Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2018)

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Focus Group Discussion for Young Entrepreneur Training in University of Asahan

M. Bati, Umar Maya Putra, Hilmiatus Sahla
This paper is a concept of training program in entrepreneurship for the students of economic department in University Of Asahan. It is expected that they knows the importance of the role of entrepreneurship in improving the area development. The method that will be used is experiential learning method...
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The Development of Contextual Inquiry-Based Students Worksheet to Enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills for the Topic of Water Microbiology

Yusnita Anwar Nasution, Hasruddin, Tumiur Gultom
The aim of this study was to find out students’ higher order thinking skills after the implementation of a contextual inquiry-based student worksheet occurred. This study was conducted by applying a quasi-experimental method for the students of Biology Education, Universitas Negeri Medan. Samples were...
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The Effect of Lubuk Larangan Environmental Knowledge for the Topic of River Ecosystem of Community and Students in Pdang Lawas Utara Regency

Berliani Ritonga, Syarifuddin, Tumiur Gultom
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of lubuk larangan on community’s and students’ environmental knowledge based on: (1) school location; (2) gender perspective; and (3) the level of education for the topic of river ecosystem in Padang Lawas Utara Regency. The study was a quantitative...
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The Effect of Problem-Based Learning Models Using Mind Map to Improve Critical Thinking and Problems Solving Skill of Student

Novita, Nurdin Bukit, Makmur Sirait
This study aims to analyze the critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills, analyzing whether the improvement of critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills that are taught by the problem-based learning model using mind map better than students who are taught by conventional learning....
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The Effect Of Problem Based Learning Model On Student's Creativity And Problem Solving Skill

Irawati Lebora Hutabarat, Nurdin Bukit, Derlina
This study aims to analyze the creativity and problem-solving skills of students who are applied with the problem-based learning model and direct learning. This research is a quasi-experimental research with two group pre-test-posttest design. The sample of this research is taken by cluster random sampling...
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Relationship between Motivation and College Students Learning Outcomes on Chemical Kinetic Material at University

Agus Muliaman, Retno Dwi Suyanti, Eddiyanto
The level of quality of education within a country is a manifestation of the government towards the progress of its people. One indicator of the quality of education is the learning outcomes achieved by students. One of the factors that determine student learning outcomes is learning motivation. Motivated...
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Improve Mathematical Connections Skills with Realistic Mathematics Education Based Learning

Hotmaria Menanti, Bornok Sinaga, Hasratuddin
The intention of the present study was to see the improvement of students’ mathematical connections skills. Improving mathematical connections capabilities by developing Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) based learning tools. This research is a research development (research and development), the...
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Relationship of Headmaster’s Leadership, School Culture, And Teacher’s Work Motivation To Professionalism of Sport Teacher In Serdang Bedagai

Albadi Sinulingga, Suprayitno, Dian Pertiwi
The professionalism of a teacher is needed to improve the quality of education. The role of a teacher is very large in improving the quality of learning in order to achieve learning goals. Professional teachers are teachers who have four competencies in themselves, namely pedagogic competence, professional...
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The Effects of Visual Mapping and Science-Related Attitudes on Students’ Problem Solving Skills

Muhammad Jamhari, Syarifuddin, Herbert Sipahutar
The aims of this study were to find out: (1) the effects of visual mapping on students’ problem solving skills, (2) the effects of science-related attitudes on students’ problem solving skills, and (3) the interactions between visual mapping and science-related attitudes on students’ problem solving...
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The Effect Of Group Investigation and Learning Cycle Models Towards Students Science Process Skill On Environmental Pollution Topics For Grade VII Students MTs Nurul Huda Medan Academic Year 2016/2017

Irma Handayani Saragih, Fauziyah Harahap, Tumiur Gultom
This study aims to determine the effect of Group Investigation, Learning Cycle and conventional models of students science process skill on environmental pollution topic for grade VII students MTs Nurul Huda Medan academic year 2016/2017. This research is a quasi experiment research. Sampling was done...
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Analysis of Feasibility Teaching Material on Molecular Shape Topic Based on Criteria Board of National Education Standards in Indonesia

