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Predicting the Results of the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election with Google Trends

Analysis of Accuracy, Precision, and Its Opportunity

Ali Ar Harkan, Eriyanto
In electoral competitions, voter behavior research is conducted to develop effective campaign strategies, but survey methods tend to be expensive. By contrast, in the internet era where political campaigns evolve by using digital data and channels, Google Trends offers free services that display search...
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Communication Network Analysis of Negative Campaigns on #BapakHoaxNasional in the 2019 Presidential Election

Ali Al Harkan, Anggun Nadya Fatimah, Dyah Permana Erawaty
The 2019 Indonesia presidential election took place both in real-life and virtual settings, including on social media. Among the many forms of discourse, expressing political views using a hashtag is common practice on Twitter. This communication network analysis research is conducted to describe the...
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Social Media Usage Among Government Public Relations Practitioners of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

Amalia Nugraha, Ummi Salamah
This paper presents the results of base-line research that aimed to analyze the usage of social media among 55 Government Public Relations (GPR) practitioners in the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. Social networks represent the potential for increased interaction between public administration,...
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Symbolic Violence Manifestation Behind Victim Blaming Practices

Andi Nirmalasari, Billy Sarwono
This study intends to uncover the practice of victim blaming carried out by institutions against victims of sexual harassment at the Commuter Line. This qualitative research was conducted using critical discourse analysis on detikNews online media coverage on January 4, 2018, entitled “Pelaku Pelecehan...
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The Contestation of Political Storytelling in Presidential Candidates During the 2019 Federal Election

Andika Hendra Mustaqim
This study explores the political storytelling network contestation of actors of the 2019 Indonesian presidential campaign using critical discursive psychology to analyze the speech of presidential candidates Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Prabowo Subianto. The main theoretical concept used is Hannah Arendt’s...
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Hybrid Journalism in an Online News Startup

Andika Wahyu Widyantoro, Irwansyah
The development of communication information technology contributes to the emergence citizen journalism (CJ) in the media. CJ is supported by new internet technologies, especially Web 2.0–based websites known as participatory webs. Through CJ and other types of user-generated content (UGC), members of...
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Effects of Peers on Obesogenic Behavior in Indonesia’s Adolescents: A Case Study of Adolescents in the Provinces of DI Yogyakarta, South Kalimantan, and Bali

Arif Wibowo, Sofyan Cholid, Annisah, Johanna Debora Imelda
The obesity prevalence rate continues to increase at the global level, and in Indonesia it is much higher than the international average. For Indonesian women, the obesity rate has doubled. Among children, boys have seen a greater increase than girls. This article discusses the influence of peers on...
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WhatsApp Groups and Generation X: A New Mode of Social Interaction

Bagus Kendhit Jolonidhi, Hartiati Sulistyo Rini
The purpose of this study was to determine the reasons for Generation X to use social media and especially WhatsApp Groups (WAG), the interactions they were having and the impact their use of social media was having. A descriptive qualitative case study methodology on a Generation-X WAG in Boyolali,...
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US’ Interest Shifting as a Response to China’s Move in Cuba

Bambang Dwi Waluyo
This paper discusses why the United States changed his foreign policy toward Cuba under the leadership of Barack Obama. The United States normalized its relations with Cuba, which were very troubled previously, during the Obama administration. Martha Finnemore’s concept of the national interest is applied...
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Big Data in Smart Cities: Usage in Kota Jababeka for Customer Satisfaction

Deby Puspitaningrum
Data continues to grow in importance in today’s digital world, and when collected and combined in large quantities and various formats, it becomes what is known as “big data.” In the industrial world, big data can be used for various things and in various ways; one of them is in managing a smart city....
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Islamic Fanaticism in Indonesia and Malaysia as Seen Through the Lens of Online Comics and Memes

Dhany Putra Pratama
This paper investigates how online comics and memes view Islamic fanaticism in Indonesia and Malaysia. There has been a rise in Islamic fanaticism in Indonesian and Malaysian societies. Online comics and memes have also grown in these cultures and they represent new media for the expression and interpretation...
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Trust-Building and Social Support in the Online Social Movement Among Victims of Sexual Violence

Dinna Khairina, Endah Triastuti
This paper attempts to analyze the role of an online social media movement in obtaining social support for women victims of violence. To mobilize and run a social movement in the online world effectively, we believe that trust-building is needed to create collective identity and collective action and...
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Communication Accommodation in Situational Crisis Communication for Business Sustainability: Case Study Concerning Online Transportation in Indonesia

