Proceedings of the 1st Economics and Business International Conference 2017 (EBIC 2017)

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Measuring Efficiency of Fuel Oil Usage in PT PLN: A Short-Run Analysis

Tongam Sihol Nababan
This study aims to measure and to analyze the efficiency level of fuel oil usage in units of PT. PLN generation. The study result shows that until now the PLN is still operating in inefficiency condition, because of foil oil usage. The energy consumption level of fuel oil is less efficient compared with...
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A Review of Government Interventions Promoting Smallholder Development in Indonesia

Zahari Zen, Tapi Rondang Nibulan
Oil palm against a background of widespread poverty in the outer islands, where a large, very poor rural population that was not technically conversant with high input agriculture lived side by side with a prosperous commercial estate plantation sector. While many smallholders in these regions cultivated...
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The Reforestation through Oil Palm Plantation in Sumatra Island

Jan Horas Veryady Purba
The Sumatra Island is one of the important islands that has the largest contribution in the development of plantations in Indonesia. Some of the world's important commodities are produced on the Sumatra Island and deliver Indonesia into an important producing country in the world. The purpose of this...
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Analysis of Inflation Determination in Indonesia, 2001-2015

T. Citra Nisa Farza, Mrs Fitrawaty, M. Yusuf Harahap
The achievement of a low inflation target is a big agenda that is currently being carried by Bank Indonesia. This target is certainly not apart from the Central Bank's monetary policy strategy that implements Inflation Targeting (IT). This research aims to analyze the effect of the money supply, BI Rate,...
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Analysis of Human Development Index: Concept and Factors that Influence North Sumatera Province

Eko Wahyu Nugrahadi, Muammar Rinaldi
In 2010 the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) re-issued a new version by changing the methodology of calculating the Human Development Index (HDI) from Adult Literacy Rate (ALR) to Expected Year of Schooling (EYS). This improvement is expected to be able one of important indicators in the effort...
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Analysis The Determination of The Stability of Exchange Rates In Indonesia

Ayu Putri Sumada Br.Ginting, Dede Ruslan, Mrs Fitrawaty
The exchange rate is the value of the currency of a country with the value of the currency of other countries, which used to make the international trade. This study aims to analyze the effect of BI Rate, money supply, inflation, foreign exchange tourism, exports and imports on the exchange rate in Indonesia....
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The Impact Of Risk Management And Bank Size On Profitability Of Commercial Banking In Indonesia

Nisrul Irawati, Azhar Maksum
The growth of credit in Indonesian Banking industry tends to be slower in period 2011 until 2016 whereas the credit growth only 7.87% compare to 10.4% in 2016. But based on the important role of the banking sector for economic development, the regulator should manage the risk of the credit in order to...
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Economic Social Factors And The Effect of Criminality In North Sumatera

Raina Linda Sari, Inggrita Gusti Sari Nasution, Wahyu Sugeng Imam Soeparno
Economic development is inseparated from the increasing needs of society in every aspects such as consumption and other needs. This condition triggered by various problems such as economic problems, social conflict, and legal awareness. Therefore, this study conducted for analyzing social economic factors...
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The Effect of The Political Environment and The Economic Environment on The Welfare of Community

Agus Tripriyono, Iskandar Muda, Mrs Erlina
This study aims to examine the influence of the political environment and the economic environment on the welfare of society. The independent variable of this research is the political environment and the economic environment and its dependent variable is the welfare of society. This type of research...
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The Effect of Social and Legal Environments Toward Welfare with Economic Expennditures as Intervening Variables

Agus Tripriyono, Sirojuzilam Mr, Mrs Erlina, Agus Purwoko
This study aims to examine the influence of the social environment and the legal environment on the welfare of society with economic expenditure as a mediator. The independent variables of this research are the social environment and the legal environment and its dependent variables are community welfare...
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Financial Studies of The Development Project of Belawan Access Channel at PT. Pelindo I (Persero)

Listiani Nurul Huda
Geographical condition of Indonesia that is dominated by sea led Indonesia to desperate need of the sea transportation management to meet its operational needs. PT. Pelindo I is a company that has the authority to manage the port in North Sumatra and its surrounding areas. Belawan's current access channel...
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Effect Of Tax Avoidance, Size Of The Company, Leverage, Age Of The Company On Cost Of Debt In Manufacturing Companies Listed

Coki Ahmad Syahwier, Sri Amanda Fitriani
Management of the tax is to apply rules tax with right and proper as well as business efficiency to achieve earnings and liquidity should be. The tax is twofold: tax avoidance and tax evasion. This research is a purpose to know the effect of tax avoidance towards the cost of debt in manufacturing companies...
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Are Men Or Women More Overconfident In Investment Decision-Making?