Anggi Desviana Siregar, Muhammad Yusuf, Ramlan Silaban
Teaching materials is one of the learning tools that become an important factor in influencing the success of learning, especially in college. So to improve the quality of learning needs to be done to improve the quality of learning tools, in order to facilitate students in understanding the material...
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Developing Interactive Computer Based Learning Media of Lectora Inspire to Enhance Conceptual Skills of Senior High Schools Students

Wilta Fajrina, Murniaty Simorangkir, Nurfajriani
This study aimed to understand level of feasibility of learning media based-Lectora Inspire for special topic of acids and bases developed according to BSNP standard for interactive computer media; and to know the differences of the improvement of students is conceptual skills in learning acids and bases...
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The Influence of Innovation Chemistry Practicum Guide and Kit Integrated Guided Inquiry Model for Class XI Second Semester Senior High School to Student Skills

Nur Akmalia, Mahmud, Ramlan Silaban
This study was aimed to developing valid chemistry practicum guide and kit for class XI second semester senior high school integrated inquiry model according to BSNP criteria and knowing the effectiveness of the chemistry practicum guide and kit integrated guided inquiry on student skills. The sample...
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The Influence of Learning Model Oriented Analogy on Material Acid and Based Towards Learning Outcomes

Elsy Indria, Marham Sitorus, Zainuddin Muchtar
The aims to point out: 1) knowing the effect of the learning model oriented analogy on student learning outcomes; 2) knowing the effect of the level of learning motivation taught by the learning model oriented analogy on learning outcomes; 3) knowing the interaction between learning models with the level...
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The Effect Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises, Labor Absorption And Non Formal Education Level To Decrease The Poverty In Simalungun District

Jesika Melina Simamora, Zahari Zein, M. Fitri Rahmadana
This research is aimed to (1) get the empirical evidence about the effect of micro, small and medium enterprises and the importance of existence of micro, small and medium enterprisesas one of effort to decreasing the poverty in Simalungun District, (2) to know about the effect of labor absorption to...
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The Differentiation of Improved Communication Mathematic and Disposition Skill Through Problem Based Learning and Realistic Mathematic Education

Ismail Pasaribu, P. Siagian, Zul Amry
This research aims to describe the differentiation of improved communication and dispositon through Problem Based Learning (PBM) and Realistic Mathematic Education (PMR). This type of research is the quasi experiment school research. The subject of research is the students of grade VIII as many as 28...
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Speech Functions of Male and Female Lecturers in the Classroom Interactions

Ummul Mawaddah Rangkuti, Amrin Saragih, Rahmad Husein
This research deals with speech functions of male and female lecturers in the classroom interactions at Universitas Muslim Nusantara (UMN) Al-Washliyah Medan. The objective of this study was to investigate the types of speech function made by male and female lecturers in the classroom interactions at...
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Development of Learning Media Prezi Integrated Problem Based Learning Model (PBL) to Improve Student Results High School

Noviza Rizkia, Nurfajriani, Murniaty Simorangkir
This study aims to determine: 1) the utilization of computer-based powerpoint learning media used in SMAN 1 Darul Falah has been in accordance with BSNP standards; 2) the utilization of integrated prezi learning media PBL model developed on salt hydrolysis discussion has been in accordance with BSNP...
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An analysis of students Critical Thinking Skills for the Topic of Biotechnology of Senior High Schools in Labuhanbatu Utara Regency

Era Damayanti Tambunan, Martina Restutuati, Melva Silitonga
The aims of this study were to find out: (1) the levels of students’ critical thinking skills based on school location, gender, and indicators; and (2) the levels of students’ critical thinking accomplishments. This present study employed a descriptive research with a quantitative approach. The samples...
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The Development Of Guidance and Kit Innovative Chemistry Lab Based on PBL (Problem Based Learning) According to Curriculum 2013 for Class 12th of Even Semester

