Proceedings of the 2014 2nd International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities and Management

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Impacts of Cultural Differences on Sino-American Business Negotiations

Sun Xiuli
With the rapid development of global economic cooperation, international business negotiations are on a dramatic increase. In the past two decades, business negotiations between China and the U.S. have been growing remarkably. However, there are huge cultural differences between the two countries and...
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Analysis of the principles of narcotic drugs in the clinical application

Yin Zengsheng
Narcotic drugs is as an integral part of the special clinical medicine, and it has wide range of usage varies, state management of narcotic drugs is also very strict, most anesthetics in continuous use would most likely produce physical dependence, and it is easy to form addiction, therefore, clear principles...
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The use of Confucian management thought in modern society

Ding Lilei, Hao Yafei
The Original Confucian "benevolence" as the core of thinking, emphasizes respect for people's status, the importance of the value of a man. After historical accumulation, the Confucian "people-oriented" has been deeply rooted in people's minds, has affected the modern people's life, world outlook and...
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Status and application of informatization on the construction management

Fang Lin, Hu Kai
Network information technology is the product of the combination of communication and computer technology. The computer network is to interconnect the world dispersed and independent computers in accordance with the network protocol. With the rapid development of information technology at home and abroad,...
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The Application of Cloud computing in Hospital Information Platform

Yang Maobao
This paper studies three important application field of cloud computing in the construction of hospital information technology platform: Cloud data center, mobile medical desktop clouds and regional medical cloud. The article analyses the present situation, application effect, and the future development...
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The Study of Accounting Measurement Mode Based on Fair Value Perspective

Wang SiYao
When it occurs financial crisis, most of the global financial assets may lose an active market, and the financial assets or liabilities fair value estimation will lose the foundation, a main body can not use fair value to measure its financial assets or financial liabilities. According to the experience...
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Discussion on Influences of Cloud Computing on Enterprise Informatization

Xu Ye
Cloud computing as an emerging service model, has been widely applied in enterprise informatization.Cloud computing platform can provide hardware and software resources and services for enterprises users, effectively reducing the cost of enterprise informatization, and meeting the informatization needs...
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Research on Implementing PLC Constant-pressure Water Supply Control Based on Modbus

Qu Zhan, Zhou Beibei, Ren Yan
PLC of the low layer of network in the paper communicates with field equipment by fieldbus or Modbus. And all PLC of the upper layer implements Ethernet hybrid network control system. The paper proposes a hybrid control network system based on PLC. The programmable controller TWDLCAE40DRF has the function...
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Research on Utilization Status and Potential of Manure Resource in Liaozhong County

Wang Zhigang, Lv Jie, Xi Fengming
Based on regional fieldwork and Shenyang statistical yearbook data of aquaculture farmers and organic fertilizer companies, the paper describes the resource utilization status of livestock manure, compare the total nutrients contained in animal manure and chemical fertilizer and analyze a low level of...
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Research and Application of An improved Harmony Search Algorithm

Liu Jie
An improved Harmony Search Algorithm applied to the Route Optimization has been proposed in this paper. At the same time, this paper compared this improved algorithm with the traditional Harmony Search Algorithm and the Genetic Algorithm through experiments and simulation. The experimental results show...
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The Study on the Development Process of Urbanization and Strategy Choice in China

Lv Jian
Urbanization has left deep imprint on social-economic construction, but at the same time raises many problems for policy makers. So this article analyzes the situation of urbanization in megacities, medium-sized and small cities in different periods based on the current situation, and proposes several...
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The actual controller of listed companies and innovation input- Evidence from A-share listed companies in China

Wu Jiao-jiao, Su Wei-dong
Many scholars have researched the relationship between corporate governance and innovation input from different perspectives. This paper studies the innovation input effects from the angle of actual controllers of listed companies, using the data of China's A-share listed companies in 2007-2013. The...
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The Library Crisis Management Research