Dorien Kartikawangi
Phenomena concerning online transportation, particularly online bike transportation, have pro and cons. This research aims to determine the strategy and implementation of crisis communication conducted by online transportation. In this regard, such crisis occurs as the impact of demonstration held by...
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Palm Oil Farmers’ Survival Strategy Analysis in Facing Livelihood Change

Case Study on Palm Oil Farmers in the Toman Village, Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatera

Dwi Handayani
Economic sustainability of palm oil farmers is in an uncertain state because their incomes are determined by the global market price. The fluctuations in the price of palm oil have put palm oil farmers in Toman Village in a difficult situation to fulfill their family needs. This situation causes them...
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The Sexual Socialization and Parenting Styles and the Lack of Secure Attachment Provided to Adolescent Rapists by their Families

Esty Hellia Mainap, Johanna Debora Imelda
The Annual Note of the National Commission on Violence Against Women states that the number of cases of violence against women was quite high in Indonesia between 2015 and 2018 (Komisi nasional Anti kekerasan terhadap perempuan [The National Commission on Violence Against Women] 2015; (Annual Record)...
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A Case Study on the Multiplatform Strategy Used by NET in the Indonesian Television Industry

Firman Kurniawan Sujono, Marlia Yossie
A network society can easily produce, share, broadcast, capture, and record information through digital devices. The emergence of such a society has widespread implications. The traditional, one-way mass communication model is gradually becoming defunct because television media, must adopt the new media...
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Communication of Intercultural Couples Through Identity Negotiation During Courtship

Gerry Wahyu Dewatara, Sari Monik Agustin
This study aims to discover and to analyze how interfaith couples negotiate their identities with each other. In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, individuals often meet and interact with people from different backgrounds and as a result, some fall in love. However, partners who belong to distinct cultures...
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Two-Level Games Theory in Panama–Taiwan Diplomatic Relations

Hafiyer Al Halim THA
On June 13, 2017, Taiwan faced shocking news. Panama announced abandoning diplomatic ties with Taiwan. On the same day, Panama also announced that it had officially established diplomatic relations with China. Taiwan responded with their disappointment in Panama for ending their long-time good relations....
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Branding of Purwakarta Regency Through Gempungan di Buruan Urang Lembur in Health Services

Moh Faidol Juddi, Susie Perbawasari, Susanne Dida, Aaat Ruchiat Nugraha
The branding of the Purwakarta Regency Government with the local wisdom of Sundanese culture through Gempungan di Buruan Urang Lembur activity has succeeded in gaining an appreciation by receiving the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate and Metamorphosis iNews Indonesia Award 2017 in the field of public services...
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Indonesia and Discourse of the New International Economic Order (Nieo)

Muhammad Haykal Tarmizi
This study found that Indonesia had conducted NIEO discourse in the Soekarno Government Era through the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) policy and the establishment of the New Emerging Forces (NEFO) in opposition to international world confrontation controlled by the Old Established Forces (OLDEFO). After...
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United States–Russia Space Cooperation Post-Crimea Annexation

US Agenda of Strategic Engagement

Muhammad Kamil Ghiffary Abdurrahman
This paper discusses US policy regarding the decision to extend space cooperation agreements with Russia. The relationship between the United States and Russia was harmed and stretched by Russia’s decision to annex Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula. However, President Barack Obama actually had the final...
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Analysis of the Community-Based Media Approach to the Startup Media Business

Nadya Ariesta Komala Dewi, Eriyanto
Media startup businesses that target the millennial generation are currently quite popular. IDN Times is an example of a highly visible media company that is focused on the millennial generation. To strengthen its identity as a voice of millennials and Generation Z, the IDN Times formed the IDN Community....
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Influencing Factors of the United States Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) under the Trump Administration

Nisrina Nur Aathif
The United States (US) joined North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) trade regime along with Canada and Mexico to increase trade among members by reducing or eliminating trade restrictions such as tariffs and import quotas. Under the Trump administration, the United States—for the first time—proposed...
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Women’s Domestic Workers’ Narratives on Their Work

Nuria Astagini, Billy Sarwono
For some working women, becoming a domestic worker is the only way for them to support their families. When they choose to work as domestic, they automatically become associated with negative stereotypes from the community. Through in-depth interviews conducted with three female domestic workers as informants,...
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Audio Content Curation in Digital Music Streaming Applications

Music Recommendations in Spotify Playlists

Reno Dalu Maharso, Irwansyah
Digital audio streaming services grant digital media users access to seemingly infinite music if they are connected to the Internet. But abundant music brings a problem: users facing too many songs from which to choose. This problem is solved by curating music to suit users, thus introducing a recommendation...
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Internet Technology in the Economic Sector: Gojek Expansion in Southeast Asia