Khaira Rizfia Fachrudin, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Isfenti Sadalia, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis
Stock investment decisions are actions that will generate the highest expected return. This study aims to determine the influence of gender toward overconfidence and investment decision-making and to test whether there are differences in overconfidence between men and women. The population is investors...
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The Study of Local Politics Effects on Capital Spending Allocation of Regional Government (Case Study at 456 Districts / City in Indonesia)

Raden Yudi Prawira Anjaya
The issue of this study was to examine the effect of political closeness between the executive-legislative and the period of political office of regional heads on changes in the allocation of local government capital spending in Indonesia. Data of samples were collected from 456 districts/cities in Indonesia...
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The Effect of Rice Subsidyon The Expenditure of Public Family Consumption And Welfare of Poor Households

Renny Maisyarah, Mr Sofyardi
The aim of this study is to find out an influence of rice subsidy on the consumption expenditure of poor families in North Sumatera Province, so that there is an impact on the welfare of poor families in North Sumatra Province, and also the influence of rice subsidy on family welfare of poor families...
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Regional Development Based on System Integration Paddy Rice Farming and Livestock Buffaloes in Humbang Hasundutan Regency

Hotden L. Nainggolan, Marlon Sihombing, Tavi Supriana, Ma'ruf Tafsin
This study was conducted to assess the regional development based on system integration paddy rice farming and livestock buffaloes in Humbang Hasundutan. This study uses analysis of linear regression with SPSS. The results showed; a) system integration paddy rice farming and livestock buffaloes more...
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The Role Of Sismiop (Information Management System Of Tax Object) In Land And Building Tax Revenues (A Case Study At The Regional Revenue Agency, Medan)

Farel Siregar
The gap between NJOP (Tax Object Sales Value) of land, issued by the Regional Revenue Agency, Medan, and market value of each tax object today is worthwhile to be analyzed. The objective of the research was to find out to analyze whether some factors such as land area, road width, and location had the...
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The Analysis of Employee's Work Accident Trend for Policy Making to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Participant in Medan Belawan Branch

Adriani Sinaga, Yeni Absah, Prihatin Lumbanraja
BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Branch Office Medan Belawan is a branch office that pays the highest occupational injury claim because it is in the area of Medan Industrial Estate. This study aims to analyze employee's work accident trend for policy making to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan participant in Medan Belawan branch....
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Utilization of The Sand from Mount Sinabung Eruption as Material for Planting Media

Bode Haryanto, Eri B B Tarigan, Rina Br Bukit, Jonathan I Tarigan, Paham Ginting
The idea of this study was to descript the output and feasibility of sand utilization from mount Sinabung eruption activities. The sand used as materials to produce planting media for vegetables. The experiment started from collecting the sand with pretreatment then added by certain material such as:...
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Partnership Model Study To Batik And Ulos Craftsmen In Dealing With Global Competition

Sari Bulan Tambunan, Linda Lores, Dhian Rosalina
Partnership is the series of processes that begin with knowing the potential partners, the advantages and weaknesses of his business, building strategies, implementation, monitoring and to evaluate until the target is achieved This research aimed to find the right partnership model For Craftsmen batik...
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Analysis Of Value Added From Results Of Catfish Fishing Trawling Kite In The Village Of Bagan Percut District Percut Sei Tuan Regency Deli Serdang

Mr Ramli
The phenomenon of economic inequality between coastal cities and villages is a key issue for economic development. Breakthrough development strategies need to be sought in order to overcome poverty and equitable development outcomes. Regional economic development, implemented by the government is limited...
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Correlation between Competition Law Cases and Corruption(Case Study: Indonesia)

Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Mahmul Siregar
ASEAN member states enacted competition law in the legal system. The goals of competition law are consumer welfare, fair competition including access to market. Competition Law regulates prohibited agreements, conducts and abuse of dominance. Bid rigging (collusive tendering) is one of the prohibited...
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Role of Planning and Budget to the Development of Agropolitan Area

Mr Sirojuzilam, Syahrir Hakim, Iskandar Muda
The purpose of this research is to know the role of planning and budget of Regency around Agropolitan Area to Agropolitan Bukit Barisan area development. This type of research is explanatory survey. This research is conducted by conducting primary data survey from aspect of planning and budget of Regency...
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An overview of the Feed-in Tariff policy development in Indonesia

Himsar Ambarita, Hideki Kawai
Indonesia is blessed with abundant renewable energy resources that can be used to produce electricity for national grid. However, only a small amount of the renewable energy resources, less than 10%, has been utilized to produce electricity. The energy share is still dominated by fossil fuel which results...
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The Impact of Supervision Characteristics of Board of Commissioners on Tax Aggressiveness

Anastasia Niniek, Riko Riandoko, Muhammad Rheza Ramadhan
This study aims to find the effect of supervision characteristics of the board of commissioners on tax aggressiveness. Supervision characteristics of the board of commissioners are proxied by four proxies: risk management system and internal control, big-4 audit firm, external auditor independence, and...
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Forensic Accounting on Corporate Governance Maturity mediated by Internal Audit: A Conceptual Overview

