Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Electric and Electronics

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Architectures of Delay Line ADC and Delay Cells for Digital DC-DC Converters

Chuang Wang, Zunchao Li, Yuanfa Wang, Zhicong Miao
A survey and classification of architectures is presented in this paper for delay line ADC and its delay cells targeting digital control of DC-DC converters. Previously presented designs are identified as particular cases of the proposed classification. In order to optimize occupied area and power consumption,...
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Construction of a NI ELVIS II+ Based Comprehensive Communication Circuits Experiment Platform

Jianfang Ye, Jianwei Ye, Jiale Tu
Practicality plays key roles in communication circuits course education. This paper addressed the development of a NI ELVIS II+ based experiment platform. This platform incorporated a large-area breadboard, a function generator, a portable power supply and an easy-to-use software interface. Students...
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Design and Verification of AC/DC Comparator Based on A/D Sampling

Yuanqiang Xiao, Min Cao, Bo Li, Dada Wang, Chuan Li, Zhizhou Bi
There is an important significance of AC/DC comparator with high precision for the precision measurement in electric power industry. An AC/DC comparator based on the non integer period Sampling and rapid data refactoring is designed. The AC/DC comparator consists of the input buffer A/D change DC reference...
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Eigenenergies of a Nanoscale Symmetric Double Triangular Quantum Well in Double Gate InAlAs/InGaAs HEMT

Neha Verma, Jyotika Jogi, Enakshi Khular Sharma
This paper presents the analytical calculation of the eigenenergies for a nanoscale symmetric double triangular quantum well (DTQW) in double gate InAlAs/InGaAs HEMT. The symmetric double triangular quantum wells formed by two similar heterostructures are separated by a barrier in the InGaAs channel....
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Strategy and Implementation of Multi-mode Control in Switch-Mode Power Supply

Ye Zhao, Wei Jiang
In order to reduce the standby power and increase the efficiency of the SMPS (Switch-Mode Power Supply), a multi-mode control strategy is presented and implemented in this paper. Three different modes are applied in the strategy and the optimization is achieved according to different load. The SMPS can...
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A Security System Based on Remote Iris Recognition

Sha Lu, Huaideng Wang, Jing He, Jie Yuan
In this paper, we present a remote iris recognition system using two cooperative cameras, one of which with wide-angle perspective and the other with long focal-length and high resolution; the two cameras are fixed together on a resolving stage called Pan and Tilt. When the wide-angle camera finds a...
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Modernization of TRR Control Rod Mechanisms Driving System Based on FPGA

Mohammad Arkani, Hossein Khalafi, Ashkan Hosnirokh, Arsaln Ezati
Research reactors are important neutron sources for research and radioisotope production purposes. The common problem of these facilities is their obsolete instrumentation and control (I&C) systems. The spare parts are not still available as their production is discontinued; therefore, the maintenance...
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Thermal Breakdown Modeling and Simulation of GGNMOS under ESD Stress

Yao Liu, Yingjun Gao
Based on the thermal breakdown behavior of grounded-gated n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor (GGNMOS) under Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) conditions, the electrothermal models are built and optimized by modeling thermal breakdown temperature, heat source and temperature-dependent parameters, which are...
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Nodes Selection for Analog Circuits Fault Diagnosis Based on Condition Number

Yanjun Li, Yibing Shi, Wei Zhang
It was proposed that the method of nodes selection for analog circuits soft fault diagnosis, which is using sensitivity vector as the fault signature. The problem of fault diagnosis was formulated into the one of finding the solution for the smallest 2-norm of the diagnosis equations. Considering that...
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Impact of Process Variations and Defects on RF Front-end in Nanoscale CMOS

Yuntao Liu, Aoyang Zhang, Xiangchong Liu
The scaling of MOSFET causes various process variations and defects which result in increasing performance loss of nanoscale integrated circuits. Major sources of process variations and defects in nanometer CMOS technology are studied. Then, their impact on MOSFET characteristics and on VCO circuit performances...
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A Prediction-Based Scalable Design for Montgomery Modular Multiplication

De-Sheng Chen, Huan-Teng Li, Yi-Wen Wang
Modular multiplication is a basic operation in public key cryptosystems, like RSA and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). There are many algorithms to speed up its calculation. Among them, Montgomery algorithm is the most efficient method for avoiding expensive divisions. Recently, due to the increasing...
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Improvement of Linear Amplification with Nonlinear Components Based on COX’s Theory

Chengguo Liu, Shang-he Liu, Guowei Yang, Zhipeng Wu
A theoretical research on Linear Amplification with Nonlinear Components (LINC) is described with an improved theory to COX’s proposed in this article. Input RF signal is separated into envelope component and constant envelope angle-modulated component in the circuit. Two branches of constant envelope...
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A Fashion Intelligent Guiding Device Based on Multi-sensor