Rina Tridana
Current political and economic developments and even daily social life cannot be separated from the Internet. The Internet makes it possible to read the news, express our thoughts, shop, check the latest movies, or even book a flight or a hotel room. This is only a short list of the activities that can...
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Australia’s Threat Perception of China on China–Vanuatu Cooperation in 2018

Robitul Haq
China’s plan to construct a seaport in Vanuatu in April 2018 was seen by Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a threat. He stated that Australia would view this cooperation with great concern. As a middle power in the Pacific and a representative of Western power, Australia’s reaction was exaggerated...
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Gender Role Commodification by the Wedding Industry

Sanastri Nurdityaning Dewandaru, Endah Triastuti
Women have for decades been socio-culturally constructed as an object of the institution of marriage. The media has played a major part in constructing an ideal of femininity portrayed through the narrative of a bride. This glorified image of a perfect bride later postulated marriage to be a fit state...
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Can Technology Replace Human Affection?

Syahrul Hidayanto, Billy K Sarwono
Physical contact, self-disclosure, and positive communication are important aspects in maintaining romantic relationships for young couples. However, sometimes the necessity of education forces young couples to go through long-distance relationships. This study aims to determine how communication technology...
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Digital Capitalism: Logic of Capitalism Practice in the Context of Communication Technology in Industry 4.0

Yudhi Mahatma, Irwansyah
Digitalization is a certainty. Digitalization has become the main communication requirement in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and the world is experiencing fundamental changes in human ways of living and working. Relations between humans have also significantly changed. In the previous era, information...
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Indonesia: Not a Priority in the European Union Bilateral FTA Negotiations with ASEAN

Zainab Assegaff
This explains why Indonesia was not a priority for the European Union (EU) in negotiating a bilateral FTA (Free Trade Agreement). Qualitative analysis was used and data was collected in the form of books, articles, journalism, and official pages from relevant organizations. Foreign Policy theory was...
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Granting Inmates Information Technology-Based Rights

Nevey Varida Ariani
The world has entered industrial revolution 4.0, which has an effect on granting inmates rights that are based on information technology (IT) and encourages active participation of communities in supporting the implementation of an appropriate correctional system. However, this use of IT has not been...
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Analysis of the Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation by Presidential Staff Office in Infrastructure Delivery

Muhammad Emmir, Vishnu Juwono
This study discusses the implementation of monitoring and evaluation mandated by the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) in the implementation of infrastructure. The purpose is to analyze KSP’s application of results-based monitoring and evaluation of infrastructure implementation. The results-based monitoring...
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Policy Implementation of Management of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Grants Fund (Study in Pidie Jaya District and Pidie District in Aceh Province)

Ria Suwartiningsih, Vishnu Juwono
The post-disaster recovery process is the responsibility of all parties, government, society, and private sector. The Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Grant Fund is a manifestation of the responsibility of the central government in accelerating the recovery from the effects of the disaster. Management...
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Natural Disaster Insurance Policy in Indonesia: Proposing an Institutional Design

Dini Dubelmar, Made Astrin Dwi Kartini, Sabila Mareli, Murwendah Soedarno
Natural disasters are a significant phenomenon that often take place in Indonesia. Indonesia’s geographic position gives it a high risk of natural disasters. In 2018, the government of Indonesia created a natural disaster insurance policy as an effort to finance disaster mitigation without depending...
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Science Communication by Government Public Relation from A Network Organization Perspective

Shiddiq Sugiono, Ummi Salamah
Science communication involves delivering scientific information that is not only done by scientists but also by public relations officers at government scientific and technological institutions. The hierarchical mechanism adopted by government agencies is one of the obstacles to the entry of information...
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Evaluation of the Implementation of Collaborative Governance in the Optimization of DKI Jakarta Regional Tax Revenues

Bella Sepri Nika Sari, Haula Rosdianae
A very dynamic tax strategy environment, one in which tax institutions cannot work alone, requires collaborative governance in the context of optimizing local tax revenues. In addition, improving the interdependent use of tax between each government agency makes the synergy of each institution a necessity....
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Analysis of Alternative Hotel Tax Policies for Airbnb Transactions in DKI Jakarta

Nisrina Yunilasari Hasna, Inayati
This research is motivated by the development of lodging transactions through digital platforms, such as Airbnb. The policies that have been implemented in Florida and New York City are determined to analyze alternative hotel tax policies for Airbnb transactions in DKI Jakarta. The method of hotel tax...
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Analysis of Authorized Economic Operator Policy in the Tanjung Priok Customs and Excise Service Office: Strengths and Weaknesses