Wu Xiao Jun
The modern library in the face of a lot of reality and potential crisis, constructing scientific and effective crisis management model is the key of library crisis management, this article on the basis of the library crisis management system has carried on the detailed planning and design, build a suitable...
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Transformation model and innovation research on technological achievements of silk industry

Yi Honggen
On Base of analysis about the present situation of scientific and technological achievements transformation in silk in-dustry, the paper aimed to innovate the transformation modes of scientific and technological achievements in our silk industry, and increase the achievements transformation efficiency,...
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The Research on Service Outsourcing Cities Undertaking Ability Relative Efficiency

Wang Shengjin
China Service outsourcing has developed rapidly, demonstration city construct significant results ,industry developed rapidly, the competitiveness is enhancing gradually.the Data envelopment analysis (dea) has the advantages of multiple input and output decision-making. Through 21 service outsourcing...
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China’s Neighborhood Energy Cooperation Strategy Under “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Marine Silk Road”

Yan Shigang
Under “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Marine Silk Road”strategy, this paper analyzes the current development of neighborhood energy cooperation, which can be summarized in strengthening bilateral energy cooperation, improving multilateral cooperation mechanism, and extending energy cooperation area....
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Black and White, Actual Situation Mr. Liu Pu landscape appreciation

Zeng Ziyi
Liu Pu, a visiting professor at Renmin University of China, Vice Chairman of Sichuan landscape, Chairman of Sichuan Chinese Society painting and the Art Realm presented their works bring us spiritual shock visual experience.
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Exploration on Hunan Province’s folk arts in package designing course of local university

Lu Ning
The folk arts of Hunan province is the name card of Huxiang culture, which can demonstrate the artistic glamour of Huxiang culture. Through thousands of years, the folk arts of Hunan Province is less and less applied with the development of the times, however, in the teaching of package designing course,...
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Study on the Batik Patterns and Crafts of the Miao Costumes in Northwestern Guizhou Province

Hong Bo
Zhijin, Nayong of Bijie city and Suoga Town of Liuzhi Special Zone and so on are the most representative districts for the culture of Miao Costumes in the northwestern Guizhou. The complex and various crafts, fine and sophisticated ornamentation and the mysterious patterns on the Miao Costumes all reflect...
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The narrative Logic of Dreams Story in “Ming Bao Ji”

Pu Huajun
"Ming Bao Ji" is the early Tang Buddhist efficacious work to write different strange things, it is a famous novel mainly to promote Buddhism. In the work, there are many uses of dream narrative of the round transformation of narrative structure; the actual situation conversion of narrative space is to...
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Analysis on the Characteristics of Chinese National Folk Sports Tourism Destination

Yi Cuixia
This electronic document is a “live” template. The various components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] are already defined on the style sheet, as illustrated by the portions given in this document. DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS, SYMBOLS, OR MATH IN YOUR TITLE OR ABSTRACT. By using the literature...
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The Design of New Media Art: Combination of Art and Digital Technologies

Liu Liping
Modern society has entered the digital age, and human civilization has made unprecedented progress. As a kind of new art form, the design of new media art development with it. Art and design are influenced by digital technology deeply. There are many disadvantages but already occupies a very important...
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To Explore the Principle of Visual Perception and Its Expression in the Exhibition Building Dynamic Space

Meng Pei, Cai Pan
Visual perception is one of a kind of things outside active exploration and recorded activities, the form feeling and cognition of objective things cannot do without visual perception. Interior design is a "visual arts", spatial morphology is as the basic theory of interior design that has certain significance...
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Lawrence novel "Rainbow" Interpretation of the thinking and behavior of the characters

Qin Yan
This paper tries through emotional life novel "Rainbow" to describe exploration Lawrence thought of self-transcendence. Marriage does not become an obstacle towards the other side of the world: the couple should accept each other's strange boldly factor, and maintain their relatively independence, and...
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Ideological pluralism of Eugene O'Neill examined by LAVINIA

Yang Qingyu
This article from "Mourning Becomes Electra" heroine LAVINIA analysis, clarifies Nietzsche, Freud thought in this image reflected the body, to state thought of O'Neill is particular, complex, broad and profound. Nietzsche's main rebel influence is from Christianity, and the pursuit of capitalist civilization...
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Interpretation of Symbolism in Willa.Cather novel "A Lost Lady"

