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On the matrix 3 × 3 exact solvable models of the type G2

Pages: 27 - 36
We study the exact solvable 3 × 3 matrix model of the type G2. We apply the construction similar to that one, which give the 2 × 2 matrix model. But in the studied case the construction does not give symmetric matrix potential. We conceive that the exact solvable 3 × 3 matrix potential model of the type...

Description of a Class of 2-Groups

Pages: 55 - 65
Let n be an integer such that n 3 and Cm denote a cyclic group of order m . It is proved that there exist exactly 17 non-isomorphic groups of order 22n+1 which can be represented as a semidirect product (C2n × C2n ) C2. These groups are given by generators and defining relations.

Note on operadic non-associative deformations

Eugen PAAL
Pages: 87 - 92
Deformation equation of a non-associative deformation in operad is proposed. Its integrability condition (the Bianchi identity) is considered. Algebraic meaning of the latter is explained.

Total Differentiation Under Jet Composition

Pages: 102 - 109
Total differentiation operators as linear vector fields, their flows, invariants and symmetries form the geometry of jet space. In the jet space the dragging of tensor fields obeys the exponential law. The composition of smooth maps induces a composition of jets in corresponding jet spaces. The prolonged...

SO(2) and Hamilton-Dirac mechanics

Cestmir BURDIK, Eugen PAAL, Juri VIRKEPU
Pages: 37 - 43
Canonical formalism for plane rotations is developed. This group can be seen as a toy model of the Hamilton-Dirac mechanics with constraints. The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian are explicitly constructed and their physical interpretation are given. The Euler-Lagrange and Hamiltonian canonical equations coincide...

The graphical calculus for ribbon categories: Algebras, modules, Nakayama automorphisms

Jurgen FUCHS
Pages: 44 - 54
The graphical description of morphisms in rigid monoidal categories, in particular in ribbon categories, is summarized. It is illustrated with various examples of algebraic structures in such categories, like algebras, (weak) bi-algebras, Frobenius algebras, and modules and bimodules. Nakayama automorphisms...

Bosonic Realizations of the Colour Heisenberg Lie Algebra

Pages: 110 - 128
We describe realizations of the colour analogue of the Heisenberg Lie algebra by power series in non-commuting indeterminates satisfying Heisenberg's canonical commutation relations of quantum mechanics. The obtained formulas are used to construct new operator representations of the colour Heisenberg...

Classical quasi-trigonometric r-matrices of Cremmer-Gervais type and their quantization

Pages: 129 - 136
We propose a method of quantization of certain Lie bialgebra structures on the polynomial Lie algebras related to quasi-trigonometric solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation. The method is based on so-called affinization of certain seaweed algebras and their quantum analogues.

Groups of Order Less Than 32 and Their Endomorphism Semigroups

Pages: 93 - 101
It is proved that among the finite groups of order less than 32 only the tetrahedral group and the binary tetrahedral group are not determined by their endomorphism semigroups in the class of all groups.

Rewriting in Operads and PROPs

Pages: 66 - 75
This paper is an informal collection of observations on how established rewriting techniques can be applied to or need to be adapted for use in non-associative algebras, operads, and PROPs.

On Some Almost Quadratic Algebras Coming from Twisted Derivations

Pages: 76 - 87
This paper explores the quasi-deformation scheme devised in [1, 3] as applied to the simple Lie algebra sl2(F) for specific choices of the involved parameters and underlying algebras. One of the main points of this method is that the quasi-deformed algebra comes endowed with a canonical twisted Jacobi...

Geometric approach to BRST-symmetry and ZN-generalization of superconnection

Pages: 9 - 20
We propose a geometric approach to the BRST-symmetries of the Lagrangian of a topological quantum field theory on a four dimensional manifold based on the formalism of superconnections. Making use of a graded q-differential algebra, where q is a primitive N-th root of unity, we also propose a notion...

On a graded q-differential algebra

Pages: 1 - 8
Given an associative unital ZN -graded algebra over the complex numbers we construct the graded q-differential algebra by means of a graded q-commutator, where q is a primitive N-th root of unity. The N-differential d of the graded q-differential algebra is a homogeneous endomorphism of degree 1 satisfying...

