Proceedings of the 7th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Current issues of linguistics and didactics: The interdisciplinary approach in humanities" (CILDIAH 2017)

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Integrated communicative method as form of cooperation between teacher and student (from work experience)

A.A. Isakova
This article is devoted to the problem of pedagogical methods in teaching a foreign language. The author describes the Russian traditional educational system and different teaching methods. The communicative method based on the author's own teaching experience is analyzed
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Pragmatic Level Of Language Personality In Social Networks

O. Akay, A. Kalashnikova, I. Kalashnikov, A. Golubeva
The article is devoted to the communicative behavior of the language personality in social networks. The authors consider mechanisms by means of which the pragmatic level of the communicant's personality is realized. In the discourse of social networks, the basic element of the language pragmatism is...
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Some Notes on Higher Education Professional Training for Inclusive Education Teachers

M.I. Aldoshina, E.G. Samartseva
The article deals with the problem of future educators' professional readiness to work with special needs children within the system of inclusive education. The authors explain why it is essential to give the relevant professional training to teachers at all educational levels and prepare them for the...
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Psychological and Acmeological Aspect of Educational Cognitive Competence Development

I.V. Aleshchanova, E.V. Morozova, N.A. Frolova, M.R. Zheltukhina
This article examines the problem of improving the methodic and didactic of organization teaching professionally oriented foreign language of technical college students'. The authors emphasize the role of such acmeological characteristics of personal and professional specialists' formation as self-organization...
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Early career guidance: search for advanced formats

M. V. Antonova
The article attempts to search for advanced formats of conducting early career guidance that meet the requirements of modern economy, parents' and societies' educational needs. The relevance of the issue of competent career guidance in primary school is grounded. The paper presents a review of national...
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Theoretical And Methodological Foundation For Students' Professional Mobility In Higher School Social And Cultural Environment

Marina B. Balikaeva
The modern social and economic situation actualizes the personality professional educational problem, the initiatives and competent, corporate, professional and mobile preparation in higher school. Today, the professional mobility determines the higher school social and cultural environment concept and...
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Pedagogical Conditions Necessary for Training Teachers to Manage the Development of Intellectually Gifted Students

G. R. Eremeeva, R. R. Bikbulatov, A. R. Baranova
The problem relevance under study is caused by need of developing the teachers who work with intellectually gifted students in the conditions of continuing professional education. The purpose of the article is to reveal pedagogical conditions, connected with inclusion of teachers in an enriched creative...
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Information technologies as applied to translation of specialized texts

A. Dolzhikova, Yu. Biryukova, V. Kurilenko, K. Akhnina, E. Kulikova
The purpose of this article is to find out information technologies used by translators in their professional activity. For this purpose, the concept of “information translation environment” was analyzed, including information technologies used by professional translators. Researchers distinguish...
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Principle "Understanding" from Perspective of Linguistic Investigations

E. V. Bobyreva, M. R. Zheltukhina, O. A. Dmitrieva, M. V. Busygina
This article is aimed at investigation of the principle of "understanding" within linguistic reflection. Understanding is connected with interpretation of the context and knowledge of the interpreter, which is socially determined. Expediency of the discourse approach to studying the principle of text...
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Gallo language: distribution area, functional status' dynamics and vitality factors

A.S. Bukhonkina, V.P. Sviridonova, A.V. Stramnoy
This paper discusses the distribution area, the functional status and vitality factors of the Gallo language relating to the languages of the northern regions of France (langues d'oil), and classified by UNESCO among the languages on the verge of extinction. The sociolinguistic situation in Upper Brittany,...
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Cognitive Linguistics and Information Technology

V. Dobrova, V. Savitskiy, A. Zhuravlev, V. Tkachev, L. Nurtdinova
This paper searches for the points of contact between cognitive linguistics and information technology (IT) by drawing parallels between key concepts of cognitive linguistics and mathematical logics. Within this research, the notions of the metalanguage, the object language and the graph are considered...
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Virtual Reality in Teaching of Foreign Languages

V. Dobrova, K. Trubitsin, P. Labzina, N. Ageenko, Yu. Gorbunova
Studying the mechanisms of language and speech abilities showed that the most effective method of learning a foreign language is a method of total immersion as students enter the natural language environment and are in it constantly. But the learning process in the classroom, no matter how organized...
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Project-based Learning Case of Master Students in the Russian North

