Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Applied Social Science Research (ICASSR-2013)

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Promoting Political Modernizations by Building Civic Cultures

Qiu Lin
The cultivation of civic cultures is necessary for contemporary China to accelerate its development. The paper will explore the role of civic cultures played in political and cultural development to enhance political modernizations.
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Study on the Cultivation of American Civic Cultures in Contemporary China

Yongquan Wang
The introduction of English and American civic cultures to China is beneficial to the development of its traditional cultures, and it is necessary for contemporary China to enhance the cultivation of civic cultures to realize its modernizations. Western civic cultures include citizen awareness, values,...
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An Intertextual Perspective of Chinese and American Poetry around 1920s

Yingjie Guo, Wen Wang
To have an intertextual perspective of Chinese and American poetry around 1920s, this paper firstly deals with the origins of intertextuality in the west as well as in China, and holds that American poetic texts can not confine themselves within American culture and literature only, nor can Chinese poetic...
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Can the Context be Commensurable with the World in Heideggerian Sense?

Ping Qu
Understanding of being as world-disclosure existentially determines both the kind of being of humans and the kind of being of entities which we encounter within the world; this means that understanding of being is essentially equivalent to the human being’s being-in-the-world. The aim of study is to...
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Second Language Reading Strategies in Multimedia Environment for Zhuang Ethnic College Students in China

Shanshan Wu, Baoguo Shan
Since 1960s, the importance of environmental protection has come into world’s vision. The application of environmental regulation in international trade has got more and more along of the deepening of globalization. The prevailing view suggests that when some country carry out more stringent environmental...
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Second Language Reading Strategies in Multimedia Environment for Zhuang Ethnic College Students in China

Hui Chen
The second language reading teaching in multimedia environment can provide students with an ideal environment to improve their reading ability in the multimedia environment. Due to the uniqueness of Zhuang ethnic college students' English learning, this paper mainly discusses their reading strategies...
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Research on English Learning Styles of College students of Zhuang nationality in China

Xianze Wu
Due to various reasons, there are some differences in learning English between students of Zhuang nationality and students of Han nationality in China. In order to improve English learning of students of Zhuang nationality , this paper analyses the previous researches on learning styles and points out...
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Positive or Negative Emotions: The Speaker’s Choice

Zhanfang Li
This paper explores how speakers use address terms metaphorically to express their emotions. A co-variation scale of emotion and meaning is constructed and the metaphorical realization of address terms are revealed: speakers may express the positive emotions by choosing negative address terms, or express...
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Research on the Danger Liability of Space Launch’s Damage to the Third Party

Yajuan Li
The space launch activities might cause harm by the falling of relevant spare parts or debris of spacecraft to the personal, property rights or interests of the third party in China’s territorial land, territorial seas and territorial airspace. This act of tort should fall into civil tort, in which the...
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Discussion on higher vocational teaching quality monitoring and evaluation system- Taking Xiamen Ocean Vocational College as an example

ZhiYong Xing, MengLi Wen
The teaching quality monitoring, related factors on the formation of the quality of teaching is to observe and control. On the teaching of the situation, through the analysis and judgement, take effective measures, make the teaching work to be perfect, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the teaching...
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Buzzword “Fiscal Cliff” of Yesteryear Was Coined by Ben Bernanke, Really?

Kai Lv, Zhiming Feng, Xi Li, Shimi Zheng
Financial buzzword “Fiscal Cliff”, a novel jargon to laymen, was selected by as one of 12 words of 2012 along with the catchy song Gangnam Style. It ranks number 1 among Top 10 Buzzwords in Time’s Top 10 Everything of 2012 List. Economically, it is of utmost significance for USA...
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A case study of collaborative action research: lexical chunk theory and its implication on reading performance

Hong Ma, Zheng Yun Chen, Zhi Yuan Pan
This case study is conducted on the basis of collaborative action research by applying lexical chunk theory into reading. Having tutoring a college student of engineering background for two years, two teachers reflected on teaching methods and resorted to intervention of purposefully nurturing the student’s...
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Tentative Idea About Extruding Regional Feature In Advanced Occupational Education Of Guangxi ??An Example From Vocational And Technical College Of Guilin University Of Electronic Technology