Wave Breaking in a Class of Nonlocal Dispersive Wave Equations

Hailiang LIU
Pages: 441 - 466
The Korteweg de Vries (KdV) equation is well known as an approximation model for small amplitude and long waves in different physical contexts, but wave breaking phenomena related to short wavelengths are not captured in. In this work we consider a class of nonlocal dispersive wave equations which also...

Vectorial Regularization and Temporal Means in Keplerian Motion

Pages: 420 - 440
We study the well-known Kepler’s problem by introducing a new vectorial regularization. This helps deduce Kepler’s equations by a simple and unified method. Some integral temporal means are also obtained by means of this regularization. The vectorial eccentricity plays a fundamental part in this approach.

Riemann Invariants and Rank-k Solutions of Hyperbolic Systems

Pages: 393 - 419
In this paper we employ a “direct method” to construct rank-k solutions, express- ible in Riemann invariants, to hyperbolic system of first order quasilinear differential equations in many dimensions. The most important feature of our approach is the analysis of group invariance properties of these solutions...

Nonlocal Symmetries and the Complete Symmetry Group of 1 + 1 Evolution Equations

Pages: 377 - 392
The complete symmetry group of a 1 + 1 linear evolution equation has been demon- strated to be represented by the six-dimensional Lie algebra of point symmetries sl(2, R)?s W , where W is the three-dimensional Heisenberg-Weyl algebra. The infinite number of solution symmetries does not play a role in...

Feynman-Jackson integrals

Pages: 365 - 376
We introduce perturbative Feynman integrals in the context of q-calculus generalizing the Gaussian q-integrals introduced by Diaz and Teruel. We provide analytic as well as combinatorial interpretations for the Feynman-Jackson integrals.

Bihamiltonian Equations on Polynomial Virasoro

Paolo CASATI, Giovanni ORTENZI
Pages: 352 - 364
We present and study bihamiltonian equations of Euler type which include a n

Chevalley's theorem for the complex crystallographic groups

Pages: 323 - 351
We prove that, for the irreducible complex crystallographic Coxeter group W, the following conditions are equivalent: a) W is generated by reflections; b) the analytic variety X/W is isomorphic to a weighted projective space. The result is of interest, for example, in application to topological conformal...

A note on q-Bernoulli numbers and polynomials

Pages: 315 - 322
Recently, B. A. Kupershmidt have constructed a reflection symmetries of q-Bernoulli polynomials (see [9]). In this paper we give another construction of a q-Bernoulli polynomials, which form Barnes' multiple Bernoulli polynomials at q = 1, cf. [1, 13,14]. By using q-Volkenborn integration, we can also...
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Using Conditional Autoregressive Range Model to Forecast Volatility of the Stock Indices

Heng-Chih Chou, David Wang
This article compares the forecasting performance of the conditional autoregressive range (CARR) model with the commonly adopted GARCH model. Two major stock indices, FTSE 100 and Nikkei 225, are studies using the daily range data and daily close price data over the period 1990 to 2000. Our results suggest...
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String Filtering of a Large String Collection on Mobile Devices using a Neural Network

Heng Ma, Chia-Cheng Liu
String matching of a large string collection on mobile devices has been a difficult problem because of the memory space and computing speed constraints. We propose a method to efficiently determine whether a query string exists in the large string collection. The proposed method, based on a string encoder...
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Anonymous signcryption in ring signature scheme over elliptic curve cryptosystem

Yu Fang Chung, Zhen Yu Wu, Feipei Lai, Tzer-Shyong Chen
This study presents an anonymous signcryption scheme based on the elliptic curve cryptosystem, which combines the properties of elliptic curve cryptosystem and ring signature. While the signers are endowed with anonymity through the technique of ring signature, the elliptic curve cryptosystem achieves...
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Unconditionally secure cryptosystem based on quantum cryptography

Yu Fang Chung, Zhen Yu Wu, Feipei Lai, Tzer Shyong Chen
Most cryptographic works these days have employed mathematical concepts to design cryptosystems and algorithms. Therefore, mathematical concepts have become critical in the designing of cryptosystems, and are generally used to analyze cryptosystems and protocols, supporting the allegation that the intended...
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Active Tracking Using Kernel-Based Vision Processor and Robust Fuzzy Control