Berlian Kusuma Bachtiar, Inayati
Export/import activities are the main activities in international trade. In order to carry out these activities, a policy supporting the ease and resolution of customs issues in managing import and export is needed. One of the implemented policies is an Authorized Economic Operator policy (AEO policy)....
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Effectiveness of the Regional School Operational Assistance Program for Madrasas in Bekasi Municipal Government in the Decentralization Era: A Case Study of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri Bekasi Municipality and Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 1 Bekasi Municipality

Lulu Nurul Fitri, Irfan Ridwan Maksum
Recently, Indonesia prioritized education for everyone to reach the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). Generally, central and regional governments have the authority to implement education to achieve fair and inclusive education nationwide. To enhance the overall quality of education,...
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SME Loan Process Efficiency With McKinsey 7S Model

Diona Ayu Melinda, Andriyanti Wagianto
The rapid growth in fintech (financial technologies) companies is resulting in tougher competition in the banking industry. That is why banks should begin to improve their business model to meet the needs of borrowers. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the process of lending to borrowers and...
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Beneficial Owners’ Interpretation of Implementing Tax Treaties and Implications About the Certainty of Corporate Funding Through Global Bond Issuance: A Case Study of a Decision by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia

Lastri Defani Sinambela, Indrayagus Slamet
The purpose of this study is to analyze the beneficial owner interpretation used in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia’s decision Number 133/B/PK/PJK/2017, between PT PLN and DGT, and to assess the implications for Majapahit Holding BV’s funding by issuing global bonds. Many cases brought...
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Collaborative Value-Chain Design of Reward-Based, Crowd-Funding Platforms in the Indonesian Music Industry

Octadila Laily Anggraeni, Elvia R. Shauki
Rapid advancement in technology has brought about many life changes. Technology simplifies the way people do many things, and it saves time, energy, and cost. The financial sector, for instance, is characterized by the growth of financial technology. One example of this is crowd funding. Creative industries...
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Mitigating Fraud Risk at the Directorate General of Taxes

Qomarudin Alfatah, Nicholas Agustinus L. Tobing
This study identifies potential fraud schemes, evaluates risk controls, and discusses anti-fraud strategies using a case study of the Directorate General of Taxes in Indonesia, conducted by exploring phenomena related to fraud risk in the scope of business processes. By using fraud triangle theory and...
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Design of Vat Information System to Minimize Administrative Tax Sanctions

Suci Pratiwi, Waluyo
The Republic of Indonesia’s government appoints certain business entities as Value Added Tax collectors (VAT), based on Regulation of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia 37/PMK.03/2015. This creates problems for other companies, especially companies that are subsidiaries of certain business...
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Effect of Organizational Capital on Cost Stickiness at Indonesian Manufacturing Companies

Meriza Saguliannita, Christina Juliana
This study analyzes the phenomenon of cost stickiness (CS) by considering the impact of the level of organizational capital (OC) on sales, general, and administration (SG&A) expenses. OC reflects technologies and business processes that allow companies to optimize resources better than other companies....
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Key Audit Matters Implementation on Public Sector Audit Report: Case Study of the Audit Board of Indonesia

Nathalya Tampubolon, Robert P. Tobing
The Audit Board of Indonesia’s (BPK’s) opinion is recognized as one of the assessments of the performance of state financial management performed by the Indonesian government, both from the central government and regional government. Government financial reports have different functions and characteristics...
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Customer Relationship Management Through Customer Profitability: A Case Study in Pharmaceutical Product Marketing Company

Ammar Nashir, Dwi Hartanti
This study aims to analyze Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through customer classification in a pharmaceutical product marketing company. The tools used to analyze CRM are Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) methods. Unit analysis of this study is a branch office...
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Benefit Test Analysis for Management Services Transaction in Transfer Pricing

Anissa Restuti Amalia, Waluyo
This paper analyzes the arm’s length range of transfer pricing transactions of PT Wijaya’s management services. One of the risks borne by PT Wijaya is the tax adjustment on management service transactions paid to related parties when they fail to fulfill the benefit test according to the arm’s length...
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Staff Assignment Planning Design for Audit of Non-Profit and Public Institutions

Azza Nadia Mustika Rianti, Dwi Setiawan Susanto
This paper provides an overview of the use of staffing assignments for the audit planning of non-profits and public institutions. This is a qualitative case study which results show that audit preparation has not been adequate because of the utilization and dissemination of non-optimal information. So,...
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Accounting Treatment for Financing Impairment on Sharia Banks in Indonesia

Mahfisyah Putri Isa, Dwi Martani
This research analyzes the accounting and calculation methods used in performing impairment on financing and aims to determine the accounting treatment used and the amount of impairment for each financing activities. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis. Data have been obtained through...
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Application of Operational Risk Assessment in Inventory Management and Reputational Risk of Chip-Based Electronic Money: KLM Bank Case Study