Maria Druzhinina, Inga Zashikhina
The article studies a case of project-based learning in Northern Arctic Federal University, Russia. A group of master students studying Chinese was given a task to develop a topical research project in the field of higher education that would be useful for their professional development. The students...
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Complex Psycho-Lingua-Economic Expertise in Considering Cases of Business Reputation Protection

O.V. Dubrovin, L.M. Safiullina, A.V. Pominov, G.N. Mukhamedyanova, G.Kh. Samirkhanova
The present article is devoted to the investigation of the legal basis of business reputation protection and the ways of proving the utterance character when considering this category of cases. The article also highlights variants of issues on complex psycho-lingua-economic expertise, necessary for justifying...
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Lexical and semantic field as reflection of interpenetration and interaction of different types of common polynational language

Yu.S. Dzyubenko
The article is devoted to the study of the lexical and semantic field as a microsystem of multiple lexical units united by common meaning of the word ‘education' and reflecting the given conceptual field in the language. Aggregation of the linguistic units by their semantic content is the base of field...
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Cognitive script as model of subsumption of linguistic knowledge

O. M. Egorova
The article deals with the cognitive model of the realization of grammar meaning and the activity modality of modal verbs in the modern German language. Every modal verb objectifies its cognitive script and it reflects deictic or non-deictic way of usage of modals.
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Types of Interactive Methods in Teaching English to Students of Economics

Elena Eltanskaya, Yulia Linkova, Olga Popova, Anastasia Arzhanovskaya, Yulia Kulichenko
Social and economic changes that have taken place in the country in recent years make new demands on specialists in various fields of knowledge, and economists are no exception. The English language study plays a major role in forming professional qualities of future economists. The implementation of...
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Advantages of WEB resources use in learning process

E. Erenchinova, E. Proudchenko
The article deals with the issues of using Web resources in the learning process. They represent basic information about the possibility to create comfortable environments for learning processes by creating information and communication learning environments. The tasks that inspired genuine collaborative...
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Context-Based Meaningful Variation of Lexeme PRAVDA in Oldest Russian Code

O. A. Gorban', E. M. Sheptukhina
The title of the well-known old Russian code Russkaya Pravda is analysed and some factors that determine its understanding in Russian culture are discussed. The authors describe the etymology, meaning and derivational relations of the lexeme pravda and demonstrate that it syncretically denoted quality...
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Ethnocultural Information In Studying Russian As Foreign Language

D. Ilyin
This article studies the problems of teaching lexis and reading to foreign students with the help of ethnically-focused language material. It provides examples of toponymic names of Volgograd Oblast, which have emerged due to various intralinguistic and extralinguistic factors, provides linguistical,...
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Dependence of approaches and methods of foreign language teaching on socio-economic factors

E. Korobova, D. Mironova, I. Kardovich, M. Konysheva
Teaching of foreign languages has been developing for a long time. Approaches, methods and content of training change because the society sets different goals and objectives for teaching a foreign language in different historical periods and various social and economic conditions
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Modeling as a Method of Describing the Lexical Meaning Structure

O. Kistanova, V. Savitskiy, V. Dobrova, E. Gashimov, L. Nurtdinova
The paper deals with the issue of modeling the structure of lexical meaning from the perspective of modern semantics. The analysis of the existing theories is carried out in order to stress the importance of using this method. The correlation of language units with the reality which is fixed in their...
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Corpus-Assisted Study of Discursive Practices in Russian-language Car Advertisements

L. A. Kochetova, I. V. Kononova, I. B. Rubert
Even though the advertising discourse has been extensively researched, there is a lack of corpus-assisted studies in this field with regard to Russian-language advertising. The paper addresses the gap by using the corpus approach to provide insights into discursive practices in Russian-language car advertisements...
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Corpus-Assisted Comparative Study of British Job Advertisements: Sociocultural Perspective

L. A. Kochetova, N. Yu. Sorokoletova, E. Yu. Ilyinova, O. S. Volkova
The paper provides a nuanced picture of discursive practices used in the professional genre of job advertisements through a comparative study of key words retrieved from adverts for leading and non-leading positions. The corpus compiled includes texts available on websites of the two national British...
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Evolution of the term 'race' in legal discourse practices

O. A. Krapivkina
The article describes discourse practices as transforming verbal activities. The research aims to analyze their evolution as a result of the dynamic transition from the concept to the notion and term. The novelty of the article is due to the study of discourse practices through semiotic entities (concept,...
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Headdress Nomination: Specifics Of Imagery