Alireza Mustafa, Moteaal Asadi Shirzi, Muhammad Reza Hairi Yazdi
In this paper we introduce a practicable system by combining a vision processing algorithm and a fuzzy controller to obtain an efficient active tracker. Target tracking performance is heavily dependent on a good blend of vision algorithm and control. Because of performance and computational complexity,...
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A quantum model of dynamic interdependent uncertainties for industrial organizations

William Lawless, Laurent Chaudron
A major failure of rational models (cognitive science, game theory) of organizations is the use of static concepts of interdependence to predict dynamic behavior. A quantum model of organizations transforms the traditional model with its dynamic interdependence of uncertainty. We consider field and laboratory...
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A Conceptual Framework for Collaboration Systems

Chao-Chin Yeh, Huei-Huang Chen
Due to the high complication of collaboration system, this thesis proposes a conceptual framework for collaboration system as a reference architecture for the collaboration systems. In the mean time, this thesis illustrates the functionalities of a collaboration system, the problems it resolved, and...
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A Fuzzy Preference Relations to Service Innovation Project Selection

Tsuen-Ho Hsu, Ling-Zhong Lin
In order to reduce the bias of linguistic recognitions among the group decision makings, this study develops “fuzzy multiple preference model” with two stages to better determining the suitable service innovation. A real numerical application in the chain wholesale has also been demonstrated.
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Image Up-Sampling Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Ping-Sing Tsai, Tinku Acharya
Image up-sampling is found to be a very effective technique useful in today’s digital image processing applications or rendering devices. In image up-sampling, an image is enhanced from a lower resolution to a higher resolution with the degree of enhancement depending upon application requirements. It...
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Applying Genetic Algorithm to Support Index Fund Portfolio Strategy

Jui-Fang Chang, Gi-Yi Lai
Index funds are popular investment tools currently being used in modern portfolio management; moreover, it has been observed that the performances of index funds are better than those of many other actively managed funds Elton, et al. (1996). The strategy is taken by fund managers when their portfolios...
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Assessing the Effect of Oil Price Shock Using an Energy-Economy Decision Model with Technology Characteristics

Shih-Mo Lin, Chin-Wen Yang, Chung-Huang Huang
The significant jump in world crude oil price over the past year has raised great concern over the economic impact that such a price shock may bring about on Taiwan’s economy, which has been characterized by extremely high import-oil dependence. Previous analyses have been tackling similar issue from...
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Comments on Abe et al.'s Threshold Signer-ambiguous Signature Scheme from Variety of Keys

Yafen Chang, Chin-Chen Chang
In 2004, Abe et al. proposed a novel threshold signer-ambiguous signature scheme from variety of keys. Their scheme is a generalized case of the ring signature scheme. They claimed that their scheme allows the base signature schemes to be based on sigma-protocols, including Schnorr’s signature scheme,...
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Hidden structure visualization adaptive to human's prior understanding

Yoshiharu Maeno, Ohsawa Yukio
This paper addresses hidden structure visualization adaptive to human’s prior understanding. The degree of understanding is parameterized by temperature used in the human-interactive annealing process along with stable deterministic crystallization algorithm. This adaptive nature is demonstrated with...
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Using Fuzzy Game Theory on IPO's Pricing Behavior

Kuang-Hua Hsu, Jian-Fa Li, Hon-Jenq Fan
The purpose of this research is to explore the IPO pricing behavior in an underwriting system by applying the fuzzy game theory. Results of this study are: (1) The application of the fuzzy game theory is more consistent with the uncertainty relationship of human interference between independent and dependent...
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The Effect of Tax Reform in a Dynamic General Equilibrium Framework - Ramsey vs. Overlapping Generation Model

Liao Ru-min
Based on a thorough comparison of the basic assumptions and economic underpinning of the Ramsey and over lapping generation (OLG) model, this study builds both static and dynamic computable general equilibrium tax policy models to analyze the effect of tax reform on Taiwan’s economy. The new tax structure...
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Emergence of Overconfidence Investors in Financial Markets