Kadek Dwi Juliana Lestari, Lufti Julian
This study discusses the application of operational risk assessments, inventory management, and reputational risk of chip-based electronic money at KLM Bank. Chip-based electronic money is issued by KLM Bank to answer the challenges of disruptions. The purpose of this study is to understand the product’s...
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Determinants of Anti-Corruption Disclosure in State-Owned Enterprise in Indonesia

Miftahul Jannah, Desi Adhariani
Corruption within corporations has become an important issue in academic and public debate. This study examines the impact of political connections and the gender of executives on anti-corruption disclosures (ACD). Using a sample of 29 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) listed on the BEI (Indonesia Stock...
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Fraud Risk Assessment in Audit Planning in Internal Supervision Units: Case Study of Transportation Companies

Eka Septariana Puspa, Lufti Julian
The purpose of this study is to assess the maturity of PT X’s fraud risk management program at the corporate level, compile a fraud risk assessment matrix by identifying possible fraud risk schemes, conduct fraud risk assessments (fraud risk assessment), and compile the Annual Supervision Work Program...
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Audit Quality in Government Audit: Public Accountant Firm vs. Government Auditors in Indonesia

Imam Ulil Amri, Dyah Setyaningrum
This study aims to investigate the difference in audit quality between the Public Accounting Firms (PAF) in Indonesia and the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK). We conducted a test using two sample groups of local governments from 2016 until 2018. The first group consists of local governments...
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Investment Strategy in Sharia Mutual Funds: Case Study on the Indonesian Capital Market

Zaenal Arifin, Sri Mulyati
Sharia (Islamic) mutual funds, which are one of the securities that are categorized as socially responsible investment funds, are experiencing rapid growth in Indonesia. For this reason, it is necessary to study the strategies to invest in sharia mutual funds in Indonesia. This study uses three aspects...
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Commute Time Decisions in Dual-Worker Households

Nur Hilda Triany, Chotib Chotib
This study empirically examines the choice of residence in reference to differences in income and evaluates how socio-economic characteristics affect the commute time of dual-worker couples. This study used data from the 2018 National Labor Force Survey (Sakernas). The sample used in this study was workers...
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Understanding Tax Morale of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Jabodetabek

Benny Irawan, Khoirunurrofik Khoirunurrofik
This study aims to identify the factors determining the tax morale of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The study is pertinent because MSME account for 60% of Indonesia’s GDP yet they contribute only 0.67% to tax revenue. One reason for this low level of tax revenue is low tax morale. Tax...
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Heterogenous Effect of Relationship Variables on Microfinance Lending: Evidence from Indonesia

Muhammad Miqdad Robbani, Fatiya Rumi Humaira
Microfinance and SMEs have significant roles as economic growth drivers. However, interest rate and credit availability for SMEs depend on various factors. This research tries to find the impact of having a relationship between the Microfinance Institution (MFI) and the borrowers as the deciding factor...
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Customer-Based Brand Equity in an Education Event

Elgine Harits, Reny Yuliati
This study investigates the relationship between dimensions that exist in the customer-based brand equity (CBBE) concept in the context of an educational event, as well as to examine the relationship between event brand value and event brand loyalty, which is debated in the previous literature. In total,...
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The Impact of Career Adaptability on Career Engagement Mediated by Promotability and Career Satisfaction

Devi Arlina, Ayu Aprilianti
The present study analyzes career adaptability, promotability, career satisfaction, and their impact on career engagement. It also examines the mediation effect of promotability and career satisfaction on career engagement. The study was conducted in Supreme Audit Board of Indonesia on a sample of 298...
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Estimating Ad Valorem Equivalents (AVES) of Non-Tariff Measures: The Case of the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) and Technical Barrier to Trade (TBT) in Indonesian Bilateral Trade with 20 Main Trade Partners

Tyas Kurniasih, Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi
This study aims to estimate the Ad Valorem Equivalents (AVEs) of the 20 largest trading partner countries of Indonesia as a result of the implementation of the Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs), especially Sanitary Phytosanitary (SPS) and Technical Barrier to Trade (TBT) from 2007 to 2016. AVE can be interpreted...
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Loan Diversification, Market Concentration, and Stability in the Indonesian Banking Industry

Nabila Sheila Meutia, Dony Abdul Chalid
This study aims to investigate the impact of loan diversification, market concentration, and the interaction effect of loan portfolio diversification and market concentration on banks’ stability in Indonesia. The observation includes 62 commercial banks from Indonesia with an annual data period of 2010–2017....
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Determinants of Bank Loans in Indonesia