Hao Liu
Explaining Some disadvantages of higher occupation education at present in Guangxi through description of Guangxi higher occupation education present situation and introduction of Vocational and Technical College of Guilin University of Electronic Technology, puts forward some improvement ideas with...
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How People-organization Value-Fit Affects Work Engagement: the Moderation Role of Conscientiousness

Yu Yan, Jin Zou, Xiaoyan Zhu
alue-fit is the key aspect of people-organization fit. It has profound effect on the employee performance and organization output. Our research is based on the theoretical and logical reasoning and literature analysis, we conclude that?1?people-organization fit and its dimensions are positively correlated...
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Network-based Blended Teaching Design in English Reading Course

Manli Lu
This paper aims to put forward a network-based blended teaching design for English Reading course based on blended learning theory. Four procedures have been presented to demonstrate the design of blended teaching and the outstanding advantages of this design are expounded in this paper.
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Crude Oil Market Pricing Mechanism analysis and Simulation

Xingchen Zheng
This paper aims to estimate chaos characteristics of different time in oil market and to forecast price of oil in short term. Method of Lyapunov exponent estimating and V-Statistics were utilized to estimate chaos degree and non-period cycle length, and an oil market model developed by the author was...
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Adjustment Mechanism of Major Setup Based on Employment-oriented AEIOU Method

Zhenyun Zhou, Yongbo Liu, Daoming Wang, Danqin Ye
In order to implement and expanse the colleges’ and universities’ autonomy of major setup, it is necessary for colleges and universities to improve the internal mechanism to set up and adjust the majors. Based on employment-oriented major setup, this paper elaborates four forces, four types of relationships,...
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General Error Analysis and Teaching Mode Reform in Chinese Grammar Teaching ----with students majored in Chinese Language of Yili Normal University as an example

Lirong An
This paper, by analyzing some grammatical errors found in the exercise work of minority students in Yili Normal University and their causes, aims at propose effective measures to reduce the bias and reform the teaching modes. We advocate the adaptation and modernization of grammar teaching mode, and...
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On the Design of Landscape Elements of Theme Park ---- Taking Tang Paradise for Example

Xuezhi Li
Tang Paradise is a large cultural theme park of royal garden style. By analyzing the design characteristics of landscape elements, this paper proposes the design of hills, pools, buildings and landscape furniture, which not only reflects the tourism function and cultural inheritance, but also reflects...
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On Necessary Roles of the Five Key Elements in a Speech Community

Shou Yan Miao
To further clarify the elements essential for the composition of a speech community and to prove their due important roles, this paper, taking the speech community in the medical domain as an example, analyzes the five relevant elements from the perspective of their dominant and recessive attributes...
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Optimization of Medicine Logistics Procurement Strategy under the Response of Market State

Ruifeng Li, Juanjuan Yan, Pei Pei
Only the scientific forecast of the supply and demand state of medicine in health service market can improve the medicine supply chain in the medicine logistics. By conducting mixed-strategy solution of medicine procurement in different market states with the matrix game, the procurement patterns of medicine logistics...
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Collective Behaviors versus Social Movements:An examination of the differences

William J. Jr. Tinney
Confusion has existed for some time in collective behavior (CB) and social movement (SM) studies. In light of this confusion, I have endeavored to demonstrate, through examination of past research, the inconsistencies and erroneous postulations of cornerstone studies and propose a more adequate base...
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On How to Make Use of Tax Policies to Realize More Equitable Distribution of Income

Jue Zhang
Through analyzing the present status of increasingly intensified income distribution gap and summarizing the effects upon income distribution by tax policy and existing problems, the paper puts forward some principles and advices on tax policy reform, to realize more equitable distribution of income...
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Research on Pricing Actualization Mechanism of Residential Property Management Fee Based on Recessive Monopolization