N. M. Loktionova, I. A. Zubkova, I. A. Kuzminova, I. A. Zhyvotkova, S. A. Kruglova
Linguistic explication has originated a specific and very important dichotomy: "language of life - life of language" [1], which creates unlimited possibilities for interdisciplinary linguistic studies. Visions of a language are inseparable from visions of relationships between a person and the world...
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Development of Students' Discursive-creative Abilities in Foreign Language Learning

P. Labzina, K. Trubitsin, N. Ageenko, L. Nurtdinova, Yu. Gorbunova
Modern engineers' working with professional literature in foreign languages has become an essential part of their job duties. The necessity of dealing with a professional discourse allows marking out special discursive-creative abilities which are a communicative tool of the effective speech interaction....
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Indirect Speech Utterance: Intersubjective Approach

S. Latysheva, N. Sivtseva, S. Fetisova
This work is a study of indirect speech utterance (ISU) introduced by the reported speech construction (RSC) "Agence + Speech Verb + Subordinate Clause", and it represents the way of categorization of the communicative situation. The study uses the intersubjective approach to investigate the semantics...
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Semantic Peculiarity of Word мода [moda] 'fashion, custom, vogue' in Russian dialects

T. Leontyeva
The article presents results of studying semantics of the word мода [moda] 'fashion, custom, vogue' in Russian dialects. It is shown that in Russian folk dialects this word has received semantic elaboration, different from the system of its meanings in the literary language. It is written by collectors...
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Teaching Discussion Skills As Part Of Further Teachers' Training

E. Yu. Malushko, O. A. Maletina, V. A. Tsybanyova
Development of the educational establishments in Russia, evolution of the teacher's professional standards and integration of the national educational system into European academic space influence all educational participants dramatically. Students have to demonstrate their competitiveness, creativity,...
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Post-colonial Theory of Homi K. Bhabha: Translator's and Translatologist's Reflection

A. Milostivaya, E. Nazarenko, I. Makhova
The article is devoted to the translatological features of the monograph of famous modern philosopher Homi K. Bhabha "The Location of Culture" in the translation into the Russian language. In the current context of globalisation, the issue of interaction between representatives of different backgrounds...
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Integration as Condition of Sustainable Development of Society and Education

A.M. Mityaeva, A.M. Egorychev, S.N. Fomina, E.A. Khovanskaya, E.V. Mityaeva
The article deals with the process of formation and sustainable development of modern society and education in the 21st century. World processes of financial and economic internationalization, including the aspiration of many peoples and states for cooperation and interethnic interaction, first of all,...
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Discourse Competence Of Interpreters: Interdisciplinary Approach

E. Yu. Moshchanskaya
Theoretical analysis showed that the notion of a discourse competence has many interpretations. However, the following common features of this concept should be highlighted: knowledge of rhetorical and information structure types of statements, specifics of various text genres, ability to create a coherent...
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Lingua-pragmatic potential of speech actions in medical professional discussions

N. L. Shamne, M. S. Nevzorova
This paper examines medical professional communication that has not been studied extensively: medical professional discussions on current medical issues. The research is based on English texts of medical scientific discussions, freely available on the Internet. The novelty of the research lies in the...
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System Of Metaphoric Models In Russian And American Disability Mass Media Discourse

I. A. Kurbanov, S.G. Noskova
In the study of contemporary political discourse there is a new, little-known, topical direction, which is the analysis of modelling the conceptual metaphor of an image of a person with disabilities. Disability issues, like gender, race and any other social equality issue, are of great importance. Human...
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Status Positions of Courtroom Discourse Participants

I. V. Palashevskaya, V. V. Leontiev, E. A. Kurchenkova
The article describes some characteristics of courtroom discourse participants, namely institutional status of a person and its correlations with other statuses in the courtroom communicative space, modality of communicative acts and speech formula, which belong to the courtroom discourse. The social...
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Institutional, genre and discursive characteristics of British restaurant online discourse

N.L. Shamne, E.B. Pavlova
The article, basing on the case study of London restaurant websites of different price range, deals thoroughly with such institutional features of British Restaurant online discourse as members, chronotope, purpose, values, strategies and tactics, material (subject areas). It briefly characterizes the...
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Financing higher education: experience of Russia and Germany