Theresa Jessica, Dony Abdul Chalid
This study intends to analyze the effect of the level of nonperforming loans (NPL) on the lending behavior of banks in Indonesia. This study also seeks to understand whether other variables, such as bank capitalization and bank market power, influence the relationship between NPLs and lending behavior...
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Contributing Factors That Affect Perception on Malaysia Property Crowdfunding Initiative

Nurul Faziera Khairul Adlee, Masnita Misiran
Crowdfunding has risen as a progressive financing model that enables small businesses to raise funds. In Malaysia, an equity crowdfunding platform has extended innovatively into the proposed property crowdfunding initiative tabled in the Budget 2019. This study was conducted to determine the factors...
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Conflict in the South China Sea and Exports to China Within the Asean-China Free Trade Agreement Framework

Muhammad Imam, Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi
The ASEAN–China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA), a regional trade agreement signed in 2004, established free trade for goods among participating countries. The ACFTA removed tariffs on goods beginning in 2010 for trade between ASEAN and China. However, trade cooperation between ASEAN and China has been...
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Foreign Ownership and Access to Bank Services in Indonesia

Rheinhard Yonathan, Dony Abdul Chalid
This study aims to analyze the effect of the presence of foreign banks on the access to bank services—in term of the number of automatic teller machines (ATMs), branch offices, and the allocation of credit distribution by banks—to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) in Indonesia. We use data...
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The Impact of Income Diversification and Non-Interest Income Diversification on Indonesian Bank Performance, 2012-2017

Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Ely Siswanto
The influence of diversification decisions is still debated in several studies. Some studies highlight the positive impact of diversification on company performance. On the other hand, diversification has also been considered to have a negative impact on companies. The negative impacts from diversification...
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U-Shaped Theory in Indonesia: Evidence from Sakernas 2010 and 2017

Indah Lukitasari, Prita Ismayani
Female Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) in Indonesia showed a plateau trend 20 years ago while economic growth was increasing positively. Since then, high Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) (province level) has not been accompanied by high female LFPR although the Gender Development Index (GDI),...
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The Effects of Verbal Abuse and Abusive Supervision Towards Turnover Intention Through Emotional Exhaustion: An Empirical Study of Garment Workers in Indonesia

Siti Hanifah, Muthia Pramesti, Sari Wahyuni
Adverse workplace conditions, especially concerning the welfare of workers, can affect workers’ perceptions of the organization. If the company fails to address working conditions that can meet the basic needs of workers, the consequences are higher turnover intention through emotional exhaustion experienced...
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Interconnection Between Information Mechanism on Crowdfunding Platforms and Product Launch Decision on the Market: Case Study of ASEAN-Five Countries

Farah Yumna, Liyu Adhi Kasari Sulung
Crowdfunding activities not only help initiators to obtain funding, but also to give the information valuation to the project initiators for minimizing product default risk in the market. This study investigated the Kickstarter platform as a resource in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippine...
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The Role of External Supports on Performance of Reward Crowdfunding Projects in BRICS Countries

Irma Tsuraya Choirinnida, Liyu Adhi Kasari Sulung
This study analyzes the role of reward and reputation support on the performance of crowdfunding projects in BRICS countries. Ordinary least square is used as methodology research with 582 cross-sectional data from top three creative projects that were conducted on Kickstarter’s platform from 2009 to...
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The Role of Signaling and Social Identity in Crowdfunding: Evidence from BRICS Countries

Niluh Putu Damayanti, Liyu Adhi Kasari Sulung
This study examines the effect of signaling and the social identity inherent in the project owner in determining the success factor of a crowdfunding project. The study is tested using 580 data from projects in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS countries) during the period from 2012...
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The Role of Social Capital and Reward Factor in the Success of Crowdfunding Project Fundraising: Case Study of Emerging Market Countries

Nabila Sekar Hapsari, Liyu Adhi Kasari Sulung
This study aims to determine the role of social capital and reward factor in the success of crowdfunding project fundraising in emerging markets during the period of January 2017 to February 2019. Using secondary and cross-section data from, representing projects from Brazil, Russia,...
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Gender Preference for a Third or More Children: Evidence from Indonesia

Resty Sopiyono, Ahmad Rifki Febrianto
Indonesia’s total fertility rate (TFR) was 2.4 in 2017, slightly lower than the 2002 rate of 2.6. In order to achieve a stable population growth, Indonesia needs to lower its fertility rate to the replacement level of TFR = 2.1. Studies have revealed that gender preferences regarding offspring are influential...
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Amazon Anti-Competition Law in the International Political Economy