Qingqiu Chen, Jiajia Tang
The Residential property management sector plays an increasing vital role in people’s living in China, and its pricing issue should be focus of social attention . From the perspective of welfare economics and complementary goods two-part pricing ,this paper examines whether there is recessive monopolization...
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Theoretical Study of the Mind Map Notes

Jingjing Ding
Mind map uses pictures combined with words to make notes, significantly different from traditional notes. And it is popular among a variety of professionals and organizations abroad. China has witnessed nearly a decade’s mind map craze, but the promotion effect is slender. Because theoretical researches...
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Research on Causing Factors and Countermeasures to Postgraduates’ Psychological Problems

Zhe Li
Though postgraduates are all highly-educated with advanced degrees, yet they tend to have similar psychological problems as most undergraduates have. However, being a relatively independent group postgraduates are characterized by some unique psychological features. Issues such as academic research,...
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Calling for Harmony

Dingming Wang
Though Nutting is read as a process of natural ravishment, but as an allegory, it is Wordsworth’s contemplation of nature and human society. With vivid description of the narrator’s feeling through whole process of nutting, Wordsworth reveals the relationship between Nature and human society. With the...
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Gender-based empirical research on the needs for organizational culture from the green-hand employees in automotive company

Ying He, Jinlian Luo, Shi Liu, Xin Sun, Junchi Sun
The organizational culture is the key effect on employees’ career development. This paper studies the needs for organizational culture from the green-hand employees in automotive industry, who are the graduates in School of Automotive Studies, with the empirical method. The result shows that, there are...
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Analysis on the New Trends of Global Regional Economic Integration and the Free Trade Area Strategy of China

Zengjie Kuang, Jimin Wang
Since 21st century, Regional economic integration developed rapidly in the world as the main form of Free Trade Area in the world and presented new trends. Under this background, China should further adapt to the development of regional economic integration trend, adopt multidimensional and flexible...
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Theory Of Group Enterprise Strategy

Zhiqiang Feng
In this paper, from the different characteristics of group enterprise, formed by the value of the group enterprise, analysis of group enterprise competitive advantages and core competitiveness factors, discusses the group the formation of the core competitiveness of the enterprise and enterprise strategy
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Conflict and Harmonization: On Codex Alimentarius Commission' Proposed Guidelines for Genetically Modified Foods Labeling

Wenyi Fu
The Codex Alimentarius Commission is the most influential international organization for food standards. Since 1993, she began to discuss the issue of genetically modified food labeling, but until now, consensus has not been reached yet. By comparing 7 drafts of the CAC on genetically modified food labeling,...
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Research of Teaching Mode Based on Art Design Major

Xiaorong Zhu
In this project, there are three teaching modes based on art and deign professional teaching in college. These are "scaffolding", "remote control" and "drift bottle" Analysis these teaching mode realization during teaching process. Education is servicing to students. Students are the main point of education....
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Empirical Analysis on the Effects of Providers’ Outsourcing Capability on Export Performance ???? Focusing on the European and American Market

Xingqiu Hu, Chao Xu, Jiajia Ren
Chinese software outsourcing providers used to rely on East Asia market. But European and American market can provide higher profits and better growth expectation. Therefore, Chinese software outsourcing providers focus on expanding European and American market in recent years. Based on the Core Competence...
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Principles and Countermeasures of Employment Preparation ----Reflections on the Employment of Poor Students at Colleges and Universities in China

Zhu-hua Luo
Nowadays the difficulty of graduates’ employment has become a general problem and a keen concern of students, parents, colleges and universities and even society. Poor college students, as a disadvantaged group among Chinese students, their employment has been attached greater importance to. In order...
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Risk Management of Medical Social Work Ethics

Yanfeng Xu
Risk Management origins from western industry countries . The thesis takes risk management perspective on medical social work ethics . Firstly , social work ethics are divided into two categories ; Secondly , building the general frame of ethical risk management in medical social work, including risk...
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A Study into Solutions to Negative Environmental Externalities of Rural Tourism