Ali Rehman, Fathyah Hashim
Identification and development of forensic accounting as an organization's essential intangible asset has been traced as an immense vital essence that can influence corporate governance maturity. This paper attempts to integrate relevant empirical research and literature to extend the intended potentials...
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The Factors Which Influence Accounting Students Understanding with Spiritual Intelligence as Moderating Variable (An Empirical Study on the student of USU, UNIMED, and UINSU)

Khanti Listya, Idhar Yahya, Erwin Abu Bakar
The objective of the research was to analyze the factors influencing accounting students to understand accounting with spiritual quotient as the moderating variable (an empirical study on Students of University of Sumatera Utara (USU), State University of Medan (UNIMED), and State Islamic University...
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Various Aspects of The Implementation of SIMDA Which Influence The Quality of Financial Statement with The Role of PPK-SKPD as Moderating Variable (A Case Study at The SKPD of Deli Serdang Regency)

Mrs Agustina, Tapi Anda Sari Lubis, Iskandar Muda
The objective of this study was to examine some factors which influence the financial statement quality of SKPD (Regional Work Unit) of the Deli Serdang District Government with the role of PPK-SKPD as moderating variable. The study used causal comparative method with primary data. The population was...
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Leverage Capability in Controlling Free Cash Flow to Improve Financial Performance

Nila Tristiarini, Ririh Dian Pratiwi
Free Cash Flow, in general, being a problem for the company if it is not good in controlling. The manager can use free cash flow for actions that can harm the company. Leverage is a cost that can control the usage of free cash flow for the company's activity, which in turn can improve financial performance....
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The Effect of Intellectual Capital Measurement on Profitability and Market Price

Dian Prawitasari, Ririh Dian Pratiwi, Nila Tristiarini
Recently, the role of Intellectual Capital is becoming one of the important strategies of the company to develop and grow, enhance it is able to improve the company's value with the utilization of existing resources Intellectual capital is the knowledge that gives information about the company's intangible...
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The Influence of Cost of Equity on Financial Distress and Firm Value

Anna Sumaryati, Nila Tristiarini
Cost of equity is the cost incurred by the company to meet the rate of return expected by investors, either in the form of dividends or capital gains Since investors wanted a rate of return on the investment, then the company should compensate the shareholders with the economic return implicit in forecasting...
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The Effect of Environmental Performance and Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance Moderated by CSR Disclosure on Manufacture Companies Listed in ISX

Azhar Maksum, Paula Tamba
This study aims to analyze the effect of environmental performance and intellectual capital on the financial performance of companies moderated by corporate social responsibility disclosure. Data are collected from all manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2012-2014. By using...
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Factors Affecting Capital Structure Of Go Public Manufacturing Companies In BEI (Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Abdillah Arif Nasution, Ikhsan Siregar, Mutia Ismail
This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of company's size, business risk, asset growth, and profitability on capital structure in manufacturing companies listed on the stock exchange of Indonesia year 2014 - 2016, either partially or simultaneously. In addition, this study also reviewed variables...
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The Impact of Regulations on Public Supply Chain Performance: Case of Tanzania

Maganja Johanes Sospeter, Wenkai Li
The supply chain in public sector in Tanzania has been characterized as being ineffective leading to the loss of taxpayers' money. Laws and regulations are key factors identified to pull back public supply chain performance's initiatives in public sectors. Reasons include i). Regulations are not realistic...
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Effect of Earnings Management on Cost of Debt Before and After International Standard Financial Reporting Implementation

Chandra Situmeang, Azhar Maksum, Mrs Erlina, Tavi Supriana
A business environment with high competition requires higher efficiency, not just operating efficiency but also the funding efficiency. One of the causes of funding inefficiency is the high cost of debt as a result of earnings management practices that can reduce investor confidence in the company's...
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Antecedent Capital Structure and Its Effect on Firm Value :Case Study on Tourism Industry Sector Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Mr Ngatemin, Azhar Maksum, Mrs Erlina, Mr Sirojuzilam
Research on the capital market in the tourism industry in Indonesia is still very limited, besides the results of research related to it each has not found consistent results. This research aims to assess empirically the antecedents of capital structure and its effect on firm value. The population of...
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Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Size on Corporate Financial Performance with Good Corporate Governance as Moderating Variable

Narumondang Bulan Siregar, Rina Br Bukit
This research aims to analyze the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Size on Firm's Value with Good Corporate Governance as moderating variables of all the companies that listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange and Malaysian Stock Exchange in Plantation Firm from 2012 to 2014. There is...
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The Factors of The Infuence on Audit Quality at The Inspectorate General of Ministry of Environment and Foresty

Yasinta Pritama, Tavi Supriana, Zainul Bahri Torong
The objective of the research was to analyze an Influence of expertise, independency, due professional care, time pressure, budget pressure, audit planning, and audit supervision on audit quality at the Inspectorate General of Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The population of this research is government...
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The Effect of The Existence of Large and Medium Industries on The Absorption of Labor in Sumatera Utara

