Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2018)

539 authors
Tahir, Ilham
The Effect Of Learning Model Multimedia-Based Implementation Toward The Students’ English Proficiency At Kolaka Regency
Tambunan, Era Damayanti
An analysis of students Critical Thinking Skills for the Topic of Biotechnology of Senior High Schools in Labuhanbatu Utara Regency
Tambunan, Togi Parulian
The Stages of Training In Skills and Methods of Basic Technical Training in Tarung Derajat Martial Arts
Tampubolon, Visi Wintan Reka Widya
The Development of Learning Media Based on Mind Map in Exposition Text
Tangkas, I Wayan Dirgeyasa
Transitivity Systems Analysis of English for Vocational High School (SMK) of Sosorgadong Textbook for Grade X and Its Relevance to English Language Teaching
Tangkas, I Wayan Dirgeyasa
Developing Speaking Materials Through Problem Based Learning For D-3 Mechanical Engineering Students At State University Of Medan
Tarigan, Simson
Development of Innovative Learning Material with Multimedia to Increase Student Achievement and Motivation in Teaching Acid Base Titration
Tarigan, Simson
Innovative Learning Material with Project to Improve Students Achievement on the Teaching of Acid-Base Equilibrium
The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Strategies to Improve Learning Outcomes in Introduction Economic Subject to the Student of Universits Negeri Medan
Ulfah, Maria
The Effect of Scientific Inquiry Learning Model for Student’s Science Process Skill and Self Efficacy in The Static Fluid Subject
Ummah, Rahmatul
Improving Capability of Principal Preparing School Development Plan (SDP) Through Managerial Supervision with Monitoring and Evaluation Methods in Sub Rayon MTsN 3 Kota Medan
Utami, Elsya Fitri
Developing Interactive Teaching Materials of Fantasy Story Text with Character Education Based for Seventh Grade Students at MTs Miftahussalam Medan
Wau, Yasaratodo
The Efforts to Improve IPS Teachers Abilities in Implementing Cooperative Learning Model Jigsaw Type Through Clinical Supervision
Wau, Yasaratodo
The Influence of Head Master Leadership, Work Climate and Work Motivation Toward the Teachers Performance at SMA Negeri Binjai
Widodo, Hendro
Making Students Carefully Catering Environment Through Adiwiyata Program
Wijaya, Suzatmiko
Improving the Ability of English Teachers in Implementing STAD Type Cooperative Learning Model Through Clinical Supervision at SMP Negeri Kecamatan Sunggal
Implementation Of School Accreditation Policy at State Elementary School In Medan Area Districts
Yanti, Marlinda
Development of Teaching Materials Based On Open-Ended Approach with Autograph Assistance to Improve Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability of Junior High School
Yanti, Sri Dewi
The Use of Transformative Learning Strategy in Teaching Writing Recount Text
Yuniara, Pinta
Analysis Of Difficulties In Completing Mathematical Communication Problem Solving In Terms Of Learning Styles Using Inquiry Learning
Yus, Anita
Development of Student Worksheets Based on Science Process Skills to Improve High Order Thinking on The Environment Theme of Our Friend in Elementary School in 15 Sub District Percut Sei Tuan
Yus, Anita
The Effect of Problem Based Learning Model on Students Science Process Skills
Yus, Anita
Developing Interactive Multimedia Based Learning Media in Improving Students Learning Outcomes for Grade 4th in Elementary School
Yus, Anita
Developing of Flat Building Media in Using Macromedia Flash Postgraduate Program of Medan State University
The Effect of the Learning Model of IT-Media-Assisted Team Quiz and the Learning Motivation on the Learning Outcomes of the Subtheme of Diversity of Ethnicity and Religion in My Country
The Influence of Quantum Learning Models based Mandailing culture and Student Learning Activity toward Mathematical Communication Ability in Primary School
The Effect of Problem Based Learning Model on Mathematical Communication Skills and Students’ Self-Confidence in Junior High School
Yusuf, Muhammad
Analysis of Feasibility Teaching Material on Molecular Shape Topic Based on Criteria Board of National Education Standards in Indonesia
Model of Education Quality Management of Traditional Islamic Boarding Schools in Aceh
Zai, Fidelis
Analysis of Mathematical Model to Prevent Increase the Number of Smokers
The Effort in Developing the Management of Quality Assurance in the University
Bilingual Families Language Policy
Equivalent Translation Process Used By Multilingual Students In Islamic Boarding School
Improving Capability of Principal Preparing School Development Plan (SDP) Through Managerial Supervision with Monitoring and Evaluation Methods in Sub Rayon MTsN 3 Kota Medan
Semantics Study of Figurative Meaning in Indonesian Proverbs
Zein, Zahari
The Effect Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises, Labor Absorption And Non Formal Education Level To Decrease The Poverty In Simalungun District
Effect of Leadership of School Supervisors and Existence in Improving Quality of Education (Case Study Performance Of Basic School Supervisor Rokan Hilir)
Zulhernanda, Windha
Students’ Perceptions Toward Anxiety Feelings When Speaking English
The Development of Islamic Educational Institution in Medan: Typology, Orientation, and Commercialization