Li-xia Zhang, Jia-an Zhang, Xinyi Meng, Ning Liu, Haifeng Liu
An intelligent guidance device based on ultrasonic sensor array is researched and developed according to the blind demand for facilitate walking. Six pairs of ultrasonic sensors are divided into the upper and the lower groups to detect obstacles. Multi-source information fusion and multi-sensor information...
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Study on Positioning System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Lijun Liu, Siwen Luo, Jun Gui
The positioning technology of wireless sensor is the premise in the application of wireless sensor network and has high application prospect and research value. The positioning technology based on received signal strength (RSSI) and the working principle were studied in the paper. The error and compensation...
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Design and Implementation of the Scheduling Distribution Module of EDM System

Xiaoqun Liao, Yuanlong Zhang, Shancheng Tang, Anxin Zhao
Electronic mail play an important role in the enterprise marketing, at present, due to low success rate of send and uncontrollable and so on many kinds of reasons, lead to far cannot satisfy the requirements of user's application. Using method of object-oriented design, integrated multithreading technology,...
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A Research on the Heuristic Signature Virus Detection Based on the PE Structure

Di Gao, Guisheng Yin, Yuxin Dong, Liang Kou
With the development of network technology, computer networks are becoming increasingly popular in people's daily life. Computer brings us not only convenience but also potential problems caused by computer viruses. Most viruses are Win32 PE viruses. This paper firstly analyzes the Win32 PE file structure,...
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A Light-weight Approach for Automatically Reconstructing Large-scale Trees

Wenmeng Zhou, Yao Yu, Yu Zhou, Sidan Du
Different from previous tree modeling approaches, our method is based on the idea of making tree reconstruction as quick as possible and simplifying the representation of final results while keeping the tree model visually acceptable. Each tree is represented by Billboard model. We first get the shape...
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A Target-driven Framework for Distributed Software Test Automation

Jian-hua Gu, Xing-she Zhou
This paper presents a four-layer framework for distributed software test automation, which is composed of test component layer, test component management layer, test scheduling layer and test domain layer. According to the target of testing, the problem space of software test divide into several feature...
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A Data Scheduling Scheme Based on Double Queue and Send-window

Hongcheng Huang, Hongmei Zhang
Multipath Transmission Control Protocol (MPTCP) can provide multipath communication end to end. It improve the utilization of network resources and network transmission reliability. In this paper, the receive buffer blocking problem[1],which is the basic problem in the MPTCP,is presented.A data scheduling...
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Design and Implementation of Texture Mapping in Parallel

Wen Xu, Jungang Han
Texture mapping is an important part of the realistic graphics rendering process. In this paper we parallelize the algorithm for traditional texture mapping to improve the running speed of the program. The experimental results show that, the speed-up of the program can reach to 1.92 in average.
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Research on the Optimal Portfolio Based on Genetic Algorithms

Jun Han
Investment in securities is in an uncertain environment, any gains obtained are accompanied by certain risks. The essence of portfolio optimization is the optimal allocation of the limited assets in securities with different risk and return characteristics. In this paper, the portfolio decision-making...
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An Adaptive Immune System Applied to Task Scheduling on NOC

Wei Gao, Yubai Li, Song Chai, Jian Wang
In this paper, an ADaptive Immune Algorithm (ADIA) based on the artificial immune system (AIS) is proposed for the dependent task scheduling on Network on Chip (NoC). We increase the diversity of population of AIS in two ways, and improve the output result of scheduling. On one hand, new calculation...
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Application of PHM for Complex Electromechanical Equipments

Minghui Wu, Tianzhu Wen, Shang Meng, Haomin Dai
PHM (Prognostic and Health Management) which is proposed by American army in JSF plan has gone through the fault diagnosis, fault prognostic and system integration three phases, and develops fast in both electronic and mechanical field. In this paper, the technical superiority of PHM is analyzed, and...
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A Novel Method for Cell Phenotype Image Classification

Chao Li, Ji-feng Huang
As the development of human genomic project, the life science research has entered the post-genome era. The study of the function of the encoded proteins is one of the hotspots in life-science research and protein subcellular localization is an important basis for functional study of the protein. The...
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A Direct Method for Semantic Partitioning of Low-level Image Data

Zhongsheng Li, Tongcheng Huang
It is a tough task to discover semantics implied by low-level image data. In view of this situation, single concept clustering (SCC), a new algorithm for semantic partitioning of data set according to a single concept is presented. First, data is preprocessed and an uniform interface obtained for the...
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Judging Equivalence for Sets of Functional Dependencies Based on Truth Table