Yingying Zeng, Zining Jin
The negative environmental externalities caused by rural tourism has not only seriously damaged the local environment, but has also hindered the sustainable development of local tourism. In this paper, we analyze the two major obstacles when internalizing externalities of rural tourism with conventional...
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To Explore China’s Future Choices of Fertility Policy According to South Korea’s Experiences

Xue Li
China and South Korea both belong to the East Asian countries, their regional culture and the historical background are similar, and both two countries have the same choice of policy, and both obtained outstanding achievements in population control. South Korea has entered the super population aging...
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On the solving of endless cycle of power from centralization to decentralization in fiscal system-take reform of tax sharing system in 1994 as an example

Dechao Sun
The reform of tax sharing system in 1994 elevated the proportion of central fiscal revenues to overall fiscal revenues in a short time. However, the local extra-budgetary funds also expanded rapidly, which made the ratios of central disposable revenues ( including budgetary funds and extra-budgetary...
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The Games between Central and Local Governments in the Newest Regulatory Policy of the Real Estate Market

Ming-li Gong, Han Jiang
Chinese central government has promulgated a series of policies and measures to regulate the real estate market to restrain the rapid increasing of the house price, but the effect seems unsatisfactory. This paper mainly aims at analyzing the origin of this issue by the game theory, thus we establish...
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Review of Classical Studies on the Welfare State--By Methodologies of Political Science

Guan Huang
This review aims to portray the real face of existing studies that use methodologies of political science to analyze the welfare state. By choosing three basic questions (First, how should different kinds of welfare states be categorized? Second, what are the factors that make up the character of each...
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Reconstruction of the foundations of college teacher ----student relationship

Ying Zhao
a good teacher - student relationship is the prerequisite and guarantee of improving the quality of teaching in colleges and universities. However, evidences indicated that the current relationship between teachers and students is in a distorted situation and must be reconstructed. We need to form a...
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Analysis on Campus Environment Factors in Influencing Cultivation of Postgraduate students' Innovative Personality ----Taking China University of Petroleum, Beijing Campus (CUP), as example

Yunqiu Liu, Chenxi Du, Xiaojie Guo
Innovative personality as non-intelligence factor plays an important role in stimulating the innovative potential of top innovative talents, which not only calls for internal motivation but also needs specific external environments, including the campus physical environment, psychological environment...
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Investigation and Research for the Education of FME----Based on the Case study of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

Yunxiang Zhang, Ying Han
The number of full-time engineering master in China University of Petroleum, Beijing has increased year by year since 2010. In order to understand the current situation of full-time graduate students’ education and help promote the overall quality of education, the author carries out a survey among the...
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A Critical Study of the “Sin” in Hawthorne’s Short Stories

Shuna Xing
Deeply influenced by the family life and the Puritan belief of Depravity, Hawthorne held that every ego had the nature of Devil. As the first American psycho-analytical writer, Hawthorne used to probe the nature of human heart in his works. This paper, by studying the theme and the artistic features...
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The Immunization and Arbitrage Difficult to Match the Risk

Yan Zhang, Bin Yu
The problem of greatest importance in the financial investment is the existence of lots of risks primarily resulting from changes in interest rates and yields. It is stated in the immunization theory and the arbitrage pricing theory that the elimination of risks and further the obtaining of arbitrage...
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Introduction to Inter-duality Theory ---an underlying way to reveal the nature of general system

Shaokun Chen
This paper intends to reveal the nature of a system concept and the intrinsic structure of a general system. Furthermore, the inter-duality theory will be introduced concisely and employed to analyze the nature, behavior and principle of a management system.
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The Influence of Student Personality and Teacher-student Interactions on Teacher-student Relationship Quality

Tengteng Tan, Naiyi Wang
Teacher-student relationship is one of the basic interpersonal relationships of students in school environment, and is important for students’ development. Understanding the mechanism underlying the formation of high quality teacher-student relationships has always been a key concern in the field of...
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The Folk United Operational Mechanism for Disaster Rescue in Southwest China —— by the Case Study of Yiliang“9·7” Earthquake