Y.V. Pereverzeva, A. N. Shamne
The article considers the actual problem of financing higher education in a comparative aspect on the example of Russia and Germany. The levels of funding higher education in Russia and Germany are characterised; the main and additional sources of funding are described; the differences in attracting...
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Modern Christian Orthodox Preacher as Social Communicator Concept

I.A. Petrouchko, A.A. Bogatyrev
Elaboration of the modern concept of Christian Preacher communicative competences is a topical issue for Russian Orthodox Church vocational training. Meanwhile the analysis of linguistic personality as a communicator in the context of target-centered activity belongs to the domain of linguistics and...
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Representation Of Mnemic Process Of "Memorization" In German: Constant Features

L. N. Rebrina, E. Yu. Malushko
The article is devoted to the study of the lexical-semantic representation of the mnemic memorization process in the continuum of the German language. Memory is considered as a dynamic structure, the essential properties of which are reflected in the semantics of verbal constituents. The theoretical...
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Verbal Collocations of Memory: Functional-Semantic and Lexicographic Aspects

L.N. Rebrina, M.V. Milovanova, N.L. Shamne, E.V. Terentyeva
The article presents the results of the verbal memory collocations study, functioning in the mass media and Russia, representing the general and ethnospecific patterns of memory representation, the requirements for the macrostructure of the ideographic complex dictionary of verbal memory collocations...
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Teaching Social Interaction Competence to Technical University Students

O. N. Rodina, O. A. Selivanova
The authors prove the necessity of forming students' individual personality traits, skills and abilities to improve the efficiency of interaction in the social sphere. The article proposes an interpretation of the essence and the structure of social interaction competence of technical university students....
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Social Interaction of Primary School Students In Integrated Learning: Understanding Emotional States

K. K. Reyt, O. A. Selivanova, O. N. Rodina
The article explores and presents an analysis of the features of the social interaction of the primary school children with mild intellectual disability and those with typical development in conditions of integrated learning. The study reveals that the primary school children with mild intellectual disability...
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Socially Safe Behavior Levels In Online Socialization Process

L. N. Gladkova, O. A. Selivanova, O. N. Rodina
The article specifies the notions of "social safety" as well as "socially safe behavior" (as constructive behavior leading to successful socialization of individuals, lack of tension, internal and external threats, consistent with the societal norms). The main components' content of readiness for socially...
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Psycholinguistic Tools for Decoding Suggestive Potential of Verbal Models

T. Rogozhnikova
The article deals with the tools for decoding a suggestive potential of verbal models in different languages (Russian, English, German, Bashkir and Tatar). The suggestive potential is defined by the author as a "verbal model strength" that can be decoded and measured. Being correlated with inner form,...
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Teaching Probability Theory and Forecasting-based Mathematical Statistics to Bachelors of Economics

V.D. Selutin, E.V. Lebedeva
The article examines the results of the research study on advisability of using forecasting when teaching probability theory and mathematical statistics to future economists. The timeliness of the study is determined by the fact that the traditional methods of teaching fail to empower students to see...
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Diagnostic of customer-centeredness of university organizational culture

I. V. Shavyrina, I. A. Demenenko, M. N. Reutova
The article examines customer-centeredness development of organizational culture of higher education institutions and the extent at the regional level. The study was conducted based on the diagnostic model of university customer-centered organizational culture developed by the authors. The model included...
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Travel Web Portal Translation: Region Branding in Context of Globalization

A.A. Gureeva, T.S. Sidorovich, A.A. Novozhilova
The paper provides an analysis of the translation of the text content of the travel web portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region from Russian into English and German from the perspective of globalization and promotion of the region brand. The paper focuses on the principles of functionally equivalent...
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Methodology of mastering academic writing competence in English within program of university training

T. N. Astafurova, I. V. Skrynnikova, N. A. Sytina
The article analyzes the process of mastering academic writing competence in English (within the program of university training) as a basic component of the academic culture that enables integrating into international scientific environment. The authors clarify the learning content of the program, the...
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Power of metaphor: cultural narratives in political persuasion

I. V. Skrynnikova, T. N. Astafurova, N. A. Sytina
The current paper deals with the influence of metaphorical framing of events on public opinion from various scholarly perspectives. Treating cultural narratives employed in public discourse as an extended metaphorical frame, the paper argues that narratives make use of archetypical plots and the shared...
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Formation of the National Guard Officers' Information and Communication Competence in the Russian Federation