Yishun Zhang
Data dependencies theory is the basic tool for analyzing and designing of relational database. How to Judge whether two sets of functional dependencies are equivalent This is a basic and important problem solved by using Armstrong’s axioms in data dependencies theory. In this paper we shall point out...
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Linear Complexity of Generalized Hall’s Sextic Sequence

Runping Ye
Let p be a primes with p1(mod 6). In this paper,we calculate the linear complexity of the connection polynomial of a balanced binary Hall's sextic sequence. It shows that the sequence has large linear complexity and balanced properties.
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A More Secure and Efficient Remote Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement

Dianli Guo, Fengtong Wen
In 2011, Wang et al. presented a efficient anonymous authentication scheme with high level security. In this article, we point out that their scheme suffers to server spoofing attack and fails to preserve user’s privacy, besides the process of their proposal is incorrect. Therefore, an improved scheme...
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Feature Selection Based on Function Model of Game Fusion

Lin Gu, Yang Zeng, Shardrom Johnson, Daniel Hsu
The paper introduces a new method of feature selection through the function model of game fusion. We use the traditional three steps of accomplishing feature selection by the fusion model: Firstly, fusion model can preprocess the input information, classify the information into conflict data, redundant...
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Exploration of Asset Management in College

Nan Wang, Yue Dong, Huaichang Du
With the rapid development of colleges and universities in China, earth-shaking changes have taken place in both the quality and quantity of their national assets and the original asset management modalities have been lagging behind the pace of development. Therefore, how to effectively safeguard the...
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Design and Implementation of WMMP in Medical Application

Wei Zhao, Gang Shi
As an important part of the next generation network, Internet of things is affecting every aspect of our lives. Now an accepted the conclusion is that M2M technology is the specific form of concrete implementation of Internet of things in current conditions. In order to realize the machine to machine...
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The Infrared Multispectral Image Simulation Research Based on 3D Scene

Bo Li, Huai-ci Zhao, Mei Du, Jinfeng Lv
A method of generating infrared multispectral simulation images by 3D scene is presented. The infrared images at any observation angle of the scene and a data cube of simulation images of specific waveband could be generated by the method. Some experiments have been done in waveband 3~5 m to generate...
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A Simulation Design Based on the Six Quadrants Laser Detection System

Yan-mei Zhang, Xu Liu, Fei Xu, Zhi-yin Niu
In order to achieve the best destruction effect, the signal processing circuit of six quadrant laser detector will do the target identification and target discrimination according to the echo signal of each quadrant when the missile meets the target. In this way will make sure that the missile explodes...
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Study on Algorithm of Selecting Safe Landing Area on Ground During Asteroid Soft Landing

Ouattara Sie, Xiaogang Ruan, Ruoyan Wei, Yan Yan
For the selection a safe area during landing on asteroid, this article proposes an algorithm of selecting safe landing area based on binaryzation combined with morphology. First, it provides a new binary algorithm for highlighting the shadow area and the lighting area. Second, in order to dilate the...
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A Hybrid Model Based on Agile Development

Zheng Liu, Shardrom Johnson, Gang Wang, Xubin Liu, Yang Song
One key factor of successful software project is to control software development cycle, reduce labor cost, improve software quality. Agile software development method was widely used in practice, the efficiency of software development was also increased in fact. However, for the bad control on development...
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A Re-ranking Method Based on Tag-Topic Model

Maoyuan Zhang, Shuiyin Chen, Fanli He
We describe a novel approach to improve the accuracy of the IR which combines the tag-topic model with natural language processing. Tag-topic model extended the Latent Dirichlet We describe a novel approach to improve the accuracy of the IR which combines the tag-topic model with natural language processing....
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Development of a Testbed for Process Control System Cybersecurity Research

Dongqing Chen, Yong Peng, Huazhong Wang
Testbed plays an important role in the cybersecurity research of process control system. It helps us design and test solutions to various attacks against control system. A hybrid structure process control testbed, combining programmable logic controllers and other real process control systems with simulated...
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The Implementation of GIS Multi-source Heterogeneous Data Integration Considering of Java

Lingli Zhao, Shuai Liu, Junsheng Li, Zhongpin Lou, Xindong Mao, Enkun Xie
With the development of information technology, GIS information has become an important part of the obtained data. The GIS data has characteristics of multi-source heterogeneous, multi-scale, large differences in format and huge data etc. It is difficult to achieve relatively joint query. So in this...
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Analysis of High Impedance Surface as Ground of Monopole Antenna for Bandwidth Enhancement

Fatimah Zaharah Ali
Monopole antenna is one of the famous low-profile antennas because of its features of light in weight and easy to install. However, it can only be operated in lower gain and bandwidth due to the easiness of noise affecting. As other types of antenna, monopole antenna uses perfectly electrical conducting...
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Research and Development of Transportable Coastal Radar at S-band Frequency with FM-CW Technology for Supporting C4ISR