Ming Liu, Guang Chen
This paper uses the case study of Yiliang“9·7” Earthquake to illustrate and analyze the folk operational mechanism for united disaster rescue under the backgrounds of advocating high-efficiency social management and constructing resource-conserving society. The NGOs are playing an ever-increasingly important...
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Horse racing lead the construction of Wuhan city culture brand

Yu Gang
This paper from the concept and great significance of city culture brand analyze the effect of horse racing on cultural heritage protection and the excavation and enhance the image of city, expand the visibility of the city and other aspects of the role of race horses. Discuss the practicability of the...
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Reflection on Building a Long-term Mechanism to Promote Employment of University Graduates

Yu Yan
Due to such reasons as the economic structure, educational system, social development, etc., university graduates are encountered with increasingly severe employment situations and the difficulty in getting university graduates is becoming more and more noticeable with each passing day. This calls for...
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An Empirical Research on the Relationship between the Number of Varieties in Distribution Terminals of the Manufacturer and Consumer Buying Behavior

Wenchao Liu, Jiexia Li
The majority of consumers purchase decision is made in the retail terminal, so manufacturers pay more and more attention to the point of sale influence consumer buying behaviours. This paper selects specific types of retailers as the experimental environment, selects the specific products as the research...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Different Motivations of Stock Investors and the Investment Decision Behavior

Wenchao Liu, Xin Xin, Wei Wang
From the China's stock market formal establishment, the investors’ number is increasing exponentially. It need to be further studied what is the motivation for these ordinary investors. We know the motivation would impact people's behaviour significantly. But the relationship between stock investors’...
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The Framework and Standards of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Metadata

Peng Ye, Yao-lin Zhou
The paper analyzes the requirement of digital protection practices of Chinese intangible cultural heritages. It compares the mainstream metadata standards system and the demands of Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection. It put forward metadata standards of Chinese intangible cultural heritages...
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An Investigation on Current Work Situation of Psychological Teachers in Primary and Secondary School

Naiyi Wang, Fulin Fan, Ping Li
Understanding psychological teachers’ current work situation is a prerequisite of improving the level of mental health education in primary and secondary school. Using questionnaires developed by Institute of Educational Psychology and School Counseling of Beijing Normal University, the study surveyed...
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An Empirical Test of SCP Hypothesis in World Telecom Manufacturing

Yaozhong Chang
In order to verify different SCP hypothesizes of industrial organization, relations among market structure, R&D conduct and performance in world telecom manufacturing are empirically tested. As found in research, in middle-low oligopoly market of telecom manufacturing, there are significant influence...
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Research on Nexus among Urbanization, Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in Shanghai

Pinjie Xie, Quansheng Shi, Jianchao Hou
Using the time serial data of Shanghai from 1978-2010, this paper studies the long-term equilibrium relationship, short-term dynamic relationship and Granger causality among Shanghai’s urbanization, economic growth and the energy consumption. The results indicate that urbanization, economic growth and...
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Study on the Base Data’s Application in the People’s Bank of China’s Performance Auditing

Wen Qin
This paper classifies the People’s Bank of China’s performance auditing indexes into 3E objective indexes and internal control management indexes. objective indexes are used to measure the economy, efficiency, and effect of audited unit’s performance, and we discuss specific internal control indexes...
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Text Mining on Chinese Herbal Medicine Rule Exploration for Ovarian Cyst

Dan He, Aiping Lu, Miao Jiang, Guang Zheng, Ning Zhao, Minzhi Wang
Ovarian cyst (OC) is one of the biggest concerns of women around the world. With the increase in the number of cases of OC, it seems like no woman is safe from this dreaded disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has its advantage in OC management, while due to the complexity and opacity; it is hard...
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Context Adaptation and Marine Engineering English Translation

Ranran Wang
On the basis of Verschueren’s theory of contextual adaptation, the paper discusses the influences of context adaptation to marine engineering English translation, especially to the restriction of word meaning. Translators should choose the word meaning complying with the scientific context of marine...
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Rate of Returns to Education of Persons with Disabilities in Rural China

Juan Liao, Jinbo Zhao
The aim of this paper is to estimate the returns to education in the disable people in rural China in the past 20 years. The regression of Mincerian wage equation as the method is used, and the data is based on CHNS data in 1991-2009 survey. The results show that the education level has significant positive...
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How do the Contexts impact the Habit Formation of Information System Users?