Jusmasari Harahap, Nurfajriani, Ramlan Silaban
This study aims to develop guidance and kit innovative chemistry lab based on PBL (Problem Based Learning) according to curriculum 2013 for class 12th of Even Semester which feasible empirically according to expert (chemistry lecturer) and chemistry teacher. The guided practicum and the kit guide integrate...
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The Implementation of Teaching Material Integrated Religious Value

Hilda Handayani, Ayi Darmana, Zainuddin Muchtar
Making positive values in education is an effort for integrating religious values in the chemistry learning. The values of spiritual will not change the function of science because both of them can complete each other. Inserting these values are needed some appropriate approaches and method and be able...
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Development Learning Material Integrated Guided Inquiry-based Worksheets on Chemical Equilibrium Material

Rini Deliana, Zainuddin Muchtar, Ayi Darmana
This study aims to produce integrated teaching materials for effective Student Worksheets based on guided inquiry on the material of Chemical Equilibrium and determine the feasibility level of teaching materials developed based on BNSP standards. This research is a development research (Research and...
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Improving the Student Conceptual Understanding of the Static Fluid Material by Using the Model of Children Learning in Science

Eka Murdani, Sumarli, Buyung
This study aims to illustrate the increasing understanding of student concepts through the application of Children Learning In Science (CLIS) models on static fluid materials. This research was conducted in one of Singkawang high schools on static fluid material especially the concept of hydrostatic...
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The Effect Of Learning Model Multimedia-Based Implementation Toward The Students’ English Proficiency At Kolaka Regency

Kadaruddin, Karimuddin, Ilham Tahir
In an effort to help the students of the high school at Kolaka Regency improve their English proficiency, the researcher implements the learning model multimedia-based. The question of the research was “Is there any effect of the implementation of learning model multimedia-based toward the students’...
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Development of Learning Devices Using Discovery Model Based on Aceh Culture to Improve Understanding of Student Physics Concept

Yeninda Sartika, Sahyar, Derlina
Purposes of the study were to analyze the validity, practicality and effectiveness of learning devices using discovery learning model based on Aceh culture and to analyze the improvement understanding of students physics concept. This study was Research and Development (R&D) by using 4-D model include...
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The Effect of Write Pair Switch Method To The Ability Of Mathematical Communication and Student Learning Interaction in Class V SD Swasta Nurul Hasanah

Elly Nurhayati Purba, Dian Armanto, Aman Simaremare
The purpose of this research is to know effect of write pair switch method to the ability of mathematical communication and student learning interaction. The research is planned to be implemented in the even semester of academic year 2017/2018, at Nurul Hasanah Elementary School Percut Sei Tuan Subdistrict...
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The Effect of the Learning Model of IT-Media-Assisted Team Quiz and the Learning Motivation on the Learning Outcomes of the Subtheme of Diversity of Ethnicity and Religion in My Country

Khairunnisa, Dede Ruslan, Yusnadi
This study aims to determine: (1) Differences in learning outcomes from Social Science of students who study with the learning model of IT-media-assisted Team Quiz with those who learn with the learning model of image-media-assisted Team Quiz, (2) Differences in the learning outcomes of Social Science...
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The Influence of Quantum Learning Models based Mandailing culture and Student Learning Activity toward Mathematical Communication Ability in Primary School

Ahmad Landong Nasution, Edy Surya, Yusnadi
Defiancing students to communicate both orally and writing in mathematics helps extend their understanding, improve mathematical performance and reduce restlessness about mathematics. The purpose of this study was: (1) to determine differences in Mathematical Communication Ability of students who were...
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Developing Scientific-Based Interactive Multimedia of Learning on 4th Grade Students of Elementary School

Sri Asmita, Daulat Saragi, Zulkifli Matondang
The aim of this research was to create interactive multimedia of learning based on Scientific on indahnya keragaman di negeriku theme. This research is Research and Development (R&D). The development model was consisted of defining, designing, developing, and disseminate. The subject of this research...
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Development of InteractiveMultimedia-Based Learning Media by a Scientific Approach in Class V of Elementary School