Iskandar Muda, Ratna Balqis Nasution, Mrs Erlina, Hasan Sakti Siregar, Setareh Katircioglu
The purpose of this study is to see the influence and existence of large and medium industries in North Sumatra to absorb the number of workers in North Sumatra Province. The type of research is descriptive quantitative. The data used are secondary data sourced from Statistics Agency of North Sumatera...
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Variaton of Industrial Type Contributions on Working Performance

Ratna Balqis Nasution, Iskandar Muda, Mrs Erlina, Hasan Sakti Siregar, Setareh Katircioglu
The purpose of this research is to see the influence of variation and types of large and medium industries in North Sumatera on the Absorption of the Labor force in North Sumatera Province. The type of research is descriptive quantitative. The data used are secondary data sourced from Statistics Agency...
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Institutional Fishermen Economic Development Models and Banking and Financing Institution Support in The Development of The Innovation System

Iskandar Muda, Mr Rahmanta, Mrs Marhayanie, Adi Syah Putra
This study aims to analyze Institutional Model of Fishery and Marine Economy Development and Banking and Finance Institution Support in Development of Innovation System of Fishery and Marine Region in North Sumatera. This type of research is descriptive quantitative. The data used are primary data. The...
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Effectiveness of Market Results Diversified Palm Products and Constraints of Capital, Financing and Marketing

Marlon Sihombing, Iskandar Muda, Erni Jumilawati, Abikusno Dharsuky
The purpose of this research is to know the effectiveness and constraints of Capital, Financing and Marketing of Diversification of Palm Products resulting from the development of Regional Innovation System. The type of this research is explanatory survey and analyzed with quantitative descriptive. Respondents...
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Analysis of Ownership and Stock Composition of Vocational Business Enterprises (BUMDES) and Its Impact on "Omset" of Business Owned Enterprises

Arifin Lubis, Iskandar Muda
The purpose of this research is to know the ownership and composition of shares of village-owned enterprises and their impact on the turnover of business entities. The type of this research is descriptive quantitative with the population of 102 Village Owned Enterprises in Asahan Regency. The selected...
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Impact of Smartphone Features on "Omset" Services Online Car Rental

Mrs Marhayanie, Mutia Ismail, Iskandar Muda
The purpose of this study is to know the level of community knowledge of the smartphone features with Learning and Asking its use to increase the turnover of car rental service sales in Medan. This research type is descriptive quantitative with student population of rental user in Medan City. The selected...
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Moenaf H. Regar
Since 2011, Pertamina company has made a financial statement in US Dollar. However, it is unclear how Pertamina prepares financial statements in US Dollar, where the listing system still uses the Rupiah currency. The issue of this paper is that there is uncertainty and disagreement about the practice...
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Role and Contribution of Village Financial Management to Realize Transparency And Accountable Village Budgeting Revenue And Expenditure District of West Bangka

Mr Karmawan
This Empirical Research aims to look at the contribution and role of Management Village Finance by village apparatus, overall activities including planning, Implementation, administration, reporting and accountability of village finances and Funds Villages sourced from the State Revenue and Expenditure...
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The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) studies towards Sustainability Marketing

Zalinawati Abdullah, Ahmad Ismail Mohd Anuar, Wan Maziah Wan Ab Razak, Nurul Aini Aziz, Haslenna Hamdan
The research was conducted to investigate the implementation of marketing sustainability among customer. Sustainability is a collective term for everything to do with responsibility for the world in which we live. The study focusing on the relationship between three elements of Triple Bottom Line (TBL)...
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A Study of Determinant Factors Towards the Quality Teaching Among Teachers at Primary School in Bentong District

Ain Atiqah Syaqilah Fauzi, Nasiha Abdullah, Nik Noor Afizah Azlan, Ahmad Suffian Mohd Zahari
The quality of teaching among the teachers is important in order to improve the students' achievement as well as improving the quality of education to students. In order to do that, teachers need to look deeper into ways to transform old classrooms and teaching styles into 21st century teaching and learning...
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Service Quality From Islamic Perspective and Its Connection With Customer Satisfaction With Public Transportation Sector In Terengganu

Noor Malinjasari Binti Ali, Siti Fatimah Mardiah Hamzah, Kardina Kamaruddin, Hasmida Mohd Noor, Rahayu Izwani Borhanuddin
Customer satisfaction has been well documented and discussed on its connection to organizational performance. Although many researchers have studied both issues, there are still lack of studies that focus on customer satisfaction and service quality from the Islamic perspective and in connection with...
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Determinants Of Customer Loyalty: A Preliminary Study On A Prominent Bank In Malaysia

Nurul Syazwana Mohd Noor, Raslina Mohamed Nor, Noor Malinjasari Binti Ali, Marha Abdol Ghapar, Rahayu Izwani Borhanuddin
The study was conducted to identify the determinants of customer loyalty as it has become a critical aspect of maintaining organization permanence. There are three independent variables being tested in this study, which are, perceived service quality, emotional satisfaction, and corporate reputation....
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The Influence of Individual Characteristics and Transformational Leadership Style on Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance at Bank Aceh Sharia

