the planning of grinding path, contact model and material removal model, the research and application progress of abrasive belt grinding technology at home and abroad are summarized,...
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Harnessing Value From Circular Economy

Kirsikka Kiviranta, Tomi Thomasson, Jonne Hirvonen, Matti Tähtinen
Energy systems with high shares of variable renewable power generation have an increased need for power system flexibility. In parallel, renewable energy has an important role in circular economy as circular activities such as material processing consumes power and heat. This paper examines if harnessing...
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Enhancing Problem Solving Skills of Pre-Service Teachers by Integrating 21st Century Interdisciplinary Theme Into Science Class

Dhita Ayu Permata Sari, Wahono Widodo, Elok Sudibyo
Mastery of key academic subjects in school is not enough to succeed in the 21st century. Some specific skills, such as problem-solving, is needed. On the other hand, it is also important to foster understanding of academic content at much higher level by relating 21st-century interdisciplinary theme,...
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Production of Green Diesel From Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Through Hydrotreating Process by Using Zeolite Catalyst

Ahmad Zikri, Indah Puspita, Erlinawati, M Sutini PLAgus, PB Elbi Zalita, K Andre
Green diesel is an alkane compound produced from vegetables oil by hydrogenation which has properties similar to diesel fuel. The ingredients that can be converted into green diesel is Crude Palm Oil (CPO). Green diesel is produced using a catalytic hydrogenation process with 10-30 psia hydrogen injection,...
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Analysis of Radio Management based on the Natural Ecosystem Theory

Chen Jiajia, Liu bin, Qian zhaojun
This paper introduces and analyzes the 5G industry ecosystem by means of ecological research. On the basis of the analysis of the elements, structure and function of the 5G industry ecosystem, the position and function of radio management in the 5G industry ecosystem are discussed. In order to better...
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Application of Risk IT Based on ISO 31000 Standards Process Capability Assessment Model (Case Study: Andalas University)

Mohammad Hafiz Hersyah, Kridanto Surendro
The fact given that capability function is to aim executed things works properly and effectively in organization business process could not executed well without considering risk management aspects. Risk management overlay every event possibilities that able to either to hinder or accelerate organization...
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Efficiency of Optical Sensors with Quasi Gaussian Beam for Determining Cholesterol Concentration

Mohammad Budiyanto, Suhariningsih Suhariningsih, Moh Yasin
Research on fiber optic sensors with Quasi Gaussian beam has been carried out aiming to analyze the beam intensity profile of the light beam, sensor performance and sensor sensitivity to determine cholesterol concentration. The concept of laser beam propagation is guided by an optical fiber bundle in...
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Research on Equalization Technology of Power Pack with Improved Buck-Boost Topology

Wang Qi, Wang Chen, Zhang Meng, Gao Tian
Aiming at the problems of traditional active equalization circuit, such as long equalization time, slow equalization speed and low control precision, this paper proposes an improved Buck-Boost topology equalization circuit based on the traditional Buck-Boost topology. Layering the battery cells in series...
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Potential of Electric Vehicles for Providing Regulating Power Based on German Mobility

Mohammed Hijjo, Paul Scheer
The ongoing transition of the energy sector, as well as the rising adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), both have led to new requirements to keep up with these new technologies. One of the main challenges to the grid operators is to keep the balance between the generation and the demand through the so-called...
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Exploring Pre-service Science Teachers' Capabilities in Competing for National Scientific Fair through SETS Learning

Aris Rudi Purnomo, Martini Martini, Laily Rosdiana, Wahyu Budi Sabtiawan, Hasan Subekti
To participate in the National Scientific Fair, pre-service science teachers (PSTs) need to prepare their capabilities in the competition. This study used survey to explore the capabilities of PSTs in terms of preparing scientific proposal, assessing proposal format and surveying PSTs perception. Rubric...
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Numerical Assessement of Energy Storage Performances of Magnetite and Quartzite for CSP Storage Applications

Yousra Filali Baba, Ahmed Al Mers, Hamid Ajdad, Yaroslav Grosu, Abdessamad Faik
this paper pinpoints the thermal energy storage performances of two TESM, quartzite as classic thermal energy storage material commonly used in CSP and magnetite as emerged thermal energy storage filler material. The TES performances included charge, discharge and cycle efficiencies (utilization rate)....
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Patent Status Review and Ultra High Voltage Patent Analysis

Yuan Jiang, Ziang Hu, Likai Liang, Tong Qiang, Yiming Sun
With more attention paid to the development of technology as well as the improvement of the public ’ s knowledge level, there is an increasing trend in the application for the patents. However, the concerning documents for the development of the patents in our country are so limited, so carrying out...
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Information System Strategy and Application Governance in The Government of Bandung Regency

Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Heru Nugroho
Utilization of information system for support of the government process will improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of governance. This statement is in line with Presidential Decree No. 3 of 2003 which confirms that the use of technology in government will improve the...
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Effect of Adding Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and Slurry on Biogas From Cow Manure to Produced Methane Gas

Muhammad Hanif Fatin, A. Husaini, Leila Kalsum
Biogas is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly and economical. High of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and cow manure have great potential as a source of raw material for making biogas. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the addition of POME and biogas slurry...
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Model Design Reuse Method Based on Fuzzy Theory

Shi Zhiquan, Bai Yu, Qiao Hu
At present, research on the reuse of design information resources mainly focuses on the representation and modeling of its information. Neglecting the design information itself can be used as a starting point for design reuse. Based on the existing instance model of the enterprise, this paper firstly...
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Soil Physic and Chemistry Characteristics on Pesticide Application of Soybean Land in Jombang, Lamongan and Probolinggo

Mahanani Tri Asri, Tarzan Purnomo, Yuliani Yuliani, Fida Rachmadiarti, Evie Ratnasari
Applications of pesticides on crop land have been used by soybean land farmer in Jombang, Lamongan and Probolinggo in order to control pest. Pesticide application of soybean land influence physic and chemistry soil, against growth of plant furthermore. This study aimed to identify soil physic and chemistry...
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Design of Scale Meter Auto-Verification Time Optimization Model

Min Ren, Qiqi Shu, Le Yang, Yabin Ma, Letian Xie, Jian Xu
With the concept of the State Grid Corporation of intensive management meter put forward and the completion of metering and intelligent provincial center of fully automated assembly line meter verification system in-depth applied, large scale power meter centralized verification challenges the intelligent...
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The Efficiency and Profitability of the Modular Multilevel Battery for Frequency Containment Reserve

Markus Förstl, Nam Truong, Marc Möller, Holger Hesse, Arthur Singer, Thomas Weyh, Andreas Jossen
The modular multilevel battery (M2B) is a novel approach to integrate battery storage into the electricity grid. This paper obtains the efficiency and financial benefits of a working prototype system, compared to conventional systems for frequency containment reserve (FCR). The efficiency is determined...
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Study on Numerical Simulation of Electrochemical Machining Ring Narrow Groove

Mu Ruiyuan, Cao Yan, Jia Feng, Lei Yan
For annular narrow slot structure of electrochemical machining process test cycle is long, type face the problem of difficult to predict, establish mask electrochemical machining process of the electric field, flow field and temperature field coupling mathematical model, using COMSOL Multiphysics to...