Siti Marlina, Daulat Saragi, Hidayat
This research is motivated by the lack of teachers using interactive multimedia technology in learning activities that have an impact on the low learning outcomes of students. This study aims to determine the feasibility of the learning media developed and its effectiveness on thematic learning outcomes...
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A Flipped Classroom Approach to Supporting Game-Based Learning Activities for EFL Business Writing Course

Chi-Jen Lin, Gwo-Jen Hwang
English for specific purposes (ESP) such as English business writing is a challenging course for English as Foreign Language (EFL) learners. Not only is it related to English writing skills, but also to business knowledge. Context-game-based learning seems to be a good approach to situate EFL students...
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The Development Of Flash Program Based Mobile Learning (M-Learning) On Colloidal System Material

Nadia Armina Ramud, Zainuddin Muchtar, Wesley Hutabarat
This research was aimed to determine the level of feasibility of learning media chemistry that has been developed by using Adobe Flash CS6 program based on Mobile Learning (M-Learning) on class XI semester 2 on the material colloidal system, to find out differences in learning outcomes who are taught...
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The Effect of Collaborative-Based Inquiry Learning Model and Science Process Skills towards Cognitive Ability of Elementary School Students

Jenny Lilawati, Retno Dwi Suyanti, Wildansyah Lubis
The aim of this study is to determaine: whether the students cognitive ability taught by collaborative-based inquiry learning model better than students taught by direct instruction model, whether the students cognitive ability with high science process skills is better than students with low science...
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The Effect of Discovery Learning Model and Scientific Attitude of Students on the Understanding of the Concept of Natural Science in Students of Grade IV Primary School

Debby May Puspita, Sahyar, Sriadhi
This study aims to analyze: (1) Is the understanding of the concept of Natural Sciences in students taught with the Discovery Learning model better compared to Direct Instruction model?, (2) Does the students’ understanding of the concept of Natural Science of students who have high scientific attitudes...
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Development of Teaching Materials to Biographical Text Based on Ethical Value for Junior High School Student

Suhariyanti, Malan Lubis, Khairil Ansari
This study aims to determine the results of the development of teaching materials biography ethics-based text by students of class VIII MTsN 2 Medan. The teaching materials developed are modular. This type of research is a developmental study based on the development model of Borg and Gall. With the...
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Developing Story Book in English For Pre Schoolers in Medan

Zelika Rahmi, Amrin Saragih, Sri Minda Murni
The objectives of the study was To find out to what extent does the design of story book in English match the preschoolers’ language development, to find out how story book in English designed to cope with the Pre-schoolers, to find out the reason why story book in English designed as it was for pre-Schoolers....
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Differences Ability of Problem Solving and Self-Efficacy student Math of Learning Jigsaw Based Culture of Batak Toba with Direct Learning

Dian Raesita Sitio, Edy Surya, Waminton Rajagukguk
The research objective in the design of experiments investigating the apparent difference in the increase in Capacity of mathematical problem solving and self-efficacy students mathematics students. This research was conducted at SMP Negeri 1 Jorlang Hataran as many as 48 students. This research is an...
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Transitivity Systems Analysis of English for Vocational High School (SMK) of Sosorgadong Textbook for Grade X and Its Relevance to English Language Teaching

Gusman Keizer Bondar, I Wayan Dirgeyasa Tangkas, Eddy Setia
This paper deals with transitivity systems analysis of English for Vocational High School (SMK) of Sosorgadong Textbook for Grade X. The analysis uses systemic functional linguistics (SFL) theory (Halliday1) as the main theoretical framework, following the top-down approach to analysis. There are two...
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Developing Speaking Materials Through Problem Based Learning For D-3 Mechanical Engineering Students At State University Of Medan

Sutresno, I Wayan Dirgeyasa Tangkas, Sri Minda Murni
The purpose of this study are; 1) to examine the existing speaking materials; 2) to find out the speaking materials needed by the students; 3) to develop the speaking materials based on problem based learning. Research method of this study was applied Educational Research and Development model by Gall,...
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The Influence of School Principal Leadership Style Toward Primary School Teachers Satisfaction