Marbawi Adamy, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis, Elisabeth Siahaan
The purpose of this quantitative descriptive explanatory surve study was to analyze the influence individual characteristics, transformational leaders, and job satisfaction on performance of employees on PT. Bank Aceh Sharia Lhokseumawe. The research was conducted at the Bank Aceh Sharia employees located...
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Quality of Working Life among Nurses at a General Hospital in Malaysia

Nurmuslimah Kamilah Abdullah, Ruzaidah Sulong A. Rashid, Najah Lukman, Yau'mee Hayati Mohamed Yusof, Masthura Annuar
the study was conducted at a General Hospital in Malaysia, focusing on the nurses as the unit of analysis. Job Content, Job Context and Personal Life were parsimoniously selected as the independent variables towards Quality of Working Life (QWL) among nurses at a General in Malaysia. There are there...
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The Effect of Interpersonal Relationships and Role Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction and Its Impact Toward Employees' Intention to Leave in Event Organizer Services Provider in Medan

Indayana Dalimunthe, Dr. Yeni Absah, Dr. Sitti Raha Agoes Salim
Event organizer has been growing fast in modern society as an answer for people's need to hold events for them without managing the event themselves. Event organizer enabled people to hold events without properly plan, organize, act, and control the events. As result, there is a high demand for event...
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The Role of Buying Motivation in Moderating Online Shopping Behaviour

Junita Safitri, Endang Sulistya Rini, Paham Ginting, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis
Nowadays Online Shopping have been part of our life. It has been known since internet was introduced to Indonesia. Every day millions of people are going online, but just some of them going online for shopping. In fact, online shopping hasn't been the main option when customer still bought offline especially...
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Increasing Organization Performance Through Competitive Advantage of Private University in Medan

Elizabeth Haloho, Lailan Tawila
There is increament number of students who finished Senior High School in Medan every year. With this reason, private universities are encourage to compete amongs them to atract new students to register. Therefore each of them must have a competitive advantage to become known by potential students and...
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Influence Service Quality, Product Quality, and Brand Image to Customer Loyalty at Club Music Center Stage Novotel Lampung

Susi Indriyani
Competition in the entertainment at the music club needs to be faced with the right competitive strategy, the entertainment industry in Bandar Lampung is quite well developed, this is marked by the emergence of some family karaoke, and other entertainment. Hotel Novotel Lampung as one of the four-star...
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The Analysis Of Factors Influencing The Contractor Bid / No Bid Decision Making And The Success Of Tender Bids In Procurement Of Services Construction At PT Inalum (Persero)

Syaifuddin A. Harahap
The reliable infrastructures support the success of the company operation dan such achievement would be gained if planning, monitoring and maintaining of the infrastrucutures executed correctly and timely. One method in getting the reliable infrastructures by means of outsource to another party (contractor)....
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The Effect Of The Non-Physical Work Environment And Job Insecurity On The Performance Of Outsourcing Employee Business Support Through The Motivation As Intervening Variable at PT Telekomunikasi Selular Branch Medan

Nuri Aslami, Sitti Raha Agoes Salim, Yeni Absah
PT. Telekomunikasi Selular is a company engaged in the mobile telecommunications business industry in Indonesia. The company uses outsourcing employees for several positions, one of which is the administrative position to support of the company activities. The purpose of this research is to 1) analyze...
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Corporate Culture as an Effort of Company Transformation

Doli M. Ja'far Dalimunthe, Sabrina Cyndi Azhari Pasaribu
Applying corporate culture has become a demand that can not be negotiable by the company to still exist in the increasingly fierce competition today. Not only for big companies, corporate culture is now also considered very important to be applied by small companies though. Companies that are only profit-oriented...
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The Effect of Service Quality on Satisfaction and Impact on Loyalty User Transportation Service CV Sempati Star Medan-Banda Aceh

Finta Aramita, Endang Sulistya Rini, Beby Karina Fawzeea Sembiring
The growing and increasing role of the service sector in the future is mainly driven by rapid advances in telecommunications and information technology. The challenge for the service management today is how to integrate all the elements that exist in the consumer service to fit the strategy of the company's...
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The Effect Of Education And Training (Total) On Education: Performance Through Education Competency With Organization Support As Variable Moderating On School Country Police (Spn) Polda Sumut

Suhana Sinaga, Sitti Raha Agoes Salim, Yeni Absah
Education and training can not be separated to create an environment where educators can improve their skills, knowledge and attitudes to help the organization achieve its goals. In other words it helps educators to grow.The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of Educator Training on Educators'...
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Influence Of Servicescape, Customer Satisfaction, WOM, and Social Media to Consumer Loyalty (study case bali beach)

Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang
Indonesia have blessed with many beautiful natural scenery. This beautiful gift of nature must be kept to the best possible so that it can be enjoyed by many peopleand become a source of local income. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of Servicescape, Customer satisfaction, Word...
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The Adversity Quotient (Control, Origin & Ownership, Reach, and Endurance) and its Relationship Toward Entrepreneurial Intention: A Study on Student in Faculty of Economics & Business Universitas Sumatera Utara