R. Streltsov, A. Burgonutdinov, T. Lavina, I. Zolnikov
The purpose of the study is to examine the methodological approaches to the organization of information and communication training of the military. The paper describes the essence of the informational component of cultural, vocational and professional competences that are formed by the graduates of military...
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Alienation as foreignization strategy in international and national media discourse in Russia and Germany

M. V. Milovanova, M. Yu. Svinkina
This paper focuses on different ways of the "alien" representation in the Russian and German media discourse based on essentials of cultural and discourse linguistics. Most research thus far has focused on the media text rather than on media uses and practices. With references to the political and social...
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Intercultural Sensitivity as Condition of Academic Mobility Success

N.S. Sakharova, N.V. Yankina, V.V. Moroz, V.V. Tomin, E.V. Dmitrieva
In the modern education, the ties between universities get stronger, the opportunities to study abroad enlarge, the number of academic mobility programs increases exposing students to different cultures. The development of students' key competencies, including intercultural competence, is one of the...
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Problem Of Knowledge Generation In Terms Of University Innovation Ecosystem Development

E. Ugnich, A. Chernokozov, E. Filinkova
The research paper is devoted to the search for ways of solving knowledge generation and commercialization problems in the context of the linguocultural approach, taking into consideration the specificity of national conceptual sphere. The study considers real organizational practice focused on holistic...
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Text Interpretation and Textual Interpretive categories

O. Valuyskaya
The article deals with the issues of text comprehension as the initial stage for further reader's interpretation. Working within the field of text interpretation, the author reveals the correlation between the text comprehension, textual interpretability and the aspect of textual genres as typologies....
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Texts of tourism branding as object of translation

V. A. Mityagina, E. Yu. Novikova, T. Yu. Makhortova, I. D. Volkova
The paper deals with the intercultural and translational aspects of tourism branding, which involve, first of all, studying the peculiarities of the creation and promotion of tourism territory's brand in a foreign communicative space. The analyzed examples from the website of Interkon Travel Service...
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Topical Issues Of State Educational Policy Of Russian Federation: Organizational And Legal, Didactic Aspects

A.L. Vorontsov, E.V. Vorontsova
The purpose of the study is to analyze the topical issues of the state educational policy related to the reform of the Russian education system and to formulate conclusions that justify the necessity of new model creation of this system development. The methodology of the whole study was based on the...
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Evaluation in public political speech of German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

A.S. Yakovleva, S.D. Pogorelova
The paper discusses evaluation in public political speech (as illustrated by the political speech of German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt). Various approaches to the study of evaluation, the nature and typology of evaluation are considered; the study of an evaluative situation involving obligatory and optional...
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Metaphorical Subject Nomination of Non-spatial Spheres (based on the English language)

V. V. Yanina, N. B. Egorchenkova, L. N. Rebrina, E. A. Eltanskaya
The article presents the results of the spatial metaphor as a way of understanding and nomination of objects and phenomena of directly not observed social, mental and intellectual spheres study. The authors regard the status and the functional importance of nouns denoting limited space for these processes....
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Narrative Continuum of Corporeal Culture

V. V. Zhura, Ju. V. Rudova, Zh. S. Martinson
The paper explores the main ways of conceptualizing the human body in the different strata of the narrative continuum, including subjective (individual narratives), intersubjective (organizational narratives) and oversubjective (metanarratives) levels. Contemporary appreciation of the corporeal reality...
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Nadezhda M. Loktionova, Olga A. Fomina, Lidia K. Alakhverdieva, Olesya A. Drozdova, Olga Yu. Potanina
The concept of linguistic ecology appeared a few years ago and has already gained its status within the conceptual and terminological system of the Russian language, which currently deals with the evolution of linguistic and cultural values in general. Unfortunately, the concepts of aggression and aggressiveness...
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Functional State Assessment During Physical Education Classes By Experimental Method

D. E. Egorov, S. I. Kramskoy, I. A. Amelchenko
The paper analyses functional state indicators in the experimental and control groups obtained at the time of the studies. Data of maximum oxygen intake and results of the functional test are presented. The efficiency of the method, including a health-improving component for enhancing physical work capacity,...
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Quasi-Communication Interaction Aspects In Early Ontogenesis

A. A. Petrova, N. A. Sytina
The current paper deals with communication in early ontogenesis from the reference perspective. The material consists of recordings of German speaking adults and children, aged 2.0-2.5. After studying the transcripts, quasi-discourse is elicited. The dialogue units of quasi-discourse in child speech...