Mashury Wahab, Yussi Perdana Saputera, Yuyu Wahyu
In this paper, a research on coastal Radar to support C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) was carried out.This coastal Radar has an advantage of easy to be transported in order to observe seas/coastal areas in different locations. The Radar technology...
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Design and Implementation of Intermediate Frequency Dual Band 2-Way Wilkinson Power Divider for Radar System

Taufiqqurrachman, Mashury Wahab
In this paper, design and implementation of dual band 2-Way Wilkinson Power Divider (WPD) is presented. This WPD can used for frequency of 456 MHz (X-Band Radar) and frequency 600 MHz (S-Band Radar). The Dual Band WPD used a two-section broadband method which consists only of cascaded sections of branch-lines...
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Optical Carrier Source for the Wavelength-Division-Multiplex-Radio-over-Fiber System Based on the Superstructure Fiber Bragg Grating

Hongjun Yang, Yu Wang, Yongliang Liu, Rui Liu
Spectral slicing of a supercontinuum source has a good prospect in the applications of the wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM)- radio-over-fiber(RoF) systems. A comb filter based on superstructure fiber Bragg grating (SSFBG) to slice the supercontinuum spectrum generated in the photonic crystal fiber...
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Optimized Design of Energy-Efficient IP Over WDM Networks

F. Mousavi Madani
A surge of interest toward design and implementation of green networks are emerging in recent years. One obvious trend to reduce energy consumption of major active network components is to craft backbone network architecture that takes into consideration traffic grooming of low-rate IP traffic as well...
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Ordered Group Interference Suppression for V-BLAST

Jia Geng, Chenghao Guo
As an efficient approach to increase data rate in wireless communication, vertical Bell laboratories layered space-time (V-BLAST) has been widely studied. In this paper an improved V-BLAST decoding algorithm, ordered group interference suppression (O-GIS), is presented, which reduces the error rate by...
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Evaluation of the Radiated Emission of a Printed Circuit Board Attached with Cables

Ahmed Sayegh, Mohd Zarar Mohd Jenu
An electronic product has to comply with a myriad of EMC requirements before it can be marketed globally. Radiated Emission is one of the EMC requirements which constantly poses a challenge to many circuit designer due to the ever increasing speed of PCB clocks. Consequently, in the product it is essential...
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A Robust Sparse Signal Recovery Method for Perturbed Compressed Sensing Based on Max-min Residual Regularization

Rongzong Kang, Pengwu Tian, Hongyi Yu
Compressive sensing (CS) is a new signal acquisition framework for sparse and compressible signals with a sampling rate much below the Nyquist rate. In this work, we consider the problem of perturbed compressive sensing (CS) with uncertainty in the measurement matrix as well as in the measurements. In...
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Optimized Design of Earthing Network for Radio Base Station

Jike Liu, Yongshuang Lin, Qiang Chen, Zheng Qi, Zhigang Wang
Generally the Radio Base Station(RBS) designs include three cases: (1) The equipment room is separated with the iron tower; (2) The equipment room is enclosed by the four feet of the iron tower; and (3) The iron tower is erected on the top of equipment room. With respect to the above cases, a rational...
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Research on Equipotential Earthing Optimization Bonding in Radio Base Station

Jike Liu, Yongshuang Lin, Qiang Chen, Zheng Qi, Zhigang Wang
Earthing is the foundation of lightning protection of the RBS (radio base station), providing a way for discharging the lightning current. Equipotential bonding can protect equipment from lightning attack, providing a potential reference point for all equipment. There are two methods for the equipotential...
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Research on Related Questions about Optimized Design of Earthing Network for Radio Base Station

Jike Liu, Yongshuang Lin, Qiang Chen, Zheng Qi, Zhigang Wang
Some research have explained the difference of effect between power frequency current with lightening current injecting into earthing network. The surface of the earthing body can be approximately regarded as equipotential surface in the case of power frequency no matter how large the area of an earthing...
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Scalability Impact on VANET Routing Protocols Performance

Zolidah Kasiran, Siti Noryazidah Hassan
Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) represent a rapidly emerging, particularly challenging class of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). VANET often suffer from security attacks because of its features like open medium, changing its topology dynamically, lack of central monitoring and management, cooperative...
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Optical Wireless Positioning Systems Using LED Ceiling Lights

Swook Hann, Soo-Yong Jung, Chang-Soo Park
The novel indoor localization system is proposed and demonstrated using white LED ceiling lights. The mean of distance errors shows that is 3.57 cm in the simulation setup of 8 m x 8 m x 3 m, and is 0.65 cm in the experimental setup of 0.3 m x 0.3 m x 0.5 m in the positioning system.
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Research for a New Type Plant-wide DCS Integrated Main and Auxiliary Control Network