Bongsu Hutagalung, Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Muhammad Irsyad Tamimi, Ami Dilham, Arif Qaedi Hutagalung
This study aimed to analyze the effect of control, origin & ownership, reach, and endurance on the entrepreneurial intention. The population and sample in this study were students in The Faculty of Economics and Business University of North Sumatera batch 2013 and 2014 majoring in entrepreneurship up...
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Factors Supporting Digital Marketing Of Competitive Rattan Products In Medan City

Ritha F. Dalimunthe
Entrepreneurs have an important role in improving the small industry of an area like Medan municipality. It can be done through the increase of the added value of raw materials into semi-finished materials or finished goods in local area and can be marketed overseas so that it can open employment and...
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Social Marketing in the Development of Tourism

I Made Wardana, Putu Gede Sukaatmadja
The purpose of this paper is to elaborate the role of social marketing in the development of sustainable tourism. This is a critical review paper that was developed based on several literatures in the tourism context and field of research. In the context of tourism marketing there exists an imbalance...
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The Influence of Entrepreneur Competencies and Business Ethics on Growth Business (Case Study Local Food In Sumatera)

Mrs Yulinda, Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang, Sitti Raha A Salim
The most important challenges that entrepreneurs face is growth business. Growth creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their business, attract more consumers and talents Considering growth opportunities, entrepreneurs must have competencies and business ethics to improve their business. This...
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Investigating the Source of Employees' Intention to Leave: A Case on Outsourced Employees

Elisabet Siahaan
Outsourced employment system has been well-known worldwide to improve organizational performance. An organization can reduce its recruitment and employee-related costs by using the outsourcing system. However, organizations should not rely on outsourcing too much. Agency problem may rise in the outsourcing...
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Development Strategies for Woven SMEs in Medan

Inggrita Gusti Sari Nasution, Frida Ramadini
This research aims to implement development strategies for woven SMEs in Medan. Data used was primary data from depth interview with the woven SMEs in Medan. Sampling technique used was a non-probability sampling. SWOT analysis by comparing internal and external factors was used for data analysis. The...
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The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Team Satisfaction: The Mediating Effect of Psychological Safety

Mr Winarto
Following hitherto published research on the positive outcomes of transformational leadership; I hypothesize that transformational leadership leads to higher team satisfaction. However, as suggested by Bass (1999), the mechanisms underlying the relationships between transformational leadership and the...
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Significant Overview of Japan Tourism: Muslim Friendly Destination and Social Media

Syarifah Hasanah, Aizul Nahar Harun
Muslim friendly destination has been emerging rapidly in majority Muslim countries, as well as in minority Muslim countries. Interestingly, many minority Muslim countries have found the Muslim friendly destination as lucrative, as result they pay more serious attention to it. Japan is one of examples...
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The Influence Of Work Satisfaction And Work Stress On Organizational Citizenship Behavior Through Organizational Commitment As Intervening Variable At PT Asabri (Persero), Sumatera Region

Reni Astrida, Sitti Raha Agoes Salim, Yeni Absah
PT ASABRI (Persero) is a social life insurance company which is required by law and gives financial protection for the Indonesian soldiers, Police officers, and employees who work for them. Today, the company is doing business and cultural transformation until 2021 in order to increase the welfare of...
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Study Of Branchless Banking Business Model

Tetty Yuliaty, M. Fauzan Azhmy, Muslim Marpaung, Hendri Tanjung
Branchless banking has the potential to revolutionize payment systems in emerging markets, to extend formal financial services to unbanked and to provide platform to connect MSMEs to the global economy. Three distinct models have been identified there are Non-bank/ Telecommunications company (Telco)-led,...
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Investigating the Moderating Effect of Hospital Public Image on Loyalty

Arlina Nurbaity Lubis, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Rodiah Rahmawaty Lubis
A growing concern for people's health has brought out a need of a better healthcare. People will be more selective to use a healthcare services. The seed of service repurchase for healthcare started from their loyalty toward the healthcare services provider. People went through service experience to...
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Customer Value Co-Creation Behavior and Customer Loyalty: a Case Study in The Mobile Application Industry

Mr Mariyudi, Faisal Matriadi
This research analyzes the relationship between value co-creation behavior, perceived service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, using a Service-Dominant logic (SD logic) theoretical framework. Using structural equation modeling, the study examines a sample of 350 online product communities...
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Influence of TQM (Total Quality Management) on Organisation's Service Performance in Public Higher Learning Institutions

Zainuddin Bin Zakaria, Md Noh Ab Majid, Zuriyati Ahmad, Norchahaya Johar, Mazlin Athirah Mazlan
This paper focus on examining the relationship between TQM (Total Quality Management) elements and service performance to students in public higher learning institutions. The purpose of this study is to identify the relationship between the elements of TQM in achieving excellent service performance to...
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Entrepreneurship as Career Choice for University Students in Medan

Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Inneke Qamariah
One way to reduce unemployment is by creating jobs through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can improve the economy of the surrounding community, which will broadly encourage the Indonesian economy. In this case, students, the most potential employer, after completing the education will face career...
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Financial Literacy Of Sme's In Medan City: A Descriptive Analysis

Lisa Marlina, Nisrul Irawati
There are a huge number of workers in Indonesia's SME sector almost 98% but this SME's sector give an enormous amount of contribution to Gross Domestic Product. On the contrary, SME's sector still has a low level of productivity and business performance. In order to perform well in business, every business...
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The Impact Of Innovation and Information Technology At Government Synergy Program On Micro, Small, Medium Entreprises (MSMES) Development In North Sumatra

Beby Karina Fawzeea, Ami Dilham, Fivi Rahmatus Sofiyah, Ilyda Sudardjat
The purpose of this research is to know the impact of innovation and information technology at government synergy program On MSMES Development In North Sumatra. This Research is descriptively quantitative with the area focus such as: Medan, Binjai, Sibolga, Padang Sidempuan, Tebing Tinggi, Tanjung Balai,...
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Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior as a Measure of Financial Satisfaction

Beby Kendida Hasibuan, Yeti Meliany Lubis, Walad Altsani HR
The economy of a good country can be seen from how many people are involved in entrepreneurship activities in order to meet their needs. This condition also happened in Indonesia, where currently many Indonesians are choosing this field. Unfortunately this activity is not done consistently and regularly,...
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Creative Industries Readiness to Support Tourism in Danau Toba

Prihatin Lumbanraja, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis, Beby Kendida Hasibuan
Indonesia planned to create many of featured tourism destination to promote Indonesia as world's famous tourism destination. In relation with the given strategic plan, Danau Toba was chosen to be one of many featured destination in North Sumatera. In order to achieve the desired outcome, local government,...
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The Influence Of Social Media On Buying Decisions On Women Small And Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) In North Sumatera

Fivi Rahmatus Sofiyah, Mrs Yulinda
The purpose of this research is to know the influence of social media usages such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and Twitter on buying decisions Women MSMEs in North Sumatra from 2015 until 2016. This research is descriptively quantitative method with the purposive sampling as many as 100 Women...
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The Influence of Firm Size, Export Ratio and Earning Variablity On Firm Value with Economic Exposure as Intervening Variable in The Manufacturing Industry Sector

Thomas Sumarsan Goh, Arthur Simanjuntak
This study was carried out to test the influence of firm size, export ratio, and earnings variability on the firm value with economic exposure as an intervening variable in the manufacturing industry sector listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The population of this study were 138 manufacturing companies...
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The Effect of Endorsement and Brand Image on Purchase Decision of Online Culinary Product

Mrs Lusiah, Djatmiko Noviantoro, Lorensia Tasya Halim
The technology advancement nowadays affect the way people think and people's habit, especially in doing business through online channels by utilizing social media. In the online purchase, one of the many references leading in buying a particular product is from other buyers' review of a product, and...
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The Effect Of Social Media Marketing On Value Equity, Brand Equity And Relationship Equity On Young Entrepreneurs In Medan City

Bongsu Hutagalung, Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang
Digital era has influenced varians business and marketing types. Social media has given big impact on marketer to promote their brands, covering worldwide marketing, increasing the sales and building the community compared to conventional media. The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence...
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The Antecedents of Electronic Loyalty in Indonesian C2C E-Commerce

Mr Hendra, Endang Sulistya Rini, Paham Ginting, Beby Karina F. Sembiring
As the number of Indonesian internet users increased significantly in January 2017 compared to January 2016, with additional internet users 51%, was the highest in Southeast Asia and mobile payment users and penetration in Indonesia is expected to more than double by 2017, it has been great opportunity...
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Effect Of Servicescape And Customer Experience On Social Location Marketing (Case Study At Caf, In Medan)

Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang, Hardi Mulyono, Ahmad Azmi
Nowadays, a cafe is becoming a trend and growing rapidly in Medan. There are numerous people spend their time to socializing in cafes is part of the current life style. Therefore, cafe owners compete in offering new cafe concept to attract customers. To gain competitiveness and attractiveness, cafe must...
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Entrepreneurial Intellectual Capital [Human Capital, Social Capital, Customer Capital, Technology Capital] on SME's performance in Medan, Indonesia

Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Inneke Qamariah, Fadli
This study aims to investigate the effect of Entrepreneurial Intellectual Capital [Human Capital, Social Capital, Customer Capital, Technology Capital] on SME's performance in Medan, Indonesia. Sixty business owners from various sector are used as samples in this survey. Data analysis used in this study...
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The Effect of Halal Destination Image and Visitors Satisfaction on Tourist Loyalty (Object In Bukit Tinggi City Of West Sumatera)

