Proceedings of the 2014 2nd International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities and Management

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Threshold Effect of the Environmental Regulation on the Regional Technology Innovation

Kang Dahua
Promoting technology innovation of enterprises through the environmental regulation is the key factor to deal the relationship between economic growth and environmental regulation. All previous literatures considered the intensity of environmental regulation and technology innovation is linear relationship....
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Construction of Responsibility Mechanism in Public Services

Liu Haitian
Public service is the foundation of human dignity and well-being in modern society, and also the main functions of modern government and the main areas of modern society. The development level of public services is a fundamental standard to measure responsible quality and responsibility of modern government....
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"A lost lady" eco-feminist interpretation

Jie Jiahong
Willa Cather • is One of the most important women writers of the United States in twentieth century, "A Lost Lady," marking her novel has reached a pinnacle of artistic realm, which analyses it from the ecological feminism, that the dual oppression of women and nature is the result of the ruling logic...
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Eco-tourism Problems and Solutions in China

Zhang Nianping
Eco-tourism is a kind of new forms of tourism which is burden on the social responsibility, both integrates into the environmental education, and it helps the education of natural resources and the development of biodiversity conservation. In this paper, we will analyze the problems in China’s eco-tourism...
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Imagined Communities and National Identification of Singapore A cases study of Ulysses by the Merlion

Long Zhao
Imagined Communities is a classical book to research ethic and nationalist issues which was written by Benedict Anderson [1]. It has provided us a new perspective for people to go beyond the traditional theories of nationalism and understand the issues of many areas in humanities and social sciences....
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Cultural Barriers in the International Business Negotiation

Sun Xiuli
With the rapid development of economic globalization, business activities and information exchanges between people from different cultural backgrounds have been increasing rapidly. And cross-cultural business negotiations are playing an important role in the business activities. However, cultural barriers...
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The application of Educational Psychology in Higher Vocational Education work

Xu Huayao
Higher Vocational Education is a special higher education, training practical talents for our country, offering the most generous and solid support to enhance the competitiveness of our country and making a contribution to China's economic development. With the rapid development of social economy, our...
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Development Status Quo and Trend of Modern Educational Psychology

Xu Huayao
When Examining the dominant ideology of educational reform movement during different time, and analyzing the interaction of Educational Psychology Development and Education Reform movement, we can see to some extent education reform enriches the theory and the content system of educational psychology,...
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Study of Network Public Opinion Structure Based on Social Network Analysis -- Scientific Research Funds in Chinese as an Example

Cao ZhiPeng, Lin Yubi
This paper is a case study on scientific research funds in colleges and universities in China and it introduces social network analysis to explore the structure of scientific research funds network. It analyses network’s degree, core-periphery structure and cohesive subgroups, based on the data from...
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Barriers Perceived to Car-travel Reduction among China Public

Liu Yuwei
Following the process of grounded theory, the author explores the barriers perceived to car-travel reduction among publics in three provincial regions of China. The results indicate that the four axial categories, i.e. attitudes toward travel modes, car-travel habits, social reference norms and the policy...
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The Analysis of College Students’ entre-preneurship influence factors

Wang YuE, Zhang Sixiang, Gao Baijun
In order to improve the frequency and success rate of college students entrepre-neurship, this paper study the influence factors of college students’ entrepreneur-ship and influence mechanism. This pa-per employed random sampling survey and the method of statistical analysis to investigate the influence...
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Translation of Public Signs in Cities

Liu Wei
Under the current cultural context of world economic globalization and social informationization, it is of profound and extensive realistic significance to explore the intertextuality of public signs translation in cities that facilitates the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and western cultures....
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The Association of Work-to-family Enrichment, Psychological Contract Ful-fillment, and Organizational identifica-tion

Qiu Lin
To contribute to a better understanding of the relationships between work–family integration and employee–organization relationship, this study developed and found support for a mediation model to elucidate the impact of work-to-family enrichment (WFE) on psychological con-tract fulfillment and organizational...
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Santiago’s Spiritual Wealth

Peng Yuan-zhen
The old man named Santiago in He-mingway’s novel The Old Man and the Sea was materially poor but spiritually wealthy. Hemingway presented us a strong-minded figure by putting him in contrast with the ordinary people, in fight with the shark, in connection with the lit-tle boy, and in harmony with the...
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Adolescent Psychological Health and Quality Education under the New Situation

Yu Kai
This paper, aiming at the psychological health and quality of contemporary adolescents, discusses the specific integration method from three aspects based on the structural composition and evaluation mode of adolescent’s psychological quality, and then carries on a simple research on the integration...
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Study on principles of English translation

Sun Xiuli
With the rapid development of economic globalization and China's reform and opening up, the importance of business English translation in international economic exchanges become increasingly prominent. Business English is a special purpose English, so other forms of business English translation and translation...
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Research on Attribute-enforcement Association Model of Illocutionary Metonymy