Chen Chen, Junfang Fu
For the development of distributed control system (DCS), a new plant-wide DCS main and auxiliary control integration network was introduced, that means the whole plant is equipped with Unit Plant DCS. Unit Plant DCS public network and the whole plant auxiliary plant control network Combine into a new...
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Development of New Unmanned Fixed-wings Aircraft Patrol to Power Transmission Line

Bingqin Wang, Shilong Huang, Zhiyuan Huang
In connection with the shortcomings of the current power transmission line inspection Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a new electric power inspection fixed-wing UAV is developed to improve the efficiency. The images of the line defects and potential problems are located and collected with the aerial views...
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Optimization and Implementation of Intelligent PID Controller Based on FPGA

Kaiyu Wang, Zhenan Tang, Yongrui Zhang, Zhiming Song, Zhiheng Li, Mengmeng Xi
To meet the real time and reliability requirements in the occasions containing high frequency disturbance and frequent changes of the parameters, this paper optimized the proportion and integral coefficients of fuzzy PID controller by combining the theory analysis with experts’ experience. Simultaneously,...
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Design of Robust PID Controller Based on Desired Loop Transfer Function

Yonghui Chen, Gongquan Tan
Design method of loop transfer function on expected phase for robust gain system is proposed. Bode ideal loop function (BILF) can guarantee the strongly gain robust stability for closed loop system, while the desired fractional order (1~2) BILF has to be approximated with high integer order function...
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Rotating Consensus of LFMAS in an Elliptical Orbit with Switching Topology

Gun Li, Meng-jie Niu
This paper is devoted to the study of rotating consensus problem for leader-following multi-agent system with and without multiple time-delays in an elliptical orbit and both switching topology which is kept connected. We first define rotating consensus problem of leader-following multi-agent system...
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Energy Saving in Electro-Hydraulic System Using Impedance Sensing

Kittiphong Poomphochana, Pornjit Pratumsuwan, Watcharin Po-ngaen
In last decade, energy efficiency of hydraulic actuators systems has been especially important in industrial machinery applications. Even small improvements of efficiency in high loads fluid power system therefore often have a significant economic impact on the total cost. Fundamentally, most of these...
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The Research and Design of Remote Control Airship for Substation Inspection

Hongliang Wang, Min Cao, Dada Wang, Peng Li, Shaoquan Zhang, Erlei Tang
The main substation and transmission line inspection are using artificial inspection nowadays, especially under harsh operating environments and mountain difficult, the effect is not very satisfactory. But the number of helicopters is a limited ,about 1~2times every year. While the research and design...
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Study of Skinner Automaton Implemented on a Two-Wheeled Robot

Xuan Wu, XiaoGang Ruan, Xiaoping Zhang, Ouattara Sie
Learning is the main aim of robotics. In this paper we present a new stochastic learning automaton called a Skinner automaton as a psychological model for formalizing the theory of operant conditioning. We identify animal operant learning with a thermodynamic process, and derive a so-called Skinner algorithm...
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Fractional Order Modeling of PEMFC Temperature

Zhidong Qi, Dong Chen, Liang Shan
The stack temperature of PEMFC is an important index of keeping the stability and efficiently of the fuel cell. Based on the conservation of energy and material balance equation, the theory of fractional calculus is firstly adopted to establish fractional order dynamic model of PEMFC temperature, and...
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Research of Transfer Alignment for Airborne Distributed Inertial Attitude Measurement System

Yukun Wang, Shuai Chen, Xian Li, Runwu Zhong
According to airborne early warning system’s higher and higher requirement for precise attitude information and increasing demand for local attitude reference, a distributed inertial attitude measurement system scheme which is based on the information of airborne MINS (master inertial navigation system)...
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Research of Automatic Disturbance Rejection Controller for Fiber Optic Gyro Servo Stabilized System

Qing Zhang, Li-dong Guo, Liang Huo
In order to overcome the deficiencies of classic control method in the disturbance rejection and robustness, the automatic disturbance rejection controller (ADRC) was introduced into the fiber optic gyro(FOG) stabilized platform. A control model for the position servo loop of FOG stabilized platform...
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Modeling and Optimization of Coal Moisture Control System Based on BFO

Xiaobin Li, Yang Yu, Ting Hu, Haiyan Sun
Coal moisture control process is a critical process in energy saving, pollution reduction and improving production efficiency and the quality of coke. To achieve precise control of coal moisture control system, against their strong coupling, large, nonlinear systems with time-delay characteristics using...
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Real-time Workshop Information Acquisition and Monitoring System Based on Three-Layer Network

Junhong Wang, Donghui Sun, Zongrui Li, Zhenzhong Xu
The paper discussed the realization of workshop information acquisition and monitoring system which had three-layer network construction. According to analyzing the production information of the real-time monitoring workshop, raised the management network based on Ethernet which could manage order and...
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A Modified Control Method for Congested Traffic in Car-following Model