Elfitra Desy Surya, Endang Sulistia Rini, Nasrudin Setiawan
This research aims to clarify: the influence image of halal destinations variable and to tourist satisfaction variable Against tourist loyaltyin Bukit Tinggi city. This research uses quantitative approach with explanatory research. This research uses three variables: tourist satisfaction, image of halal...
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The Role of Work-Family Conflict in Explaining The Relationship between Workload and Employees' Burnout in Tijili Hotel, Bali

Ayu Lisa Cevianita Sridana, Agoes Ganesha Rahyuda
Burnout has become a crucial issue for organizations who pursue performance excellence and wish to achieve competitive advantage. Although its negative impacts have been known to the literature, only a few studies have investigated its destructive role, antecedents, and mechanisms in tourism industry,...
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The Effect of Entrepreneurial Marketing on Competitive Advantage: Small Culinary Souvenir Industry in Jalan Mojopahit Medan, Indonesia

Nico Makmur, Yasmin Chairunisa, Inneke Qamariah
This study aims to investigate the effect of entrepreneurial marketing dimensions namely: pro-activeness; calculated risk-taking; innovativeness; opportunity focus; resource leveraging; customer intensity and value creation on competitive advantage in small Medan culinary souvenir industry in Jalan Mojopahit...
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Foundation Lecturer's Performance Antecedents (Empirical Study on Private Universities in Medan)

Kuras Purba, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Elisabeth Siahaan, Parapat Gultom
This study aims to examine empirically the antecedents of foundation lecturer's performance. There are four variables measured which consists of foundation management, university governance, dean's leadership and lecturer's performance. Data analysis is based on 576 students of nine universities in Medan...
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The Influence of Firm Performance, Firm Size and Debt Monitoring on Firm Value: The Moderating Role of Earnings Management

Rina Br Bukit, Fahmi N Nasution, Paham Ginting, Phou Sambath, Mrs Nurzaimah
This study aims to test if firm performance, firm size and debt monitoring can increase the firm value in two different conditions: high earnings management and low earnings management. Sample of manufacturing companies is taken from the list of Indonesia Stock Exchange during the period of 2014- 2016....
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The Analysis of Modern Retail Growth toward Traditional retail store in Berastagi as a Tourist City

Wan Suryani, Febrilian Lestario
This research aims to reveal and overview the impact of modern retail business' growth toward the development of traditional retail store in Berastagi as a tourist city. The hypothesis of this research is The growth of modern retail business significantly impacts the growth of traditional retail store...
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The Effect of Product Innovation, Product Quality And City Image on Purchase Decision of Uis Karo Woven Fabric

Maretta Ginting, Hendri Sembiring
Uis Karo is Indonesian traditional woven cloth that comes from the Karo Region of North Sumatera. The purpose of this research is to determine and analyze the effect of product innovation, product quality and city image on buying decision of Uis Karo at Tourism Object of Berastagi of North Sumatera....
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The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Competitive Advantage on Universities in Medan City

Isfenti Sadalia, Nisrul Irawati, Isdiana Syafitri
The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of intellectual capital on competitive advantage. The samples of this research is 80 (eighty) lecturers in several universities in Sumatera Utara province, by applying simple random sampling. Data was analyzed by using multiple linier regression...
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The Role of Product Innovation in Mediating Market Orientation with Marketing Performance

Gusti Agung Ayu Widyaningsih, Ni Nyoman Kerti Yasa, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Giantari, I G A Dewi Adnyani
The aim of this research is to explain the product innovation role in mediating relationship between market orientations with marketing performance to restaurant industry in Denpasar City. This research was conducted by the owners or manager of restaurant in Denpasar City by using questionnaire that...
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Leadership Assessments in Business Organizations in Indonesia

Arief Fahmie, Laura Monica, Dwi Despiana, Elisa Kusrini
Leadership creates a social influence practice in which the leader encourages the voluntary involvement of subordinates to achieve organization goals. For instance, to manage supply chain, leadership contributes significantly in term of flexibility and innovation. In the era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty,...
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Analyzing the Compensation and Competence on Senior High School Teacher's Performance through the Mediating Role of Job Motivation

Faisal Matriadi, Ritha F. Dalimunthe
Service today's increasingly competitive education . It is encouraging schools at this time to further improve its performance. One attempt to do is to improve the performance of teachers and increase job motivation. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of compensation and competence on...
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Improving Performance of SMEs through Social Media Marketing Training

Yeni Absah, Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Inneke Qamariah
This study aims to investigate the effect of social media training on SMEs performance. Thirty entrepreneurs are used as samples in this survey. Data analysis used in this study is Chi-Square Analysis. This analysis indicates that social media training positively effects SMEs performance.
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Evaluation of Location Aspect in Buyer's Decision to Purchase Elite Residence in Medan

Elisabet Siahaan, Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, Magdalena Linda Leonita Sibarani
House is a basic need for human beings. Many developers prepare ready-to-live-in houses for the community. Selection of each individual on his dream house or residence is a personal need and preference. The developer prepares the housing in fulfilling individual's preferences and needs. However, there...