Liqun Zhang, Hui Liu
What elements impact the usage continuance and the habit formation of information system users? How to utilize these elements in the field of user experience design? It is worth noting that both goals and contexts play key roles in helping information system users forming habits. Before the habit is...
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Research on the education idea of people-oriented and the application in the sergeant training

Wujun Zhang
People-oriented is the need of social development, is a sign of progress of human civilization. Education is the "human spirit" project, is the cradle of all kinds of excellent talents. Keep up with the development of The Times, people-oriented has been introduced into education field in the 1960 s,...
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A General Theory of Market Competition - M Theory

Chih-Hung Yeh, Tsung-Huai Chang
We elaborate the firm theory on market structures (with consideration of behavioural doctrine, industry- and firm-specific features) into a General Theory of Market Competition (or M Theory for easy referring) to explore and construct a clearer and more complete theory on essence of the market competition,...
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Work careers of Chinese Republic Peers women

Jing Bian, Chao Lu
From the perspective of life course, We focused on Chinese Republic Peers women’s work careers, exploiting 16 interviews on women born in Beijing between 1945 and 1959 and discussed the factors which impact on the formations of their work careers. Job shifts across different workplaces were found from...
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The Matriarchal Societies’ Case - How Chinese Data about the Dong Nuguo Could Entice Western Scholars to Re-Open It.

Frederique (Martine) Darragon
My 15 year research of the star-shaped towers of the Tibetan-Qiang-Yi Corridor has lead me to study and research, in ancient Chinese texts, the clues about an ancient matriarchal society, the “Dong Nuguo”, documented until the Tang Dynasty. Surprisingly the matriarchal quality of this ancient society...
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Breast Milk: a Publik Health Priority

M. Giovannini, S. Barberi, E. Salvatici, A. Lops, E. Poli P.C. Riva, G. Banderali
Substantial evidence documents the superiority of breastfeeding for mothers and breast milk for babies. Breast milk, with nutritional but also functional components, is a real biological system. According to present knowledge, it is associated not only with improved parameters of growth, but also to...
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The Basic Principles of Instructional Design of TEFL Based on Knowledge Management

Xianzhi Hu
This paper focuses on the basic principles of instructional design of TEFL based on knowledge management. It can integrate discipline-specific learning resources to efficiently proceed with actual instructional design based on knowledge management, thus, enhancing personal knowledge accumulation for...
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Analyzing Jump Risk and its Contagious Effect of Stock Asset in Jump-GARCH Model with Threshold and Variable Intensity

Ran Huang, Qiao Ke, Qiming Tang
we build the threshold-based state-dependent autoregressive jump intensity-GARCH model to study smooth fluctuations and jump changes of individual stocks listed in China. It makes the jump intensity not only driven by idiosyncratic factors, but impacted by external state variables. Comparing with the...
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The Rural Market Cannot Be Separated from the Food Safety

Dongmei Hou, Yan Zhu
In the vast rural market, food safety plays a vital role. Why the food safety problems emerge in an endless stream is that producers, customers and supervisors can not perform a good cooperation. They all make choices out of their own interests. Thus, they formed a tripartite confrontation among each...
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A Further Study of Financing Support Ways of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Dongmei Hou, Qian Huang
Small and medium-sized enterprises plays a very important role in the process of China’s economic development, which are emphasis of China’s strategy for developing economy. But their financing difficulty has been the most prominent problem which hinders the healthy development of China’s small and medium-sized...
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Research on Chinese Language Learning Strategies for University Students