Yu Cui, Hong-xia Ge
In order to describe the car-following behavior more actually in real traffic, an extended car-following model incorporating the headway of arbitrary number of vehicles that proceed and the relative velocity is proposed from the viewpoint of control. The stability condition of the extended model is obtained...
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Research on a New Path Planning Method for Mobile Robot

XiaoPing Zhang, Xiaogang Ruan, Xiaoqing Zhu, Jing Huang
Aim at the path planning problem of a mobile vehicle in an unknown environment, a new hybrid learning method is proposed, which is based on the fuzzy inference system and assisted by the combination of supervised learning and bionic automata, the bionic learning endows the robot the capabilities of self-learning...
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PID Parameters Tuning Based on a Self-Adaptive Immunity Ant Colony Algorithm

Yuying Shao, Zhengquan Lv, Li Deng, Aiping Wang
For the disadvantages of being easy to fall into premature of particle swarm optimization and the lengthy process of immune algorithm, putting the immunization information processing mechanisms of the immune system into PSO algorithm. A particle swarm algorithm based on immune selection (IPSO) was proposed,...
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Research on Fuzzy Adaptive PID Control Algorithm Based on Siemens PLCSIM

Cheng-Wu Lin, Miao Liu, Jian-Guang Zhu
Studied the realization method of the fuzzy adaptive PID algorithm based on SIEMENS PLC. Fuzzy control algorithm bases on the mode of calculation offline and query online, and with the help of indirectly addressing the memories of PLC. It’s proved that the fuzzy algorithm has good control effect by testing...
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Design of Household Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter Based on STC

Zhong-mei Xi, Yang Li
PV grid connected power generation is the trend at present in the world and the grid-connected inverter is core part of PV power generation system, so high quality and low cost of inverter power supply become the focus of research. According to the characteristics of average household power, a type of...
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Operation Characteristics of the Bidirectional LCC Resonant DC-DC Converter

Yingying Cai, Cong Wang
A novel bidirectional DC-DC converter with LCC resonant net was proposed. The converter was composed of LCC resonant net and traditional bidirectional DC-DC circuit with zero voltage switching (ZVS) operation of the primary side switches and zero current switching (ZCS) operation of the rectifier diodes...
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Study on Voltage Quality of VSC-HVDC Supplying Passive Networks

Xin Tang, Zhiyu Yang
The voltage source converter based high voltage direct current transmission (VSC-HVDC) supplying passive networks is subject to voltage quality problem. In this paper, based on analyzing the influence of time delay introduced by PWM inverter and computation, a delay compensation method for vector control...
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Study on 2000V SiC JBS Diodes

Gang Chen, Lin Wang, Runhua Huang, Song Bai, Yun Li
High voltage 4H-SiC Ti schottky junction barrier schottky (JBS) diode with breakdown voltage of 2000V and forward current of 2A has been fabricated. A low reverse leakage current below 1.9×10-6A/cm2 at the bias voltage of -2kV has been obtained. The forward on-state current was 2A at VF = 1.9V and 5A...
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Ozone Generation Properties of Screw-type Electrode Ozonizer by Divided Outer Electrodes

Tomoyuki Fujishima, Toru Kawaguchi, Takanobu Amano, Takahiko Yamashita
Ozone became expected as a disinfectant for agricultural soil. Since ozone has strong bactericidal activity and no residual toxicity. Therefore the ozone generation system which suitable to soil sterilizations has been developing and ozone generation properties has been studying. Our ozone reactor has...
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X-ray Detection Research of Current Transformer

Kuo Gao, Hong Yu, Tieqiao Guo, Erjun Pang, Tuo Dong, Zhiwang Cheng, Jianhui Zhang
Since the structure of electromagnetic current transformer is fully enclosed, When the fault occurs, using the traditional electrical insulation detection methods only detected whether it has defects or not. We cannot analysis the form and nature of the defects by using that detection method. In this...
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Research on Hydropower Peak Regulation Market

Sai Dai, Xu Zhao, Cui-hui Yan
In order to advance the instruction of the Smart Grid, resolve the peak regulation problem brought by new resources connected to the grid, and change the situation that hydropower peak regulationis regulated freely, analyzing the component of the hydropower peak regulation and indicating that the cost...
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Research on Real Time Power System Dynamic Monitoring Master Station System Test and Evaluation

Kun Zhao, Sheng Liu, Zhi Cai, Yang Bai, Yansheng Lang, Qiang Li
Phasor measurement technology developed rapidly in CHINA, Real time power system dynamic monitoring master station system were built widely in inter-regional power system and provincial power system, With WAMS system of practical ,WAMS master station test specification making is particularly important...
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Surface Roughness Effect on the Hydrophobicity Characteristic of Operating Composite Insulators