Zou Chunling, Yu Fang
This paper aims at constructing the micro-level attribute enforcement association model, which a highly-specific and constrained attribute inferential model based on the amended version of the original IM and blending theory to improve the original macro-level metonymy operation. Specifically, this paper...
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The Building of Speaking Right of Marxist Ideology in the Network Era

Chen Shengli
The network is a new field of ideology and culture blending and ideological conflict. Marxist ideology and value of science have not been obscured in the new media virtual space and time, but instead highlight the urgency and necessity of the construction of Marxist ideology right to speak. We should...
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Related Issues Study to the Marxist Youth under the Communication Language Environment

Xu Xueping
Marxism youth is the youth of Marxism and Marxism of youth’s dialectical unity. Summarizing the basic experience of Marxist youth’s understanding premise, theoretical premise and spread process, and its communication body, communication content, communication methods and process, characteristic and need...
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The Analysis of the Central Theme in Wolfe Novel of "Say Yes"

Yan Ke
the contemporary American writer Tobias Wolfe's short story "Say Yes", the Chinese translation is "say yes", the surface is about everyday dispute between a husband and wife, but the theme of the work has nothing to do with the marital relationship. In this paper, with the creative works and cultural...
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Thoughts of Lin Yutang contribute on Translation

Zhang Huarong
Looking at today's translation industry, recognition of the value of his translation theory lack sufficient depth and intensity, and it has always been to the edge of alienation from the mainstream attitude. Lin Yutang's translation of the article attempts to make a new value concept and we find that...
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Research on Library Innovation Service in Micro-era

Wang Zhigang
At present, various new mediarepresented bymicro-blog and wechat has lead us into the mirco-era. This paper gives the connotation of micro era concept and its characteristics, and then gives an analysis of library service innovation in micro-era, such as construction and micro group application, wechat...
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The research of relationship between college English listening and learning styles

Huang Chunmiao
The relationship between college English listening and learning style suggests: listening scores showed strong field-independent learning style, and poor academic performance showed hybrid learning styles without actual meanings, especially independent type learning styles means a lot for college English...
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Study of euphemistic expression of business English communication in Adaptation Theory Perspective

Du Liucheng
In business English euphemistic expression, methods are many and flexible, broader, it can effectively attract customers, promote products, and it is the primary means to seize business opportunities. Therefore, in today's competitive market environment, especially for business people, the flexible use...
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Research on Data Mining in Social Networks based on User Features

Kong Liyun
this paper first introduces social network data sets, the definition of technology and the current situation and challenges in the research of social network, which introduces the research significance of multi-dimensional social network data sets. Then this paper introduces 3D social data acquisition...
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Application of English Communicative Approach in English Teaching

Lv Aijuan
The communicative approach has developed into a world-scale English teaching theories and methods into the mainstream of contemporary international English teaching movement. Since the late 1970s, the introduction of the English teaching profession in China has produced an extensive and far-reaching...
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A Primary Study on “Love” Motif in Western Poems

An Qiangmei, Mo Mo
There are too many well-known fabulous western poems with the theme of “love” and they have different ways to express. This paper summed up some representative western poems and analyzed their different visions of love. The author also compared the western love motif with Chinese traditional love view...
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Conceptual Blending in Translation of English Neologisms

Zheng Jian-yu
As the progress of the globalization and the advancement of new technologies, there are more and more new members to the vocabulary of human language. When new words are translated into Chinese, there is more than mere translation that is going on. It is actually a very complicated cognitive process.Conceptual...
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The Blang ethnic group’s traditional culture characteristics and its change tendency from the perspective of acculturation

Xi Chun-Ai, Yin Guo-Qing
Amid the trend of globalization, the traditional culture of ethnic groups with small populations face impact. Through analysis of the dispersed communities of the Blang ethnic groups in Shuang Jiang and Shi Dian, the traditional culture of basic necessities of the Blang ethnic groups are gradually lost...
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Boundedness as a Condition of Sentence Completion

Zhou Changyin, Zhang Lingling
This paper aims to explore the relationship between boundedness and sentence completion. We found that it is the boundedness of eventualities instead of verb telicity that virtually affects and restricts sentence completion. Unboundedness and boundedness of eventualities are the underlying factors that...
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Study on Mode of Brand Communication Based on Micro-message Public Platform

Zhang Julan
Micro-message marketing propagation has been widely recognized and accepted by most people, however, only a few domestic enterprises can successfully use micro-message as a means of marketing communication to conduct effective promotion of the brand, and most of the enterprises still can't find brand...
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Detailed analysis on the new usage of Lei

Pu Qing-hong
With the advance of society and increasing versatility of social life, everyday language will inevitably be influenced. As a consequence, new words and new phrases are frequently created; existing words (phrases) are often twisted to express new meaning. While this language tendency brings up interest...
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English face and Chinese li n/miànzi