Safrijal, Saiful Sagala
The aim of this study is to find out the influence of transformational leadership and transactional leadership toward teachers job satisfaction. The design of this research was path analysis which means the variables of this reasearch was not controled and manipulated by the researcher. The fact was...
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The Effect of Learning Strategies and Motivation of Japanese Language Learning towards Japanese’s Learning Outcomes

Lisbet Damayanti, Abdul Muin Sibuea, Abdul Murad
This research aims to find out the effect of learning strategies (the differences between contextual teaching learning and expository strategies) and the motivation of Japaneselearning on Japanese learning outcomes. The research was a quasi-experimental research designs. The population consisted of 79...
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The Effect of Problem-Based Learning and Direct Instruction Learning on Creative Thinking and Mathematics Problem Solving Ability of Students

Nora Esteriah Pulungan, Pardomuan Sitompul, Maratua Manullang
This purpose of this research to know differences: (1) improvement of creative thinking ability between students who are given problem based learning with students who are given direct learning. (2) improvement of problem solving abilities of mathematics students who are given problem-based learning...
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The Differentiation of Problem Solving Ability by Using Problem Based Learning and Think Pair Share

Lydia Grace Siallagan, Pargaulan Siagian, Zul Amry
Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Think Pair Share (TPS) models used to teach students for problem solving ability. The main of both models lies in the direction of the phase of directing students to actual issues that can improve problem-solving ability. The purpose of this study is to know the difference...
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Grammatical and Contextual Code Switching in the English Department Proposal Seminar

Rakhmat Wahyudin Sagala, Tri Indah Rezeki, Sumarsih, Busmin Gurning
The fundamental characteristics of the lecturers and the students in the English Department should use English. Lack of English competence is widely considered to be the major cause of code switching. The aim of our work to broaden current knowledge of the phenomenon of grammatical and contextual code...
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The Development of Mathematic Lesson Plan to Increase Mathematic Communication Ability Students Through The Model of Problem Based Learning Contextually On Java Culture

Sri Mentari, S Saragih, Mulyono
This study aims to analyze: 1)The mathematic lesson plan which is developed through model of problem-based learning contextually on Java culture (PBL-CJC) to meet valid, practical and effective criteria, and 2) The Improvement of mathematic communicative understanding ability of junior high school students...
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The Difference Between Certified And Non Certified PE Teachers Performance Based On Range Of Service Period

Albadi Sinulingga, Nurhayati Simatupang
There are four competencies that should be owned by a teacher, pedagogic, personality, professional and social. Low compensation will make performance low and vice versa. If the compensation is high, it will make the performance high. The certification allowance given to the teacher for one months salary...
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The Differences in Using Direct Instruction (DI) Learning Strategy Based on Competitive Behavior to Civic Education Learning Achievement

Evi Susilawati, Harun Sitompul, Julaga Situmorang
The purpose of this study was to see the difference of learning outcomes of Citizenship Education based on competitive behavior and uncompetitive using Direct Instruction learning strategy in grade VII-3 students of SMP Negeri I Labuhan Deli, Deli Serdang Regency North Sumatra Province. Population and...
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Instrumentation of Character Implementation Research in Organizing the Educational Administration Santa Maria Senior High School Kabanjahe, Karo Districk

Yasinta Br Ginting, Biner Ambarita, Wanapri Pangaribuan
This study aims to know the instrumentation of character implementation research in organizing the education administration at Santa Maria Senior High School Kabanjahe, focusing on the character implementation in organization curriculum administration and student administration at XI grade Semester...
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The Effect of Learning Method and Learning Styles Towards English Learning Outcomes

Riska Noviani, Julaga Situmorang, Sugiharto
This research aims to find out: (1) the difference between students English learning outcomes who taught using Total Physical Response Method with Direct Method (2) the difference between students English learning outcomes who have Auditory and Visual learning style (3) interaction between learning method...
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The Effort in Developing the Management of Quality Assurance in the University

Ulian Barus, Zainuddin, Harun Sitompul
Quality assurance can be interpreted as qualitative and continuous change progressively increased. On that issue, the quality of university graduates should have the ability not only the superiority but also has a broader scope of area involving: knowledge, ability to always learn, toughness in intellectuality,...