Zhao Qiaohong
"A Lost Lady" is at beginning of the 20th century, a important work of creation of a famous American writer Willa Cather, through a story that a woman in a social swirl in old age gradually fall and sink, it reflects the commercialization of human society and other traditional values and lifestyle impact...
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The effect of sperm morphology on the outcome of Assisted Reproductive Technology

Liao HongQing, Ouyang Xinping
The spermmorphology classification putforward by Macleod draw attention gradually onmale infertile evaluationin the past few years. This study by evaluating the effect of different morphology sperm rate on the outcomes of intracytoplasmic sperm injection assists the prediction of reproductive outcome...
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Build Practice Mode in a Professional Art and Design Workshop Classroom

Xiang Zhaoying
This workshop is a professional art and design practice pattern in professional development, classroom teaching, thinking training, ability to communicate, collaboration and creation, inspiring individuals to participate in practice, inspiring the enthusiasm of the proposed features consistent with current...
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Talk about Chinese contemporary literature classic construction based on external factors generated by classic literature

Chen Li
The development process of literary history is always accompanied by changes in the evaluation of certain literary classics, as well as the process of shaping literary classics in each era. For modern and contemporary Chinese literature is concerned, a very prominent situation is that it has two different...
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Attention to the inheritance of traditional cultural spirit in ancient literature education

Shen Huizhen
Chinese traditional culture is the crystallization of Chinese wisdom and spirit. Educating young students about traditional culture is an essential way of carrying forward and cultivate national spirits, as well as improving the quality of people of the nation. Ancient literature works not only indicates...
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Contemporary Value Function of Marxist Theory and Practice

Xu Xueping
Marxist theory is a scientific truth, and we must adhere to it. But under the new conditions, the Marxist theory should guide the practice of socialism and must also develop. Because without necessary development, the theory will become rigid, rigid theory must be out of practice, and in this case, it...
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Research of Sports cultural orientation based on Khampa Tibetans leisure activities

Zhang Bingsong
analysis on Sports cultural orientation of Khampa Tibetans is an important means to study Tibetan cultural development. According statistical findings on Khampa Tibetans leisure activities it reflects the relationship between Khampa Tibetan leisure activities and culture and sports, as well as obtaining...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western cultures under the Background of Internationalization and Diversification

Wang Jinjun
There are scores of definitions of "culture", which shows the complexity of the concept of culture. To explain its connotation, there is a certain degree of difficulty. From literature recorded, the word "culture" had already appeared in two thousand years ago, the original meaning refers to the ancient...
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To investigate the impact of technological development on photographic art

Hao Bing
The progress of era and development of science and technology will help nurture the art of photography, but also promote the diversification of forms of artistic expression. Range of contemporary art photography is extremely widespread, such as advertising, movies and 3D images, etc. This paper describes...
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The Impact of Computers Design on the Traditional Art Design

Jing Yonghua
Due to advances in computer technology, interactive computer graphics applications are evolving, and art computer technology is integrated into the design, making science and art in many fields fused. Art is a computer up to date to explore the area and become industry's hottest hotspot art and design,...
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Analysis of Public leisure space rest seat design elements

Yan Zong
This paper mainly seven aspects of public leisure space to rest seat design elements were analyzed by discussing public leisure space to rest seat culture, layout, climate, materials, accessibility, natural environment, and other factors discussed form.
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Film Music Aesthetic Characteristics and the Rendering Effects on Film Works

Sun Huili
Film music is an essential part of video works, and it bears the narrative, ideographic, and lyrical functions. Different styles of film music will produce different results to video works. The audience communicate and share through images, sound and people's inner feeling when appreciating the process...
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On Audience Research in the New Media Context

Liu Shuchen, Cao Wei
The advent and growth of the new media has brought great changes to the role of the audience, the way the audience utilizes the media , and the reaction the audience make to the new media. This paper adopt the theory of development, the theory of use and gratification and the theory of encoding and decoding...
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A Brief Analysis of the Resurrection Theme in Ming Bao Ji