Hiroshi Takahashi, Takao Terano
This research utilizes the Agent-Based Model to clarify microscopic and macroscopic links between investor behavior and price fluctuations in the financial market. This analysis places focus on the role that investors’ overconfidence plays in the financial market. As a result of this analysis, it has...
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Using Data Mining to Study Upstream and Downstream Causal Relationship in Stock Market

Don-Lin Yang, Y.L. Hsieh, Jungpin Wu
To understand the causal relationship of stock market is always a top priority for investors. Most investors use some fundamental knowledge and basic analysis techniques to analyze or predict the trends. However, there are always some other factors beyond our control or unexpected events that might affect...
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Speech Classification Based on Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory

Chih-Hsu Hsu, Ching-Tang Hsieh
This paper presents a neuro-fuzzy system to speech classification. We propose a multi-resolution feature extraction technique to deal with adaptive frame size. We utilize fuzzy adaptive resonance theory (FART) to cluster each frame. FART was an extension to ART, performs clustering of its inputs via...
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On Tensions and Causes for School Dropouts åÁV An Induced Linked Fuzzy Relational Mapping (ILFRM) Analysis

Joseph Arul, Nathan Pathi, Thirusangu K, Mary John
The teachers and the school authorities often call the parents in connection with a child’s ‘performance’ in school. The children have to face the wrath of both the parents and the teachers. This tension slowly builds up and the child decides to quit the school forever. This paper analyzes the causes...
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Efficient Surface Interpolation with Occlusion Detection

Boubakeur Boufama, Houman Rastgar, Saida Bouakaz
In this paper we present a novel dense matching algorithm that relies on sparse stereo data in order to build a dense disparity map. The algorithm uses a recursive updating scheme to estimate the dense stereo data using various interpolation techniques. The major problem of classical template matching...
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A Customer Retention System Based on the Customer Intelligence for A Telecom Company

Tong Li, Peng Lu, Zhilong He, Qiang Wang
Global competition is fierce. Especially, it is in the telecom market. It is a more and more difficult task for retaining profitable customers for a telecom company. In this paper, a retention system based on the customer intelligence is introduced. The system was successfully used for one telecom company...
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PRATYUG-"The total security system"

Sivaraman Sriram, Chandan Nadadur
“The innocent are always the first to suffer”. This is an often used proverb. In our quest to make them strong we have devised a total hack proof system for the communication process. In our mission the hackers are not the hunters but the prey. So we introduce a new security system called the bio scanning...
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The Distinctiveness of Individuals: Using Knowledge Structures To Represent Research Focuses; The Field of Stem Cell Research

Jonathan Feinstein
Building on the framework presented in The Nature of Creative Development (Stanford U. Press, 2006), I describe an approach for representing researchers' focuses of research activity in a field; the approach is based on use of a knowledge representation framework. Application is made to the field of...
Proceedings Article

An Empirical Study for Dynamic TIPP Policy Using XCS with Knowledge Rules

Mei-Chih Chen, Ming-Chia Huang, An-Pin Chen
The purpose of this empirical study is intended to investigate XCS (Extended Classifier System) based model with knowledge rules for dynamic TIPP (Time Invariant Portfolio Protection) policy. There are two XCS-based agents in the proposed model (MA-TIPP).One agent dynamically optimizes Multiple and Tolerance...
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Novel Silicon-Based Microwave Bandstop Filters for Communication Systems

Yeong-Lin Lai, Pei-Yen Cheng
This paper presents state-of-the-art silicon-based bandstop filters for the realization of microwave system-on-a-chip (SOC) communication systems. The characteristics of the bandstop filters are designed by the adjustment of the geometric dimensions of the filters in order to meet different system requirements....
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CPW Filters with Defected Ground Structures for RF and Microwave Applications

Yeong-Lin Lai, Pei-Yen Cheng
New coplanar waveguide (CPW) filters with a fork-shaped defected ground structure (DGS) are proposed for radio-frequency (RF) and microwave applications. The miniature CPW DGS filters developed are based on the silicon technology. The filters are able to provide the bandstop characteristics with high...
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Protein-Protein Interaction Document Mining

Shing Doong, Shu-Fen Hong
Protein-protein interactions (PPI) are very important to the understanding of metabolic pathway. Many digital publications are available today; some of them discuss PPI and some of them do not. If machine learning techniques can be used to detect those PPI documents automatically, it would save researchers...