Song Wang, Tian Yuan, Jun Zhou, Qian-yu Wang
Pretreatment needs to be done before measuring the hydrophobicity of the composite insulators. However, the necessity of such pretreatment is questionable for operating composite insulators. Therefore, surface roughness of light pollution level, heavily pollution level, chalking and the impact of surface...
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Simulation Study on Internal Transparent Collector IGBT Using Superjunction Drift

Dongqing Hu, Peihao Lv, Yunpeng Jia
The super junction (SJ) drift is used in internal transparent collector IGBT. The influences of position of local carrier lifetime region, local carrier lifetime, and buffer layer doping level on the devices’ trade-off characteristics have been simulation studied. The results show that for given local...
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Transient Stability Analysis of Power System Using Improved Least Square Method and Energy Function

Dongrong Jiang, Zhao Li, Lian Zhang
The wide application of WAMS (Wide Area Measurement System) provided a new thinking for transient stability analysis of power system. Based on real-time measurement information from WAMS, a method to quickly analysis power system transient stability that does not depend on network structure, model and...
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Research on Initial Lightning Attachment Zone for Aircraft

Xiang-Ru Teng, Guang-Bin Liu, Zhi-Yong Yu, Xin-Wu Zhuang, Yu-Long Zhao
By the use of dipole theory and “point effect” theory, electromagnetic field at any point in space, initial attachment features between lightning and aircraft and electric field intensity at “sharp” and “terminal” parts were researched theoretically. Conclusion was got: “sharp” and “terminal” parts are...
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The Impact of Substation Circuit Breaker Failure Operation on System Transient Stability and Counter Measures

Hui Zeng, Yu Zhu, Jinsong Liu, Gang Wang, Qiang Zhang, Tao Zhang
This paper presents the impact of substation breaker failure operation on system transient stability and the ways to enhance post-fault transient characteristics. Power System Analysis Simulation Package (PSASP) software is used to stimulate the circuit breaker failure operation in 220KV or 500KV substations....
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Analysis of Ac Transmission from Desert-Area Large-Scale Photovoltaic Generation

Alsalem Mohammed Hassan, Junichi Arai
Large photovoltaic power generation facilities are expected to be installed in desert areas and provide electricity to rural areas through long cable transmission lines. However, ac transmission networks in such areas are usually inadequate for stable grid operation. One problem to be solved is voltage...
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Study of a New Approach about Locating Single-phase-to-ground Fault

Bing Jiang, Chuan Zang, Zhiguo Xiao, Jie Yin
First this paper briefly analyzes the electric power transient signal of single phase grounding fault, and then the fault characteristics of zero sequence current and bus voltage is obtained by wavelet transformation. Finally by using genetic algorithm to optimize the original weights of back-propagation...
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Energy Efficiency Evaluation of EV Charging Network Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment

Yubo Fan, Chunlin Guo, Wen Chen, Zongfeng Li
People began to focus on the energy efficiency of EV charging facilities with the rapid development of EV. The energy efficiency evaluation of EV charging network requires a comprehensive reflection of the entire and all aspects of the network. This paper aims to propose a method and a model of energy...
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A Coordinative Optimization Model for Hydro-Thermal-LNG Power System

Qiang Ding, Jing-yang Zhou, Hui Cui, Dan Xu, Wei-gang Li, Zhi Chen, Yong Deng, Yuzhen Yao, Xin Cheng
This paper proposes a coordinative optimization model based on MILP for Hydro-thermal-LNG power system. The advantage of the method is that it simultaneously solves unit commitment for hydro and LNG( liquefied natural gas) units, and solves economic dispatch for thermal units. The coordinative optimization...
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Optimized Design of Crimping Tubes Matching with 1000mm2 Conductor

Shengchun Liu, Zhen Liu, Na Sun, Lixian Zhou, Jiancheng Wan
The large cross-section conductors with 1000mm2 sectional area are widely applied in South Hami - Zhengzhou ± 800kV UHVDC power transmission project. The Al wires withstand relatively high tension for the large ratio of Al to steel, so the grip strength of crimping tube designed according to traditional...
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Closed-loop Control System Based on the Trajectory Information

Huaiyuan Wang, Baohui Zhang, Songhao Yang, Hao Yang, Lihua Wu, Qing Wang, Xiaojun Li, Shiying Ma
Based on trajectory information for the electric power system, this paper analyzes Transient Stability Prediction and new generation transient stability control of large power system. This method, which is independent of system parameter and model, can tell the transient stability of the electric power...
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Stability Characteristics and De-icing Modes Analysis of JinSu UHVDC Transmission Line