Pu Huajun
Ming Bao Ji which mainly promotes the Buddhist doctrine is a supernatural tales with lots of resurrection theme. The novel narrates the stories which people can be alive after death. It contains the meaning of transmutation and newborn. This resurrection theme novels reflect the Tang people’s pondering...
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Research on the Dialectics in Architecture Design Idea

Xiang Feng
Based on the concept of the architecture theory and comment this paper use the law of the modern architectural design. From the expression technique, creativity and inspiration, function and structure, and the future development trend of construction, etc., the architectural design realize the sustainable...
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Foreign aid in the practice of group calisthenics designed-in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tanzania group calisthenics Case.

Yu Xuelian
The Opening Ceremony of the modern large-scale events have become an important window of a nation. The colorful, majestic atmosphere, innovation, and progressive group calisthenics performance is playing an important and irreplaceable role. December 9, 2011 is the 50th anniversary of independence of...
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A comprehensive analysis on the impact-ing mechanism of innovation input on innovation performance

Wu Hang
Innovation has emerged as the main de-velopment strategy for Chinese high-tech firms. However, existing research mostly equals innovation input to R&D input and ignores to explore the impact of innovation input on innovation performance. This paper tends to establish the measurement framework of innovation...
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Sense Analysis and Application in Fashion Models Performance

Liu Wenbo, Shi Jianping, Wang Ting-Ting
This paper, from the perspective of the sense of fashion models, analyzes inner sense which contains kinesthetic and balance sense; external sense; sense of personality and contrast. It interprets the application of fashion model performance from four aspects: fashion dressing, self-expression, body...
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A Study on Computation Model and Em-pirical Examination for the Matching Degree of Cooperative Innovation Subject Motives

Fan Xia, Sun Jie
The motives matching relationship between cooperative innovation subject is analyzed, and the evaluating index sys-tem and measurement method for the enterprise and university engaged in UI motives are developed. Using concepts from geometry, the model for computing the matching degree of cooperative...
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A Review of the Relationship on Zhong-yong Thinking and Innovation Intention

Wang Ping, Yu Yihua
This review attempts to combine the existing researches of Zhong-yong Thinking and innovation intention from three aspects: the connotation, the dimensions and measurements, and the related researches. And then discusses the relationship between them. The result shows that Zhong-yong Thinking has a profound...
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The stitched textile technology and its emotional consideration property in fashion design

Zou Yushan, Zhang Desheng
In the modern world, fashion designers have kept exploring more skills on fabric in the field of product development. The stitched textile technology attracted increasing attention due to its characteristics of emotion expressing, easy-sculpting and color-matching. The present paper introduced this textile...
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Sustainability of green product design teaching and research

Ren Chengyuan, Cai Chen
To set up the Economy-Type Society, advocate a Green Life, from economic to personal lifestyles or consumption habits change, promotion of sustainable devel-opment. By studying the relationship be-tween people, products, environments, these green living product design concept and method, to create a...
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Study on the Succession and Protection of Tuer Guozhuang

Li Hong-ying
This paper explores the origination of Tuer Guozhuang dance by literature and field study, and analyses the relationship of Tuer Guozhuang dance and Tibetan religion as well as the reasons of the changing, the breaking situation of Tuer Guozhuang dance in the process of succession. Suggestions are offered...
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Research on the Development of School Sports with Physical Health as a Starting Point

Peng Limin
Student Physical Health promotion is to improve our students' physical health of important initiatives. Article based on the "health promotion" theory puts forward new ideas to promote students' physical health. An important way to study is based on the school sports that is as a student of this fundamental...
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On the scientific concept of development and social development of Marxism inheritance

Zhang Yi, Luo Lizhang
Marxist theory of social development is a doctrine that is about the objective world, comprehensive and profound development. It combines the characteristics of the scientific development concept and practice requirements of the new era, and further reveals the core of our economic and social development,...