Yonghong Sun, Xiangdong Xu
This paper aims at investigating the Chinese language learning strategies employed by university students. Quantitative research methods are used. The paper presents our findings on the learning strategies of university students who study Chinese as a foreign language. 48 valid questionnaires have been...
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Potential-position Method for Human Organization Relationships

Weiliang Cheng
It is not the direction and ultimate goal of today society that monopole effect of personal heroism are pursued unilaterally and partially, and the realization of human-maximum-effect strategy are the unchangeable truth consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, it has the urgency sense and guideline that...
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The study on experts’ evaluation index system of city appearance and environmental sanitation

Xuwen Gao, Chao Xu, Jiancheng Chen
Recently, the quality of the work of the city appearance and environmental sanitation has been constantly improved, however, the assessment of the work has not been standardized and institutionalized and the existing professional assessment and social evaluation are certain one-sided. In that case, it...
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Relationships among the Oil Consumptions in China, Japan and India

Gao Lu Zou
Previous studies have focused on the analysis of energy consumption within a given country or a region. The paper aims to examine the short-run and/or long-run cross-regional relationships among the oil consumptions in China, Japan and India. These three countries are geographically close. I introduce...
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A Contrastive Study on Three English Versions of Han Hong’s Poem Hanshi (Cold Food Day) ----From the Aesthetic Perspective

Junjie Zhang
Three English versions of Han Hong’s poem Hanshi(The Cold Food Day) are compared and studied from the aesthetic perspective. The merits and demerits of each version are appraised based on Xu Yuagzhong’s Three-beautification theories. It is found that each version has its advantages and disadvantages,...
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The Study of the Digital Clothing Virtual Showcase and Network Customize Business System

Shouzhong Hu, Changkuan Gao, Hongyan Hu
With the development of digital and information technology, the position of E-commerce in the retail formats is increasingly important. This article studies the core technology of public E-commerce platform in clothing industry chain, including personalized virtual display system for three-dimensional...
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Research on Improvement of GEM Listed Companies’ Performance

Ying Xia
This paper makes an empirical analysis on the two important factors -- ownership concentration and sustainable growth rate --that influence company performance based on the samples of 2010-2011 GEM ( Growth Enterprise Market ) listed companies. The results show that, in terms of the GEM, there is positive...
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A Research on the Science and Engineering students’ College English Learning Behavior from the Perspective of Constructivism Learning Theory -- Based on the “Outstanding Program”

Jiajia Liu
This paper analyzes the curricular and extracurricular English learning behaviors of 243 science and engineering students, and then makes ??a description of their learning behavior patterns: the students’ curricular learning behavior is static, extracurricular learning behavior is passive, and extracurricular...
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Analysis of Chinese M-commerce development strategy

Xinmin Zhang, Shengjun LI
M-commerce is an e-business system which is the organic combination of various mobile communications equipment and wireless network technology. At present, the awareness and trading habits of M-commerce need to be further developed and improved in China, and the technology, content, cost and safety issues...
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The Analyze of Curriculum Reform in Public Computer Course in Universities based on Foster Ability

Hua Xiang, Bin Yan
By analyzinge the problems in public computer course in universities, it is aim to increase the students’ comprehensive abilitiey, innovation ability and autonomous learning ability. It is proposed that the public computer course is divided into six modules, different computer courses is set in each...
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Research on Rural Credit Capital Allocation Efficiency in Heilongjiang Province of China ----Based on the analysis of the DEA model

Lin Guo, Chen Guo
To accelerate the development of the agriculture, we can not only increase the financial support but also pay attention to the allocation efficiency of the rural financial resources, so as to change the development of financial support from extensive to intensive. Therefore, it is necessary to make a...
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Constructing a Diversified Teaching Evaluation System for Computer’s Public Course

Ying Tu
Teaching evaluation could enhance students’ motivation and inspire students’ interest while helping teachers to adjust and improve their way to teach and finally achieve the goal to improve teaching quality. In the teaching reform of Computer’s Public Courses, how to build a diverse and open teaching...