Li Li
After consulting definitions as well as examples in dictionaries, and studying the research of Wang Li, Brown & Levinson, and other scholars in the field of Politeness, the author has found that Chinese face should not be divided into two types: li n and miànzi . Research evidence shows that the conceptualization...
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The Inter-Culture Communication Based On The Glocalization Critical analysis on emphasizing local culture

Zhong Zhen, Zhang YaLing
Globalization has been the irreversible historical trend since 90s last century. And with this historic trend, the culture globalization shows the unique feature concerning to the “glocalization”. Within such a historic and social background, how to acquire the huger space for the inter-culture communication...
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Research on Strengthening College Eng-lish Cooperative Learning under Network Environment

Xu Jinli
With the rapid development of information technology, network has been applied pervasively to teaching. However, in college English teaching, researches that put cooperative learning in the network environment are only a few to count. Based on the analysis of the implementation and current situations...
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Inquiry of conflict of recognition of the value on trend of economic integration

Li Dali
Economic globalization has greatly expanded the living space of human civilization; it provides values coexistence and broad basement of identity. Currently, this identity mainly refers to identity "the sense of dominant values”, its features are non-performance, dynamic and relative. While Economic...
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Research on Enterprise Strategic Decisions in Big Data Era

Mei Pan
Enterprise managers must formulate correct strategic decisions rapidly because of the increasing complexity of management environment. The article analyzed the concept connotation and the development of big data. Integrating real cases, the article also analyzed how big data providerich data sources...
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Exploration on Training Mode for Entrepreneurial Talents in Financial Management Major of Local Regular Colleges

Wei Guo
With the faster pace of the comprehensive in-depth reform in China, the society has higher requirements for the entrepreneurial talents of financial management major. The teaching for the financial management major in the local regular colleges in China should adapt to the new development trends and...
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Constructing the Regulatory Mechanism and Guiding the Orderly Flow of Migrant workers

Mei Jian, Gu Shenghua
Large-scale of migrant workers’ movement to the city has had a positive social impact, and in the meantime, it has also caused new problems for the society which has already affected the sustainable and scientific development of the country. It is urgent for China to construct the regulatory mechanism...
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The study on the relationship between network economy and e-commerce under the background of information technology

Yang Yongliang
The network economy has changed the diminishing law of marginal returns in economics, improved economies of scale from. This article described the impact on the economy of the network from an economic point, discussed the problem of e-commerce taxation and the solution of solving electronic payment problem...
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How Skill-Biased Technical Change Sustains China’s Comparative Advantage

Liang Junwei, Wang Jie
The sustaining trade surplus in China has arrested more and more attentions and concerns. The industrial structure upgrading and wage rise should have kept down the trend of comparative advantage and surplus growth, but unfortunately in vain. This paper presents a theoretical framework, which is explaining...
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Research on the Influence of Accounting Environmental Change on Financial Accounting Theoretical Innovation

Zhang Nan
With the development of modern economy and society, in order to produce a more positive impact on enterprise development and operation process, it is necessary for the financial and accounting work to analyze comprehensively the emergence of new changes in accounting environment, this environmental change...
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Empirical research on relationship among personal traits, job stress as well as job satisfaction of post 90s employees ——Set WASU Group as an example

Liu Ying-Ru
“Post 90s” employees have attracted much attention since they entered into job market. This thesis discusses the relationship among personal traits, job stress as well as job satisfaction of “post 90s” employees through measurement and analysis of 229 “post 90s” employees in WASU Group. The result shows...
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Research on the development and risk control of e-commerce finance in China

Huang Lingling, Zhao Yuan
Information asymmetry and poor financial conditions caused the financing problems of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in china. The produce and development of e-commerce finance reduced the information asymmetry between supply and demand of capitals, and offer the chance to SMEs active in e-commerce...
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The Financing Situation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Inner Mongolia and Countermeasure Research

Chen Zhu
The development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Inner Mongolia is a new growth area of the Inner Mongolia economy, but compared with developed countries and regions, there is still a large disparity; the financing difficulty is eminent. Causes of financing difficulties of small and medium-sized...
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Analysis on the Standards of Indirect Expropriation in International Investment

Li Ying, Yu Di
Being the core issue of international investment, the standards are confirmed to distinguish indirect expropriation from general regulatory measures implemented by the host country. However, the standards have not been regulated definitely by International Investment Treaties. In the name of general...
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Empirical Relationship between Secondary Education Investment in Zhejiang Province and Rural Economic Development

Jie Liu, Liu Donglei, Ma Yanhong
The work conducted an empirical research by linear econometrics and VAR models on the relationship between rural economic growth and secondary education investment in Zhejiang Province during the period from 1996 to 2012. Analytical methods were applied to the research, including unit root test, co-integration...
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An Evaluation and Comparison Study for Online Tourism E-commerce Websites between East and West

Zheng Tianxiang
Academic researchers have long advocated the importance of assessing the tourism websites. On the basis of predecessors' work, this study proposes an evaluation system of tourism e-commerce websites by the methodologies of AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) and TOPSIS(Technique for Order Preference by Similarity...