Fajar Purnomo Adi
In the last decade, information and communications technology (ICT) has grown very rapidly. One of the most notable developments in ICT is the emergence of online commerce. The online commerce scene has gotten very crowded, very rapidly, and thus raised the level of competition. In the midst of it all,...
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Asset Quality, Non-Interest Income, and Bank Profitability: Evidence from Indonesia

Febrio Giring Tolangga, Maria Ulpah
This paper aims to investigate whether increases in non-interest income activities result in higher profitability of banks operating in Indonesia and how they differ from groups of banks based on ownership status and asset quality. Our findings show that the relationship between income diversification...
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The Impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance Performance on Firm Risk in the ASEAN-5 Countries, 2011-2017

Anindita Nur Annisa, Dwi Hartanti
This study examines the effect of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance on firm risk in South East Asia. The ESG performance is measured using the Thomson Reuter’s ESG Score, which is further classified into the ESG Score, the ESG Controversy Score, and the ESG Combined Score. The risk...
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Identifying the Effect of Financial and Market Access on Micro-Enterprise Performance in Indonesia

Vidyana Putri Hidayati, Teguh Dartanto
Micro-enterprises are the most dominant business type in Indonesia, and their growth leads our economy. However, according to various empirical studies in several developing countries, micro-enterprises still face difficulties in financial and market access. Therefore, this study discusses those factors...
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Impact of Internationalization on Firm Performance in Emerging Markets with Home Country Uncertainty and Region of Expansion as Moderating Variables 2009-2017

Arin Nadiyah Amany, Wardatul Adawiyah
This study determines the influence of internationalization on the performance of firms in Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. This study also determines whether home country uncertainty and region of expansion strengthen relations between internationalization and firm performance. This study uses...
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ESG Disclosure and Firm Value: Family versus Nonfamily Firms

Annisa Meidiana Thahira, Aria Farah Mita
This research is motivated by the increasing demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure. This phenomenon raises questions as to whether this information is properly used and provides benefits to the company that published the disclosure. Several studies attempted to observe the...
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Informational Effect of Stock Liquidity on Dividend Payouts: Evidence from Indonesia, 2008-2017

Alya Faradisi, Maria Ulpah
This research investigates the informational effect of stock liquidity on dividend payouts in Indonesia from 2008 to 2017. Three dividend payout proxies are used: DVE (cash dividend scaled by earnings), DVC (cash dividend scaled by net operating cash flow), and DVP (the propensity for a dividend use...
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Information Asymmetry and Capital Structure: A Case Study of Indonesia During 2008-2017

Rahmatania Ekoputri Apriliana, Maria Ulpah
This research aims to determine the effect of the information asymmetry related to a stock on the capital structure of firms in Indonesia from 2008 to 2017. In this research, five capital structure proxies are used: market leverage, book value of leverage, cost of debt, cost of equity, and the difference...
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Analysis of Zakat Core Principle Application in Lembaga Amil Zakat XYZ

Eka Ifa Apriliana, Dodik Siswantoro
This study analyzes the application of Zakat Core Principles (ZCP) in zakat management in Lembaga Amil Zakat (LAZ) XYZ to determine its level of compliance with ZCP. Elaborating the compliance of zakat management in LAZ XYZ with ZCP serves as guidelines for LAZ XYZ to improve its effectiveness in zakat...
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Mitigating Fraud Risk in Cash-Based Payment System via E-Payment Implementation: Case of Indonesia

Machmudin Eka Prasetya, Intan Salwani Mohamed, Shuhaida Mohamed Shuhidan, Gede Harja Wasistha
E-payment systems, also known as cashless payment systems, have gradually started to replace traditional payment systems. An e-wallet is an innovative cashless payment system that could make transactions more effective and efficient and could mitigate possible fraud risk in cash-based payment systems....
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Society’s Request for Conversion Therapy: Is It Effective and Ethical to be Done?

Stefany Valentia, Elizabeth Kristi Poerwandari
As a conservative country, Indonesia is one of the countries that is still struggling to accept homosexuality. General view of sexual identity and sexual orientation is fixated on binary concept, where sexual identity is considered same as gender. Despite homosexuality being no longer categorized as...
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Applying School Effectiveness Principle as School System: A Case Analysis in Leading Primary School in Indonesia

Shahnaz Safitri, Francisca Francisca, Kara Andrea Handali, Tika Dwi Ariyanti
The main goal of schooling is to develop the students’ ability and support their academic achievement. In addition, a school also serves as a source for students in conceiving the world with its network of social relationship, which they will face independently in adulthood. Thus, it is important to...
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The Sexual Addiction Controversy: A Disorder or Not?