Jianming Wang, Yonghua Yin, Jian Zhang
After the operation of JinSu UHVDC transmission line, influence on the stability of the interconnected power grid especially in de-icing modes is studied from various sides. To cope with the DC block fault occurred in the UHVDC transmission line, the coordinated control strategy based on emergency DC...
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Transient Stability Detection Scheme Based on the Trajectory Convexity for Multi-Machine Power System

Songhao Yang, Baohui Zhang, Huaiyuan Wang, Hao Yang, Lihua Wu, Qing Wang, Xiaojun Li, Shiying Ma, Junjie Lin
In this paper, a convexity index is proposed to detect the stability in a Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) system. Then the criterion is extended in the multi-machine power system which can be induced to an equivalent SMIB system and a supplementary criterion is proposed. Based on the instability criterion...
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Design and Realization of Convergence Controller Based on IEC61850 Protocol

Fengzhen Zhou, Yufeng Duan, Ningxi Song, Jingchao Zhang
By deploying a variety of intelligent devices to the smart grid, the power Internet of Things could achieve safe and reliable information transmission, collaborative processing, unified services and application integration, help promote the panoramic awareness, interoperability and seamless integration...
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Condition Assessment of Passive MRTB Based on Fuzzy Theory

Jing Dai
As one of the core equipment of high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission system, the health status of passive MRTB would directly threaten the secure and stable operation of power system. Aiming at correctly getting the real-time operating status of passive MRTB , a new condition assessment method...
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The Research on Asynchronous Motor Electronic Load

Guixiu Jiang, Jie Shu
The electronic load is used to simulate the asynchronous motor and its load, making up the shortage of classic physical simulation method. The equivalent model of asynchronous motor is discussed. Combining the equivalent circuit with the rotor equation of asynchronous motor, the asynchronous motor model...
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A Research of Active Power Filter Based on Feed-Forward Control

Xin Tang, Qi Wang
This paper proposed a feed-forward control strategy for active power filter. The feed-forward controller and the current controller are designed based on the state-space averaging model and the voltage controller is designed based on the power model. Since the grid voltage may generate big impulsive...
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Research on Crucial Techniques of Smart Distribution Grid

Zhigang Wu, Wei Wang, Jianqiang Xu, Yuqiang Xu, Jidong Shi, Dongju Wang
Smart distribution grid is the important part of smart grid which connects the main network with users. It is directly user oriented and the center of power distribution. This article has compared the smart distribution grid with regular traditional distribution network. Crucial techniques including...
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Research Situation and Development Trends of Distribution Automation Technology

Wei Wang, Weiyuan Hu, Guowei Zhao, Shengwei Shen, Jidong Shi, Dongju Wang
This article has summarized the developing history of distribution automation technology and analyzed existing problems that hinder its practical application. Currently the automation level of the distribution network in our country is very low reflecting as insufficient and immature functions. The research...
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Comparison and Analysis of Metropolitan Power Grid Partition in China and Abroad

Nan Yang, Qingfang Yuan, Jian Sun, Haiyun Wang, Liangyu Li, Hengrui Ma, Li Lin, Shaomin Zhu
With grid expansion in China, many metropolitan power grids have been divided into partitions at 220kV to reduce the system short-circuit current and make the grid structure clearer. However, there are still a lot of problems with the current domestic (Chinese) grid partitioning. In contrast, urban power...
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Some Properties of Regular Crypto H(l)-abundant Semigroups

Lili Wang, Aifa Wang
A regular crypto H(l)-abundant semigroup is a generalized regular cryptogroup in the range of right principal projective semigroups. In our paper, we describe the property of regular crypto -abundant semigroups by the -Green's relations.
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Classification of Composite Power Quality Disturbance Signals Based on HHT and S-Transform

Nanhua Yu, Chuanjian Li, Rui Li, Shaoge Yin, Wei Liu, Weiqing Tao
The correct classification of single and composite power quality disturbances is the premise and basis of governance and control of power quality problems. This article extracts the high-frequency and low-frequency characteristics by S-transform of the disturbance signals, combining HHT to extract the...
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The Multi-state Model Fusion Algorithm for GNSS Navigation

Dawen Zhang
A novel fusion algorithm, termed as the multi-state model fusion filter (MSMF), was established for the global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) navigation. Firstly, a new state space model was presented by adopting the polynomial predictive idea and state dimension expansion. It was established without...
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Dimension-reduced Robust Beamforming Method for MIMO Radar

Jingjun Li, Yonghua Jiang, Bo Dan, Weiwei Gao
A new robust beamforming algorithm for multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) radar is proposed in the presence of unknown mismatches phenomenon of the desired signal steering vector. Considering that the transmitted waveforms of MIMO radar are orthogonal to each other, after matched filtering MIMO...