Stefany Valentia, Elizabeth Kristi Poerwandari
The status of sexual addiction as a mental disorder remains controversial. Regardless of the popularity of the term sexual addiction today, the fact is that the proposal of sexual addiction diagnosis has been unclear. This has sparked a debate among clinicians, there are clinicians who support the inclusion...
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The Implications of Trust on Nursing Team Contextual Performance: A Evidence from Malaysia

Azlyn Ahmad Zawawi
Successful service-oriented organizations are made of proficient employees who are willing to give their best to achieve the organizations’ objectives either as an individual or part of a team. The use of teams to accomplish tasks denotes that the members are more energetic, synergized, and active in...
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ASEAN for Data Protection

Remarks On 2016 ASEAN Framework on Personal Data Protection and The Impact Towards Regional Peer to Peer Lending

Salsabila Siliwangi Surtiwa, Christian Jeremia Gultom
Technology in loan and banking has become faster and easier to access by everyone. One of the popular forms of the loaning-money method is peer-to-peer lending (P2PL), that creates a platform for lenders and borrowers to make an agreement for loaning. By this transaction through P2PL that using the digital...
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Implementation of the Prudential Principle (Al-Ihtiyathi) on Investment Manager Regulations in Managing Sharia Mutual Funds in Indonesia

Aang Anzal Muhammad Gofar, Gemala Dewi
Sharia mutual fund investment carries risks so that the investment manager in carrying out the task of managing investor funds in addition to maximizing returns is also obliged to ensure that the benefits received by the customer are truly in line with sharia rules. The implementation of investment transactions...
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Legal Review of Sharia Mutual Fund Investment Unit Sales Through Online Application by Mutual Fund Selling Agent (APERD)

Anisah Marwah Nabilah, Gemala Dewi
The era that is all modern and easy to transact has influenced the pattern of people’s lives in various aspects, one of which is the economic aspect. At present, various goods and services are traded through the application. Make an innovation to trade the Sharia Mutual Fund display effects through an...
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Strengthening Access to Justice in the Era of Network Society Through e-Judiciary

Case Study of Indonesian Constitutional Court

Andi Hakim, Eko Prasojo, Ima Mayasari
Access to Justice is one of the basic rights of every Indonesian citizen guaranteed and protected by the Constitution (UUD 1945) as stated in Article 28 D paragraph (1) and Article 28 I paragraph (1). In addition, in the era of network society. With the authority and functions inherent in it, the Constitutional...
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Electronic Information Security System for Notarial Deeds as National Archives

Chris Rivaldo Maengkom
Notaries are public officials authorized to make authentic deeds and other authorities, one if which is the authority to certify transactions carried out electronically, known as cyber notaries as stated in explanation of article 15, Law No. 2/2014 concerning Notary Officials (Revised Law No. 30/2004)....
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Legal Analysis on Local Content Requirements Regulation for Modern Retail Business in Indonesia

Muhammad Iqbal Pratama, Rouli Anita Velentina
This research paper examined the adjustment of domestic Local Content Requirements rules in Indonesia for the implementation of Modern Retail business in Indonesia and the Local Content Requirements provisions of the WTO. Indonesia showed their self-approval to WTO by ratifying Law Number 7 of 1994 concerning...
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Implementation of Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty

Cases of the United States Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures Implementation on Certain Coated Paper from Indonesia

Shagi Algivary, Rouli Anita Velentina
In economic terms, globalization leads to the increasing interdependence of world economies through free trade. To ensure global trade commences freely and fair, World Trade Organization was created. The WTO creates and embodies the ground rules for global trade, especially when a country faced with...
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Legal Approach of Indonesia Horticulture Trade Dispute Compliance of WTO DS478

Jonathan Kaleb Parulian, Rouli Anita Velentina
World Trade Organization (WTO) was established with the purpose of having a free and fair international trade. To achieve that purpose, any violation towards the covered agreement in the Agreement on the Establishment of World Trade Organization will be brought to the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of...
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The Usage of Rogatory Online Monitoring System as a Proof of Advancement in Indonesia’s Legal Documentation System

Natasya Fila Rais
This article is aimed to introduce its readers to Rogatory Online Monitoring system, a system created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, under the cooperation of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia. This system allows the government to track cases that are on...
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Construction of “Sharenting” Reality for Mothers Who Shares Children’s Photos and Videos on Instagram

Nur Rafiza Putri, Ali Ar Harkan, Aurora Almarini Khairunnisa, Farisa Nurintan, Moh. Adli Ahdiyat
The phenomenon of sharing and disclosing intimate information about children in the form of photos, videos, and status by parents through social media is now increasingly widespread. This activity is referred to “sharenting”. This activity is commonly done by digital native parents who raise children...